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					UDress | CollegeFashionista: Fashionista Spotlight- Jenna Deangelis

Written by CollegeFashionista
Sunday, October 09 2011 18:44

Three weeks ago, Fashionistas were rushing into Target stores, waking up early to browse the
website, just drooling over a familiar zig-zag pattern, signature of the Italian designer,
Missoni. My roommates and I came home from our conquest the day the collection launched
yielding sweater dresses, tote bags, rain boots and button-downs.  The Missoni for Target craze
has since been a topic of interest, and my camera's sights have been set on capturing the trend
on campus.

 Perhaps the zig-zag infatuation is popping up as a continuation of the tribal trend, teased out to
its most basic root. Whatever it's origin, other designers are certainly catching on. This
Fashionista caught my peripherals as she snuck into English class minutes late.  I immediately
noted the pattern on her dress and thought "Spotted: Missoni for Target".  Alas, I didn't
recognize this particular dress, but I was so sure that I had thoroughly studied the collection
online. It turns out Missoni isn't the only brand loving the zig-zag lately. This Fashionista bought
her  Aqua dress at Bloomingdale's over the summer. After class we stepped outside for a quick
photo-op and now I'm glad to share this Fashionista's style advice with all of you! Also, be sure
to check out the "How To" below to see more examples of the trend we all seem to be craving
right now!

Name: Jenna Deangelis

Year: Senior

Major: Mass Communications, Journalism & Theatre Studies Minors

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

 Jenna Deangelis: I would say my personal style is trendy.  I try to dress with the trends, while
also including my own personal flair.  I LOVE wearing dresses, so you'll usually find me in a
sundress.  I also have a serious matching problem, my clothes/accessories/everything I wear,
must always match!

CF: Do you have any favorite designers or fashion icons?

UDress | CollegeFashionista: Fashionista Spotlight- Jenna Deangelis

Written by CollegeFashionista
Sunday, October 09 2011 18:44

 JD: My favorite designers tend to change with time. Right now I am a huge fan of Tory Burch
and Michael Kors for accessories.  When it comes to clothes, I shop everywhere.  I love having
a variety of clothes, and changing my "look". I feel that the most fashionable people are those
who have variety in their wardrobe.

 My fashion icons are definitely the Kardashians.  They embody the true essence of a
"fashionista."  They are always dressing with the trends, always dressing to their body types,
they always look beautiful and you never see them looking anything but their best. 
 My favorite store is Bloomingdales.  I hate that there's not a Bloomies here in Delaware, so
whenever I am home I frequent it.  They carry such a vast variety of top designers, and I
always find myself leaving there with tons of clothes, bags, sunglasses, jewlery, etc.

 CF: As a college student, do you have any tips for wardrobe updates moving into fall
and winter?

 JD: Don't be afraid to clean out your closet and give things away to charities or Goodwill.  With
a new season comes new trends and you have to make space in your wardrobe to bring in new
things!  Another tip, boots can be your best friends.  I'd say get a classic pair of leather high
boots in black, camel, brown--you'll find you end up wearing them a lot.

CF: What are you most excited about for fall fashion?

 JD: I'm most excited about the new color trends. Normally in the fall/winter it's popular to wear
neutral to dark colors, but I'm happy that bright colors are still setting trends from this season to

 CF: Is there anything else you want the world to know about this outfit?
 JD: Take a picture of this bracelet! This jewelry line is created by Alyssa Kutchta, who is a
senior here.  She's awesome and it's really unique.  I'm wearing a Bai Lavi wrap that says
"KWE" which means hope in Haitian.

  How To: Just because Missoni for Target is almost sold out doesn't mean you can't jump on
the zig-zag party bus! Mixing patterns has been a huge trend recently, so don't be afraid to
experiment. This is especially key heading into fall when we can           layer all these great
pieces! If you happen to like a more toned down look, balance this pattern with a 
solid, or incoporate the zig-zag in your 
. Go wild, Fashionstas - These zig-zags are 


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