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									District Newsletter                                                                             March 2008
Heuvelton Central School                                                                          Non-Profit Organization
PO Box 375, 87 Washington Street                                                                  Heuvelton Central School
Heuvelton, New York 13654                                                                         Heuvelton, NY 13654
                                                                                                  Permit #10

                                                                   On March 19th award-winning author and storyteller James
              Just a Reminder:                                     Bruchac will be visiting our Elementary students. I have
                                                                   included a flyer that offers a biographical sketch of Mr.
               Staff Development Day                               Bruchac. You can also go on line to learn more about this
                     NO SCHOOL                                     author and to find out more about the books he has written.
                      Staff Only                                   His homepage is:
              Thursday, March 20, 2008
                                                                   On March 20th students will have the day off while the
                     March Recess                                  faculty and staff of Heuvelton Central School will be
                   March 21-24, 2008                               involved in workshops throughout the day for Staff
                                                                   Development. The morning session will include a special
              Board of Education Meeting                           presentation by Mr. Donald Merrick, an Educational
                   March 26, 2008                                  Consultant who will be offering information on how to create
                  Cafeteria – 7:30 PM                              systems to nurture positive school climate. His workshop
                                                                   will focus on an approach called PBIS, which stands for
        Message from the Superintendent                            Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. The PBIS
This will be a busy month at HCS. There are a lot of fun           method is a researched base program that has been
activities planned for the students. The week of March 3rd-        successfully implemented in school systems on a national,
7th has been designated a special reading appreciation week        state and local level. More information about PBIS will be
at Heuvelton for the Elementary students. Please look over         sent home to parents as we continue to explore this program.
the flyer within this newsletter for descriptions of events that   On Staff Development Day the Faculty and Staff will also be
will take place that week.                                         given information on the District’s Emergency Response
Mr. Minckler and Mrs. Richards have organized the annual           Plan that was recently updated by the District’s Safety
MDA Hop-A-Thon for March 6th. For many years now                   Committee. Detailed information about procedures for Fire
Heuvelton Central School students have helped with the             Drill Evacuation Plans, Lockdown and Lockout Drill
Muscular Dystrophy Association’s effort to wipe out                Procedures, Shelter in Place and Emergency Evacuation
neuromuscular disease by participating in this fundraiser.         Plans will be shared with all personnel. Preparations and
Last year our students raised $3,200! The student who raises       arrangements for drills on these procedures will be discussed
the most money during this event will be invited to appear on      as well. More information regarding our updated Emergency
WWNY-TV 7 for the local portion of the 2008 Jerry Lewis            Response Plan will be shared with parents after the March
MDA Telethon. Good luck hoppers and thank you all for              20th faculty meeting takes place.
your support with this charity.                                    Our Staff Development Day will end with Mary-Kay Hafer,
On Saturday, March 8 at 2 p.m. the Heuvelton Central               School Psychologist from Colton-Pierrepont Central School
School Art Club is sponsoring a “Wearable Art Show” in the         giving a special presentation on Suicide Prevention. As you
auditorium. The fashion designers will show off their              can see our theme for this Staff Development Day centers
creative efforts of turning recycled materials into clothing.      around the physical, social and emotional well being of our
Trophies will presented in the following categories:               students, which I am proud to say is always a priority here at
        Most Original
                                                                   As I close this letter it is a nice, bright sunny day but the
        Best Use of Material
                                                                   temperature remains at about 10 degrees with a wind chill
        Overall Theme
                                                                   factor of about -7. I am looking forward to an increase in
        Outstanding Construction
                                                                   temperature next time I write to all of you in the April
        Super Modeling
                                                                   Newsletter! It certainly has been a long winter!
        Viewer’s Choice-judged by the audience
                                                                   Take care!
This fun competition is open to the public and refreshments
will be available. Admission to the show is $3.00. Please
consider attending!                                                Susan
                                               Various scholarships. Apply online at
                                               Deadline: March 15, 2008
                                               New York Water Environment Assoc.
                                               Two awards of $500 to a student enrolled in
The Scholarship board is still full! Be sure   an environmental related curriculum (such
to check this board in your homeroom, and      as biology, forestry, chemistry, engineering
in the English & Science classrooms. The       and water/wastewater treatment).
following scholarships have upcoming           Deadline: March 15, 2008
deadlines. Don’t forget…we need the            AARP Scholarship
paperwork prior to deadlines!
                                               $200 scholarship for seniors planning for a
          Available Scholarships
                                               higher education in a 2 or 4-year school.
Black Lake Tagged Panfish Marathon             Deadline: March 26, 2008
                                               SLC Trappers Association
Valued at $300. Open to a senior pursuing
a career in Environmental Studies or           $500 scholarship for a senior who will be
Tourism fields. If no applications are         attending college in a natural resource
received from students interested in any of    management curriculum.
these careers, awards will be given to any     Deadline: March 31, 2008
college senior.
Applications must be received by March         North Country Goes Green Irish Festival
3, 2008.                                       Scholarships
NYS Jaycees’ “Outstanding Young New
                                               Academic - $1000 for a senior who plans on
Yorker” Scholarship
                                               attending college.
$500-$1500. Open to any high School
senior.                                        Vocational - $1000 for a senior planning on
Deadline: March 7, 2008.                       furthering their education in a vocational-
                                               technical field.
Heuvelton AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary              Deadline: April 1, 2008
$100 scholarship. Essay: “How have I made      Northern NY Volunteer Firemen’s Assoc.
a difference in my community?”
Deadline: March 10, 2008                       Open to firefighters, members’ spouses,
Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship                  children and grandchildren who are
                                               members of the Firemen’s Association.
$200-$200 scholarships for young people        Deadline: April 1, 2008
entering the field of Education.
Deadline: March 14, 2008                       Helen S. Randles United Helpers
NYS Lottery
$5,000 scholarship awarded to student          $1000 scholarship for students entering the
leaders. At least a B average and student      fields of: Nursing, Physical Therapy, Speech
essay required.                                Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Dietician
Deadline: March 14, 2008                       and Clinical Psychology.
                                               Deadline: April 25, 2008
Price Chopper Golub Foundation
Knights of Columbus (Monsignor Robert
Giroux Council #12958 – St. Raphael’s
                                                          BOOK IT NEWS
Parish, Heuvelton)
                                                  Students in grades Pre-K through 4 are
Two $350 scholarships given to a student          participating in the Book It Reading
planning on attending a two or four year          Program. Teachers have set monthly
college. Given in memory of Cindy Brady           reading goals for the students in their
and William Ames.                                 classrooms. After each student reaches the
Deadline: May 31, 2008                            goal, the teacher rewards him/her with a
                                                  pizza award certificate from Pizza Hut, a
Financial Aid Process Underway: Now               Book It card and a backpack clip. When a
that most seniors have a good idea about          student meets the reading goals for all six
where they are going to school next year,         months of the program, he/she will be an
they should also be aware of financial aid        official All-Star Reader and will be
deadlines (suggested date of receipt of           recognized at Pizza Hut with an All-Star
FAFSA). Students are encouraged to file           Reader award.
this form on-line at
Electronic filing is easier, faster and           You are encouraged to check out the Book
preferred by the colleges.                        It bulletin board to discover the number of
                                                  classrooms      we    have     with  100%
            ATTENTION JUNIORS:                    participation.

Don’t forget to register for the Spring           The following students have completed the
SAT/ACT Tests. Here is a reminder of the          Book It goal for the month of February.
test dates and registration deadlines:
Test Name    Test Date    Registration Deadline                  Mrs. Foley
  SAT         May 3rd           April 1st                     Morning Students
  SAT         June 7th           May 6th              Kyle Ceresoli       William Dempsey
                                                     Paisley Forrest          Jenna Lira
  ACT        April 12th         March 7th
                                                     Hayden Knauf          Landry LaPiene
  ACT        June 14th           May 9th              Jacob Leabo            Lara Martin
                                                     Gavin Murray         Elaina Wainwright
Pre-Scheduling:      Juniors    will   begin          Dakota West
scheduling their classes for next year, after
the Mid-Winter break. The following list of                  Afternoon Students
college courses have been tentatively                Andrew Arquitt     Matthew Basford
proposed for the Distance Learning                    Kida Bentley        Joshua Clouthier
classroom. All Juniors will receive a letter       Amber Cunningham          Dustin Dodd
detailing the opportunities/responsibilities        Hannah Gagnon           Jason Gagnon
of taking these classes:                            Brendan Gibson            Eliza Hand
        Introduction to Psychology                 Jacob Johnston            Jack Luck
                                                      Jacob Martin           Grace Mills
        American Government
                                                       Adam Price           Jared Showen
        Macro-Economics                             Molly Williams
        English Electives
 Report Card Dates/Parent Conferences                             Mrs. White
                                                      Cole Bushey        Kaitlyn Dietschweiler
The 4th marking period for grades 5-12 will           Justin Merrill        Sabrina Osuch
conclude on March 14th and report cards              Emma Smithers         Rayna Cameron
will be mailed by Thursday, March 20th.
             Mrs. Mashaw                    Michael Pray           Sierrah Roy
  Rose Bigelow         Donald Bogardus      Cale Sargent          Natasha Lajoy
  Kaitlyn Sibley        Jayde Smithers    Cassidy Simmons          Alex Basford
 Carina Willard           Ford Wing         Evelyn Lilley
 Megan Woodard
                                                        Third Grade
             Mrs. Pearson                               Mrs. Lynch
     Ian Bjork           Luna Kirby         Austin Caloren      Matthew Cameron
  Kaitlyn Norman         Daniel Pray       Brayden Cougler       Kristi Donnelly
 Kyrsten Sheppard      Kayla Thompson       Chelsea Flinn        Caitlin Harrison
   Caleb Trathen                           Shealy Hazelton        Noah Holden
                                          Cameron McAlister       Skyler Osuch
              First Grade                    Katie Palmer          Cole Piercey
              Mrs. Moore                     Victoria Scott      Taylor Showen
 Tanner Armstrong      Hanna Ceresoli      Sydney Thornhill       Collin Trathen
    Tiana Cota          Connor Dodd         Dakota Willard       Kylie Tomassini
   LaRissa Hays          Alexa Kiah        Breanna Cooper
  Kailey Simmons        Emily Martin
Madison McCormick     Cyera McNamara                   Mrs. Piercey
   Jacob Pavon         Loren Putman       Brooke Armstrong         Austyn Chase
  Tanner Thomas       Hayleigh Trombley     Joshua Cote            Isaac Jarrett
                                            Erin Kennedy          Tanner LaPiene
                                           Miranda LaFave        Paige McCormick
            Ms. Rasmussen
                                            Kedan Mack             Allison Merrill
  Alexis Beyette       Mallory Cameron
                                          Andrew Woodard
   Josie Carter        Tanner Charlton
 Auston Clouthier        Briana Cota
   Jade Dibble          Matthew Geary
                                                       Fourth Grade
  Collin Hoffman       Marissa Johnston                 Mrs. Aldous
   James King            Mason Knauf      Kristopher Bunch       Benjamin Jacobs
 Emma Ladouceur          Eliza Martin     Gabrielle Johnson        Allen Lovely
  Creed Perkins         Emily Streeter      Viktoria Peck        Summer Putney
Johnathan Trathen       Kelsey Williams    Cortnie Yerdon

                                                         Mrs. Mills
              Ms. Robert                    Joshua Ames            Taylor Bell
   Tyler Bush           Evan Calkins       Michael Bentley       Jaelin Calkins
  Chloe Combs           Joel Conant       Natalie Chambers       Jack Downing
    Jack Cote          Jaycee Gagnon       Abagail Drake         Brittany Fifield
    Scott Hall        Travis Hitsman       Kristin Harper         Ryan Harris
  Kailey House         Yelena Jaquith     Jordan Macaulay        Amber Martin
  Keegan Kelley        Joleen LaFlair      Caleb Norman         Matthew Schneller
 Megan Montpetit       Sarah Nichols      Hannah Thornhill
   Dayton Pike        Katherine Premo
                                                      Mrs. Lawrence
            Second Grade
                                            Adam Bouchey          Dylan Burwell
            Mrs. Villeneuve                  Alaina Corrice       Selina Cullen
  Emily Basford        Rachael Hamilton     Garrett Dennis        Macaula Drake
   Robert Kelley       Hunter Montpetit
                                          ElizaJane Hamilton      Bridget Harper
 Nicolas Sheppard
                                              Lyle LaRose         Michael Martin
                                            Zachary Moore          Robert Rust
                                            Sydney Sargent       Jordyn Simmons
              Mrs. Griffin                Damien VanOrnum         Karina Warren
  Keirra Cormier       Nicholas Fenton
  Julia Lemieux        Joshua Morrow
                STAR News                                           Class of 2008
           SIT TOGETHER and READ
Congratulations to our newest STAR Club Members:
                                                               On Saturday, March 8th, the seniors and staff will
                 Cassidy Simmons
                                                               take on the WWNY TV No Stars in a very exciting
                   Michael Pray
                                                               basketball game starting @ 7:00 PM. The cost at the
                   Evelyn Lilley
                                                               door is ages 1-4 free, 5 and up $2.00. The seniors will
                                                               also be selling refreshments.
  January STAR drawing poster winners include:
   Week 1 -Evelyn Lilley, Marcia Sharpe, Emily
                                                               Starting March 31st – April 11th the seniors will be
                                                               selling flip-flops with the following design. The logo
     Week 2 - Michael Pray, Margaret Lane,
                                                               is yellow and the strap is purple. Sizes vary – XS (4-
                Cassidy Simmons
                                                               5), S (6-7), M (8-9), L (10-11) and XL (12-13). These
     Week 3 - Emily Basford, Joshua Morrow,
                                                               sizes are not for toddlers. To order please contact a
                Devon Willard
                                                               senior class member during this time.
 Week 4 - Hunter Lira, Sierrah Roy, Collin Trathen

 Every time a student in grade 2, 3, or 4, read a book
     and passed a STAR test during the month of
    February, he/she was eligible for the monthly
                                                               As usual, it’s been a busy time. The children celebrated
drawing. February STAR drawing was free bowling                Valentine’s Day. They exchanged valentines and we were
tickets. Winners will appear in the March newsletter.          busy reading the cards to them. We had healthy treats, too.

     Class of 2011                                             The afternoon class enjoyed a sledding trip. They had lots
                                                               of fun zooming down the BIG hill. The morning class ran

                                                               into all sorts of weather problems on the days they were
                                                               scheduled to go. Hopefully, we’ll get a good day this
The Class of 2011 will be hosting a Talent Show on
March 14th, 2008 in the HCS Auditorium.                        We are focusing on our five senses. There are experiments
                                                               and experiences planned for each sense and a big senses
Tryouts will be held on March 4th & 5th, after school until    project at the end of this unit. We will be participating in
4:10 for grades 4-12. Students will be able to ride the late   the Hop-A-Thon this month, too.
bus home. Students who make it through the tryouts will
have practices after school Tuesday through Thursday,          The children are enjoying using the computer lab every
March 11th-13th.                                               other week for one of their math lessons. We are also
                                                               going to gym every day 5. We started with basketball
The performance will begin at 7 PM, Friday, March 14th.        (holding the ball and making shots into the basket.
Admission will be $2.00 per person at the door. Students       Parachute is next!
will be judged and prizes will be awarded from donations
of local businesses. Please come and support the Class of      Hopefully, we will make another class book for all to
2011 and be entertained by your talented HCS students.         bring home and share with families.

Mrs. Jamie Bush
Class of 2011 Advisor
                                                          March 2008
Sunday           Monday                Tuesday              Wednesday              Thursday          Friday             Saturday
                                                                                                                     5th & 6th Grade
                                                                                                                   HS & Elem. Gyms
2         3                      4                        5                    6               7                   8
               Baton Lessons        Winter Athletic       Golf Team Mtg.                             Favorite         Wearable Art
               5:00-7:00 PM             Banquet           6:30 pm – Rm. 32                         Character Day          Show
                 Cafeteria           6:00-9:00 pm                                                    All Day          2:00-3:00 pm
                                 Auditorium & Cafeteria                                                              Auditorium &
              Parent/Coaches/                                                                                            Cafeteria
              Athletes Meeting
               7:00-9:00 pm                                                                                           Class of 2008
                                                                                                                     Seniors & Staff
                                                                                                                    Basketball Game
                                                                                                                   vs. WWNY TV No
                                                                                                                      7:00-9:00 pm
                                                                                                                        HS Gym
9         10                     11                       12                   13              14                  15
               Baton Lessons     PTA Meeting 6:00-7:00      Karate Lessons        Girl Scout        K-4 Awards     Men’s Recreational
               5:00-7:00 PM                                   Cafeteria        Troop 292 Mtg         Ceremony          Basketball
                 Cafeteria                                   6-7:30 PM          2:45-5:00 pm       1:45-2:25 pm          5-7 PM
                                                                                HS Staff Rm.        Auditorium      High School Gym
              Girl Scout Troop
                200 Meeting                                                                        Class of 2011
               6:00-7:00 pm                                                                        Talent Show
                 HS Library                                                                        7:00-9:00 pm

                                                                                               5-12 4th Marking
                                                                                                  Period ends
                                                                                                   (30 days)
16                               18                       19                   20              21                  22
          17                                                James Bruchac
                                                            Visiting Author    No School           No School
               Baton Lessons                               10:00am-2:30pm
               5:00-7:00 PM                                   Auditorium          Staff
                 Cafeteria                                                     Development           March
                                                            Karate Lessons        Day                recess
                                                              6-7:30 PM
23        24                     25                       26                   27              28                  29
 Easter                                                      BOE Meeting          Girl Scout                        Heuvelton Lions
 Sunday         No School                                 7:30 pm –Cafeteria   Troop 292 Mtg                          Club Dinner
                                                                                2:45-5:00 pm                          4:00-9:00pm
                                                            Karate Lessons      HS Staff Rm.                            Cafeteria
          March Recess
                                                             6-7:30 PM
                                                                                                                   Men’s Recreational
                                                                                                                        5-7 PM
                                                                                                                   High School Gym
30        31
               Baton Lessons
               5:00-7:00 PM
     March 3-7, 2008
 Elementary Special Events
                               Heuvelton Centr al S chool
                                     Dr. Seuss’s Birthday
                                       Monday, March 3, 2008
           All classrooms are invited to read at least one Dr. Seuss book on this day. The
    cartoon “The Cat in the Hat” will be shown at 1:15 in the auditorium for all interested classes.

                                            DEAR Time
                                      Tuesday, March 4, 2008
Drop Everything And Read Time --Mrs. Todd will announce it is time to Drop Everything And Read. All
                   students will stop and read for a designated amount of time.

                                 Storybook Bulletin Board
                                        Wednesday, March 5, 2008
Classes are invited to create a bulletin board around the favorite class storybook. The students will vote
                          on their favorite bulletin board on this day as well.

                                       Hallway Reading
                                        Thursday, March 6, 2008
        All students will be invited to sit in the hall and read for a designated period of time.

                                   Favorite Character Day
                                        Friday, March 7, 2008
   Students and teachers will be able to dress up as their favorite storybook character on this day.
                             ed iding Hood, The Big Bad Wolf, Cinderella, Curious George, etc..
     Some examples: Little R R

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