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     TOP BOX                   Tim Allen seeks revenge as ‘Joe Somebody’
  OFFICE HITS                  BY ANTHONY BREZNICAN                                                                                       fearing a lawsuit.
                               AP Entertainment Writer                                                                                      But Joe’s co-workers suddenly know his
 (Weekend of Dec. 14-16)                                                                                                                  name, and he’s a local celebrity for standing
                                 “Joe Somebody” has a lot of heart for a                                                                  up to the thug everyone hates. Women now
1. “VANILLA SKY,”              revenge comedy, but the movie never decides                                                                hang out with him at bars, he’s invited to play
         $25 million.          whether it favors melancholy or humor.                                                                     squash at the company gym, and executives
                                 There’s a sad edge to Tim Allen’s                                                                        finally consider him for promotion.
         $22.1 million.
3. “NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE,”   performance as Joe, a dowdy audiovisual                                                                      The biggest laughs come from Jim Belushi’s
         $12.6 million.        technician who decides to get revenge on the                                                               silly performance as a former action-film star
4. “HARRY POTTER AND THE       corporate bully who humiliated him.                                                                        who teaches martial arts to “losers” like Joe.
    SORCERER’S STONE”            It was daddy-daughter day at the firm when                                                               One of his film posters advertises a movie
         $9.9 million.         Joe confronted Mark McKinney (Patrick                                                                      called “Tom Sawyer Must Die,” which Belushi
5. “BEHIND ENEMY LINES,”       Warburton of “Seinfeld”) about taking the last                                    AP Photo/JOE LEDERER
                                                                                                                                          dryly describes as a “loose adaptation” in
         $5.4 million.         spot in the company’s most convenient                HEY! Tim Allen makes an emphatic point to             which Sawyer is a “rival ninja.”
6. “MONSTERS, INC.,”           parking lot. McKinney responds by slapping                                                                   Joe’s daughter doesn’t want him to fight the
                                                                                    a patient and attentive mannequin in 20th
         $5 million.           Joe and then flattening him with a jaw-                                                                    bully, of course, because she thinks it’s
7. “SPY GAME,”                                                                      Century Fox’s “Joe Somebody.”
                               crunching punch.                                                                                           childish. She also thinks he’ll get killed.
         $2.5 million.           “I think maybe I’ll just take you to school,”      a wasted youth. But director John Pasquin               Will Joe do the right thing? What do you
8. “BLACK KNIGHT,”             Joe says to his daughter (12-year-old Hayden         (who also directed Allen in the sitcom “Home          think?
         $2 million.           Panettiere) as they drive away.                      Improvement” and the Christmas fantasy “The             The comedy is only lukewarm in “Joe
9. “SHALLOW HAL,”                                                                   Santa Clause”) plays these scenes so straight
                                 The line could have been played for a laugh,                                                             Somebody,” but the story’s moral message
         $2 million
                               but Allen invites genuine sympathy as a man          that you feel reluctant to laugh at the poor sap.     about tolerance and generosity is likely to
10. “AMELIE,”
         $773,164.             who no longer aspires to even the simplest of          Joe challenges McKinney to a rematch. His           appeal to families seeking something tame
                               dreams, such as impressing his kid.                  smarmy boss (Greg Germann, rehashing the              and silly for the holidays.
SOURCE: Associated Press         Joe is divorced, stuck in a nowhere job,           now-tiresome sleaze of his Fish character on
                               devoid of friends and aching from regrets over       “Ally McBeal”) tries to talk him out of it, rightly

  IN THEATERS                  ‘Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius’ has
     SOON:                      lots of charm, good humor, guts
           January             BY ANTHONY BREZNICAN                   supermarket for a quarter.
                               AP Entertainment Writer                  How could he build it? Where did
“IMPOSTER”                                                            he learn to fly? How does he
“ORANGE COUNTY”                  Nickelodeon’s new comedy,            breathe at that altitude?
“BLACK HAWK DOWN”              “Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius,”             Only a joyless grouch would be
“STATE PROPERTY”               takes the “garage band” approach       tied up in knots by these
“THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES”       to computer animation: It makes        questions.
SOURCE: Upcomingmovies.com,    up for its lack of technique with a      The overall feeling in “Jimmy
movie studios                  lot of guts, charm and good humor.     Neutron” is one of freedom from
                                 Because the film was made with       the bonds of the real world, literally
                               store-bought software, it is not a     and figuratively.
   TOP LOCAL                   technological breakthrough like
                               this year’s “Shrek,” “Monsters,
                                                                        Jimmy is clearly a remarkable
                                                                      boy, but the movie never forgets
                               Inc.” and “Final Fantasy: The          that he’s a child. Our hero can
 FILM RENTALS                  Spirits Within.” There are no tiny     blast into outer space, construct a
                               hairs to admire on Jimmy’s head,       sci-fi-era robot dog and breed a
   (Week of Dec. 11-17)        no subtle new skin textures or         girl-eating plant. But, of course, he
1. “HOW THE GRINCH             breathtaking vistas.                   can’t get permission from his
     STOLE CHRISTMAS”            The title character, in fact,        parents to attend opening night of
2. “SHREK”                     resembles a windup toy with hair       the town’s new amusement park.
3. “PEARL HARBOR”              like a single dollop of chocolate        Like any boy, Jimmy (voiced by
4. “PLANET OF THE APES”        soft-serve ice cream.                  actress Debi Derryberry) rebels,
5. “DR. DOLITTLE 2”              Instead of realism, “Jimmy           sneaking away with his bowling-
6. “CATS & DOGS”               Neutron” creates a cartoony vision     ball-shaped pal Carl Wheezer
7. “SWORDFISH”                 more evocative of the kind of silly    (Rob Paulsen) and the action-
8. “RUSH HOUR 2”               fun little kids have in the school     figure-obsessed Sheen (Jeff
9. “LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER”   playground.                            Garcia).
10. “THE ANIMAL”                 This may be just the tonic for the     When they return, all the parents
                               world of 3-D animation, which          in town are missing. Gooey aliens
New releases:
                               must guard against becoming all        have taken them, drawn to Earth
“MOULIN ROUGE”                 “style” in the race to mimic live-     by a friendly message from Jimmy.
“SCARY MOVIE 2”                action.                                With that, Jimmy equips all the
“BRAVO TWO ZERO”                 “Jimmy Neutron” opens with           rides at the park for space travel,
                               Jimmy racing through the               and the boys and their
SOURCE:     West Express       stratosphere in a homemade             schoolmates voyage beyond the
Videos & Games, 2210           rocket that looks clunkier than the    solar system for an interstellar
Guadalupe Street               kind you can ride outside the          rescue.

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