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TINA LANDON January 1_ 1966 Little Tina Tinas love and passion .doc


									                           TINA LANDON
                              January 1, 1966

Little Tina

Tina’s love and passion for dance began as early as she can remember.
Her Mother of Mexican-American heritage made sure that her children would
fare better by mandating dance lessons in their household.
“My parents had me going to dance lessons at the age of 3 and I simply loved it”.
Tina’s dedication to dance would not end in her adolescence.

Paula & the Jacksons

She began her dance career as a Laker Girl in the 1980s when Paula Abdul was
the choreographer.
She was well on her way, but what could be considered a big break would be just
the beginning when Tina was booked as a principal dancer for Michael Jackson’s
“Smooth Criminal” music video.
Tina’s hard work and commitment would prove to be beneficial when fellow
Laker Girl, Paul Abdul would cast her for Janet Jackson’s “What Have You Done
For Me Lately” music video.


Tina’s big opportunity with Janet occurred when her talent was recognized and
she was asked to join her Rhythm Nation Tour that was dominated by mainly
male dancers.
During the tour, Janet asked Tina to help her with some moves for the
cleavage-heavy “Love Will Never Do” video.
Up until then, Janet avoided the sexual image. When she wanted to make that
change she asked Tina for a little coaching…


She choreographed the janet. World Tour in 1993 and The Velvet Rope World
Tour in 1998 for which she received an Emmy Nomination for Best
Janet embraced her new found sex-symbol image and again turned to Landon to
choreograph “If”.
It helped propel Janet’s new image to the forefront of the music world.
Landon admits that working with Janet, who graciously spotlights her dancers,
has been key to bringing attention to herself.
“With Janet,” Landon explains, “She doesn’t just keep her dancers in the
background. “

Taking over
Her work with Janet also opened doors to other high-profile artists.
She has worked with Prince, Mýa, Pink, Jay-Z, Marc Anthony, Aerosmith,
Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Ricky Martin, Janet Jackson, Michael
Jackson, Shakira, Pussycat Dolls, Tina Turner, Britney Spears, Rihanna, and


At the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards upon winning the Best Dance Video
award, Ricky Martin called Landon onstage and passed on the award to her.
At the 2000 ALMA Awards, one of her former dancers Jennifer Lopez presented
Landon with an Achievement in Choreography award.
 In September 2009, Landon and several other choreographers danced with
Janet at the MTV Video Music Awards to perform the duet "Scream", which
Landon originally choreographed, as a tribute to Michael Jackson.


She has released three fitness DVDs.
Landon teaches master classes at the Millennium Dance Complex in North
Hollywood and at Triple Threat Dance convention in Canada.

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