Factors to Keep in Mind before Outsourcing Magento Development by hardley12


In this article, we highlight the fact that although Magento can be downloaded for free but Magento development and customization requires special skills. We also concluded that in opposition to recruiting in-house staff, it is better for companies to hire Magento developers offshore to get the work done at lower prices. However, they must consider few important facts while selecting their offshore development company

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									Factors to Keep in Mind before Outsourcing Magento Development

Statistics have shown that millions of people end up searching for Magento related solutions on web
every month. The convenience-of-use, ease-of-customization, rich in-built features, excellent
functionality and unprecedented flexibility have majorly contributed to the increased popularity of
this platform. Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that can be downloaded for free by
anyone. However, Magento development and customization call for the need of expert skills and
knowledge. Hiring expert developers is the only way to make the most of this e-commerce software.

Magento is a very reliable e-commerce platform that offers a wide array of interesting features. One
of the greatest features is that it is SEO-friendly. The ranking of an e-commerce website on search
engines can be improved by using SEO tools and techniques. Additionally, it is a unique platform
that has a scope for unlimited customization and advancement. You can add unique functionalities
and different features to make your website more user-friendly.

Outsourcing Magento Development

If you have been looking for a Magento expert who can bring your ideas to life and build an
interactive e-commerce website for your business, offshore Magento development is the best way
to make maximum of this platform at much reduced value. Regardless of what you need, offshore
website and software development companies can fulfill all your needs offering you the highest level
of services in a short span of time at lower prices. You also have the choice to hire Magento
developers who will solely work for you from a remote location. The size of the team can be
ramped up or ramped down at any time depending upon the scope of your project.

Considerations before Hiring Magento Developers

Most of us must be aware of the good side of outsourcing software development process offshore-
cheaper prices and easy availability of resources with the required skill set. Unfortunately, not all
offshore development companies provide quality products. What should you do in such a case? It’s
simple-just have a look on their portfolio, ask for resumes of the Magento developers who are going
to work on your project and conduct a test or interview to check their technical competency.

Besides this, it’s worth reading the client testimonials and reviews. Their opinion can give you an
idea of how they perform and deal with their clients. You can also sense the level of their
commitment right at the beginning when you ask them to carve out a technology solution or devise
a development strategy for you. Your best bet is the offshore development company that you
choose to work with. Before you hire Magento developers, make sure to go through the
whitepapers, work portfolio and case studies of their recent projects. This will give you necessary
insights into their technical competency helping you make a decision.

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