SUNDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2004
                         Saskatchewan Lacrosse Association
                        2004 Annual General Meeting Minutes
                              Sunday, October 24, 2004

PRESENT:                                                             VOTES:

Ian Livingston       Aberdeen Lacrosse Association                      3
Barry Stewart        Moose Jaw Lacrosse Association                     5
Brian Kitts          Moose Jaw Lacrosse Association
Betty Bexson         Prince Albert Lacrosse Association                 6
Joe Bexson           Prince Albert Lacrosse Association
Dave Werrett         Prince Albert Lacrosse Association
Dwight Stahl         Prince Albert Lacrosse Association
Shawn Williams       Prince Albert Lacrosse Association
Aleta Bird           Prince Albert Lacrosse Association
Kim Maher            Queen City Minor Box Lacrosse                      9
Ray Maher            Queen City Minor Box Lacrosse
Bruce Peberdy        Queen City Minor Box Lacrosse
Lori Love            Regina Men’s Field Lacrosse Association           5
Chad Fenrick         Regina Recreational Inter-Lacrosse League         4
Lloyd Mann           Saskatoon Association Inter-Lacrosse Leagues      4
Bob Sullivan         Saskatoon Box Lacrosse Association                10
Sheila Trobak        Saskatoon Box Lacrosse Association
Corrie Wilfong       Saskatoon Box Lacrosse Association
Gerry Trobak         Saskatoon Box Lacrosse Association
Terry Harding        Saskatoon Field Lacrosse Association               6
Brent Wilchynski     Swift Current Lacrosse Association                 5
Sheldon Kuebler      Swift Current Lacrosse Association
Wayne Teale          Yorkton Lacrosse Association                       5
Darin Lanigan        Yorkton Lacrosse Association
Al Luciuk            Men’s Field                                        1
Randy Trobak         Box Chair                                          1
Ian Wilson           Referee in Chief                                   1
Mike Surcon          V.P. Marketing                                     1
Bob Ryan             President (if tied)                                1

Total Votes                                                             67

2/3 Majority         45 Votes
Simple Majority      34 Votes

REGRETS:                                         OBSERVERS:
Assiniboia Lacrosse Association                  Curt Keil, Executive Director
Big River Lacrosse Association                   Erna Hall, VP CLA
East Central Lacrosse Association                Kevin Hall, SLA Lifetime member
Estevan Minor Lacrosse Association
Melfort Lacrosse Association
Notre Dame Lacrosse Association
Weyburn Lacrosse Association
1.     Approval of Agenda


“To approve the agenda as circulated.”


2.     Approval of Minutes

       a) Approval of October 26, 2003 SLA Annual General Meeting Minutes


“To approve the October 26, 2003 SLA Annual General Meeting Minutes as circulated.”


3.     Business Arising from Minutes

4.     Policies Changes

       a)      Bylaw Changes – no changes brought forth

       b)      Policy changes from SLA Executive

               i)      Tournament Definition


       “A tournament is defined as a contest involving a number of competitors who vie against
       each other in a series of games or trials in which a tournament champion is declared.”


       It was mentioned that each club is still required to submit a complete list of
       league/exhibition/festival format games as per SLA policy 2.03.1.

               ii)     Coach evaluations


       8.02.3 Coach evaluators will be paid at a rate of $5 per coach evaluated upon
       submission of proper documentation.

        c)      Policy Additions & Revisions from sector meetings
                i)      Provincials – tiebreaking; box sector zones

                The sectors both discussed and agreed to approve a new tie-breaking formula as
                presented by the SLA Executive. This new tie-breaking procedure will not
                reward teams for running up the score in round-robin games at provincial


Tie Breaking


Breaking a tie in a game is set out in the rules of play and the SLA Convenor should
consult with the Chief Official if there are any questions regarding application.


Win = 2 points; Tie = 1 point; Loss = 0 points

If two or more teams are tied after round robin play, the following tiebreakers will be
applied. Each step will be applied to all tied teams. If more than two teams are tied, and a
step determines the placement of a team, that teams placement is determined, and further
steps are applied to the other teams: (example: If three teams are tied, and after applying
step 1, team A and team B are still tied, but team C has a poorer head to head record,
Team C falls into third place among the tied teams, and step 2 is applied to teams A and

1. Best record in head to head play among tied teams
2. Lowest goals against in head to head play.
3. Most wins in round robin play (all games).
4. Lowest goals against in round robin play (all games).
5. Coin flip.


The box sector brought forth a change to their provincial championship allocation process. The
Box sector agreed to develop eight zones, thereby, only allowing one berth from the host zone
instead of two berths. The host zone will have 1st option on a second team.

ii)     For provincial competition each zone may enter a maximum of one (1) team in a
        provincial championship. Zones are defined in the Box Sector Zone Map and are
        designated as follows:
Zone 1 – Moose Jaw
Zone 2 – Regina
Zone 3 – the southwest part of the province with a northern boundary of highway
number 16 to highway number 11, eastern boundary of highway number 11 to
highway number 6 south of Regina, not including the cities of Moose Jaw, and
Zone 4 – the east part of the province with a northern boundary of highway
number 5, a southern boundary of highway number 1, and a western boundary of
highway number 11 and highway number 6 not including the cities of Regina
and Saskatoon.
Zone 5 – the Southeast part of the province with a northern boundary of highway
number 1 not including the cities of Regina and Moose Jaw, and a western
boundary of highway number 2 including the town of Assiniboia.
Zone 6 – Saskatoon
Zone 7 – the northern part of the province, with a southern boundary of highway
number 5 including Humboldt, with a southern boundary of highway number 16
including the Battlefords and Lloydminister.
Zone 8 – Prince Albert


                                    Prince Albert 6




            SC        Moose Jaw              2
                  3         A
                                     5           W
ii)     Provincial teams

The box sector proposed a revision to the provincial team policies to create an
earlier and separate deadline to appoint a manager for the minor box provincial


Selection of Management for Minor Box Provincial Teams

i)       The submission deadline shall be November 30th of each year.
ii)      The sector committees have fourteen (14) days after November 30th to
select the provincial team management staff.


The men’s field sector reported there will not be provincial teams in 2005 as
club teams will be allowed to enter into the Junior Men’s Field National
Championships and the Intermediate Men’s Field National Invitational
Tournament. The sector brought forth a motion to allow the club team to receive
a portion of the SLA provincial team funding similar to the Junior Box teams
with the Founder’s Trophy National championships.


“The SLA shall apply one (1) junior men’s field into the provincial team funding
formula to be split among approved club team(s) for the purpose of attending the
First Nation’s Trophy national championship tournament. These team(s) are not
required to abide by the provincial team eligibility criteria.”


iii)    Minimum suspensions

The box sector provided clarification on a suspension issue relating to some
players participating in both major and minor box in that suspensions will be
served in the directorate that they were accumulated. This means that minor
suspensions will be served in the next minor games and major suspensions in the
next major games and the player can participate in games while being suspended
in the opposite age division.


“Minor directorate suspensions will be served in minor and major directorate
suspensions will be served in major. Athletes will be allowed to continue
participating in the opposite age directorate unless policy dictates otherwise for
severe infractions.”

            iv)     Men’s field awards

            The men’s field sector requested the Kevin Schumacher and David Chubak
            awards be retired and the policies revised to reflect this recommendation.

     d)     Policy/Bylaw changes from the floor
            i)      Privacy Policy

     The Executive Director briefly provided an introduction to the SLA Draft Privacy Policy
     and the legislation Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act
     (PIPEDA). Bob Ryan, SLA President stated the proposed policy would need to be
     further reviewed and possibly revised by the SLA Executive. As well, forms and
     procedures will need to be developed for implementation of the Privacy Policy.


     “To approve the SLA Privacy Policy in principle with the SLA Executive to further
     review and develop the policy/forms/procedures for implementation.”


5.   Internet Database Proposals

     The SLA Executive Director requested the membership provide direction for the SLA
     Executive in potentially developing an Internet database for the sport of lacrosse in
     Saskatchewan. The membership discussed this idea and agreed this project should
     proceed and be developed for the 2005 season.


     “The SLA Executive examine developing an Internet database and proceed with this
     project if determined appropriate for the SLA.”


7.   Sask. Sport Inc/Sask. Lotteries Recognition


     “The Saskatchewan Lacrosse Association and its member associations thank Sask. Sport
     Inc. and Saskatchewan Lotteries for their support during the past year.”


8.   Membership Fees

     The SLA Executive recommended the membership fees remain at $25 per member and
     $50 per team and association. The membership agreed to keep the membership fees the
     same for the next fiscal year.
9.    Approval of April 1, 2003 – March 31, 2004 Audited Financial Statements

      The SLA Executive Director briefly stated the association had an operating surplus of
      $4,893 for the fiscal year, which is a relatively small surplus considering the overall
      $300,000 association budget. It was also noted that this surplus was mainly due to a
      decrease in the overall growth of the association. However, the SLA membership did
      note they are pleased the SLA was able to manage the financial aspects of the association
      in an effective manner.


      “To approve the April 1, 2003 – March 31, 2004 Audited Financial Statements as


10.   Approval of Berger Belanger Chartered Accountants for the 2004/05 Fiscal year


      “To approve Berger Belanger Chartered Accountants to conduct the SLA audited
      statements for the April 1, 2004 – March 31, 2005 fiscal year.”


11.   New Business

12.   2005 Annual General Meeting – October 21-23, 2005 in Regina

      The membership briefly discussed the possibility of moving the SLA AGM around the
      province more instead of just Regina and Saskatoon. The SLA Executive Director stated
      proper meeting space usually needs to be booked at least a year in advance so any
      changes to the 2005 AGM location may already be difficult. The Prince Albert Lacrosse
      Club indicated they would be willing to host the 2006 SLA AGM. The SLA Executive
      was tasked with developing more clear policies for allowing clubs to host the SLA
      AGM. The 2005 SLA Annual General Meeting will be hosted in Regina October 21-23.

13.   Reports

      Written and/or verbal reports were presented for the following positions:

              Executive Director
              VP Operations
              VP Marketing
              Referee in Chief Report
14.     Elections

a)      Sector Chairpersons

        Men’s Field – Alan Luciuk
        Women’s Field - vacant
        Box – Randy Trobak
         Major Box Director – Randy Trobak
         Minor Box Director – Bob Sullivan
        Inter-Lacrosse – Lloyd Mann
        Coaching - vacant
        Officiating – Ian Wilson
         Men’s Field – Ian Wilson
         Box – Kevin Hall
        First Nations Representative – Aleta Bird

b)      Election of Executive

Nominations were accepted from the floor for the various positions:

President               nominee Wayne Teale             nominated by Al Luciuk
President               nominee Shawn Williams          nominated by Randy Trobak


“Move that nominations cease.”


Wayne and Shawn were both given an opportunity to speak to the membership prior to a vote.
Wayne Teale was elected by majority as the SLA President.


“Move that ballots be destroyed.”


V.P. Operations                  nominee Shawn Willams          nominated by Chad Fenrick


“Move that nominations cease.”


Shawn Williams was elected as SLA V.P. Operations by acclimation.

V.P. Planning/Development        nominee Chad Fenrick           nominated by Lori Love
                                 nominee Randy Durovick        nominated by Chad Fenrick


“Move that nominations cease”


Chad Fenrick was elected by majority as SLA V.P. Planning/Development.


“Move that ballots be destroyed.”


V.P. Marketing                   nominee Joe Bexson            nominated by Wayne Teale


“Move that nominations cease.”


Joe Bexson was elected as SLA V.P. Marketing by acclimation.

15.      Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 12:45 p.m.


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