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Arsenault, Emily
“This debut novel has a delightful premise, crisply drawn characters, and a subtle sense of humor….the very
definition of a promising debut.” —Booklist on BROKEN TEAGLASS
“Arsenault’s quirky, arresting debut….[is] an absorbing, offbeat mystery-meets-coming-of-age novel that’s as sweet
as it is suspenseful.” —Publishers Weekly on BROKEN TEAGLASS
From the critically acclaimed author of BROKEN TEA GLASS and IN SEARCH OF THE ROSE NOTES comes a
brand new literary mystery for fans of Laura Lippman. Eliza Waters is most famous for her book Tammyland, a
“honky-tonk Eat, Pray, Love” that is all about Tammy Wynett. When Eliza dies in a drug store shooting, everyone
thinks it is a tragically botched mugging. Jen, Eliza’s best friend from college, had no reason to suspect foul play
until she becomes Eliza’s literary executor. The manuscript Eliza was working on most recently is about an old
child abuse case. The more Jen reads, the more sinister things become. From beyond the grave, Eliza’s writing
opens up a different world to Jen. Eliza’s death seems suspicious and Jen soon finds herself in danger as well.
William Morrow Trade Paperback

UK rights: HarperCollins US; Translation: Laura Langlie Literary

Publication: August 2012                                                          (CB)
Estimated length: 320 pages
Manuscript available: December 2011

Boccacino, Michael
Neil Gaiman meets Tim Burton in this Victorian gothic tale of the world beyond the living and the price you pay to
save those you love. In this imaginative and haunting debut, feisty young governess Charlotte Markham is
employed at a dilapidated manor where she falls in love with her widower employer, Henry Darrow. While walking
near a forest with the boys in her care she discovers a dark alternate world called The Ending, the place for things
that cannot die. They encounter the deceased mother of the two boys, who has been waiting to pick up where she
left off in the ominous House of Darkling—a wondrous, dangerous placed filled with enchantment, mystery and
strange creatures that appear to be, but are not quite, human. They secretly visit the House of Darkling repeatedly
until the two boys are trapped inside with their mother. Charlotte confides everything to Henry, and together they
must decide whether to risk their lives in order to reclaim what has been ripped from them. A fantastic journey that
is splendidly strange, frightening, and exhilarating. Harper Paperbacks

Publication: July 2012                                                            (CB)
Estimated length: 320 pages
Manuscript available

Cabot, Meg
#1 New York Times bestselling author Meg Cabot delivers the next installment in her incredibly funny and exciting
Heather Wells mystery series. It’s summer break in New York College, and dorm director Heather Wells is
watching over a bunch of 13-year-old girls attending “Tania Trace Rock Star” camp, hosted by pop sensation Tania
Trace who happens to be married to Heather’s ex-boyfriend. A reality TV show is filming Tania’s every move, but
when Tania’s producer ends up dead, followed by a cameraman, Heather soon finds herself involved in a mystery
that is rocking one of New York City’s best universities. William Morrow Trade Paperback

SIZE 12 IS NOT FAT sold in Brazil/Record; China (complex)/Taiten Electric; Czech/BBart; France/Albin Michel;
Germany/Blanvalet; Holland/Arena; Hungary/Cicero; Indonesia/PT Gramedia; Japan/Tokyo Sogensha;
Lithuania/Alma; Poland/Amber; Portugal/Aletheia; Russia/AST; Romania/Humanitas; Serbia/Alnari; Spain/Planeta;
Sweden/Damm; Thailand/Amarin; Turkey/Artemis; UK/Macmillan; Vietnam/Phuong Nam

Publication: August 2012                                                          (CB)
Estimated length: 304 pages
Manuscript available: January 2012

Davys, Tim
*YOK: A Novel
“….We couldn’t help loving this book. The publisher describes it as THE BIG SLEEP meets ANIMAL FARM, and,
frankly, we can’t do better than that.” —Starred Booklist review for AMBERVILLE
Tim Davys leaves the best for the last in Yok, the fourth and final novel from the Mollisan Town quartet that is sure
to live on as an iconic literary adventure. In this final installment a handsome fox attempts to woo his true love; a
gecko attempts to break out from under his abusive brothers; a chimpanzee dreams to write a successful song; and
a hare contemplates the meaning of life. In Mollisan Town, these four live in Yok, a seedy neighborhood where it
seems no stuffed animal has the ability to breakout and live according to their own wants and needs. They are
trapped by ignorance, poverty, mediocrity, and their own insecurities. But for Antonio Ortega Fox, Erik Gecko, Mike
Chimpanze, and Vincent Hare, there is still a glimmer of hope, a chance that they can overcome their
circumstances and have the freedom to achieve their separate dreams. As with his first three books—
AMBERVILLE, LANCEHEIM, and TOURQUAI, Davys vividly brings to life Mollisan Town, the alternate world
populated by stuffed animals, and answers the question: Is it possible to be free or does destiny control all?

LANCEHEIM sold in Brazil/Manole; Denmark/Cicero; Poland/Bertelsman;

AMBERVILLE sold in UKANZ/Doubleday UK: Catalan/Columna; Chinese (complex)/Crown Culture; Chinese
(simplified)/Shanghai 99; Croatian/Fraktura; Czech/Euromedia; Danish/Cicero; Dutch/de Arbeiderspers
Finnish/Tammi; German/Piper; Hebrew/Matar; Hungarian/Agave; Italian/Bompiani; Korean/Agora;
Norwegian/Gyldendal; Polish/Bertelsmann; Portuguese (Portugal)/ASA; Portuguese (Brazil)/Manole; Russian/Mir
Knigi; Slovak/Ikar; Spanish/Anagrama; Thai/Pearl

Publication: July 2012                                                            (CB)
Estimated length: 352 pages
Manuscript available: December 2011

de Jonge, Peter
Hailed by the Chicago Tribune as an “utterly irresistible heroine,” hard-living homicide detective Darlene O’Hara
returns from Peter de Jonge’s first novel, SHADOWS STILL REMAIN, in this edgy noir thriller set on New York
City’s Lower East Side. A nurse stops by the offices of Homicide South in Manhattan to report the confession of
Gus Henderson, her elderly Alzheimer’s patient, a former junkie and petty criminal, who claims he murdered and
buried a man in a park off Avenue B seventeen years ago. All signs point toward the man’s partner in crime as the
victim—he’s been off the grid for exactly seventeen years. After threats from the presumed victim’s mother, the city
reluctantly agrees to excavate the community garden where Henderson claimed to have buried the body. But it’s
not her son they find buried beneath the willow tree. What they find is the skeleton of a ten-year-old boy, neatly
dressed and buried ceremoniously with a comic book, a cd, some pot, and booze. O’Hara dives headlong into the
city’s dark underbelly and is about to uncover a hidden, dangerous world of lost boys and girls. Peter de Jonge is
the author of SHADOWS STILL REMAIN (2009), a Washington Post Book of the Year, and co-author, with James
Patterson, of three books: Miracle on the 17th Green (Little, Brown, 1996), and the #1 New York Times bestsellers
Beach Road (Little, Brown, 2003) and The Beach House (Little, Brown, 2006). He worked as a reporter at the
Associated Press, and has been a contributing writer to the New York Times Magazine since 1986. His writing has
appeared in Best American Sports Writing, National Geographic, New York magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Details,
and Manhattan, Inc. Harper

Rights sold: French/Editions First; German/Heyne; UK/Avon UK;

SHADOWS STILL REMAIN sold: Bulgarian/Hermes; Czech/Euromedia; French/Editions First; German/Heyne;
Slovak/Ikar; UK/Avon UK

Publication: July 2012                                                            (JS)
Estimated length: 320 pages
Manuscript available: November 2011

Del Toro, Guillermo
Hogan, Chuck
THE NIGHT ETERNAL: Book Three of the Strain Trilogy
“The most credible and frightening of all the vampire books of the past decade.” —San Francisco Chronicle on
“Relentlessly paves the way for what promises to be an epic third book.” —Kirkus Reviews on THE FALL
The third and final novel in the stunning New York Times bestselling trilogy about a vampire invasion and the band
of men and women who must stop them, by one of Hollywood’s most popular and imaginative storytellers, the
creator of the Oscar-winning Pan’s Labyrinth. Following the horrific conclusion of events in THE FALL, Nuclear
Winter blankets the land, darkening the Earth but for one hour of sunlight each day. And it is no coincidence that
these conditions create a near-perfect environment for vampires. They have won, they have control of the planet,
and humans have been entirely subjugated, interred in vast camps across the world, where, herded like livestock,
they are farmed and harvested for the sustenance and pleasure of the Master Race. A ragtag network of free
humans continues the desperate resistance and is made up of everyday people, among them Eph, head of the
CDC’s team; Vasiliy, the colorful Russian exterminator; and Gus, the former gangbanger with a special talent for
dispatching the undead. It’s their job to disrupt the devastating new world order and battle the Master and his
minions at every turn. But to succeed, the humans will have to rely on the intervention of an unexpected race of
beings—creatures that give new meaning to the phrase “angels”—in the ultimate battle to reclaim and rehabilitate
the planet for all humanity. William Morrow

Rights sold: Catalan/Suma; Chinese (complex characters)/Crown Publishing; Croatian/Algoritam; Czech/Beta;
Danish/Hr Ferdinand; Dutch/Flying Dutchman; Finnish/Tammi; French/Presses de la Cite; German/Heyne;
Greek/Livanis; Hungarian/Konyvmolykepzo; Italian/Mondadori; Japanese/Hayakawa; Korean/Munhakdongne;
Lithuanian/Media Incognito; Norwegian/Versal; Portuguese/Santillana Portugal; Polish/Nasza Ksiengarnia;
Romanian/Litera Publishing; Russian/36.6 Book Club Publishers; Serbian/Carobna Knjiga; Slovak/Ikar;
Spanish/Suma; Swedish/Bra Bocker; Portuguese in Brazil/Rocco; Turkish/Ithaki Yayinlari; UK/HarperCollins UK

Publication: November 2011                                                       (JS)
Estimated length: 368 pages
Manuscript available

Dietrich, William
Acclaimed New York Times bestselling author William Dietrich delivers his fifth installment in the popular and
bestselling Ethan Gage adventure series. The action races from the slopes of the Swiss Alps to the sultry tropics of
the Caribbean, with a mysterious and magical Spanish treasure, the fate of England, and the first successful slave
revolt in history hanging in the balance. Allied with his new wife, Astiza, Ethan Gage embarks in a desperate hunt
in the isles of the Caribbean for the Lost Treasure of Montezuma, a legendary hoard that tradition says was saved
and hidden from the Spanish conquistadors of Cortez. In pursuit are British agents who hope the gold will finance
the black slave revolt in St. Dominique, or Haiti, robbing France of its richest colony. French agents are seeking
the treasure for an even bigger prize: certain Aztec ornaments look like flying machines, and ruthless secret
policeman Leon Martel dreams they could hold the key to a new weapon that could defeat Britain. THE
TREASURE OF MONTEZUMA has William Dietrich’s trademark combination of humor, exotic geography,
fascinating historical figures, and details of life at the dawn of the 19 century. Harper

DAKOTA CIPHYER sold: France/Le Cherche Midi; Germany/Weltbild; Hungary/General Press; Norway/Damm;
Poland/Rebis; Russia/Eksmo; Serbia/Alnari; UK/Allison & Busby

Publication: June 2012                                                           (CB)
Estimated length: 320 pages
Manuscript available: November 2011

Donohue, Meg
For fans of Jennifer Weiner, a deliciously charming debut about two childhood friends who are as close as sisters,
despite their differences, but then grow apart, ultimately reconnecting as adults. Funny, free-spirited Annie
Quintana and wealthy, ambitious, beautiful Julia St. Clair grow up side-by-side in the St. Clair’s San Francisco
mansion. Julia St. Clair is wealthy and privileged, and Annie is the daughter of the St. Clair family live-in

housekeeper. When the girls reach their teen years, their differences pull them apart. Years later they find
themselves joining forces to open a cupcake shop, but they become the target of a dangerous mystery man set on
sabotaging the bakery for unknown reasons. As Annie and Julia build their business and try to soothe old wounds
and betrayals, they uncover details about the sudden death of Annie’s mother, and find love where they least
expect it. A graduate of Columbia University’s MFA program, Donohue writes with depth, wit, and snappy dialogue.
Her stories have appeared in the Gettysburg Review, the Tulane Review, and the Adirondack Review. Harper

Rights sold: Germany/Heyne; Italy/Garzanti

Publication: March 2012                                                             (CB)
Estimated length: 320 pages
Manuscript available

Fishman, Zoe
An exciting new novel from the author of BALANCING ACTS about a young woman who returns home for summer
after her first year away at college, where a tragedy pushes her to uncover family truths and take a good look at the
woman she wants to become. Ruth Wasserman has always felt like an outsider in her Alabama town. Being a
curly-haired Jewish girl amongst blonde Southern Baptists was never easy and, within her own family, she has
always played second fiddle to her older brother—a star athlete and student who her parents adore. After one year
away at college she returns home looking like a new, wiser woman on the outside, but struggling with low self-
esteem and a possible eating disorder. While working as a lifeguard, a child almost drowns on her watch. The
repercussions will push her to confront truths about her parents, her brother, and herself that she’s been trying to
ignore. This is an engaging story beautifully shows how tragedy can make us stronger and that knowing who we
are on the inside is our greatest strength. Harper Paperbacks

BALANCING ACTS sold in Germany/Ullstein; Holland/Arena; Italy/Sperling & Kupfer; Poland/Proszynski-ska

Publication: May 2012                                                               (CB)
Estimated length: 384 pages
Manuscript available: November 2011

Frank, Dorothea Benton
A moving new tale from New York Times bestselling author, Dorothea Benton Frank. At once side-splittingly funny
and incredibly heart-rending, this is a beautiful story about one woman’s struggle to maintain normalcy in the face
of tremendous change. As a nurse serving in Iraq, she has seen everything. But nothing can prepare her for the
challenges that face her when she learns her husband has been killed in a car accident. She moves back down to
Sullivans Island where her grandmother can help take care of her son. Dorothea Benton Frank’s most recent novel,
FOLLY BEACH, debuted on the New York Times bestseller list at #4 and was in the top 10 for four weeks straight.
Like Anne Rivers Siddons, Rebecca Wells, and Pat Conroy, Dorothea’s novels are wonderfully atmospheric. Their
warm, vivid details bring the South to life, and make readers feel like they are part of the community. William

Publication: June 2012                                                              (JS)
Estimated length: 336 pages
Manuscript available: January 2012

Freveletti, Jamie
“Jamie Freveletti shows once again why she is one of the top thriller writers working today. . . . crisp writing, clever
plotting, and memorable characters . . . On every page you’ll find just the right blend of menace and normality—all
of it written by a master.”
—Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author of The Jefferson Key
In this sequel to RUNNING WITH THE DEVIL and RUNNING DARK, brilliant biochemist Emma Caldridge is caught
in a drug cartel’s deadly plot. Emma Caldridge is hiking through the Arizona mountains when she stumbles upon a
human trafficker smuggling illegal aliens into the United States. Chased across the border, she is caught by one of

the deadliest drug cartels in Mexico and is taken to the marijuana fields outside Ciudad Juarez. There she
discovers there is something horribly wrong with the plants. Covered with wart-like growths they, and anyone who
touches them, contract a new and virulent form of leprosy that can kill humans within nine days. The cartel believes
that the fields are infected by herbicide sprayed by the US, and it transports the diseased shipment along the North
route into the U.S. in retaliation. Emma knows that the best chance to find a cure is in her own laboratory, but the
cartel refuses to let her go. However, they agree to let her ride with the shipment, and she convinces them to break
into any lab they can along the way. Time is running short, and Emma herself becomes infected. She begins a race
against time to save not only her own life, but the lives of everyone who touches the shipment. Jamie Freveletti is
a trial lawyer who practices in Chicago. After attending law school, she lived in Geneva, Switzerland while obtaining
a diploma in International Studies. She’s also a runner who both practices and teaches Akido, a Japanese martial
art. RUNNING WITH THE DEVIL was the winner of the Thriller Award, the Berry Award, and the Crimespree
Award. Morrow Avon Mass Market Original

Rights sold: German/Ullstein

RUNNING DARK sold: Finnish/Paasilinna; German/Ullstein

Publication: October 2011                                                         (JS)
Estimated length: 352 pages
Book available

Gordon, Alex
An edge-of-your seat supernatural thriller from debut author Alex Gordon, in which a community is forced to battle a
centuries-old evil, and their only hope for safety lies in the hands of a young woman who’s never heard of them.
After the death of her parents, Lauren discovers that the people she had known as John and Mary Reardon were
once completely different people, and the only clues she has are an old photograph, some letters, and the name of
a town, Gideon. To complicate matters, Lauren’s been hallucinating: hearing voices and having conversations with
dead college classmates. But Lauren’s not so sure that they really are hallucinations—a strange man is stalking
her and the friends who try to help her have ended up dead. Resolved to find out the truth about her parents and
her life, she finds herself in a small Midwest town where nothing is as it seems. Two hundred years ago, a witch
was burned at the stake…but in Gideon, the past is far from buried. Harper Mass Market

Publication: February 2013                                                        (CB)
Estimated length: 432 pages
Manuscript available: January 2012

Gottlieb, Eli
THE FACE THIEF is psychological suspense at its best—the story of two men who are obsessed with one
damaged, yet very charismatic woman—and how she cons each of them. As the book opens, a beautiful woman
named Margot is in the midst of falling down a seemingly endless staircase. Was she pushed or did she fall? She
lies in a hospital bed coming out of a coma and slowly remembering her past, while the novel moves fluidly back
and forth between the people whose lives intersected—damagingly—with her own. Lawrence Billings, an instructor
in the Chinese art of face reading, taught her the skills she used to gain unfair advantage in business transactions
and with whom she attempted, compulsively, to have an affair. John Potash is a newly married 40-something who
Margot defrauded out of most of his—and his elderly mother’s—life’s savings. As this brilliant, damaged woman
dazzles and defrauds each of these men in a different way, the book builds to a shattering climax. Written with the
literary flair and power of Ian McEwan and rich in portraits of marriages under siege, THE FACE THIEF is a novel
that probes the sources of human greed and of loyalty beset by temptation. Eli Gottlieb is the author of two
previous novels. His first novel, The Boy Who Went Away, received extraordinary notices and was a New York
Times Notable Book. It also won the prestigious Rome Prize and the 1998 McKitterick Prize by the British Society
of Aughtos. His second novel, Now You See Him, was published in 2008 to great acclaim (“a hypnotic read” —The
LA Times; “a gorgeous, surprising novel” —USA Today). It hit the Denver Post list and was #1 on the Rocky
Mountain News bestseller list. It was also a #1 Book Sense pick. William Morrrow

UK rights: Betsy Lerner (; Translation rights: William Morrow

NOW YOU SEE HIM sold: Chinese, simplified characters/Read 99; Czech/Euromedia; Danish/HR Ferdinand;
French/10/18; German/Droemer; Hebrew/Kinneret; Italian/Piemme; Portuguese In Brazil/Rocco; Romanian/SC
Leda; Serbian/Dereta; Spanish/Tusquets

Publication: January 2012                                                           (JS)
Estimated length: 256 pages
Manuscript available

Gray, Shelley Shepard
*MISSING: The Secrets of Crittenden County, Book One (March 2012)
*SEARCH: The Secrets of Crittenden County, Book Two (June 2012)
*FOUND: The Secrets of Crittenden County, Book Three (October 2012)
Beloved author Shelley Shepard Gray delivers another page-turning romance series set in the Amish country. In
MISSING, the serenity of the quiet community of Crittenden Kentucky is disrupted when Amelia Anderson
discovers the body of Perry Borntrager in an abandoned well. When a homicide detective arrives to help solve the
crime, two suspects, Perry’s former girlfriend Lydia Plank and Englisher Walter Anderson, are drawn together
forming a surprising companionship during this time of hardship. With SEARCH, we meet Fannie who struggles to
tell everyone about the secrets Perry told her before his death. Drawn to the police officer assigned to the case,
Luke Reynolds, she reveals all to him and a new and complicated bond presents itself. William Morrow

Publication: March, June, October 2012                                             (CB)
Estimated length: 272 pages
Manuscript available: November 2011

Greenfeld, Karl Taro
This novel-in-stories is both haunting and heartbreaking, darkly funny and surprisingly poignant. Much like Jennifer
Egan’s A VISIT FROM THE GOON SQUAD and Tom Rachman’s THE IMPREFECTIONISTS, the chapters in
Greenfeld’s book are arranged as puzzle pieces—snippets of individual lives that fit perfectly together, working to
create an image that’s striking in its clarity, and comprehensive in its collective weight. The book is set in TriBeCa—
a neighborhood whose name has become synonymous with downtown New York wealth, soaring lofts, massive
yachts, and precious restaurants. At the core of TRIBURBIA is a group of fathers thrown together by circumstance;
each morning, they meet one another for breakfast after dropping their children off at the same exorbitantly priced
private school. They are musicians, producers, photographers, and gangsters, confronting the terrible truths about
ambition, wealth, and sex. Over the course of a year, the book uncovers the sacrifices and betrayals that haunt
each man. In a world where consequences are so easily glossed over, Greenfeld shows how the repercussions of
our choices not only rattle our own lives, but also have the power to devastate the lives of the people we love. The
stories are narrated by both men and women, giving the reader an equal experience of both men’s and women’s
points-of-view, and together coalesce into a single narrative that’s as compelling and as captivating as any novel.
Greenfeld is the author of four previous books, all nonfiction, including the much-acclaimed memoir BOY ALONE
(Harper 2009), which Peter Matthiessen called “A candid, brave, painful and well written memoir.” His other three
books include THE CHINA SYNDROME (Harper 2007), about which Amy Tan said, “If you take this book to bed,
don’t expect any sleep”; STANDARD DEVIATIONS (Villard 2002), which William Gibson called “Lucid. Merciless.
Unforgettable” and SPEED TRIBES (Harper 1995), about Japan’s troubled youth. Karl’s fiction has appeared in
such renowned publications as The Paris Review, Best American Short Stories, American Short Fiction, The
Missouri Review, One Story, Commentary, The Southern Review, and The Sun. His writing has also been
anthologized in Best American Sports Writing, Best American Nonrequired Reading, Best American Travel Writing,
and Best Creative Nonfiction, and has been translated into nine languages. Born in Kobe, Japan, Karl has lived in
Paris, Hong Kong, New York, and Tokyo. Karl was recently awarded a PEN/O Henry Prize for a short story of his
published last year in the Santa Monica Review. Harper

BOY ALONE sold: Dutch/House Of Books; Korean/Hong-ik Publishing; Italian/Piemme; Portuguese rights in
Brazil/Planeta do Brasil

Publication: Spring 2013                                                           (JS)
Estimated length: 336 pages
Manuscript available

Grippando, James
“Grippando keeps the reader guessing…the dramatic tension remains high with a sadistic hired killer, high stakes
wheeler-dealers, and plenty of cinematic escapes.” —Publishers Weekly on MONEY TO BURN
New York Times bestseller James Grippando delivers a new stand-alone thriller about a young Wall Street advisor
and his girlfriend who uncover a financial scheme that reaches into the halls of government. Abe Cushman, the
evil genius behind a sixty-billion dollar Ponzi scheme, has taken his own life. He takes his secrets to the grave,
which creates a big problem for Washington’s power elite. They knew about Cushman’s fraud, looked the other
way, and even encouraged Cushman’s cataclysmic collapse—all done to further a secret government agenda
known as Operation BAQ. Patrick Lloyd, a young Wall Street advisor at the world’s largest Swiss bank, has an
even bigger problem. His girlfriend Lilly has a direct tie to billions of dollars in losses suffered by Cushman’s most
dangerous “victims,” a group of powerful investors whose identities and dirty finances are cloaked in secrecy.
Patrick and Lilly are in a run for their lives that leads to the heart of Operation BAQ, and they are determined to
uncover the truth. Harper

MONEY TO BURN sold in Poland/Bertelsmann; Turkey/Reklam

Publication: January 2012                                                          (CB)
Estimated length: 368 pages
Manuscript available

Gross, Andrew
From the bestselling author of The Blue Zone and Eyes Wide Open,15 SECONDS is a thrilling, fast-paced story of
a man, on the run, desperate to prove his innocence and to save his family’s lives. Henry Steadman didn’t have a
care in the world as he sped through Jacksonville, Florida, but suddenly his life was turned upside down in 15
seconds... He was there to deliver a talk at a medical convention and was stopped by a local policeman for a minor
traffic violation. While the ticket is being written, a blue sedan appears and the driver shoots the policeman dead,
speeding away quickly enough that Henry is instantly seen as a cop killer. An all-points bulletin is put out for his
arrest, and Henry must figure out whom he can trust. He calls his friend Mike who urges him to come over right
away, but he finds Mike dead and more evidence links Henry to this death as well. The stakes get even higher as
Henry’s family is drawn into this web of increasing suspense and terror, and he must untangle the clues and figure
out who is out to get him. Andrew Gross is the author of the New York Times and international bestsellers
Reckless, The Blue Zone, Don’t Look Twice, and The Dark Tide, which was nominated for the Best Thriller of the
Year award by the International Thriller Writers. He is also coauthor of five number one bestsellers with James
Patterson, including Judge & Jury and Lifeguard. William Morrow

EYES WIDE OPEN sold in Hungarian/Geopen

Publication: July 2012                                                             (JS)
Estimated length: 352 pages
Manuscript available: October 2011

Harrison, Kim
New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison returns to the Hollows with the electrifying follow-up to her
acclaimed PALE DEMON. Ritually murdered corpses are appearing across Cincinnati, terrifying amalgams of
human and other. Pulled in to investigate by the FBI, former witch turned day-walking demon Rachel Morgan soon
realizes a horrifying truth—others want to create their own demons, but to do so, they need her blood. She’s faced
vampires, witches, werewolves, demons, and more, but humanity itself might be Rachel’s toughest challenge. This
is the tenth installment in Harrison’s highly successful Hollows series. Harper Voyager

DEAD WITCH WALKING sold: China (simplified)/Shanghai 99; China(complex)/King-In; Czech/Fantom Press;
France/Bragelonne; Germany/Heyne; Holland/Luitingh; Hungary/Beholder; Italy/Fanucci; Japan/Hayakawa;
Poland/Mag Josek Rodek; Norway/Schibsted; Portugal/Saida de Emergencia; Russia/AST; Spain/Factoria de
Ideas; Serbia/Laguna; Turkey/Artemis

Publication: March 2012                                                            (CB)
Estimated length: 448 pages
Manuscript available

Hickman, Tracy
From New York Times bestselling fantasy writer Tracy Hickman comes an original story featuring Batman as he
investigates the events surrounding his parent’s murder and the darkest secrets of his family’s past. Written in noir-
style, WAYNE OF GOTHAM is set both in the present and in the turbulent decades of the 1950s and 1960s. It is
the story of two men separated by a generation of tragedy: Thomas, the rebellious heir to the vast Wayne Empire
fortune and Bruce, his son, whose life is forever altered by witnessing Thomas’s death. The murder of his parents
is the tortuous point on which Bruce turns to become Batman. The murder case has long been closed, but when
disturbing information shows up, Batman re-opens the case file, and discovers a father and mother he never knew
and the burden of a dark legacy he must now bear. This is the first time this story has been told, and we have the
full promotional support from DC Comics. !t Books

Publication: January 2012                                                          (CB)
Estimated length: 336 pages
Manuscript available: October 2011

Howard, Ravi
Told through the experiences of the great Nat King Cole and his driver, Nat Weary, DRIVING THE KING is a daring
and brilliant new novel that explores race and class in 1950s America. The novel opens in 1945 as Nat King Cole is
about to perform a rare concert in his hometown of Montgomery, Alabama. The singer meets up with his childhood
friend Nat Weary and his girlfriend Mattie. Cole and Weary are secretly planning Weary’s proposal to Mattie that
night, but as Cole steps up to the microphone, a white man disguised as an usher rushes the stage with a lead pipe
and attacks the singer. Nat Weary leaps from the “colored” balcony seats and defends the singer, violently beating
back the attacker. Weary is,arrested, and sentenced to ten years in jail without parole. Six months before his
release from prison in 1955, Weary’s brother visits the prisoner with a message from Cole. Will Weary agree to be
Nat King Cole’s driver in Los Angeles, to act as a bodyguard for the singer in his new home? DRIVING THE KING
is the story of Nat Weary, a World War II veteran and taxi driver from Montgomery, who saved the life of a
childhood friend and is repaid with the chance to start a new life in Los Angeles. But it’s also the story of Nat King
Cole, who, despite his undeniable talent and fame, faces the deep-rooted racism of 1950s America. When Weary
arrives in LA, it’s a far cry from Jim Crow South, but it’s a place not wholly hospitable to a group of black men. A
brilliant and daring novel, Ravi Howard’s DRIVING THE KING is a powerful look at race and class. Howard
masterfully captures an era in American history that is both dark and shameful and full of promise. Ravi Howard
was the winner of the 2001 Zora Neale Hurston/Richard Wright Award and the author of the novel LIKE TREES,

Publication: May 2012                                                              (JS)
Estimated length: 320 pages
Manuscript available: October 2011

Jance, J.A.
From New York Times bestselling author J.A. Jance comes the next exciting mystery featuring Sheriff Joanna
Brady. Last seen with J.P. Beaumont in FIRE AND ICE (2009) and solo in DAMAGE CONTROL (2008), Cochise
County Sheriff Joanna Brady returns to solve a crime set against the rugged backdrop of the American Southwest.
When her daughter, Jenny, stumbles across the body of her murdered high school principal, Joanna is caught in
the difficult middle ground of being both a sheriff and a mother. In the process she’s forced to face the possibility
that her perfect daughter, Jennifer Ann Brady, may not be so perfect anymore. William Morrow

DAMAGE CONTROL sold in the UK/HarperCollins UK

Publication: July 2012                                                             (CB)
Estimated length: 384 pages
Manuscript available: December 2011

Jepson, Duncan
“This story is breathtaking. Like a poem or a painting, it reveals the old Shanghai. It’s a great work that will move its
readers.” —Hong Ying, international bestselling author of Daughter of the River
“The life of this novel’s main character is splintered into thousands of pieces, each of them reflecting the changes of
Chinese history, yet all of them coming out in Duncan Jepson’s poetic, passionate writing.” —Qiu Xiaolong, author
of the Inspector Chen mysteries
In the tradition of Memoirs of a Geisha comes this sweeping debut novel set in 1930s Shanghai. Following the path
of duty takes precedence over personal desires for young Feng, who finds herself in an arranged marriage to a
wealthy businessman. In the enclosed world of the Sang household—a place of public ceremony and private
cruelty—she learns that, above all else, she must bear a male heir. Ruthless and embittered by the life that has
been forced upon her, Feng seeks revenge by doing the unthinkable: she gives away her firstborn, a daughter. But
years later, she must come to terms with the sacrifices she has made to assure her place in family and society,
before the entire country is caught up in the fast-flowing tide of revolution. Duncan Jepson is the award-winning
producer of three feature films and documentaries that have been shown on the Discovery Channel Asia and
National Geographic Channel. He has also edited two Asia-based magazines, West East Magazine and the Asia
Literary Review. A lawyer by profession, he lives in Hong Kong. The author’s family background—his mother is
Chinese and his father is British—lends authenticity to the storytelling. The novel was inspired by Jepson’s family
history on his mother’s side of the family. William Morrow Trade Paperback

Rights sold: Norwegian/Juritzen

Publication: January 2012                                                            (JS)
Estimated length: 320 pages
Galley available

Kaplan, Andrew
"SCORPION BETRAYAL is an action-packed, highly-charged, fast-paced novel with the ring of authenticity.
Andrew Kaplan has a masterful grasp of the inner workings of intelligence agencies and their fight against terror
that he weaves through this suspenseful tale of espionage."—Reza Kahlili, author of A Time to Betray: The
Astonishing Double Life of a CIA Agent Inside the Revolutionary Guards of Iran
In this gripping international espionage thriller ala Robert Ludlum, we follow Scorpion, a former CIA agent who is
now working freelance in Europe and the Middle East, as he hunts for a terrorist who goes by the name “the
Palestinian.” No one knows who the Palestinian is or what he looks like, and it’s a long, thrilling manhunt as we
see Scorpion track him across Europe. There is a complicated and alluring woman in the middle of the drama, and
the chase ends with a shocking and impressive conclusion—the completely unpredictable reasoning behind all that
the Palestinian has done. This is the first book in a series that promises to develop into a major publishing
franchise. Avon

Publication: April 2012                                                              (CB)
Estimated length: 352 pages
Manuscript available

Kargman, Jill
Jill Kargman, New York Times bestselling author of THE EX-MRS. HEDGEFUND and MOMZILLAS, returns with
this lively novel about a down-to-earth New York City girl who suddenly finds herself in a rock ‘n’ roll Cinderella
fantasy. It’s Hazel’s 30th birthday and she has everything she’s ever wanted: a kickass job at a video-game
company, a dream New York City apartment, and the perfect boyfriend—who also happens to be a personal chef,
and has just proposed in the most romantic way. With good food, video games and love, Hazel thinks she’s
happy—but not ready to get married. The morning after her birthday, Hazel leaves for a business trip and receives
a surprise upgrade to first class, boards the plane, and sees the person in seat 7B: it’s her celebrity crush, rock star
Finn Schiller. Just the night before, she had confessed her infatuation with Finn at her birthday party, and her
boyfriend joked that she had a free pass if she ever met him. Hazel can’t believe fate has actually thrown them
together. Even more unbelievable is the flight that follows, as they genuinely connect—even after he sees her vomit
due to plane turbulence. Finn likes her uncensored cursing, wicked sense of humor, and that she’s not like all his

groupies; Hazel likes his killer looks, ripped physique and soulful music. What started as a fantasy quickly becomes
a real attraction, and after a dream date and taste of the rock-star life with Finn in Los Angeles, Hazel is forced to
examine the track her life is on. Could she ever forgive herself if she walked away from her wildest dreams coming
true? Seasoned with her signature wit and hilarious dialogue, Jill Kargman presents a fairytale romance with a
twist. Jill Kargman is the author of the book of essays, SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE A NUT and novels including
WOLVES IN CHIC CLOTHING and THE EX-MRS. HEDGEFUND. In addition to her bestselling books, the author’s
work has appeared in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Town & Country, Elle, and more. William Morrow

ARM CANDY sold: Dutch/Sijthoff

MOMZILLAS sold: Croatian/Algoritam; Dutch/Sijthoff; German/Ullstein; French/Fleuve Noir; Italian/Sonzogno;
Polish/Nasza Ksiegarnia; Portuguese (Brazil)/Editora Planeta do Brasil; Russian/AST; UK/HarperCollins UK

Publication: June 2012                                                             (JS)
Estimated length: 208 pages
Manuscript available: October 2011

Kellerman, Faye
From New York Times bestselling author Faye Kellerman comes the next exciting installment in her series starring
Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus and featuring psychopath Chris Donatti and his son Gabe. LAPD Lieutenant
Detective Decker and his wife, Rina, have agreed to take in fifteen year-old Gabriel Whitman after his parents
unceremoniously dump the boy into their care. Gabe is a brilliant piano prodigy—an enigmatic teen who is both
gifted and secretive—who seems to have adapted well to his new environment. But Decker knows only too well
what secret lives teenagers live. This point is brought home when Decker learns of another tragedy, the suicide of
fifteen year-old Gregory Hesse, whose mother is convinced that her son’s death was no impulsive act. Decker
decides to look into Gregory’s file and discovers that the gun used in the tragedy was stolen. He launches an
inquiry which takes on a more nefarious tone when another suicide—this time a sixteen-year-old girl—occurs just
weeks later. Both teens were enrolled at the same elite prep school. As the detectives probe, they uncover a
particular group of nasty high-school students with a predilection for guns and violence. The situation becomes
especially frightening when Decker realizes he knows almost nothing about the boy living under his roof. Having
been home schooled, Gabe is basically on his own, keeping odd hours, coming and going as he pleases. This is
especially unnerving since Gabe’s father, Christopher Donatti, is a former hit man who is now living the good life as
the proprietor of several bordellos in Nevada. The case and all its terrifying ramifications take Decker and his
detectives down a dark alley of twisted allegiances and unholy alliances, culminating into a heart-stopping point of
no-return. William Morrow

Rights sold: German/btb (an imprint of Random House Germany); UK/HarperCollins UK

HANGMAN sold: German/btb (an imprint of Random House Germany); German/btb (an imprint of Random House

Publication: January 2012                                                          (JS)
Estimated length: 384 pages
Manuscript available

Klise, Kate
Parent Trap meets You’ve Got Mail in this 21st century romantic tale. Told from the perspectives of two single
parents and their two teenage children, IN THE BAG explores the old-fashioned art of flirtation in a modern world,
where falling in love can be as risky as checking a bag on an international flight. A successful chef and single
mother, Daisy Sprinkle is on vacation with her teenage daughter, Coco, who picks up the wrong duffle bag at the
airport. That situation is not improved by the note Daisy finds tucked into her own carry-on, apparently from the
man in 13-C. Daisy is in no mood for secret admirer notes or dinner dates. Or even men, for that matter. Andrew
doesn’t know what possessed him to do something like that. Hitting on strange women on airplanes is definitely not
his typical style. But there was something about the woman in 6-B that could not be ignored. Of course, now he has
no time to think about her, since his son Webb seems to have made off with a budding fashionista’s luggage.
Determined to make the best of a bad situation, Daisy cooks up a plan to calm her daughter’s panic over the lost

bag with a week of fabulous food, shopping, and museum hopping. Andrew is busy working on his latest project
and hoping Webb finds enough to entertain himself. Little do they know the teens are making their own plan. . . one
that will ultimately reunite Ms. 6-B and Mr. 13-C. Kate Klise is the author of such bestselling children’s books as
Regarding the Fountain, Dying to Meet You, and Grounded. IN THE BAG is her first novel for adults. William
Morrow Trade Paperback

Publication: May 2012                                                                   (JS)
Estimated length: 320 pages
Manuscript available: October 2011

Kondor, Vilmos
“A gripping, gritty, meticulously researched crime thriller.” Magyar Narancs (Budapest)
Originally published in Hungarian, BUDAPEST NOIR is a hard-boiled World War II thriller written in the tradition of
Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett. Budapest, Hungary. October 1936. Prime Minister Gyula Gombos—a
man history remembers as having opened his nation’s doors to Nazism—is dead. The body of a young Jewish
woman is found in the foyer of a downtown apartment building. Zsigmond Gordon, a crime reporter for a leading
newspaper, arrives on the scene and begins his relentless pursuit of the terrible truth. The victim is a young Jewish
prostitute who is mysteriously tied to the detective inspector of the homicide division. As Gordon ignores threats
and dead-ends in search for justice, he comes face to face with corruption and moral depravity at every level of
society, in a city that is in the midst of choosing its own dark future. Vilmos Kondor was born in Hungary in
1954. He earned a degree in chemical engineering from the Sorbonne before returning to Hungary where he
currently teaches mathematics and physics. BUPAPEST NOIR is his first novel. Harper Paperbacks

UK rights: HarperCollins US; Translation rights (Andrew Nurnberg) sold: Dutch/Mynos; French/Payot;
German/Droemer; Italian/e/o; Polish/Proszynski

Publication: February 2012                                                                (JS)
Estimated length: 304 pages
Manuscript available

Lee, Patrick
“Settle back and savor this one. Patrick Lee has an intense brand of storytelling. He’s a most welcome addition to
the genre.” —Steve Berry on GHOST COUNTRY
From New York Times bestselling author Patrick Lee, the third and final book in a stunning trilogy, in which Travis
Chase finally comes face to face with the decision that could determine the fate of the world. As the U.S. President
addresses the nation from the Oval Office, a missile screams toward the White House, and in a flash, the Chief
Executive is dead, the White House is in ruins, and two cryptic words are the clue to the assassins’ motives: “See
Scalar.” Travis Chase of the covert agency Tangent—caretakers of the Breach and all its grim wonders—along
with partner and lover Paige Campbell and technology expert Bethany Stewart, have twenty-four hours to unearth a
decades-old mystery. This is relentless non-stop action from page one to the final, shocking conclusion. Harper
Mass Market

THE BREACH sold: Bulgaria/Bard; France/L’Atalante; Germany/Rowohlt; Japan/Shogakukan; Poland/Albatros;

GHOST COUNTRYsold: France/L’Atalante; Germany/Rowohlt; Japan/Shogakukan

Publication: January 2012                                                               (CB)
Estimated length: 400 pages
Manuscript available

Livesey, Margot
“. . . the portrait of a delicate, iron-willed girl, an orphan and a heroine in the grand tradition. The writing is at once
wholehearted and razor sharp . . .” —David Wroblewski, author of THE STORY OF EDGAR SAWTELLE

Critically-acclaimed and award-winning author Margo Livesey delivers a modern re-telling of Jane Eyre in this
captivating story of a young woman who triumphs over the adversity of her upbringing. Gemma Hardy must
overcome cruelty, loneliness, starvation, and heartbreak in her search for independence. Born in 1948 and
orphaned at age two, Gemma is taken in by her kind uncle and lives with his wife and children at Yew House in
Perthshire, Scotland. After her uncle’s untimely death, and just ten years old, Gemma is sent to Claypool School
by her bitter aunt as a scholarship girl where she is treated like a scullery maid. After graduation, she finds a
position as governess that takes her to an estate called Fountain Hall in the Orkney Islands, where her status as an
unwanted outsider finally begins to fade. But after falling in love with its mysterious owner, unfortunate
circumstances propel Gemma to suddenly leave. On her own for the first time, Gemma navigates a difficult journey
that brings her to her father’s original home on the shores of Iceland where a family mystery unravels. Margot
Livesey is the author of HOMEWORK, THE MISSING WORLD, and BANISHING VERONA, among other novels.

UK rights: HarperCollins US; Translation: I.C.M.

Publication: February 2012                                                           (CB)
Estimated length: 432 pages
ARE available

Lowell, Elizabeth
New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Lowell delivers a thrilling new novel that is heavy on romance. The
study of Mayan artifacts is the life work for Dr. Lina Taylor. This normally quiet life for a professor and archeologist
quickly shifts gear when Hunter Johnson crosses her path. He is as fascinating as he is exasperating. A former
immigration and Customs Enforcement officer, Hunter has more secrets than he wants Lina to know. They are the
only people who can solve the mystery of what happened to some very important Mayan artifacts, but it’s more
dangerous than either of them realizes. William Morrow

BLUE SMOKE AND MURDER sold in Bulgaria/Hermes; China (simplified)/Shanghai 99; Estonia/Eram;
Greece/George Dragounis; Israel/Schalgi; Poland/Amber

Publication: June 2012                                                               (CB)
Estimated length: 384 pages
Manuscript available: November 2011

Maguire, Gregory
OUT OF OZ: The Final Volume in the Wicked Years
The world of Oz comes full circle in Gregory Maguire’s fourth and final novel in the New York Times bestselling
series THE WICKED YEARS. In this final installment, the marvelous land of Oz is knotted with social unrest. The
Emerald City is busy mounting an invasion of Munchkinland. Glinda is under house arrest. The Cowardly Lion is on
the run from the law. A young girl descended from Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, takes up the broom for
herself. And who shows up for a return visit but Dorothy. THAT Dorothy. More than five million copies of WICKED
and its sequels, SON OF A WITCH and A LION AMONG MEN, have prepared readers for the revelations and
reversals, reprisals, and surprises to be found in OUT OF OZ. Gregory Maguire is the bestselling author of
WICKED, now a beloved classic, is the basis for the blockbuster Tony Award-winning Broadway musical of the
same name. William Morrow

Rights sold: ANZ/HarperAustralia; UK/Headline

LION AMONG MEN sold: Korean/Minumsa; Portuguese in Portugal/Casa das Letras; Serbian/Book Marson;
Spanish and Catalan/Planeta; ANZ/HarperAustralia; UK/Headline

Publication: November 2011                                                           (JS)
Estimated length: 592 pages
ARE available

Mandelstam, Osip
Wiman, Christian (Translator)
STOLEN AIR: The Selected Poems of Osip Mandelstam
A central figure not only in modern Russian but in world poetry, Osip Mandelstam was a crucial instigator of the
“revolution of the word” that took place in early 20th century St. Petersburg, only to be crushed by the Bolshevik
revolution. His body of work, his later poems in particular, written on the run in the interval between his exile to the
provinces by Stalin and his death in the Gulag Archipelago, provide an extraordinary testament to the enduring
power of art in the presence of state terror. Born in 1891 in Warsaw, and raised in the imperial capital of St.
Petersburg, he published his first collection, KAMEN, in 1913. Mandelstam spent his later years in exile, serving
sentences for counter-revolutionary activities in various work camps, until his death on December 27, 1938.
Christian Wiman is an American poet and editor who has taught at Northwestern University, Stanford University,
Lynchburg College, and the Prague School of Economics. Since 2003, he has been editor of the oldest and most
prestigious American magazine of verse, Poetry. His first book of poetry, THE LONG HOME, won the prestigious
Nicholas Roerich Prize. His most recent book, EVERY RIVEN THING, was chosen by poet and critic Dan Chiasson
as one of the best poetry books of 2010. Ecco

World English: HarperCollins US

Publication: April 2012                                                             (CBR)
Estimated length: 96 pages
Manuscript available

McCleary, Kathleen
From the critically acclaimed author of HOUSE AND HOME comes a beautiful and heart-warming novel about
family, friendship and one woman’s drastic measure to keep her family safe. When Susannah Delaney decides her
over-scheduled East Coast kids have had enough and takes them to the rustic San Juan Islands to live for a year,
she has no idea whether the experience will help them or drive them further apart. They are trapped on a tiny island
with no internet, no friends, and a ramshackle house. It’s the perfect, simple life. But, as Susannah Delaney soon
discovers, a simpler life doesn’t mean that love and family are any simpler. William Morrow Trade Paperback.

UK rights: HarperCollins US; Translation rights: Ann Rittenberg Literary Agency

Publication: July 2012                                                              (JS)
Estimated length: 304 pages
Manuscript available: October 2011

McComas, Mary Kay
The first of a two-book deal, WHAT HAPPENED TO HANNAH is an emotional, family-driven novel about one
woman’s struggle to confront her past while holding on to the life she’s built. To save her life from an abusive
father, Hannah Benson fled her hometown as a teenager. She’s never looked back, not even to find out what
happened to the mother and sister she left behind. Twenty years later, the past comes calling when the town
sheriff, Grady Steadman--Hannah’s high school sweetheart, phones her with life-changing news: her mother and
sister have both died, and she’s the sole surviving relative of her 15-year-old niece. Hannah had become used to
the idea of going it alone, but she can’t shake her responsibility to her young niece. Returning home to bitter
memories and devastating secrets, Hannah has to find a way to take on this new challenge without ruining lives—
or risking her own sanity. And when her painful memories of this small town become mingled with the new, happier
memories she’s creating with her niece—and the rekindled feelings she has for Grady—Hannah finds out once and
for all if she’s strong enough to save her own life one more time. A story about families, love, hate, loss and
redemption. WHAT HAPPENED TO HANNAH is an emotional read with characters so real, so three-dimensional,
you’ll think you’ve known them forever. William Morrow Trade Paperback

UK rights: HarperCollins US; Translation rights: Denise Marcil (

Publication: February 2012                                                          (JS)
Estimated length: 320 pages
Manuscript available

McGrath, Campbell
From the MacArthur “Genius” Grant and Kingsley Tufts Award winner Campbell McGrath, an electric new collection
of poetry in the tradition of Whitman, which asks us to love what lasts amid the detritus of American pop culture.
McGrath returns to the landscapes and forms that he does best: long, shapely poems beautifully lineated, which
balance an ironic romanticism with a deeply felt sense of the merciless work of time. In poems such as “Shopping
for Pomegranates at Wal-Mart on New Year’s Day” McGrath teases out the tension between the banality of the
everyday and the cosmic-comical mystery lurking at its edges. Campbell McGrath’s previous collections inlcude

Publication: February 2012                                                         (CBR)
Estimated length: 128 pages
Galley available

Noble, Shelley
While Margaux Sullivan was presenting her highly praised M Atelier collection at New York City’s Fashion Week,
her husband of thirteen years cleaned out their bank account and disappeared. A week later the bank foreclosed
on her apartment and business. Suddenly broke, betrayed, and humiliated, Margaux returns to her hometown, the
small, coastal town of Crescent Cove, CT. Margaux just wants to be left alone, but friends and family have different
plans. Encouraged by her widowed mother and challenged by her childhood friends, Margaux begins to design a
new line of clothes, gradually regaining her place in the world of fashion. Meanwhile, Nick Prescott left his job as a
college professor to return home to care for his nephew Connor, taking the role of interim police chief in Crescent
Cove while he tries to sort out Connor’s troubles after the loss of Nick’s brother in Iraq. Just when he is finally
settling in to his new role in the town he never thought he would come back to, he stops Margaux for speeding.
Nick recognizes her immediately; she was the beautiful girl who summered at the beach and never noticed the
“townie” boy. But he’s no longer a boy, and he’s no longer content to love her from afar. A chance to return to New
York as a top designer threatens Margaux’s new-found happiness, and Margaux must make the most important
decision of her life. Similar to Jane Green’s The Beach House or Kristin Hannah’s The Things We Do for Love,
Shelley Noble’s debut novel is a story about broken dreams, new beginnings, and the power of love to transform
what we might have been into what we can become. William Morrow Trade Paperback

Publication: July 2012                                                             (JS)
Estimated length: 320 pages
Manuscript available: October 2011

O’Reilly, Sean
Soon to be a major motion picture (Fall 2012) directed by Tony Bancroft, the mastermind behind The Lion King,
PIXIES is a luscious graphic novel—the story of lonely Joe Beck, a walking accident looking for love, and the
meddling pixies controlling his life. Joe Beck is plagued with bad luck. His alarms never go off in the morning. His
bathroom drain is always clogged, his toothbrush always breaks, and he frequently slips in the shower. On a
regular day, Joe trips, walks into walls, and breaks things he touches. He’s a buffoon at the family business and his
social life is non-existent. So what did Joe do to deserve this bad luck? The answer lies with a tribe of pixies,
sprightly, mischievous creatures, responsible for the unfortunate events that define his every day. This beautifully
illustrated graphic novel chronicles Joe’s attempt to live a normal life, to win the heart of the woman he loves, to
find out the source of the pixies’ aggression and compose himself to overtake it. Sean O’Reilly is the founder and
C.E.O. of Arcana Studio, Canada’s largest comic book company. He is the author of THE CLOCKWORK GIRL,
and the creator of a number of highly successful comics including KADE and EZRA, whose characters have been
used in more than 250,000 comics and books, and published in eleven countries. Sean lead Arcana to win the Joe
Shuster Award for Outstanding Publisher, and to be nominated for a Harvey Award in its first year, a feat unheard
of in the quarter century tenure of the award. Harper Design

Publication: July 2012                                                             (CBR)
Estimated length: 136 pages; four-color throughout
Sample material available: January 2012

Oates, Joyce Carol
From the inimitable Joyce Carol Oates comes a riveting new psychological thriller. Like Daphne DuMaurier’s
classic REBECCA or Henry James’s THE TURN OF THE SCREW, MUDWOMAN is a chilling page turner that
hinges on the power of the imagination and the blurry lines between the real and the invented. It features two
fascinating characters: M.R. Neukirchen-lauded academic, university president—leads a life of quiet power and is
the public face of an Ivy-league institution. Fiercely intelligent, she still husbands the values of her Quaker
upbringing in upstate New York: compassion, modesty, and hard work. Yet the constraints of her career have kept
her far from the failing town in which she grew up, and from the adoptive parents who raised her. Mudgirl is a child
abandoned to die in the silty flats of the Great Snake River. Left to drown by her own mother—criminally unhinged
and religiously-obsessed—she survives through an accident of fate, but after her rescue, she slowly forgets her
own origins, her past is erased, and her future is uncertain. An unexpected trip upstate will bring M.R. into
unforgettable contact with Mudgirl, and the lives both have left behind. A chilling exploration of the enduring claims
of the past, MUDWOMAN is at once a ghost-story and an uncanny portrait of a nervous breakdown, the real and
the imagined, and the repressed and the desired. Joyce Carol Oates is a recipient of the National Medal of
Humanities, the National Book Critics Circle Ivan Sandrof Lifetime Achievement Award, the National Book Award
and the PEN/Malamud Award for Excellence in Short Fiction, and has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. She
has written some of the most enduring fiction of our time, including the national bestsellers We Were the
Mulvaneys, Blonde, which was nominated for the National Book Award, and the New York Times bestseller The
Falls, which won the 2005 Prix Femina. She is the Roger S. Berlind Distinguished Professor of the Humanities at
Princeton University and has been a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters since 1978. In 2003
she received the Common Wealth Award for Distinguished Service in Literature, and in 2006 she received the
Chicago Tribune Lifetime Achievement Award. Ecco

Rights sold: UK/Fourth Estate; French/Editions Philippe Rey; Portuguese/Sextante (part of Grupo Porto)

A WIDOW’S STORY sold: UK/Fourth Estate; French/Editions Philippe Rey; German/Fischer; Italian/Bompiani;
Norwegian/Pax: Polish/Rebis; Portuguese in Brazil/Objetiva; Spanish/Alfaguara; Swedish/Bonniers; Turkish/Kirmizi
Kedi Yayinlari

LITTLE BIRD OF HEAVEN sold: UK/Fourth Estate; Danish/Verve Books; French/Editions Philippe Rey;
Greek/Kastaniotis Editions; Italian/Mondadori; Korean/Sapiens 21; Polish/Rebis; Portuguese in Brazil/Alfaguara;
Spanish/Alfaguara; Swedish/Bonniers

Publication: March 2012                                                            (JS)
Estimated length: 484 pages
ARE available

Pierce, Gabriella
*THE LOST SOUL: A 666 Park Avenue Novel
Gossip Girl meets The Vampire Diaries in this third installment in Gabriella Pierce’s richly gothic contemporary
series about the darkness lurking behind the gilded halls of New York high society, and the elite Upper East Side
witches who rule Park Avenue. Jane Boyle has long since known that her mother-in-law is a witch, but she’d never
imagined Lynne Doran was actually the embodiment of a powerful, ancient, body-snatching evil. Jane and her
friends have uncovered Lynne and 666 Park Avenue’s dark truth, and must race to find a way to destroy the
ancient witch before she finds her next unwilling host. William Morrow Trade Paperback

UK rights: HarperCollins US; Translation: Alloy Entertainment

Publication: September 2012                                                        (CB)
Estimated length: 312 pages
Manuscript available: January 2012

Phillips, Susan Elizabeth
New York Times bestselling and award-winning author Susan Elizabeth Phillips delivers a brand new, hilarious
romance and sequel to CALL ME IRRESISTIBLE. Lucy Jorik is the daughter of the former President of the United
States. She’s been on the run ever since the day of her wedding—the wedding she didn’t go through with to the

fiancé who eventually married her best friend. Lucy accepts a ride from an incredibly handsome, mysterious
stranger on a motorcycle, and begins a new phase of life that she never expected. William Morrow

UK rights: HarperCollins US; Translation: The Axelrod Agency

Publication: July 2012                                                               (CB)
Estimated length: 384 pages
Manuscript available: November 2012

Preston, Caroline
“. . . a ripping yarn of emancipated girlish adventure.” —Audrey Niffenberger
“. . . a literary bottle rocket—loaded with whimsy, pizzazz and heart.” —Adriana Trigiani
"Is it possible that I have just read/experienced/devoured the most delightful book ever published?” —Elinor Lipman
From the author of the New York Times Notable Book, JACKIE BY JOSIE, comes a spirited and visually stunning
graphic novel, inspired by the art of scrapbooking and told through a kaleidoscopic array of vintage postcards,
letters, magazine ads, ticket stubs, catalog pages, fabric swatches, candy wrappers, fashion spreads, menus and
more, starring an unforgettable heroine and set in the burgeoning bohemian culture of the 1920s. At 17, Frankie
Pratt, the daughter of a working-class widow in New England, dreamed of going to Vassar and becoming a
writer. But without money for tuition, she had all but resigned herself to following in her mother’s footsteps and
becoming nurse. When a mysterious Captain James sweeps her off her feet, her mother manages to send Frankie
away to Vassar to protect her from the less-than-noble intentions of her unsuitable beau. There, in the completely
foreign culture of high society and academia, Frankie makes friends with the daughters of America’s wealthiest and
best-known families and crosses paths with intellectuals and writers, among them, “Vincent,” (Vassar alumni Edna
St. Vincent Millay), who encourages Frankie to move to Greenwich Village and pursue her writing, then to travel
aboard the Mauritania to Paris, where she takes a garret apartment above Shakespeare & Company, the hub of
expat life, only to have a certain mysterious captain from her past reappear. Pulling from her own extraordinary
collection of vintage ephemera, Caroline Preston’s unique novel is perhaps the first of its kind, as well as the first in
a series for Ecco, the second of which will follow a 1950s bride during the first year of her marriage. Caroline
Preston is the author of three previous novels, JACKIE BY JOSIE, LUCY CROCKER 2.0, and GATSBY’S
GIRL. She is an expert on the history of the scrapbook and the valentine in America, and has worked in archival
and curatorial positions at notable museums, libraries and historical societies. Ecco

Rights sold: French/Laffont

Publication: November 2011                                                           (CBR)
Estimated length: 240 pages; 4/c throughout; 6 x 9
Sample material available

Ream, Ashley
With echoes of Elizabeth Berg and Lolly Winston’s Good Grief comes a remarkable debut—LOSING
CLEMENTINE by Ashley Ream. Clementine Pritchard is a hell of a success. A world-renowned artist with a tongue
like Dorothy Parker, she has money, lovers, and even an ex-husband who can’t let her go. And she has decided to
kill herself in 30 days. At once hilarious and tragic, the chapters countdown from 30 while Clementine attempts to
find the father who abandoned her, come to terms with a family tragedy, and explore the aching facts surrounding
her decision. The truth at its core leads to an unexpected and stunning outcome. Ashley Ream is currently
President of the Board of Directors for Sisters in Crime/LA (the largest chapter in the U.S.) and co-chair of the
California Crime Writers Conference. This is her first novel. William Morrow Trade Paperback

UK rights: HarperCollins US; Translation: Barbara Poelle at Irene Goodman

Publication: March 2012                                                              (JS)
Estimated length: 304 pages
Manuscript available

Santo, Courtney Miller
In the tradition of the best commercial fiction, ROOTS OF THE OLIVE TREE explores topics close to women’s
hearts. Courtney’s contemporary voice and engaging storytelling will appeal to readers of THE SECRET LIFE OF
BEES and Kristin Hannah alike, and marks the arrival of a wonderful new commercial talent. At the novel's center
are five generations of firstborn Keller women who live in the same house on an olive grove in secluded northern
California. Matriarch Anna is 112 and trying to be the oldest woman in the world—and succeeding heartily. Her
daughter Bets, granddaughter Callie, great-granddaughter Deb, and great-great granddaughter Erin are also
defying longevity norms. When a geneticist comes to study the women at the same time Erin announces she is
pregnant with a firstborn boy, the Keller women's world is blown wide open. Told in the third person perspective of
each of the women, the mystery of their existence is revealed in rich, compassionate prose. Translation rights
have been sold to Mondadori in Italy, in a pre-empt, to Heyne in Germany, after a heated auction, to de
Boekerij in Holland, and to Ediciones B in Spain. William Morrow

UK rights: HarperCollins US; Translation: Stephanie Koven at Janklow & Nesbit Associates

Publication: June 2013                                                             (JS)
Estimated length: 384 pages
Unedited Manuscript available

Saul, Jamie
Critical acclaim for LIGHT OF DAY:
“An intellectual thriller laced with subtle clues throughout its gracious prose.” —Chicago Tribune Books
“An exhilarating emotional roller-coaster ride. There’s some powerful writing at work here, the rare kind able to pull
you smack-dab into somebody else’s damaged psyche. . . . Light of Day is one of those debut novels that delivers
the goods with style and compassion.” —Washington Post Book World
“An emotional novel about a man whose future has been altered by an unthinkable tragedy.” —Denver Post
From the author of the critically acclaimed LIGHT OF DAY, comes a compelling new novel that explores the
complex, intricate relationships between siblings; the loss for the passions of life, and how those passions can be
rekindled; and that true love can be discovered in the most unexpected places. When Geoffrey Tremont is asked to
be the executor to the estate of Laura Wells, a college friend with whom he has not spoken for more than twenty
years, he obliges even though Laura leaves no explanation for her request. But as he begins to sort through the
remaining lose ends of his friend’s life in Shady Grove, NY, and encounters the people who were most influential in
her life—particularly her best friend, Marian—he finds that he is learning more about himself than anyone else.
William Morrow

LIGHT OF DAY sold: French/Calmann Levy; Polish/Muza; Portuguese in Brazil/Bertrand; Turkish/Salyangoz

Publication: May 2012                                                              (JS)
Estimated length: 304 pages
Manuscript available

Sheehan, Jacqueline
“Dog lovers will adore Sheehan.” —Publishers Weekly
The stunning sequel to the runaway bestseller LOST & FOUND is perfect for fans of smart women’s fiction with lots
of heart. We return to the secluded Peek’s Island off the cost of Maine and follow the lives of Rocky, Tess, Melissa,
Hill, and Lloyd the (not so little) dog, of course! LOST & FOUND sold over 350,000 copies, and this long-awaited
sequel will delight fans and win new readers. William Morrow Paperback

UK rights: HarperCollins US; Translation: The Jenny Bent Agency

LOST & FOUND sold in the UK/Ebury

Publication: April 2012                                                            (CB)
Estimated length: 304 pages

Manuscript available: November 2011

Silva, Daniel
From the #1 New York Times bestselling author Daniel Silva, comes another thriller of ‘hypnotic prose, well-drawn
characters and nonstop action’ (People magazine) in an adventure that takes his enigmatic hero Gabriel Allon to
Rome. Universal Studios has acquired screen rights to the series of bestselling books featuring Gabriel
Allon. Silva is one of the undisputed masters of the modern espionage novel, “a world class practitioner of spy
fiction” (Washington Post) who has brought “new life to the international thriller” (Newsday). With this new novel
Silva again explores topical, timely issues through the entertaining medium of a heart-stopping thriller, with a plot
marked by twists and turns, carefully researched, authentic logistics, and expertly-drawn, unforgettable characters.

PORTRAIT OF A SPY sold in Denmark/Cicero; Portugal/Bertrand; Slovakia/Slovensky Spisovatel; UK/HC-UK

Publication: July 2012                                                             (CB)
Estimated length: 432 pages
Manuscript available: May 2012

Silva, Daniel
The #1 New York Times bestselling author comes to Harper with his most spellbinding novel yet featuring his
enigmatic hero, Gabriel Allon, master art restorer, former Mossad agent, and assassin. Universal Studios has
acquired screen rights to the series of bestselling books featuring Gabriel Allon. Silva has established
himself as a “world-class practitioner of spy fiction” (Washington Post), and Gabriel Allon has been described as
the most compelling creation since “Ian Fleming put down his martini and invented James Bond” (The Rocky
Mountain News). Gabriel appreciates all that is beautiful, but he is also an angel of vengeance who will stop at
nothing to see justice done. For Gabriel and his beautiful Venetian-born wife, Chiara, it was supposed to be the
start of a pleasant weekend in London—a visit to an art gallery to authenticate a newly discovered painting by
Titian, followed by a quiet lunch along the Strand. But a pair of deadly bombs in Paris and Hamburg changes
everything. In London, Gabriel notices a man whom he believes is about to carry out a third attack. When he
follows the man into the crowded Covent Garden market, he is knocked down by two London undercover police
officers and a moment later the worst happens—bodies and blood everywhere. Gabriel returns to his isolated
cottage on the Cornish coast, believing his role in this affair is over. But he is soon drawn back into an operation
against an evil network. At the center is an American-born cleric from Yemen to whom Allah has granted “a
beautiful and seductive tongue.” A gifted deceiver, the cleric once worked as a paid CIA asset and is now plotting
to succeed Osama Bin Laden. The cleric is not an ally of al-Qaeda but a rival. Gabriel agrees to mount an
operation against the network, using any and all means necessary to protect innocent lives. The stakes could not
be higher. Set against the disparate worlds of art and intelligence, PORTRAIT OF A SPY moves swiftly from the
corridors of power in Washington, to the glamorous auction houses of New York and London, to the glittering
streets of Paris and the unforgiving landscape of the Saudi desert. It features one of the most memorable cast of
characters in contemporary fiction, and a climax that will leave readers haunted long after they turn the final
page. Silva is the author of thirteen bestsellers, and his books have been translated into more than thirty
languages worldwide. Harper

Rights sold: Denmark/Cicero; Portugal/Bertrand; Slovakia/Slovensky Spisovatel; UK/HarperCollins UK

Publication: July 2011                                                             (CB)
Estimated length: 432 pages
Book available

Silva’s Foreign Publishers:
Portuguese (Brazil)/Editora Manole; Bulgarian/Hermes; Chinese/Bertelsmann Asia; Croatian/Znanja;
Czech/Domino; Danish/Cicero; Estonian/Eram Books; Finnish/Otava; French/L'Archipel; German/Piper;
Greek/Harlenic Hellas; Dutch/De Vliegende Hollander (Note: bought 2 books in '09; Meulenhoff published prior 3
books); Hungarian/Ulpius Haz; Hebrew/Miskal; Italian/Neri Pozza; Japanese/Hakuro Sha; Korean/Woongjin Think
Big; Macedonian/Matica Makedonska; Norwegian/N.W. Damm; Polish/Muza; Portuguese(Portugal)/Bertand;

Romanian/Pollrom; Russian/AST; Serbian/Laguna; Slovakian/Slovensky Spisovatel; Spanish/Planeta;
Catalan/Ediciones Columna; Thai/Nanmeebooks; Turkish/Artemis; Vietnamese/Vietnam Culture

St. John, David
An exciting new collection by National Book Award Finalist David St. John, a poet of wild imagination and
formidable accomplishment, his most provocative, adventurous, and stylistically eclectic work to date. Composed
as a triptych of three distinct movements, THE AURORAS opens with a sequence of sensually charged poems,
urgent, subversive, crackling with desire. In the center section, he returns to the California landscapes of his youth.
Quiet and measured, these poems are often psychologically troubling. The final section is constructed as an album
of philosophical and aesthetic meditations, all haunted by the force of an emerging sense of mortality. The beauty,
music, and artistry of David St. John’s poetry have been long admired. THE AURORAS reveals the extent and
breadth of this masterful poetic achievement. Harper

Publication: March 2012                                                             (CB)
Estimated length: 96 pages
Manuscript available

Tate, James
THE ETERNAL ONES OF THE DREAM: Selected Poems 1990 – 2010
Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winner James Tate’s sixteenth book of poetry is a selection representative
of 20 years of work. Tate’s poems are evocative, provocative, funny, eccentric, occasionally disturbing, and wildly
outrageous. His surrealist style strikes its own utterly new and original note, transforming our everyday world into
what Publishers Weekly has called “sublime burlesque,” a world where women give birth to wolves, wild babies are
found in gardens, and Saint Nick visits on a hot July day. James Tate is the author of sixteen books of poetry,
including WORSHIPFUL COMPANY OF FLETCHERS, which won the National Book Award in 1994; SELECTED
POEMS, which won the Pulitzer Prize and the William Carlos Williams Award in 1991; and THE LOST PILOT,
which was selected by Dudley Fitts for the Yale Series of Younger Poets. He has also published a novel, LUCKY
DARRYL, a collection of short stories, HOTTENTOT OSSUARY, and edited THE BEST AMERICAN POETRY
1997. His honors include a National Institute of Arts and Letters Award for Poetry, the Tanning Prize, and
fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts. Ecco paperback original

Publication: April 2012                                                             (CBR)
Estimated length: 272 pages
Manuscript available

Todd, Charles
THE CONFESSION: An Inspector Ian Rutledge Mystery
New York Times bestselling author Charles Todd brings back Scotland Yard’s best detective, Ian Rutledge, to
solve a dangerous case that reaches far into the past. Lee Child has called the Rutledge series “a masterpiece of
imagination” and “an amazing piece of technical virtuosity.” A man confesses to a crime he didn’t commit. The
name he gives to Scotland Yard is not his own, it’s another man’s. When he is found floating in the Thames, a
murder victim himself, and is finally identified, Scotland Yard Inspector Ian Rutledge must rethink all that he
believed he knew about the case, and suddenly finds himself with three murders on his hands. There is no
apparent motive for any of them, only a very tenuous connection with a village that will do anything to protect itself
from notoriety. For notoriety brings the curious, and with the curious comes change and an unwelcome spotlight on
one act of evil that even two centuries later will damn them all. Charles Todd is the New York Times bestselling
author of thirteen Ian Rutledge mysteries, three Bess Crawford mysteries, and one stand-alone novel. A mother
and son writing team, they live in Delaware and North Carolina. William Morrow

Publication: January 2012                                                           (JS)
Estimated length: 352 pages
Manuscript available

Umrigar, Thrity
From the bestselling and critically-acclaimed author of THE SPACE BETWEEN US and THE WEIGHT OF
HEAVEN comes a stunning new novel about the power of friendship. Armaiti has been living a comfortable life in
the United States for over twenty years, a far cry from her days as a revolutionary university student in India. When
she learns that she is terminally ill with only a few months to live, it is her last wish to be reunited with the three best
friends she left behind in Bombay—Laleh, Kavita, and Nishta. But Armaiti’s request forces the women to confront
secrets they’ve long kept buried, and they’ll need to rely on each other once again to make things right. For twenty
years they have been burdened by secrets they’ve chosen to carry on their own, but through their reunion, each
woman is able to find the strength to face the past and finally let it go. Thrity Umrigar offers readers a potent,
moving meditation on friendship and the power of love to set us free. She is the author of four novels and the
memoir FIRST DARLING OF THE MORNING. A journalist for almost twenty years, she is the winner of the Nieman
Fellowship to Harvard and 2006 finalist for the PEN/Beyond Margins Award. She is currently an associate
professor of English at Case Western Reserve University. Harper

Rights sold: Portuguese in Brazil/Nova Fronteira

THE WEIGHT OF HEAVEN sold: Arabic/Dar Al Kitab Al Arabi; French/Archipel; Italian/Neri Pozza; Portuguese in
Brazil/Nova Fronteira; Turkish/Senocak Yayincilik

Publication: January 2012
Estimated length: 320 pages                                                           (JS)
ARE available

Walter, Jess
Jess Walter, bestselling author of THE FINANCIAL LIVES OF THE POETS, delivers his funniest, most romantic,
and most purely enjoyable novel yet. This is the story of an almost-love affair that begins on the Italian coast in
1962…and resurfaces fifty years later in contemporary Hollywood. As rumors begin to trickle out about chaos on
the set of the multimillion-dollar epic Cleopatra, a blonde American starlet—beautiful, mysterious, said to be
dying—appears at the Hotel Adequate View, a failing hotel on the Italian coast. A short time later, a fast-talking
young publicist shows up—and, with him, the roguish Richard Burton, rapacious with drink. Pasquale Tursi, the
young proprietor of the hotel, has no idea what to make of the publicist or of Burton. He only knows that he has
fallen—hopelessly, haplessly—in love with the starlet. Fifty years later, the story begins again on a studio lot in
Hollywood—when an elderly man shows up at the office of the publicist, now a legendary producer, asking after the
mysterious starlet who came to his hotel fifty years earlier. What unfolds is a dazzling rollercoaster of a novel, full
of Walter’s trademark unforgettable characters. Gloriously inventive, constantly surprising, THE BEAUTFIUL
RUINS is pure Jess Walter—a novel full of flawed yet utterly relatable people, all of them reaching toward some
impossible goal. Harper

THE FINANCIAL LIVES OF THE POETS sold in France/10/18; Germany/Heyne; Italy/Ugo Guanda; Korea/Bada;
Poland/Sonja Draga; Spain/Urano; UK/Viking

Publication: July 2012                                                                 (CB)
Estimated length: 412 pages
Manuscript available: December 2011

Weisman, John
*KBL: Kill Bin Laden
“Weisman is perhaps wired more tightly into the reclusive special operations community than any other writer, and
his knowledge of weaponry and field techniques is staggering.” —Washington Times
The acclaimed military thriller writer and coauthor of the bestselling Rogue Warrior series goes beyond the news in
this pulse-pounding novelization of the breathtaking hunt for Osama Bin Laden. Weisman takes readers into the
heads and boots of the heroes who hunted and killed Osama Bin Laden, the men and women who sent them, and
the anonymous intelligence operatives who made it all possible. Moving from the political battlefields of
Washington, D.C. and CIA Headquarters to the dusty streets of Peshawar, Lahore, and Abbottabad Pakistan, KBL:
KILL BIN LADEN is a riveting account of the drama and decisions that ultimately led SEAL Team 6 to the
anonymous Abbottabad compound where Bin Laden met his fate. Weisman takes us inside the hearts and minds

of the Navy SEALs who can never admit what unit they work for; the CIA paramilitary operators who must work
under the enemy’s nose without a net—who put themselves in harm’s way and know that their existence will be
denied if they are killed or captured. A thrill-a-minute story of intrigue, suspense, and the new face of warfare.
Seven-time New York Times bestselling author John Weisman is the coauthor of the #1 New York Times
bestselling Rogue Warrior series. He has long-term, deep connections to the worlds of intelligence and special
operations. In the spring of 2005, he was invited by the German Government to lecture on the state of the U.S.
Intelligence Community. William Morrow

Publication: November 2011                                                         (JS)
Estimated length: 288 pages, with maps and illustrations
Manuscript available: October 2011

Weller, Sam and Mort, Castle
*LIVE FOREVER! An Anthology in Honor of Ray Bradbury
Ray Bradbury is a storyteller without peer, a poet of the possible, and, indisputably, one of America’s most beloved
authors. Editors Sam Weller and Mort Castle have collected twenty-seven original short stories written by the most
celebrated authors today to honor Ray Bradbury and his contribution to the literary canon. Each contributor was
inspired by the legendary work of Ray Bradbury, including Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman, Joe Hill, Dave
Eggers, Harlan Ellison, Alice Hoffman, Kelly Link, Dean Koontz, Robert McCammon, Audrey Niffenegger,
and many others. Sam Weller is Ray Bradbury’s authorized biographer, and author of THE BRADBURY
CHRONICLES. Mort Castle teaches writing and is a published short story author. Harper Perennial

UK rights: HarperCollins US; Translation: Judith Ehrlich Literary Management

Publication: July 2012                                                             (CB)
Estimated length: 368 pages
Manuscript available: January 2012

White, Kate
SO PRETTY IT HURTS: A Bailey Weggins Mystery
Five years ago, when Kate White published her first Bailey Weggins novel, IF LOOKS COULD KILL, it became an
instant New York Times bestseller. Entertainment Weekly called it “Sex and the City meets Dirt.” Now White,
Cosmopolitan’s editor-in-chief, delivers the long-awaited, new Bailey Weggins mystery in which the sassy detective
continues tracking celebrity crime in order to solve the mysterious death of a model. True crime journalist Bailey
Weggins is in a rut, and with her boyfriend out of town she decides to attend a swanky party at a big country estate
where famous model Devon Barr will be among the guests. The party soon turns into something resembling a
hostage situation. There is tension between all the guests, coyotes howling in the woods, and snow piling outside.
When Devon’s lifeless body is found in her bed in the early morning, Bailey is the first to suspect foul play, and
when evidence goes missing from the crime scene, Bailey finds herself a moving target—running closer to the truth
and farther from safety. Harper

UK rights: HarperCollins US; Translation: Sandy Dijkstra Literary

Publication: February 2012                                                         (CB)
Estimated length: 384 pages
Manuscript available: October 2011

Wilson, Adam
“OMFG, I nearly up and died from laughter when I read FLATSCREEN. This is the novel that every young turk will
be reading on their way to a job they hate and are in fact too smart for.” —Gary Shteyngart, author of SUPER SAD
“Adam Wilson is a gutsy, funny and often beautiful writer, and FLATSCREEN is one of the most hilarious and
commanding debuts I’ve read in a long time. —Sam Lipsyte, author of HOME LAND
Debut author Adam Wilson’s FLATSCREEN is a funny, voice-driven, coming-of-age story about a young man trying
to become a new person in a world where nothing is new. Having lost his childhood home and his generous
stipend, Eli, FLATSCREEN’S young hero, must find a way to grow up, if he doesn’t accidentally kill himself first.
With the help of a hilarious and unlikely cast of friends—a lovelorn brother, an unsympathetic medic, and a

sadomasochistic drug-addled cripple—Eli searches for a redemption he can call his own. A graduate of the
Columbia University MFA Writing Program, Adam Wilson is the Deputy Editor of The Faster Times, an international
online newspaper. Harper Perennial

UK rights: HarperCollins US; Translation: Dunow, Carlson & Lerner

Publication: March 2012                                                        (CB)
Estimated length: 352 pages
Manuscript available

Wolf, Dick
From the creator and executive producer of the longest running scripted show in television history—Law & Order—
comes a suspense novel in the tradition of The Day of the Jackal and Three Days of the Condor. Dick Wolf's first
novel (we have signed him for 2 books) revolves around a terrorist attack planned for a crowded July 4th holiday
weekend in New York City, engaging the Joint Terrorism Task Force and a NYPD Detective who is the city's last
hope to stop the attack. William Morrow

UK rights: HarperCollins; Translation: Richard Abate at 3 Arts Entertainment

Publication: September 2012                                                    (JS)
Estimated length: 350 pages
Manuscript available: January 2012


Brown, Jenny
LORD LIGHTNING (October 2010)
In the third installment of Jenny Brown’s dark and sensual historical romance series where each hero is a different
sign of the zodiac, we meet Lord Ramsay, a passionate Pisces. Lord Ramsay thirsts for revenge against the
shallow courtesan who sent his beloved sister to her death during the Reign of Terror. There is something he
wants even more: the mystical powers wielded by his mentor, a mysterious Scottish Laird who sent him on a long
pilgrimage to atone for his failure to protect his sister. After years of exile, his teacher calls Lord Ramsay to a
remote Scottish Isle promising to fulfill both his desires at last—but only if Adam brings him the courtesan’s virgin
daughter, Zoe. He claims Zoe brutally, but soon realizes she is nothing like her devious mother. Avon

LORD LIGHTNING sold in Russia/AST; Turkey/Kirpi Yayinlari

Category: Regency Romance                                                          (CB)
Estimated length: 384 pages
Manuscript available

Carlyle, Liz
Passion and secrets simmer behind the elegant façade of Victorian London in New York Times bestselling author
Liz Carlyle’s deliciously intriguing novel featuring the dangerous men of the mysterious St. James Club. Anais de
Rohan poses as the new bride to one of the St. James Society’s most magnetic and ruthless leaders, Lord Bessett,
to prove herself worthy of joining this secret all-male society. She daringly agrees to travel with the nobleman on a
dangerous mission, and she quickly realizes that the intimacy of sharing Lord Bessett’s bedroom is proving a
temptation impossible to resist. Bessett himself might be a soldier sworn to the Society, but he isn’t anyone’s saint.

ONE TOUCH OF SCANDAL sold: Japanese/Hayakawa; Russia/AST; UK (large print)/AudioGo

Category: Victorian Romance                                                        (CB)
Estimated length: 384 pages
Manuscript available

Cooper, Karina
*ALL THINGS WICKED (February 2012)
In this richly drawn and atmospheric debut paranormal romance series sworn enemies must join forces as they
race toward a goal that may mean death for one of them, set in an alternate Earth forever changed by mass
catastrophes. In ALL THINGS WICKED we meet Caleb Leigh, suspected murderer and one of the most powerful
magicians on the planet, who seeks redemption from the one woman he’s ever loved. Juliette Carpenter seeks
revenge when a massacre from the darker side of the witching world claims her sister’s life. Aware of the true
nature of those around her, especially Caleb Leigh, she’s left on the run with a man she hates. Caleb can’t reveal
the truth about her sister’s death, and with both the Coven and the Mission hard on their heels, he must get Juliet
to trust him long enough to save their lives. Avon

Category: Paranormal Romance                                                       (CB)
Estimated length: 384 pages
Manuscript available: October 2011

Frost, Jeaniene
#1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jeaniene Frost delivers the latest installment in the
enormously popular Night Huntress series, in which Cat grapples with her temporary ability to commune with the
dead and takes on a phantom murder. With the crisis of an (under)World War recently averted, Cat is feeling a
little relief as her life with Bones goes back to “normal.” But soon enough a new operations consultant is assigned
to her old team, and he sets off warning bells as she discovers he has a prejudice against the undead. A phantom
warns her that an angry spirit, an infamous historical witch-hunter, has the ability to become solid each Halloween
night and burn three innocent women. As Cat waits for him to take form, she wonders how she can kill someone
who is already dead. Avon

Rights sold: German/Blanvalet

HALFWAY TO THE GRAVE sold: Brazil/Nova Seculo; Bulgarian/IBIS; Chinese (complex)/King-In; Czech/Fantom
Press; French/Bragelonne; German/Blanvalet; Hungarian/Ulpius-Haz; Indonesian/Pustaka Zahra; Italian/Fanucci;
Norwegian/Schibsted; Polish/Mag Josek Rodek; Russian/Azbooka; Spanish/Ed. B; Thai/Nokhook; Turkish/Artemis;

Category: Paranormal Romance                                                     (CB)
Publication: September 2011
Estimated length: 384 pages
Book available

Frost, Jeaniene
*ONCE BURNED: A Night Prince Novel
New York Times bestselling author Jeaniene Frost launches a brand new series featuring a beloved character
from her Cat & Bones books, in which the Night Prince, Vlad Tespesh, takes on evil with the help of a beautiful
mortal with terrifying powers of her own. Unmatched in his pyrokinetic and mindreading abilities, Vlad has
protected his line and his realm since long before he was turned into a vampire. Ever since the only woman he
loved perished, he focuses his energy on crushing those who threaten his people….until he encounters a beautiful
mortal with power to match his own. Leila was struck by lightning, and emerged with a power she doesn’t
understand. With a single touch she can channel electricity and learn a person’s darkest secrets. She refuses to
use her abilities until she discovers a plan for murder. Captured by rogue vampires who want to use her against
Vlad, Leila knows he is the only one who can save her. Avon

Category: Paranormal Romance
Publication: April 2012                                                          (CB)
Estimated length: 384 pages
Manuscript available

Grace, Sable
ASCENSION: A Dark Breed Novel (May 2011)
BEDEVILED: A Dark Breed Novel (January 2012)
Fans of Jeaniene Frost will love this exciting new dark paranormal series in which the Dark Breeds (Vampyre,
demons, shape-shifters) war with mortals, and one woman stands between them in a fight for survival. The darkest
god ever to exist has found a way to rise from the dead, and he’s using Kyana Aslan’s best friend, Haven, to do it.
Kyana must stop him before he can destroy Haven and this world, but the powers she relies on are fading and she
doesn’t have a lot of time to learn the new ones that come with being the enw Goddess of the Hunt. Ryker, a
demigod who’s become the new Zeus, joins her in hunting her best friend, and her feelings towards him suddenly
change. As Haven gathers the conduits of the gods to create her resurrection spell, the list of crimes against her
mounts. Kyana is forced to choose between her friend’s salvation and the survivial of mankind. Avon

Category: Paranormal Romance                                                     (CB)
Estimated length: 384 pages
Manuscript available

Guhrke, Laura Lee
Abandoned at the Altar series
SCANDAL OF THE YEAR (January 2011)
From New York Times bestselling author Laura Lee Guhrke, a delicious series featuring three sexy dukes and the
ladies who capture their hearts. In the final installment, TROUBLE AT THE WEDDING, Annabel Wheaton, one of
society’s wealthiest heiresses is shunned by the society of Old Money. She decides to wed the Earl of Rumsford,
bringing the respect of a title into the family. When Christian Du Quesne, Duke of Scarborough meets the fiery
beautiful Annabel, he sees the life of pain that awaits her because he knows the ton will never accept her. After a
long night of drinking, and overcome by the grief of losing his wife, Christian decides to halt Annabel’s dream
wedding. Annabel tells the disconcertingly handsome nobleman he’s ruined her life, and she won’t let him rest until
he helps her land her earl. Avon

Option publishers: French/J’ai Lu; Dutch/DeVrijbuiter; Italian/Mondadori; Japanese/Ta-Ke Shobo; Russian/AST;

Category: Regency Romance                                                          (CB)
Estimated length: 384 pages
Manuscript available

Heath, Lorraine
From New York Times bestselling author Lorraine Heath, a passionate new series about three dark and dangerous
men determined to reclaim their birthright. One is raised on the streets, one is hardened by a life at sea, and one is
toughened by regimental service…but each will discover that nothing they endured prepared them to be brought to
their knees by love. They are the Lost Lords of Pembrook. Upon his father’s sudden death, Sebastian Easton’s
uncle locks him and his two brothers away in order for the uncle to claim the family wealth. Each escapes, but they
do not return until they are old enough to reclaim what belongs to them. Hardened by years at sea, Sebastian
cannot forget the debt he owes to the girl who helped him and his brothers escape so long ago. When he learns
she is being forced to marry a wretched older man, he is determined to help her. When danger mounts from his
uncle, he has to choose between the title that has obsessed him and Mary, whose love has the power to set him
free. Avon

IN BED WITH THE DEVIL sold in Holland/DeVrijbuiter; Indonesia/Pustaka Zahra; Japan/Ohzora;
Norway/Schibsted; Spain/Planeta; Turkey/Pegasus Yayincilik

Category: Victorian Romance                                                        (CB)
Publication: February 2012
Estimated length: 384 pages
Manuscript available

Heath, Lorraine
New York Times bestselling author Lorraine Heath wraps up her series about London’s Greatest Lovers, the titled
and rakish sons of a scandalous Dowager Duchess and their tales of passion, pleasure and love with WAKING UP
WITH THE DUKE. The Duke of Ainsley, known for his talents in the bedchamber, is stunned when his long-time
friend, the Marquess of Walfort, asks him to get his wife with child. During a night of debauchery with Ainsley,
Wolfort was paralyzed in an accident and his wife, Jane, has never forgiven him for his role in the accident. Very
much wanting a child, she reluctantly agrees to spend one month with Ainsley under her own terms. As the days
and nights follow, she discovers a man with the ability to make her feel alive again and comes to realize a love far
greater than any she has ever known. Avon

Rights sold: Norwegian/Schibsted

PASSIONS OF A WICKED EARL sold in Holland/DeVrijbuiter; Indonesia/Pustaka Zahara; Norway/Schibsted

Category: Victorian Romance                                                       (CB)
Estimated length: 384 pages
Manuscript available

Laurens, Stephanie
New York Times bestselling and award-winning author Stephanie Laurens delivers a new stand-alone series about
three Cynster sisters who have been holding out for their heroes, but those heroes have yet to present themselves.
The eldest sister decides to actively search in places she hasn’t yet ventured. Her first excursion precipitates the
action that runs through all three books, culminating in a huge triple wedding. Set in the wilds of Scotland, these
promise to be three irresistible stories of romance played out against the dramatic and emotionally-rich background
of the Regency. Avon

Rights sold: Australian/HC-Australia; UK/Piatkus

THE UNTAMED BRIDE sold in ANZ/HC-ANZ; Czech/Baronet; Germany/Blanvalet; Indonesia/PT Gramedia;
Italy/Mondadori; Japan/Gentosha; Poland/BIS; Norway/Schibsted; Russia/AST; Thailand/Crystal Pub; UK/Piatkus

Category: Regency Romance                                                         (CB)
Estimated length: 384 pages
Book available for first two titles

Linden, Caroline
*ONE NIGHT IN LONDON (September 2011)
*BLAME IT ON BATH (March 2012)
*UNTITLED #3 (September 2012)
A breathtaking new historical romance series about three brothers on a quest to restore their family name, seek
their fortunes—and find love. After their father dies, the Duke of Durham’s three sons discover that he had a young
first wife—before he married their mother—whom he never divorced. This could make all three sons bastards, and
disinherit them permanently. In ONE NIGHT IN LONDON, middle brother Lord Edward de Lacey decides to hire
the best solicitor in town. His strategy veers off track almost immediately when he runs up against a woman
scorned. In BLAME IT ON BATH, Gerard de Lacey seeks to find the man who blackmailed his late father, and to
discover—and dispose of—any evidence the villain has about his father’s clandestine first marriage. He meets a
young rich widow who has nursed a secret affection for him for years, but was trapped in an arranged marriage.
She’s being pressured to marry her late husband’s heir, and is desperately in search for a better option. Avon

Category: Regency Romance                                                         (CB)
Estimated length: 384 pages
Manuscript available

MacLean, Sarah
The first book in New York Times bestselling author Sarah MacLean’s Fallen Angels series featuring four dark
heroes that will steal the hearts of their heroines and readers alike! With one careless turn of the cards, the
Marquess of Bourne lost his ancestral manor house and nearly everything except his title. Immediately cast from
society for his poverty, a disillusioned Bourne disappeared to the underworld. He became a ruthless partner in The
Fallen Angel, and worked with singular purpose to restore his estate to its former glory. Penelope Marbury,
daughter of the Marquess of Needham & Dolby, has loved Bourne since childhood. When she calls off her
engagement to the Duke of Leighton, and suffers a terrible blow to her reputation, she seeks out Bourne but only to
find a hard marquess, who pushes her away. She puts her heart on the line and gambles with this new, wicked
Bourne, not realizing he only plays to win. Avon

Rights sold in UK/Piatkus

Category: Regency Romance

Publication: February 2012                                                        (CB)
Estimated length: 384 pages
Manuscript available

O’Hara, Tracey
NIGHT’S COLD KISS (September 2009)
DEATH’S SWEET EMBRACE (September 2010)
SIN’S DARK CARESS (February 2012)
In the bestselling vein of J.R. Ward and Patricia Briggs comes a fast-paced supernatural debut series where a
young vampire hunter seeks to avenge the deaths of her parents. Since witnessing the murder of her mother,
Antoinette Petrescu has burned with fiery hatred for the vampire race—even for Christian Laroque, the noble,
dangerously handsome Aeternus who rescued her. Now an elite Venator, Antoinette must reluctantly accept
Christian’s help to achieve her vengeance—even as he plots to use the beautiful, unsuspecting warrior as bait to
draw out the bloodthirsty Necrodreniacs. Harper Voyager

Category: Urban Fantasy / Vampire                                                 (CB)
Estimated length: 352 pages
Manuscript available

Pettersson, Vicki
*THE TAKEN: Celestial Blues
New York Times bestselling author Vicki Pettersson begins a new supernatural noir mystery series featuring a
fallen angel and a reporter. Fallen angel Griffin Shaw is a Centurion, and he assists other murdered souls into the
afterlife. Haunted by the mysterious events surrounding his own death, he seizes a chance to seek out his own
vengeance when he is sent to witness the murder of Katherine Craig. Together, the pair investigate a series of
murders in Las Vegas and uncover a conspiracy, but Griffin is finding Katherine’s mortal charms hard to resist.
Mixing mystery, urban fantasy, and sizzling romance between a tough reporter and a fallen angel, this is sure to
appeal to fans of Jeaniene Frost and Danielle Trussoni. Harper Voyager

THE TASTE OF NIGHT sold: French/Interdite; German/Blanvalet; Turkish; Pegasus; UK/HarperCollins

Category: Paranormal Romance                                                      (CB)
Publication: July 2012
Estimated length: 400 pages
Manuscript available

Ranney, Karen
The first book in a brand new series from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Karen Ranney.
Known for her wildly romantic and deeply emotional stories, Ranney’s new book in Avon’s Superleader position
features Shona Imrie who loved Gordon McDermond long before he’d gone off to war and returned a national hero.
Rather than take his offer of marriage seven years ago, she married a wealthy earl. When she was reduced to
poverty upon her husband’s death, she sold the family’s castle to wealthy Americans. Her situation is confounded
by the Americans’ idiosyncrasies, her brother’s refusal to cooperate, a mystery, a ghost story, the poorhouse, and
the fact that she is falling in love again. Avon

SOLD TO A LAIRD sold in Holland/DeVrijbuiter; Italy/Mondadori; Norway/Schibsted; Russia/AST; Thailand/Crystal

Category: Historical Fiction
Publication: December 2011                                                        (CB)
Estimated length: 384 pages
Manuscript available

Rice, Lisa Marie
*INTO THE CROSSFIRE: A Protectors Novel: Navy SEAL (2010)
*HOTTER THAN WILDFIRE: A Protectors Novel: Delta Force (2011)
*NIGHTFIRE: A Protectors Novel: Marine Force Recon (2012)
From rising star Lisa Marie Rice, NIGHTFIRE is the third installment in her Protectors series in which three ex-
Special Forces (Navy SEAL, Delta Operator, and Marine Force Recon) will walk through fire for the women they
love. When Chloe Mason finds her long lost brother, she finds something more important in her life. Mike Keillor,
vowed never to be a victim again, is a Marine Force Recon sniper, SWAT officer, and expert in martial arts, and no
woman is able to capture his heart. When his friend Harry reconnects with his long lost sister, Mike is felled by the
one thing he can’t fight. Thrilling and scintillating, this is romantic suspense at its hottest! Avon Red

Rights sold: Japan/Futami Shobo

UK, Spanish and Japanese rights: HC-USA; All other rights: Ethan Ellenberg Agency

Category: Erotica
Estimated length: 320 pages
Publication: February 2012                                                          (CB)
Manuscript available

Rodale, Maya
A GROOM OF ONE’S OWN (June 2010)
UNTITLED #3 (April 2012)
“With one delicious plot twist after another, Rodale’s latest will keep readers guessing until the last bud is
plucked.”—starred Publishers Weekly
New to the Avon list, Maya Rodale displays a wonderfully fresh and vibrant voice in her exciting Writing Girls
Regency series. In A GROOM OF ONE’S OWN Miss Sophie Harlow, a bride jilted at the altar, is assigned to cover
the wedding of the Double Duke of Hamilton and Brandon for The London Weekly. He’s contracted an
advantageous match with Lady Isabelle Richmond, yet his wicked thoughts stray to the beguiling Miss Harlow.
Torn between duty and love, honor and passion, the duke must decide who will be his bride. In A TALE OF TWO
LOVERS, Lady Julianna Somerset reports for the gossipy Fashionable Intelligence column for The London Weekly.
When she writes that Lord Simon Roxbury, who is reluctant to wed, has been caught in a very compromising
position, his rage is unleashed. His revenge leaves their reputations in tatters, with only one thing to do: marry.

A GROOM OF ONE’S OWN sold: Germany/Blanvalet; Japanese/Oakla

Category: Regency Romance                                                           (CB)
Estimated length: 384 pages
Manuscript available

Sparks, Kerrelyn
New York Times bestselling author Kerrelyn Sparks delivers the next two installments in her witty Love at Stake
series about a band of good vampires who find true love while fighting the Malcontents. In SEXIEST VAMPIRE
ALIVE, playboy vampire Gregori is given the first assignment he’s not sure he can handle…the president’s
daughter, Abigail Tucker. Asked to secretly transport Abigail to China to find a lifesaving plant for her research,
Gregori struggles to keep Abigail safe. Dangers are lurking abroad, and he subjects her to the worst danger of
all—falling in love. In WANTED: UNDEAD OR ALIVE, a vamp and a werewolf go undercover at a dude
ranch…with sizzling results. Avon

HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE VAMPIRE sold in Brazil (audio)/ Book Records; Canada (French)/Editions
ADA; China (complex)/Treetype; Germany/Cora; Italy/Delos; Indonesia/Pustaka Zahra; Japan/Hara Shobo;
Poland/Amber; Russia/AST; Thailand/Crystal; Turkey/Artemis

Category: Paranormal Fiction                                                        (CB)

Estimated length: 384 pages
Manuscript available


Albright, Madeleine
PRAGUE WINTER: A Personal Story of Remembrance and War, 1937-1948
From one of the international community’s most respected and fascinating figures comes a deeply personal memoir
and incisive work of historical analysis of twelve turbulent years in world history. Before she turned twelve,
Madeleine Albright’s life was shaken by the Nazi invasion of her native Prague, the Battle of Britain, the attempted
destruction of European Jewry, the allied victory in World War II, the rise of communism, and the onset of the Cold
War. The experiences of a young Albright and her family provide a lens through which to view the most tumultuous
dozen years in modern history. Drawing on her memory, her parents’ written reflections, interviews with
contemporaries, and newly-available documents, she reveals a historical narrative that is by turns harrowing and
inspiring. The years 1937-1948 witnessed the destruction of one world and its replacement by another. Albright
reflects on the contemporary relevance of the moral choices confronted by statesmen and average citizens in this
era, including those affecting members of her own family. PRAGUE WINTER takes readers from the Bohemian
capital’s thousand-year-old castle to the bomb shelters of London, from the Terezin ghetto to the highest councils
of European and American government. Often relying on eyewitness descriptions, Albright tells the stories of
millions of ordinary citizens ripped from familiar surroundings and forced into new roles as exiles and soldiers,
collaborators and resistance leaders, victims and killers. These events of enormous complexity are nevertheless
shaped by concepts familiar to any growing child: fear, trust, adaptation, the search for identity, and the difference
between right and wrong. Madeleine Albright is the author of the New York Times bestsellers MADAM
U.S. Secretary of State from 1997 to 2001. Her distinguished career of public service includes positions in the
National Security Council and as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. Harper

Rights sold: Dutch/Ambo/Anthos; German/Siedler

MEMO TO THE PRESIDENT sold: Arabic/Arab Scientific Publishers; Czech/Prah; Dutch/Ambo/Anthos;
German/Droemer; Romanian/Institutul European

Publication: May 2012                                                              (JS)
Estimated length: 352 pages, with 32 b&w photos for 16-page insert
Manuscript available: January 2012

Allmann, Gregg
One of the founding members of The Allman Brothers Band, Gregg Allman will discuss for the first time the
unflinching story of his life in music—from the Allman Brothers, to his solo career, to his string of failed marriages,
the most publicized one to the entertainer Cher, to his struggles with drugs and alcohol, detailing his rocky path to
becoming a member of classic rock royalty. From Gregg’s rough n’ tumble youth with his older brother Duane, to
the formation of the band that would go on to change the sound of rock and roll, this music legend’s stories will be
shared in the authentic and unforgettable voice of the man who lived them. From the beginning the Allman Brothers
received nearly universal praise from fans and critics alike, and yet at almost every turn, the band’s success was
met by tragedy. What began with Duane Allman’s tragic death in a motorcycle accident continued when, a year
later, bassist Berry Oakley was also killed on a motorcycle. Allman will open up about his decades plagued by
substance abuse, his illness with Hepatitis C, and his life-saving liver transplant in 2010. Allman has been making
music for almost fifty years and during that time he has recorded some of the most iconic songs in American rock.
Inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1995, Gregg Allman continues to make music as a solo artist and tour
with the Allman Brothers Band. This year, Allman released his first solo effort in 14 years, Low Country Blues,
which debuted on the Billboard Top 200 at number 5. William Morrow

Publication: March 2012                                                            (JS)
Estimated length: 320 pages, with 70-80 color & b&w illustrations
Manuscript available: October 2011

Benincasa, Sara
AGORAFABULOUS: Dispatches From My Bedroom
A hilarious, raw, and poignant account of how a terrified young woman literally trapped by her own imagination
evolved into a (relatively) high-functioning professional smartass. Comedian and radio host Sara Benincasa’s
struggle with panic disorder began with childhood panic attacks and intensified until she developed agoraphobia so
severe that, at the age of twenty-one, she was afraid to leave her own bedroom and sank into a suicidal
depression. Garbage piled up against the wall as her appetite for food—and life—faded away. She squatted over
cereal bowls and coffee mugs to relieve herself, too frightened even to enter her own bathroom. Her illness had
nearly consumed her when friends and family intervened. Today, Sara is an internationally touring comedian and a
radio host, but her present life would have been inconceivable to that frightened, stick-thin 21-year-old woman
crouching in the dark. Sara’s writing is unpretentious, her insights are earthy and relatable, and she’s really, really
funny. AGORAFABULOUS! speaks to readers who long for the type of politically incorrect hilarity so often lacking
in the typical self-serious memoir. William Morrow

UK rights: HarperCollins US; Translation rights: Scott Mendel/Mendel Media Group

Publication: February 2012                                                          (JS)
Estimated length: 272 pages
Manuscript available

Brinkley, Douglas
The definitive, revealing biography of an American legend—renowned news anchor Walter Cronkite—by a
bestselling American historian. Walter Cronkite, the most revered and beloved journalist of the twentieth century,
spent decades reporting from the frontlines, but until now relatively little has been known about the life of the man
who brought America its news. Based on unprecedented access to Cronkite’s private papers as well as interviews
with him before his death, Douglas Brinkley brings to life the American icon who, as anchor of CBS Evening News,
became known as the “most trusted man in America.” Born in Missouri and raised mostly in Texas, Cronkite
dropped out of college during the Great Depression and began working as a journalist and radio broadcaster. At
the height of World War II Cronkite gained recognition as a war correspondent, reporting with Allied troops from
North Africa and the invasion of Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge. In 1950, Edward R. Murrow recruited him to
work for CBS, where he would stay for decades, hosting numerous programs and covering presidential elections,
the space program, the war in Vietnam, and the first television broadcasts of the Olympics. From his anchor chair,
Cronkite reported on the events of each day, always closing with his signature line “And that’s the way it was.” He
was also witness—and the nation’s voice—through the most profound moments in American history, from the
Kennedy Assassination and Apollo 11 and Apollo 13 to Watergate and the Iran Hostage Crisis. Epic, intimate, and
masterfully written, CRONKITE is the much-anticipated biography of an extraordinary American life. Douglas
Brinkley is a professor of history at Rice University and a contributing editor at Vanity Fair. The Chicago Tribune
has dubbed him “America’s new past master.” His most recent books are THE QUIET WORLD, THE
WILDERNESS WARRIOR, and THE GREAT DELUGE. Six of his books have been selected as New York Times
Notable Books of the Year. Harper

Publication: May 2012                                                               (JS)
Estimated length: 400 pages, with 16-page b/w photo insert
Manuscript available: October 2011

Budd, Ken
Award-winning writer Ken Budd delivers an honest and touching memoir about losing his father, and volunteering in
six different countries while trying to figure out his place in the world. In the wake of his father’s death, Ken really
wanted to have children, but his wife of fifteen years did not. Ken takes a personal journey to make the world a
better place by volunteering to help others in need. He starts with Hurricane Katrina relief efforts in New Orleans,
and then ventures to places like China to work with special needs children, Palestine to work in a refugee camp,
Kenya to work with orphans, and Ecuador to study the rainforest. The result is a journey that is part armchair
traveler, part do-gooder manifesto, part personal journey. Wry and funny, heartbreakingly honest, as exotic in
location as it is familiar in its concerns, THE VOLUNTOURIST is a memoir that will inspire and captivate readers.
Ken Budd has written for Smithsonian, The Washington Post, and Modern Humorist, among other publications. He
is currently the Executive Editor of AARP The Magazine. Harper Paperbacks

UK rights: HarperCollins US; Translation: Brandt & Hochman

Publication: June 2012                                                              (CB)
Estimated length: 416 pages
Manuscript available

Busch, Benjamin
DUST TO DUST heralds the arrival of a great new literary voice. It is an extraordinary memoir about life and death,
war and peace, the explorations of childhood and revelations of adulthood. Benjamin Busch—U.S. Marine who
served two combat tours in Iraq, actor on The Wire, and son of celebrated novelist Frederick Busch—has crafted a
This Boy’s Life for our time, themed around elemental things—water, metal, bone, blood. Busch writes with great
poignancy and enormous emotional power about the formative experiences throughout life. Most of all, Busch
writes movingly about moments of danger and death, real and imagined: in a helicopter, going down; being hit by
shrapnel in Iraq; playing a dead man on television; dealing with the sudden death of friends in combat and parents
at home. The result is an unforgettable meditation on how the decomposition of the dead becomes the composition
of the living, and how the child we were remains alive in us all. Benjamin Busch is an actor, photographer, film
director, and a United States Marine Corps Infantry Officer. He played the role of Officer Anthony Colicchio on the
HBO series The Wire, and has appeared on Homicide, The West Wing, and Generation Kill. His writing has
appeared in Harper’s, has been twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize Ecco

Publication: March 2012                                                             (CBR)
Estimated length: 320 pages
Manuscript available

Cannon, Dyan
For the first time, with heartrending honesty and emotion, actress Dyan Cannon tells the story of her relationship
and marriage to Hollywood legend Cary Grant. They were a glamorous and popular pair, the epicenter of chic and
swinging 1960s Hollywood, and for a few brief years their romance flourished and played out like one of Grant’s
movies: bold, witty, full of dramatic gestures and equally tender moments. Cary Grant pursued her relentlessly,
they married and had a daughter, but when the love ended, it ended dramatically—on the courthouse steps and on
the front page of every newspaper in the world. It has taken Cannon two decades to reconcile herself to the death
of Cary, and forgive both him and herself. DEAR CARY is the end result of that acceptance, and her final love
letter to her one true love. It gives us an insider’s privileged look inside Hollywood’s inner circles, and reveals
another side of Grant, his tortured childhood, controlling ways, drug abuse and the demons he couldn’t outrun.
!t Books

Rights sold in UK/The Robson Press

Publication: September 2011                                                         (CB)
Estimated length: 352 pages; 8-page photo insert
Book available

Cascio, Frank
MY FRIEND MICHAEL: An Ordinary Friendship with an Extraordinary Man
This candid, detailed portrait of Michael Jackson by his lifelong friend Frank Cascio will be THE definitive insider
account of life with Michael Jackson. MY FRIEND MICHAEL will chronicle Cascio’s relationship with the King of
Pop over 25 years, offering the most candid, moving, and detailed portrait of the pop icon. Frank Cascio was just
five years old when he first met Michael Jackson. He grew up to become Michael’s friend, confidante, and finally
his personal manager. Frank was fortunate enough to be one of the few people that Michael Jackson chose to
have around him. Frank witnessed many of the singer’s most private and public moments firsthand and will tell the
full story, offering an uplifting and definitive account of the superstar’s life from someone who lived it alongside him
during the most controversial times. What emerges is an emotional new side of the “King of Pop,”––a human one
that was at times unremarkably average but also terribly scarred by his life in the spotlight both on and off the
stage. Packed with never-before-seen photos, amazingly insightful revelations, personal anecdotes, and private
moments that are essential for every Michael Jackson fan, this book celebrates his life and presents him as the

special person that he really was. Frank Cascio, an entrepreneur and producer who splits his time between New
York, Los Angeles, and Germany, is a co-founder and partner in the private equity platform, IMPERIAL™ which
deploys strategic capital to companies in the areas of film and television development and production, media,
technology, and music publishing. He is also part of the music production trio DTC based in Berlin, Germany.
William Morrow

Rights sold: French/Michel Lafon; Italian/Sperling;Japanese/Asuka Shinska; Polish/BC Edukacja (imprint Akcent);
Portuguese in Brazil/Sextante; Spanish/Aguilar

Publication: November 15, 2011 (one-day laydown)                                    (JS)
Estimated length: 336 pages, two 16-page color photo inserts
Proposal Available; Manuscript Embargoed

Cassidy, Tina
JACKIE AFTER O: One Remarkable Year When Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Defied Expectations and
Rediscovered Her Dreams
From a Boston Globe reporter and editor, this is a remarkable account of a pivotal year in the life of Jacqueline
Kennedy Onassis, America’s favorite first lady and international icon, as she lost her second husband, saved a
New York landmark, and found her true calling in publishing. The year 1975 brought death to her second husband,
Aristotle Onassis, but it was also a time of renaissance for Jackie. She set out to find more personally fulfilling work
and was itching to write again, so she called her friend William Shawn, legendary editor of the The New Yorker,
and wrote her only piece for the magazine—a lengthy Talk of the Town piece on the International Center for
Photography and Cornell Capa. She took an editorial position at Viking Penguin, and helped restore NYC’s Grand
Central Station by leading a landmark conservation committee and throwing herself back into the spotlight. Tina
Cassidy has unearthed amazing new insights about the legendary Jackie Onassis from personal archives to
remembrances from close colleagues. It was a tumultuous yet prolific year for Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and
JACKIE AFTER O recounts this beloved icon’s steps toward fulfilling her dreams in middle age. !t Books

Publication: March 2012                                                             (CB)
Estimated length: 304 pages; 8-page b&w photo insert
Manuscript available: October 2011

Cooper, Jeanne
A fascinating memoir exploring the steps and missteps of the eight-decade career of actress Jeanne Cooper, best
known for her portrayal of Katherine Chancellor on the #1 daytime soap opera The Young and the Restless. With
her signature fearlessness, honesty and humor, Jeanne chronicles her long tenure in Hollywood, starting with how
she made her way from a small town to the heart of the Los Angeles TV industry. With great honesty, she talks
about her marriage and three children and how the beginning of a historic soap opera career coincided with the
ending of the marriage, and the sudden challenges of being a single working mother. She discusses her battle with
alcoholism while her alter-ego Katherine struggled with the same crippling addiction. Jeanne also reveals the
backstage joys and dramas, storylines she loved and those she hated, and gives a glimpse of the co-stars she
worked with, including Frank Sinatra, Tony Curtis, and Doris Day. Inspirational and uplifting, this is an amazing
look at one woman’s ability to not just survive but thrive as an octogenarian. !t Books

Publication: August 2012                                                            (CB)
Estimated length: 256 pages; 16-page color photo insert
Manuscript available: December 2011

Eldon, Kathy
After graduating from university, Kathy Eldon married a Brit and moved to London in 1969. In 1978, her husband
came to her with an opportunity that might provide the adventure and life experience she craved: they were to
move with their two young children to Kenya. There, Kathy and her husband set about raising Dan and Amy in a life
of safaris and social engagement, in a society that shaped them to be spiritual and artistic. Eldon dove into this
tumultuous new world as a journalist and writer. But this is not a romanticized paean to Africa, and TAKING
FLIGHT describes the darker aspects Eldon began to discover in her adopted homeland. Her darkest moment of all
came in 1993 when her son Dan, a twenty-two-year-old photojournalist for Reuters, was stoned to death by an

angry mob in Somalia. Eldon knew that there was no way through her grief unless she could transform it into
something positive. Her journey through grief has been deeply spiritual, and she describes how she began to
understand that Dan was ever-present in her life. An African adventure, a family saga, a spiritual journey, and even
a psychic mystery, TAKING FLIGHT is, most of all, a story of love and destiny. Kathy Eldon has worked as a
teacher, editor, journalist, and film and television producer and is the author of several previous books. She and
her daughter Amy launched Creative Visions Foundation to support “creative activists” like Dan, who use media to
inform, inspire and empower positive change. Movie rights to Dan Eldon’s story have been optioned by Julia
Roberts’ production company, and Kathy is closely involved with the project. HarperOne

Publication: May 2012                                                              (CBR)
Estimated length: 304 pages; illustrations throughout
Manuscript available: December 2011

Fitzpatrick, David
A beautifully written and deeply personal memoir that takes readers into the mind of a man who was in his early
twenties when he began exhibiting symptoms of severe mental illness, including self-mutilation and deep
depression. David Fitzpatrick’s two-decade struggle began when he started to cut himself after college. In a
disturbing but inspiring account, David recounts how he overcame his dangerous and bloody addiction to slashing
himself with a razor blade. I KNEW YOU’D RETURN is a compelling narrative of self-examination and
determination to understand the mental forces at work preventing David from leading a normal life. It is also a tale
of hope, a soul-baring quest of a lost man who returns to himself and reclaims his life. David was born in Dearborn,
Michigan, grew up in Connecticut, graduated from Skidmore College, and earned his MFA degree from Fairfield
University in 2011. He works part-time at an auto dealership and is married to a graphic designer and fellow writer,
Amy Holmes. The New Haven Review, Barely South Review, and the now-defunct Fiction Weekly have published
his works. He is currently at work on a novel. William Morrow

Publication: August 2012                                                           (JS)
Estimated length: 288 pages
Manuscript available: October 2011

Fontaine, Claire
Fontaine, Mia
*HAVE MOTHER, WILL TRAVEL: A Mother and Daughter’s Journey Around the World and Back
The bestselling authors of COME BACK return in this charming, funny memoir about the changing relationship
between a mother and her adult daughter, set against the backdrop of an unforgettable round-the-world adventure.
COME BACK chronicled Mia Fontaine’s harrowing drug addiction at the age of 15 and her mother Claire’s
desperate and ultimately successful attempts to save her. Now, a decade later, Claire and Mia are determined to
transform their lives and their relationship once again. With each of them facing a defining moment (at fifty-one
Claire is ready to shed her identity as Mia’s savior, while twenty-five-year-old Mia is ready to grow beyond her role
as recovery’s poster child), the two embark on a six-month-long round-the-world adventure. Mission: to consciously
bond as friends while also evolving as women. In an amazing journey that takes them through twelve countries
amid monkey attacks, camel rides around the pyramids, and terrifying cab trips (a feature found across the globe);
Mia comes to know her mother in the same way that Claire has always known her, as all mothers know their
daughters: better than anyone else, often better than themselves. Readers will close this book with a deeper
understanding of the mother/daughter relationship—and of themselves—seeing new possibilities for their own lives.
An author and screenwriter, Claire Fontaine has devoted time to coaching families in crisis. Mia Fontaine, a popular
motivational speaker, has written for The New York Times and works in publishing. William Morrow

Publication: May 2012                                                              (JS)
Estimated length: 288 pages
Manuscript available: October 2011

Jordan, Pete
*IN THE CITY OF BIKES: An American Discovers Amsterdam
From Pete Jordan, author of DISHWASHER, comes a memoir of one man’s quest to find the stability to settle down
with the woman he loves and to start a family in Amsterdam, the city of bikes, all told through the insatiable love of
cycling. Jordan arrives in Amsterdam for a semester abroad to study urban planning, hoping to eventually work

towards making U.S. cities more bicycle friendly. But once Pete sets foot in Amsterdam, he is seduced by a city on
two wheels. Pete’s wife (of just two weeks), Amy Joy, joins him, and they set about making a life for themselves in
their new adopted homeland. They struggle the first year trying to find a home and jobs. With a baby on the way,
Amy Joy eventually finds an apartment above an aging bicycle mechanic’s shop, and he eventually turns the shop
over to her. But Pete’s years of irresponsibility threaten to jeopardize their ideal home-life when he falls short on a
promise to help Amy Joy run the business. Part memoir, part history, part tour of Amsterdam, IN THE CITY OF
BIKES recounts Jordan’s initial hardships in his adopted homeland, and his passion for cycling, with style, wit, and
humor that makes for a thoroughly entertaining tale. Harper Perennial

UK rights: HarperCollins US; Translation:McCormack & Williams

Publication: May 2012                                                               (CB)
Estimated length: 384 pages
Manuscript available: November 2011

Kranish, Michael
Helman, Scott
From the investigative reporters at the Boston Globe who have tracked his career for years comes a riveting, no-
holds-barred biography of Mitt Romney, the early frontrunner for the 2012 Republican nomination for president
The former Massachusetts governor has always been difficult to pin down. Is he a fierce politician and business
maverick, or a loyal family man and devout Mormon? The book explores Romney’s personal life, his relationship
with his wife, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, and his difficult missionary time in France, where a fatal car crash
had a profound effect on his path. It will also cover Mitt’s privileged upbringing in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and his
close relationship with his father. Based on years of reporting and hundreds of interviews, THE REAL ROMNEY
analyzes Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital, one of the world’s leading private investment firms, where staggering
profits obscured leveraged buy-outs, cost-cuts, and thousands of lost jobs. The probing biography will also examine
Romney’s race against Senator Ted Kennedy, his real role in the 2002 Olympics, his Massachusetts governorship,
and why his 2008 run for president was a failure. Romney is a man who will do anything to win—in politics and
business. In politics, he will switch images, change sides, even rewrite history as he did with the championing of the
Massachusetts health care law. In business, he is willing to decimate companies and people’s livelihood for the
sake of profit. The Real Romney will merge that side with the Romney who is a devout Mormon, husband of forty
years, and loving son of a father who did not fully understand him. Michael Kranish, deputy chief of The Boston
Globe’s Washington Bureau, has been a congressional reporter, White House correspondent and national political
reporter. He co-authored, with other Globe reporters, John F. Kerry: The Complete Biography, which appeared on
the bestseller lists of The New York Times and The Washington Post. He is also the author of the critically-
acclaimed Flight from Monticello: Thomas Jefferson at War. Scott Helman is the political editor of The Boston
Globe, where he has worked as a reporter and editor for ten years. Harper

Publication: January 2012                                                           (JS)
Estimated length: 336 pages, with 8-page color insert
Manuscript available: October 2011

Kyle, Chris
McEwen, Scott
AMERICAN SNIPER: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History
The memoir of the most successful—and deadly—sniper in American history, with a foreword by Marcus Luttrell,
New York Times bestselling author of Lone Survivor. Former U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle tells the story of his
legendary career, from 1999-2009, during which time he recorded the most confirmed sniper kills (officially a record
155, though the real number is much higher) in the history of the United States military, any branch, from 1776 to
present. With the pacing of a thriller, AMERICAN SNIPER vividly recounts Chief Kyle’s experiences at key battles,
including the March on Baghdad (beginning of Iraq War), Fallujah, Ramadi, and Sadr City. He was shot in both the
helmet and back; he witnessed the death of his two closest friends; he literally wrote the book on being a sniper:
the Naval Special Warfare Sniper Doctrine, which is the first Navy SEAL sniper manual. AMERICAN SNIPER
provides a rare, first-hand glimpse at the elite world of the SEALs and combat snipers who fought in a war where
the Rules of Engagement only allowed for precise surgical strikes at the heart of a well trained and well organized
opposition force, which had virtually no Rules of Engagement. Chief Kyle’s service in combat earned him two Silver
Stars, five Bronze Stars with Valor, one Navy and Marine Corps Commendation with Valor, and two Navy and

Marine Corps Achievement Medals with Valor. Additionally, he was awarded the Grateful Nation Award, given by
the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. Following his combat deployments, the Navy assigned Kyle to be
the chief instructor for training Naval Special Warfare Sniper and Counter-Sniper teams prior to operational
deployments. Today he is president and CEO of Craft International (, a world-class leader in
security. William Morrow

Publication: January 2012                                                            (JS)
Estimated length: 400 pages, 8-page b&w photo insert
Manuscript available

Langella, Frank
*DROPPED NAMES: Famous Men and Women As I Knew Them
A memoir from celebrated actor Frank Langella, told in an irresistible collection of never-before-told vignettes
detailing the Tony Award winner and Academy Award nominee’s relationships and encounters with some of the
20th century’s most beloved celebrities. With sharp wit and skillful storytelling, Langella vividly and affectingly
recalls moments both poignant and penetrating with candid details about celebrities from Elizabeth Taylor,
Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Jacqueline Onassis, Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth, to William Styron,
Leonard Bernstein, and Tennessee Williams. Woven throughout are threads of his own incredible life from his
early years on Broadway to his most recent successes.With a prolific career spanning over four decades, Langella
has much to share. These portraits of lost friends, enemies, idols, and lovers are moving, funny, wicked, sometimes
shocking, and utterly addictive. Frank Langella has been a star of stage and screen for over four decades. He
studied acting with Elia Kazan in the early 1960s, and over the years has won three Tony Awards, three Obie
Awards, two Drama Desk Awards, and been nominated for several others. In 2008, he received an Academy
Award and a SAG nomination for Best Actor for his portrayal of Richard Nixon in Ron Howard’s big-screen
adaptation of Frost/Nixon, a role that had previously earned him a Tony for its stage performance. He won his first
Tony Award for his 1975 performance in Edward Albee’s Seascape, as well as another Drama Desk award. In
1977, Langella was cast in the leading role of a Braodway revival of Dracula, and his performance earned another
Tony nomination. He has been married and divorced, and famously dated Whoopi Goldberg for five years. Harper

UK rights: HarperCollins US; Translation rights: Janklow & Nesbit

Publication: March 2012                                                              (JS)
Estimated length: 320 pages, 8-page b/w photo insert
Manuscript available: October 2011

Lithgow, John
DRAMA: An Actor’s Education
“Lithgow nonetheless emerges as genial, gentle, generous, grateful, self-deprecating and proud but never
arrogant.” —Kirkus Reviews
“With understated wit, Lithgow delivers insight into the difference between stage and screen acting and offers
wonderful anecdotes of directors Brian De Palma and Terrence Malick.” —Publishers Weekly
Not a tell-all confessional. Lithgow talks about working with the likes of Mike Nichols and Meryl Streep while
considering what drives actors to act. He places special emphasis on what he learned from his father, Arthur Lithgow,
an actor/director/producer who introduced his son to the joys of the stage. Not for celebrity spies but serious
theater/film buffs, this promises to be informative and delightful. With a 100,000-copy first printing. —Library Journal,
Advance Reviews
A charming, witty, and revealing memoir by one of our most cherished performers. Through the vivid stories in
DRAMA, John Lithgow lays bare the pivotal, tumultous moments in his life that shaped him, and he provides unique
insight into the art and craft of acting. Lithgow gives a backstage history of his struggle, crisis, and discovery, and
the scenes of his early life and career that took place out of the public eye, before he became a nationally-known
star. The theatre worlds of New York and London come to life here as never before, as Lithgow works with
renowned performers and directors including Mike Nichols, Bob Fosse, Liv Ullmann, Meryl Streep, and Brian De
Palma. But more than anything else, DRAMA is a tribute to the most important influence in John Lithgow’s life: his
father Arthur Lithgow. An actor, director, producer, and great lover of Shakespeare, Arthur Lithgow brought theatre
to John’s boyhood, where performance and storytelling were a constant and cherished part of family life.
Illuminating, funny, and thorougly engrossing, Lithgow’s meditation on the nature of acting, theatre, performance,
and storytelling cuts to the heart of why actors are driven to perform and why people are equally driven to watch
them do it. John Lithgow is an award-winning actor who has won five Emmys, two Tony Awards, and two Golden
Globe Awards, and has been nominated twice for the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. In
addition to his starring roles on stage, film and television, he is also a New York Times bestselling author of eight
books for children. Harper

Publication: October 2011                                                            (JS)
Estimated length: 336 pages, photos throughout
ARE available

Louvin, Charlie with Benjamin Whitmer
Foreword by Kris Kristofferson
*SATAN IS REAL: The Ballad of the Louvin Brothers
In collaboration with Igniter Books, here for the first time is the true saga of the Louvin Brothers, which reads like a
mid-century Southern gothic Cain and Abel. One of the greatest country duos of all time, the Louvin brothers split
up too soon by brother Ira’s hard-drinking ways and notorious temper. Ira was know for smashing his mandolin
onstage and having an altercation with Elvis Presley after calling the young rock-and-roller’s music “trash.” Ira lived
fast and died young, and Charlie went on with a solo career producing Billboard-charting top hits and winning
Grammy awards. The Louvin brothers were polar opposites who were in harmony only when singing. SATAN IS
REAL offers a dark and complex version of the timeless brother-against-brother story against a backdrop of
increasing country music success. With a foreword by Kris Kristofferson, and designed and packaged by the Neil
Strauss and Anthony Bozza of the Igniter team, this promises to be a highly visual package. Igniter

Publication: January 2012                                                      (CB)
Estimated length: 352 pages; 6 x 9; 75 b&w photos throughout; 8-page color insert
Manuscript available: October 2011

Max, Peter
As instantly recognizable as Peter Max’s artwork is, his life story is not as well known. Here, for the first time, Peter
Max details the large and small brush strokes of his life’s journey-in his own words and images. In fifty intimate
essays, Max muses on a variety of thematic subjects, all the while telling his life story-from his birth in Berlin to a
childhood spent in Shanghai to his odyssey to New York City, and his subsequent ascension into the celebrity-filled
artworld of the 1960s and beyond. In each essay, Max relates intimate details of his life as they relate to the nature
of creativity, and reveals how he has been able to see art in the everyday and how you can, too. Vibrant artwork-
some of which have never been seen before-accompanies the essays, providing an illuminating, colorful look into
the inspired life and times of Peter Max. Considered by many to be the world’s most iconic pop artist, Max’s
signature “Cosmic 1960s”-style artwork defined a generation. Besides painting the colossal mural for the 1969
Woodstock festival, he has also painted Lady Liberty on the White House lawn, served as the official artist for the
Grammys, the United Nations Earth Summit, and five Superbowls, and had his paintings grace the covers of
People, U.S. News & World Report, Life, and Manhattan’s Yellow Pages-twice. Harper Design

Publication: July 2012                                                               (CBR)
Estimated length: 256 pages; four-color throughout
Sample material available: February 2012

Miller, Carol
Carol Miller grew up under the watchful eyes of her parents in a very traditional Jewish household in Queens. One
night, as a kid, she heard a barbershop quartet practicing in the alley under her window and fell in love with the
music. When she went to find it on the radio, her parents scolded her for having such poor taste. But it was too
late—she was hooked on popular music. At the University of Pennsylvania, the university radio station was looking
for students to help out. Carol thought she might make a good station secretary—until she got in the DJ booth.
Pursuing radio with dogged intensity and ambition, she landed increasingly high profile spots in Philadelphia and
then New York radio. Her life in radio is as star-studded as her upbringing was traditional—she’s the first DJ to play
Bruce Springsteen on the radio in New York, is asked for by name by Paul McCartney, becomes close with
Steven Tyler (until Bebe Buell attacks her in a club), Lily Tomlin shared her drugs with her and she dated Paul
Stanley, who turned out to be a nice Jewish boy from the same kind of neighborhood she grew up in. In her
inimitable voice, this story of a life in rock, will make you laugh, break your heart, and make you wish you had spent
the last 30 years like Carol Miller, spinning the best of rock for fans and friends. Carol Miller is one of the longest-

running New York radio personalities. She’s been on the air at WPLJ and WNEW, is a member of the Rock and
Roll Hall of Fame, and hosted dozens of national and international radio shows. She has also appeared on VH-1,
ET and elsewhere. Ecco

Publication: July 2012                                                                 (CBR)
Estimated length: 208 pages; photos throughout
Manuscript available: April 2012

Moore, Demi
Demi Moore’s revelatory, moving memoir will chronicle her early life and career as one of America's most well-
known and successful actors. The candid narrative is framed by her complicated relationship with her alcoholic,
drug-addicted mother, Virginia King Guynes, who died in 1998, and her own addictive struggle with alcohol, drugs
and, most challenging, food. Moore details the love-hate relationship between her parents (which endured and
finally crumbled in the aftermath of their third divorce), their destructive behavior that ultimately left Moore to fend
for herself as a 16-year-old high school drop-out, and her discovery at fourteen that Danny Guynes, who raised her
as his daughter, was not in fact her biological father. Recounting her nomadic childhood—she moved eighteen
times between the ages of eight and fifteen (what she calls her “gypsy life”) and attended at least 20 different
schools—Moore elucidates the forces that irrevocably shaped her as an aspiring actor. She reveals the surprising
private face of the celebrity whose public façade is inseparable from the tough, confident women she has portrayed
in her best-known, timeless roles, from JoAnne Galloway in A Few Good Men to Lieutenant Jordan O’Neil in GI
Jane. Touching on her own experiences as a mother and wife, as well as her work with DNA—her foundation, with
husband Ashton Kutcher, dedicated to ending child sex slavery and human trafficking—Moore details her life off-
screen and on in a brave, insightful exploration of the events that formed her artistic conscience. Ultimately a story
of triumph over adversity, and strength in the face of incredible odds, Moore’s memoir unravels a journey that
defined her as a person and an actor, but a journey no child should have to make. Harper

Rights sold: UK/Fourth Estate

Publication: October 2012                                                              (JS)
Estimated length: 304 pages
Manuscript available: February 2012

Poole, Heather
CRUISING ATTITUDE: Tales of Crashpads, Crew Drama, and Crazy Passengers at 35,000 Feet
In the spirit of books like WAITER RANT and KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL, this is a charming and funny insider’s
look at the life of a flight attendant, from coping with crazy passengers to finding love at 35,000 feet. Blogger and
flight attendant Heather Poole has worked for a major airline for fifteen years, and in this memoir she shares stories
that explains why it’s bad to fall for pilots, why some people get bumped up to first class, what it’s like flying in a
post-9/11 world, plus incredible stories of celebrity misbehavior. Packed with unbelievable and always hilarious
tales in flight, CRUSING ATTITUDE mingles the best of galley gossip with Heather’s own experiences of life in the
sky. Harper Paperbacks

Publication: March 2012                                                                (CB)
Estimated length: 240 pages
Manuscript available: October 2011

Rogers, Kenny
For the first time, country music legend Kenny Rogers tells the story behind his legendary career, detailing his rise
through the ranks of country music to become one of the top-selling country artists of all time. For over fifty years,
Kenny Rogers has been a fixture on the American country music scene. From his career-launching string of hits
with First Edition to selling millions of records with Dolly Parton to becoming one of Nashville’s most accomplished
and beloved artists, his life in music has stretched across decades and influenced musicians around the world.
Now for the first time, this living legend is ready to share the story of his incredible rise to fame, detailing his highs,
his lows, and how he’s kept it all going throughout his most tumultuous times. With this book Rogers tells the full
story of his life, detailing the important role that his faith and his upbringing played in giving him the perseverance
he needed to get his career off the ground and how he built his reputation on hard work above all else. Featuring a

cast of characters ranging from Elvis to Dolly to Ray Charles, Rogers’ story offers a candid and eye-opening look at
the world of country music, showing how mainstream success led to crossover artistic partnerships that pushed his
musical boundaries, but forced him to go against the trends of the Nashville establishment as he combined country
music with other sounds from pop music.With behind the scenes tales from the road, the secrets behind his biggest
hits, and never before told personal stories from his life, Rogers’s life defines an era in music history that is rapidly
slipping away, a time when country music was more than just a part of pop culture-it was a way of life. Kenny
Rogers is one of country music’s most accomplished artists. One of the highest selling country music artists of all
time, his career has lasted for more than fifty years and in that time he has recorded more than 60 albums and sold
tens of millions of records around the world. William Morrow

UK rights: HarperCollins US; Translation: Mel Berger at William Morris Endeavor

Publication: April 2012                                                              (JS)
Estimated length: 336 pages, 35-40 color photos
Manuscript available: November 2011

Salmon, Christian
KATE MOSS: The Making of an Icon
KATE MOSS examines the enigmatic figure of perhaps the most famous model in the world. Moss has been both
muse and canvas for some of the great creative visionaries of the last two decades. She is both an icon and a
phenomenon, and her look and persona has continually transformed in perfect sync with the zeitgeist of the times.
From her discovery at JFK airport at age fourteen to her current modeling gigs, the book traces how her image has
influenced how women see themselves and how society at large views the body and beauty. This insightful text
unravels the mystery that is Moss, and is a must for Kate Moss fans, lovers of popular culture, fashion, and
photography. Harper Design is creating a new edition of the book (originally published in France in 2009), in a
graphically compelling package with beautiful images of the model throughout her career. Christian Salmon is a
writer and researcher in the Centre for Research in the Arts and Language at the CNRS in Paris. He is the founder
of the International Parliament of Writers, of which he was president from 1993 to 2003 and editor of the
organization’s journal Autodafe. He has worked as a literary critic and is the author of several works, including
STORYTELLING, VERBICIDE, and DEVENIR MINORITAIRE. He writes a regular column for Le Monde. Harper

Originally published in France by Editions La Decouverte
World English: HarperCollins US; Translation: The French Publishers Agency

Publication: April 2012                                                       (CBR)
Estimated length: 128 pages; 70 images throughout (cleared for World English)
Sample material available

Sharon, Gilad
SHARON: The Life of a Leader
A riveting insider’s look at the life and work of Ariel Sharon from the former Israeli Prime Minister’s youngest son,
with information never before revealed to the public about major global events. Drawing from his father’s extensive
archives—personal notes, detailed diaries, and much more—Gilad Sharon examines his father’s political legacy,
surveying more than thirty years of leadership on a global stage. Ariel Sharon was in office five years, from his
election in February 2001 until his stroke in January 2006. During that time he walked a fine line between waging
war on those whose goal was to destroy his country and accommodating himself to allies who often seemed less
than allies, and sometimes even less than friends. Throughout his tenure he was in constant contact with world
leaders and decision-makers: George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Vladimir Putin, King Abdullah, Silvio Berlsusconi, Kofi
Annan, Gerhardt Schroeder, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Jacques Chirac, Hosni Mubarak, Mahmoud Abbas,
and others. But what the public knew of these interactions often differed dramatically from what went on in private.
Unbeknownst to everyone, Sharon kept meticulous notes on practically everything he did as prime minister: diaries,
day books, talking points for discussions with heads of state, assessments of those discussions, governmental
instructions, military directives, observations on crucial issues, correspondence, reflections on world leaders, what
he said to them and they to him, his inner thoughts, his strategies, etc. Taken together, these documents constitute
an intimate record of some of the world’s most crucial issues, and a powerful portrait of one of the most significant
and controversial leaders of our time. Gilad Sharon, a major in the Israeli Defense Force reserves, holds a Masters
degree in Economics and frequently contributes columns for the Israeli press. Harper

Rights sold: Hebrew/Matar

Publication: November 2011                                                           (BS)
Estimated length: 512 pages; b/w photos throughout
Manuscript Embargoed

Styron, Rose
FLIGHTS OF PASSAGE is a globetrotting tour of Rose Styron’s six decades at the center of American literary,
cultural, and political life. Writing with charm and candor, she takes us from days and nights in Paris and New York
of the 1950s with Truman Capote, Norman Mailer, Arthur Miller, George Plimpton, and her soon-to-be-husband, the
Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist William Styron; to the White House in 1962, where she joins President and Mrs.
Kennedy at a private party after a glorious state dinner; and to her Martha’s Vineyard home in the 1990s, where Bill
Clinton and Gabriel Garcia Marquez argue about Fidel Castro. Here too is her frank and moving account of coping
with William Styron’s famous depression with the help of her family and old friends such as Mia Farrow, Frank
McCourt, and Carly Simon. Through it all are Styron’s lively and unforgettable accounts of her work at the forefront
of the international human rights movement. A founder of Amnesty International USA, a board member for Human
Rights Watch, and chair of PEN’s Freedom to Write Committee, Styron describes her celebrated travels in defense
of human rights all over the world: to Chile, where she outruns the right-wing junta’s minders; to the Soviet Union,
where she drinks vodka with Yevtushenko and other underground poets and thinkers; to Poland and
Czechoslovakia, where she and Kurt Vonnegut connect with Lech Walesa, Vaclav Havel and other dissidents; to
South Africa, where she meets Nelson Mandela; and much more. Rose Styron is a poet, journalist, and human
rights activist. Her writing has appeared in the New York Times, the New York Review of Books, the Nation, the
New Republic, Vogue, and elsewhere. Ecco

Publication: September 2012                                                         (CBR)
Estimated length: 320 pages; 8-page color photo insert
Manuscript available: February 2012

Winters, Michael Sean
GOD’S RIGHT HAND: How Jerry Falwell Made God a Republican and Baptized the American Right
Born in 1930s Appalachia, Jerry Falwell would become, by the end of the 20th century, the most prominent
evangelical leader the nation had ever seen, and for many, the face of Christianity in America. The child of agnostic
parents, he made a name for himself as a pastor and later founded his own Christian university. Although he was
initially ambivalent about getting involved in politics, Falwell and his controversial Moral Majority rose to prominence
and his work intersected with the major issues and leaders of the day, from Larry Flynt to Billy Graham, from
Ronald Reagan to Bill Clinton. Michael Sean Winters unpacks the key moments of an unlikely life and its impact on
religious and political life in the United States. He brings to life a man with sincere beliefs, but a lightning rod who
enraged the left with his polarizing tactics, and whose political cooperation prompted fundamentalist Bob Jones, Jr.,
to famously call him “the most dangerous man in America.” Falwell single-handedly put Fundamentalism at the
forefront of the political discourse and made the Religious Right a powerful player in American politics. Winters has
written a fair and fascinating account of both a life and a shift in our culture. Michael Sean Winters is the author of
Left at the Altar: How Democrats Lost the Catholics and How Catholics Can Save the Democrats. He has written
for publications including The New Republic, the New York Times, Washington Post, Washingtonian,,
and America, and is a regular contributor to the National Catholic Reporter and The Tablet (London). HarperOne

Publication: February 2012                                                          (CBR)
Estimated length: 448 pages; 16 page color insert
Galley available


Colvin, Shawn
From prolific, talented American songwriter and musician Shawn Colvin comes A FEW SMALL REPAIRS, her
candid, colorful coming-of-age story recounting over 30 years touring, writing, and living to make music, with plenty
of behind-the-music stories along the way. During much of 1997, the song that captured the public imagination was
not your typical pop song. It was a song about a woman undone, a would-be arsonist, and ultimately, a survivor,
named “Sunny.” That song, “Sunny Came Home,” launched singer-songwriter Shawn Colvin to stardom, after 20
years working in the music business. Like Sunny, Colvin knows a thing or two about surviving heartache—and
setting fires—and now for the first time, she tells her story. It is the coming-of-age of a passionate young musician
in the late ‘70s and ‘80s, making every mistake on the road out of small-town, prairie South Dakota; and it is also
the maturation of a woman finding her voice, and learning to care for a child as well as herself. With perspective
and humor she describes driving cross-country on tour in vans full of boys, and falling in and out of love; making
music of all genres with lifelong friends, and meeting heroes like Joni Mitchell; facing addiction and staying sober,
weathering divorce and raising a daughter on her own—and learning to channel it all into the culmination of her
talent and experience, in songwriting. Shawn Colvin’s breakthrough success was the album A Few Small Repairs
in 1996, featuring the song “Sunny Came Home,” a top 10 hit which won Grammys for Record of the Year and
Song of the Year. Colvin has released ten albums, won three Grammy Awards and been nominated for seven
others. The book will coincide with the release of her new album. William Morrow

Publication: June 2012                                                             (JS)
Estimated length: 256 pages
Manuscript available: October 2011

Dean, Josh
SHOW DOG: The Pampered Life and Trying Times of a Near-Perfect Purebred
Veteran magazine journalist Josh Dean captures the idiosyncratic world of professional dog training, from local
competitions in school gyms to the granddaddy of them all, The Westminster Dog Show, as he follows a loveable
Australian Shepard through his inaugural year in competition, from still-improving adolescent to seasoned adult
show dog at Westminster 2011. Along with rising star Jack, Dean pulls back the curtain on the dog show world,
providing not just a hilarious and often touching portrait of a colorful subculture and its many related peculiarities,
but also revealing a look at our love affair with the world’s most doted upon and tinkered with animal species.
!t Books

UK rights: HarperCollins US; Translation rights: Levine Greenberg Literary Agency

Publication: February 2012                                                         (CB)
Estimated length: 288 pages with photos
Manuscript available

Ellis, Jason
I’M AWESOME: One Man’s Triumphant Quest to Become the Sweetest Dude Ever
Living on the edge, Australian extreme skateboarder and mixed martial arts star shares his insane life story, from
the depths of addiction to success and fatherhood. Jason Ellis is the host of The Jason Ellis radio show, one of
Sirius’ most listened-to programs, and he is the new voice of extreme sports. Before he owned the radio waves, he
owned the skate ramps, competing for twenty years alongside extreme sports legends like Tony Hawk. Raised in
Melbourne by a drug-addicted mother, and molested at age five, he was given his first dirt bike by his tough father
who taught him to be fearless. After a first difficult marriage to a stripper, he eventually married the right girl and
had a son. When tragedy struck with his father’s death of a heart attack, and his younger half-brother’s death in a
steamroller accident, Ellis quit booze and drugs. He got straight and turned his life around by becoming one of the
most sought-after extreme sports hosts for events on radio and television. !t Books

Publication: April 2012                                                            (CB)
Estimated length: 256 pages; 25 color photos
Manuscript available: October 2011

Gordon-Levitt, Joseph
“With more than 40,000 participants working together….Gordon-Levitt’s hitRECord offers a creative opportunity for
fresh talent to team together and expose their art.” —Time magazine
From the immensely popular open collaborative production company and its founder, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, comes
a uniquely crafted and creative collection of tiny stories, told through words and art, from voices around the world.
In December 2010, hitRECord self-published a volume of tiny stories. Culled down from 2,300 contributions, the
final version contained 32 illustrated stories and was 64 pages long. It sold out it initial print run of 1000 copies in 2
weeks and has gone on to sell 4,000 copies with absolutely no marketing or publicity support. Volume 1 will follow
the same format and will be the first of a three-book series of finely tuned all original story collections from
contributors around the world. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an actor who recently starred in (500) Days of Summer and
the Academy Award-nominated Inception. He is just beginning production on The Dark Knight Rises, the third
installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. He regularly hosts hit RECord events throughout the country. !t

All rights except Chinese: HC-USA; Chinese rights: CAA

Publication: December 2011                                                            (CB)
Estimated length: 64 pages; b&w illustrations throughout
Manuscript available: October 2011

Green Day
From the Grammy Award-winning punk rock band Green Day, this dynamic first official book will include 200
photographs of the band on tour in conjunction with lyrics from their last two hit albums, American Idiot and 21
Century Breakdown, as well as a foreword by guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong and captions from the rest of the band.
One of the biggest rock bands of all time, Green Day has sold more than 65 million albums worldwide. With an
oversized trim, the book will include 200 glossy, color photos comprised of candid personal photos from each band
member, as well as performance shots, promotional photos, magazine shoots, and album covers. Green Day’s
ninth album, Awesome as F**k, is scheduled for release in March 2011. !t Books

Publication: September 2012                                                           (CB)
Estimated length: 192 pages; 9 ½ x 11 ½; 200 color photos
Manuscript available: March 2012

Houghtaling, Adam
THIS WILL END IN TEARS: The Miserablist Guide to Music
The first and definitive guide to melancholy music—across genres and through time—that will lead fans through the
albums and artists integral to the miserablist landscape. In A-Z format, this concise guide features the masters of
meloncholy such as Robert Johnson, Leonard Cohen, Edith Piaf, Scott Walker, Nina Simone, Miles Davis,
Morrisey, Patsy Cline, and Johnny Cash. This is not only a compendium of the greatest sad songs and artists of the
modern era, but will also include a collection of essays explaining the power of particular songs and artists and a
top 100 list of the saddest songs of all time. It explains what draws us to sad music, and how sad music actually
makes us happy. The author, a musician himself, plans to release an album to coincide with the publication of the
book. !t Books

UK rights: HarperCollins US; Translation: McCormick & Williams Literary Agency

Publication: August 2012                                                              (CB)
Estimated length: 368 pages
Manuscript available: January 2012

Lewis, Jerry Lee with Rick Bragg
*BURN & RAVE: A Life
From rock ‘n’ roll great Jerry Lee Lewis, and co-authored with bestselling and Pulitzer Prize winning writer Rick
Bragg, this memoir promises to be as explosive as his legendary stage performances. Known for piano-driven
smash hits such as “Great Balls of Fire” and “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On,” Jerry Lee Lewis is equally known for a
private life as wild as his stage act, from getting thrown out of Bible school (for playing his kind of music) to a

marriage to his 13-year-old cousin that nearly destroyed his career. Born into a poor family, Lewis’s parents
mortgaged their farm to buy him a piano. After being whacked by his teacher for playing his own style of music, he
quit and taught himself to play. Lewis created his style by mixing rhythm and blues, boogie-woogie, gospel, and
country music. He quickly became part of the burgeoning new rock and roll sound, and began recording hits that
brought him international fame. When he went on his now legendary, then catastrophic, tour of England, the press
discovered that he had married his 13-year-old cousin Myra Brown and hounded him out of the country. Upon
returning home, he found his career in ruins and most radio stations would not play his music. In the following
years he battled financial setbacks, alcohol abuse, the early deaths of two of his children, and a rocky sixth
marriage that ended in 2005. Now a free man and a proven trend-setter who pioneered a style of music he alone
designed, Jerry Lee Lewis still tours the world and plays the piano like nobody else. !t Books

World rights excluding France, Holland, and UK (Dunow, Carlson & Lerner)

Publication: September 2012                                                        (CB)
Estimated length: 320 pages with photo insert
Manuscript: January 2012

Marsh, Ed W.
Kirkland, Douglas
Cameron, James
*JAMES CAMERON’S TITANIC (Collector’s Edition)
JAMES CAMERON’S TITANIC chronicles the cinematic re-creation of the most legendary ocean disaster of all time
as seen through the eyes of a master storyteller. Set against the ship’s fateful maiden voyage, Cameron’s
Academy Award-winning motion picture epic weaves a rich human tapestry of romance, heroism, tragedy and
greed. Within these pages is a detailed look at the monumental effort by thousands of artists and craftsmen to
accurately re-create the “ship of dreams,” including the full-size exterior replica of the ship and the seventeen-
million-gallon tank facility designed to sink her; a wealth of detailed interior spaces; new discoveries from
Cameron’s 1995 dives to the wreck, some two-and-a-half miles below the ocean surface; studies of the ornate
wardrobe, makeup and hairstyles that defined the look of the “Gilded Age”’ an overview of the film’s
groundbreaking visual-effects work; and in-depth interviews with cast and crew, all referenced to the historic events
of the Titanic’s maiden, and final, voyage. This collector’s edition will include all the original content from the
first book as well as a new and extended introduction by James Cameron, twenty-six newly designed
pages with never-before-seen images from the film studio and Cameron’s personal archive, behind-the-
scenes stories from Cameron himself detailing the making of and art of the original film, and a revelatory
look at the technical process of transforming original film into a dynamic 3D version. Celebrated for such
uncompromising action-adventure films as The Terminator, Aliens, and Avatar, James Cameron is bringing this
beloved film back to the big screen to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Titanic’s sinking. Ed W. Marsh is an
independent filmmaker and writer whose behind-the-scenes credits include Where the Wild Things Are,
Independence Day, Terminator 2, and Titanic. Douglas Kirkland has spent more than thirty years intimately
documenting the lives and happenings of Hollywood in pictures. He provides a sensitive in-depth look at the cast,
crew, costumes, sets, special effects and more. Harper Design

Original edition licensed to (all licenses expired): Chinese (Complex)/Crown Publishing; French/J’ai Lu;
German/Burgschmiet Verlag; Hungarian/Mediant; Italian/Piemme; Japanese/Take Shobo; Korean/Teenstar;
Polish/Panteon; Portuguese (Brazil)/Manole; Russian/Slovo; Slovene/UCILA; UK/Boxtree

Publication: March 2012                                                            (CBR)
Estimated length: 208 pages; four-color throughout
Sample material available: November 2011

Overstreet, Wylie
From the creator of the hilarious Internet meme “If Historical Events Had Facebook Statuses,” A WORLD HISTORY
ACCORDING TO FACEBOOK is a full-blown, highly illustrated satire of human history and social media culture.
Overstreet’s first article published on, “If Historical Events had Facebook Statuses,” received 3
million views within one month. Overstreet now expands his article into a full-length history of the world, from its
creation to the present day, as if Facebook had existed all along. Filled with hundreds of real-life historical figures
and thousands of not-at-all-real Facebook statuses, comments, and actions, and parodying Facebook users’

proclivity to over-share and use lazy jargon, this is the definitive humor book for our generation and a spot-on
parody of Facebook and its over 500 million users. !t Books

Publication: January 2012                                                           (CB)
Estimated length: 208 pages; 4-color illustrations throughout
Manuscript available

Philbin, Regis
TV icon and successful talk-show host Regis Philbin regaled audiences with his stories for more than 40 years, but
he saved the most hilarious, surprising, heartfelt and inspiring tales for now. Both memoir and primer for living the
good life, Regis shares the secrets to success and happiness as he has learned them from his innumerable
celebrity encounters. From an awkward first meeting with Jack Nicholson to early encounters with a young Ronald
Reagan and a shy, as-of-yet-unknown, 18-year-old Steven Spielberg, Regis reveals the many influences that have
shaped his life philosophy. He talks about his interactions and full-blown adventures with Bing Crosby, Donald
Trump, Dean Martin, Jerry Seinfeld, Cary Grant, George Clooney, and many others. Invaluable advice closes each
chapter with Regis’s trademark gratitude and humility, making this an entertaining and candid guide to living a
positive life. !t Books

Publication: November 2011                                                          (CB)
Estimated length: 336 pages; 2 16-page color inserts
Manuscript available

Richards, Kyle
*LIFE IS NOT A REALITY SHOW: Keeping it Real with the Housewife Who Has It “All”
In the wild world of Beverly Hills, high-priced glam squads, flashy cars, and off-the-charts drama are the norm.
Enter Kyle Richards: sister of Kim Richards and Kathy Hilton (and aunt, of course, to Paris!), she’s practically
royalty in the 90210 zip code. And yet her loving family life, lack of pretention, and “girl’s girl” attitude made her a
breath of fresh air on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Now, Kyle is revealing how she achieves that perfect
blend of celebrity and normality. In this collection of best tips, advice, and strategies, Kyle will help readers create
that blend of glitz and savvy in the four major areas of their own lives: family and relationships; style—from fashion
to home décor; beauty—readers will be treated to Kyle’s best beauty tricks; and the X factor—Kyle will help readers
from every zip code cultivate the general aura of fabulousness that keeps viewers tuning in to The Real
Housewives of Beverly Hills. This is a must-read for every fan of the show and any avid consumer of pop culture.

Publication: January 2012                                                           (CBR)
Estimated length: 256 pages; 2 16-page color photo inserts
Manuscript available

Riggs, Ransom
*TALKING PICTURES: Images and Messages Rescued from the Past
A haunting collection of old photographs with evocative inscriptions that illuminate intensely personal moments. In
this stunning collection of found images from the past, men, women, and children are pulled from obscurity, and
their inscriptions open up a whole new world by taking us into an intensely personal sliver of experience that
anyone can relate to. Grouped into categories like “Love and Marriage,” “Road Trip,” “Clowning Around,” and “The
Dead,” the images reveal secrets, express pain and longing, and capture moments of honesty like no other
medium. Riggs Ransom is a novelist, journalist, photographer, and documentary film maker. He has collected old
photographs of people he doesn’t know all his life. !t Books

Publication: February 2012                                                          (CB)
Estimated length: 208 pages; 7 x 8 trim; b&w photos throughout
Manuscript available: October 2011

Schiller, Lawrence
A stunning collection of rare images from a single nearly-nude photo shoot with Marilyn Monroe—gorgeously
reproduced and many never before seen—that capture her in a late moment of intimacy. In May 1962, young
photographer Lawrence Schiller got the plum job of shooting 35-year-old Marilyn Monroe—looking healthy and
radiant, lounging in and by a pool, in and out of a blue bathrobe—in a nighttime scene being shot for her upcoming
movie, Something’s Got to Give. Weeks later, Monroe was fired and the production shut down; months later, she
was dead. In MY MARILYN, Schiller opens the vault to reveal his complete shoot from that day—in a combination
of gloriously reproduced plates and contact sheets. In a moving introductory essay, Schiller tells the story of the
time he spent with Monroe—the vulnerable actress trying to hold herself together at her moment of greatest
challenge. The book will contain 80-100 photographs and 30,000 words. !t Books

Publication: May 2012                                                              (CB)
Estimated length: 144 pages; 8 x 8 trim; color throughout
Manuscript available: October 2011

Simmons, Gene and Stanley, Paul
*NOTHIN’ TO LOSE: The Making of KISS (1972-1975)
KISS’ founding members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, along with writer Ken Sharp, deliver an up-close and
personal oral history of the band’s formation, early struggles, and ultimately, massive success. Next year marks
the 40 anniversary of the founding of KISS, and the band remains active and popular. They have been awarded
24 Gold Albums, and worldwide sales exceed 100 million. In addition to the four original band members, Sharp
interviews their roadies, producers, management, tech guys, promoters, and many others who offer the details in
the making of their first three studio albums as well as their breakthrough, Alive! Easily identified by its members’
face paint and flamboyant stage outfits, KISS’ elaborate live performances featured fire breathing, blood spitting,
smoking guitars, shooting rockets, levitating drum kits, and pyrotechnics. With hundreds of rarely-or never-before-
seen photographs, this book promises to reveal all about the “hottest show on earth.” !t Books

Publication: July 2012                                                             (CB)
Estimated length: 448 pages; 6 x 9 trim; photos throughout
Manuscript available: November 2011

Skaggs, Ricky
Ricky Skaggs is one of the most prominent singers and musicians in the history of bluegrass and country music.
Mentored by the “father of bluegrass,” Bill Monroe, Skaggs became a professional musician at age fifteen and by
twenty-one he was considered a “recognized master” of one of music’s most demanding art forms. After several hit
albums and a total of fourteen Grammy Awards to his credit, he has become bluegrass music’s official
ambassador. In his widely anticipated memoir, Skaggs tells the stories of his successful career, profiles his
musical heroes and influences, and paints a unique insider look at the evolution of bluegrass. Full of heartfelt
honesty and humor, this powerful memoir will speak to bluegrass and country music lovers and will delight his
growing legions of fans. !t Books

Publication: March 2012                                                            (CB)
Estimated length: 288 pages; 16-page color photo insert
Manuscript available

Statman, Alisa and Tate, Brie
*RESTLESS SOULS: The Sharon Tate Family’s Account of Stardom, Murder, and a Crusade
If you think Helter Skelter provided the last word on the horrific murders of celebrated actress Sharon Tate and four
others by the notorious “Manson family,” think again. Informed by the unpublished memoirs, personal letters and
diaries of Tate’s late mother, father, and sister, RESTLESS SOULS is the most revealing, riveting, and emotionally
raw account not just of these gruesome slayings, the hunt and capture of the killers and the behind-the-scenes
drama of their trials, but it is also a moving account of the torment victims’ families endure for years after such
tragedy. Sharon’s mother, father and sister, each in their turn, attempted to write memoirs of their ordeal to share
their side of the story with the world. Now, close family friend Alisa Statman, and Sharon’s niece, Brie Tate,
recount the Tate family truths in this rare glimpse at the post-trauma survival of a family. !t Books

Publication: February 2012                                                         (CB)
Estimated length: 384 pages; 16-page photo insert
Manuscript available: November 2011

Suchard, Lior
MIND READER: Unlocking the Secrets and Powers of a Mentalist
The internationally renowned supernatural entertainer Lior Suchard is known for combining his amazing magic
skills with lots of humor. Lior Suchard is unique in his field and in his show, Supternatural Entertainment, he
demonstrates breathtaking telepathic and extra-sensory abilities. His charm, creativity, and jaw-dropping magic
turn his show into a rare and unforgettable experience. He shows his audience that reading someone’s mind can
be as easy as reading a newspaper. In his mesmerizing book, he will show readers how to actualize their own
abilities as mentalists. !t Books

Publication: April 2012                                                            (CB)
Estimated length: 224 pages with 8-page color insert
Manuscript available

Walker, Butch
DRINKING WITH STRANGERS: Music Lessons from a Teenage Bullet Belt
From Butch Walker, voted one of Rolling Stone’s “Producer of the Year,” and called one of “America’s best singer-
songwriters” (Rolling Stone) comes a behind-the-scenes memoir of his music career, from his roots in Georgia to
his current producing days in Hollywood where he works with some of today’s hottest talent, including Weezer,
Katy Perry, Dashboard Confessional, Pink, Tommy Lee, Fall Out Boy, and The Donnas to name a few. Since his
days with his Georgia band, the Marvelous 3, Butch Walker has been a successful record producer and performer--
he’s played with Taylor Swift at the Grammys, he sells out shows across the country every year, and he continues
to produce and write songs for some of today’s most popular musical acts. And although Butch has made his
career look easy, it’s been an epic and colorful battle every step of the way—he’s lived in his car when he couldn’t
make ends meet; has been kicked off by about 4 record labels (and he’s not afraid to name names of those
executives he doesn’t like); he lost all of his belongings (including some of his master recordings) when the
Hollywood house he was renting from Flea, of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, burned to the ground during the wild fires
in California in ‘07; and although he was originally supposed to be one of the judges on Mark Burnett’s ROCK
STAR, along with his friend Tommy Lee, his appearances ended up in the cutting room floor because he was too
critical of the performers. Just like THE KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE chronicled the ups and downs of Hollywood
movie making, DRINKING WITH STRANGERS is Walker’s unique look at the music industry—he’s that rare talent
who plays on both sides of the music world as both producer AND performer (common in hip hop but a rarity in
rock) with a unique vantage point to tell the tales of all the changes in the music world as they’ve happened over
the last 10 years, through his own story. William Morrow

Publication: November 2011                                                         (JS)
Estimated length: 272 pages, 8-page b&w photo insert
Galley available

Wiederhorn, Jon and Katherine Turman
LOUDER THAN HELL: The Uncensored, Unflinching Saga of Forty Years of Metal Mahem
From two veteran rock journalists, LOUDER THAN HELL is the definitive oral history of heavy metal that includes
interviews with members of Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Korn, Pantera, Van Halen, Limp Bizkit, and more. Straight
from the bands, this is an examination of the cultural phenomenon of heavy metal, a maligned genre that has not
only stood the test of time, but has metamorphosed with each new generation of bands and audiences. The book
features over 100 interviews conducted over the past 25 years with established metal musicians discussing their
often-traumatic upbringings, musical histories, battles with substance abuse, sexual exploits, plus expert analysis of
the heavy metal scene from the ‘60s to the present. With additional insight from industry insiders, LOUDER THAN
HELL will be the single most important trove of heavy metal ever compiled. !t Books

Publication: April 2012                                                            (CB)
Estimated length: 368 pages; 16-page color insert
Manuscript available: November 2011

Wills, David
MARILYN MONROE: Metamorphosis
A collection of stunning photographs of Marilyn Monroe covering the early years through to the end of her life.
Intimate, and rarely seen, these dramatic and glamorous photographs portray a screen icon beyond compare.
Taken by various photographers, the pictures come from collector David Wills and they capture Marilyn’s beauty
and personality flawlessly. This will be a lush volume of exquisite and arresting photos that illuminate the life of a
legend. The 50 anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death is August 2012. Full color throughout. !t Books

Rights sold: French/Flammarion; German/Schirmer Mosel; Italian/Rizzoli; Poland/Znack; Swedish/ICA Bokforlag

Publication: November 2011                                                         (CB)
Estimated length: 320 pages; color and b&w throughout; 9 x 11 ½ trim
Manuscript available

Wylde, Zaak
BRINGING METAL TO THE CHILDREN: The Complete Berzerker's Guide to World Tour Domination
In this handbook to all things Heavy Metal, Zakk Wylde, the twenty-five year music veteran of the Ozzy Osbourne
band and Black Label Society, details his survival techniques for maintaining a life on the road, managing a band of
drunk pirates, (booze and breaking things take up a lot of the how-to), and somehow making it on stage and
blowing the crowd away night after night. Beginning with Wylde’s True Rocker Test (TRT), the reader answers and
self-scores ten questions to determine if he is a True Rocker and should continue reading. Wylde continues the
journey with his epic stories about life on the road, using his Black Label Society (BLS) coaching techniques to
instruct the reader on proper touring hygiene, pre-concert preparations, and post-show etiquette. Family, friends,
tour managers and musicians share their favorite Zakk Wylde tour stories, with contributions from Slash, Slayer’s
Kerry King, Alice in Chains founder Jerry Cantrell, musician and movie director Rob Zombie, Metallica frontman
James Hetfield and bassist Robert Trujillo, Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell, and of course, the
Godfather of heavy metal, Ozzy Osbourne. BRINGING METAL TO THE CHILDREN also features a Wylde’s music
equipment set-ups, guitar techniques and exclusive tips for the aspiring Metal Musician as well as the best methods
for destroying a guitar on stage and personally developed strategy, plans and diagrams for setting up a shooting
range on the tour bus. Enter at your own risk the widely speculative and truly dangerous (especially to drummers)
rock ‘n roll road show with the man who turned Heavy Metal touring into a journey of fantastical excess. William

Rights sold: UK/HarperCollins UK; Italian/Tsunami

Publication: March 2012                                                       (JS)
Estimated length: 320 pages; b&w photos throughout; 8-page color photo insert
Manuscript available: October 2011


Beauregard, Mario
MIND SCIENCE: A Neuroscientist Offers Proof of Where the Brain Ends and Consciousness Begins
From the author of THE SPIRITUAL BRAIN comes a challenge to materialist science, which assumes that human
beings are essentially collections of material particles, and all our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, intentions, sense of
self and spiritual experiences are nothing more than electrochemical impulses in our brains. In MIND SCIENCE, Dr.
Beauregard presents a series of empirical evidence demonstrating that the materialist model of reality is just plain
false and that humans are much more than material machines. He introduces scientific findings that indicate that
thoughts, beliefs, emotions, volition, and mental images can greatly influence the activity of the brain and the
physiological systems (e.g., immune system, endocrine system). He shows that meditation training can change the
physical structure of the brain and presents research data on near-death experiences indicating that mind and
consciousness can continue when the brain is no longer functional. Mind and consciousness can survive physical
death, can significantly influence cerebral activity and the physiological systems connected to this organ; the
human mind can also interact at a distance with physical systems (e.g., electronic devices) and biological
organisms (e.g., microorganisms, plants, animals, humans), and operate beyond brain. This emerging worldview
has deep social, moral, and spiritual implications and may contribute to the appearance of a planetary form of
consciousness. Mario Beauregard is currently Associate Research Professor at the Departments of Psychology
and Radiology, and the Neuroscience Research Center, Université de Montréal. He is the author of THE
SPIRITUAL BRAIN, and more than 100 publications in neuroscience, psychology and psychiatry. His
groundbreaking work on the neurobiology of mind, emotion and spiritual experiences has received international
media coverage. His work has been covered by major newspapers and magazines such as The Daily Telegraph,
The Guardian, The Globe and Mail,          National Post, Scientific American Mind, Science Magazine, The New
Scientist, and The Economist. In 2010, Dr. Beauregard received the Spectrum Award from the World Organization
for Human Potential (WOHP, USA) for his work in neuroscience. HarperOne

Rights sold: English in Canada/HarperCollins Canada

THE SPIRITUAL BRAIN sold: Dutch/Ten Have; English in Canada/HarperCanada; French/La Maisnie;
Indonesian/LangitBiru; Korean/Book 21; Polish/WAM; Portuguese (Brazil)/Record

Publication: May 2012                                                               (CBR)
Estimated length: 304 pages
Manuscript available: November 2011

Bergstein, Rachelle
*WOMEN FROM THE ANKLE DOWN: The Story of Shoes and How They Define Us
The story of shoes in the past hundred-plus years is the story of women, told from the ankle down. From Marilyn
Monroe’s Ferragamo stilettos to Jane Fonda’s Reeboks, WOMEN FROM THE ANKLE DOWN is a delightful romp
through the history of shoes and the women who wore them. Women love shoes. But how did we get here? What
is it about footwear that leaves women so breathless? Part social history, part fashion history and part pop-culture
celebration, this book opens in the rural village of Bonito, Italy where a young Salvatore Ferragamo set out to
change the landscape for footwear, and ends in New York City, where a fictional socialite named Carrie Bradshaw
refused to settle for Mr. Wrong and felt entitled to treat herself to expensive shoes. It makes pit-stops in Hollywood,
where Judy Garland first slipped on her ruby slippers; in New Jersey, where Nancy Sinatra heard something
special in a song about boots; and in the streets of Manhattan, where the 1980 transit strike caused women to kick
off their heels and step into new cutting-edge athletic shoes for their commutes. The book explores the stories
behind these historical moments, and draws in the design innovations and social changes that gave each one its
lasting significance and appeal. Harper

Publication: June 2012                                                              (JS)
Estimated length: 256 pages
Manuscript available: October 2011

Bertoldi, Concetta
*INSIDE THE OTHER SIDE: Soul Contracts, Life Lessons, and How Dead People Help Us, Between Here and
New York Times bestselling author of DO DEAD PEOPLE WATCH YOU SHOWER and celebrity medium,
Concetta Bertoldi shares, with humor and gravitas, her own experiences with loss, and offers anecdotes of those
she’s read for over the years. It is Life on Earth where we need to meet challenges, learn lessons, and grow
spiritually even as we cope with a sense of “aloneness” and “not enough-ness” or the loss of a loved one. Through
all of this our guardian angels, those who have crossed to the Other Side, offer us loving, behind the scenes
assistance. In this latest book, Concetta explains the importance of the agreements we make with God before
being born into a new physical life. She gives advice on coping with life’s difficult issues, from relationships to lack
of abundance, to illness and aging, and coping with loss. Harper Paperbacks

DO DEAD PEOPLE WATCH YOU SHOWER sold in Albania/Hemma 999; Brazil/Pensamento Cultrix; France/ADA;
Germany/Droemer; Holland/Kosmos; Japan/Tokuma Shoten; Latvia/Diena; Portugal/Estrela Polar; Spain/Martinez

Publication: July 2012                                                              (CB)
Estimated length: 256 pages
Manuscript available: January 2012

Casti, John L
X-EVENTS: How Advanced Societies Will Collapse
Nassim Taleb’s The Black Swan meets Jared Diamond’s Collapse in this provocative and highly readable account
about how today’s advanced societies are highly vulnerable to extreme events that could topple civilization like a
house of cards. A complex system has formed on a scale never before imagined. All it may take to send civilization
crashing backward by a millennium is a nudge from what complexity theorists like John Casti call an “X-Event,” an
unpredictable scenario that yields extreme consequences. When the X-Event hits, finance, communication, and
travel will halt. The flow of food, electricity, medicine, and clean water will cease. What will you do? A renowned
complexity scientist, Dr. Casti shows how our world has become impossibly complex. Technology is advancing at
an exponential rate and so too is our reliance on technology for every aspect of our lives. Yet it is a rule of
mathematics that higher and higher levels of complexity make a system correspondingly more fragile and
vulnerable to sudden, spectacular collapse. Fascinating and chilling, X-EVENTS (shorthand for “extreme events”)
provides a provocative tour of the catastrophic outlier scenarios that would send us back to the horse-and-buggy
era in a flash: global financial “black swans”; the world-wide crash of the internet that would halt all communication;
the end of oil, nuclear winter, “nano-plagues”; robot uprisings; electromagnetic-pulse bombs; pandemic viruses;
and more. John L. Casti, Ph.D., is Senior Research Scholar at the International Institute for Applied Systems
Analysis, where he heads an initiative for the study on Extreme Events in Human Society. He worked for many
years at the Sante Fe Institute and the RAND Corporation, as well as serving on the faculties of Princeton, the
University of Arizona, and NYU. A former editor of the journal Complexity, Casti received his Ph.D. in mathematics
from the University of Southern California. He lives in Vienna, Austria. William Morrow

Publication: June 2012                                                              (JS)
Estimated length: 320 pages, with 25 b&w illustrations
Manuscript available

Everett, Marshall
WRECK AND SINKING OF THE TITANIC: The Ocean's Greatest Disaster: A Graphic and Thrilling Account
of the Sinking of the Greatest Floating Palace Ever Built Carrying Down to Watery Graves More Than 1,500
First published in 1912, within months of the sinking of the Titanic, this historic edition is a somber yet
sensationalistic look at the contemporary accounts of the time. As set forth in the original jacket copy, this “graphic
and thrilling account of the sinking of the greatest palace ever built, carrying down to watery graves more than
1,500 souls… gives exciting escapes from death and acts of heroism not equaled in ancient or modern times, as
told by the survivors, and includes the history of icebergs, the terror of the seas, wireless telegraphy, and modern
shipbuilding.” Now back in print, our collector’s edition features specially commissioned illustrations and an
updated package from one of London’s leading design studios, Minalima, as well as photographs sourced from The
Titanic Historical Society archives. An all-new foreword dissects the events leading up to the great disaster and
contextualizes the cultural influence of the Titanic today. Re-imagined by the same design team that brought Harry

Potter Film Wizardry to life, it is designed to replicate the look and feel of the original 1912 publication, complete
with a weathered and worn cloth-like cover, decorative ribbon marker, a hand-drawn, color-tinted map of the ship’s
voyage, and gold-foil stamped pages. Without a doubt, it promises to be a one-of-a-kind collector’s item. Miraphora
Mina and Eduardo Lima are the creative minds behind Minalima, one of London’s top design studios. Having
started their careers as the graphic designers for all eight of the Harry Potter movies, they specialize in producing
books as film props and packaged gifts. Harper Design

Publication: February 2012
Estimated length: 288 pages; full-color throughout                                (CBR)
Sample material available

Faber, Urijah
Keown, Tim
Mixed Martial Arts pioneer Urijah “The California Kid” Faber combines The 48 Laws of Power, the humor of Got
Fight?, and the classic Eastern philosophy of The Art of War in this unconventional and enlightening guide to
mental dominance and personal success. Thanks to a combination of physical prowess, indomitable will, and sharp
and unconventional powers of observation, Urijah Faber has risen to the top of the mixed martial arts food chain. In
THE LAWS OF THE RING, he draws from these strengths, providing a unique and deeply personal look at life in
and outside the cage—lessons fans can use to shape their own worlds. Part self-help book, personal journey, and
meditation on a well-lived life, THE LAWS OF THE RING is filled with funny, provocative, and inspirational stories
that provide a colorful glimpse into the rise of a young superstar and the philosophy behind his success. THE
LAWS OF THE RING offers his reflections on success and failure through his “10 Laws of Power” and his “Five
Laws of Weakness.” He speaks frankly about personal role models like Randy Couture, as well as human
barnacles such as “Internet Steve,” one of the many hangers-on who have given Faber a unique look at the dark
side of fame. “My way isn’t for everyone,” Faber says, “but everyone can take something away from my
experience.” William Morrow

Publication: April 2012                                                            (JS)
Estimated length: 224 pages, with 8-page color photo insert
Manuscript available: October 2011

Fawcett, Bill
The saying goes…“Those Who Forget History are Doomed to Repeat It.” This engrossing and fact-filled collection
sheds light on the historical lessons we’ve failed to learn and the failures this has doomed us to repeat over and
over again. Time and again mankind has faced down problems, but has failed to take the hard earned knowledge
into the next battle of the same nature. In this unique compilation, Fawcett illuminates those problems and the
common threads that have stumped us for centuries, including: Financial disasters like the Tulip Bubble and the
South Pacific Bubble; Terrorists, Anarchists, Wobblies, Luddites; military insurencies; inflation and devaluation of
currency; the rise of radical political minorities; pandemics and epidemics; ecological collapse and more. With over
35 chapters, DOOMED TO REPEAT is full of trivia, history, and fascinating looks at the world’s repeated mistakes.
Harper Paperbacks

Publication: August 2012                                                           (CB)
Estimated length: 320 pages
Manuscript available: February 2012

Fleder, Rob
DAMN YANKEES: Twenty-Four Major League Writers on the World’s Most Loved (and Hated) Team
An exciting compendium of superb writing about the most notorious sports franchise in America, by some of our
most admired authors, DAMN YANKEES! will appeal to even the most disinterested baseball fan. From Pete
Dexter to Jane Leavy, Roy Blount Jr. to James Surowiecki, Daniel Okrent to Will Leitch, these essays are
historically relevant, analytically sound, genuinely biased, and hilarious. The writers bring to the plate personal
stories about Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle, economic theories about pinstripes, and much more. Rob Fleder was
Executive Editor of Sports Illustrated and the Editor of SI Books during his 20 years at Time Inc. He was the editor
CHEERLEADERS, among other NY Times bestsellers. Ecco

Publication: April 2012                                                            (CBR)
Estimated length: 320 pages
Manuscript available

Fox, John
*BOUNCE (title to change): A Brief History of the Ball and How It Taught the World to Play
An engaging, popular history of the ball and the evolution of human play, BOUNCE takes us to the far reaches of
the globe and the deep recesses of our ancient past to answer a child’s question: “Why do we play ball, anyway?”
Inspired by the curiosity of his sport-obsessed 8-year-old son, anthropologist John Fox sets off on a global
adventure to explore the untold history of our favorite ball games, their origins and evolution, and how a simple
invention like the ball has come through time to stake an unrivaled claim on our passions, our money, and our lives.
Part history, part travelogue, and part sportscast, BOUNCE takes us from the jungles of Mexico to the farm country
of Ohio and from the courts of the ancient Pharaohs to the virtual playing fields of “Second Life,” to explore the
gritty, ritualistic, violent, bizarre, primal drama of ball games as we’ve played them across the centuries. John Fox,
a Harvard Ph.D. in anthropology, has excavated ancient ball courts in Central America, traced Marco Polo’s route
across China, and biked Africa’s Rift Valley in search of human origins. He has worked as an academic, and, more
recently, as a co-leader of the Quest Channel Expeditions, a pioneering adventure learning program that took him
and an online audience of a million young people on expeditions across six continents to explore the world’s
greatest scientific and historic mysteries. His writing has appeared in Smithsonian, Outside, Salon,, and
other publications. Harper Perennial

UK rights: HarperCollins US; Translation: Sterling Lord Literistic

Publication: May 2012                                                              (JS)
Estimated length: 320 pages, with 8-pg b&w insert
Manuscript available: October 2011

Gonick, Larry
A refreshingly humorous and completely useful guide to calculus, from the author of New York Times bestseller
TO GENETICS. This book is an entertaining, graphic immersion into a challenging subject, using humor and fun—
instead of repetition and pop quizzes—to engage and inspire (and, in the end, teach) readers. This is a complete
and up-to-date course in college level calculus, presented as a graphic novel instead of a dry, number-ridden
textbook. Finally, things like "limits," "derivatives," "integrals," and "infinite series" will mean something. Harper

THE CARTOON GUIDE TO CHEMISTRY sold in Chinese (complex)/Commonwealth; Chinese (simplified)/Popular
Science Press; Indonesian/Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia; Japanese/Hakuyosha; Korean/Kungree;
Portuguese/Publicacoes Gravida

Publication: January 2012                                                          (CBR)
Estimated length: 256 pages; illustrated throughout
Galley available

Hirshman, Linda
*VICTORY: How a Despised Minority Pushed Back, Beat Death, Found Love, and Changed America for
In the vein of Taylor Branch’s classic on the civil rights movement (Parting of the Waters), VICTORY is a popular
history of the gay rights movement—the stunning success story of how a dedicated minority transformed the notion
of American equality and forged a classic campaign for cultural change. Through rich archival material and over
100 interviews, VICTORY tells the story of how, in less than forty years, a band of despised, quarrelsome,
marginal, closeted people grew to the army that made a revolution in the most fundamental area of human identity:
how we find love and how we reproduce ourselves. Much has been written about the gay struggle and gay rights—
the Plague Years, the men and women who made Stonewall, the short career of Harvey Milk, the marriage
arguments pro and con—but no one has written the full story from start to finish and certainly not as a political
classic. A retired labor lawyer, Linda Hirshman is the author of Get to Work: A Manifesto for Women of the World,

Hard Bargains: The Politics of Sex, and A Woman’s Guide to Law School (1999, Viking/Penguin). She received her
J.D. from the University of Chicago Law School and her Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Chicago and taught
Philosophy and Women’s Studies at Brandeis University. Harper

UK rights: HarperCollins US; Translation: Kuhn Projects

Publication: June 2012                                                                (JS)
Estimated length: 320 pages, with 8-pg b&w insert
Manuscript available: January 2012

Huntington, Foster
Imagine if THE BOOK OF QUESTIONS were boiled down to just one: If your house were on fire, what would
you take? The answers are evocative, compelling, and completely addictive. From the creator of, this confessional book sets in motion a philosophical conflict between the practical, the
valuable, and the sentimental. You are forced to prioritize and boil down a life of accrued possessions into what
you can carry with you, offering a meditation on materialism and what’s truly important. With a broad array of
contributions from around the world, plus photographs throughout, THE BURNING HOUSE opens an incisive
window into the heart of a person. !t Books

Publication: July 2012                                                                (CB)
Estimated length: 192 pages; 8 ¼ x 7 ½; 200 color photos
Manuscript available: December 2011

Kenny, Deborah
A paradigm-shifting model for revolutionizing schools and leading organizations by changing culture, from the
founder of one of education’s greatest success stories. Deborah Kenny was a young single mother of three who
turned personal tragedy into triumph when she founded the Harlem Village Academies. Under her leadership,
students have achieved dramatic gains. Despite entering among the lowest 20th percentile in the country in 2008,
Harlem Village Academies made history when 100% of eighth graders passed the New York State math test,
ranking them #1 of all public schools in New York State. In 2010, 100% scored proficient in science and 100% in
social studies. Their teachers are smart, driven, and caring. How do they do it? The answer is culture. How people
feel at work—how they are treated, and the values exhibited by their colleagues-determines the caliber of people
who are attracted to an organization. But BE THE CULTURE is not just an education book. It’s also a model for
leading organizations of all kinds. Through a culture of accountability, Kenny shows teachers, parents, and
business leaders how to create a passion for learning and change in their own organizations. Dr. Deborah Kenny
is widely regarded as one of the most influential education entrepreneurs in the country, and a highly respected
authority on public education. Oprah named Kenny one of the most powerful women of 2010, and Esquire named
her one of the country’s “Best and Brightest.” Kenny is the founder and CEO of Harlem Village Academies, and she
is founder of a new, national multimedia venture, “Education Community,” which launched in Spring 2011, and
shares insights and inspiration with parents, educators, college students, and the general public. Harper

Publication: June 2012
Estimated length: 272 pages
Manuscript available: November 2011                                                   (JS)

McGee, William
ATTENTION ALL PASSENGERS: The Truth About the Airline Industry
From investigative journalist William J. McGee comes ATTENTION ALL PASSENGERS, a systematic indictment of
the airline industry that reveals the palpable safety risks of outsourcing, the outrage and folly of airport security, and
the appalling corporate strategies behind the deceptions that hapless passengers endure. A Fast Food Nation for
the airline industry, ATTENTION ALL PASSENGERS exposes how various aspects of the industry work (security,
rewards programs, corporate strategy, maintenance outsourcing, etc.). As a journalist for Consumer Reports and
and the former Editor of Consumer Reports Travel Letter, McGee is the perfect match of writer with his subject.
McGee also writes a monthly travel column for, and has contributed to Condé Nast Traveler, The
New York Times, The Washington Post, Money, New York, Parents, Good Housekeeping, and many other
magazines, newspapers, Web sites, and blogs. Prior to becoming a journalist, McGee spent nearly seven years in

airline flight operations management; he is an FAA-licensed aircraft dispatcher and served in the U.S. Air Force

UK rights: HarperCollins US; Translation: Rob Weisbach Creative Management

Publication: May 2012
Estimated length: 304 pages
Manuscript available: October 2011                                                   (JS)

Parnell, Sean with John R. Bruning
OUTLAW PLATOON: A Season of War in the Bloodiest Corner of Afghanistan
This is just about as raw and real as battle narratives get. Few platoon-level accounts today have the sustained,
combat-intensive nature of Parnell’s story from the Afghanistan-Pakistan border in 2006 and 2007. Part of the
legendary 10th Mountain Division, Parnell’s unit, nicknamed “Outlaw Platoon,” was given a job that it was uniquely
trained for: rooting Taliban insurgents out of a mountain valley some thirty miles south of the area Sebastian Junger
wrote about in his current bestseller, War. (Parnell, after his deployment, helped train Junger’s unit for its own
deployment.) In their sixteen months in that death trap, Parnell and his men killed some 350 insurgent fighters in
pitched battle—without inflicting any civilian casualties. They sustained 85 percent casualties themselves, a figure
the U.S. Army hasn’t seen since Gettysburg. Sean Parnell, a U.S. Army Airborne Ranger and Afghanistan
counterinsurgency subject matter expert, served in the legendary 10th Mountain Division for six years, retiring as a
highly decorated captain. For sixteen months he and his men experienced some of the most brutal fighting in this
war-torn area. His unit’s controversial final engagement against Al Qaeda forces, in January 2006, prompted a
turning point in U.S.-Pakistani relations. John R. Bruning is the author or collaborating writer of fifteen nonfiction
and military history books, including the critically acclaimed Shadow of the Sword with Jeremiah Workman
(Ballantine/Presidio), How to Break a Terrorist with Matthew Alexander (Free Press), House to House with David
Bellavia (Free Press), The Devil's Sandbox (Zenith), and Ghost: Confessions of a Counterterrorism Agent with Fred
Burton. William Morrow

Publication: February 2012                                                           (JS)
Estimated length: 400 pages, 16-page b&w photo insert
Manuscript available

Pearson, Will
Hattikudur, Mangesh
Mental_floss: The Book - The Greatest Lists in the History of Listory
In the spirit of their top-selling book, CONDENSED KNOWLEGE, the geniuses at mental_floss are back with a
trivia-packed book of funny, surprising, and entertainingly informative lists—timed to the 10th anniversary of the
award-winning magazine. This new book features more than 200 lists in a smart and eminently browsable
collection that covers every topic imaginable, from sports to politics to food to zombies, and combines the most
popular lists from ten years of magazine and website content, as well as 20% brand new, never-before-seen lists.
Blurring a line between entertainment and education, mental_floss makes learning not only easy but endlessly
addictive. Harper Paperbacks

Publication: November 2011                                                           (CBR)
Estimated length: 320 pages; 75-100 four-color illustrations
Manuscript available

Phipps, Carter
EVOLUTIONARIES: The Visionary New Synthesis of Science, Soul, and Purpose
“Carter Phipps brilliantly expands our understanding of evolution by showing us that a new science is emerging—
one that will holistically integrate theories of consciousness, cosmology, and evolution. Evolutionaries is going to
help create a worldview that will influence our vision of the future direction of evolution and also our role in
consciously participating in it” —Deepak Chopra
This first popular presentation of an emerging school of thought called “evolutionary spirituality” will do for evolution
what Gary Zukav and Lynne McTaggart have done for physics. Evolution is the most creative, awe-inspiring force
in the universe—it propelled the world from the Big Bang to the wonders of human achievement. Sadly we’ve
reduced all discussion of evolution to a debate between two opposing sides, the Godless Darwinists vs. anti-
science Creationists. But in fact, there is a growing spectrum of bold, visionary ideas that are causing us to

understand evolution in spiritual terms. Perfectly positioned as the influential Executive Editor of EnlightenNext
magazine, Carter Phipps has made it his life’s work to chart the emerging evolutionary theories in both science and
spirituality. This book will be the first popular guide to these exciting progressive minds who are rethinking our
conclusions about where we come from, who we are, and where we might be going. Is evolution spiritually
directed? If the universe tends toward higher and higher forms of consciousness, will humans evolve toward the
divine? Is human civilization now nearing a point where we have the power to take the reigns of evolution from
nature and consciously evolve ourselves in any direction we choose? If so, what future should we choose?
Identifying twelve distinct streams or schools of evolutionary thought, EVOLUTIONARIES reveals a fascinating,
challenging, and accurate picture of how evolution is being perceived in the spiritual, philosophical, and scientific
circles that are helping define the leading edge of contemporary culture. Carter Phipps is Executive Editor of
EnlightenNext magazine (formerly What Is Enlightenment?). He is a key player in a growing network of thinkers,
activists, spiritual leaders, scientists, scholars, and cultural pioneers who are reshaping the face of spirituality and
progressive culture today. HarperPerennial

Publication: March 2012                                                             (JS)
Estimated length: 352 pages
Manuscript available: October 2011

Roe, Richard Paul
THE SHAKESPEARE GUIDE TO ITALY: Retracing the Bard’s Unknown Travels
" . . . exciting, original and convincing . . . " —Sir Derek Jacobi
" . . . revolutionary and revelatory . . . " —Michael York
" . . . a beautiful book that will have a deep impact on our understanding of the Shakespeare plays set in Italy."
—Dr. William Leahy
“A fascinating look at a largely untouched aspect of Shakespeare’s identity and influences. —Library Journal,
starred review
Equal parts literary detective story and full-color travelogue chronicling the author’s thirty-year successful quest to
find the actual locations in which scenes of the Bard’s ten Italian plays are set, THE SHAKESPEARE GUIDE TO
ITALY will forever change our understanding of who Shakespeare really was. Roe traveled the length and breadth
of Italy, researching, seeking out and documenting the exact settings in the Italian Plays. As his forensic guide, Roe
has used only the words spoken by the playwright’s characters, and has succeeded in locating virtually every single
thing they mention. Did we know that there is still a sycamore grove outside the western walls of Verona, where
lovesick Romeo wandered? Did we know that the Athens of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is in Italy, not Greece?
And what about those “yellow sands” of which Ariel sings in “The Tempest”? Using more than 150 maps,
photographs, and paintings, Roe’s findings make for a rich, compelling, and thought-provoking journey, and
demand revisiting, yet again, that age-old question of who, exactly, wrote the plays attributed to William
Shakespeare—that literary genius who never left England. This book will also feature an introduction by the
author’s daughter, Hilary Roe Metternich, that gives a behind-the-scenes look at her father’s Shakespeare
obsession and the lengths he went to in pursuit of answers. Richard Paul Roe was a graduate of the University of
California at Berkeley with specialization in English literature and European history. He held the degree of Juris
Doctor Summa Cum Laude from Southwestern University School of Law (California). In addition to a private legal
practice spanning forty years, Mr. Roe undertook a lifelong study of Shakespeare’s so-called “Italian Plays.”
Investigation into these plays has involved in-depth examination of all the places in which the Italian Plays are set
(and to which allusions are made) as well as wide-ranging research at the British Library, the Biblioteque de Lyon,
the Library of Congress, the New York Public Library, the Huntington Library, and the Getty Center Research
Library, among others. HarperPerennial

Publication: November 2011                                                        (JS)
Estimated length: 320 pages, 180 full color and b&w photos throughout (illustrations cleared for world rights)
Galley available

Rosenblatt, Roger
KAYAK MORNING: Reflections on Love, Grief, and Small Boats
In MAKING TOAST, Roger Rosenblatt gave us the story of his family and their survival after the death of his 38-
year-old daughter, Amy. Now, in KAYAK MORNING, he gives us a personal meditation on grief itself. KAYAK
MORNING explores Roger’s years as a journalist chronicling children of war, to his own childhood, to the solace of
literature, and it reminds readers that grief is not apart from life—it encompasses life. In recalling to us what we
have lost, grief by necessity resurrects what we have had. A nuanced and finally surprising exploration of life in the

wake of insurmountable loss, KAYAK MORNING gracefully articulates the geometry of sorrow, offering readers an
unsentimental and deeply moving account of the possibility of redemption against all odds. Roger Rosenblatt’s
essays for Time and PBS have won two George Polk Awards, the Peabody, and the Emmy. He is the author of six
off-Broadway plays and fifteen books, including the national bestsellers UNLESS IT MOVES THE HUMAN HEART,
MAKING TOAST, RULES FOR AGING, and CHILDREN OF WAR, which won the Robert F. Kennedy Book Prize
and was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award. LAPHAM RISING, his first novel, was a national
bestseller. In 2008 he was appointed Distinguished Professor of English and Writing at Stony Brook University.
Ecco paperback original

MAKING TOAST sold to: Dutch/De Boekerij; German/Ullstein; Korean/Random House Korea; Portuguese
(Brazil)/Nova Fronteira; Spanish/Maeva; Swedish/Norstedts; UK/Duckworth

Publication: January 2012                                                          (CBR)
Estimated length: 160 pages
Galley available

Schonwald, Josh
THE TASTE OF TOMORROW: Dispatches from the Future of Food
For fans of Michael Pollan, a fascinating investigation that takes the conversation a step further into the trends and
technologies that are transforming the world of food, from Alice Water’s micro farm to nanotechnology and food
pills. Are food pills possible? Can we invent a new species of fish? Journalist Josh Schonwald vividly captures this
world and its characters—mad scientists, plucky entrepreneurs, renegade farmers, maverick food engineers,
brilliant idealists—racing to revolutionize what we eat. We meet a Harvard pediatrician who gave up a medical
career to change the way humans raise fish; a New York chef who believes he’s found the next great ethnic food; a
lawyer-turned-nanotechnologist who believes he can completely eliminate the need for food. Schonwald gives us a
rare glimpse at the ways new foods are invented. He has come to believe that his one-time hero Michael Pollan
has fostered a dangerous strain of anti-scientism, a foodie neo-Luddism. This culinary journey concludes with an
impassioned call to action, arguing that food production technologies such as genetic engineering, nanotechnology,
and food processing, must be embraced if we are to feed the world and protect the planet. Josh Schonwald has
written for the New York Times, Washington Post and Salon, and he edits He and his
wife and children live with an indoor aquaponic system. Harper

Publication: April 2012                                                            (JS)
Estimated length: 288 pages
Manuscript available

Scroggins, Deborah
WANTED WOMEN: Faith, Lies, and the War on Terror: The Lives of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Aafia Siddiqui
Award-winning journalist Deborah Scroggins tells the story of two extraordinary women catapulted to fame by the
War on Terror, offering a compelling look at the link between Muslim women’s rights, Islamic opposition to the
West, and the radical jihadist movement. WANTED WOMEN tells the story of two women, both smart, persuasive,
and privileged, yet political polar opposites. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, author of the New York Times bestseller Infidel, was a
Somali-born member of parliament in the Netherlands who became a fierce critic of Islam and a champion of the
West. Aafia Siddiqui was an MIT-educated scientist and radical Islamist wanted by the FBI for her ties to al-Qaeda.
Ayaan’s courage in the face of Islamist death threats made her an idol to millions of Westerners while Aafia’s
alleged imprisonment by the CIA turned her into a heroine to millions of Muslims. They both came to the West from
the periphery of the Muslim world in the early 1990s, and in different ways, their respective encounters turned them
each into a revolutionary. Scroggins follows these women from their childhoods in Africa and Pakistan, to their first
encounters with the West, to the choices each ultimately made to become a leading figure in the War on Terror.
Based on scrupulous detective work, WANTED WOMEN exposes the political machinations that have turned each
woman into a myth. To complete her research, Scroggins moved her family to Amsterdam and made regular trips
to Pakistan, the U.S., and Kenya. The project that began as a dual biography turned into a five-year investigation of
the intriguing differences and similarities between the lives of these two women. WANTED WOMEN is a powerful,
startling piece of narrative that unravels the delusions still held by the Western and the Islamic worlds about women
and warfare. A journalist and author, Deborah Scroggins holds a master’s degree in International Affairs from
Columbia University. Her first book, Emma’s War: An Aid Worker, a Warlord, Radical Island was translated into ten
languages and is presently being made into a major motion picture directed by Tony Scott, scheduled for release in
2011. Scroggins has also written for Vogue, Granta, The Nation, the Sunday Times Magazine, and many other

publications. A foreign correspondent for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, she won two Overseas Press Club
Awards and the Robert F. Kennedy Award for outstanding coverage of the disadvantaged.

Rights sold: Dutch/Jan Metz

EMMA’S WAR sold: Czech/Euromedia; Dutch/Jan Metz; German/Aufbau; Italian/Editori
dell'Arca; Norwegian/Oktober; Polish/Muza; Spanish/Marbot; Swedish/Norstedts; UK/HarperCollins

Publication: January 2012                                                           (JS)
Estimated length: 560 pages
Manuscript embargoed

Smith, Larry
THE MOMENT: Wild, Poignant, Life-Changing Stories from 125 Writers and Artists
From the creators of the New York Times bestselling Six-Word Memoir franchise, a collection of personal stories
about how a single instant—a single decision, happenstance, accident, call, conversation, letter, or tweet—had a
profound effect on a person’s life. Many think their lives follow a path, but in fact so much of our existence results
from a single moment or decision that was made on a whim. The stories of these moments range from 6 to 1,000
words, and may include photographs, comics, illustrations, handwritten letters, tweets, and more. Contributors
include famous writers such as Melissa Etheridge, Elizabeth Gilbert, Justin Halpern, Jennifer Egan, Twitter co-
founder Jack Dorsey, as well as those unknown. Harper Perennial

Publication: January 2012                                                           (CB)
Estimated length: 192 pages
Manuscript available

Stewart, Christopher
For fans of The Lost City of Z—a real-life Indiana Jones story set in the jungle of Honduras from journalist
Christopher Stewart. LOST IN THE WHITE CITY chronicles the epic search for a lost city buried somewhere deep
in the jungles of the Mosquito Coast in Honduras. The city is called Ciudad Blanca, or the White City, and explorers
as far back as the Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes have all tried to find it—with no luck. Some of the men
never came out of the jungle; they died or disappeared. Others got lost. La Mosquitia is one of the biggest, wildest,
and most impenetrable jungles in the world—known as the little Amazon. But in 1939, one man claimed he located
the El Dorado-like city. This is where our story begins. Theodore Morde was an American explorer and World War
II spy. His story is as layered and enigmatic as the White City. But there’s a twist: he died under strange
circumstances before disclosing the city’s location. There are people who actually believe that the spirits of the lost
city killed him. To this day, the mystery remains: What’s out there? What was it that drew in these explorers, and at
such terrific risk? LOST IN THE WHITE CITY is ultimately a detective story. With Morde’s secret journals in tow,
award-winning journalist Christopher Stewart sets out to find the answers. Christopher S. Stewart’s work has also
appeared in GQ, Harper’s, The New York Times Magazine, The Paris Review, Salon, Wired, and other
publications. He is the author of HUNTING THE TIGER, a book about Zeljko “Arkan” Raznatovic, the Serbian
mobster and warlord. Harper

Publication: July 2012                                                              (JS)
Estimated length: 320 pages
Manuscript available: October 2011

Strand, Oliver
New York Times staffer Oliver Strand investigates the recent fascinating evolution of the coffee world and the rise
of barista culture—reporting on its latest technology, trends, and personalities, from the centuries-old traditions of
Santa Ana to the halogen-powered siphon bars of Japan. His perspective will be global and he will focus on four
places: London, Kyoto, Santa Ana (El Salvador), and New York. Coffee consumption is a $125 billion global
industry and what goes into making every cup is one of the great untold stories of our time. Strand will explore how
coffee is being cultivated, traded, shipped, stored, roasted, sold and turned into the most important drink of your
day. Oliver Strand (the pen name of Oliver Schwaner-Albright) writes about food for the New York Times, GQ,
Food & Wine and Travel + Leisure. He covers coffee for the New York Times; his online column, Ristretto, is one of
the most popular features in the New York Times Style Magazine. He’s also the author of “The Filter,” a guide to
New York coffee for the iPhone and iPad from the New York Times. He also reviews restaurants for the $25 and
Under column in the New York Times, and his feature-length pieces regularly top the newspaper’s Most Emailed
list: “At Last, a First-Rate Coffee Town,” on New York coffee, was one of the most popular articles published this
year. An essay he wrote for Food & Wine was included in The Best Food Writing of 2010. A former professional
cook, Oliver went to Phillips Academy, Andover and studied History of Art at the University of California, Berkeley.
He was Susan Sontag’s assistant for four years, and researched REGARDING THE PAIN OF OTHERS, the follow-
up to ON PHOTOGRAPHY. Harper

UK rights: HarperCollins US; Translation: Kim Witherspoon/Inkwell

Publication: March 2013                                                           (JS)
Estimated length: 256 pages
Manuscript available: January 2012
Proposal available

Sullenberger, Chesley B.
In this follow up to his New York Times bestselling autobiography HIGHEST DUTY, Captain ‘Sully’ Sullenberger,
one of the most captivating American heroes of the last decade, asks people of achievement what it takes to lead
and inspire. Sullenberger’s subjects come from fields as diverse as technology, medicine, education, sports,
philanthropy, finance, law and the military. Among those featured are Eugene Kranz, the NASA Flight Director
during the historic Gemini and Apollo programs; Michelle Rhea, founder of the New Teacher Project; and former
Labor Secretary Robert Reich. They are a vast assortment of individuals, yet all embody the truest sense of “moral
courage” and “leadership by personal example.” Sully takes readers on an inspirational journey that asks us to
consider the fundamental question: What is the nature of leadership? And, perhaps more importantly, how can
each of us learn something that we can apply to our own lives? Captain Chesley B. ‘Sully’ Sullenberger III became
a source of inspiration and hope for millions after his successful emergency water landing of a damaged
commercial aircraft on the Hudson River. His autobiography Highest Duty was a New York Times bestseller. Co-
author Douglas Century has co-authored several national bestsellers including UNDER AND ALONE with William
Queen, TAKEDOWN with Rick Cowan, STREET KINGDOM: Five Years Inside the Franklin Avenue Posse, and IF
NOT NOW, WHEN? with Colonel Jack Jacobs. William Morrow

HIGHEST DUTY sold Chinese Simplified Characters/China Renmin University Press; German/C. Bertelsmann
Germany; Japanese/Say-Zan-Sha Publications

Publication: June 2012                                                            (JS)
Estimated length: 400 pages
Manuscript available: October 2011

Thurston, Baratunde
HOW TO BE BLACK is a satirical race manual designed for black people and those who love them by the
comedian, author, and vigilante pundit called “someone I need to know” by President Barack Obama. Expert
Baratunde Thurston is an editor at The Onion and co-founder of the black political blog Jack and Jill Politics. Black
is back! Whether measured by the election and national confusion arising from the half-black presidency of Barack
Obama or the same tired, old media images of narrowly-defined hip hop, crime and poverty, America is talking
about race again, and we’re doing a horrible job. HOW TO BE BLACK steps up where our media have failed, with a
combination of satirical step-by-step instructions, personal anecdotes, and resource guides for all your blackness
needs. Whether you’re a black person who feels trapped by the marketing driven definition of what black is
supposed to be or a non-black person who wants to be a little cooler without being called a racist, this how-to guide
will offer several useful steps. By having the audacity to claim knowledge of how to be black, this book will expose
the absolute nonsense of such a premise in a fun and enlightening manner. Baratunde Thurston was nominated for
the Bill Hicks Award for Thought Provoking Comedy, declared a Champion of the First Amendment by Iowa State,
is the co-founder of the political blog, Jack & Jill Politics and performs regularly in New York City, where he works
as web & politics editor for The Onion. Harper

Publication: February 2012           (JS)
Estimated length: 256 pages
Manuscript available: October 2011


Christensen, Clayton
Clayton Christensen has just been awarded the Harvard Business Review's McKinsey Award for the fourth time!
Based on renowned Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen’s unmatched understanding of good
management theory, and his article from Harvard Business Review which has just been awarded the 2010
McKinsey Prize for best article, HOW WILL YOU MEASURE YOUR LIFE? will reveal how to find happiness in our
careers, our relationships, and through the moral decisions we make. Professor Christensen uses examples from
his own life to make his point, giving the book a Randy Pausch sensibility as well. At the beginning of each
semester, Christensen poses three questions to his students: How can I find happiness in my career? How can my
relationships with my spouse, my family, and my close friends become an enduring source of happiness? And how
can I stay out of jail? This book will use proven management theory to help answer these questions: how the
theories behind successful business strategies can impact creating a successful strategy for life; how allocating
resources in business can impact how we allocate our personal time and energy; how tools of cooperation in
business also impact how our families can become enduring sources of happiness. And finally, how avoiding the
marginal costs mistake can help us lead lives of integrity. By introducing a scientific framework to guide life
decisions, this book will help readers find happiness, success and integrity in their professional and personal lives,
and motivate others around these goals. Clayton M. Christensen is the Robert and Jane Cizik Professor of
Business Administration at the Harvard Business School, with a joint appointment in the Technology & Operations
Management and General Management faculty groups. He is the author of several books including THE
NEXT. Before joining the faculty of Harvard Business School, Christensen worked for the Boston Consulting Group
and then served as chairman and president of Ceramics Process Systems Corporation. He is the founder of
Innosight LLC (a consulting and training firm), of Innosight Ventures ( a venture firm focused on investing in India),
and co-founder of Rose Park Advisors LLC, an investment company which applies his research as an investment
strategy. Christensen also served as a White House Fellow, as assistant to U.S. Transportation Secretaries Drew
Lewis and Elizabeth Dole. HarperBusiness

Rights sold: Chinese (Complex)/Commonwealth Publishing; Dutch/Het Spectrum; Japanese/Shoeisha;
Korean/Random House Korea: Portuguese (Brazil)/Alta Books; Russian/Alpina; Turkish/Optimist Yayim Dagitim;
UK/HarperCollins UK

Publication: June 2012                                                         (CBR)
Estimated length: 256 pages
Manuscript available: November 2011
Harvard Business Review article available; Forbes March 2011 cover story available

Kellerman, Barbara
Harvard University Professor Barbara Kellerman argues that in the 21st century, our fixation on the leader, on the
individual rather than on the constellation, is misplaced and misguided. The world is too complex and the forces
impinging on it too powerful and too numerous to bestow on leaders, on leadership, great credit, or for that matter
full blame. It is misleading even to suggest to students of leadership that by honing in on their own growth and
development, they will learn how to be able to lead. What Kellerman argues for is not the end of leadership
education and development, or for the demise of the idea that an individual can make a difference. Instead, she
proposes a more complex approach to leadership, and, inevitably, to followership, a more sophisticated sense of
causality in the 21 century, and a more nuanced understanding of the way the world works. The technology that
permeates our lives has an impact on the dynamics of dominance and deference in ways that we are only
beginning to intuit. Leadership as we generally conceive of it is a thing of the past—the future of leadership is
different. Barbara Kellerman is the James MacGregor Burns Lecturer in Public Leadership at Harvard University's
John F. Kennedy School of Government. Kellerman is author and editor of many books including LEADERSHIP:
Multidisciplinary Perspectives; THE POLITICAL PRESIDENCY: Practice of Leadership; and REINVENTING
LEADERSHIP: Making the Connection Between Politics and Business. She has appeared often on media outlets
such as CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, NPR, Reuters, and BBC, and has contributed articles and reviews to the New York
Times, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times, and the Harvard Business Review. She is
on the Advisory Board of the Leadership Research Network, on the Advisory Panel of the White House Leadership
Project Report, on the editorial Board of Leadership Quarterly, and on the Publications Committee of the

International Leadership Association. She is ranked by as among “Top 50 Business Thinkers” and by
Leadership Excellence in top 15 of 100 “best minds on leadership”. HarperBusiness

Publication: April 2012                                                             (CBR)
Estimated length: 256 pages
Manuscript available: November 2011

Knoedelseder, William
*BITTER BREW: The Rise and Fall of Anheuser-Busch and America’s Kings of Beer
Stretching through three centuries, from the start of the Civil War to today, BITTER BREW tells the astonishing
story of how five generations of men—fathers, sons, and brothers—took a small, bankrupt brewery that made bad-
tasting bock beer on the banks of the Mississippi and turned it into an international colossus, on the strength of the
world’s most popular brand of beer, Budweiser. In the process, the men of the Busch family tasted all that America
ever promised to the immigrant class from which they sprang—wealth, political power, public acclaim, and a
lifestyle that rivaled those of history’s most extravagant royalty. Along with this came a king-sized portion of
heartbreak, scandal, tragedy, and death. In chronicling the Busch way of life and business, veteran journalist
William Knoedelseder also tells a broader story of American progress and decline over the last 150 years. At its
core, BITTER BREW is a cautionary tale about prosperity, hubris, and loss. William Knoedelseder spent 12 years
as an investigative reporter at The Los Angeles Times, where his ground-breaking coverage of the recording
industry for the newspaper’s financial section resulted in the critically acclaimed book, STIFFED: The True Story of
MCA, the Music Business, and the Mafia. Knoedelseder has also been a television news executive, creating,
managing, and producing news programs for Knight Ridder, Disney, FOX, and USA. At the USA network, he was
vice president of news. His most recent book, I’M DYING UP HERE, is about the golden age of stand-up comedy in
the 1970’s. HarperBusiness

Publication: July 2012                                                              (CBR)
Estimated length: 400 pages
Manuscript available: February 2012

Montgomery, Cynthia
THE STRATEGIST: Be the Leader Your Company Needs
Cynthia Montgomery teaches the legendary OPM (Owner, President, Manager) course at Harvard Business
School, one of Harvard’s most popular executive courses. Participants are all seasoned executives, owners,
CEO’s, or COO’s of privately held companies who pay tens of thousands of dollars to attend, with the goal of
learning how to be more effective leaders and how to make their companies more successful. Montgomery’s
course teaches them a totally new way to understand leadership, a way that fuses leadership with strategy. Her
approach calls for a reset of current thinking about both. She shows that strategy is not just a tool for outwitting the
competition—it is the most powerful means a leader has for shaping a firm itself. Montgomery takes the readers
through the paces of her world-renowned course, teaching them how to develop the skills and sensibilities that
living strategy and real leadership demand. No other book marries strategy and leadership in the same way—a way
readers will find challenging, intriguing, and ultimately, inspiring. Cynthia A. Montgomery is the Timken Professor of
Business Administration and immediate past head of the Strategy Unit at Harvard Business School, where she has
taught for over 20 years. For the past six years she has lead the strategy track in the School’s highly regarded
Owner, President, Manager Program (OPM), attended by top managers from around the globe. Prior to Harvard,
Montgomery taught at the Graduate School of Business at the University of Michigan and at Northwestern’s
Kellogg School of Management. At Harvard, she received the Greenhill Award for her outstanding contributions to
the school’s core MBA strategy course. She is a top Harvard Business Review author, and has written for
numerous other publications including Financial Times, American Economic Review, and Management Science.
She has served on the Board of Directors of two Fortune 500 companies—NewellRubbermaid Inc. and
UnumProvident—and a number of mutual funds managed by BlackRock. HarperBusiness

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Hebrew/Kinneret; Italian/RCS Universita; Japanese/Bungei Shunju; Korean/Woongjin Think Big; Polish/MT Biznes;
Portuguese (Brazil)/Sextante; Portuguese (Portugal)/Babel; Spanish/Santillana; UK/Collins

Publication: May 2012                                                               (CBR)
Estimated length: 256 pages
Manuscript available: November 2011

Proposal available

Tate, Ryan
THE 20% DOCTRINE: How Tinkering, Goofing Off, and Breaking the Rules at Work Drives Success in
In THE 20% DOCTRINE, journalist Ryan Tate investigates the triumphs and failures of successful mainstay
corporations. He offers new inspiration for businesses and workers alike: future innovation will be fueled by
passionate workers and the companies that give them the time to explore what they care about most. Creative
solutions and unorthodox policies for driving and inspiring productivity abound in THE 20% DOCTRINE. Each
chapter focuses in on a case study; for example, Yahoo’s Hack Day, Manhattan’s Shake Shack, or Sternlicht’s W
Hotel redesign. And 20% Innovation Time Off: at companies like Google, employees are encouraged to spend 20%
of their work time on projects they’re personally interested in. Almost half of Google’s new product launches have
originated from this policy, including Gmail, Google News, Orkut, and AdSense. Ryan Tate is a business journalist
and tech writer at Gawker Media. HarperBusiness

Publication: February 2012                                                      (CBR)
Estimated length: 224 pages
Manuscript available: October 2011


Bardacke, Nancy
*MINDFUL BIRTHING: Training the Mind, Body, and Heart for Childbirth and Beyond
MINDFUL BIRTHING is the first book to apply the power of mindfulness—the universal capacity of the human mind
to pay attention, on purpose and non-judgmentally, to whatever thoughts, emotions or body sensations arise in the
present moment—to what can be one of the most challenging times in a woman’s life. Using the same
methodology pioneered by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD, MINDFUL BIRTHING introduces parents-to-be to mindfulness
practice, a tool to access their inner resources of well-being during this life transforming and often stressful time
and beyond. It offers these benefits and tools: increased confidence and decreased fear of childbirth during
pregnancy; increased ability to handle the common complaints of pregnancy; pain coping skills for childbirth; deep
parent-infant attachment; improved couple communication and cooperation both before and after the baby is born;
and lasting skills for stress reduction in parenting—and in life. In her 37 years of working as a nurse-midwife, Nancy
Bardacke, R.N., C.N.M., M.A., has attended deliveries in homes, birth centers and hospitals and has taught the art
of midwifery to others. She trained with Mindful-Based Stress Reduction pioneer Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D., who
encouraged her to apply MBSR to pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. In 2006 she became an Assistant Clinical
Professor in the University of California - San Francisco (UCSF) School of Nursing, Dept of Family Health Care
Nursing and in 2007 joined the staff at the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at UCSF, where she began
teaching the Mindful-Based Childbirth Preparation course. HarperOne

Rights sold: German/Arbor Verlag

Publication: July 2012                                                             (CBR)
Estimated length: 256 pages
Manuscript available: January 2012

Barnouin, Kim
Veganism has quickly gone from the domain of zealous health nuts to the favorite lifestyle of fashion mavens—
thanks in no small part to the smart and fearless Skinny Bitch books (over two million copies sold). Kim Barnouin,
leader of the vegan zeitgeist and nutritionist co-author of the bestselling Skinny Bitch series is back with THE
SKINNY BITCH BOOK OF VEGAN SWAPS. The number of people giving veganism a try has been skyrocketing in
recent years, but with more options comes more confusion. THE SKINNY BITCH BOOK OF VEGAN SWAPS cuts
through the confusion. It presents clear swaps for foods that you may think are healthy, explaining what makes one
choice better than another, exposing imposters, and how to easily spot the difference. Even veteran healthy eaters
may be stumped by Barnouin’s questions: Which is more nutritious, kale or chard? How about quinoa or brown
rice? And is there any hope for you if you find yourself at a 7-Eleven? Barnouin’s fun, no-nonsense approach is
evident in helpful lists like “Worst Veggie Dishes That You Think are Healthy,” “Top Ten Worst Pesticide Ridden
Veggies & Fruit,” and the never-travel-without-it “Top Ten Things to Eat While Stranded in an Airport.” Best of all,
she knows that the concerns of today’s savvy eaters’ run the gamut from calories to carbon footprints, and takes it
all into account. Kim Barnouin holds a Masters of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition. A former model, she is the
author or co-author of seven books and has successfully counseled models, actors, athletes, and other
professionals using the Skinny Bitch method. She lives in Los Angeles. HarperOne

Publication: January 2012
Estimated length: 256 pages                                                        (JLS)
Manuscript available: October 2011

Bedford, Lisa
SURVIVAL MOM: How to Prepare Your Family for Everyday Disasters and Worst-Case Scenarios
Creator of, with 95k page views per month and a recent guest on Glenn Beck provides a
guidebook for the growing number of "preppers" out there—regular suburbanites with homes and families preparing
for the worst by stockpiling food, water, and supplies. What makes her unique is she is speaking to the growing
number of moms who are finding this to be a key component of taking care of their family. HarperOne

Publication: April 2012                                                            (CBR)
Estimated length: 320 pages
Manuscript available: November 2011

Brinkley, Dannion
*TEN THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: How the Secrets of the Afterlife Can Transform Your Life Now
Dannion Brinkley had a near death experience that he chronicled in his bestselling book, SAVED BY THE LIGHT,
and since then, he has experienced a dramatic change in personality and purpose for his life. Before, he was an
uncaring war veteran, but now is a compassionate man trying to make real here on earth what he saw during his
brief visit to heaven. One of the greatest things to come out of Brinkley’s NDE was the realization that we don’t
have to live lives of fear, anxiety, or worry, and he now offers this insight to all in TEN THINGS TO KNOW
BEFORE YOU GO. Here, he provides the ten secrets everyone needs to know in order to feel the peace,
happiness, and joy of heaven today, in this life. This will be an insightful guide to how best live our lives today in
view of the afterlife to come. DANNION BRINKLEY is the author of the New York Times bestseller SAVED BY THE
LIGHT and SECRETS OF THE LIGHT. Dannion has survived insurmountable odds including two lightning strikes,
open-heart surgery, brain surgery, a massive grand mal seizure, and three near death experiences, giving him
unparalleled expertise in the area of life after death. In 2001, Dannion was nominated for the National Hospice and
Palliative Care Association’s prestigious Heart of Hospice Award. Dannion has appeared on major television and
radio shows, including Larry King, Oprah, Dateline, Unsolved Mysteries, The Pax Network, and many others. A
made for television movie based on Dannion’s best seller, SAVED BY THE LIGHT, debuted as one of the highest
rated television movies in FOX Television Network history. HarperOne

SAVED BY THE LIGHT sold to: German/Droemer; Italian/Edizioni My Life; Polish/Studio Astropsychologii;
Portuguese (Brazil)/Larousse; Romanian/Adevar Divin; Spanish/Obelisco

SECRETS OF THE LIGHT sold to: Chinese (Complex)/Fine Press; Chinese (Simplified)/Beijing Xinon Media;
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Marathi/Mehta Publishing; Polish/Studio Astropsychologii; Portuguese (Brazil)/Larousse; Spanish/Ediciones B;

Publication: July 2012                                                              (CBR)
Estimated length: 224 pages
Manuscript available: January 2012

Driver, Janine
Consider this: 80 percent of lies go undetected; 9 out of 10 people who apply for jobs overemphasize, or downright
fabricate, positive traits about themselves; since 1991, infidelity among men over 60 has doubled; in women, it has
tripled; adult men and women lie in 1 out of every 5 social interactions. But what if you had a test that tipped you off
the instant a lie was being told? Janine Driver (aka the ‘Lyin’ Tamer) has spent almost two decades teaching
hundreds of thousands of people—chiefs of police, titans of industry, suspicious housewives, jaded lovers—how to
protect themselves from liars. In YOU CAN’T LIE TO ME, Driver reveals all her tricks, distilling years of behind-the-
scenes knowledge, cutting-edge science, and dramatic case studies into a simple, shockingly effective program
that teaches you how to get the truth. You’ll learn lie-spotting techniques that will help you to surround yourself with
honest people, protect your aging loved ones from unscrupulous con artists, outsmart backstabbing colleagues;
attract true love and spot losers from a mile away; start relationships on the right foot; and most importantly, stop
lying to yourself-and a live happier, more productive, more passionate life. World-renowned body language expert,
Janine Driver, is the New York Times bestselling author of YOU SAY MORE THAN YOU THINK, which has been
translated into 11 languages. She spent 16 years at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, training
thousands of law enforcement agents how to decipher fact from fiction. Driver is the founder and president of The
Body Language Institute (BLI) and an in-demand motivational speaker for many of the world’s most elite
companies. She has appeared on a number of television programs, including The Today Show, The Dr. Oz Show,
and Rachel Ray. HarperOne

YOU SAY MORE THAN YOU THINK sold to: Chinese (Complex)/Business Weekly; Chinese (Simplified)/CITIC;
Croatian/Skorpion; German/Random        House;    Indonesian/Mizan      Pustaka;   Japanese/Media Factory;
Korean/Business Books Publishing; Portuguese/Editorial Bizancio; Russian/AST; Vietnamese/Tri Viet

Publication: May 2012                                                               (CBR)
Estimated length: 256 pages
Manuscript available: December 2011

Ford, Arielle
WABI SABI LOVE: The Ancient Art of Finding Perfect Love in Imperfect Relationships
Love. It’s right up there with air, food, and water as the most necessary of ingredients for existence. And yet, for
many people, it’s the hardest thing to find or the hardest thing to hold on to. Here are the sad but true facts: 50%
percent of first marriages, 67% of second marriages, and 74% of third marriages end in divorce. While the statistics
look grim, there is hope. WABI SABI LOVE offers a new relationship model with a modern-day twist on an ancient
concept by shifting the focus from what’s wrong to what’s right. Based on the ancient Japanese aesthetic of finding
beauty in imperfection known as “Wabi-Sabi,” WABI SABI LOVE introduces this concept as a new relationship
paradigm, one based on the art of loving one’s imperfections rather than the fantasy of perfection. The reader is
treated to true stories from happy, successful couples and learns how they came to love and appreciate things we
previously thought unacceptable. Readers will discover that much of what “drives them crazy” about their partners
is actually quite normal, and once they embrace the Wabi Sabi Way, they’ll discover new ways to communicate and
interact with their partners that lead to a deeper and more satisfying connection. For the past 25 years, Arielle Ford
has been living, teaching, and promoting consciousness through all forms of media. Her career includes years as a
prominent book publicist, author, literary agent, TV lifestyle reporter, television producer, Sirius radio host,
publishing consultant, relationship expert, speaker, columnist and blogger for the Huffington Post. Arielle is the
author of seven books including the HOT CHOCOLATE FOR THE MYSTICAL SOUL series, and her most recent,
THE SOULMATE SECRET, now in a 4 printing and available in 20 languages. HarperOne

Rights sold: Italian/Fanucci; Portuguese/Porto; Russian/Exmo

THE SOULMATE SECRET sold to: Bulgarian/Hermes; Chinese (Complex)/Oak Tree; Czech/Euromedia;
Dutch/Kosmos; French/ADA; German/Mosaik; Greek/Dioptra; Hungarian/Sweetwater; Italian/Armenia;
Japanese/Random House Kodansha; Korean/Chimmuk Books; Latvian/Zvaigzne; Polish/Bertelsmann; Portuguese
(Brazil)/Rocco; Romanian/Adevar Divin; Russian/Exmo; Slovak/Ikar; Spanish/Zenith; Thai/Tree Publishing;
Turkish/Dekolte Yayincilik

Publication: January 2012                                                          (CBR)
Estimated length: 256 pages
Manuscript available

Ford, Debbie
*THE COURAGE WITHIN: A Woman's Guide to Overcoming Fear and Igniting Self-Confidence
Every day we are confronted with hundreds of choices that either make us feel confident and strong or rob us of the
things we desire the most. When we lack confidence, we feel unworthy of having what we want, of speaking our
truth, of making decisions that have the ability to change and improve our lives. When we feel weak, helpless, or
powerless, we lack the strength to ward off the thoughts of defeat, negativity and fear that fill our minds and prevent
us from living the lives we want. For decades, Debbie Ford has been helping people break free from the emotional
baggage that has held them hostage and discover profound tools for finding confident and authentic self
expression. In THE COURAGE WITHIN, Debbie Ford provides a life-altering journey based on decades of work. By
learning to accept all of who we are, including our histories, our flaws, our misgivings, our weaknesses, and our
fears, we discover that what keeps us stuck and feeling weak is nothing more than an illusion of the past. By
showing us how to be confident, stand in all our strength, and feel great about ourselves, a new self emerges with
the power to accomplish anything. By introducing seven guiding principles, Debbie Ford expertly guides readers
out of the common pitfalls of fear and insecurity and into the strength, power and freedom of a courage that has
been present all along. Debbie Ford is the national bestselling author of SPIRITUAL DIVORCE, THE BEST YEAR
co-author of THE SHADOW EFFECT. She conducts workshops across the country. HarperOne

THE 21 DAY CONSCIOUSNESS CLEANSE sold to: Chinese (Simplified)/CITIC; French/Dauphin Blanc;
Japanese/Sunmark; Polish/Studio Astropsychologii

Publication: May 2012                                                              (CBR)
Estimated length: 256 pages
Manuscript available: December 2011

Fuhrman, Joel
SUPER IMMUNITY: The Essential Nutrition Guide for Boosting Your Body's Defenses to Live Longer,
Stronger, and Disease Free
No Shots. No Supplements. No Sick Days. Every September the spectre of cold and flu season arrives. In every
office and family, there are those who get sick regularly and those who manage to stay healthy. In SUPER
IMMUNITY, Dr. Fuhrman will explain why. He argues that our current approach to disease is doing more harm than
good, and asserts that flu shots, antibiotics, supplements and alternative treatments are not the answer, and can
actually make us sicker. Too many of us have depleted or compromised immune systems, given the huge amount
of antibiotics being prescribed. It is too easy to get stuck in a vicious cycle of cold or flu that passes from one family
or office member to the next before we have a chance to get healthy again. SUPER IMMUNITY offers a detailed,
proven and easy-to-follow program for returning us to health and well-being. The answer is as simple as what we
eat. Dr. Fuhrman is a board–certified family physician who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through
nutritional and natural methods. He is the author of EAT TO LIVE: The Revolutionary Plan for Fast and Sustained
Weight Loss. and is widely published in medical journals and consumer publications. He has received the St.
Joseph’s Family Practice Resident’s Teaching Award for his contribution to the education of residents. Dr. Fuhrman
is a member of the Board of Directors of the National Health Association; Advisory Panel, The Physicians
Committee for Responsible Medicine; Diplomat, American Academy of Family Physicians. As one of the country’s
leading experts on nutrition and natural healing, he has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows
including: ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, Today, Good Morning America, the Discovery Channel, TV Food Network,
CNBC, and many more. HarperOne

Rights sold: Korean/Sam & Parkers; Japanese/Nihonbungeisha; Portuguese/Luade Papel

Publication: September 2011                                                           (CBR)
Estimated length: 288 pages
Book available

Hitzmann, Sue
THE MELT METHOD: A Breakthrough Self-Treatment System to Combat Chronic Pain, Erase Aging Signs,
and Feel Fantastic in Just 10 Minutes a Day!
The MELT Method can make you happier, healthier, and pain-free—starting today. It’s a bold statement, but with
MELT (Myofascial Energetic Length Technique), creator Sue Hitzmann has harnessed the enormous impact of
precise movements that anyone can accomplish, right at home. Using simple equipment like foam rollers and small
balls, readers will learn how to stimulate and hydrate the body’s connective tissue, making it more elastic and
releasing the body’s long-held tension. It’s like getting all the benefits of a great massage. Hitzmann’s techniques
are effective because they don’t address pain—they address the cause of pain (which may not be what you think it
is!). Along the way, MELT can also improve posture, aid sleep and digestion, minimize cellulite, and reduce stress
and tension. Hitzmann’s own clients have avoided surgery, shed excess body fat, regained flexibility they thought
they’d lost forever, and even gone from bad knees to marathon-training. Sue Hitzmann, MS, CST, NMT, is a
nationally recognized somatic-movement educator and manual therapist. Her decades of practice, research, and
study of anatomical science and alternative therapies have culminated in the creation of the M.E.L.T. Method®
(MELT), a revolutionary approach to pain-free fitness and longevity. HarperOne

Publication: April 2012                                                               (CBR)
Estimated length: 304 pages; b & w illustrations throughout
Manuscript available: November 2011

Hoobyar, Tom
*NLP: A Power-User’s Manual
By the team behind the bestselling NLP: The New Technology of Achievement comes an essential new guide to
NLP techniques—for self-development and influencing others—in a focused, step-by-step handbook. NLP (Neuro-
Linguistic Programming) has helped millions of people overcome fears, increase confidence, enrich relationships,
and achieve greater success since its creation in the mid 1970’s. Written by an NLP Master Practitioner and
Training Coach, with an introduction from the President of NLP Comprehensive, NLP: The Power User’s Manual
guides users to peak performance in business and life. In twelve illuminating sections, it leads you through dozens
of “discoveries”—revelations of NLP practice that enable you to explore your own personal thinking patterns, to
manage them—and to transform them. Divided into two categories, “All About You” and “All About the Other Guy,”
these strategies offer a personal and interpersonal program that frees you to become better at managing your

feelings instead of being dominated by them, managing your motivations, being less judgemental, more productive,
more confident, more flexible, more persuasive, liked, and respected. Through “mind reading” techniques—non-
verbal communication, and “hearing what’s missing”—learn the secrets of relating with others, understanding how
they are thinking—and influencing them. A streamlined all-purpose guide for both newcomers and NLP veterans,
NLP: A Power User’s Manual is the new all-in-one, eye-opening blueprint for your own ultimate success. Tom
Hoobyar has been conducting advanced programs in NLP for almost 15 years, and has served on the board of
NLP Comprehensive, a world-leader in NLP training. HarperPaperbacks

NLP: The New Technology of Achievement sold: Chinese/complex characters/Shy Mau Publishing (license
expired); Chinese (simplified characters)/Higher Education Press (license expired); French/Le Meridienne (license
expired); Hebrew/Sekel (license expired); German/Junfermann; Hungarian/Nyitott Konyv; Indonesian/Pustaka
Baca; Korean/Gimm-Young; Polish/Helion (license expired); Portuguese in Brazil/Campus (license
expired);Romanian/Curtea Veche (licensed expired); Russian/EXMO; Spanish/Urano (license expired);
Turkish/Beyaz Yayinlari (license expired); UK/Nicholas Brealey

Publication: July 2012                                                              (JS)
Estimated length: 224 pages
Manuscript available: October 2011

Joyner, Donna Richardson
For the first time, Donna Richardson Joyner has created a fitness program that harnesses the strength, support,
and joy to be found in faith. Based on her popular Body Gospel fitness DVDs, this program combines Joyner’s
proven nutritional program and exercise plan to help readers achieve the same dramatic results her DVD fans have
enjoyed for years. There is no better way to glorify God than to take care of the one body we’ll ever get. For nearly
30 years, Donna Richardson Joyner has been inspiring and empowering men, women, and children to lead
healthier lives. Certified by AFAA and ACE as an International Fitness Expert, she has appeared on national
television, hosted her own fitness program, “Sweating in the Spirit,” and created the popular “Body Gospel” fitness
DVDs. Currently serving her second term on the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition, Joyner is a
member of the Fitness Hall of Fame and has been named one of the “25 most inspiring women in America” by
Essence magazine. HarperOne

Publication: June 2012                                                              (CBR)
Estimated length: 304 pages; illustrations throughout
Manuscript available: February 2012

Junger, Alejandro
CLEAN FOR LIFE: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself
Dr. Junger has shown that the majority of common ailments we all face—from colds to depression, allergies to
indigestion, sleeplessness to extra weight—is the direct result of toxic buildup in our bodies. The combination of our
standard diet and the chemical filled environments surrounding us has left our bodies compromised and unable to
perform their natural healing functions. Typical medical treatments for these health issues address the symptoms
for temporary relief but fail to get at the root cause of the problems. CLEAN FOR LIFE attacks the root of the
problems and restores our body’s amazing healing powers. The annoying health issues will go away, additional
weight will vanish, and we will literally look and feel better than ever before. Unlike the 21 day cleanse, this is no
temporary fix. CLEAN FOR LIFE is specifically designed to inform our choices and guide our behaviors every day
of the year. Utilizing the best of Western medicine and wellness practices, Dr. Junger explains the scientific realities
of living in a chemical world and then helps readers chart their own personal health course, exploding myths and
mistaken beliefs along the way. Alejandro Junger, M.D. is a doctor of Internal Medicine and Cardiology in New
York City and Los Angeles. He has studied Eastern medicine in India, and was Medical Director of WE Care
Holistic Health Center in Palm Springs, a world famous center for fasting, cleansing and detoxification. Currently,
he is in private practice at the renowned Eleven Eleven Wellness Center and is the director of Integrative Medicine
at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. HarperOne

CLEAN sold to: Chinese (Complex)/Business Weekly; Chinese (Simplified)/Beijing Fonghong Media;
Croatian/Planetopija; Danish/Det bla Hus; Hebrew/Focus Publishing; Indonesian/Mizan; Italian/Il Punto d’Incontro;
Korean/Sam & Parkers; Polish/MT Biznes; Romanian/Paralela; Russian/Exmo; Spanish/Siete Cuentos

Publication: May 2012                                                     (CBR)
Estimated length: 304 pages
Manuscript available: December 2011

Karas, Jim
THE PETITE ADVANTAGE: A Diet for Women 5’4” and Under
After more than twenty years as a weight-loss and fitness expert, Jim Karas had seen enough body types to know
one thing for sure: petite women’s greatest advantage is also their greatest disadvantage—their bodies have the
potential to change rapidly. This is good news if you want to lose weight and you have the right program. But if
you’re under stress, have developed bad eating habits, and have become sedentary, it’s disastrous. And petite
women know this! THE PETITE ADVANTAGE reveals that, with the right mindset and a few strategic changes,
weight loss is not only possible, it is possible this week! From a strategic 21-day eating plan to detailed exercise
instruction to easy-to-implement tips on what to drink, how to eat out, and even how to cultivate better posture,
Karas has created a truly holistic program for this body-conscious group. From portion sizes to dress sizes,
everything in this plan is the perfect fit for any woman 5’4 and under. Jim Karas is a lifestyle expert who combines a
degree from the Wharton School of Business with over twenty-two years of unparalleled success in helping people
look and feel their very best. He is the author of three New York Times bestselling books, including the #1
bestseller THE BUSINESS PLAN FOR THE BODY. Jim has been the fitness contributor on ABC’s Good Morning
America and is frequently seen on The View. He has been a contributing editor for Good Housekeeping magazine
and has written feature articles for countless other national publications, including O, the Oprah Magazine.

Publication: January 2012                                                          (CBR)
Estimated length: 256 pages & 25 - 30 photos
Manuscript available

Karp, Harvey
The world’s #1 parenting expert, bestselling author of The Happiest Baby on the Block and The Happiest Toddler
on the Block, turns his unparalleled insight to solving parents’ #1 concern: poor sleep. THE HAPPIEST BABY’S
GUIDE TO GREAT SLEEP redefines our culture’s understanding of a child’s sleep needs and gives foolproof
advice on how to quickly turn nighttime shrieks into night long serenity. This book will introduce paradigm-shifting
techniques debunking a multitude of myths that have frustrated and misled parents for centuries. For example,
Never wake a sleeping baby…Wrong! Babies sleep best in a quiet room… Wrong! Rocking babies to sleep spoils
them…Wrong! The book equips parents with a host of unique, sure-fire, slumber-boosting techniques, such as: 2
Good to Be True: Two steps that train even newborns to sleep; Scheduling: The truth (and folly) in raising kids by
the clock; “Dream Feeds” and “Sleepy” Foods: Meals that boost an infant’s slumber. Dr. Karp is the world’s leading
baby expert. He has been a pediatrician and child development specialist for 30 years and is an Assistant
Professor of Pediatrics at the UCLA School of Medicine. Through his books and DVDs he has taught his
extraordinary techniques to millions of parents, including: Michele Pfeiffer, Madonna, Jody Foster, Pierce Brosnan,
Alfre Woodard, Ann Archer, and Hunter Tylo. In 2005, he closed his private practice to dedicate his professional life
to teaching and writing. He is one of the most respected authorities on children’s health. His books have been
translated into 24 languages. William Morrow

THE HAPPIEST BABY ON THE BLOCK sold: Chinese (simplified)/Cheers Publishing; Chinese
(complex)/Commonwealth Publishing; Croatian/Planetopija; Czech/Euromedia; French/Editions ADA;
German/Random House; Hebrew/Tzarfati Hadad; Indonesian/PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama; Italian/Orme Editori;
Japanese/Kodansha; Korean/Haneon Co. Ltd.; Polish/Wydawnictwo Mamania; Portuguese (Brazil)/Academia de
Inteligência Ltda; Romanian/Curtea Veche; Russian/Popurri; Serbian/SAINTMAX; Thai/WeLearn; Turkish/Yakamoz
Yayincilik Hizmetleri; Vietnamese/Hanoi Book Distribution; UK/Michael Joseph

THE HAPPIEST TODDLER ON THE BLOCK sold: Chinese (simplified)/Cheers Publishing; Croatian/Planetopija;
Czech/Euromedia; French/Editions ADA; German/Random House; Korean/Haneon Co. Ltd.; Portuguese (Brazil)
/Novo Secula; Russian/Popurri; Spanish/Ediciones Medici; Turkish/Yakamoz Yayincilik Hizmetleri; Vietnamese/Llac
Hong Book

Publication: May 2012                                                              (JS)
Estimated length: 288 pages

Manuscript available: October 2011

Klein, Marty
SEXUAL INTELLIGENCE: What We Really Want from Sex—and How to Get It
Sex is a complicated topic for most of us. Our hearts, minds, and bodies are not often in sync and even when they
are, our partners may be wrestling with their own insecurities and desires. Consequently, it becomes very tough to
talk honestly and in a healthy way about sex with the person we love. SEXUAL INTELLIGENCE: What We Really
Want from Sex and How To Get It is about how sex can be. Not always glamorous—just enjoyable, comfortable,
and emotional satisfying. The book explores how to communicate about sex even while feeling uncomfortable; how
people can—and must—accept their preferences and desires while feeling self-conscious; and how to restore (or
create) a sense of erotic partnership with their mate. SEXUAL INTELLIGENCE describes our current sexual
dilemmas in easy-to-understand language, includes stories from Dr. Klein’s clinical work, shows how the typical
ways in which abstract “ideas about sex” are expressed in real sexual problems, and finally, offers suggestions
about how readers can overcome these difficulties. Frank, clear, and opinionated, Marty Klein is ready to help
readers understand that their familiar way of thinking about sex is just one kind among many, and that an entire
world of eroticism can and will open to them—a sexual world beyond erections and orgasms; beyond success and
failure. Dr. Marty Klein is a sex therapist and sociologist who has counseled thousands of individuals and couples
for over thirty years, working with men and women on issues of guilt, shame, power, as well as orgasm, erection,
fantasy, desire, S&M, porn, and sexual orientation. He blogs regularly on Psychology Today and Carnal Nation and
has appeared on television numerous times, most recently on ABC’s Good Morning America and Nightline. Klein
writes a monthly newsletter, Sexual Intelligence, exploring the intersection of sexuality, culture, politics, and the
media, and contributes frequently to websites and publications on the topic of sex and sexual health. HarperOne

Rights sold: Polish/Miroku Miroslaw Flokiewicz; Spanish/Urano

Publication: February 2012                                                        (CBR)
Estimated length: 256 pages
Manuscript available

Post, Peter
The completely revised and updated edition of The New York Times bestseller that addresses the topics men really
need to know to succeed in business and in life. Completely updated and now in a convenient paperback format
(with French flaps!), ESSENTIAL MANNERS FOR MEN 2ND EDITION draws from recent Post Institute surveys to
cover a range of subject matter in three easy-to-follow parts—Daily Life, Social Life, and On the Job. Filled with
accessible sidebars, tips, and stories from Peter’s own experiences, ESSENTIAL MANNERS FOR MEN 2ND
EDITION is quick, sharp, and sensible, with all new material including: • Social Media: social networking, gaming,
and the world of online dating; • Communication: both in person—greetings, handshakes, and the all-important first
impression—and on-the go—texting, emailing, and smart phones; • Life Changes: dealing with bumps in the road,
from divorce to layoffs; • And much more. Peter Post is a director of The Emily Post Institute and author of five
etiquette books, including The New York Times bestseller Essential Manners for Men. As the creator and primary
presenter of Emily Post Business Etiquette programs, Peter leads business seminars for companies both in the
United States and abroad. William Morrow Trade Paperback

First edition of ESSENTIAL MANNERS FOR MEN sold: Japanese/Open Knowledge; Portuguese in Brazil/Editora

Publication: May 2012                                                             (JS)
Estimated length: 224 pages
Manuscript available: October 2011

Pratt, George, Ph. D.
Lambrou, Peter, Ph. D.
CODE TO JOY: The Four-step Solution to Unlocking Your Natural State of Happiness
Combining six decades of clinical experience with leading-edge research, two acclaimed leaders in the field of
psychology have developed a revolutionary approach to happiness: accessible, practical, yet powerful enough to
create a profoundly positive transformation in our lives. Beneath the surface—undiagnosed, untreated and often
unspoken—there is a pervasive cloud of unease affecting virtually everyone on the planet; a general malaise.

According to Drs. Pratt and Lambrou this “fog of distress” is the result of traumatic events in our past that have left
psychological impressions. They’re the reason so many people feel unloved, guilty, ashamed, fearful, and unsafe.
It’s the basis of addictions, sleeplessness, bad habits, conflict and unsatisfying relationships. These impressions
are so deeply embedded in our psyche on a physiological, emotional and energetic level that we are often not
consciously aware of them. The revolutionary techniques of Dr. Pratt and Dr. Lambrou help readers identify the
negative “blocking beliefs,” and defuse them in a matter of minutes. Through its practical and proven, four-step
program, CODE TO JOY helps eliminate the fears, anxieties, and buried emotional debris that prevent us from
living life to the fullest and rediscovering our innate happiness. George Pratt, Ph.D. and Peter Lambrou, Ph.D. are
licensed clinical psychologists specializing in mind/body techniques, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and
performance enhancement, through which they have helped a Super Bowl champ, Olympic medalists, professional
athletes, top executives and Academy Award and Grammy winners, as well as thousands of individuals from all
walks of life. HarperOne

Rights sold: Spanish/Urano

Publication: April 2012                                                            (CBR)
Estimated length: 256 pages
Manuscript available

Reifkind, Tracy
THE SWING!: Lose the Fat and Get Fit with This Revolutionary Kettlebell Program
Foreword by Timothy Ferriss (author of The 4-Hour Workweek and The 4-Hour Body)
As featured in THE 4-HOUR BODY, this exercise, diet, and lifestyle program harnesses the extraordinary power of
kettlebells to create rapid and long-term weight loss in just four hours a month—as demonstrated by the author’s
own extraordinary 120-pound weight loss! Men and women, athletes and couch potatoes, the physically fit and the
overweight—anyone can pick up a kettlebell, and in as few as four sessions, it will begin to transform lives. That’s
what she did, and it catapulted her to a healthy new life and a radically different relationship to fitness. Now
Reifkind is bringing this powerful workout—popular among elite athletes, but simple enough for a fitness novice—to
its widest audience yet. Her program focuses on the simplest of the kettlebell movements, the swing, to create a
fast, accessible workout that makes the body leaner and more muscular body at the same time. As it swings, the
kettlebell creates force that demands full-body involvement and constantly engages the core—all with very little
impact on the joints. There’s no safer, or more effective, way to work the entire body. HarperOne

Publication: January 2012                                                           (CBR)
Estimated length: 304 pages; 75 photos and illustrations
Manuscript available: October 2011

Rolls, Dr. Barbara
Smart, Simple, Science-Based Strategies for Losing Weight and Keeping it Off
Dr. Rolls’ New York Times bestselling VOLUMETRICS has shown readers how to lose weight without ever feeling
hungry for over a decade. The Daily Beast named it the Most Effective Diet of 2011. Now, in THE ULTIMATE
VOLUMETRICS, Dr. Rolls expands on her time-tested message with new findings, more than 100 new recipes,
and new user-friendly tools to help readers set realistic and achievable objectives based on what they are already
doing. Recipes provide flexible, adaptable guidelines for personalizing and preparing all the most popular meal
elements, and each recipe offers a template for mixing and matching different types of ingredients, three variations
of the recipe, and a chart with additional opportunities to customize based on budget and convenience. Other
updates include: Budget and time-saving tips, myth busters that punch holes into common beliefs about diets and
dieting, a new grocery store guide, game plans for restaurant dining, key questions to ask every waiter, new tips for
feeding the family, and concise charts showing how food components affect calorie density for water, calories,
protein, carbohydrate, fat, fiber, alcohol. THE ULTIMATE VOLUMETRICS will forever change the way you think
about managing your weight and will guide you to a lifetime of healthy food choices. Barbara Rolls, Ph.D. is
Professor of Nutritional Sciences and the Helen A. Guthrie Chair in Nutrition at Penn State University, where she
heads the Laboratory for the Study of Human Ingestive Behavior and works with staff members to help understand
what influences peoples’ food intake and food choices as well as their body weight. Dr. Rolls has served as Past-
President of both the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior and The Obesity Society, and has been a member
of the Advisory Council of the NIH’s National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. She is the
recipient of a number of awards including the American Society of Nutritional Sciences Award in Human Nutrition

and a MERIT award from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. She is the author
of over 200 research articles and five books.


Publication: June 2012                                                              (JLS)
Estimated length: 320 pages; 84 4-color photos, charts and graphs throughout
Manuscript available

Rooney, Martin
WARRIOR CARDIO: The Training for Warriors 90 Day Fat Loss Program
From world-renowned fitness expert Martin Rooney, here is a complete 90-day workout and diet plan for anyone
looking to shed pounds of fat and increase muscle mass. Rooney provides a comprehensive look at cardiovascular
training using the most effective techniques, both classic and cutting-edge, paired with a diet plan that delivers. The
book features full-color photos demonstrating proper technique for each exercise in the fitness plan (many of them
never before seen) along with the science behind cardiovascular fitness and training techniques. It also contains a
diet plan from top exercise nutrition expert John M Berardi, Ph.D., CSCS, based around the “Warrior 20”: a group
of the 20 essential foods that will help readers lose weight and gain muscle. The author of top-selling TRAINING
FOR WARRIORS and ULTIMATE WARRIOR WORKOUTS, Martin Rooney works as COO and director of training
of the Parisi Speed School. He has trained world champion martial artists; professional athletes from the NFL,
MLB, NBA, WNBA; and Olympic medalists. Harper Paperbacks

Publication: February 2012                                                             (CB)
Estimated length: 320 pages; full-color illustrations throughout
Manuscript available: October 2011

Seelig, Tina
inGENIUS: Unleash Your Creativity to Transform Obstacles into Opportunities
Is the ability to creatively tackle problems innate or can it be learned? Like most human traits, both answers are
correct. Some people are inherently more innovative than others. But, just like math, or writing, everyone can
improve with practice. Tina Seelig, Ph.D. teaches creativity in her courses on innovation at Stanford School of
Engineering. After ten years of experience, she confidently asserts that not only can creativity can be taught but
that there are a clear set of tools, skills, and approaches that can unlock anyone’s creative potential. inGENIOUS
reminds us that creativity is not just something that you think about—it is something that you do. It is as natural as
breathing, and just as necessary for leading a successful and fulfilling life. Whether it is in the conference room,
classroom, or kitchen, new ideas open up a world of wonderful possibilities, and every moment provides an
opportunity for creativity that will enhance our lives. Tina Seelig has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Stanford and is
the Executive Director of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program, the entrepreneurship center at Stanford
University School of Engineering. She teaches a course in the Department of Management Science & Engineering
on Creativity and Innovation. She is the author of the international bestseller, WHAT I WISH I KNEW WHEN I WAS
20. HarperOne

Rights sold: Chinese (Complex)/Yuan-Liou Publishing; Japanese/Hankyu Communications; Korean/Woongjin Think

WHAT I WISH I KNEW WHEN I WAS 20 sold to: Chinese (Complex)/Yuan-Liou Publishing; Chinese
(Simplified)/Shaanxi Normal University Press; Hebrew/Kinnert; Japanese/Hankyu Communications;
Korean/Woongjin Think Big; German/Ariston; Portuguese (Brazil)/Livros de Safra; Turkish/Kuraldisi Yayinlari;
Vietnamese/Tre Publishing

Publication: April 2012                                                             (CBR)
Estimated length: 256 pages
Manuscript available: October 2011

Shiva, V.A.
THE CONNECTION: A Revolutionary Personalized Program for Optimal Health from the Frontiers of
Mind-Body Medicine
IV.A. Shiva proves the existence of the mind-body connection. As the Human Genome Project proved that we are
greater than the sum of our DNA/genes, systems biology and Shiva's work have discovered a living network in the
body called fascia planes—these planes are just like the meridians in eastern wisdom—and they transfer energy
and information throughout the entire body. Information is transferred through the fascia five times faster than the
nervous system. These fascia planes are the essence of the mind-body connection, and is rooted in the
ancient eastern siddha practices (face reading—akin to ayurvedic studies) of India, and now grounded by this new
research. The program involves a self-diagnosis and places the reader in one of three category types. We will be
able to eat, exercise, and live balanced and healthy lives according to our specific type. We will learn how to read
our bodies and faces and discover the healing powers that exist within our own bodies. Shiva Ayyadurai, a
scientist-technologist, entrepreneur, inventor and educator, is a Fulbright Scholar, Lemelson-MIT Awards Finalist,
Westinghouse Science Talent Search award recipient, and inventor of one of the world’s first E-MAIL systems for
which he received the first U.S. Copyright on E-MAIL. Shiva’s research on pattern recognition and large-scale
systems development has resulted in multiple patents, numerous industry awards, new computational platforms
such as CytoSolve, commercial products and many industry publications. He has appeared in The MIT Technology
Review, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, NBC News, USA Today and other major media. He is the
author of ARTS AND THE INTERNET and THE INTERNET PUBLICITY GUIDE. Shiva is Managing Director of
General Interactive, a venture fund for new startups in various areas including rural healthcare, media,
biotechnology, information technology, to name a few. He has been a teacher and educator to students at MIT as
well as to CEOs and Executive Management at Fortune 1000 companies. HarperOne

Publication: October 2012                                                        (CBR)
Estimated length: 304 pages
Manuscript available: March 2012

Tan, Chade-Meng
*SEARCH INSIDE YOURSELF: Google’s Guide to Enhancing Productivity, Creativity and Happiness
Foreword by Daniel Goleman (author of Emotional Intelligence)
Introduction by Jon Kabat-Zinn (author of Wherever You Go, There You Are)
You’ve heard of “Search Inside the Book.” Now it’s time to “Search Inside Yourself.” From award-winning engineer
and Google’s official Jolly Good Fellow (that is his real title!), comes a personal growth program that focuses on
developing emotional intelligence through mindfulness, making us more productive at work and better leaders,
while becoming more peaceful, happy and compassionate individuals. Created for Google by a diverse group of
individuals including a Zen Master, a CEO, a Stanford University scientist, and author Daniel Goleman, “Search
Inside Yourself” is a life changing program that will improve both your personal and professional lives. Chade-Meng
Tan became the first engineer in Google’s history to leave the Engineering department and join their Peoples Ops
Group, where he leads this and other personal-growth programs. He has been teaching the "Search Inside
Yourself" course since 2007 with amazing results. HarperOne

Rights sold: Complex Chinese/Crown Culture; Dutch/Kosmos; French/Belfond; German/Goldmann;
Italian/Corbaccio; Korean/Sigongsa; Japanese/Takarajimasha; Portuguese (Brazil)/Novo Conceito; Spanish/Zenith;
Sweden/ICA; UK/Collins

Publication: May 2012                                                            (CBR)
Estimated length: 256 pages; b/w illustrations throughout
Manuscript available: November 2011
Sample material available

Wolf, Anthony
I’D LISTEN TO MY PARENTS IF THEY’D JUST SHUT UP: What to Say and What Not to Say When Parenting
Parenting expert, clinical psychologist, and author of the bestselling GET OUT OF MY LIFE, BUT FIRST CAN YOU
DRIVE ME AND CHERYL TO THE MALL (FSG, 1991), Anthony Wolf, delivers humorous, dialogue-based advice
for parents of teenagers. Wolf has an amazing ear for how parents and teenagers talk to each other, and offers a
hopeful and progressive message in this new practical book. He applies his philosophy to a wide variety of
everyday situations, showing both the way these interactions tend to go (not so well) and why, and then giving

parents a script and guidance on how to achieve more satisfying outcomes. The role of the parent is changing
dramatically since the dawn of the internet and electronic devices. Kids today tend to postpone the traditional
benchmarks of adulthood—careers, marriage, etc., which means their parents might be dealing with them more
intimately for a lot longer than they expected. Hilarious and positive, this book is guaranteed to bring relief to
panicked and frustrated parents of teenagers everywhere. Harper Paperbacks

Translation rights: HarperCollins US; UK rights: The Spieler Agency

Publication: November 2011                                                      (CB)
Estimated length: 352 pages
Galley available


Bass, Diana Butler
CHRISTIANITY AFTER RELIGION: The End of Church and the Birth of a New Spiritual Awakening
Religious affiliation continues to plummet across the breadth of Christian denominations. Churches that once
boasted amazing growth are now flat lining or in decline. And yet, interest in “spirituality” is on the rise. Religion
expert Diana Butler Bass offers a fresh interpretation of this transformation and identifies a new spiritual awakening
taking place inside and outside the church. Based on new research and a careful reading of history, Butler Bass
argues that traditional Christianity has focused on three prescriptions: This is what to believe (theology); This is
how to behave (practice); This is who you are (experience and community). However, as people began to question
their basic beliefs, disillusionment ensued and Christians began leaving the church. Spirituality, by contrast, works
in the reverse: people experience a connection to the divine directly and through community, are moved to change
and serve others, and eventually discover what they believe. AFTER RELIGION shows how this new bottom-up
approach represents the real mission and message of Jesus and explains the dramatic spiritual awakening we are
witnessing today. Diana Butler Bass is the author of six books on American Protestantism, including
Church History from Duke University and has served on the faculty at the University of California at Santa Barbara,
Rhodes College, and Virginia Theological Seminary. HarperOne

Publication: March 2012                                                            (CBR)
Estimated length: 272 pages
Manuscript available: October 2011

Bell, Rob
*THE LOVE WINS COMPANION: A Study Guide for Those who Want to go Deeper by Rob Bell, Edited by
David Vanderveen
When pastor and bestselling author Rob Bell published LOVE WINS, it upset many while also changing lives as he
questioned who was saved, who was not, and how it all works. Bell dared to question whether hell is forever, and
asked if only Christians will go to heaven, igniting a firestorm of praise and backlash across the country. In this
book, he takes the traditional study guide format and reinvents it as an opportunity for modeling the kind of
conversation and debate the church should be having. In this companion, you will find: insights and commentary by
experts—theologians, Bible scholars, scientists, and pastors; deep analysis of all relevant Bible passages on
heaven, hell, and salvation; discussion questions for individuals, groups, and classes; and reflections by Bell on the
debate he caused and the reaction in churches. Rob Bell is the Founding Pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand
Rapids, Michigan. He is the author of the bestselling VELVET ELVIS, SEX GOD, JESUS WANTS TO SAVE
CHRISTIANS, and DROPS LIKE STARS. Bell speaks to sold-out crowds across the world and appeared in a
pioneering series of short films called NOOMA. David Vanderveen is the former managing editor of the Mars Hill
Review, founding publisher of Krakoosh Magazine and is a regular columnist for the Laguna Beach Independent.
He has been interviewed and featured in AdWeek, NewsWeek, Centered Magazine, The OC Weekly, and other
publications. He has served the Director of Public Relations at the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and
Liberty, and Executive Director of Americans for Limited Terms, a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization, to name a
couple. HarperOne

LOVE WINS sold to: Danish/Boedal; Dutch/Kok; German/Brunnen; Korean/Poiema; Portuguese (Brazil)/Sextante;
Romanian/Adevar Divin; Spanish/Peniel; Swedish/Libris Forlag; UK/Collins

Publication: November 2011                                                         (CBR)
Estimated length: 160 pages
Manuscript available

Borg, Marcus
*THE EVOLUTION OF THE WORD: Reading the New Testament in the Order It Was Written
Everyone knows the New Testament begins with the Gospel of Matthew, but how many people know that not only
was it one of the later books to be written—it was not even the first Gospel! By re-ordering the New Testament
books in the sequence of when they were written, Borg provides a wonderful tutorial of how the core ideas of
Christianity took shape and developed over time. With introductions and sidebars to each of the books of the Bible,
as well as a survey of what we can know about the oral accounts of Jesus that were passed around before the first
book was written, Borg reveals how a radical and primitive apocalyptic Jewish faith slowly became more

comfortable with the world, less Jewish, and more preoccupied with maintaining power and control. Beginning with
Paul’s First Letter to the Thessalonicans, we discover afresh the disproportionate influence of the great apostle to
the Gentiles as the first to codify early Christian beliefs into written form. From Paul’s authentic letters and the first
dramatic telling of Jesus’ story in Mark, we see how an anti-imperial movement started a religious revolution. But
we also witness how the next generation of writers slowly began to erode the movement’s radicalism. Readers will
rediscover documents they thought they knew well by seeing them in an all-new setting. Borg’s THE EVOLUTION
OF THE WORD promises to change how we think about this historic work. Marcus J. Borg is Hundere
Distinguished Professor of Religion and Culture, Emeritus at Oregon State University and author of SPEAKING


Publication: May 2012                                                                 (CBR)
Estimated length: 592 pages
Manuscript available: December 2011

Crossan, John Dominic
THE POWER OF PARABLE: How Fiction by Jesus Became Fiction about Jesus
One of the main ways Jesus taught people was through the use of parables. Through an exploration of the literary
genre popular in the ancient world, distinguished Jesus scholar John Dominic Crossan dissects the versions we
read in the Gospels to get back to what Jesus really intended to teach. Next, Crossan reveals how Jesus’s use of
parables inspired the Gospel writers themselves to come up with meaningful, metaphorical stories of Jesus to help
them explain their own views of who they thought this Messiah really was. By unlocking the meaning and purposes
of the Gospel’s parables, we can arrive at a better portrait of this enigmatic and charismatic Jewish figure who
transformed his world and the next two thousand years of history. John Dominic Crossan, professor emeritus at De
Paul University, is widely regarded as the foremost historical Jesus scholar of our time. He is the author of several
bestselling books, including THE HISTORICAL JESUS, JESUS: A REVOLUTIONARY BIOGRAPHY and his latest,

THE GREATEST PRAYER sold to: Korean/Korean Institute of Christian Studies; Spanish/Sal Terrae; UK/SPCK

Publication: March 2012                                                               (CBR)
Estimated length: 256 pages
Manuscript available

Jenkins, Philip
LAYING DOWN THE SWORD: Why We Can't Ignore the Bible's Violent Verses
From cable-news pundits to ordinary churches, much of the Western world is clinging to a dangerous dichotomy:
Other holy texts like the Qur’an teach warfare, but the Bible’s message is one of love and charity. As LAYING
DOWN THE SWORD brings to light scriptures that have been hidden from view, it’s clear that the truth is far more
complex. Jenkins revisits, for example, the beloved psalm that begins “By the rivers of Babylon we sat and wept”
and ends by blessing those who would smash the sculls of Babylon’s infants. He reveals that while no passage in
the Qur’an advocates suicide terrorism, the Bible could easily be mined to support such an attack. And he points
out that on an average Sunday morning, you’ll likely never hear this quote from Matthew’s Gospel, where Jesus
says, “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.”
Religions cannot grow past their bloody origins until they admit to them. Now, Jenkins offers a way to read these
troubling texts—to absorb, understand, and freely discuss them—within the context of all that is good and inspiring
in our religious traditions. Philip Jenkins, the author of THE LOST HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY, JESUS WARS,
and THE NEXT CHRISTENDOM, has a joint appointment as the Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of the Humanities in
history and religious studies at Penn State University and as Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Institute for Studies
of Religion at Baylor University. He has published articles and op-ed pieces in The Wall Street Journal, The New
Republic, The Atlantic Monthly, The Washington Post, and The Boston Globe and has been a guest on top national
radio shows across the country. HarperOne

JESUS WARS sold to: Polish/Bellona; UK/SPCK

THE LOST HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY sold to: Dutch/Nieuw Amsterdam; German/Herder; Japanese/Sogensha;
Korean/Woongjin Think Big; UK/Lion Hudson

Publication: November 2011                                                            (CBR)
Estimated length: 320 pages
Galley available

Knight, Douglas
Levine, Amy-Jill
THE MEANING OF THE BIBLE: What the Jewish Scriptures and Christian Old Testament Can Teach Us
The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament has given the world some of the greatest literature known, full of unlikely heroes
and courageous heroines, royal intrigues and slave rebellions, doubtful prophets and lovesick poets, bloody battles
and miraculous triumphs. Told and explained by cutting-edge biblical scholars, this fresh introduction will bring
ancient Israel to life, delighting observant Jews, faithful Christians, world historians, and readers of great literature.
Putting the world and faith of the Hebrew Bible in the setting of contemporary discussion of perennial subjects such
as violence, sex, and the status of women, Knight and Levine open our eyes to the riches of one of the greatest
collections of literature known to humankind. Douglas A. Knight is Professor of Hebrew Bible at Vanderbilt
University. The author and editor of numerous books and articles, he currently serves as general editor of the
series “Library of Ancient Israel.” Amy-Jill Levine is E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Professor of New
Testament Studies at Vanderbilt University Divinity School, Department of Religious Studies, and Graduate
Department of Religion. Her most recent publications include THE MISUNDERSTOOD JEW: The Church and the
Scandal of the Jewish Jesus, and the fourteen-volume series, FEMINIST COMPANIONS TO THE NEW

Publication: November 2011                                                            (CBR)
Estimated length: 496 pages
Galley available

Malkovsky, Bradley
GOD’S OTHER CHILDREN: Personal Encounters with Love, Holiness and Faith in Sacred India
GOD’S OTHER CHILDREN is a spiritual travelogue that presents a number of important and unexpected
encounters and conversations the author has with Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists in an India undergoing
sweeping cultural changes. With a degree in Catholic theology, Malkovsky originally traveled to India to study
Hinduism, but soon fell in love and married into a Muslim family. Through the spiritual and theological reflections
woven into the narrative, he emphasizes the distinct beauty and wisdom of each tradition as well as their
commonalities with other traditions of spirituality. Bradley Malkovsky is Associate Professor of Comparative
Theology at the University of Notre Dame. He has degrees from the University of Tubingen, Germany, and has
studied Sanskrit and Hindu thought at the University of Poona in Pune, India. He is the editor of NEW
SOTERIOLOGY OF SAMKARACARYA (2001). He is also the editor of the Journal of Hindu-Christian Studies.

Publication: June 2012                                                                (CBR)
Estimated length: 256 pages
Manuscript available

Martin, James
BETWEEN HEAVEN AND MIRTH: Why Joy, Humor, and Laughter Are at the Heart of the Spiritual Life
Joy is an essential element of a healthy spirituality. Yet many people believe that being religious means being
deadly serious. This is all the more surprising when we look at the great biblical heroes and heroines, and the lives
of the saints and world’s spiritual masters, and see how the theme of joy, humor, and laughter runs like a bright
thread through the spiritual life. Readers will learn how to discover joy in their spiritual lives, how to live as joyful
believers, how to laugh at themselves, and even how to relate to God with a smile. The book will make use of
relevant (and overlooked) stories and characters from Scripture (Abraham and Sarah, Zacchaeus, Nathaniel,
Eutychus), insights and teachings from the lives of the saints (St. Philip Neri, the “joyful saint,” St. Teresa of Ávila,
Blessed John XXIII), the writings of spiritual masters from a variety of traditions, and the author’s own personal
experience. The Rev. James Martin, S.J. is a Jesuit priest, culture editor of America magazine, and bestselling
author of THE JESUIT GUIDE TO (ALMOST) EVERYTHING. Father Martin is a frequent commentator in the

national and international media, having appeared in such diverse venues as The Colbert Report, NPR’s “Fresh Air
with Terry Gross,” Fox TV’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” PBS’s “The Newshour with Jim Lehrer,” as well as in The New
York Times, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune, the major TV networks, and Vatican Radio. Before entering
the Jesuits in 1988 he graduated from the Wharton School of Business and worked with General Electric for six
years. HarperOne

Rights sold: Spanish/Sal Terrae

THE JESUIT GUIDE TO (ALMOST) EVERYTHING sold to: Hungarian/Ursus Libris; Polish/Wydawnictwo eSPe;
Portuguese (Brazil)/Sextante; Spanish/Sal Terrae

Publication: October 2011                                                          (CBR)
Estimated length: 272 pages
Book available

Procter-Murphy, Jeff
Felten, David
*LIVING THE QUESTIONS: An Introduction to Progressive Christianity
With the help of such top contributors as Marcus Borg, A.J. Levine, John Dominic Crossan, John Shelby Spong,
Karen Armstrong, Brian McLaren, Diana Butler Bass, and many others, Procter-Murphy and Felten present a lively
and stimulating primer on what it means to be a progressive Christian. Covering twenty-one topics and based on
the hit DVD series by the same name, LIVING THE QUESTIONS covers all the topics many churches are afraid to
address—sexuality and homosexuality, other religions, the miracles and divinity of Jesus—as well as explain
traditional topics of the faith in an all-new light—the Bible, the Trinity, salvation, the rapture, and much more. This
volume is perfect for groups, individuals, or churches and can be used with or independent of the hit DVD course
with the same name. Dr. Jeff Procter-Murphy was trained at Claremont School of Theology and Rev. David Felten
at Boston University School of Theology. Together they have over forty years combined experience in local church
ministry. HarperOne paperback original

Publication: August 2012                                                           (CBR)
Estimated length: 400 pages
Manuscript available: March 2012

Spong, John Shelby
For over 200 years, scholars have been debating, analyzing, and exploring one of the most important books ever
written—The Bible—and overturning much of what we know about this sacred library of books. However, a large
group of people who actually use this book, mainly lay Christians, aren’t aware of this larger, deeper conversation.
It is for these people that Spong writes RE-CLAIMING THE BIBLE FOR A NON-RELIGIOUS WORLD, a primer on
the history and significance of the Bible. In this informal and accessible survey, Spong will move book by book
through the Scriptures, introducing their themes and messages by examining the sweep of history in which these
books were originally written. What has history taught us? How should we read these stories today? What does it
mean for how we live our lives? And why do people tenaciously hold on to so many myths associated with the
Bible? There is a vast audience of religiously hungry people eager to explore a meaningful journey into the Bible,
and Spong is leading the way with this book. JOHN SHELBY SPONG was the Episcopal Bishop of Newark before
his retirement in 2000. As a visiting lecturer at Harvard and at universities and churches throughout North America
and the English-speaking world, he is one of the leading spokespersons for liberal Christianity. His books include
BIBLE FROM FUNDAMENTALISM, and his autobiography, HERE I STAND. He has initiated landmark
discussions of controversies within the church and has become an outspoken advocate for change. HarperOne

Rights sold: English in ANZ/HarperCollins Australia; English in Canada/HarperCollins Canada

ETERNAL LIFE: A NEW VISION sold to: English (Australia)/HarperCollins Australia;                               English
(Canada)/HarperCollins Canada; German/Patmos; Korean/Korean Institute of Christian Studies

Publication: November 2011                                                         (CBR)
Estimated length: 432 pages

Galley available

Stark, Rodney
TRIUMPH OF CHRISTIANITY: How the Jesus Movement Became the World’s Largest Religion
How did an obscure Jewish sect—likely numbering no more than several hundred people when the provincial
teacher at its heart was executed by the Romans—become the largest religion in the world? Religious historian and
sociologist Rodney Stark has spent his career engaging with that very question. Now, for the first time, he distills
his research to just the most important and interesting episodes—the seminal moments in the story that, he now
believes, demand new perspectives. Stark gets right to the events of greatest interest, often turning them on their
heads: He argues that Constantine’s conversion did the Church a great deal of harm, for example, and that the
majority of converts to early Christianity were women. And he asks the questions at the heart of the human story:
What role did Jesus’s family play in the early Church? How was Christianity’s rise influenced by the misery of daily
life in Greco-Roman cities? What role did vigorous competition play in the success, and failure, of churches in
colonial America? Finally, Stark makes a compelling case that the popular notion that religion must disappear to
make room for modernity is amply disproved by the sociological evidence. For scholars and armchair historians
alike, THE TRIUMPH OF CHRISTIANITY is a brisk and thought-provoking journey through events we think we
know—and need to reconsider. Rodney Stark is the Distinguished Professor of the Social Sciences at Baylor
University. His thirty books on the history and sociology of religion include GOD’S BATTALIONS: THE RISE OF
CHRISTIANITY; CITIES OF GOD; FOR THE GLORY OF GOD (which won the 2004 Award of Merit for
History/Biography from Christianity Today); and DISCOVERING GOD (which won the 2008 Award of Merit for
Theology/Ethics from Christianity Today). Stark is past president of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion
and of the Association for the Sociology of Religion. HarperOne

GOD’S BATTALIONS sold: Italian/Lindau; Russian/AST

DISCOVERING GOD sold: Italian/Lindau

Publication: November 2011                                                           (CBR)
Estimated length: 512 pages; charts, tables, graphs throughout
Galley available

Winner, Lauren
STILL: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis
In this sequel to her popular memoir GIRL MEETS GOD, Lauren Winner explores the theme of “abiding” in God,
especially when, after her divorce and feelings of failure, “believing” was not as easy as it had once been. “In the
Church, we have a long tradition of telling spiritual stories that culminate in conversion, in the narrator’s joining the
church, getting dunked in the waters of baptism, getting saved. Here’s a better question than ‘why did you become
a Christian.’ ‘Why are you a Christian this morning? Why are you a Christian this week?” After a failed marriage
and bored with God talk and Bible reading, the author discovers all the ways she is maintained, held, and even
healed by God’s people, God’s church, and spiritual surprises. Winner discovers that much of Christian literature is,
essentially, the case for choosing the Christian life. But she found few sources for what she needed: a spirituality of
maintenance. And that is what she set out to create. Lauren F. Winner is the author of numerous books, including
GIRL MEETS GOD, MUDHOUSE SABBATH, and REAL SEX: The Naked Truth About Chastity. She has appeared
on PBS’s Religion & Ethics Newsweekly and has written for The New York Times Book Review, The Washington
Post Book World, Publishers Weekly, Books and Culture, and Christianity Today. Winner has degrees from Duke,
Columbia, and Cambridge universities, and holds a Ph.D. in history. The former book editor for Beliefnet, Lauren
teaches at Duke Divinity School. HarperOne

Publication: February 2012                                                           (CBR)
Estimated length: 256 pages
Galley available

Wright, N.T.
HOW GOD BECAME KING: The Forgotten Story of the Gospels
Since ancient times, the church has sought to distance itself from its Jewish roots and has developed teachings on
the Bible and about Jesus that actually serve as a barrier for reading the New Testament for what it is: the story of
the coronation of God through Jesus at the fulfillment of Jewish history and as the climax of all human history.
Award-winning New Testament scholar and Anglican bishop, N.T. Wright peels back the barriers to reveal the lost

story they tell. He begins by asking why each gospel starts by connecting back to the Old Testament in a dramatic
way, repeatedly making the point that Jesus was the Messiah, God’s chosen one, who is continuing a story that
began in Eden. Not only does Wright reveal a new way of looking at what the writers of the New Testament were
attempting to reveal, he also lays the groundwork for how this new perspective can transform how we see our role
and duties in the world today. N.T. Wright is the former Bishop of Durham in the Church of England and one of the
world’s leading Bible scholars. He now serves as the Chair of New Testament and Early Christianity at the
University of St. Andrews’s School of Divinity. For twenty years he taught New Testament studies at Cambridge,
McGill, and Oxford Universities. Wright is the award-winning author of AFTER YOU BELIEVE, SURPRISED BY
heralded series Christian Origins and The Question of God. HarperOne

AFTER YOU BELIEVE sold to: Dutch/Van Wijnen; German/Francke Buchhandlung Verlag; Korean/Gimm-Young;
Russian/Exmo; Spanish/PPC

Translation: HarperCollins US; UK: SPCK

Publication: March 2012                                                        (CBR)
Estimated length: 256 pages
Manuscript available: November 2011


Bark, Sandra
Donovan, Bil
BIRDS OF A FEATHER SHOP TOGETHER: Aesop’s Fables for the Fashionable Set
Just as the successful THIS LITTLE PIGGY WENT TO PRADA riffed off nursery rhymes and illustrated them
stylishly to create a chic gift book for moms, BIRDS OF A FEATHER SHOP TOGETHER turns 22 classic morality
tales of childhood on their ear and pairs them with gorgeous gouaches, making this an irresistible gift book for
fashionable women of all ages. Stories in the book include Ladies Who Lunch (The Ant and the Grasshopper),
Carpe Dior (The Lion, the Bear and the Fox), and Amanda and the Grape Gaultier (The Fox and the Grapes).
Sandra Bark is a New York Times bestselling author who has collaborated on books with celebrities like Kat Von D
and Tracy Anderson. Bil Donovan is a fashion illustrator whose numerous clients include Neiman Marcus, Estee
Lauder, Givenchy, Escada, Yves Saint Laurent, and Mercedes-Benz, and he works as a brand ambassador for
Christian Dior. Harper Design

Publication: January 2012                                                          (CBR)
Estimated length: 80 pages; 40-45 illustrations
Sample material available

Brothers Grimm
Illustrated by Camille Rose Garcia
This edition of Snow White, one of the world’s most popular fairy tales of all time, follows in the successful track of
Harper Design titles that not only reimagine classic fairy tales through innovative illustration and unique packaging,
but publish in sync with much anticipated Hollywood films. This new edition of the Grimm Brothers classic will
coincide with the release in June 2012 of a major 3-D Hollywood film, starring Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen and
Lily Collins (The Blind Side). It has been generating buzz for months, and will precede by a full six months
Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman, a riff off the Snow White tale, which releases for Christmas 2012.
Camille Rose Garcia has a cult following all her own. Her dark, Disneyesque style perfectly aligns with the aesthetic
of this fantasy tale. Her work has appeared in and on the covers of Flaunt, Rolling Stone, Juxtapoz, Paper, Nylon,
Anthem, and Blab!, among others. Her art has been exhibited internationally in Spain, Germany, France, and Italy,
as well as in Los Angeles and New York. She illustrated ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND, which was a
New York Times bestseller and won third place for its jacket at the New York Book Show in 2011. She is also the
author of three books: THE SADDEST PLACE ON EARTH: The Art of Camille Rose Garcia; THE MAGIC BOTTLE;
and TRAGIC KINGDOM: The Art of Camille Rose Garcia. Harper Design

ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND sold to: Portuguese (Brazil)/Saraiva

Publication: March 2012                                                            (CBR)
Estimated length: 80 pages
Sample material available

Goldberger, Sacha
*MAMIKA: My Great Little Grandmother
Meet the most adorable super-hero out there today; a 92-year-old Hungarian grandmother known to her fans as
“Mamika”! The concept for Mamika began when French photographer Sacha Goldberger and his grandmother, the
amazing Frederika, decided to create the character of Mamika (“little grandmother” in Hungarian). Many disguises,
geriatric stunts, jokes, and crazy photo shoots later, Mamika became an internet sensation, with magazines around
the world writing about her. The Atlantic named her “Face of the Year 2010.” Frederika Goldberger has had an
adventurous life: during World War II in Hungary she saved the lives of her fellow Jewish friends. After the war, she
set up her own textile firm, then in the fifties fled the Communist regime to live in France. After her fourth husband
died, Frederika started to feel lonely and depressed. To raise her spirits, her grandson Sacha, asked her to be his
model and turned her into “Super-Mamika.” Frederika agreed, reluctantly at first, but once they got rolling, she
posed with the utmost enthusiasm. In MAMIKA, she can be seen in the streets of New York wearing a superhero
costume, holding her Yorkshire terrier as she washes windows, or using a dildo as a telephone. Her depression
has lifted, as will the mood of those who read this hilarious book. The photographs are humorous and charming,
but they also represent a touching link between two generations. Sacha Goldberger is a photographer who

specializes in fashion and advertising. His previous book, THE LITTLE BOOK OF I LOVE YOU has sold more than
100,000 copies worldwide. Harper Design

World English: HarperCollins US; Translation: Balland Editeur

Publication: May 2012                                                                (CBR)
Estimated length: 176 pages; illustrations throughout
Sample material available: December 2011

Lee, Janet
LIVING IN A NUT SHELL: Posh and Portable Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces
The Emmy Award winning lifestyle stylist for Oprah Winfrey and Nate Berkus offers a wealth of very chic, easy-to-
do decorating and storage ideas for small places. A fireplace on wheels? A chandelier light by Xerox? A shrink-
wrapped designer closet? LIVING IN A NUTSHELL is the go-to resource guide for small space nesters who want
to create a personal, charming home even if they feel like they live in a box. The design ideas are accessible,
affordable, and actionable, won’t hurt walls, windows, or floors, won’t put a dent in the bank account by any stretch,
and that readers can literally can take with them when they move. Readers will be inspired by an array of untapped,
off-the-beaten-track design resources and insider “tricks of the trade” that will give them the courage and step-by-
step noncommittal tips to tackle projects themselves. With more than 200 vivid color photographs and illustrations
especially commissioned for the book, including dramatic “before” and “afters” of rooms and projects, readers can
develop their own personal design style and create a beautiful home no matter how small or transitional it may be.
Janet Lee is an Emmy Award-winning television producer, styling and producing for leading home decorators,
entrepreneurs, and designers such as Martha Stewart, B. Smith, and Thom Filicia. During her ten years as a senior
producer for the “Oprah Show,” she worked closely with style greats like Nate Berkus. She has also been a home
décor producer for Lifetime Television’s “Our Home” and was featured on camera as their “weekend decorator,”
demonstrating chic, easy DIY projects. Her popular design blog,, boasts readers from all over
the world. She is currently working as a freelance TV style producer for the Nate Berkus Show on NBC and for
OWN Network. Harper Design

Publication: April 2012                                                              (CBR)
Estimated length: 208 pages, 250 4/c photos throughout
Sample material available

Magsaysay, Melissa
CITY OF STYLE: The Story of Los Angeles Fashion, from Bohemian to Rock
Los Angeles Times style editor Melissa Magsaysay takes readers on a visual and intellectual exploration of LA
fashion—past and present—while introducing a variety of trend-setting individuals who have influenced LA style. All
over the world, both high fashion and street fashion have been informed by styles born within LA city limits. From
the bohemian spirit of Joni Mitchell in the ‘70s to the fearless, unkempt skaters of Venice Beach, the city’s free-
spirited subcultures have influenced LA’s style history as much as the red carpet glitz of Hollywood. Magsaysay
takes an in-depth approach, exploring the mix of culture, climate, geography, history, and celebrity that came
together in different neighborhoods to create several looks unique to LA, specifically: Indie, Rocker, Boho,
Glamour, Skater, Chola, and Casual. LA STYLE will feature extensive, exclusive interviews with LA’s most
influential retailers, designers, and style icons, including: Monique Lhuillier, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Drew
Barrymore, Ron Robinson (owner of Fred Segal), Tommy Perse (Maxfield), Hillary Rush, Doris Raymond (The Way
We Wore), Jeannie Lee (Satine), and more. !t Books

Publication: March 2012                                                              (CB)
Estimated length: 288 pages; full-color illustrations throughout
Manuscript available October 2011

Max, Peter
As instantly recognizable as Peter Max’s artwork is, his life story is not as well known. Here, for the first time, Peter
Max details the large and small brush strokes of his life’s journey-in his own words and images. In fifty intimate
essays, Max muses on a variety of thematic subjects, all the while telling his life story-from his birth in Berlin to a
childhood spent in Shanghai to his odyssey to New York City, and his subsequent ascension into the celebrity-filled
artworld of the 1960s and beyond. In each essay, Max relates intimate details of his life as they relate to the nature
of creativity, and reveals how he has been able to see art in the everyday and how you can, too. Vibrant artwork-
some of which have never been seen before-accompanies the essays, providing an illuminating, colorful look into
the inspired life and times of Peter Max. Considered by many to be the world’s most iconic pop artist, Max’s
signature “Cosmic 1960s”-style artwork defined a generation. Besides painting the colossal mural for the 1969
Woodstock festival, he has also painted Lady Liberty on the White House lawn, served as the official artist for the
Grammys, the United Nations Earth Summit, and five Superbowls, and had his paintings grace the covers of
People, U.S. News & World Report, Life, and Manhattan’s Yellow Pages-twice. Harper Design

Publication: July 2012                                                             (CBR)
Estimated length: 256 pages; four-color throughout
Sample material available: February 2012

Montrose, Sharon
Celebrated author and renowned photographer Sharon Montrose presents a compendium of wild and domestic
animal portraits displayed in unusual and innovative ways, making this the perfect gift for the legions of fans of cute
animals everywhere. These masterful images will change the way we view our favorite animals. MENAGERIE
features photographs from Sharon’s popular Animal Series, which have been purchased by the thousands through
her ecommerce site, The artful presentation of this masterful collection of images
gives each animal a pronounced identity. Grouped in unique and playful chapters such as “Babies,” “Pouches,”
“Forest,” and “Farm,” Sharon further enhances the indelible personalities of her subjects by incorporating beautiful
hand-lettered text by illustrator Juliana Swaney. !t Books

Publication: November 2011                                                         (CB)
Estimated length: 192 pages; 6 ½ x 8 ½ trim; color throughout
Manuscript available

Morton, Camilla
In an inventive reimagining of the classic fairytale, fashion journalist and international bestselling author of HOW
TO WALK IN HIGH HEELS, Camilla Morton, blends the beloved fairytale The Elves and the Shoemaker with
famous fashion designer Manolo Blahnik as the protagonist. Accompanied by gorgeous 4-color illustrations drawn
by the designer himself, the story romanticizes and puts into fairytale form his biography and career. The result is
an intriguing combination of whimsy and memoir. Illuminating Blahnik’s creative magic, this book is both a new
twist on the well-worn fashion biography and a new take on one of our oldest fairytales. Printed in a glossy,
collectible format, this will be the perfect gift to give, share, and collect. !t Books

Publication: January 2012                                                          (CB)
Estimated length: 80 pages; 6 ¼ x 8 ¾ trim; illustrations throughout
Manuscript available

Stoker, Bram
Cloonan, Becky (illustrator)
This new unabridged edition of Dracula brings a unique, contemporary visual spin to the cult classic, with more
than 50 original illlustrations by Becky Cloonan, an Eisner-awarding winning artist with wide recognition, having
published with Vertigo, Dark Horse, Tokyo Pop, and others. This is a Dracula we’ve never seen before—edgy,
stylishly macabre with Victorian overtones, and an unusual color palette, in a graphically dynamic package.
Dracula is the premier vampire story: this new edition will appeal to graphic novel and comics fans as well as those
who love vampire stories. The book will coincide with the release of Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows starring Johnny
Depp. Harper Design

Publication: May 2012                                                              (CBR)
Estimated length: 384 pages w/ full color illustrations throughout
Sample Material available

von Mueffling, Dini
THE ULTIMATE BOOK OF FASHION: The Most Fabulous Looks from Every Era—and How to Create Them
for Yourself
From a well-connected fashion journalist, this is a gorgeously designed full-color fashion bible with hundreds of
fascinating photos and fashion illustrations, from Ancient Greece to Marie Antoinette to Chanel to Bryant Park.
THE ULTIMATE BOOK OF FASHION traces 5,000 years of fashion trends and history, and shows readers how to
achieve their favorite styles from each remarkable era. Featuring the iconic designers of the 20 century, including
Coco Chanel and Christian Dior, it also offers a behind-the-scenes look at the world of fashion today. From Ancient
Cultures, through the Middle Ages, Renaissance Europe, the Victorian era, the thirties, forties and fifties,
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, blue jeans and up to the 21 Century of Michelle Obama, this is an exciting,
informative, and interactive fashion tome for anyone interested in fashion and do-it-yourself projects. Dini von
Mueffling has written for Elle, Mademoiselle, and Town and Country, among other publications. !t Books

Publication: August 2012                                                          (CB)
Page extent: 256 pages; 200 4-color photos & illustrations throughout; 7 3/8 x 9 1/8 trim
Manuscript available: November 2011


Batali, Mario
MOLTO BATALI: Simple Family Meals from My Home to Yours
From Mario Batali, James Beard Award-winning and New York Times bestselling author of MOLTO ITALIANO and
MOLTO GUSTO, comes MOLTO BATALI, a new cookbook of fresh and simple seasonal food, organized into
mouthwatering meals meant for sharing with friends and family.

Publication: November 2011                                                         (JLS)
Estimated length: 272 pages; full color throughout
Material available

Carmellini, Alex
Andrew Carmellini, the James Beard Award-winning author of Urban Italian and the chef-owner of Locanda Verde,
takes readers on a wonderfully rich and diverse tour through the ingredients and cuisines that constitute American
flavor. Using both traditional foodways and the multicultural neighborhoods, global eateries, and ethnic groceries
that dot the American landscape as his inspiration, he introduces delicious, innovative, and interesting food that is
accessible to and economical for both home cooks and serious chefs alike. AMERICAN FLAVOR includes dishes
inflected with his French and Italian training, but also explores the diverse heritage of American food, from Poland
to Japan, Ireland to Thailand, Mexico to Morocco. Each recipe reflects Carmellini’s fresh, laid-back style, his
Midwestern roots, his big-city palate, and his emphasis on great ingredients and intensely flavorful (and
international!) combinations.

Publication: October 2011                                                          (JLS)
Estimated length: 320 pages; illustrations throughout
Book available

Currah, Alice
As internationally recognized blogger Alice Currah knows, the food we share with others is more than just what we
eat—it becomes an extension of ourselves. Whether it’s baking dad’s favorite cake on his birthday or serving a
refreshing pitcher of lime mojitos for a summer backyard barbecue, life’s simplest moments can create the most
meaningful memories. In the SAVORY SWEET LIFE, Alice celebrates these “life happenings” with gorgeous full-
color photos and more than 100 easy recipes organized by occasion, including: snow day—decadent hot
chocolate, spiced gingersnap cookies, creamy tomato soup with grilled garlic cheese sandwiches; quick and easy
Asian inspired weeknight dinner—cucumber salad, grilled salmon teriyaki rice bowl, coconut ginger ice cream;
mom, I’m hungry! (simple, fast, healthy kids snacks perfect for after school or between meals)—mango orange
smoothie, black bean quesadillas, herbed yogurt dip with vegetables; and southern backyard party—salad with
sour apples and toasted pecans, hickory barbecue ribs, bourbon banana cream pie. Alice shares personal stories,
practical advice, time-saving tips, and real life food everyone will love. Alice Currah’s,
attracts half a million page views monthly and has continued to grow in popularity since its March 2009 launch. It is
a member of the Martha’s Circle blog network. Alice has featured online at Forbes, Martha Stewart, Real Simple,
The Pioneer Woman, Epicurious, Bon Appetit, Saveur, Craft, Life Hacker, Amazon, iVillage, and many more. She is
also a weekly food contributor for PBS Parents. William Morrow Cookbooks (paperback)

Publication: May 2012
Estimate length: 272 pages; illustrations throughout                            (JLS)
Sample material available: January 2012

Goldman, Marcy
Chef and author Marcy Goldman understands how we bake by the seasons. With over 150 recipes, THE BAKER’S
FOUR SEASONS captures exactly what we crave throughout the calendar year. Each seasonal chapter includes
information on holidays, occasions, and the distinct flavors in that collection of months. Marcy’s recipes are
dangerously delicious and easy to execute, but it’s her warm, lyrical voice that has drawn over 1.2 million visitors to
her website each month and made her last book, A PASSION FOR BAKING, so successful. Marcy Goldman is a
Montreal-based pastry chef, a master baker, and the creator and host of, established in

1997. She is also a New York Times baking expert blogger and a frequent contributor to the Washington Post and
Martha Stewart Sirius. Her work has also appeared in Bon Appetit, Food and Wine, Fine Cooking, Cook’s, the New
York Times, Chicago Tribune, and the Los Angeles Times. William Morrow

Publication: November 2011                                                       (JLS)
Estimated length: 304 pages; 16-page color photo insert
Manuscript and photos available

Ima, Kim
*THE TREATS TRUCK BAKING BOOK: Cookies, Brownies & Goodies Galore!
Join Kim Ima,“The Treats Truck Lady,” as she takes you onboard her beloved truck, Sugar, for a sweet, movable
feast. Here you’ll find dozens of recipes for the classic and seasonal treats that have made snackers-on-the-go
swoon, including: cookies (chocolate chippers, oatmeal jammies, and coconut macaroons); brownies, bars, and
squares (mexican chocolate brownies, pecan butterscotch bars, and cran-almond crispy squares);cakes and
cupcakes (carrot, peanut butter and jelly, and ice cream cone cupcakes); frostings and fillings (buttercream, lemony
lemon, and mint chocolate); pies (apple, pecan, and chocolate cream); and ice cream specials (ice cream sandwich
cookies and brownie sundae specials). Kim provides helpful tips, tools, and measurements that will make any
baker a pro in the kitchen. Kim Ima is the owner of The Treats Truck, a mobile bakery business serving
neighborhoods throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. Considered a pioneer of the specialty food truck scene, Kim
has been featured in the New York Times, Time Out New York, the New York Post, Food and Wine, and Gourmet.
She has also appeared on Food Network’s “Kid in a Candy Store” and TLC’s new show “Best Food Ever,” and
partnered with companies like Visa and Coach on various promotions. William Morrow Cookbooks

Publication: November 2011                                                       (JLS)
Estimated length: 176; illustrations throughout
Manuscript available

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Business, Self-Help, Lifestyle Books in Mainland China
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No. 6 Chao Wai Avenue
Beijing 100020 China
Tel +861085251628
fax +861085251620
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