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					Alsop High School   North Liverpool Academy   Notre Dame Catholic College
       Alsop High School                                          North Liverpool Academy              Notre Dame Catholic College

Introduction                                                              Introduction
Following on from the highly successful collaborative                     that they have experienced within their own schools,
approach to 14-19 Education initiated by the North                        offered to them by teachers who have supported them
Liverpool Collaborative involving Alsop, North Liverpool                  from the start of their secondary education. In practical
Academy and Notre Dame, we have, during the past year,                    terms the partnership means that students continue to be
enhanced provision even further for our students in the north             educated within their own schools for most of each week
of the city.                                                              but are offered courses within the partnership, particularly
                                                                          in specialist areas, on the other sites for the remainder of
In September 2008, ten local schools and colleges entered
                                                                          the week.
into a working partnership, which has led to an even
greater range of educational opportunities than before.                   The partnership has opened possibilities for all students and
The schools involved are Alsop, Archbishop Beck, Bank                     encourages participation 14-19 through a curriculum which will
View, Croxteth, De la Salle, Fazakerley, Redbridge, St John               facilitate entry into higher education or
Bosco, North Liverpool Academy and Notre Dame. The                        employment.
additional facilities at the Alt Valley Skills Centre and Bosco
                                                                          We look forward to welcoming the students who will join our
CLC will enhance the excellent facilities in each of the
                                                                          partnership this year and ensuring their success as they embark on
specialist schools. The specialisms are ICT/Technology and
                                                                          the pathway into higher education and
Applied Learning at Alsop, Sport at Archbishop Beck,
Business and Enterprise at Croxteth, Humanities at De la
Salle, Engineering at Fazakerley, Arts and St John Bosco,                 Alsop High School Technology College
Business and Enterprise and Maths and Computing at                        Mr P Jamieson (Headteacher)
North Liverpool Academy and Performing Arts at                            Mr J Patino (Deputy Headteacher)
Notre Dame.                                                               Mrs L Hounslea (Head of Sixth Form)
Each one of these schools is committed to working in                      Notre Dame College
collaboration in order to enhance the educational                         Mrs F Harrison (Headteacher)
opportunities available to our students. Lengthy debates                  Mr A Rannard (Deputy Headteacher
have taken place to ensure that the curriculum offering,                  Miss K Nicol (Head of Sixth Form)
which is now available from all of these schools, will more
                                                                          North Liverpool Academy
than meet what has come to be known as the curriculum
                                                                          Kay Askew (Principal)
entitlement for our students. Students have access to a
                                                                          John Rigby (Vice Principal)
modern, innovative and relevant 14-19 curriculum with
                                                                          Paul Giles (Head of Sixth Form)
wide and varied provision, which embraces the learning
Each school will continue to maintain its own ethos and
the faith principles of Catholicism will be retained for those
students for whom it is appropriate. Students will continue
to benefit from the excellent pastoral care and guidance

       Alsop High School                                           North Liverpool Academy                  Notre Dame Catholic College

FacilitiesavailabletoPost-16 students                                      Howthecollaborativedayisorganised
The collaborative offers a wide range of state of the art                  All Level 3 courses (AS/A2/Applied/BTEC Diplomas
facilities which include:                                                  Nationals and the new Diplomas) are delivered in Option
                                                                           Blocks which are shared across the collaborative. Students
• Designated sixth form centres
                                                                           have a choice of over 50 courses and transport is provided
• Dining facilities including Sixth Form Cybercafé                         where required using our own minibuses. All students
• Sports centre with sports hall, swimming pool and                        attend PSHCE and RE lessons and receive careers guidance
  Lifestyles fitness suite                                                 and pastoral support from designated members of staff in
• Music, Art & Drama block                                                 their home school.
• Music Technology suites with recording studios
                                                                                 Monday       Tuesday          Wednesday       Thursday            Friday
• Suite of ICT rooms and a network of over 3000
                                                                                Registration Registration Registration Registration Registration
• Learning Resource Centre
• Specialist technology rooms
                                                                                                                BLOCK 1
• Use of Walton Hall Sports Centre                                         AM    BLOCK 1         BLOCK 2                        BLOCK 4        BLOCK 3
• A large number of dedicated science labs
• Spacious art studios
• Music, radio and recording studios                                                                            BLOCK 5
                                                                           PM    BLOCK 3         BLOCK 4                        BLOCK 2        BLOCK 5
• Well-equipped technology rooms
• A theatre and dance studio
• An engineering centre
• Hairdressing & Beauty Salon
• Performing Arts Arena
• IT Diploma Centre
A large indoor Sports Hall caters for a range of sports
including volleyball, five-a-side football, basketball, cricket,
badminton, trampolining, netball and tennis. Students can
use the floodlit astro-turf pitch for inter and intra-college
fixtures. The fitness suite is available to sixth formers.

        Alsop High School                                     North Liverpool Academy             Notre Dame Catholic College

Uniform                                                              • Safeguarding Officers are:
                                                                        Alsop - Sarah Dacey
                                                                        North Liverpool Academy - Ken Tudor
Girls                              Boys                                 Notre Dame - Frances Harrison
Grey/black skirt                   Black trousers
White blouse                       Shirt                             Attendance/Punctuality
Grey/black cardigan                Tie
                                                                     • Attendance/punctuality at collaborative lessons will be
Grey/black trousers                Black shoes
                                                                        closely monitored by the home school.
NORTH LIVERPOOL ACADEMY                                              • Attendance registers will be sent from all collaborative
                                                                        lessons to the home school on a weekly basis.
Girls                              Boys
Smart business dress               Smart business dress              • Poor attendance/punctuality will be referred, in the first
                                                                        instance, to the Curriculum Leader.
                                                                     • Serious problems will be monitored by the Heads of
Girls                              Boys                                 Sixth Form and, when necessary, the Head of Sixth
Grey skirt/pinafore                Black trousers                       Form.
White blouse                       Black tie
Grey/black jumper/cardigan Black   White shirt                       • Parents will be informed of attendance/punctuality
shoes                              Black jumper                         issues on a regular basis.
                                   Black shoes not trainers
Safeguarding                                                         • The highest standards of behaviour will be expected at
• All Sixth Form students will be issued with a                         all times.
   photographic ID badge from their home school.                     •   Issues of discipline in a collaborative lesson will, in the
• ID badges must be worn at all times within                             first instance, be referred to the Curriculum Leader.
  collaborative schools.                                             • The Curriculum Leader will liaise with the home school
• ID badges must be worn at all work placements.                     • Serious breaches of discipline will be referred to the
• Schools reserve the right to refuse admittance to                     Head of Sixth Form in the collaborative school where
  students who are not carrying appropriate                             the lesson is taking place who will contact the Head of
  identification.                                                       Sixth Form at the home school.

•   All students must sign in at collaborative school on             • The Head of Sixth Form at the home school will
    arrival.                                                           inform parents.

• Students who are on work placements as part of their               • Continuous breaches of discipline will be referred to the
  courses must hold an appropriate CRB clearance.                       Deputy Head Teacher and may result, after consultation
                                                                        between schools, with the student being removed from
                                                                        the course.
       Alsop High School                                 North Liverpool Academy                   Notre Dame Catholic College

The aim of all schools in the collaborative is to be fully            and experienced teachers from across all schools in the
inclusive and we therefore offer a range of courses at                collaborative. The location of each course is finalised in
different levels, enabling all students to achieve success.           September depending on a number of different factors
Our wide curriculum offer meets the requirements of the               including:
DCSF 14-19 pathway model shown on page 4.                             • the specialist nature of the school
We offer AS, A2, Applied, BTEC Nationals and new
Diplomas at Level 3, GCSEs, NVQs and BTEC Firsts at Level             • the numbers selecting the course from each school
2 and NVQs at Level 1. We are confident that all students             • availability of staff
will be able to find a course that will match their ability           • facilities
and aspirations. All courses are taught by highly qualified

Level 3 Courses
Students starting Level 3 courses will be expected to have at least 5A*-C grades at GCSE.
All students intending to start a course will need to undertake an interview to ensure they
have suitable qualifications and the right attitude to complete the course successfully -

•   Accountancy                                                   •     Maths
•   Art                                                           •     Media Studies
•   Biology                                                       •     Music
•   Business & Finance Diploma                                    •     Music Technology
•   Business Studies                                              •     Photography
•   Chemistry                                                     •     Physics
•   Child Care                                                    •     Psychology
•   Creative & Media Diploma                                      •     Public Services
•   Dance                                                         •     Religious Studies
•   Drama/Theatre Studies                                         •     Science
•   Economics                                                     •     Society Health & Development Diploma
•   English Literature                                            •     Sociology
•   Film Studies                                                  •     Spanish
•   Further Maths                                                 •     Sports Studies
•   Geography                                                     •     Performing Arts
•   Graphic Products                                              •     Textiles - Fashion & Design
•   History                                                       •     Travel & Tourism
•   ICT                                                           •     World Development
•   IT Diploma
•   Law

       Alsop High School                                          North Liverpool Academy              Notre Dame Catholic College

A Level, Applied & BTEC Nationals                                         Level 1 & 2 Courses
There are a wide range of courses available at Level 3                    GCSEs
to suit the needs of all students and our IAG process
                                                                          There are opportunities for all students to re-sit GCSE
helps students to identify the courses most appropriate to                English and Maths during Year 12.
their individual abilities, interests and needs. All score UCAS
points and are accepted by most Universities and HE Colleges.             Functional Skills
New Diplomas                                                              Functional skills in English, Maths and ICT - the ability to apply
                                                                          literacy, numeracy and ICT - are already part of the new
The Diploma is a completely new qualification available
                                                                          secondary curriculum key stage 3 and will be
for young people aged 14-19 and is intended to enable
                                                                          embedded into GCSEs from 2010. They are also essential for
students to develop skills while building knowledge and
                                                                          success in all Diploma qualifications and
understanding. By 2013 there will be 17 Diplomas on
                                                                          Apprenticeships and functional skills lessons will be delivered as
offer and the North Central Collaborative is leading the
                                                                          part of the Sixth Form curriculum.
way with four Diplomas on offer at Level 3 in September
2009 and more planned for 2010. The Advanced                              BTEC First/NVQs
Diploma, available in Creative & Media, IT, Society Health
& Development and Business & Finance, is valued by                        For those students who do not achieve the entry
Higher Education institutions and can be worth up to 420                  requirements for Level 3 courses at the end of Key Stage 4, there
UCAS points for those students aspiring to go to university.              are a number of Level 2 courses on offer. These vary from year to
                                                                          year according to demand, but typically
                                                                          include Children’s Care, IT, Business and Sport. Courses last for one
                                                                          academic year and are equivalent to 4 A-Cs -
                                                                          many students successfully complete these courses before
                                                                          progressing to Level 3 courses in Year 13.

                                                                          Apprenticeships offer an opportunity for students to
                                                                          combine paid work with on-the-job training, qualifications and
                                                                          progression into the occupational sector in which they are
                                                                          interested. We work closely with Connexions and
                                                                          various providers to offer Apprenticeships in a range of areas -
                                                                          further information is available from the IAG or Careers advisor in
                                                                          each school.

Alsop High School   North Liverpool Academy   Notre Dame Catholic College

       Alsop High School

AccountingAS/A2                          OCR                                WhychooseAccounting?
                                                                            This course is suitable for a wide range of career pathways.

Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                   It provides an excellent foundation for further study at pre-
                                                                            professional and professional levels.
The course involves four modules of work. Two modules                       It is a very useful subject that can be combined with a
are studied in Year 12 and two modules are studied in                       number of subjects, notably: Mathematics, Business Studies
Year 13:                                                                    and ICT.
F011 Accounting Principles: Topics include The Trial Balance,               A Level Accounting is a great foundation for those wishing to
Accounting Concepts, Classification of                                      pursue a career in Business, Management and
Expenditure, Changing Asset Values, Ledger Entries and                      Accounting.
Adjustments, Final Accounts.
F012 Accounting Applications: Topics include The Journal,
Correction of Errors, Control Accounts, Clubs and Societies, Analysis
and Evaluation of Accounting Statements,
Budgeting and ICT.
F013 Company Accounts and Interpretation: Topics include The
Preparation of Final Accounts for Limited Companies, Financing,
The Role of Accounting Standards and Analysis and Interpretation
of Accounts.
F014 Management Accounting: Topics include Budgetary
Control, Standard Costing and Variance Analysis, Capital
Expenditure Appraisal, Stock, Costing and Decision
Making, Costing Applications and Social Responsibility.

Students study two units for AS and a further two for A2 level.
The first examination is in January and the second in June of
Year 12. In year 13, the January and June
exam series are repeated and there is an opportunity to re-
sit previous units.
There is no assessed coursework in this course.

       Alsop High School

AppliedScienceAS/A2                                   AQA
                                                                                           A2 Single Award
                                                                                      Unit 7 (Portfolio)
                                                                                      Planning and carrying out
                                                                                                                         A2 Double Award
                                                                                                                       Unit 9 (Portfolio)
                                                                                                                       Sports Science
                                                                                      a scientific investigation.      Unit 13 (Portfolio)

Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                 Year 13
                                                                                      Unit 8 (Exam)
                                                                                      Medical Physics.
                                                                                                                       Colour Chemistry
                                                                                                                       Unit 14 (Exam)
                                                                                      Unit 12 (Portfolio)              The Healthy Body
The AS and Advanced GCE in Applied Science have been                                  The actions and
designed to form qualifications which provide knowledge and                           development of medicines.
understanding of this vocational area. They are ideal
qualifications for those students who want a broad
background in science, which will allow them to progress to
further or higher education, training or employment. The
course of study prescribed by this specification can reasonably           The Scheme of Assessment has a unitised structure. The
be undertaken by candidates entering this vocational area for             Advanced Subsidiary (AS) GCE comprises three assessment
the first time. Progression through Advanced Level will                   units: Unit 1 (Investigating Science at Work), Unit 2 (Energy Transfer
provide a suitable basis for further study in related subjects in         Systems) and Unit 3 (Finding out about Substances). All three
Higher Education as well as a valuable preparation for careers            assessment units are compulsory. Unit 1 and Unit 3 are internally
in any area of science.                                                   assessed portfolio units. Unit 2 is assessed by an external
The specification is flexible, with a unit structure designed to
allow for a variety of pathways. The single award A-level                 The Advanced Subsidiary (AS) GCE (Double Award) comprises
comprises of 3 AS and 3 A2 Modules while the double                       the three assessment units for the single award, together with
consists of 6 AS and 6 A2 Modules taken over two years. The               a further three assessment units: Unit 4 (Food Science and
course is assessed through a mixture of exam and portfolio                Technology), Unit 5 (Choosing and Using Materials) and Unit
based units, which is weighted in favour of the portfolios by a           6 (Synthesising Organic Compounds). All six assessment units
2/3 to 1/3 split.                                                         are compulsory. Unit 4 and Unit 6 are internally assessed portfolio
The entry requirement for the course is a grade C or passes in GCSE       units. Unit 5 is assessed by an external examination. Other units are
or BTEC Science. Attendance is crucial and may also be a deciding         option based and have been picked to give as broad a range as
factor with some candidates.                                              possible of the three disciplines of science. Both Single and Double
                                                                          award qualifications are 66% Portfolio and 33% Exam in terms of
                                                                          overall structure.
                AS Single Award               AS Double Award
           Unit 1 (Portfolio)              Unit 4 (Portfolio)             An interest in science is essential but the course is less demanding
           Investigating science at        Food Science and Tech.         than separate A-Level sciences because most of the assessment is
           work.                           Unit 5 (Exam)                  portfolio based. The course is highly based around practical skills so
           Unit 2 (Exam)Energy             Choosing and using             candidates who excel in this field have the opportunity to do well in
Year 12 transfer systems.                  materials                      this course.
           Unit 3 (Portfolio)              Unit 6 (Portfolio)
                                                                          From this course candidates can access careers such as nursing,
           Finding out about               Synthesising organic
                                                                          midwifery, forensics, sports science, dietician, dental nursing,
           substances.                     compounds
                                                                          veterinary nursing and laboratory technician.

                  North Liverpool Academy                                   Notre Dame Catholic College

AppliedScience                      Edexcel                            WhychooseAppliedScience?
BTECAward/BTECCertBTEC/Level 3                                         The BTEC courses can provide a route to employment in
                                                                       the science industry or within organisations that use

Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                              • Quality control technician or analyst
                                                                       • Working in the chemical industry
The BTEC Nationals in Applied Science offer vocational                 • Working as a medical technician
qualifications that focus on applied science and reflect
aspects of employment within science organisations, or                 • Working in the forensic science service and provides
organisations that use science. These qualifications offer an             opportunities to develop a range of skills, techniques
approach to learners who prefer portfolio based                           and attributes for successful performance in working
assessment covering a variety of scientific investigations                life.
such as:                                                               • A pathway to nursing and care work
• Laboratory and industrial science                                    It is also recognised as an excellent qualification for anyone
• Forensic science                                                     wishing to study non-scientific subjects such as Law,
                                                                       Economics, Maths etc.
• Medical science
• Environmental science
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Physical sciences

There are two levels of qualification:
• National award - 6 units (single A Level equivalent)
• National Certificate - 12 units (2 A Level equivalent)
Each level of qualification contains both core and specialist
units. Students will complete tasks that have both practical and
written elements. There are no examinations.

       Alsop High School                                   North Liverpool Academy                Notre Dame Catholic College

Art&DesignAS/A2                              AQA
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                       A02:Experiment with and select appropriate resources,
                                                                                media, materials, techniques and processes, reviewing
Students will follow a broad and exciting Art and Design                        and refining ideas as work develops.
programme. The course is intended to follow on from GCSE,                       AO3: Record in visual and/or other forms ideas,
however it differs in quality, depth of vision and aesthetic                    observations and insights relevant to intentions,
understanding expected.                                                         demonstrating an ability to reflect on work and
The Art and Design programme allows students to work in a
variety of media producing work in areas of fine Art, Graphic                   AO4: Present a personal, informed and meaningful
Design, Textiles, Three Dimensional and Photography (Covering at                response demonstrating critical understanding,
least 2 areas of study). The course is designed to allow maximum                realising intentions and, where appropriate, making
opportunity to explore chose themes.                                            connections between visual, written, oral or other
This course is ideally suited to students who have achieved
GCSE Art and Design and wish to progress to a more
advanced level. The course is intensive – good subject                          Each project is assessed as it is completed. The work is
commitment is important. Drawing is seen as a core activity                     exhibited along with the final controlled test:
as is critical studies. Good methods of working are
                                                                                Year one: Unit 1 Coursework project 1 (portfolio unit)
encouraged to work in a profession and creative way.
                                                                                (AS Award): Unit 2 5 hours controlled test (externally
Whatwill the course prepare me for?                                             Year two: Unit 3 Coursework project 2 (personal
You could pursue a career as an architect, photographer, teacher,               investigation)
fashion and textiles designer, make up artist, animator, theatre / set
                                                                                (A Level Award): unit 4 15 hours controlled test
designer, printmaker, freelance artist, graphic artist, mural artist, book
                                                                                (externally verified)
or magazine illustrator, sign writer, sculptor, gallery exhibitor, arts
lecturer, arts librarian, restoration specialists, website designer,
interior designer, community arts worker and many more.
                                                                                WhychooseAppliedArt and Design?
Whatistheassessmentprocess?                                                     Art and Design is a highly rewarding and hugely
                                                                                enjoyable subject covering many exciting areas of
                                                                                creative study. A Level Art and Design is a very valuable
Candidates will be expected to demonstrate a response to all of
                                                                                qualification, useful if you want to progress to further
the assessment objectives in each unit of assessment of the
                                                                                study or are considering the increasingly wide ranging
examination. The assessment objective for AS and A2 are the
                                                                                career options that this qualification will access and
Candidates should be expected to:
AO1: Develop ideas through sustained and focused
investigations informed by contextual and other sources,
demonstrating analytical and critical understanding.
       Alsop High School                                          North Liverpool Academy             Notre Dame Catholic College

BiologyAS/A2                      AQA                                     WhychooseBiology?
                                                                          The aims of theses specifications are to encourage

Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                 candidates to:-
                                                                          • Develop their interest in and enthusiasm for biology
The AS GCE is both a ‘stand alone’ qualification and also the first         including developing an interest in further study and careers
half of the corresponding Advanced GCE.                                     in biology.
The AS GCE is made up of the three mandatory units of                     • Appreciate how society makes decisions about scientific
which two are externally and one is internally assessed and                 issues and how the sciences contribute to the success of the
will include the assessment of practical skills. These units                economy and society.
form 50% of the corresponding six unit Advanced GCE.                      • Develop and demonstrate a deeper appreciation of
                                                                            the skills, knowledge and understanding of How
                                                                            Science Works.

Whatistheassessmentprocess?                                               • Develop essential knowledge and understanding of
                                                                            different areas of biology and how they relate to each
The AS units are:
• Cells, Exchange and Transport.
• Molecules, Biodiversity, Food & Health.
• Practical Skills in Biology 1
The A2 units are:
• Communication, Homeostasis and Energy
• Control, Genomes and Environment
• Practical Skills in Biology 2

       Alsop High School

                                                                        All units are internally assessed and graded, and an overall
                                                                        grade for the qualification is awarded. Grades awarded are
                     Edexcel                                            Pass, Merit or Distinction.

BTECAward/Certificate                                                   The Award is equivalent to one GCE A level.
                                                                        The Certificate is equivalent to two GCSE A levels.

Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                               WhychooseBusiness?
The BTEC National Award in Business is a practical, work-               This course is ideal for those students thinking about
related course which gives insights into how and why businesses         business-related careers such as:
operate. The course is designed to develop a range of specialist        •   Marketing
skills and knowledge by completing projects and assignments             •   Sales
that are based on realistic workplace situations, activities and        •   Personnel
demands.                                                                •   Accounting
This course:                                                            •   Finance
                                                                        •   Administration
• covers a broad range of business related topics                       •   Customer service
•   helps you develop understanding of how decisions are                •   IT
    made and how they affect people                                     Choosing this course will also lead to a wide range of higher
• enables you to understand the wide, varied role of                    diploma and degree courses.
  business in today’s society
• gives opportunities to develop important skills : IT,
   communication, numeracy, working with others,

The course consists of four core units
1. Exploring Business Activity
2. Investigating Business Resources
3.Introduction to Marketing
4. Effective People, Communication and Information
Plus two specialist units
13. Investigating Recruitment and Selection
39. Exploring Business and the Economic Environment

        Notre Dame Catholic College

Business            OCR                                                 Whatistheassessmentprocess?
OCRDiploma                                                              The OCR National in business is split into units with 6
                                                                        taken in Year 12 and a further 6 taken in Year 13. There are 4
                                                                        Core units that have to be taken over the 2 years

Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                               All units are assessed by awarding Pass, Merit or
                                                                        Distinction grades depending upon the quality of the
                                                                        coursework produced, but there are no external
Studying Business gives students an excellent insight into the          examinations for any of the units, all work is assessed
business world around them, and how businesses                          internally.
affect our lives and how all businesses are affected by external
To achieve the Diploma students need to complete 12 units               WhychooseBusiness?
over 2 years in a range of Business topics including: • Unit 1
                                                                        Whatever route a student takes after sixth form they will
Investigating business - this unit explores the                         ultimately find themselves seeking employment in some kind of
   organisational and financial structure of business,                  Business. The knowledge and skills that this course provides will
   students learn how companies develop and how they                    enable them to understand how the
   must adapt to the economic changes that they face                    organisation works and how they play a part in its
• Unit 2 Customer service - here students learn about the               development.
   importance of good customer service and the                          Business news often dominates the media and this course
   fundamentals of how to plan, implement and monitor                   will enable students to gain valuable insights into the
   standards of service.                                                economic and financial world that affects businesses. It
• Unit 3 Business communications - this unit focuses on                 will also give them a greater understanding of how
   developing practical communication skills and gain                   businesses work, how they make decisions and why they
                                                                        make them.
   experience in writing memos and giving presentations
• Unit 4 Finance for business - this unit gives students                The course is varied and stimulating and gives students the
                                                                        opportunity to see how real businesses operate with a range of
   the chance to analyse the financial performance of
                                                                        visits to local and national businesses so that the knowledge of
                                                                        the classroom can be seen in action.
There is a range of optional units that cover topics such as:
• Marketing
• Human Resource Management
• Business Law
These 8 optional units make up a Diploma, whilst
completion of a further 2 optional units leads to a

       Alsop High School                                      North Liverpool Academy   Notre Dame Catholic College

Business&Finance                             Edexcel

The Diploma in Business, Administration and Finance has
been developed to provide a solid grounding in business
skills for young people who are interested in any kind of
business career or hope to run their own business.
You’ll get the opportunity to set up and run your own
business, selling a product that you have created. You will
learn to cope with change, how to remain competitive,
and discover how outside factors such as new technologies,
customer trends, environmental issues or globalisation can
effect a business.

A Diploma in Business, Administration and Finance will
give you the skills you need for either university or work,
and is the first step towards a career in the sector.
It could lead you to a university degree in business
administration, marketing or management or a career in
human resources, sales marketing, financial services,
learning and development or any one of the vast range of
different businesses operating across the globe. However,
the Diploma in Business, administration and Finance
doesn’t mean you have to opt for a career in
adminstration or finance. A Diploma teaches a mix of
subjects, it will give the skills that will be welcomed by
colleges, universities and employers, no matter what you
choose to do.

        Alsop High School                                                       North Liverpool Academy                   Notre Dame Catholic College

                                                                                        A2 Modules:

                                            OCR                                         The recommended prior learning for the A2 course is a successful
                                                                                        performance in AS Chemistry.
                                                                                        F324 - Rings, Polymers and Analysis
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                               This further develops unit F322. There are three main teaching modules
                                                                                        that encompass, organic rings, acids and amines, polymers and synthesis
Chemistry A Level builds upon the knowledge and understanding                           and analysis of compounds.
of Chemistry that has been acquired in GCSE Science(s). It is a
challenging but rewarding A Level. To be able to study A Level                          F325 - Equilibria, Energetics and Elements
Chemistry an excellent understanding of what has been taught in previous                This unit specifically builds upon the chemical concepts that have
years is required. The minimum entry requirement for the A Level is grade               been developed during AS Chemistry. It is a larger unit than the
B (or above) in GCSE Chemistry (separate Science) or Additional Science and             one above. Some of the content covered includes; how reactions
a grade B (or above) in Mathematics and English Language.                               undergo, pH, energy of reactions and how Transition Elements
The Chemistry A Level is split into six units. Three are studied in Y12 (AS             react.
modules) and if these are completed successfully there are three in Y13                 F326 - Practical Skills in Chemistry 2
(A2 modules) to fully achieve the A Level.
                                                                                        This unit assesses the learners’ practical and investigative skills that have
AS Modules:                                                                             been developed within contexts encountered during A level Chemistry. In
These all directly build upon what has been learnt from GCSE                            total there are three tasks for the learner to complete; a Qualitative, a
Chemistry and/or Science.                                                               Quantitative and an Evaluative task. The Qualitative and Quantitative tasks
                                                                                        will test skills of observation and
F321 - Atoms, Bonds and Groups                                                          measurement. All of these tasks last approximately one hour and are
This is the fundamental Chemistry unit, which lays down the foundations                 carried out under controlled conditions and all tasks will be internally
to enable the remainder of the course to build upon. Some of the                        marked but externally verified.
content includes: the structure of the periodic table and specifically
Group II and VII, electronic configurations,
bonding, moles and equations.
F322 - Chains, Energy and Resources
It is appropriate that learners should have studied F321 before                         There are two modes of assessment: written examination and
embarking on this unit. This is a larger unit than the one above                        practical skills.
and encompasses four main teaching modules; basic organic
chemistry concepts and hydrocarbons, alcohols and
halogenoalkanes, energy and finally resources. This unit also develops
the learners’ understanding of ‘green’ issues and aspects of sustainable
development.                                                                            Chemistry is an extremely interesting, challenging and rewarding subject
F323 - Practical Skills in Chemistry 1                                                  to study at A Level. It opens the doors to many careers in Science. It is
                                                                                        compulsory for anyone wanting to become a medical doctor, dentist, and
This unit assesses the learners’ practical and investigative skills that have           pharmacist or to study for a degree in
been developed within contexts encountered during AS                                    Chemistry at University.
Chemistry. In total there are three tasks for the learner to complete; a
Qualitative, a Quantitative and an Evaluative task. The Qualitative and                 It is also highly recommended for any learner wanting to study one of the
Quantitative tasks will test skills of observation and                                  following at University: Environmental Studies, Geology, Biology,
measurement. All of these tasks last approximately one hour and are                     Biotechnology, Archaeology, Material Science, Forensic Science and
                                                                                        Genetic Studies.
carried out under controlled conditions and all tasks will be
internally marked but externally verified.                                              It is also recognised as an excellent qualification for any learner wishing to
                                                                                        study non-scientific subjects such as Law, Economics, Accountancy and
                                                                                        Mathematics as it demonstrates a learners’ ability to deal with challenges
                                                                                        and to problem solve.
        Notre Dame Catholic College

Childcare             Edexcel                                        Whatistheassessmentprocess?
BTECCert                                                             The BTEC National Certificate in Children's Care, Learning
                                                                     and Development has the equivalence of two GCE A
                                                                     Levels, and it is possible for you to progress further into
                                                                     higher education, as successful BTEC National
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                            qualifications give UCAS points for university applications. All
                                                                     course content is coursework based with no external
National Certificate in Children’s Care, Learning and                examination.
• The qualification will build the essential practical skills
  and understanding to provide learners with the
  principles of children's care enabling progression to              The student following this course is required to be open-
  employment or higher level education. Work                         minded and ready to develop a mature approach to the work
  experience and links to the workplace form a central               placement.
  part of the programme. There will be an emphasis on
  employment opportunities, so that students can choose
  to progress into a specific area of work, and if already
  in employment, move on to a more responsible
  position within the sector.
• The course is designed to be flexible so that it reflects
  individual career aspirations and the teaching strengths
  of centres, therefore making it possible to enter specific
  vocations or to explore more specialist aspects of job
  roles within the sector. There are seven compulsory core
  units plus a range of specialist areas (to total 720 guided
  learning hours).
• Students are given the opportunity of gaining a broad
  understanding of the sector and a specialist
  understanding of specific aspects of the sector. With
  successful completion learners will achieve qualified
  practitioner status (for the 0-8 age group).

       Alsop High School

&Development Edexcel
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                   Whatistheassessmentprocess?
BTEC first diploma - Units 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 studied 3 days                 All of the work is coursework, no exams involved
a week on a Monday, Tuesday & Friday. Work experience
in nursery - Wednesday, Thursday . It is equivalent to 4
Unit 1 You will learn how a child develops from the age of birth to
16. You will gain an understanding of a child’s physical,
intellectual, emotional, social and                                         It’s a new subject which will give students the opportunity of
communicational development. You will learn this                            different style of teaching. There is less dependence on exams
through observations and planning tasks for the children Unit 2             and more on portfolio building. Do you prefer
You will learn how to keep children safe in the nursery                     coursework to exams?
environment. You will gain an understanding of safe practices               You will be given the opportunity to work in two work
and hygiene as well as receiving a                                          placements over the year. You will gain a recognized NVQ level 2
presentation from health visitors on the signs and                          in nursery nursing which could lead to
symptoms of neglect and abuse.                                              employment.
Unit 3 You will learn why it is essential to communicate effectively
to both staff and children in a nursery. You will learn about
different form of communication both verbal and non verbal and
how to use them well.
Unit 5 This will be based around the work experience and the
roles and responsibilities of a nursery nurse. You will be expected
to complete a log book which includes all the necessary
requirements for this unit.

                  North Liverpool Academy

&Development Edexcel
Working with Children and their families is a rewarding
and special career. Time spent with children is usually hard
work, but exhilarating and varied. Not many careers offer
people the opportunity to genuinely influence and shape
young lives.
The BTEC National Diploma in Children’s Care, Learning
and Development is a qualification that gives students
many entry routes into the early years sector. It will
provide you with a firm foundation for your future work.
Core Units:
• Positive relationships for children’s care, learning and
• Positive environments of children’s care, learning and
• Promoting children’s development
• Reflecting on and developing practice for children ages
   0 to 8
• Protecting children
• Promoting children’s rights
• Children’s learning activities and play
There are two days work experience in a childcare setting
undertaken weekly throughout the course.

       Notre Dame Catholic College

Creative&Media                       Edexcel                              WhychooseCreative&Media?
                                                                          Creative and Media is an innovative new course that is
HigherDiploma/AdvancedDiploma                                             supported by local and national performing arts and
                                                                          media related businesses and professions. The diploma
                                                                          allows aspiring creative entrepreneurs to gain first hand

Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                 vocational experience in working alongside Performing
                                                                          Arts practitioners and Creative and Media specialists.

A course for the future!                                                  The Creative and Media diploma is also recognized .
Are you interested in Media related subjects?
Would you like to gain new skills in:
• Editing
• Film-making
• Photography
• Animation
• Theatrical design
• Music composition
• Acting
• Plays for radio
• Organising your own performance events?

During the two years of study students will be given the
opportunity to take part in project based learning.
The essence of the Diploma is Individual learning.
Students can direct their own learning in developing a series of
work based projects in Media and their chosen specialist area
within the Performing Arts or Media related subject such as design
or Photography.

        Notre Dame Catholic College

Dance Subsidiary Diploma and
                                                                          • Factors which influence the achievement of high quality
                                                                             dance performance
                                                                          • About the process of creating choreographic structure

DipolmaBTEC EDEXCEL LEVEL 3 PERFORMING ARTSl                              Assessment:
                                                                          The examination requires that you are examined on Dance
                                                                          Performance, Contemporary technique and Jazz technique. You
                                                                          will be required to perform in at least three live
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                 performance showcases.
As a BTEC Dance student studying at a Specialist College for the
Arts you will be given a range of exciting                                This is in the form of ongoing assignments. All of the
opportunities ie:                                                         assignments are practical, however, you will be required to
                                                                          research, evaluate your own and others work and complete
• Work in our state of the art Dance Studio                               an ongoing log of your development throughout the
•   Take part in workshops given by professional                          course.
• Take part in visits to professional venues                              SpecificRequirements?
•   Participate in a range of performance opportunities
    both inside and outside college                                       • Students will be expected to show an enthusiasm for
                                                                            the subject
The BTEC Subsidiary Diploma is the equivalent of 1 A Level and the
Diploma is the equivalent to 2 A Levels offers a good grounding in        • Interest and dedication
Dance studies for those students who would like to develop their
                                                                          •    Commitment to completing both coursework and
knowledge of Contemporary and Jazz technique and who also
enjoy the creative process of Dance performance and
choreography. Students will have the opportunity to work on a             • A keen interest in the Performing Arts
number of dance performances. BTEC Dance students are given
                                                                          Students wishing to take this course will be expected to perform
many opportunities to witness professional dancers and work
                                                                          a short audition piece in order to demonstrate an aptitude for
alongside professional performers in workshop situations.
                                                                          Dance. Dance students are expected to change into the College’s
                                                                          recommended kit for Dance.
Whatistheassessmentprocess?                                               In addition, we also offer AS/A2 Dance (AQA). The Dance
                                                                          department has a 100% pass rate at A Level. Former
You will study a variety of units, for example:                           students have gone onto study at establishments including
                                                                          JMU and Edge Hill. Students will have the opportunity to
Dance performance, Contemporary and Jazz technique, Ballet,
                                                                          work with local artists and dance companies as well as
                                                                          attending workshops and seminars.
You will learn:
• Good studio practice
• Technical and expressive nature and dance skills
       Alsop High School

DanceBTECAward Edexcel
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                  WhychoosePerformingArts?
The collaborative can offer you unique opportunities whilst making         There will be lots of opportunities when you have
use of our state of the art facilities and equipment. Over your two        completed this course.
year Dance Course our team of specialist tutors will guide you in
                                                                           • HND Dance
the skills of:
                                                                           •   Degree - BA Dance and MA Dance •
• Choreography - creating solo and group choreography
• Performance - develop technical and performance                          PGCE - Dance Specialist
   skills                                                                  • Freelance Dance Specialist
• Specialist Dance Units                                                   •   Dance Teacher (Educational/Private Sector) •
In addition to these individual skills you will also work                  Performer
alongside fellow musicians, dancers and dramatists as we
prepare for public performances. You will benefit from
specialist master classes and workshops that will help to prepare
you for degree level and/or the professional world of the
performing arts.

• Practical and written coursework
• This course is all teacher assessed

                  North Liverpool Academy

DesignTechnologyAS/A2                                     Edexcel

Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                Whatwillthecoursepreparemefor?
This course provides you with the opportunity to develop                 Progression to a wide range of university courses and
your creativity and technical skills through a range of design           many careers in areas such as product design, architecture and
concepts. You will have a strong interest in                             engineering.
designing, modelling, making and evaluating high quality
products. You will also be using Computer Aided Design and
manufacture as part of the course.                                       WhatwillIneed?
You will gain critical understanding of the key                          AS/A level entry requirements and preferably a GCSE grade C or
technological concepts including economic, environmental                 above in Design and Technology, Art and Design or BTEC
and safety factors that determine good product design.                   equivalent Technology based subject.
Practical coursework assessment is through a design project
worth 50% of the overall marks in each year of the course
with terminal examination worth 50% of the final marks.

        Notre Dame Catholic College

AS/A2 Edexcel
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                 Whatistheassessmentprocess?
This course allows students to gain skills in                             Practical and written coursework is internally assessed in College
                                                                          and externally assessed by EDEXCEL.
• Directing
                                                                          Students will be required to write a written log, submit a
• Using text for Performance
                                                                          theatrical review and take part in a written exam.
• Devising
• Interpreting text for Performance
•   Performance analysis and the Historical context of
    Drama and Performance.                                                For those of you with aspirations to attend Further
                                                                          Education, this course will give you the theoretical and
Students who have an interest in Technical Theatre and Design are
                                                                          practical underpinnings to cope with the demands of
also given the opportunity to explore Theatrical Innovation with a
Historical knowledge within the field Technical supporting roles.

       Alsop High School                                           North Liverpool Academy                          Notre Dame Catholic College

Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                    Whatwillthecoursepreparemefor?
Achieving a GCSE Grade C in English Language is an                           Grade C at GCSE offers increased opportunities to progress
essential requirement for most university courses and many                   to university.
employers. Students who have a GCSE Grade D or E in English
Language will be strongly encouraged to study this subject.
The course will develop your reading and communication skills, as
well as helping to improve your written and oral skills. You will sit
                                                                             GCSE Grade D or E in English Language
two written exams and produce four
pieces of coursework.

                 North Liverpool Academy

EnglishLanguageAS/A2                                                     EnglishLiteratureAS/A2
WJEC                                                                     WJEC

Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?
A-Level English Language enables you to develop your interest in         This course enables you to pursue a love of reading and develop
language structure, creative writing, knowledge of spoken                the critical approaches you have gained from the study of
language an duses in society. You will have the opportunity to           literature at GCSE. You will have the opportunity to respond to a
analyse, research and create a variety of texts for different            range of poetry, prose and drama written over a wide time
purposes. You will study the use of language in everyday life and        span.
gain an understanding of why we use different types for different
                                                                         The course allows one unit at AS and another at A2 to be
                                                                         assessed through coursework.
The course is assessed through coursework and module
Whatwillthecoursepreparemefor?                                           Progression to university and a wide range of careers
                                                                         including journalism, law, teaching, media, business,
Progression to university and a wide variety of career                   personnel and marketing.
including journalism, law, teaching, media, business,
WhatwillIneed?                                                           College entry requirements and a C or above in English
                                                                         Literature and Language.
College entry requirements and a C or above in English
Literature and Language.

       Notre Dame Catholic College

EnglishLiteratureAS/A2                                  OCR                Whatistheassessmentprocess?
                                                                           To achieve a pass at AS, students should accumulate at
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                  least 80 marks (out of a possible 200) across the two
                                                                           modules. At the end of the A2 course, the minimum
                                                                           accumulated mark for a grade E is 160 (out of a possible
English Literature is a stimulating and exciting A Level to                400). Candidates achieving at least 320 marks overall in
study. Students who enjoy reading and close analysis                       their A Level, ie grade A, and who also gain at least 180
should benefit from this course. The English Literature                    marks in their two A2 modules will receive an A* grade.
course requires students to develop their skills of analysis and
their ability to discuss and justify their ideas and
opinions. The OCR course specifies the study of literature from all
genres from 1300 to the post 1990 period.
Students are encouraged to read independently, engage                      A qualification at AS or A2 level is regarded highly in both
creatively with texts and respond perceptively to them. They
                                                                           the world of Business and Higher Education. The skills
need to explore the cultural contexts of set texts and read
                                                                           acquired during the course - analysis, argument, research,
others’ interpretations of them.
                                                                           and essay writing - are transferable to all major disciplines
At AS, students will study the following modules:                          offered by universities. A qualification in English equips a
• Poetry and Prose 1800-1945 - this is an externally-                      student for careers in Business, Media and Law and opens
   assessed written paper that requires analysis of set texts              a wide range of professional opportunities.
   and represents 60% of the marks for AS (30% of the                      In recent years, students from Notre Dame have
   marks for A Level)                                                      successfully continued their English studies at Oxford,
                                                                           Durham, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, London,
• Literature post 1900 - this is an internally-assessed                    Sunderland, Central Lancashire and Liverpool Hope
   coursework portfolio and represents 40% of the marks
   for AS (20% of the marks for A Level).
At A2, students will take a further two modules:
• Drama and Poetry pre-1800 - this is an externally-
   assessed written paper and represents 30% of the
   marks for A Level
• Texts in Time - this is an internally-assessed extended
   coursework study and represents 20% of the marks for
   A Level.

       Alsop High School Technology College

EnglishLiteratureAS/A2                                   AQA            WhychooseEnglishLiterature?
                                                                        A qualification at AS or A2 level is highly regarded in both
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                               the world of business and Higher Education. The skills
                                                                        acquired during the course - analysis, argument, research
                                                                        and essay writing are transferable to all the major
AS                                                                      disciplines offered by Universities. A qualification in
• Unit 1 - Aspects of Narrative Study two prose and two                 English equips a students for careers in Business, Media
   poetry texts; 2 hour written exam (open book); 60% of the            and Law and opens a wide range of professional
   total AS mark                                                        opportunities.
• Unit 2 - Dramatic Genres Study two plays (one
   Shakespeare, one other) within a particular dramatic
   genre (currently tragedy); 2 pieces of coursework
   (1200-1500 words each); 40% of the total AS mark.
• Unit 3 - Texts & Genres Study three texts within a
   particular area (Elements of the Pastoral or Elements of
   the Gothic); 2 hour written exam (closed book); 30% of
   total A2 mark.
• Unit 4 - Further & Independent Reading Study three
   texts; 2 pieces of coursework - one comparative (1500
   -2000 words); one application of criticism (1200 -
   1500 words); 20% of total A2 mark.

AS Grades A - E
Students will normally complete Unit 2 (the coursework
module) by January. Following this, they will begin studying
their set texts for Unit 1 in preparation for the examination in
A2 Grades A - E
Entry for both units is available in January and June.

                 North Liverpool Academy

ENTERPRISE                                                                  Whatwillthecoursepreparemefor?
BTECAward Edexcel                                                           Self-employment and careers in business, sales and

Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                   WhatwillIneed?
If you have ambitions to be the next Sir Alan Sugar, this is the            College entry requirements and at least Grade C in English and
course for you. You will evaluate your capabilities as an                   Maths GCSE.
entrepreneur and test the viability of your business idea. Next, you
will work with business specialists to develop business, sales and
marketing plans.

       Alsop High School                                                      Notre Dame Catholic College

Fashion&Clothing                                                         WhychooseFashion&Clothing?
BTECCertificate Edexcel                                                  As a fashion designer, you will be involved in creating new
                                                                         trends, iconic styles and encapsulating current cultural
                                                                         movements in your work. This highly expressive course
                                                                         will give you all the vital skills you will need to develop
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                and achieve as a designer. To reach you goals in fashion
                                                                         design, you must be dedicated, energetic and forward
This is an exciting and hands-on practical course where you will         thinking.
be able to experiment with all aspects of fashion & clothing.
You will be encouraged to creatively explore materials,
techniques and processes in order to fully
develop your unique and individual design style. You will study
historical art, crafts, design, fashion and textiles to develop a
broad knowledge of the subject, which you will then use as
inspiration for your innovative ideas.

This course will prepare you for either a degree course in
Fashion & Clothing, Fashion Illustration,
Accessory/Footwear Design along with Pattern
Cutter/Grader, Fashion Marketing and Textiles Design, or directly
into employment within these areas such as Clothing Alteration
Hand, Tailor/Dressmaker, Clothing Sewing Machinist or a
Photographic Stylist.

All units are coursework based and will be internally assessed
by your subject teachers. Coursework will be assessed though
observation, assignments, tutorials and group critiques along
with presentations and a final exhibition of you work. Samples
of your work are also externally assessed by a moderator.

       Alsop High School

FilmStudiesAS/A2                              WJEC                       Whatistheassessmentprocess?
                                                                         45% of the course is assessed internally (and moderated

Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                externally) via a coursework portfolio and 55% of the
                                                                         course is assessed externally through an externally set
Students who enjoy watching films, close analysis and the
prospect of directing their own film would enjoy this
course. The Film Studies course requires pupils to develop
their analytical skills and their ability to justify their ideas
and opinions. The course also creates opportunities for                  Film studies is highly regarded by universities and the
pupils to explore their creative side through the art of film            skills acquired during the course - analysis, argument,
making. The WJEC specifies the study of films from Britain               autonomous research, essay writing and film making are
and America crossing a variety of different genres and                   transferable to all major disciplines offered by universities. A
cinematic periods.                                                       qualification in Film Studies equips a student for careers in Media
                                                                         and Business.

Pupils will study four units over the two years. The units are as
FM1: Exploring Film Form
FM2: British and American Film
FM3: Film Research and Creative Projects
FM4: Varieties of Film Experience - Issues and Debates

North Liverpool Academy

                               FootballCoachingNVQ Edexcel
                               You will study all aspects of Football coaching at a variety
                               of levels, working with young people, those with
                               disabilities and professional players. Practical work
                               placement opportunities are provided by Liverpool
                               Football Club’s Community Programme. This is an excellent
                               opportunity for students to gain work experience at a
                               premership Club.

                               NVQ Football Coaching gives students an opportunity to
                               gain real life practical experience. Past graduates of this
                               course have secured professional coaching positions at
                               premiership clubs and in the US, Australis and even exotic locations
                               like Hawaii.

                               College entry requirements.

                 North Liverpool Academy

ForensicScience                                                     Whatwillthecoursepreparemefor?
BTECAdvanced Edexcel                                                Progression to university to study one or more areas of forensic or
                                                                    applied sciences. Employment as a technician in quality control,
                                                                    pharmacy, hospital laboratories, forensic science laboratories and
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                           materials testing.

Forensics is an exciting, applied science based on practical
laboratory and field skills.
This two year course is equivalent to one A-level and               College entry requirements with at least a Grade C in GCSE science
provides students with a nationally recognised qualification        and preferably also in maths and English.
in Applied Science (forensic). You will study core units in
the fundamentals of science and science practical
techniques. The optional units will include forensic
evidence collection and analysis and associated laboratory

                 North Liverpool Academy                                  Notre Dame Catholic College

                                                                     A2 Level Content and Assessment

GeographyAS/A2                        AQA                            After successful completion of A/S Geography students
                                                                     continue to study a combination of physical and human
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                            Unit 3 Contemporary Geographical Issues
                                                                     Physical Options
The A/S Geography course gives us the opportunity to                 • Plate tectonics and associated hazards •
study the two main themes of geography: human                        Challenges facing ecosystems
geography and physical geography. We will also be able               Human Options
to consider our own personal values and attitudes to issues          • Contemporary conflicts and challenges
being studied.                                                       Written Exam - 2 hours
                                                                     30% of total A level marks
                                                                     (structured short, extended questions and an essay)
Whatistheassessmentprocess?                                          Unit 4a
AS Level Content and Assessment                                      Unit 4bGeography Fieldwork Investigation
Students study both physical and human geography at                  Geographical Issue Evaluation
A/S. At the end of the academic year students will have              • Basic, investigative, ICT, graphical, cartographic and
considered their own values and attitudes to the issues                   statistical skills
being studied and will have supported their learning of ideas        • Research skills and fieldwork
through the study of relevant case studies.                          Written Exam - 1 hour 30 mins
                                                                     (structured short and extended questions based on
Unit 1 Physical and Human Geography
                                                                     students’ own fieldwork investigation)
Physical Options
                                                                     20% of total A level marks
• Rivers, Floods and Management
• Cold Environments
                                                                     Written Exam - 1 hour 30 mins
Human Options                                                        (structured short and extended questions based on
• Population Change
                                                                     advance information booklet issued by AQA) 20% of total
• Health Issues
                                                                     A level marks
Written Exam - 2 hours
                                                                     (structured skills and generic research/fieldwork questions)
70% of total A/S marks
35% of total A level marks                                           For further information on the specification for AQA
(structured short and extended questions)                            Geography
Unit 2 Geographical Skills
• Basic, investigative, ICT, graphical, cartographic and
    statistical skills
• Research skills and fieldwork
    Written Exam - 1 hour                                            Geography gives students the opportunity to build up a
30% of total A/S marks                                               profile of skills and knowledge that equip students for
15% of total A level marks                                           university entrance and also make geographers highly
(structured skills and generic research/fieldwork questions)         employable. Both the AS and A2 course are taught by
                 North Liverpool Academy                                 Notre Dame Catholic College

experienced teachers with a record of excellent results. Students
will have the opportunity to experience field work and a wide
range of teaching styles incorporating the use of the internet,
debates, interviews, lecture visits and both individual and group

Geography offers a wide range of skills for students
wishing to study any subject at degree level,
including Geography and environmentally related
degree courses, leading to a wide range of career
Geography graduates are employed in many different
occupations including:
•   Marketing
•   Advertising
•   Accountancy
•   Law
•   Sales
•   Finance
•   Education
•   Environmental Awareness
•   Civil Service
•   Foreign Office
•   Travel Industry
•   Journalism

       Alsop High School

GraphicDesign                                                             Whatistheassessmentprocess?
BTECCertificate Edexcel                                                   All units are coursework based and will be internally
                                                                          assessed by your subject teachers. Coursework will be
                                                                          assessed though observation, assignments, tutorials and
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                 group critical discussions and a final exhibition of your
                                                                          work. Samples of your work are also externally assessed
                                                                          by a moderator.
This course will give you a comprehensive introduction to the
graphic design industry. You will have the opportunity to learn
both traditional skills and the very latest
technological techniques. You will also develop the
personal and professional qualities and resourcefulness
                                                                          As a graphic designer, you will help shape the world
that are essential for careers in the industry. You will
                                                                          around you. More and more, designers are working in
undertake six units of work that are aimed at developing your
                                                                          diverse industries to create our visual environment, from branding
skills in all aspects of graphic design including Logo design,
                                                                          and packaging to book covers, clothing and
Illustration, Packaging and Advertising,
                                                                          signage. It is an exciting, creative and practical course that will
Developmental Drawing, Art & Design History, Website
                                                                          develop all those vital skills needed to be successful. To achieve
Design, Words, Images and Typographic Design. You will work on
                                                                          you must show flair, passion, and imagination and be self
conceptual thinking, design sketching techniques, and the use of
                                                                          motivated to explore and risk take in order to produce a variety of
digital media. In addition, you will learn verbal and visual
                                                                          interesting and original outcomes that will form the foundations of
communication techniques, effective
                                                                          your portfolio.
client liaison, team working skills and business and
marketing principles.

This course will prepare you for either a degree course in Graphic
Design, Web Design, Illustration, Multimedia and Advertising, or
directly into employment within these

       Alsop High School                                            North Liverpool Academy                Notre Dame Catholic College

Hairdressing                   Edexcel                                         Whatistheassessmentprocess?
NVQ’s 2 and 3                                                                  NVQ’s are assessed in a realistic working environment and in work
                                                                               placements. For each unit your assessor observes you carrying out

(worth 2 A Levels)                                                             different services and checks your understanding of the information.
                                                                               This will be recorded in your log book, which then provides formal
                                                                               evidence of your learning.

The qualification has been designed to provide students
with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and
understanding of the hairdressing industry. Within this
                                                                               • Students who enjoy practical learning
course you will develop practical skills that will benefit you all your
life.                                                                          •   Students who are creative and enjoy
Practical hairdressing activites will cover 80% of the course at               learning new skills
Key Stage 5.
• Health and Safety
                                                                               Hairdressing has become a very popular industry which has expanded
• Science for hair and scalp                                                   massively in the last decade. For those interested in making a career
• Colour and cutting techniques                                                in the hairdressing industry.

• Setting and dressing techniques
• Assignment for each unit

• Shampoo and condition
• Setting and dressing
• Reception duties
• Colour and cutting

       Alsop High School                                         North Liverpool Academy              Notre Dame Catholic College

Hairdressing&Beauty                                                      Whowillenjoythecourse?
TherapyLevel 1 Certificate
                                                                         Students who are not sure if this is the area they want to
                                                                         go into or not

Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                WhychooseHairdressing?
                                                                         • Progress onto level 1 or 2 in hairdressing
This award is designed for anyone who may be
contemplating a career into either hairdressing or beauty                • Progress onto level 2 or 3 beauty.
therapy. It will help students gain valuable insights into the
industry, and will develop useful basic skills and relevant
background knowledge.

• Health and Safety Assignment
• Anatomy and Physiology
• Personal Presentation
•    Understanding the structure and working practises of
    the beauty and hair industry.
• Effective working relationships
• Health and Exercise
• Shampoo, condition dry and style.
• Set hair
•    Basic facial treatment which includes Cleansing, toning
    and moisturising.
• Basic manicure
• Nail art design
• Applying day and evening make-up
• Face paints to create fantasy/theatrical make-up effects

                   North Liverpool Academy                              Notre Dame Catholic College

BTECFirstDiploma Edexcel
The Health and Social Care course is designed to provide a
specialist work-related qualification that is equivalent to 4
GCSEs at Grade C or higher. You will study four modules
•   Understanding body systems
•   Influences on health
•   Communication and rights
•   Individual needs in Health Care
You will learn by completing projects and assignments as well as
incorporating work experience in a health and care environment.

Progression to the AS/A2 Single/Double Award in Health
and Social Care or the Diploma in Cache Childcare and
Education, as well as careers in nursing, health or social

College entry requirements of at least 4 GCSEs at Grade D
or above, including a Grade D in GCSE English Language.

       Alsop High School                                            North Liverpool Academy                Notre Dame Catholic College

Health&SocialCare                                                             Whatistheassessmentprocess?
                                                                              Assessment is entirely through coursework. Each unit has a number of
OCR National Diploma                                                          strands and these strands are graded at Below Pass, Pass, Merit or
                                                                              Distinction. Your work will be marked against a grading grid and a grade
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                     given for each individual strand. If you have mainly Passes your work
                                                                              will be a pass. If you have a mixture then it will depend on the number
                                                                              of Pass strands, Merit strands and Distinction strands.

The course is designed to give you an insight into the range if Health        This is an ideal course for those interested in a caring career with the
and Social care professions. The theory is closely related to                 young, disabled or elderly. It is relevant to people wishing to pursue a
vocational practice and you will have the opportunity to see this in          career in health and social care services. This can include areas such as
action.                                                                       nursing, social work, nutrition, occupational therapy, youth work, early
                                                                              years education and many other areas.
There are 4 compulsory units which provide a broad range of topics
to give an overall insight into Health and Social Care. They include:
Unit 1: Working to quality practice in care settings
Unit 2: Working with service users in care settings
Unit 3: Behavioural awareness in care
Unit 4: Applied practical care in settings
This course is divided between a number of units taken over one
or two years, with the maximum units to be covered being 12
leading to a Diploma (2 A Levels). All units are coursework
You will have the opportunity to study the following optional units
covering a wide range of interesting topics including:
Unit 8: Coping with stress in care environments
Unit 13: Mental Health awareness
Unit 16: Anatomy and Physiology for health and care
Unit 26: Investigating child protection services

                  North Liverpool Academy                                        Notre Dame Catholic College

BTECCertificate Edexcel
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                   Whatitpreparesyoufor:
If you are interested in the Health and Social Care                         The work develops your self confidence, communications,
professions, this is the course for you. The theory is                      IT and self-management through a variety of learning
closely related to vocational practice and you will have the                experiences. This will prepare you for progression to
opportunity to undertake work experience in the care                        University or many areas of employment including
sector.                                                                     nursing, midwifery, social work, teaching, business
The Health and Social Care BTEC Level 3 Certificate is                      administration and all careers requiring high level people
available as a 12 unit qualification equivalent to 2 A Levels or a 6
unit qualification equivalent to 1 A Level.
The assessment for this course is entirely coursework
based. Topics covered include Development through the life
stages, Equality & Diversity, Personal & Professional Development,          5 GCSEs at Grade C or a merit in BTEC First awards.the course
Anatomy & Physiology, Sociology &                                           for you.
Psychology as well as additional specialist units.

                  North Liverpool Academy                                    Notre Dame Catholic College

                                                                        D4 Stalin’s Russia 1924 - 53

HistoryAS/A2                    Edexcel                                 • The struggle for power - the making of the new vozd
                                                                           1924-29; personalities and policies.
                                                                        • Transforming the Soviet Union: the Collectivisation of
WhystudyHistory?                                                           agriculture and its social and economic impact; the three
                                                                           five year plans; changing social policies.
• it enables you to understand the present and future by                • Persecution and control: the origins and course of the
  looking at the past; it is a hugely enjoyable subject;                   purges; culture and the arts in the service of a
• it is an excellent subject for learning transferable skills              totalitarian regime.
    and so it is a very good preparation for AS levels in               •   The making of a superpower; the Great Patriotic War;
    most subjects;                                                          devastation; war production victory.
• it is a widely accepted, traditional subject for entrance             Unit 2
    to Higher Education on a variety of careers such as
    journalism, Police service, law, the media, nursing and             Topics to be studied and content:
    teaching.                                                           C2 Britain, c1860-1930: the changing position of
                                                                        women and the suffrage question
                                                                        • The changing personal status of women; marriage,

ASCourse?                                                                  divorce, children and property; challenges to the ‘angel
                                                                           in the house’ concept.

Unit 1                                                                  • Women’s changing role within the political system:
                                                                           participation in local government; origins and impact
Topics to be studied and content:                                          of the suffragist and suffragette campaigns; the impact
D3: Russia in Revolution 1881 - 1924:                  From                of the First World War on the Suffrage question.
Autocracy to Dictatorship                                               • Attitudes of politicians, Parliament and the public to
• The challenges to the Tsarist state, 1881-1906: nature                   the suffrage question; the Liberal government 1906-14;
  of the regime; economic and social changes;                              the Parliament Act (1918), the Equal Franchise Act
  opposition parties; the 1905 revolution.                                 (1928) and their immediate impact.

•   Tsarism’s last chance, 1906-17: the Dumas; Stolypin;                • Changing educational opportunities for women and
    the impact of war; the downfall of the Romanovs.                       girls and the impact of these for workplace
                                                                           opportunities; the opening of the universities and
•   February to October 1917:         the Provisional Government           professions to women.
    and the Bolshevik Coup.
• Holding onto and consolidating power, 1918-1924:
   Civil War; changing economic policies; creating the                  Unit 1 - Exam length: 1 hour 20 minutes
   Soviet state.                                                        You will be required to answer two questions worth 30
                                                                        marks each from two topics. Each topic will have a choice

                 North Liverpool Academy                                   Notre Dame Catholic College

of two essays.                                                        Unit 4:
Unit 2 - Exam length: 1 hour 20 minutes                               A coursework assignment on a hundred year study of History.
You will be required to study one topic; answering two source         Assessment:
based questions, (a) and (b). Candidates will be provided with
                                                                      Unit 3 - Exam length: 2 hours
seven to nine unseen sources.
                                                                      You will be required to answer:
Question (a) is worth 20 marks and will focus on reaching a
judgement by analysis, cross referencing and evaluation of            • One question in Section A out of a choice of two (30
source material.                                                        marks)
Question (b) is worth 40 marks and will ask you to address a          • One question in Section B out of a choice of two (4o
historical view or claim using two sources with your own                marks)
                                                                      Unit 4
                                                                      Students answer two questions on the studied topic.
A2 Course?
Unit 3:                                                               Specific requirements:
Topics to be studied and content:                                     • enthusiasm for the subject;
Option C: The United States: Challenged and Transformed               • determination to do well;
C2: The United States, 1917-54:            Boom, Bust and             • a good attendance record;
Recovery                                                              • a good work record in History at Key Stage Four.
• The economy of the United States in the 1920s.
• Political and social tensions, 1917-33: the Ku Klux Klan;
   Prohibition and organised crime; immigration policy;
   the Red Scare.
• Opposition to Roosevelt as President, 1933-45. •
The USA, 1941-54: the impact of war and the
   significance of anti-communism.

         Alsop High School

HistoryAS/A2                     Edexcel                           WhychooseHistory?
                                                                   History A Level is an academic subject and is welcomed by
                                                                   Universities as an excellent A Level to achieve. History

Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                          graduates more than any are less likely to be unemployed.
                                                                   Areas of employment include Secretarial, Commercial and
                                                                   Industrial Sectors, Retail, Catering, Sports, Design, Nursing,
AS Level History consists of two modules as follows:
                                                                   Childcare, IT, Teaching and Armed Forces. History is a
Unit 1      Ideology, Conflict & Retreat: the USA in Asia          sound basis for employment in Law, Accountancy,
            1950- 73                                               Journalism, Teaching and IT.
            Pursuing life and Liberty: Equality in the USA,        Famous Historians include, Martin Tyler, Louis Theroux,
            1945- 68                                               Jonathan Ross, Timmy Mallett, Neil Kinnock, Gordon Brown,
                                                                   John Prescott and Ali G!
Unit 2      Poverty, Public Health & the Growth of
            Government in Britain 1830 - 75
A2 Level History consists of two modules as follows:
Unit 3      The United States, Boom, Bust,
            Recovery 1917 - 54
Unit 4      Historical Enquiry
            Germany United and Divided 1890 - 1991

The exam board is Edexcel and depending on staffing and
timetabling some units can be examined in January with a
possibility of re-sitting in June.

       Notre Dame Catholic College

                                                                            Why choose Catering and Hospitality?
and                                                                         Over the past few years, employment in the Catering and Hospitality
                                                                            industries has increased faster than the economy overall. But there

Catering                                                                    remain significant skills gaps, particularly in the following areas:
                                                                            customer service; interpersonal skills; supervisory skills; finance; and
                                                                            employability skills. These BTEC Nationals seek to address these areas
                                                                            by encouraging the acquisition and development of these
                                                                            competencies before, or while in, employment in the catering and
                                                                            hospitality industries.

BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma
The course is designed to give candidates an opportunity to
extend and apply their skills and knowledge of the catering and
hospitality industries. It will concentrate on the main areas of
food production and food service. The course provides
progression opportunities both directly into employment and to
further learning opportunities within employment, or to further

What will the course prepare me for?
A BTEC in Catering and Hospitality can help you achieve your full
potential in this industry. Learners are rewarded along the way
for consistent hard work and demonstration of their knowledge,
without the added pressure of exams at the end. A BTEC in
Catering and Hospitality offers active learning in a vocational
context and builds confidence, competence and motivation.

What is the assessment process?
The assessment approach of the BTEC Nationals in Catering and
Hospitality allows for you to receive feedback on your progress
throughout the course as they provide evidence towards the
grading criteria. Evidence for assessment may be generated
through a range of diverse activities including cooking, role play and 44
oral assessment. Delivery strategies will reflect the nature of
       Alsop High School

ICT     Edexcel                                                             CourseDetails -SingleAward
                                                                            Year one:

AppliedAS/A2                                                                Unit 1 The Information Age
                                                                            Unit 2 The Digital Economy
                                                                            Unit 3 The Knowledge Worker (externally assessed)
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                   Year two:
                                                                            Unit 7 Using Database Software (externally assessed)
The Edexcel GCE in Applied ICT is a ‘must-have’ for every post-             Unit 8 Managing ICT Projects
sixteen student. Highly motivating, it develops the knowledge               Plus one other optional unit
and skills students need to be competent and informed ICT users
and practitioners.
It aims to produce effective, discerning ICT users who: • Can select        WhychooseICT?
and use appropriate ICT tools and techniques                                If you think that you may want to pursue an ICT related subject at
     to help them carry out investigations                                  university then the A2 course is particularly
• Capture and handle data, solve problems, make                             useful - it will give you a good grounding in many of the key
   decisions, and present and communicate information                       areas you will need to study at degree level.
                                                                            Students who successfully complete the qualification will be well
• Are aware of the benefits and drawbacks of ICT and its                    equipped to move onto degrees and BTEC Higher National
   impact on the way in which people live their lives                       Diplomas in related subjects such as ICT,
• Can plan and manage projects and work effectively with                    Computer Science, Information Systems, Multimedia,
   others                                                                   Software Engineering, Computer Networking, e-Business and
                                                                            Information Management.

Single Award is equivalent to one A Level following the Edexcel
syllabus for GCE Applied. Two of the six units studied are assessed
by external examinations, the rest are assessed by coursework e-

           Notre Dame Catholic College

ICT          OCR                                                                  Youwilllearn:
OCRCertificate/OCRDiploma                                                         These qualifications specifically aim to:
                                                                                  •   Develop candidates' knowledge and understanding of the ICT
                                                                                      sector and the chosen specialist pathway if selected
WhystudyICTatGCE?                                                                 •   Develop candidates' skills, knowledge and understanding in
                                                                                      contexts that are directly relevant to employment situations,
The OCR Nationals suite of qualifications provides candidates                         thereby enhancing their employability within the ICT sector
with high quality, industry-relevant qualifications geared to the                 •   Develop candidates' ability to work autonomously and
specific requirements of key sectors. They are vocationally-related                   effectively in a ICT context
qualifications that provide valuable opportunities for individuals                •   Enable candidates to develop knowledge and understanding
to develop skills and gain underpinning knowledge and                                 in specialist areas of ICT, and demonstrate the skills needed to
understanding which will support entry into work or progression                       participate in the operation and development of real ICT
to further studies through Further Education or Higher                                organisations
Education.                                                                        •   Encourage progression by assisting in the development of
                                                                                      skills, knowledge and understanding that candidates will need

Youwillstudy:                                                                     •
                                                                                      to access further or higher education programmes or
                                                                                      occupational training on a full-time or part-time basis
                                                                                      Encourage progression by assisting in the development of
Some candidates may wish to study for the equivalent of 2 A levels                    skills, knowledge and understanding that candidates will need
while others more confident in their abilities could opt for the 3 A level            to enter employment or enhance their current employment
option.                                                                               status
The OCR Level 3 Nationals contain three types of qualifications, each             •   Promote interaction between employers, centres and
one building on the previous.                                                         candidates by relating teaching and assessment to real
•      To achieve the Certificate you have to achieve four mandatory
      units (units 1, 2, 3, and 4) and complete two optional units.
•      To achieve the Diploma you have to achieve four mandatory
      units (units 1, 2, 3, and 4) and complete eight optional units.
• To achieve the Extended Diploma you have to complete 18                         All units are centre-assessed and externally moderated by OCR.
   units consisting of the four mandatory units and 14 optional                   There are no timetabled exams for this qualification; candidates
   units.                                                                         may complete units at a time that suits the centre. The full award
                                                                                  and units from this qualification are graded as Pass, Merit or
Level 3 table of equivalences                                                     Distinction.

                                Number of       Guided      Qualifications
 OCR Level 3
                   Number of
                                                             of same size
                                                              and level
                                                               1 A level
                                                                                  Candidates work to strict deadlines. They receive frequent written and oral
    Diploma           12             4             720         2 A levels         feedback from Tutors affording them the opportunity to meet their full
    Extended                                                                      potential on written work. All AS coursework units are submitted by the
                      18             4            1080         3 A levels         end of Year 12, this allows the candidate to make an informed decision
                                                                                  about Year 13 A2 studies.
                   North Liverpool Academy

ICT      Edexcel                                                            Whatwillthecoursepreparemefor?
BTECAward/Certificate                                                       BTEC Nationals are valued by both employers and
                                                                            universities. If you want to get a job straight away you could
                                                                            work in:
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                   •
                                                                                Management Information Systems
This is a two year practical, work-related course. You will learn by        •   Business System Management
completing projects and assignments that are based on realistic             •   Database Management
workplace situations.
                                                                            The Award is equivalent to one A level.
You will study a series of core and optional units. With guidance           The Certificate is equiavalent to two A levels.
from your teacher you will choose an additional specialist unit,
such as E-Commerce, Website Management or Multimedia
Technology.                                                                 WhatwillIneed?
                                                                            A minimum of 5 GCSEs at Grade C.

       Alsop High School                                           North Liverpool Academy                  Notre Dame Catholic College

                                                                             different types of companies promote their business.
                                                                             Unit 2 Understanding organisations
                                                                             In this unit you will explore a wide variety of company
AdvancedDiploma Edexcel                                                      structures and styles. You will assess the impact of
                                                                             technology on the growth and success of companies.

Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                    Unit 3 Professional development
                                                                             In this unit you will develop your personal skills in English,
The Advanced Diploma is a brand-new Level 3 course. New                      maths, problem solving and negotiation.
Diplomas have been introduced by the government to address                   Unit 4 Creating technology solutions
the skills gap identified by employers and
universities and aim to provide an understanding of the IT                   In this unit you will develop skills in programming, data
and computing industry sector by combining academic study with               modelling and data management, all in the context of
practical learning and real experience of work. The Diploma will             creating technology solutions for individual companies.
develop your creativity and your belief in your own ability to think,        Unit 6 Multimedia and Digital Projects
question, explore, plan, create and communicate. Personal
learning and thinking skills are an integral part of the course.             This unit is about working with the technology behind multimedia
                                                                             content of a project. You will develop the skills needed to design
The Diploma comprises several elements, all of which add                     and produce a multimedia project.
together to form the whole qualification.
                                                                             Unit 7 Managing Technology systems
Students have to achieve all elements in order to be
awarded The Diploma, and these are:                                          This unit will develop additional skills in technical support,
                                                                             systems configuration and maintenance and problem
The Principal Lines of Learning - These reflect the main                     solving.
subject area you are studying
Extended Project - An opportunity to undertake a
substantial project in a chosen vocational area                              Whatistheassessmentprocess?
Functional Skills - Applied numeracy and literacy and
                                                                             The course centres on a programme of assignments and
relevant use of ILT and IT                                                   activities, designed to put your skills to the test. Teaching
Additional/Specialist Learning - A menu of choices will be                   is mainly through practical projects, small group work,
confirmed at the start of your course which will provide you with            lectures and private study. As well as developing your
the opportunity to gain more specialist skills                               specialist skills you will learn how to research, plan,
                                                                             evaluate and present your ideas clearly. You will be
Work Experience/Work-related activity - Real
                                                                             encouraged to think for yourself and engage in work
opportunities to experience the world of work.
                                                                             experience that will help develop your professional
Principal Lines of Learning                                                  understanding.
Unit 1 The potential of technology                                           You will put together a portfolio of work, evidencing the units of
                                                                             the qualification, which is internally assessed and moderated as
In this unit you will explore the potential of technology
                                                                             the course progresses. Some elements will be externally
and how, through case studies, it can be used to assist

Alsop High School   North Liverpool Academy             Notre Dame Catholic College

                            If you are a 16-19 year old who wants to learn and
                            develop skills and knowledge in the areas of computing and IT
                            then this course is ideal for you.
                            It is a practical, challenging and career-focused alternative to A
                            A key aim is that on completing the Diploma, you will have
                            developed as a critical thinker, creative practitioner and effective
                            On successful completion of the course, you will gain the Advanced
                            Diploma in Information Technology (Level 3), equivalent to 3.5 A
                            You could continue your studies by progressing onto a
                            Foundation Degree or an Honours Degree. You could
                            apply your newly acquired skills to employment within the IT and
                            computing industries through this course.

                  North Liverpool Academy

Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                     Whatwillthecoursepreparemefor?
Law is a challenging new course for most students and introduces              Progression to university and for careers in law, business, police,
the legal system in England and Wales. You will learn about the               civil service, social work and teaching.
law, the structure of the courts, solicitors, barristers, magistrates,
jurors and judges. There will be opportunities to visit Local
Magistrates and the Crown                                                     WhatwillIneed?
Court, The Old Bailey, House of Lords, The European
Parliament and The Commission in Brussels. Students will also have            College entry requirements and at least a Grade B in GCSE English
an opportunity to meet people who work in the above                           Language.
institutions for career opportunities.
You will be able to study a variety of cases and answer
questions such as:
• Murder or manslaughter?
• ABH or GBH?
• Can learner drivers be banned before they pass
   their test?

                  North Liverpool Academy

Maths OCR                                                                   Maths OCR
GCSE                                                                        AS/A2
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                   Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?
This is a very important qualification as a GCSE Grade C is required        Mathematics is a challenging subject which stimulates our
for many jobs and further training courses.                                 curiosity and enables us to make sense of the world.
                                                                            Mathematics is vitally important to the economic well
Students who have achieved a Grade D or E in Maths GCSE will be
                                                                            being of our society through its widespread application to
strongly encouraged to study this course and achieve a Grade C
                                                                            science, technology, business and finance. You will build
                                                                            on your GCSE studies and develop higher level skills in
                                                                            calculus, geometry, statistics, mechanics and decision
Whatwillthecoursepreparemefor?                                              maths, pure and applied maths. Students will use ICT to
                                                                            investigate, model and solve problems in greater depth.
Maths GCSE prepares students to study a wide range of
courses and is needed for most careers.
WhatwillIneed?                                                              Ad advanced Maths qualification will prepare you for many
                                                                            university courses as well as a wide range of future careers, e.g.
                                                                            actuarial, accountancy, finance, business management,
A Grade D in Maths GCSE
                                                                            computing, engineering, medicine,
                                                                            dentistry, veterinary science and teaching. Maths improves your
                                                                            reasoning and problem solving techniques.

                                                                            Maths Studies requires College entry requirements and at least a
                                                                            Grade B, but preferably a grade A in GCSE Maths for AS/A2.

      Notre Dame Catholic College

Maths                                                                 WhychooseMaths?
AS/A2 Edexcel                                                         A2 Mathematics is a course suitable for a wide range of
                                                                      careers and university courses. It has a reputation for
                                                                      producing students who can work logically through a
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                             range of problems. It’s taught by a range of Teachers
                                                                      dedicated to Teaching AS/A2 and who were highly
                                                                      commended in the recent inspection. Mathematics is a
• The course involves six modules of work. Three
                                                                      useful subject in combination with many others notably:
  modules: Core 1, Core 2, and Statistics1 are studied in Year
                                                                      Sciences, Geography, IT, CDT, and even Art or Music. All
  12. Three others: Core 3, Core 4 and Mechanics 1 are studies
                                                                      potential employers would value the expertise of a student
  in Year 13.
                                                                      with A Level Maths. Past students have gone on to read
• The core modules consist of work in Pure Mathematics.               degrees in archaeology, law, accountancy and medicine
  These were newly revised for 2004/5 and will contain topics         among others.
  on: algebra, functions, sequences and series, trigonometry,
  exponentials and logarithms,
  differentiation, integration, numerical methods, proof,
  coordinate geometry and vectors.
• Mechanics consist of the study of: vectors, kinematics,
  statics, dynamics and moments.
• Statistics consists of the study of: modelling in
  probability and statistics, representation of data,
  methods for summarising data, probability, correlation,
  regression, discrete random variables and the normal

Module C1 is examined in a 1.5 hour exam in January of Year
12. Modules C2 and S1 are examined in June. In Year 13 C3, C4
and M1 are examined. Resits are possible.
We follow the Edexcel course and no coursework is
Students can obtain an AS in Mathematics in Year 12 and
an A2 in Mathematics in Year 13. At present, C1, C2 and
S1 will be examined for AS Level and C3, C4 and M1 for
A2 Level.

       Alsop High School

Maths                                                              WhychooseMaths?
AS/A2 Edexcel                                                      Mathematics is a subject suitable for a wide range of
                                                                   careers and university courses. It has a reputation for
                                                                   producing students who can work logically through a
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                          range of problems. It is taught at Alsop by a range of teachers
                                                                   dedicated to teaching AS/A2. Mathematics is a useful subject in
                                                                   combination with many others, notably, Sciences, Geography, IT,
The course involves six modules. Three modules: Core 1,
                                                                   CDT, Accountancy and even Art or Music. All potential employers
Core 2 and Decision Mathematics 1 are studied in Year 12.
                                                                   would value the expertise of a student with A Level Mathematics.
Three others: Core 3, Core 4 and Mechanics 1 are studied
in Year 13.
The core modules consist of work in Pure Mathematics.
These were newly revised for 2008/09 and contain topics
on: algebra, functions, sequences and series, trigonometry,
exponentials and logarithms, differentiations, integration,
numerical methods, proof, coordinate geometry and
Mechanics consists of the study of: vectors, kinematics,
statics, dynamics and moments.
Decision Mathematics consists of the study of: algorithms,
algorithms on graphs, the route inspection problem,
critical path analysis, linear programming and matchings.

• Each module is examined in a 1 ½ hour exam. Exam
  sessions are in June and January.
• At the moment C1 is examined in January of Year 12
   and C1 and D1 in June. In Year 13, C3 is examined in
   January and C4 and M1 in June. Resits are possible.
• We follow the Edexcel course and no coursework is
• C1 and C2 count towards the AS level and C3 and C4
   count towards the A2 level. The applications modules,
   D1 and M1, can count towards either.

       Alsop High School

FurtherMaths                                                               Whatistheassessmentprocess?
AS/A2 Edexcel                                                              • Each module is examined in a 1 ½ hour exam. Exam
                                                                             sessions are in June and January.

Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                  • At the moment FP1, S1 and S2 are examined in June of
                                                                              Year 12. In Year 13, FP2, FP3 and M2 are examined in
                                                                              June in Year 13.
The course involves six modules. Three modules: Further Pure 1,
                                                                           • We follow the Edexcel course and no coursework is
Statistics 1 and Statistics 2 are studied in Year 12. Three others:
Further Pure 2, Further Pure 3 and
Mechanics 2 are studied in Year 13.                                        • FP1 counts towards the AS level and FP2 and FP3 count
                                                                              towards the A2 level. The applications modules, S1, S2
The Further Pure Mathematics was newly revised for
                                                                              and M2, can count towards either.
2008/09 and contains topics on: complex numbers,
numerical solutions of equations, coordinate systems,
matrix algebra, series, proof, inequalities, differential
equations. Maclaurin and Taylor series, polar coordinates,
hyperbolic functions, differentiation, integration and                     Further Mathematics is a subject suitable for a wide range
                                                                           of careers and university courses. Students who have
Statistics consists of the study of: Mathematical models,                  studied Further Mathematics are highly regarded by
representations and summary of data, probability,                          University Course administrators. It has a reputation for
correlation and regression, discrete random variables, the                 producing students who can work logically through a
normal distribution, the Binominal and poisson                             range of complex problems. It is taught at Alsop by a
distributions, continuous random variables, continuous                     range of teachers dedicated to teaching AS/A2. Further
distributions and hypothesis tests.                                        Mathematics is a useful subject in combination with many
                                                                           others, notably, Sciences, Geography, IT, CDT, Accountancy
Mechanics consists of the study of: kinematics, centres of
                                                                           and even Art or Music. All potential employers would
mass, work and energy, collisions and statics of rigid
                                                                           value the expertise of a student with A Level Further
Students should preferably study A Level Mathematics as

                 North Liverpool Academy                                        Notre Dame Catholic College

BTECAward/Certificate Edexcel
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                  Whatwillthecoursepreparemefor?
The media sectors you will focus on in this course are film and TV.        Media production related degrees at university and careers in the
This is a practical, work related course. You learn by completing          media.
projects and assignments that are based on realistic workplace
situations, activities and demands. As well as learning about the
employment area you have                                                   WhatwillIneed?
chosen, you develop the skills you need to start a career. You will
develop a range of skills in areas such as film and sound                  College entry requirements as well as Grade C or higher in GCSE
techniques and also editing.                                               English Language.

        Alsop High School

MediaPrint                                                         Whatistheassessmentprocess?
BTECAward Edexcel                                                  The course is assessed via a series of vocational based
                                                                   modules of study. The two core units you will study in
                                                                   Year 13 are assessed by an external verifier. The four
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                          optional Specialist Units are assessed by subject staff then
                                                                   verified by Edexcel. As the course is practically based the
                                                                   emphasis is on building up a portfolio of work, which
The course is a two year course consisting of six modular
                                                                   demonstrates your knowledge and understanding of all aspects
units of work. Two are core units and the other four units
                                                                   of the media industry, rather than focusing on a terminal
are taken from a range of eight optional specialist units:
Core Units
                                                                   As a BTEC National Award UCAS point scoring is equivalent to that of
• Unit 1 - Pre-production Techniques                               AS/A Level courses.
• Unit 2 - Research Techniques
Specialist Units
•   Unit 11 - Producing Media Print
•   Unit 12 - Publishing Media Products                            It is an irrefutable fact that the ‘media’ has a direct impact
•   Unit 42 - Narrative Image Making                               on every aspect of our lives. The media industry is one of
•   Unit 43 - Digital Writing                                      the most rapidly expanding and exciting industries on the
•   Unit 45 - Digital Imaging                                      planet. As such, those involved within the media industry
•   Unit 47 - Writing & Editing Copy                               are in very important and influential positions. You should
•   Unit 48 - Page Layout & Design                                 choose Media Studies if you are interested in a career in
•   Unit 49 - Factual Writing                                      the media industry. As a practical based Applied Learning
The course is designed to develop students’ understanding          course, Media Studies is designed to give you an insight
and practical working knowledge of all aspects of the              into all aspects of the media industry and enable you to
media industry. Our aim as a specialist department is to           firmly place you feet upon the first steps of the ladder of
provide students with a solid vocational grounding in their        success in your chosen career.
chosen career.

       Alsop High School

MediaVideo                                                                WhychooseMediaVideo?
BTECAward Edexcel                                                         Multi-media has a direct impact on every aspect of society we live
                                                                          in. Media is not only about news and the transfer of information,
                                                                          it is also about entertainment. By studying the video or imedia
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                 industry you will be studying not only the news media industry but
                                                                          also the entertainment
                                                                          aspects of the industry. If you have any interest in working behind
Like the (Print) course, Media Video or imedia is a two
                                                                          or in front of camera, web design or animation then this is the
year course consisting of six units of study. The core units
                                                                          course for you.
are the same, Unit 1: Research Techniques and Unit 2: Pre-
production as is Unit 10: Understanding the Media
Industries. However, these units are studied with the focus
on the Media Video Industry. The specialist units on the
other hand, are very different. For example, you could
study units as diverse as Unit 32: Stop Motion Animation
(this will involve you producing your own short animation
film), Unit 25: Film Studies (unlike other film courses this
unit will not only involve studying a range of Film genre,
but also making your own movies), Unit 22: Multi-camera
Techniques and Unit 57: Web Authoring. There are many
more specialist units available. For a full list, please
contact Mr Murphy at Alsop High School.

The course is assessed via a series of practically based
modules of study (no examination). There are two core units and
one specialist mandatory unit. The other three specialist unit are
studied from a choice of 72 other units. In years 12 & 13, at
least one of the units of study will be Externally Verified by an
examiner from Edexcel.
As a BTEC National Award, UCAS point scoring is
equivalent to that of ‘A’ Level.

                  North Liverpool Academy

BTECAward/Certificate Edexcel
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                  WhatwillIneed?
The BTEC National Award in Music is an exciting vocational course          Ideally you should have some ability on a musical
which will allow you to develop skills as a musician and provide a         instrument as well as some knowledge of musical recital.
good insight into employment within the music and performing               You must be enthusiastic and willing to try new things!
arts industry.
Throughout the course you will become involved in all areas of the
music industry including learning to play
various musical instruments, recording and creating music videos
and CD’s, composing your own music, working with bands and as a
solo artist.
The course is split into 6 exciting units which you will study
over 1 year.
• Pop music in practice
• Music performance techniques
• Music performance session styles
• Music project
• Planning a music project
• Working and development as a musical ensemble
This is a very practical course. You will be assessed in terms
of both your practical work and your coursework. There
is no final examination as you are assessed throughout
the course.
BTEC Music will contribute to your qualification providing you with
skills required for many exciting and rewarding careers. This
course will allow you to progress into
university and further education.

       High School

BTEC Music
LEVEL 3 Edexcel
BTEC Music is a specialist work-related qualification that enables students to develop their knowledge,
understanding and skills in a work-related context. Over the two year course our team of specialist tutors
will guide you in skills of:
• Performance
• Composition
• Music of different genres and traditions
In addition to these individual skills you will also have the
opportunity to work alongside fellow musicians as we prepare of
concerts. You will benefit from specialist master classes and
                                                                          Practical and written coursework will be centre-assessed
workshops that will help to prepare you for the professional world
                                                                          and recorded and then externally moderated by Edexcel.
of performing arts.

                                                                          This qualification is coursework based and will enable you to
                                                                          develop a range of skills and techniques, personal skills and
                                                                          attributes essential for successful performance in working life.

                                                                          When you have completed this course you will have the
                                                                          opportunity to continue to higher education in the same, or
                                                                          related vocational area.

        Notre Dame Catholic College

MusicAS/A2 AQA                                                           MusicTechnologyAS/A2 Edexcel
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?
A Level Music is a specialist qualification that enables you to          The collaborative can offer you unique opportunities whilst making
develop your knowledge and experience required for all forms of          use of our state of the art facilities and equipment. Over the two
further and higher education. It will give you understanding and         year course our specialist tutors will guide you in the skills of:-
encourage appreciation, of all music genres in all contexts. Over
                                                                         •   Stereo recording
the two years our specialist tutors will guide you in skills of:
                                                                         •   Multi-track recording
• Solo & Ensemble Performance on voice or instrument of the              •   Arranging
candidates choice (each student will receive a scholarship for           •   Composing
their individual instrumental tuition).                                  •   History of recording technology
• Composition                                                            •   Music of different genres, styles and traditions

• Music of different genres, styles and traditions.                      In addition to these individual skills you will also have the
                                                                         opportunity to work alongside fellow musicians, as we prepare
In addition to these individual skills you will also work                of concerts. You will benefit from specialist masterclasses and
alongside fellow musicians as we prepare of concerts. You will           workshops that will help to prepare you for the professional
benefit from specialist masterclasses and workshops that will            world of performing arts.
help to prepare you for the professional world of performing
Whatistheassessmentprocess?                                              Practical and written coursework will be centre-assessed
                                                                         and recorded and then externally moderated by Edexcel.
Practical and written coursework will be centre-assessed
and recorded and then externally moderated by AQA.
WhychooseMusic?                                                          This course will enable you to continue into higher
                                                                         education in the same or related area and lead to a
This course will enable you to continue into higher education in         range of careers in:
the same or related area and lead to a range of careers in:
                                                                         •   Recording engineer
•   Recording engineering                                                •   Arranger
•   Arranging                                                            •   Composer
•   Composing                                                            •   Teacher
•   Teaching                                                             •   Performer
•   Performing
•   Musicology

       Alsop High School

PerformingArts                                                         Whatistheassessmentprocess?
BTECAward/BTECCertificate Edexcel                                      The course is assessed at the end of each module. The
                                                                       assessments are practical assessments and this is supported by a
                                                                       written portfolio. All units are teacher assessed.
The course is a modular course and can be taken as a single or
double option. Pupils choosing the double option will cover
                                                                       Pupils taking the course will gain a full understanding of
twelve modules and pupils choosing the single option will cover
                                                                       the Performing Arts. This course gives pupils the
six modules.
                                                                       opportunity to learn about all aspects of Performing Arts
Over the two years pupils will cover modules in: •                     ranging from Acting, Directing, Costume, Make-up,
Devising                                                               Technical Support, Advertising Promotions and Media.
• Acting                                                               Pupils who are interested in further education in this area
• Performance                                                          may move onto further education courses at institutions
• Masks                                                                such as LIPA, Hope University, John Moores or Edge Hill.
• Improvisation                                                        We have had a 100% Pass rate for the past 2 years, with
• Rehearsing                                                           at least half of our students achieving distinctions or
• The Performing Arts Business                                         equivalent of A Grades.
• Contemporary Theatre Performances
• Classical Theatre Performances
Pupils taking the course should have an interest in
Performing Arts and an enjoyment of live theatre.

                 North Liverpool Academy                                      Notre Dame Catholic College

PerformingArts                                                           Whatwillthecoursepreparemefor?
(MusicalTheatre)                                                         Progression to University and to a wide range of careers in
                                                                         performing arts.

BTECDiploma Edexcel                                                      Whatyouneed
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                • Essential - GCSE English Grace C or above.
                                                                         • Enthusiasm and commitment to developing skills in the
This is a practical course which involves learning and                     performing arts.
developing advanced performance skills in dance, drama and
Through creative workshops you will be given the
opportunity to explore a variety of dance techniques and styles.
You will learn how to develop your own
choreography and will gain practical experience that will prepare
you for the professional world of dance.
In drama you will study units such as developing vocal
technique, principles of acting and performance workshop. This
will develop both your acting skills and your
understanding of the art form.
The music modules are focussed on developing your singing
skills, both as a member of an ensemble and as a solo
performer. You will also be given the opportunity to learn a
musical instrument.
Throughout the course all three art forms are integrated,
resulting in large scale musical theatre productions.

       Alsop High School                                                               North Liverpool Academy

Photography                                                            Whatistheassessmentprocess?
AS/A2 AQA                                                              Coursework for A Level will be similar in format to the
                                                                       GCSE but will emphasise a far greater personal input from
                                                                       the students and the work will be much more intensive.
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                              The coursework should show a high degree of
                                                                       individuality, independence and personal dedication which is rare
Students wishing to take A-Level Photography will need to be           in a GCSE type course. Students need to come up with their own
interested in Art & Design and have good ICT skills and be self        ideas and develop work from initial set
motivated. Depending on individual student                             stimuli. Annotations of relevant artists/ photographers will need to
requirements, a typical A-Level course will consist of the             be made and students will be required to develop their own work
following features:                                                    to a conclusion.
The AS will require in the first year:                                 The course is very intensive and demands a high level of
                                                                       commitment from the individual student. The object of the
1 coursework Unit:                                  50%
                                                                       course is not just to gain a certain level of competence but also
1 controlled assignment of 5 hours duration:        50%
                                                                       to compile a portfolio of work to present at future further
To achieve a full A-Level (A2) certificate requires a                  education interviews.
further quota of practical work for the second year,
consisting of;
1 Personal investigation/ practical unit            25%
1 controlled test of 15 hours duration              25%
                                                                       An AS/A2 qualification helps students to gain access to an
AS + A2 = A level
                                                                       extensive range of University and College placements
                                                                       regardless of the subjects intended to be studied.
                                                                       However, employment opportunities in the art world are
                                                                       ever increasing, particularly due to the City of Liverpool’s
                                                                       success in gaining the Capital of Culture status. These
                                                                       opportunities cover a range of careers including; the
                                                                       teaching and designer roles of fashion, fine art, graphics,
                                                                       interior, theatre and film. The ever-expanding world of IT
                                                                       is now successfully being utilised by artists/designers and is
                                                                       quickly becoming a major employer of art students.

                  North Liverpool Academy                                      Notre Dame Catholic College

PhysicsAS/A2 AQA                                                          Why choose Physics?
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                 Physics is a very challenging, yet rewarding A Level to study. I t will help
                                                                          develop an interest in and enthusiasm for science and an appreciation of
Physics A level builds upon the knowledge and understanding of            the way around us actually works. It will allow students to appreciate how
Physics that has been acquired in GCSE Physics and or Double              society needs science and give them the skills to contribute to their own
Award Science. Logical thinking is required, as is good ability in        success and the success of society and the economy.
mathematics with a least a grade B in GCSE Physics or Double
                                                                          Students successful in Advanced level Physics will find themselves in a
Award Science being essential.
                                                                          much more advantageous position to be able to gain a university place
The AS GCE is made up of the three units, two of which are                than most of their peers, with Physics universally recognized as an
externally assessed exams, and the other is internally assessed           excellent qualification. They will be able to access degree courses not only
practical coursework. In the second year, the A2 course again             in the science areas such as: Engineering, Medical Physics,
follows the same format.                                                  Telecommunications, Optics, Materials Science, Astronomy, Radiology,
                                                                          Nanotechnology etc, but also many courses where further science study is
The AS units are:                                                         not required such as Law, Accountancy and many others because of the
• G481 Exam: Mechanics (Motion, Forces In Action,                         disciplined nature this subject requires.
Work and Energy).
• G482 Exam: Electrons, Waves and Photons (Electric
current, resistance, DC circuits, Waves, Quantum Physics).
• G483 Practical Skills in Physics 1: Internal assessment
The A2 units are:
• G484 Exam: The Newtonian World (Newton’s Laws and
momentum, circular motion and oscillations, thermal physics).
• G485 Exam: Fields, Particles and Frontiers of Physics (electric
and magnetic fields, capacitors and exponential decay, nuclear
physics, medical imaging, modelling the
• G486 Practical Skills in Physics 2: Internal assessment

                  North Liverpool Academy

                                                                         6. Social Psychology - Social Influence
                                AQA                                      In this unit you will learn lots about why people conform
                                                                         and give in to group pressure. You will also learn about

Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                why people obey authority figures and do what they are
                                                                         told to do even when what they are being told to do is
                                                                         morally wrong.
These are divided into the following 2 modules:
Module 1 - Cognitive Psychology, Developmental
Psychology, and Research Methods
1. Cognitive Psychology - Memory                                         In the exam you will be tested on 2 main skills
In this unit you will learn about how the human memory works.            AO1 Skill - Knowledge & Understanding:
You will learn about short term memory and long term memory
                                                                         You will be expected to demonstrate what you know and
and why we forget things!!!
                                                                         understand about terminology, concepts, studies, methods etc.
2. Developmental Psychology - Attachments                                You will have to use your essay writing skills to
                                                                         communicate what you know about a topic in a clear and
In this unit you will learn about how newborn babies form
                                                                         effective way, therefore showing good understanding.
attachments with their caregivers. You will find out how the
different types of attachments develop. You will also learn what         AO2 - Skill - Analysis and Evaluation:
happens when a baby doesn’t form an
                                                                         To get the highest marks in the exam you must be able to show
attachment with anyone.
                                                                         the examiner that you can analyse and evaluate what you know.
3. Research Methods                                                      This means weigh up the good and bad points about a theory and
                                                                         then make informed judgements.
In this unit you will learn about the different methods
psychologists use to set up experiments and the                          AO3 - Design, Conduct and Report Research:
advantages and disadvantages of each. You will learn how the
                                                                         You will also be tested on the quality of your written
different research methods are used and what ethical issues are
                                                                         communication. You can also get marks for legible
                                                                         handwriting and few spelling and grammar mistakes ...
Module 2 - Biological Psychology, Social Psychology and                  so make sure to leave time in the exam to read over
Individual Differences                                                   your work.
4. Physiological Psychology - Stress
In this unit you will learn about how the body copes, (or
doesn’t cope) with stress. You will investigate the relationship
between stress and health and look at what different kinds of
things can actually cause stress.
5. Individual Differences - Abnormality
In this unit you will learn all about the problems with defining
what is and what is not normal. You will learn a little bit about
how all different types of psychologists explain abnormal
       Notre Dame Catholic College

The course involves a study of ethics, philosophy of
religion and religious experience. The course is modular
and is set by the exam board, AQA.
Year 12 AS Level
• Module 1 - Ethics
  What is right and wrong?
  How do we make moral decisions?
  What should we be aware of when we make decisions
  about abortion, euthanasia, surrogacy and the
  How does a Utilitarian make ethical decisions?
• Module 2 - Philosophy of Religion
  Does God exist?
  What are the arguments for and against the existence
  of God?
  Are miracles real?
  Can religion and science coexist?
                                                                   The course is assessed by examinations taken in January and
Year 13 - A2                                                       June. It is possible to repeat examinations if students feel a
• Module 1 - Philosophy of Religion                                second attempt would result in a higher grade.
  Why is there evil in the world?                                  There is no coursework component.
  Are science and religion incompatible?
  What is a near death experience?
  What is religious experience?
• Module 2 – Religion in Contemporary Society
  What challenges are posted to the practice of                    Religious Studies is an academic subject that can lead to
  religion today?                                                  university courses in Theology or Religious Studies.
  What is secularisation?                                          Graduates in these subjects go on to take up successful
  Is interfaith dialogue possible?                                 careers in teaching, social work, accountancy and industry.
  Are religious attitudes to sexual behaviour, marriage and
  family life compatible with modern living?
Level 3 Course
                  North Liverpool Academy

BTECAward Edexcel
This two year course is equivalent to one A-level.
It offers a specialist qualification that focuses on
particular aspects of employment within the Public
Services sector. You will study a series of core and
optional units such as, Team Leadership and
Development; Physical Preparation and Fitness; Crime and its
Effects on Society

You will have the opportunity to gain a nationally
recognised vocationally specific qualification to enter
employment in the Public Service sector (Police, Fire
Brigade, Armed Forces for example) It will also enable you to
progress to higher education vocational
qualifications such as the Edexcel Level 5 BTEC Higher National in
Public Services. It is valued by both
employers and Universities.

A minimum of 4 GCSE’s at Grade C or above.

                  North Liverpool Academy

GCSE Edexcel
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                    Whatwillthecoursepreparemefor?
This is a one year course where you will study six modules covering          Science GCSE is essential if you wish to teach or become a nurse
biology, chemistry and physics. You will carry out a range of                or midwife and is strongly recommended for other health related
practical activities which will provide a practical skills mark that         professions.
counts towards your final marks.
You will complete 6 module tests over the year. Two will be
completed at examination sessions in November, March or June.
You will complete six internal assessment activities during the year.

       Alsop High School                                    North Liverpool Academy                Notre Dame Catholic College

Society,Health&Development                                          Whatistheassessmentprocess?
AdvancedDiploma Edexcel                                             The Diploma is an in-depth course which looks at all the
                                                                    services which are offered to individuals in our society.
                                                                    Some of the services which it investigates are:
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                           • Children and young peoples services

                                                                    • Hospital and primary care trusts
The Diploma involves two full days studying the following
four areas:                                                         • Adult social care trusts
•   Health Care - Medical Staff, Health Workers,                    • Young offenders institutes
    Physiotherapists                                                The learner will complete six units and various aspects of these
• Adult Social Care - Social Workers, Care Workers                  services, such as:
•    Children’s and Young Persons Workforce - Teachers,             • The importance of these sectors working together,
    Youth Workers, Nursery Nurses                                      illustrating the similarities and differences in the
•    Community Justice - Probation Officers, Community
    Police Officers, Youth Offending Team                           • Communication and why it is so important for an
                                                                       effective care worker to have excellent communication
This will include work experience in a relevant work
placement. It is equal to 3 ½ A Levels. One day a week
will be spent at Alder Hey completing units of work with            •   How these services protect and care for individuals in
Alder Hey’s health care Professionals. You will also be                 the community.
able to complete your work experience in Alder Hey                  The Diploma will use work experience to find out evidence for
as well as having tutorial and speakers from the Alder              each unit.
Hey staff.

                                                                    This is a fantastic opportunity to learn in the working
                                                                    environment of Alder Hey and gain an insight into how
                                                                    the four sectors work together. The Diploma is studied
                                                                    collaboratively, with students and staff from other school. It allows
                                                                    you to learn in different settings. It will help you to learn the skills
                                                                    that are important to work successfully in these areas; problem
                                                                    solving, team working,
                                                                    communication and creative thinking. There are also
                                                                    opportunities to study an additional A Level.

                  North Liverpool Academy                                         Notre Dame Catholic College

SociologyAS/A2                       AQA                                    Youwillbeassessedon?
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                   AO1 - Knowledge and understanding of the theories,
                                                                            methods, concepts and studies involved in each topic.
                                                                            Communication of knowledge and understanding in a clear
Studying Sociology offers insights into social and cultural issues.         and effective manner.
It helps you develop a multi-perspective and
                                                                            AO2 - Demonstration of the skills of application, analysis,
critical approach to understanding issues around culture,
                                                                            interpretation and evaluation. This means that you need
identity, religion, crime, childhood and social power.
                                                                            to show that you can weigh up the good and bad points
More than once during the course you’re bound to ask yourself
                                                                            about a theory or debate and make informed judgements.
the question, “Why have we developed like this? Poverty,
ignorance, crime, injustice ... shouldn’t we have left them in the
stone age?”
Your Key Learning Topics:
                                                                            Sociology is a great choice of subject for people who want a
At AS, in your first year, you will focus on 2 main learning groups:
                                                                            career in social work, nursing or medicine. But the subject is also
Unit 1 - Families and Households                                            useful in a number of other careers like marketing, advertising,
                                                                            PR, journalism, law, teaching, community work or probation.
Unit 2 – Education and Sociological Methods
At A2, in your second year you will focus on another 2 main
learning groups:                                                            WhatskillswillIlearn?
Unit 3 - Beliefs in Society or Power and Politics
                                                                            The sociology A Level course helps students develop
On Your Marks ...                                                           number of new skills:
In the first year you’ll sit two papers, one on each of the                 •   How to use evidence to support your arguments
learning groups you have studied. The paper on the first                    •   How to investigate facts and use deduction
group lasts one hour and accounts for 40% of your marks                     •   How to put over your point of view fluently
for the year. The paper on the second group lasts for two                   •   How to work as a team to achieve results
hours and accounts for 60% of your marks for the year.                      •   How to take responsibility for your own learning
It’s almost the same in year two, but this time the group one
paper lasts 90 minutes and the group two paper lasts two hours.
The marks, as in year one, are 40% and 60% respectively of your
total mark for the year.

       Alsop High School                                                      Notre Dame Catholic College

SpanishAS/A2                    WJEC                                      WhychooseSpanish?
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                 Language courses open up a huge range of career
                                                                          opportunities for the future. Universities now offer
                                                                          languages with almost any other subject and are now
• The course requires students to study 3 broad topic                     proving to be a vital requisite in Business, ICT, Media,
   areas in depth. These are Leisure & Tourism, Education                 Politics and Tourism. Since being awarded the Capital of Culture
   and Problems of Young People in Spain and Latin                        in 2008, language on Merseyside has never been more
   America today.                                                         important and linguists will prove to be in heavy demand over
                                                                          the coming years.
• Students listen and respond to a variety of materials to
   develop listening skills, and a range of authentic
   materials from the media and Internet and other
• Students are expected to participate fully in oral
   discussion and group work as well as research, both
   written and oral assignments independently using
   course books, the Internet and other materials.
• At A2 students study 3 additional topic areas;
   Contemporary Spain, Media and the Environment, and
   are expected to complete oral, aural and written

Students sit three exams - a listening exam in which they respond
to a range of aural materials, a speaking test in which they speak
in depth about a previously researched topic area and a reading
exam involving comprehension and essay tasks. There are no
coursework assignments at AS, but students are expected to
complete oral and written assignments regularly which are graded
accordingly to the Welsh Board exam criteria.
At A2, students are expected to complete an independent
study option which is an extended essay on a specific

        Alsop High School                                           North Liverpool Academy              Notre Dame Catholic College

Development, Coaching & Fitness                                             Whatistheassessmentprocess?
BTEC Subsidary Diploma/BTEC Diploma Edexcel                                 Students are assessed by means of internal portfolio
                                                                            assessments and practical ability in four sports. Different
                                                                            strategies are used to produce the portfolios of work.
Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Subsidary Diploma in Sport                             WhychooseSport&Development?
This course is equivalent to 1 A Level. It will allow students to
                                                                            Any student achieving 5 A* - C grades at GCSE are
gain a broad understanding of Sports
                                                                            welcome to start the course.
Development and Fitness through the study of six units over a
two year period:                                                            The qualification has been designed to provide a broad
                                                                            education as a foundation for training leading to
•   Unit 1 – Principles of Anatomy and Physiology in Sport
                                                                            employment and for further and higher education in the
•   Unit 2 – The Physiology of Fitness
                                                                            sport and leisure industry and teaching/coaching.
•   Unit 3 – Assessing Risk in Sport
•   Unit 7 – Fitness Testing for Sport and Exercise
•   Unit 9 – Practical Sports
•   Unit 5 – Sports Coaching

Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Sport
This course is equivalent to 2 A Levels. Students complete
all the units from the subsidary, plus 6 other units over a two year period:
•   Rules and Regulation
•   Sport Development
•   Instructing Physical Activity and Exercise
•   Fitness Training and Programming
•   Practical Sports
•   Leadership in Sport
Both courses will allow opportunities to take coaching
awards in several sports and also have the opportunities to
visit several sporting venues. Pupils will also have the opportunity to undertake a number of level 1 and 2
coaching qualifications and the CSLA.

                 North Liverpool Academy                                     Notre Dame Catholic College

Travel&Tourism                                                          PossibleCareersinclude:
BTECLevel3Diploma Edexcel                                               • Airline cabin crew

                                                                        • Travel agent

Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                               • Holiday representative
                                                                        • Tour guide
The BTEC National Certificate in Travel and Tourism is a                • Tour operations manager
practical, work related course that prepares you for
employment or as the basis for applying to higher                       • Cruise ships
education. The qualification is broadly equivalent to 2 A Levels        • Tourist Information Services
and is graded at the end of the course depending on the
achievements in the units of work.                                      • Government Tourist Bodies e.g. Visit Britain

This course is a modular course consisting of twelve units of
                                                                        What is the assessment process?
                                                                        There are no examinations – this course is assessed internally by your
Over the two years students will cover twelve modules
                                                                        teacher via a series of vocationally based coursework tasks for each
                                                                        unit of study. The module assignments are designed to develop
• Investigating Travel and Tourism                                      students’ understanding and practical working knowledge of aspects of
                                                                        the travel and tourism industry. Different strategies are used to
• The Business of Travel and Tourism
                                                                        produce the portfolios of work for each module ranging from role plays,
• The UK as a destination                                               presentations and written reports. Each unit of work is graded as Pass,
• Customer Service in Travel and Tourism                                Merit or Distinction. The final grade achieved for the subject is
                                                                        calculated by adding up the achieved scores from each of the twelve
Our aim is to provide students with a solid vocational                  units. Students gain two grades at the end of the course (e.g. DD< MD,
understanding of the travel and tourism industry.                       MM, MP)

If you think you might enjoy a career or further study in
the travel and tourism industry - this is an excellent place
to start.
This course will give you a good foundation for further study
or a route into the world of work.

         Alsop High School

Travel&Tourism                                                                Whatistheassessmentprocess?
BTECAward/BTECCertificate Edexcel                                             Students are assessed by means of internal portfolio
                                                                              assessments. Different strategies are used to produce the
                                                                              portfolios of work, ranging from newspaper reports, video
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                     productions, presentations and written reports. Two of the units
                                                                              are externally assessed by a portfolio assessor.
BTEC National Award
This course is equivalent to 1 A Level. It will allow students to gain        WhychooseBTECTravel&Tourism?
a broad understanding of travel & tourism through the study of six
units over a two year period: Unit 1 The Travel & Tourism Industry            Any student achieving 5 A* - C grades at GCSE is welcome to start
                                                                              the course.
Unit 2 The Business of Travel & Tourism
                                                                              The qualification has been designed to provide a broad
Unit 3 UK as a Destination                                                    education as a foundation for training leading to employment
Unit 4 Customer Service in Travel & Tourism Unit 6                            and for further and higher education.

Preparing for Employment                                                      During the course students have the opportunity to apply learning
                                                                              in a practical and realistic way. They will develop skills that are
Unit 7 The European Travel Market                                             highly valued by employers and higher
Students develop the skills of being able to identify and                     education.
collect a range of evidence from different sources. Much                      It is estimated that one in five of all jobs created in the UK over
of the work is completed using Internet-based research and                    the next five years will be in travel and tourism related industries.
visits to actual tourist destinations, locally (e.g. Albert                   Liverpool, as Capital of Culture in 2008, will experience a growth
Dock, nationally (e.g. London) and internationally (e.g.                      in this sector.
New York).
BTEC National Certificate
This course is equivalent to two A Levels. Students
complete all the units from the Award, plus six other units over a
two year period:
Unit 8      Long Haul Travel Destinations
Unit 10 Investigating the Cruise Sector
Unit 14 Holiday Representatives
Unit 18 Appeal and Importance of UK Visitor Attractions
Unit 24 Handling Air Passengers
Unit 22 Travel & Tourism Residential Study Visit

                  North Liverpool Academy

VehicleTechnology                                                        WorldDevelopment
BTECAward Edexcel                                                        AS/A2 WJEC
Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?                                                Whatdoesthecourseinvolve?
This course provides you with the opportunity to develop your            The course falls into two parts, AS and A2. Both parts are
theory and practical understanding in maintaining and repairing          assessed by an examination and compulsory coursework
Motor Vehicles. You will have a strong                                   assignments.
interest in vehicle design, layout and repairs.
                                                                         At AS level students will study:
You will gain critical understanding of key concepts of the motor
industry including electrics and electronics, testing adn fault          WD1: Theme 1 - Development, resources and global
diagnosis.                                                                      citizenship
Students will use state of the art equipment and have the                       Theme 2 - Poverty and inequality
opportunity to develop skills such as vehicle body repair. All           WD2: Coursework - Portfolio of analysis of world
students have been well motivated via applied learning and                      development issues
                                                                         At A2 students will study:
Practical coursework assessment are modular units:
                                                                         WD3: Concepts and processes of development
Unit examples:
                                                                         WD4: Individual coursework report where students will
• Vehicle electrical & electronic principles
                                                                                  further develop their knowledge and
• Vehicle fault diagnosis & rectification
• Operation of vehicle systems                                                    understanding of a particular area of the course. This
• Light vehicle transmission systems                                     course provides a sustainable foundation for the study of social
• Applications of welding technology                                     sciences including development studies at
• Essential working practices in vehicle technology                      university. There are many different career opportunities linked
                                                                         to this area such as working for an international development

Whatwillthecoursepreparemefor?                                           agency, social policy, human resources
                                                                         management and environmental management.

Progression to employment or apprenticeships in the
motor industry. A variety of advanced university courses.

Level 3 entry requirements and preferably a BTEC Level 2
Vehicle Technology Merit or above and Maths and English
GCSE at grade C or above. You will also need a healthy
interest in motor vehicles.

   Alsop High School   North Liverpool Academy   Notre Dame Catholic College


   Alsop High School   North Liverpool Academy   Notre Dame Catholic College


   Alsop High School   North Liverpool Academy   Notre Dame Catholic College


      Alsop High School                          North Liverpool Academy          Notre Dame Catholic College

Alsop High School                                      Notre Dame Catholic College
Technology College                                     Headteacher – Mrs F Harrison
                                                       Deputy Headteacher – Mr A Rannard
Headteacher - Mr P Jamieson                            Head of Sixth Form – Miss K Nicol
Deputy Headteacher - Mr J Patino                       Everton Valley
Head of Sixth Form - Mrs L Hounslea                    Liverpool
                                                       L4 4EZ
Queens Drive
Liverpool                                              Telephone: 0151 263 3104
L4 6SH                                                 Fax: 0151 260 1849
Telephone: 0151 525 2600
Fax: 0151 521 1044

North Liverpool Academy
Principal - Mrs K Askew
Vice Principal - Mr J Rigby
Head of Sixth Form - Mr P Giles

Heyworth Street
L5 0SQ

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                          Alsop High School
                          Technology College

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