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Luisa Marshall is a singer/performer/tribute artist/tv host based in Vancouver,
BC. She has traveled all over the world and received rave reviews and standing
.. star of the musical stage show TINA a Rock N Roll Journey performing as

Luisa Marshall has been performing as a Tina Turner tribute artist for over 10
years now. Her uncanny resemblance to the rock goddess and her ability to
perform with such energy and passion has earned her fans from all over, never
failing to impress even the most diehard Tina fans. Marshall's reputation to help
other people gained her a television show when she appeared on television on
Oct. 2009 to call for unity of all Filipino Canadian Associations to help the
Ondoy flood victims. The popular local show "SIMPLY THE BEST" with Luisa
Marshall airs twice every Monday in Metro Vancouver, BC, Canada, 10:30am -
11am and 9pm-9:30pm Channel 116.

As a child growing up, Luisa aspired to become an actress but at age 17, her
attention quickly turned to singing when she landed the role of Mary Magdalene
in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar in a high school production. And more
musicals playing second role to Broadway stage bigwigs like Bernardo Bernardo
and Baby Baredo. A career in show business was put on hold as she decided to
go to university, eventually graduating with a degree in Bachelor of Arts major
in Advertising, Broadcasting, and Public Relations.

Instead of following a career in newscasting or public relations, she followed
her true passion -- singing -- which paved the way to performances with the
popular group Ambivalent Crowd. She eventually got together with her two
female siblings to form Hall Of Fame, a top 40 cover band, that toured all over
the world, including Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, the
Middle East, Canada and the U.S. As the lead vocalist for Hall of Fame band she
toured North America in the late 80's. The release of the band's debut single, a
remake of Sweeney Todd's "Roxy Roller" featuring Luisa followed with great
reviews. More tours followed up and the band became a favorite in North
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It was in Tokyo, Japan, that Luisa was able to see Tina Turner in concert for
the very first time. She had been a true fan since then. But it was not until
later that she discovered what an admiration for her rock icon would lead up

In 1995, while performing with her band in Dubai, Luisa gave in to the
persistent request of a fan to wear a wild "Tina" wig, during Proud Mary. The
combination of looking like the rock queen, the rock 'n roll attitude and her
strong vocals brought the house down. Thus, Luisa's career as a tribute artist
was born. But it wasn't until late 1999 that she decided to become a serious
Tina Turner tribute artist. In 2003, she won the grand prize as World Rock 'N
Roll Tribute Artist Champion, beating out participants from all over Canada,
North America and the US.

In 2004, Luisa Marshall performed for the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in
a grueling show tour that included war-torn Bosnia and Sarajevo. She was
invited again the following year 2005 to perform for the Multinational Force
and Observers (MFO) in Israel and Egypt.

In 2005, Luisa had the pleasure of entertaining the audience of the Oprah
Winfrey Show in Chicago by rendering an impromptu song number. Tina Turner
was the featured guest at the time. Luisa had the surreal experience of seeing
Miss Turner in awe, watching her perform The Best as it was played back on the
studio's big screen. Three years after (2008) she was called by Oprah's producer
to dress up like Tina Turner on "Oprah's Biggest Show Ever" that was held at
Caesar's Palace "Coliseum" with the comeback of two icons, Cher and Tina
Turner. She was called to perform Proud Mary in front of the 4,000 fans.

In 2006, Luisa played the challenging role of Tina Turner in the most
spectacular stage musical "TINA A Rock 'N Roll Journey". For three years, she
toured all over North America and the US with her band and dancers and
became an internationally acclaimed stage performer. Her performance as Tina
received a lot of rave reviews and standing ovations all over.

In spite of her busy schedule and touring, Luisa still manages to be a full-time
wife to her husband Steve, and mother to her daughters Kim and Zenia.
Whenever she can, she shares her time and talent performing for various
organizations for worthy causes.
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Luisa was the main organizer of the highly successful 2009 Celebrity Tributes
For A Cause in Vancouver, B.C. to raise money for the Philippine Typhoon
Ondoy flood victims which raised more than $40,000.00. All the proceeds went
to the Canadian Red Cross for the Ondoy Victims.

As a headliner for various fundraising events, she helped catapulted a lot of
funds to the following charities:

1. Help For Haiti Red Cross Fundraising
2. Children's Variety for Children with Diabilities
3. BC Cancer Society
4. Centre for Epileptic and Seizure Education
5. Red Cross for Tsunami Victims
6. Third World Eye Care
7. Loving Spoonful Society
8. UNICEF for Children
9. United Way for Children with Disabilities
10. Community Living
11. Giovanni Bastone Cancer Research
12. Boys and Girls Club Fundraising Events in Canada and the US
13. BC Children's Hospital
14. BC Dare Society
15. BC Arthritis Society
16. Wise Hall Fundraising Event for a Cancer Victim
17. Can Am Importique Fundraising Events
18. The Weekend To End Breast Cancer
19. International Women's Day and Fundraising Event
20. Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation
21. "Just For Kicks" Do Vegas for Children's Dance Classes
22. NBA Hall Of Famer Lenny Wilken's Celebrity Classic
23. Big Sisters
24. Burn Fund
25. CNN Hero of The Year Efren Penaflorida "Pushcart Classroom"
26. Rotary Club's Hospital Bed Fundraising (Courtney)
27. Bike For Life "Breast Cancer" Fundraising
28. Jewish Community Centre, Columbus, Ohio, Fundraising for more than 200
families that need financial help
29. Bella Bella Fundraising for Elders and many others...
30. Juvenile Diabetes Research Program
31. Fort St. John Community Living Fundraising
32. Canadian Red Cross to benefit Sendong Flood Victims
33. Project Damayan 2012 for Philippine Sendong Flood Victims

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