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									NICL Kickoff Classic
Byron Middle School
850 N. Colfax Rd.
Byron, IL 61010
Phone # 815-234-5491

Byron Middle School does not come up in Googlemaps or Mapquest. The
middle school is located just north of the high school over the railroad tracks.
The high school is located at 696 N. Colfax Rd.

Please note N. Colfax Rd. is also known as Tower Rd.

Driving directions to Byron, IL
      Cary, IL

  1. Head south on N 1st St toward E Pearl St                                  0.2 mi

  2. Turn right at W Main St                                                   495 ft

  3. Slight right at US-14 W/Crystal St                                        6.6 mi

  4. Turn left at IL-176 W                                                     4.0 mi

  5. Turn right at IL-176 W/IL-47 N/S Eastwood Dr                              0.8 mi

  6. Turn left at IL-176 W                                                     9.0 mi

  7. Turn left at IL-23 S                                                      0.5 mi

  8. Turn right at US-20 W                                                    18.6 mi

  9. Merge onto I-39 S/US-20 W/US-51 S via the ramp to Freeport/Bloomington    2.5 mi

 10. Continue onto US-20 W                                                     5.7 mi

 11. Exit onto IL-2 S/S Main St toward Dixon                                   1.1 mi

 12. Turn right to stay on IL-2 S/S Main St                                   10.6 mi

 13. Turn right at North Colfax St                                             0.4 mi
     Continue on to N Tower St.

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