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									Battle of the Bands - 2012 - Registration Form

Name:                                                                Band leader:




Number of players:

Rules & Regulations
Only Live Music!

    1.  Download and fill this form and submit it at the Slipdisc office. Address is given below. You may also email
        it as an attachment to: or or
    2. You can make Xerox copies of this form and distribute among friends.
    3. Each band has to get its own instruments. Only a common drum kit will be provided.
    4. Sequencing will NOT be allowed. It will result in the band being disqualified.
    5. No alcohol will be allowed on stage while performing.
    6. Registration will close on 14th August. If you are unsure of your preparation- register anyway, you can
        pull out later (We will return your registration fee on the spot)
    7. The organisers would like to make a fervent plea to all performing bands to please be original while choosing
        the songs they play. We are tired of listening to Summer of 69. We have last 3 years show on Video Tape. If
        any of the bands that performed before come up and repeat the same songs- they will be disqualified.
    8. The organisers would like to request all participants to please leave their religious affiliations at home when
        they come to perform. You are welcome to praise Jesus/ Allah/ Bhagwan/Guru-Nanak/Ahura
        Mazda/Moses/ Buddha/Mahavir… and a million other Gods at your own Home/Church/temple/
        Mosque/Synagogue… When you step on stage at BTB- you will only praise The Gods of Music- Hendrix,
        Gerry Garcia, Freddy Mercury, Lenon, Axl Rose, Slash, Frusciante, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Sepultra,
        Radio Head, Metalica …and so on. We trust you get the drift?
    9. Inability to follow the above rule will lead to disqualification. For Life.
    10. Each band will have to submit the lyrics of their original song as a typed sheet. Please do not scrawl it out on
        a piece of paper at the last minute and present to the judges. Our judges are music experts- not handwriting
        analysts. If you have 2-3 original scores and plan to decide which to perform only at the venue (For instance:
        after seeing what others have performed) then we recommend that you carry along the typed lyrics for all of
    11. All participating Bands must give the organisers a brief write up on themselves. This should include 1 or 2
        pictures, list of members and what they play, any interesting facts like: when they began, their inspirations,
        favourite bands, the kind of music they will perform, competitions won etc. We require this for newspaper
        write ups. Please keep this ready and give it to us along with your participation form- as it becomes difficult
        for us to follow up on each band for the info.
Format of the competition

    1.   This year there will be 1 round of selection. The round begins in the afternoon, at 3.00 pm sharp where
         each band will have to perform 3 numbers of 5 minutes each. It will be 1 original composition and 2 cover
         versions. The numbers can belong to any category of music- Rock, POP, Jazz, Fusion, Folk, Alternative...

    2.   3 winning bands will be decided by the judges.

    3.   Break- up of marks awarded: Total 60
         20 - for the original number
         10 - for lyrics/song writing
         10 - stage presence
         10 - individual performances
         10 - crowd support

         The winning bands will get a chance to perform 1 number again.
         Cash prizes will be awarded in addition to a trophy/shield.

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Contact Jasmine John on 0832 6454541/3251003/6510290 or or or for any clarifications.

Received with thanks, a sum of Rs. 1000/- from--------------------------------------------------
towards registration fee for taking part in the Battle of the Bands, to be held on 15th
August 2012.

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