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									                           MARK “GUS” SCOTT
BIOGRAPHY:          As the wild and charismatic drummer/frontman for the internationally
renowned rock band “Trixter", Mark has sold over 3 million albums worldwide, he has
accumulated an extremely large press book, but most importantly... He has played his
drums in front of millions of people around the world (and harder than most)! Other major
accomplishments include three #1 videos on MTV (15 weeks at #1), four “Top 20” AOR
radio hits as well as a “Top 40” album on the Billboard Charts.

"Trixter" has toured extensively in the United States, Canada and Japan in support of their
major label releases. They have performed live in arenas with crowds up to 30,000 people,
in addition to appearing live on television and radio. The tours have included such rock
superstars as: Kiss, The Scorpions, Poison, Warrant, Slaughter, Great White, Firehouse,
Faster Pussycat, as well as many MTV and movie personalities. As a member of “Trixter”,
Mark attained much notoriety, largely in part to network television appearances, three #1
videos on MTV and hundreds of worldwide publications and periodicals. Mark also holds
several major musical endorsements including Remo Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Gibraltar
Hardware, Latin Percussion and Easton Drumsticks.

As a member of the Hollywood/New York All-Stars and has participated in countless charity
events, as well as making personal appearances with Donald Trump, Treat Williams, Jack
Scalia, Jason Gedrick, Gregory Harrison and Regis Philbin.

While still a sophomore in high school, Mark received a scholarship for musical excellence
to the University of Hartford’s Hartt School of Music. He attended three summers studying:
piano, drums, trumpet and a curriculum that included jazz, classical, chamber music, rock,
music theory and composition. Mark also put his knowledge to use not only as a
musician/songwriter, but also touring high schools and colleges throughout the country as a
guest lecturer, teaching and promoting his instructional home video, “Rock Solid

 Mark is the proud owner of The Copper Bottom Restaurant in Florida, NY.
   He can be contacted by calling (845) 651-5700 or visit his website at


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