Bi-Weekly Nonexempt Employees Payroll Calendar Payroll .pdf by zhaonedx


									                                  Bi-Weekly Nonexempt Employees
                                          Payroll Calendar
                                                         Employee    Approver     Approver
                                                         Web Time Web Time        Web Time
                                        Web Time         Entry End    Entry         Entry
Payroll Payroll Period Payroll Period   Entry From      Date-Time is Closing       Closing
  #       Start Date     End Date          Date         end of shift   Date         Time   Check Date
    15         4-Jul-11     17-Jul-11        4-Jul-11      17-Jul-11  18-Jul-11   11:59 PM    22-Jul-11
    16        18-Jul-11     31-Jul-11      18-Jul-18       31-Jul-11  1-Aug-11    11:59 PM    5-Aug-11
    17        1-Aug-11     14-Aug-11       1-Aug-11       14-Aug-11 16-Aug-11     12:00 PM  19-Aug-11
    18       15-Aug-11     28-Aug-11      15-Aug-11       28-Aug-11 29-Aug-11     11:59 PM    2-Sep-11
    19       29-Aug-11     11-Sep-11      29-Aug-11       11-Sep-11 12-Sep-11     11:59 PM   16-Sep-11
    20      12-Sep-11      25-Sep-11      12-Sep-11      25-Sep-11   26-Sep-11    11:59   PM   30-Sep-11
    21      26-Sep-11       9-Oct-11      26-Sep-11       9-Oct-11   10-Oct-11    11:59   PM   14-Oct-11
    22      10-Oct-11      23-Oct-11      10-Oct-11      23-Oct-11   24-Oct-11    11:59   PM   28-Oct-11
    23      24-Oct-11       6-Nov-11      24-Oct-11       6-Nov-11    7-Nov-11    11:59   PM   11-Nov-11
    24       7-Nov-11      20-Nov-11       7-Nov-11      20-Nov-11   21-Nov-11    10:00   AM   23-Nov-11
    25      21-Nov-11       4-Dec-11      21-Nov-11       4-Dec-11    5-Dec-11    12:00   PM    9-Dec-11
    26       5-Dec-11      18-Dec-11       5-Dec-11      18-Dec-11   19-Dec-11    12:00   PM   22-Dec-11

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