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									All About Panama Metropolis - Discover The Money Of Panama
How did my partner and i end up in Panama metropolis ?
Well, I was walking on to a convention inside Costa Rica, departing from Santo Domingo, funds of the
Dominican Republic via Copa air carriers taking a connecting trip in Panama.
My plane arrived past due at the Tocumen airport terminal and of course I missed the connection and
therefore i had to stay overnight to catch a flight the next day.
To tell you the truth, i was a little concerned about investing the night mainly because it absolutely
was the time when panama was under the master General Manuel Noriega was under control of the
nation but under a large amount of international pressure particularly from the USA. I didn't want any
unpleasant surprises since like a journalists I had written some newspaper articles promoting
democracy in that country.
As the Dominican I was born and raised beneath another dictator: the actual Generalissimo Rafael
So I could not avoid feeling a few concern about spending an evening in such a place unfortunately
known at that because center for politics intrigue, drug trafficking,violation of human being rights and
popular corruption.
But which concern vanished relatively when I remembered i had a Dominican buddy who was the
general consul in Panama at that time.
It's fair to be able to acknowledge that the air carriers had arranged for the stranded passengers to
remain at the Rionda a hotel very close to the airport terminal.
This airline has been kind enough to be able to call my friend on the phone who enjoyably responded
to my prayers and in no time attained the terminal to be able to rescue me maybe from uncertainty or
perhaps a boring night alone in my room..
Getting in touch with him would be a wise best choice as you will see inside a moment..
The consul was gracious sufficient to drive me across the city that same night offering us a brand new
perspective of the beautiful city..
Panama has one of the most remarkable and dense skyline in Latin the usa made up of modernistic
cup highrises which produce a magical reflection on the Pacific waters of the Panama Bay telling us
of the city of Miami or any other big American city.
By the way, it was started on August 20 ,1519 by speaking spanish conquistador Pedro Arias Dávila.
This metropolis is now the center of an extremely dynamic the international banking and financial
activities generated through the Panama will find around 60 key banks, some personal and
other national since the economy is based on services , shipping and tourism mostly associated with
the panama Canal.
Also this kind of country is listed one of the top five countries for retirees on earth.
It boasts some of the most advanced communications method and the busiest international airport in
Central America providing daily flights to the most important international places.
After this metropolis tour, my host took me to a El Cortijo a speaking spanish restaurant in the old
town overlooking the actual bay where we enjoyed a scrumptious paella, some portions of Rioja wine
and above all great dialogue about any subject matter under the starry sky of this legendary
metropolis which was It became the starting and investing point of outings that conquered the actual
Inca Empire inside Peru (1532).
This was really an unforgettable tour and losing my flight connection turned out to be a lucky break.
Next day, my last one in panama , my diplomat buddy , who unfortunately passed away recently, took
time out to show me the actual Free Zone-no income taxes here- where you can find among the
better bargains for high quality products and of course, an excursion of the Panama channel.
Boy, was my partner and i excited!
There my partner and i learned how a few sets of tresses of the two-lane channel function as drinking
water elevators lifting the important ships to the degree of Gatun Lake, situated at 26 meters over sea
level , and afterwards decreasing them again to be able to sea level on the other hand of the Isthmus
regarding Panama.
It's important too to point out that the channel is surrounded by one on the largest and greatest
preserved forest inside Latin America that constant care assures the supply of drinking water
essential for the raising and lowering regarding vessels.
As an extra bonus the natrual enviroment has become a shelter and habitat for one of the richest
wildlife inside Latin America.
So in the few hours my partner and i stayed in this great city realized that there's more than the
channel. Panama has come a long method since the Noriega regime was kicked away at the beat
regarding rock and roll by an american military intervention.
The new generation provides since known democracy and economic development for the last 2 or 3
I intend to go back soon this thrilling place to relive old memories.

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