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Separation of FEMA and Customs by jolinmilioncherie


									                                    Hospitals & Asylums
                                   Federal Court of Claims

 Graduation from Homeland Security in Separation of Customs and Domestic Emergency
                        Management Functions HA-5-9-11

                                     By Anthony J. Sanders

    Craig Fugate Administrator Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) v. Janet
Napolitano Esq. Customs Commissioner in dissolution of the Department of Homeland Security,
   Margo Schlanger Esq. Officer of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (OCRCL), Alejandro N.
 Mayorkas Esq, Director of Citizenship and Immigration (USCIS), Alan Bersin Esq. Assistant
Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner, Rand Beers Under Secretary of National
     Protection and Program Directorate (NPPD), Connie L. Patrick Director Federal Law
  Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), Ray LaHood, Secretary of Transportation (TD), J.
 Randolph Babbitt, Administrator of the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA), Jacob L. Lew Esq.
    Director Office of Management and Budget (OMB) c/o Jeffrey Zients Deputy Director

 To amend all references to Homeland and Domestic Security throughout Title 6 of the United
States Code, and Title 6 of the Code of Federal Regulations, and elsewhere in the Civil Code to
                                 better respect local “Customs”.

To amend HA Chapter 4 St. Elizabeth’s Hospital 24USC(4)III§225 at (a)(1) so “are currently” is
amended to read “have been” and at (a)(5) “currently” to read “that were” and at (b)(3) “from the
                    present system” is repealed and a new clause is added,

  (c) In January 2010 U.S. Customs acquired all real property of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital under
                                 19USC(10) §2081(a)(1)(A)

To amend 24USC(4)III§225a by appending at (10) the term “Customs” means the occupants of
 St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. §225f Property Transfer is repealed at (a) “exclusion of certain real
property” and (a)(1) Except as provided in paragraph (2). At (a)(2) is appended “until Customs
assumed liability for the intellectual “rent” under 40USC(II) (D) III§8141, 17USC§201(a, c, e,
            d), and the Mental Health Bill of Rights 42USC((102)IV§9501 (A,i,D)

 To repeal Information as Confidential; exception, of the Census statute at13USC(1)§9 at (a)(1)
 “or section 210 of the Departments of Commerce, Justice, and State, the Judiciary, and Related
  Agencies Appropriations Act, 1998 or section 2(f) of the Census of Agriculture Act of 1997”.

  To enact “Customs” as the occupiers of what was St. Elizabeth’s hospital and to succeed the
     executive department of Homeland Security under Title 6 of the United States Code,
                           6USC§111(b)(1)(G) and 40USC§8141

     To authorize SSA, DMV and other identification providers to file USCIS Freedom of
Information/Privacy Act Form G-639 so as not to burden clients with Fraud and related activity
  in connection with identification documents, authentication features, and information under

To limit Transportation spending to $75 billion in FY 2012 and $77.7 billion in FY 2013 and 3%
     annual growth thereafter under the Anti-Deficiency Act 31USCII(13)III§1341(a)(1)(A)

 To implicate Harvard law in the use of weapons of mass destruction 18USC(113B)§2332a and
  require a national hazardous substance response plan be drafted regarding styrene chemicals
                                   under 42USC(103)I§9605

        To transfer FEMA to White House in OMB tables under 42USC(68)IV§5170 and

To remove NPPD Federal Protective Service and State and Local Law Enforcement Training to
      DoJ Criminal Division in OMB tables and reality under 18USCII(232A)§3681 and

        Fine NPPD the $1.3 million cost of the cyber-mission integration program under

   To grant proceeds to FEMA for the costs of Hurricane Irene and USCIS if needed to process
 freedom of information/privacy act claims swiftly and without interference whereas the USCIS
     budget has declined from the previous year and USCIS is on strike in regards to mailing
                         naturalization papers to the author of this brief

 To question the moral hazard of lawyers in consular, executive, legislative office, or in this case,
 traffic judge and diplomats in domestic security operations, and punishing TD for their graft by
 recusing lawyers from the role of traffic judge, the busiest jurisdiction, and replacing the docket
with a licensed social worker to ensure Americans receive the just compensation they deserve for
their automobiles and for the Federal Court of Claims to appoint a social worker to prove the 20th
 century professional can judge civil claims in writing, and begin protecting Americans from the
                 prosecution of civil claims in state courts against 18USC(11)§205

   To question the beauty of amending Title 6 of the United States Code and Code of Federal
   Regulation from Domestic Security to Customs and the Department of Homeland Security
                                     (DHS) to Customs

  To relieve the author of private ownership of government work, including the only balanced
federal budget FY 2012 HA-28-2-10 and Annotated Constitution of the United States HA-16-7-
                    11, under 17USC§105, §201(a, c, e, d), §501 and §106A

Be Customs billed $5 a night for the HA bicentennial of the Naval Hospital Act of Feb. 26, 1811
                           under 6USC§345 and 41USC§255(a)(1)

 Amendments changing the name of Book 5 from International Development to Customs
  (ID) and lengthening the e-Motion from a 37 to 77 page the Customs House Act, St.
                                Elizabeth (CHAStE)

Art. 1 Business at Hand
Art. 2 Birds in the Bush
Art. 3 Regulating Styrene, Harvard law reparation of Hurricane Irene and other Natural
Art. 4 Impoundment of rude Ray Lahood (R-IL) Transportation Secretary
Art. 5 Getting Syria about Drought Relief and Palestine
Art. 6 Peach Season in Obama Nation
Art. 7 Adjusting to U.S. Customs

Evidence of Infringement: Title 24 CFR Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Table: Department of Homeland Security, Leader, Workforce, and Budget FY 2010-2012
Table: Immigration 2000-2010
Table: Department of Transportation Budget Requests FY 2008 & 2012
Table: Department of Transportation Spending including One Time Cost of the Recovery
Act 2008-2012
Table: North East African Table, July 2009
Chart: Unemployment Rate August 2011
Table: Employment Statistics 2007-2011
Table: Department of Labor Spending 2008-2012
Table: Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumer (CPI-U) Inflation 1920-2011
Table: OMB Customs Revisions FY 2012
Table: Foreign Assistance Related Statistics, by Nation, 2007 to Help the Census Account
for $1.5 billion in US Aid to Somalia and East Africa, 2011

Submissions to the Federal Court of Claims

Amend Domestics Security to Customs Title 6 of the United States Code, and Title 6 of the Code
of Federal Regulations
Bureau of the Census. Foreign Commerce and Foreign Aid. Series 1261-1263. Last updated
December 17, 2009
DHS Budget in Brief FY 2012 January 21, 2011
DoL Consumer Price Index (CPI) All Urban Consumers July 13, 2010
DoT Budget Highlights FY 2012 January 25, 2011
Go, Julian. Global Fields and Imperial Forms: Field Theory and the British and American
Empires. Sociological Theory 26:3 September 2008
Reed, Steve. Consumer Price Index. May 2011. Bureau of Labor Statistics. June 15, 2011
Rettig, Jessica. 12 States and Territories with the most Disaster Declaration in 2011: President
Obama is on track to break his own major disaster declaration record. US News. August 30,

Sanders, Tony J. Annotated Constitution of the United States of America. Hospitals & Asylums
Sanders, Tony J. Customs House Act, St. Elizabeth (CHAStE) Hospitals & Asylums HA-26-2-
Sanders, Tony J. Defense of Social Security Caucus: U.S. v. M.J. Astrue Esq. as recused under
18USC(11)§204 Hospitals & Asylums HA-1-7-11
Sanders, Tony J. Devaluation of United Nations Currency Enforcement (DUNCE). Hospitals &
Asylums HA-13-11-08
Sanders, Tony J. Drought and East African Famine (DEAF). Hospitals & Asylums HA-8-8-11
Sanders, Tony J. Economic Stimulus Package (ESP). Hospitals & Asylums HA-20-1-08
Sanders, Tony J. Empirical US Foreign Assistance Statistics at the Close of the American
Imperial Century: An Act to Secure a Voluntary 1 percent ODA Tax on Income. Hospitals &
Asylums HA-31-9-10
Sanders, Tony J. Federal Budget in Balance FY 2011: Comparison of Bush and Obama.
Hospitals & Asylums HA-28-2-10
Sanders, Tony J. Flood and Tornado Insurance from the Deepwater Horizon Overpayment.
Hospitals & Asylums HA-16-5-11
Sanders, Tony J. Human Rights Campaign (HRC), Citizens Commission on Human Rights
(CCHR), et al, plaintiffs v. US Presidential Candidates Barack Obama and John McCain whose
foreign policies fail Asia and the Near East (ANE), US Congress in defense of Title 22 Foreign
Relations and Intercourse (a-FRaI-d) and the Court of International Trade (CoITUS), defendants
Sanders, Tony J. Moral Bankruptcy of FY2009 HA-
Sanders, Tony J. New investigational animal drugs for the amelioration of the WNS and EHM
epidemics. Hospitals & Asylums HA-25-5-11
Sowa, Jason. E-Motion in Limine the False Light of a False Tooth: Oregon Department of
Transportation. Hospitals & Asylums HA-12-3-11
United States Citizenship and Immigration Service Freedom of Information/Privacy Act Form


Activities of officers and employees in claims against and other matters affecting the
Government 18USC(11)§205
Aggravated identity theft 18USC(47)§1028A
Anti-Deficiency Act, 31USCII(13)III§1341
Civil Penalties and Injunctions for Violations of Section 1033 18USC(47)§1034
Contract Financing 41USC(4)IV§255
Crimes by or affecting Persons Engaged in the Business of Insurance whose Activities affect
Interstate Commerce 18USC(47)§1033
Deprivation of relief benefits 18USC(13)§246
Deprivation of rights under color of law 18USC(13)§242
Establishment of Officer for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties 6USC(1)VII§345
Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008
Fraud and related activity in connection with computers 18USC(47)§1030

Fraud and related activity in connection with identification documents, authentication features,
and information 18USC(47)§1028
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 5USC§552
Infringement of Copyright 17USC(5)§501
Middle Class Tax Relief Act of 2010 Public Law 111-312
National hazardous substance response plan should be drafted on the topic of styrene under
Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act, 25USC§4101
Offer to procure appointive office 18USC(11)§210
Order of special forfeiture 18USCII(232A)§3681
Practice in the Federal Court of Claims or United States Court of Appeals for the Federal
Circuits by Members of Congress 18USC(11)§204
Privacy Act of 1974 5USC§552a
Procedure for Declaration 42USC(68)IV§5170
Prohibition on direct or indirect transfer of classified national security information and law
enforcement information to the International Criminal Court 22USC(81)§7425
Restrictions on former officers, employees and elected officials of the executive and legislative
branches 18USC(11)§207
Rights of Certain Authors to Attribution and Integrity 17USC(1)§106A
Subject Matter of Copyright: U.S. Government Work 17USC§105
St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. Findings and Purposes 24USC(4)III§225
Transfer of Functions 5USCIIIB(35)I§3503
Undercover Investigative Operations of Customs Service 19USC(10)§2081
Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction 18USC(113B)§2332a


Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations February 13, 1946
Convention on the Prohibition of Military or any other Hostile Use of Environmental
Modification Techniques ENMOD opened in 1977 and entered into force on 1978
Inter-American Convention against the Illicit Manufacture of and Trafficking in Firearms,
Ammunition, Explosives and Other Related Materials 1 July 1998

Case Law

Cohen, Norman H. Ed. D v. United States Fed. Cl. No. 07-154C August 3, 2011
Doe et al v. Reed, Washington Secretary of State No. 09-559 argued April 28, 2010 and decided
June 24, 2010
Lummi Tribe v United States Fed Cl. No. 08-848C August 4, 2011
Marbury v. Madison 5 U.S. (1 Cranch) 137 (1803)
US v. Thomas Fillebrown, Secretary of Commissioners of Navy Hospitals 32 US 28 7 Pet. 28

Art. 1 Business at Hand

As of August 12, 2011 my license expired and I have become an undocumented alien. Please
send my naturalization papers ASAP. After paying for the entire $100 billion, less a $7 billion
for damages caused by the Hurricane Irene styrene leak, FY 2012 spending limit of rude Ray
LaHood (R) Secretary of Transportation to finish his contracts and stay within the natural $78
billion spending limit calculating 3% growth since Mary Peters stepped down. I need my
naturalization papers to purchase a wallet sized driver’s license and diplomatic visa, before my
birth certificate and naturalization papers are again stolen by the infamous immigration
enforcement of Section 24 that also does photo albums, and was supposed to have been
abolished by Labor Secretary Francis Perkins to prevent going to jail for 15 years for Fraud and
related activity in connection with identification documents, authentication features, and
information under 18USC(47)§1028 as an accessory to the use of weapons of mass destruction,
namely the styrene fracking of the Virginia fault and Hurricane Irene perpetrated by Harvard law
Officer of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, for the third time, fourth including Harvard law
Innocence Project politician, in violation of terrorism statute 18USC(113B)§2332a while the
National Protection and Program Directorate (NPPD) hacks computer fraud statute
18USC(47)§1030 the DHS Secretary profits from Crimes by or affecting Persons Engaged in the
Business of Insurance whose Activities affect Interstate Commerce 18USC(47)§1033(d,c)
wherefore FEMA’s $7 billion budget must be credited directly to the Executive Office of the
President by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) as it is in 42USC(68)IV§5170. The
writing in this Labor Day brief may seem confusing but my stolen identity and the sovereignty
and foreign policy of the United States are more inextricably intertwined with HA than with the
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) whose inferiority, jealousy and greed has most
recently driven them to corruption of the Secretary of State the Virginia quake and Hurricane
Irene, styrene party. SSA and DMV clearly need to be provided with expedited USCIS
document procurement privileges, to get people social security cards, driver’s license and
passports without subjecting Americans to the infamous prosecution of claims against the United
States in violation of 18USC(11)§205, prohibition on direct or indirect transfer of classified
information to the International Criminal Court under 22USC(81)§7425 and Section 4 of the
Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations of 1946 evident since the un-
amendable ECOSOC NGO Section error in the NGO database of 2009 whereby the Hospital(s?)
& Asylum(s?) NGO now rests in peace with African American Freedman’s Hospital & Asylum
founder Dr. Alexander Augusta (1825-1890).

U.S. Customs has been in existence for the 222 years the United States of America has expressed
itself as a nation. It is high time they learned their name. HA has had a legal presence in the
United States for only 200 years since the Naval Hospital Act of 1811 and achieved first class
citizen against a totalitarian regime rights since Hospitals & Asylums was codified in Title 24
United States Code with only the Highways separating it from Title 22 Foreign Relations and
Intercourse (a-FRaI-d), in 1924 that still needs to be set FR-ee,. Subsequently, after missing the
point of the Customs Court Act of 1980 and creating the Court of International Trade of the
United States (COITUS) under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) U.S. Customs has
become so dissatisfied with the codification of the law they checked themselves into St.
Elizabeth’s Hospital, Chapter 4 of Title 24 of the United States Code, without respect for the
law, the intellectual property nor my dedicated treatment of international emergency
management while Customs engaged in domestic abuses and crimes against the business of

insurance with the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA). I had to prohibit
biological, chemical and radiological weapons, from Title III of the Homeland Security Act of
2002. I even took a few online Emergency Management tests during the academic phase of
Secretary Brown, DHS even moved into St. Elizabeth’s Hospital without permission from or
compensation to the author, after being abused and ultimately denied my naturalization papers in
2010 while my identity was used by the insolvent Congress to steal $600 million program funds
with the $6 billion health care embezzlement under color of Doe et al v. Reed, Washington
Secretary of State with reckless disregard of the separation between politics and the judiciary
delineated in Marbury v. Madison 5 U.S. (1 Cranch) 137 (1803) causing the once balanced
budget of Washington State serious legitimacy issues to this day, for Custom and Border
Protection which was probably used to finance small arms traffic to the drug war in Northern
Mexico. On the HA bicentennial day of the Naval Hospital Act of February 26, 1811 at the
urging of the Bellingham, Washington public library I amended Title 6 Domestic Security and
DHS to Customs, and on Labor Day returned to set FEMA free, in the Customs House Act, St.
Elizabeth HA-26-2-11.

Investigation reveals that Alejandro N. Mayorkas Esq, Director of Citizenship and Immigration,
has a law degree, and this poses a conflict of interest as a prosecution of claims against the
United States in violation of 18USC(11)§205. We have learned that lawyers pose a public health
threat when they seize legislative or executive office and this threat is magnified in consular
offices and archives of the personally identifying information that lawyers may have access to
only as warranted on a case by case basis, under the supervision of a librarian. As disorganized
and heavily armed as Customs and the Coast Guard are under DHS it is not surprising the
lawyers might slip into executive offices reserved for career civil servants and professional
diplomats, whereas no one in their right mind would ever write to such an armed force. The
DHS Secretary and USCIS Director must be diplomats rather than lawyers so as not to offend the
diplomatic immunity of consular officials and archivists for the civilian purposes of Section 4 of
the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations of 1946. It is noted that
the USCIS budget is projected to decrease 5% from $3,054,829 in FY 2011 to $2,906,866 in FY
2012. If they need money USCIS is more than welcome to fine Rand Beers Under Secretary of
National Protection and Program Directorate (NPPD), to the full extent of the $1.3 million cyber-
mission integration program under 18USC(11)§207 before transferring the federal protective
service to the Attorney General in an order of special forfeiture under 18USCII(232A)§3681.
The theft of government funds in August 2010 implicated NPPD in the abusive computer fraud
against the archives of the United States that tampers the federal code in violation of both old
enhanced penalties for tamping with economic data and quite possibly tampered new computer
fraud trials at 18USC(47)§1030. No more eloquent argument for renaming the Department of
Homeland Security, Customs, and the Secretary, Customs Commissioner, and Custom and
Border Protection, Associate Commissioner, after only 10 years of decadence, that drove down
the price of real estate, theoretically graduating from high school in ten years, after being held
back for six years while having legal difficulties at home, than the HA newsletter of August 2010
that noted the following summary was hacked to force the removal of this damning evidence of
trademark infringement between DHS and HUD from the HA archive.

Title 24 CFR Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Everyone has a social and economic right to a happy home. A happy home is necessary for a
healthy and wealthy household, the fundamental unit of human socio-economy. Social workers
shall judge tenant landlord relations courts and be authorized to settle mortgage loan disputes.
There are an estimated 700,000 homeless people living in the U.S. HUD has a number of public
housing programs provide the poor, aged and disabled shelter, affordable rent, insure mortgages
and eliminate discrimination and abuse in public housing programs. Public housing policy must
prioritize liberty. It is estimated that 3,000-5,000 emergency homeless shelters with 20 to 60
beds are needed to make up for the loss of 115,000 beds between 1996 and 2005. To close all
state mental institutions and private psychiatric hospitals it is estimated that around 500-1,000
new +/- 25 bed community mental health shelters and group homes will be needed annually for
the duration of a ten year final round of deinstitutionalization. There are 2.5 million admissions
to residential drug treatment annually and 600,000 people are incarcerate for so called drug
crimes, wherefore the government must provide probationers, parolees and recovering addicts
drug free homes. The lion share of the public housing burden is on halfway houses to start up no
less than 25,000 houses a year toward a ten year goal of 2.5 million beds, with a 1:3-8 staff to
resident ratio. Forfeited and seized homes need to be put to good use. At the end of 2006 there
were $13.3 trillion in U.S. mortgage loans. The number of homes sales dropped from a high of
7.2 million in 2005 to 6.48 million in 2006, the average home price declined nearly 1% to
$200,000. The number of foreclosure filings rose from about 885,000 in 2005 to 1,259,118 in
2006. An estimated 15.6% of sub-prime loans originated since 1998 have ended up or will end
up in foreclosure. Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) loans must be repealed whereas statistics
continue to deteriorate. Residents must submit to and not attempt to dominate or subvert the
head of household who likewise must not abuse or there will be no capital society. Firms
function interdependently with households but have independent leadership.

Art. 2 Birds in the Bush

DHS was formed in the wake of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, bringing together 22
different federal agencies, creating the third-largest federal department, as part of the national
effort to safeguard the United States against terrorism. Title III of the Homeland Security Act of
2001 however illegally incited biological, chemical and radiological countermeasures, a crime of
terrorism, that has been covered up. The terrorist propaganda of the DHS Secretary and National
Protection and Program Directorate amount to extortion whereas terrorism, disgracefully, is no
longer a crime in the United States, as of 2009. The incorporation of FEMA was temporary
relief for victims of the World Trade Center that is now insured by DHHS and the $6.2 billion
FY 2012 emergency management agency needs to be freed. FEMA has resisted construction of
an office in St. Elizabeth’s Hospital headquarters. Chief Judge Emily Hewitt of the Federal
Court of Claims ruled in Norman H. Cohen Ed. D v. United States Fed. Cl. No. 07-154C August
3, 2011 against FEMA for compensation as damages for such infringement, including the
minimum statutory damages as set forth in section 504(c) of title 17, United States Code not less
than $750 or more than $150,000. Weise J wrote Lummi Tribe v United States Fed Cl. No. 08-
848C August 4, 2011 wrote in defense of the Native American Housing Assistance and Self-
Determination Act, 25USC§4101 and the Anti-Deficiency Act, 31USCII(13)III§1341(a)(1)(A),
which provides, in relevant part, that an officer or employee of the United States Government

may not make or authorize an expenditure or obligation exceeding an amount available in an
appropriation or fund for the expenditure or obligation. The Obama administration proposed a
fiscal 2012 budget for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that would increase its
funding about 1.5 percent over anticipated fiscal 2011 levels. Overall spending for DHS would
total $57 billion. The FY 2012 budget request for DHS is $57.0 billion in total funding, $47.4
billion in gross discretionary funding, and $43.2 billion in net discretionary funding. U.S.
Customs collected $29 billion in 2009 for the federal government. The Department proposes to
delay construction of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) headquarters at St.
Elizabeth’s as well as other office colocations, and building maintenance and enhancements to
prioritize frontline security operations. Having fully recovered from their greedy dependency to
the Recovery Act DHS has become a model budgetary agency, in apology for the incessant
prosecution of claims against the United States in violation of 18USC(11)§205 in with the last
Bush appointee U.S. v. M.J. Astrue Esq. Commissioner of Social Security HA-1-7-11 as recused
for the Federal Court of Claims under 18USC(11)§204.

    Department of Homeland Security, Leader, Workforce, and Budget FY 2010-2012

     DHS         Leadersh    Workf     FY 2010     FY 2011     FY 2012      Growt    % of
     Agency      ip          orce                                           h FY     Tota
                                                                            2011-    l
     Total                   230,00    56,169,61   55,728,76   56,983,44    2.25%    100
     Budget                  0         4,000       0,000       9,000                 %
     Mandator                          10,179,43   9,697,347   9,578,910    -1.22% 16.8
     y, Fee                            8,000       ,000        ,000                %
     and Trust
     Discretio                         3,533,561   3,442,780   4,180,357    21%      7.3
     nary                              ,000        ,000        ,000                  %
     g Fee
     Net                               42,456,61   42,588,63   43,224,18    1.5%     75.9
     Discretio                         5,000       3,000       2,000                 %
     Less                              151,582,0   40,474,00   41,942,00    3.6%     0.07
     Rescissio                         00          0           0                     %
     n from

Adjusted                       42,305,03   42,548,15   43,182,24   1%        75.8
Net                            3,000 +     9,000       0,000                 %
Discretio                      5,865,603
nary                           ,000
Budget                         suppleme
Authority                      ntal
Departme    Janet              1,142,561   1,125,961   1,302,599   16%;      2%
nt          Napolita           ,000        ,000        ,000        18%
Managem     no Esq.,                                               operati
ent         Secretary                                              ons,
Office of Charles              113,874,0   129,874,0   144,318,0   11%       1%
Inspector K.                   00          00          00
General   Edwards,
Customs Alan         57,000    11,540,50   11,544,66   11,845,67   3%        21%
and       Bersin               1,000       0,000       8,000
Border    Esq.,
Protectio Commiss
n         ioner
U.S.      John       20,000    5,741,752   5,748,339   5,822,576   1%        10%
Immigrati Morton               ,000        ,000        ,000
on and    Esq.,
Customs Assistant
Enforcem Secretary
Transport John S.    60,000    7,656,066   7,649,666   8,115,259   6%        14%
ation     Pistole              ,000        ,000        ,000
Security  Esq.
Administ Assistant
ration    Secretary
U.S.      Admiral 50,000       10,789,07   10,151,54   10,338,54   2%        18%
Coast     Robert J. with       6,000       3,000       5,000
Guard     Papp, Jr., anothe
          Comman r
          dant       40,000
                     e and
U.S.        Mark      7,000      1,710,344   1,722,644   1,943,531   13%    3%
Secret      Sullivan,            ,000        ,000        ,000
Service     Director
National    Rand                 2,429,455   2,432,756   2,555,449   5%     4%
Protectio   Beers,               ,000        ,000        ,000
n and       Under
Program     Secretary
        Alex G.
Office of                        136,850,0   139,250,0   160,949,0   16%    0.1
Health  Garza,                   00          00          00                 %
Affairs M.D.,
Federal Craig     7,603          6,200,618   6,181,718   6,218,433   1%     18%
Emergen Fugate,                  ,000        ,000        ,000               /
cy      Administ                                                            11%
Managem rator                                                               FE
ent                                                                         MA/
Agency                                                                      7%
U.S.        Alejandr    18,000   2,870,997   3,054,829   2,906,866   -5%    5%
Citizensh   o N.                 ,000        ,000        ,000
ip and      Mayorka
Immigrati   s,
on          Director
Federal     Connie      2,000    282,812,0   282,812,0   276,413,0   -2%    0.1
Law         L.                   00          00          00                 %
Enforcem    Patrick,
ent         Director
Science     Tara                 1,006,471   1,006,471   1,176,432   17%    2%
and         O’Toole,             ,000        ,000        ,000
Technolo    M.D.,M.
gy          P.H.
Directora   Under
te          Secretary
Domestic    Warren               383,037,0   383,037,0   331,738,0   -13%   1%
Nuclear     M. Stern,            00          00          00
Detection   Director
             Source: DHS Budget in Brief FY 2012, January 21, 2011 pgs. 19 & 21

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) accommodate approximately 625 million
domestic and international aviation passengers per year; 751 million passengers traveling on
buses each year; more than 9 billion passenger trips on mass transit per year; nearly 800,000
shipments of hazardous materials transported every day (95 percent by truck); more than 140,000
miles of railroad track (of which 120,000 miles are privately owned); 3.8 million miles of roads
(46,717 miles of Interstate highway and 114,700 miles of National Highway System roads);
582,000 bridges over 20 feet of span; 54 tunnels over 19,685 feet in length; and nearly 2.5
million miles of pipeline. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) processes
millions of immigration benefit applications every year through a network of 235 offices:
domestic and foreign. During Fiscal Year (FY) 2010, USCIS completed more than 677,000
naturalization applications; processed 16.4 million queries through the E-Verify program, up
from 8.7 million in FY 2009; naturalized more than 11,000 military service members and
qualified family members; interviewed nearly 95,000 refugee applicants from around the world;
processed more than 28,000 asylum applications; and, maintained an average processing time for
naturalization applications of approximately 4.5 months. FEMA manages and coordinates the
Federal response to and recovery from major domestic disasters and emergencies of all types, in
accordance with the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act. The
Agency coordinates programs to improve the effectiveness of emergency response providers at
all levels of government to respond to terrorist attacks, major disasters, and other emergencies. In
FY 2010, FEMA responded to 81 new presidential major disaster declarations and 10 new
presidential emergency declarations and awarded 18 Fire Management Assistance grants. In all,
the Agency’s efforts brought needed assistance to 41 States, the District of Columbia, and 2
territories as they responded to a variety of disasters, including the back-to-back severe winter
storms and record snowstorms. To date, according to the Federal Emergency Management
Agency's website, President Obama has declared 24 emergencies and 66 major disaster
declarations in 2011. So, also including those for fire management assistance, President Obama
has made 181 FEMA declarations this year. That figure easily eclipses the previous record of
157 overall annual declarations set by Bill Clinton in 1996. With four months left in the year,
President Obama has declared 66 major disasters alone, which puts him on pace to surpass the
record of 81, which he set last year. At least 43 people lost their lives to Irene and thousands
were without power. The president made emergency declarations in 14 states, but only one major
disaster has been declared so far in response to the hurricane, in Puerto Rico. It's likely that as
damage is assessed, more major disaster declarations will be extended in more states to help
them rebuild (Rettig ’11).

The Report of the OASDI Trustees reports that Legal immigration increased after World War II
to around 300,000 persons per year and remained around that level until shortly after 1960. With
the Immigration Act of 1965 and other related changes, annual legal immigration increased to
about 400,000 and remained fairly stable until 1977. Between 1977 and 1990, legal immigration
once again increased, averaging about 580,0001 per year. The Immigration Act of 1990, which
took effect in fiscal year 1992, restructured the immigration categories and increased
significantly the number of immigrants who may legally enter the United States. Legal
immigration averaged about 780,000 persons per year during the period 1992 through 1999.
Legal immigration increased to about 900,000 in 2000 and about 1,060,000 in 2001 reflecting
primarily an increase in the number of persons granted LPR status as immediate relatives of U.S.
citizens, the only category of legal immigration that is not numerically limited. However, legal
immigration declined to less than 800,000 by 2003 as the number of pending applications
increased. From 2003 to 2006, legal immigration increased until it reached about 1,200,000 for
2005 and 2006. For 2007 through 2009, legal immigration decreased to about 1,100,000. Legal
immigration in excess of 1,000,000 reflects the concerted effort in recent years to reduce the
backlog of pending applications for LPR status. For the intermediate alternative, the Department
of Homeland Security is expected to continue to reduce the backlog of pending applications, and
legal immigration is assumed to be about 1,100,000 persons in 2010, 1,050,000 in 2011, and
1,000,000 persons per year thereafter. The annual number of other emigrants who leave the
Social Security area is projected to average 665,000 through the 75-year projection period.

                                     Immigration 2000-2010

            Year      Net Legal               Net Other         Estimated
                      Immigration             Immigration       Number of
           2000     670,000               610,000               8,900,000
           2001     795,000               610,000               9,510,000
           2002     730,000               610,000               10,120,000
           2003     575,000               615,000               10,735,000
           2004     750,000               615,000               11,350,000
           2005     870,000               1,015,000             12,365,000
           2006     910,000               675,000               13,050,000
           2007     800,000               -20,000               13,030,000
           2008     835,000               -800,000              12,230,000
           2009     850,000               -10,000               12,240,000
           2010     825,000               -5,000                12,235,000
 Source: Sanders, Tony J. Table 9 Defense of Social Security Caucus: U.S. v. M.J. Astrue Esq.

The number of undocumented immigrants residing in the Social Security area population is
estimated to have been about 8.9 million persons as of January 1, 2000, increasing to about 13.5
million persons as of January 1, 2007. During the recession, the other-immigrant population is
estimated to have decreased and reached a level of 12.6 million persons as of January 1, 2009.
Annual other immigration for 2009 and 2010 is estimated to have been 1.0 million persons. Due
to the recent recession, these levels are significantly lower than those estimated during the period
2000 through 2006. Under the intermediate assumptions, annual other immigration would be 1.1
million in 2011, and would increase until 2015 to the ultimate level of 1.5 million persons. For
the low- and high-cost scenarios, the future ultimate annual other immigration is assumed to be
1.8 million persons and 1.2 million persons, respectively. The net other immigration has
declined from 2007-2010 for two reasons. One, the step-up of deportations to remove
undocumented aliens and two, more importantly the economic recession has driven many to
emigrate to nations that know how to read, write and do arithmetic. The reason for the paradigm
shift in immigration given by the Secretary at the DHS 10 years since 9/11 conference is that she
authorized a major revision affecting millions of records. The author is very concerned that the
library has been pillaged and his records and the records of millions of other people were
destroyed or tampered with or subjected to aggravated identity theft 18USC(47)§1028A in
defense of the prosecution of claims against the United States by lawyers who inappropriately,
without being disbarred or re-educated, seized consular, archivist, executive, or legislative office
against 18USC(11)§205. During Fiscal Year (FY) 2010, USCIS completed more than 677,000
naturalization applications; processed 16.4 million queries through the E-Verify program, up
from 8.7 million in FY 2009; naturalized more than 11,000 military service members and
qualified family members; interviewed nearly 95,000 refugee applicants from around the world;
processed more than 28,000 asylum applications; and, maintained an average processing time for
naturalization applications of approximately 4.5 months. Freedom of information act requests
for existing records should not be subjected to such a wait in such an office prone to prosecution
against the United States 18USC(11)§205.

Participation in the E-Verify program grew from 156,659 employer participants at the end of FY
2009 to 226,528 at the end of FY 2010, with an average of 1,300 new employers each week. The
number of queries processed through the program grew from 8.7 million in FY 2009 to 16.4
million in FY 2010. Employer compliance efforts yielded a touch rate of over 16,000 contacts
and employee rights were highlighted with a new hotline yielding 44,000 calls. Enhanced
outreach and work with enforcement agencies further strengthened the program. The Systematic
Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) program processed more than 11.7 million queries
related to immigration status and registered 338 new agencies for a total customer agency count
of 638. The SAVE program averaged over 70,000 active users in FY2010 and increased its
customer base by more than 113% compared to FY 2009. The U-Visa is an immigration status
set-aside for alien victims of criminal activity who, as a result, have suffered substantial mental
or physical abuse and who are willing to help law enforcement investigate and/or prosecute
related crimes.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is the largest arm of Customs, other than the Coast
Guard, bolstered border security in FY 2010 through the efforts of its Border Enforcement
Security Task Forces (BESTs). These ICE-led task forces made 1,618 criminal arrests; 907
administrative arrests; 868 indictments; and 689 convictions. They seized over 3,998 pounds of
cocaine; 14,415 pounds of marijuana; 95 pounds of methamphetamine; 1,157 pounds of ecstasy;
67 pounds of heroin; 773 vehicles; 59 boats; and approximately $16.8 million in U.S. currency
and monetary instruments. ICE continued to prevent and deter the exploitation of the country’s
immigration system by initiating 8,341 compliance enforcement field investigations. These
investigations, which focused on targets posing the highest national security threat, resulted in
1,860 administrative arrests, and 82 criminal arrests. Operation Overload resulted in the initiation
of 55 financial investigations, the arrest of 105 individuals in both the United States and Mexico,
and the seizure of approximately $23.5 million dollars in suspected criminal proceeds. In total,
517 gang members, gang associates, and others from 88 different gangs were arrested. In
addition, agents also seized approximately 725 pounds of marijuana, 7 kilograms of cocaine, 142
grams of heroin, 87 grams of crack cocaine, 29 grams of methamphetamine, 47 firearms, and
more than $100,000 in U.S. currency. As part of ICE’s revised Worksite Enforcement strategy,

ICE re-energized its Employment Eligibility Verification Inspection program, commonly
referred to as Form I-9 Inspections. ICE conducted 2,196 inspections in FY 2010, compared to
1,444 in FY 2009 and 503 in FY 2008. These increased inspections have resulted in the record
amount of $42.9 million civil fines, forfeitures, and restitutions levied against non-compliant
employers. FY 2010 also saw a record number of criminal arrests of employers (196) for
worksite enforcement-related crimes, surpassing the previous record of 135 in FY 2008. The
Criminal Alien Program placed 239,523 detainers, made 219,477 arrests of which 123,457 were
criminal aliens, and screened over 400,000 individuals. ICE also successfully removed 392,862
individuals, of which 195,772 were convicted criminal aliens. The number of convicted criminal
alien removals increased by nearly 44 percent over FY 2009.

All in all, the DHS Budget needs to be criticized for still beginning with terrorist threats and
financing computer fraud, but with budget growth at only 1.5% DHS is the finest recovery from
Recovery Act dependency story to date. The Visa Security Program that requests $29 million to
continue the Visa Security Program at current locations does not use appropriate language. The Visa
program seeks to enhance national security by preventing terrorists, criminals, and other ineligible
applicants from receiving visas. National Network of Fusion Centers: The FY 2012 Budget
expands support for the national network of fusion centers in order to provide state and local law
enforcement with the tools they need to address threats in their communities. The request focuses
on integrating and coordinating cross-Department and cross-government interaction with fusion
centers focused on enhancing baseline capabilities. From the Budget-in-brief FY 2012 and
National Protection Program Directorate (NPPD) website it can be determined that NPPD is
divided into three programs (1) cyber-security (2) United States Visitor and Immigrant Status
Indicator Technology (US-VISIT) and (3) Federal Protective Service that provides
comprehensive security and law enforcement services for mitigating risk to more than 9,000
Federal facilities and their 1.1 million occupants nationwide. Federal Protective Service needs to
be transferred to the Department of Justice (DoJ) to liberate cyber-security from federal law
enforcement. The FY 2012 budget for Federal Protective Service is $1,261,537,000 half of total
NPPD spending of $2,555,449,000. The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC)
with an FY 2012 budget of $276,413,000 to train 64,000 individual federal, state, and local law
enforcement personnel, likewise needs to be transferred to the criminal division of the Department
of Justice (DoJ).

In this transfer of FPS and FLETC to DoJ NPPD can be fined the $1.3 million costs of Cyber
Mission Integration to terminate the DHS program to coordinate national cyber security
operations and interface with the U.S. Department of Defense’s (DOD) National Security
Agency (NSA) at Fort Meade, Maryland. This funding will support a landmark memorandum of
agreement signed by Secretary Napolitano and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates that aligns and
enhances America’s capabilities to protect against threats to critical civilian and military
computer systems and networks. Robert Gates is no longer Secretary, was a Bush spy, and his
Airforce Cyber-Command was an remorseless drone bomber of civilians in Pakistan at the
slightest forwarded email regarding domestic abuse. The Cyber Mission program is all that
needs to be terminated in FY 2012. The FPS need to be removed from the cyber-security
program of NPPD to protect the federal government from the prosecution of claims against the
United States under 18USC(11)§205 by domestic law enforcement and security officers, to more

faithfully uphold Section 4 of the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United
Nations of 1946 for everyone in cyberspace. Like FPS, FLETC needs to be removed to DoJ.
Federal law enforcement officers must be loyal to U.S. District Attorneys and state and federal
Attorney Generals under 18USCII (232A)§3681

To streamline the disaster and emergency declaration process under 42USC(68)IV§5170 the Federal
Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), that is wisely not even mentioned by Congress,
must be transferred to the accounting purposes of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and
so called Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to the Executive Office of the President. FEMA
budget authority is projected by DHS to be $6,218,433,000 in FY 2012. Therefore OMB should
increase spending by the Executive Office of the President from $574 million, after a Bush high
of $18.8 billion in 2004, to $6,774 million and growing. The Executive Office of the President
and OMB should account for the regular expenses of FEMA as well as extraordinary costs
incurred by presidential disaster and emergency declarations. How nice if the Executive Office
of the President, that includes the Office of Management and Budget, would account for the total
annual toll of natural disasters. Until Hurricane Irene all the extraordinary costs of FEMA FY
2011 had been born by private litigation but the $7 billion cost of Hurricane Irene is paid for with
the $100 billion offshore receipt returned for the Treasury with the Transportation Department
was named sole beneficiary, that does increase spending of the Executive Office of the President
from $6,774 million to $13,774 million. The FEMA grant program, according to DHS, that
probably does not value the grants for homeless shelters and soup kitchens, is divided as follows:

State and Local Grants: The FY 2012 request sustains federal funding for state and local
preparedness grants totaling over $3.8 billion, highlighting the Department’s commitment to moving
resources out of Washington, D.C. and into the hands of state and local first responders who are often
best positioned to detect and respond to terrorism, other threats, and natural disasters. Assistance to
Firefighters Grants: The FY 2012 request includes $670 million. Included in this amount are $420
million for Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) Grants to rehire laid off
firefighters and retain veteran first responders – totaling 2,300 firefighter positions – and $250
million for equipment, training, vehicles, and related materials. Disaster Relief Fund (DRF): $1.8
billion is requested for the DRF to allow FEMA to continue to address the impacts of a disaster on
individuals and communities across the Nation. The DRF provides a significant portion of the total
federal response to victims in presidentially declared disasters or emergencies. Regional
Catastrophic Event Planning: $8.5 million is requested to continue development of catastrophic
plans, with a focus on plans for response to biological events and earthquakes. National Exercises:
FEMA’s participation in National Level Exercise-12, an exercise to test FEMA’s ability to respond
to a catastrophic cyber-attack, is funded with $3 million through the request. Emergency
Management Oversight: The FY 2012 request includes $20 million for the Office of the Inspector
General to continue its Emergency Management Oversight operations. The diversity in controversy
involves St. Elizabeth’s Hospital: $159.7 million is requested for the St. Elizabeths project. This
funding enables DHS to complete the Coast Guard Headquarters facility and to continue work on the
National Operations Center. The request, however, will defer the FEMA headquarters consolidation.
There has have been too many crimes against the business of insurance and FEMA does not want to
be committed to the psychiatric hospital as misunderstood as they are. We presume that FEMA
would agree to negotiations whereby FEMA was officially transferred to the Executive Office of the
President, and opened a small office in the Customs headquarters in St. Elizabeth’s that would be
shared with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
Art. 3 Regulating Styrene, Harvard law reparation of Hurricane Irene and other Natural

In the run up to Hurricane Katrina I sued the BRAC Commission to conduct an investigation into
terminating a DoD Strategic Environmental Modification Program as a violation of the
Convention on the Prohibition of Military or any other Hostile Use of Environmental
Modification Techniques ENMOD was opened in 1977 and entered into force on 1978. In the
evening Category 5 Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans a railcar full of styrene that had
mysteriously been diverted on an runoff track in Cincinnati, Ohio reached over 1,000 degrees
Fahrenheit and the nearby community had to be evacuated. The heat raged for nearly a week
until I wrote the Styrene Institute in Arlington, Virginia requesting a chemical extinguishing
method for the Mayor to apply. The people who were forced to flee their homes were
compensated and for the first time the federal government had credible evidence that the
chemical styrene might be the culprit of global warming. Subsequently it has come to light that
styrene, used to manufacture Styrofoam, can also be used in a method known as “fracking” in
deep earth drilling where styrene is pumped into drills holes and then caused to expand with the
introduction of other chemicals, causing the fragmentation of the earth surrounding the bore
hole. Those earthquakes in contempt of human rights may not be the work of nuclear explosions
after all, but of the chemical styrene. Making note of the plagiarism of Harvard lawyers
inextricably linked to the events leading up to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the Haitian Earthquake
in 2010, the Hokotu Earthquake and Tsunami, Flooding and Tornado and Hurricane Irene from
the hot spring and summer everywhere but on the West Coast in 2011 from where it is presumed
that the styrene allotment was diverted from a Harvard Law representative of Nature
Conservancy on the West Coast to mine the Japanese fault, where the UN Mission is filled with
lawyers who can’t hold an email address.

Styrene is a clear, colorless liquid, derived from petroleum and natural gas by-products, that is a
component of materials used to make thousands of everyday products. The diversified U.S.
styrene industry is worth approximately $28-billion comprising hundreds of companies with
thousands of facilities that provide directly some 128,000 well-paying jobs throughout the
country. Polystyrene has long been known to cause serious negative impacts on workers
producing it, mainly increased levels of chromosomal damage, abnormal pulmonary function
and cancer in workers at polystyrene and styrene plants, as well as pass to food to result in 100%
positive test results in human consumers and breast milk. In 1986, EPA ranked the 20 chemicals
whose production generated the most hazardous wasted. Polystyrene was number five. In 1989,
the Department of Interior banned polystyrene in its Washington, DC headquarters. The
Canadian House of Commons switched from polystyrene cups to china cups in committee and
caucus rooms, reducing the number of polystyrene cups used by 400,000 per year. GSA's Federal
Supply Service's New Item Introductory Schedule Class #8135 offers a starch-based substitute
for polystyrene packaging peanuts. The Mayor of Cincinnati and the Styrene Information and
Research Center (SIRC) joined together to extinguish a rail car full of styrene that reached
temperatures exceeding 1,000 ºF for week after it was ignited the night of Hurricane Katrina,
exposing a previously unknown threat to the environment. While it is possible other chemicals
or heating sources may have been used styrene is quite suspicious in the April tornados and snow

melt causing the this flooding. While other nuclear or chemical processes, such as expanding
foam, are more likely to cause earthquakes, surplus styrene may be the leading human cause of
hurricane and tornado damage. To discover if large quantities of styrene might have been
diverted a national hazardous substance response plan should be drafted on the topic of styrene
under 42USC(103)I§9605.

In regards to Hurricane Irene Margo Schlanger, DHS Officer of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties,
a former Associate Professor at Harvard Law, bears superior criminal responsibility, and shares
the impeached and discredited rights of the Innocence Project city councilman from Harvard law
who got on the television to speak of unrelated domestic issues in the general location of the
styrene car when he should have been responding to a brief but obviously infringed on an
unrelated federal military investigation. Complaints have led to natural disaster after not being
responded to by email on two occasions with Margo Schlanger Esq. Officer of Civil Rights and
Civil Liberties, who concealed her identity from her website, and plagiarized the new media,
after the letter of intent just before the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami recriminated against
Customs House Act, St. Elizabeth and again before the Hurricane Irene and Virginia Earthquake,
leading me to conclude that her appointment on January 25, 2010, poses a conflict of interest
under 18USC(11)§210 regarding the probative value, estimated for compensation for false arrest
purposes at $1 a Haitian casualty, of mining a falsely arrested man’s identity in defense of a
National Guardsman’s torture, portrayed to have been in prison although he was reported to have
already been released, to trigger the Haitian Earthquake within an hour of contacting the Utah
Department of Corrections, a conflict of interest shared with Indian Affairs Assistant Secretary
Larry Echo Hawk Esq. who was elected while the false arrest victim of lewdness with a minor x
10 charges was sentenced to seven years in prison. Superior criminal responsibility for the Haiti
Quake belonged to Harvard law grads SSA Commissioner Astrue Esq. prosecuting the claim that
Nobel laureate President Obama had killed my Oma with his rude Thanksgiving infringement on
my War History and undiplomatic troop surge in Afghanistan. While Assistant Secretary Echo
Hawk seems good for his people despite the evil spirits he associates with at the Executive Bar,
much like Secretary Ken Salazar Esq., who most recently unleashed human WNS plague, thrush,
without reference to antifungals, the nonresponse to a brief by Margo Schlanger Esq. has more
ominous undertones as her databasing of civil rights claims is not exactly acceptable progress for
a lawyer who needs to compose briefs, remembering the immunity librarians confer to archives,
and her experience as a prison guard disciplinarian does not lend her any diplomatic credentials
whatsoever for her to be immune from prosecution for unlawful disclosure. While the Utah
Department of Corrections and DHS set precedent by contributing to the international relief
effort in Haiti, there is a grammatical error in the FY2012 Budget in Brief whereby they helped
to parole orphans.

The Decade Review since 9/11 plagiarizing the negligence of USCIS to send naturalization
papers causing me to become an undocumented alien, seems to have qualified for Aggravated
Identity Theft 18USC(47)§1028A for the Harvard possessors of styrene to perpetrate Hurricane
Irene, that has taken the lives of 40 people and caused $7 billion of damages on the Northeast
Coast. Being possessed of FEMA DHS is flagrante delicto engaged in Crimes by or affecting
Persons Engaged in the Business of Insurance whose Activities affecting Interstate Commerce
under 18USC(47)§1033. I am concerned that the conflict in laws between different styles of

legal practice in consular offices where lawyers are especially not be allowed, ie. Napolitano
Esq. prosecution, Schlanger Esq. civil rights, and Mayorkas Esq. aggravated identity theft,
creates a strategic defensive system whereby the fires of negligence and abuse are fanned to
natural disaster, whose emergency powers are capitalized upon by the homicidal homeland
security agency. There is no dealing with these statutory illiterates and the Attorney General
must intervene to impose Civil Penalties and Injunctions for Violations of Section 1033 under
18USC(47)§1034 against the lawyer infested DHS, as DoJ has against the ATF. FEMA needs to
defect from the Customs agency with borderline war powers and relocate to the less offensive,
but quite toxic lawyers, in the Department of Interior, if the agency wishes to continue to
maintain their independence from DHHS whereas FEMA feeds more people with $7 billion than
HHS with $900 billion. The Department of Interior provides a more rational overview of FEMA
operations throughout the United States. FEMA has been particularly busy during the Obama
administration, he is a Harvard law alum and has decorated his trillion dollar deficit with
Harvard law grads in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and it is time for federal
officials to halt the Harvard law styrene keg party, that over the past decade has taken as many
American lives and caused more property damage than the 9/11 suicide attacks on the World
Trade Center and Pentagon. The Harvard Human Rights program is cited as being reformed
from authorizing the use of weapons of mass destruction in Human Rights Campaign (HRC),
Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), et al, plaintiffs v. US Presidential Candidates
Barack Obama and John McCain whose foreign policies fail Asia and the Near East (ANE), US
Congress in defense of Title 22 Foreign Relations and Intercourse (a-FRaI-d) and the Court of
International Trade (CoITUS), defendants HA-28-7-08 maybe the libertarian perpetrators now
have to seek employment elsewhere.

Art. 4 Impoundment of rude Ray Lahood (R-IL) Transportation Secretary

Ray Lahood is not only from the President’s home state, Illinois, but the Governor of Illinois, at
the time was impeached and threatened with incarceration regarding accepting bribes from
candidates to replace the President elect’s vacated Senate seat under 18USC(11)§210 but it turns
out he is a Republican. In August 2011, after Standard and Poor’s Debt Ceiling Crisis and
Balanced Budget Amendment HA-16-7-11 it was reported that the Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA) had run out of money to finish contracts, or pay inspectors and was losing
$30 million a day in missed Treasury fees. The Secretary of Transportation rudely got on the
television to demand the House returned from their summer vacation and finish their
negotiations. He was informed that he was very rude to ask for the house when the Senate was
in session. Under my direction the Department of Transportation Treasurer collected Senator
Bernie Sanders’s $100 billion in delinquent taxes that had been offshored in one house in the
Caribbean and the Department of Transportation was named the sole beneficiary of the revenues
and was required to finish their contracts and return DoT spending to within 3% annual growth
of FY 2008, before the Recovery Act of 2009 distorted DoT spending. The President’s FY 2012
request for $129 billion. A 66% increase from FY 2010, is nearly exactly the entire cost of the
Recovery Act plus the regular FY 2009 budget. 3% annual growth from $67 billion in FY 2008
is estimated at $73 billion in FY 2012 from OMB records. The Senate paid for the Airport and
Airway Trust Fund until September 26 when Congress must again rebuff the President’s
extortionate new Transportation Bill and learn to read. What is the President doing employing a

         Republican Secretary of Transportation? The President, a Democrat. is so notoriously stupid
         when dealing with Republicans that he has been cited admitting to the Republican Convention “I
         am not an idealist. I’m not”. Furthermore it turns out that the traffic is the busiest jurisdiction,
         the greediest prosecutor against the United States in violation of 18USC11)§205 of all, and under
         Obama Esq. there is 10% judicial vacancy rate as opposed to 4% under Bush, as punishment all
         lawyers are recused from traffic judgeships that are ceded to licensed social workers under
         Section 7 of the Third Amendment, nor are lawyers eligible for executive or legislative office
         under Section 5 of the Twelfth Amendment to the Annotated Constitution of the United States.

            Department of Transportation Spending including One Time Cost of the Recovery Act
                                          2008-2012 (in millions)

                                                     2008       2009       2010         2011          2012
Transportation OMB                                   64,944     73,004     90,944       86,665        82,817
Transportation Budget Request ARRA fund spread                  73,004     90,944       86,578
Transportation Budget Request ARRA fund 2009                    112,344    78,428       79,176
Savings                                                         -39,340    12,516       7,402
Transportation ARRA + 3% growth                      64,944     112,344    68,899       70,966        73,095
Savings                                                         -39,340    22,045       15,699        9,722
          Source: Sanders, Tony J. Table 26 Federal Budget in Balance FY 2011: Comparison of Bush and
                                               Obama HA-28-2-10

         The total in the FY 2008 request was more than the $65.7 billion sum of the parts and the FY
         2012 request was more than the 124.9 billion sum of parts. The Department of Transportation
         has always been greedy, never good at accounting but, where the Office of Management and
         Budget (OMB) once did the addition, the Executive Office must now learn to do calculus to
         reduce agency spending to within 3% annual growth from FY 2008. Department of Health and
         Human Services (DHHS) budget was similarly distorted by the Recovery Act and must be
         limited from $911 billion to $784 billion for a balanced budget, otherwise the federal
         government has no money. For DHHS that means reduce Medicare and Medicaid spending by
         $100 billion from their Budget Request by not paying for treatment patients complain about
         namely involuntary psychiatric hospitalization or any other treatment that was harmful. DoT
         must reduce spending by $50 billion, the 66% increase in spending since FY 2010. The furlough
         of FAA workers as the result of the insolvency of the Airport and Airway Trust Fund should be
         enough to convince the Secretary of Transportation to stop sabotaging the President and reduce
         his budget request to $75 billion. Failure for the Secretary is to continue fighting with the
         insolvent Congress. Whereas DoD has set forth a $518 billion FY 2012 budget, if DHHS will
         only cut spending by $100 billion, DoT by $50 billion and SSA pays for SSI without causing an
         OASDI deficit until FY 2020, the rest of the deficit is only an accounting error between savvy
         Secretaries and the illiterate OMB and CBO and FY 2012 will be less than 3% of GDP. But
         because HA is the sole proprietor of the federal budget and DoT is a homeland security fraud and
         the American who days before paid to end the FAA furlough, is now an undocumented alien, and
         DoT has no more opinion than they had for the brief regarding the suspension of the license of
         the man whose baby they murdered when they stole his car without just compensation after he
         had been informed that he had paid his fine and then made a clerical error because they had
instituted a new record system. DoT’s budget is only giving Americans grief and I am probably
the only American who knows how to write a brief, I even corrected the DHS NPPD hacking of
traffic jurisdiction from the Annotated Constitution, the real drunk driver who needed to be
prohibited in the Amendment of 1919, not only because the Bar is over the legal limit of 250
detainees per 100,000 residents, but because the social worker arose in the 20th century to relieve
the infringement on civil society by the lawyer on social issues.

       Department of Transportation Budget Requests FY 2008 & 2012 (in billions)

                                             Workforce     2008    2012    2012
                                                           Request Request 3%
                                             July 2011                     growth

           Total                             57,909        67        129        75.1

           Federal Highway                3,038            40.3      70.5       45.1
           Federal Transit Administration 588              9.5       22.4       10.6

           Federal Railroad                  867           1.1       8.3        1.2
           Federal Aviation                  48,162        14.1      18.7       15.8
           Infrastructure Banks              5,254         0.729     5          0.816

               Source: Department of Transportation FY 2012 Budget Highlights

DoT workforce has declined from 68,000 in 1993 to 58,000 in 2011 after a one year high of
101,000 in FY 2002. As for rude Ray Lahood he must be impeached if his budget request
exceeds $75 billion. The conflict of interest between Ray LaHood and President Obama was
noted in 2010, when it was written “The Department of Transportation was established by an
act of Congress on October 15, 1966. The Department’s first official day of operation was April
1, 1967. The mission of the Department is to serve the United States by ensuring a fast, safe,
efficient, accessible and convenient transportation system that meets our vital national interests
and enhances the quality of life of the American people, today and into the future. The
Department of Transportation employs over 57,000 people. Out of the $48.1 billion provided to
the Department of Transportation, under ARRA, $34.6 billion (approximately 72 percent) has
been obligated and nearly $8.8 billion has been outlayed. For the sake of balancing the budget it
is better that ARRA funds be accounted for in 2009 when they were appropriated. Taking into
consideration the extremely large amount of capital that injected into DOT in 2009 under ARRA
growth must be limited, 3% annually should both offset inflation and not undermine Recovery
Act investments in clean energy. Also taking into consideration the fact Secretary LaRood and
Obama hail from the same state, it is not unreasonable that budget reductions would be enforced
to sustain a reasonable rate of growth. More auditing is recommended whereas the ARRA
investment was so large, unspent funds may need to be returned to avoid the financial instability
of budget reductions”. Unlike DHHS and DoE, DoT swallowed the Recovery Act hook line and
sinker. This conflict of interest between the republican Secretary of Transportation and
democratic President of the United States, is a perfect description of totalitarianism of the
contemporary Democratic and Republican (DR) two party system wherefore both the
Democratic and Republican (DR) parties and the 112th Congress have been dissolved to protect
the public health and welfare of the American people under Section 1 and 8 of the Twelfth
Amendment to the Annotated Constitution. The DoT budget is a fraud and any attempts at
legislative and executive enforcement against the statement of the sole proprietor will only lead
to more insolvency whereas DoT did not wisely set aside their Recovery Act funds as DHHS
did, and always has investing in rich extortionists as they do. The directions of the sole proprietor
is for DoT budget legislation to be limited to $75 billion, total FY 2012 spending, not to exceed
$77.5 billion in FY 2013 and to recuse all lawyers from position of traffic judge and replace
them with license social workers as punishment for this greed.

The long-term DoT Budget requests a brand new Recovery Act size payment in FY 2012 before
returning to normal in FY 2013. This cycle of dependency cannot continue. The federal
government does not have the revenues or credit to finance more expensive construction projects
that will increase maintenance costs at this time. In review of the Federal Highway
Administration (FHA) Budget Estimates FY 2012, who takes the lion’s share of the projected
increase in spending, it would seem that the FHA is trying to imply that the reason for the
dramatic increase in FHA spending is that payment to the Highway Trust Fund by the General
Fund to reimburse DoT for gas, tire and trucking taxes have mysteriously ceased, causing their
budget to drop from $65 billion in FY 2010 to $42.5 billion FY 2011 and $48.8 billion in FY
2012. This is probably not the case, the logical explanation for the drop in funding is that DoT
received a one-time payment of $40 billion from the Recovery Act of 2009, and as the result of
the peculiar conflict of interest of the Transportation Secretary, unlike other agencies, that saved
their windfall in a rainy day fund, the republican Secretary spent it, to fulfill his party duty to
sabotage the democratic President’s budget. DoT is not the only agency struggling with
Recovery Act dependency, the Department of Homeland Security who was making terrorist
demands for budgetary increases in FY 2010, after being corrupted by $5 billion in Recovery Act
of 2009 funds, has made an FY2012 budget request that is only 1.5% more than the previous
year. DHS is the greatest success story of FY 2012 a full recovery from the Recovery Act,
DHHS saved the Recovery Act money to prop up their grossly distorted budget, but is more
likely to go to prison for health care fraud than file for bankruptcy. DoT just doesn’t get it. The
federal government got busted and doesn’t have any more crack rock. DoT is going to have to
deal with their addiction, slow down road maintenance and construction, benefit the General
Fund by sticking to their regular appropriations of $73 billion in FY 2012 and improve customer
service to redress the fraud and abuse of the traffic judges that went un-redressed long before the
administration was crippled with graft.

Art. 5 Getting Syrian About Drought Relief and Palestine

The U.S. Secretary of State was rudely corrupted when my driver’s license expired and the sole
proprietor of the federal budget became an undocumented alien. This disgraceful bureaucratic
failing weighs heavily on the Secretary State whose political duty is to prohibit propaganda for
violence while protecting the freedom of expression, under penalty of totalitarianism. In recent

years the power to delegate existence has been a primary tool of colonialism in the latter half of
the 20th century (Go ’08). Not recognizing and suppressing the existence of the truth is the only
way that the fraudulent and colonial wars of oppression of the Security Council, and NATO,
since the seizure of a constitution less Europe by the Criminal Court, go unchecked. As a lawyer
the Secretary of State is somewhat corruptible in regards to censuring authors in order to
eliminate witnesses against the political agenda of a lawyer or organized criminal client thereof
otherwise known as the political persecution of dissidents or prosecution of claims against the
United States under 18USC(11)§205 which she can be easily convinced by terrorists is a national
security interest because it is so similar to the organized censorship and identity theft of authors
of briefs by lawyers getting paid to go to trial nude and slave. Having served the high point of
her career in the White House, diplomacy is not entirely foreign to this Secretary of State,
nonetheless she was counseled to steal from Palestine and Syria when confronted with the issue
of paying humanitarian relief to the victims of what must be the absolutely least developed
country in the world, war torn Somalia, in drought. This sort of discrimination against the victim
compensation for such Crimes by or affecting Persons Engaged in the Business of Insurance
whose Activities affect Interstate Commerce 18USC(47)§1033(d, c) are the hallmark of the
contemporary right wing extremism and discrimination against social welfare beneficiaries
fostered by the prison slavery ideology of economically confused Homeland Security
reactionaries. These acts of international aggression by the Secretary of State corrupted the relief
effort, that suffered thousands of bags of supplies to be stolen and sold on the market, the
unfairness of sanctions against Syria that might deprive the populace of their subsistence,
captured the attention of the High Commissioner of Human Rights and then the corrupt alliance
of the EU, as forbidden by the Monroe doctrine that calls for non-entanglement in colonial
European affairs. Bringing us to the fundamental failing of current U.S. Foreign Policy, a cruel
and aggressively negligent policy of opposing Palestinian statehood that threatens the lawyer
infested Democratic and Republican (DR) bipartisan system with serious legitimacy issues as the
result of civil rights violations committed in defense of their own existential negligence to

The Secretary of State threatened to embargo the Syrian export market and $200 million USAID
to NGOs in Palestine. This is a criminal violation of civil rights statute, deprivation of relief
benefits at 18USC(13)§246 that states in its entirety, Whoever directly or indirectly deprives,
attempts to deprive, or threatens to deprive any person of any employment, position, work,
compensation, or other benefit provided for or made possible in whole or in part by any Act of
Congress appropriating funds for work relief or relief purposes, on account of political
affiliation, race, color, sex, religion, or national origin, shall be fined under this title, or
imprisoned not more than one year, or both. In regards to Palestine the United States must cease
obstructing Palestinian Statehood. U.S. NGOs are not allowed to divulge their records to Hamas
and the Secretary of State is threatening to remove $200 million in humanitarian assistance
because Hamas has made an investigative request. It seems it would be an easy matter for U.S.
NGOs in Palestine to keep their money if (1) Hamas, an unethically armed political party, be
recused from the social welfare investigation that could be appointed to a confidential non-
partisan tax assessor of the Palestine Monetary Authority (PMA) to avoid any deprivation of
relief benefits, (2) the U.S. cease their unseemly opposition to Palestinian statehood as it is a
serious deprivation of rights under color of law 18USC(13)§242 and (3) to be creative the U.S.

must clearly demand the creation of a non-partisan Palestinian Supreme Court to fulfill Arafat's
Constitution. The assault on the Syrian people is nearly as serious as the Libyan Civil War
whose illegal NATO bombing disgracefully killed people on the witness list of people scheduled
for trial at the International Criminal Court one year from UN Security Council Resolution 1970
(2011) that was cited for reinvestment in a Libyan Constitutional Convention HA-7-3-11 The
Secretary of State has threatened to embargo exports from the Syrian Arab Republic. I don't feel
that Secretary of State has sufficiently justified imposing economic sanctions that would very
likely have a detrimental effect the quality of life of an entire nation as sanctions against Saddam
Hussein's Ba'ath Party did during the 1990s. After reading the history of Syria on Wikipedia I
think the President Assad needs to repeal Article 8 of the Syrian constitution that states "the Arab
Socialist Ba'ath Party leads the state and society" and go into exile to allow for free elections of
unarmed political parties and avoid being arrested by the mob like Mubarak. This is one of the
rare occasions I look forward to the intervention of the UN High Commissioner of Human
Rights. The violence must stop. That much is sure. All the High Commissioners agree.

The United States is highly encouraged to express their deep seated political sentiment by
writing "Be Hamas dissolved" in Palestine and "Be the Ba'ath Party dissolved" in Syria, at the
top of their documents as "Be the Democratic-Republican (DR) two party system dissolved"
must be written on all domestic legislation and political correspondence to avoid inciting the
intense domestic violence and epidemic disease of a budget deficit exceeding 3% of the GDP. I
would therefore like to offer in exchange for amnesty for Assad's voluntary resignation as
President the hospitality of American peach season - the impeachment of Bush's war crime
defense hydra - the Social Security Commissioner, who continues to corrupt the President with
his 2% piece of OASI, and renaming the Homeland Security Secretary Customs Commissioner,
who incites such undiplomatic discrimination from the Secretary of State while failing to send
my naturalization papers so that it turns out the Annotated Constitution of the United States was
in fact written by an undocumented alien. I am sorry Hillary Clinton is so vulnerable to
prosecution against the United States under 18USC(11)§205 by her Homeland Security
Secretary because it is extraordinarily offensive for diplomatic immunity to be compromised by
a practicing prosecutor in what is obviously a diplomatic office. The Plague in the Hague has
proven just how catastrophic the appointment of lawyers and prosecutors to diplomatic office is
to the economy. The Clintons sometimes transcend this failing having balanced their budget,
and been a responsible proprietor in their own right, but do have a weakness for the Bar. It
amounts to sexual discrimination that Hillary Clinton was appointed Secretary of State instead of
being elected Vice-President in honor of the voters and original XII Amendment to the U.S.
Constitution. She seems tired of her own office and is retiring the next term, no matter who wins
the election. The Labor Secretary could be Vice Presidential candidate because she, a Latina, is
the prettiest woman in the Cabinet, and not displeasing to anyone but the fraud who does the
inclement weather. The girls need to abolish the Department of Homeland Security and appoint
a Customs Commissioner with diplomatic credentials, not necessarily in that order. As the
owner of the only balanced federal budget the consequences of the decadent democracy not
recognizing me as a person before the law result in serious legitimacy issues for the State that is
unable to read and attempts to dictate. The United States needs to redress the fraud and
negligence of their inferior courts for the benefit of the people and not become entangled in
major international conspiracies with petty officials so guiltily defending their petty offenses and

imaginary slaves, called prosecution. By the way in Hebrew prosecutor is pronounced satan. It
is absolutely critical that in taking all of this divine guidance for granted Customs functions as
required to do by law of supply and demand and sends me my naturalization papers.

The State Department is supposed to be accounting for the $800 million contributed by Africa
Command to the East Africa Drought Relief on top of the $570 million she levied for the relief
effort. The Horn of Africa is facing the worst drought in 60 years and the supply lines in war-torn
Somalia are unreliable. In Ethiopia new irrigation projects are adequate to feed the people without
emergency assistance. The United Nations declared famine in several areas of Somalia. Famine is
declared when more than two adults or four children die per 10,000 people, when over 30 percent of
the children suffer acute malnutrition rates, and when people have access to less than 2,100
kilocalories per day. U.S. officials say drought and famine in Somalia have killed nearly 30,000
children during the last three months and the United Nations says more than 600,000 children are
acutely malnourished. Tens of thousands of Somalis are fleeing violence, insecurity and starvation.
In 2011 alone, some 184,000 Somalis had arrived in neighboring countries of asylum, notably
Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti, including more than 46,000 people who arrived during the first three
weeks of July. WFP is providing food assistance to about 498,000 refugees in Kenya, out of a
total 1.6 million people receiving food around the country. The Kenyan government feeds an
additional 800,000 people. Refugees continue crossing the border into Ethiopia as well, though
their numbers have fallen from 2,000 per day to less than 1,000. In the first half of 2011 alone,
more than 83,000 Somalis fled into Kenya and over 54,000 into Ethiopia. In July, daily arrivals
in each country ranged from 1,300 to 1,700. An additional 2,600 Somalis had crossed the north-
western border into Djibouti by mid-2011. The refugees say they fled a combination of violence
and drought in Somalia. As the drought wears on, the number of people who will be in need of
food assistance is expected to rise to 3.2 million people by August. WFP plans to increase its
assistance to over 3.5 million people in drought-affected regions of Somalia. UNHCR is asking
for $145 million and WPF is asking for $800 million, down from $1.6 billion in July. The famine
is expected to last until December. Relief efforts need to be fully funded, the Somali interior
secured, and the clouds seeded so it will rain.

                              North East African Table, July 2009

              Population        GDP in       GDP per        Official      US Aid in    US Military
                               billions of   capita in   Development       millions    Assistance
                                   US          US        Assistance in      of US      in millions
                                 dollars      dollars    millions of US    dollars      of dollars
 Ethiopia     85,237,338         76.74         900            3,327         468             2
  Kenya       39,002,772         63.73        1,600           1,360         522             0
 Somalia       9,832,017         5.731         600             758          N/A             0
 Drought      134,072,127       146.201       1,100           5,445         990             2
  Eritrea       5,647,168        4.198         700            143             3             0

 Djibouti     724,622         2.011       2,800         121               0              0
 Northern     6,371,780       6.209        974          264               3              0
 Horn of    140,443,907                                5,709             993             2
  Egypt     78,866,635        471.2       6,000        1,348             671           1,301
Source: HA Atlas 2010; Empirical US Foreign Assistance Statistics at the Close of the American
                                     Imperial Century:
          An Act to Secure a Voluntary 1 percent ODA Tax on Income HA-31-9-10

The unmet needs of UNHCR and WFP are estimated at $945 million of the $3 billion total cost
of the relief effort. The United States and European government should join together to pay the
full costs of the relief efforts today and begin seeding the clouds in the region to encourage the
rains to fall. Once the UN relief agencies have been paid with Official Development Assistance
(ODA) from industrialized nation governments and we presume basic human needs are provided
for, private food drives, religious missionaries and collective farming should be encouraged to
contribute to raise the standard of living above the minimum needed to sustain human life.
Raising this money is somewhat complicated by the precarious economic situation in the United
States, whose credit rating was downgraded, and Europe both of whom face about a one in three
chance of another recession. The most logical source of this $1 billion quantity of legitimate
European-American money is the Deepwater Horizon overpayment. The United States and
Europe need to settle this dispute once and for all. When I wrote the settlement in 2010 I asked
for BPs $20 billion in profits, it was settled by the President the next day, when I was wrongfully
evicted, and then Congress wrongfully terminated the employment of the BP CEO who took
responsibility for the failings of US contractors, namely Halliburton, and the settlement was
increased to $40-50 billion to cover the estimated long term economic damages caused by
environmental degradation of the fishing industry estimated to last more than a decade. The
large sum of capital helped to get the work done, it was covered by National Geographic
monthly, and by Spring 2011 Gulf seafood was reported safe to eat. The excessive fines for
economic damages caused economic damage. When it was attempted to withdraw money from
this fund to pay for damages caused by flooding and tornadoes the security exchange declined.
This money is improperly invested and the United States and Europe need to get together to split
the unspent proceeds between 2011-2012 U.S. Federal Emergency Management Administration
(FEMA) grants, this WFP, UNCHR famine relief effort in East Africa and a return to the badly
abused BP corporation, to close the case and liberate the market economy. The U.S. President is
the most responsible party of this irresponsible money and it should not be difficult for him to
procure $1 billion therefrom for the WFP UNHCR famine relief effort in East Africa and create a
sustainable FEMA style social safety net in East Africa, permanently raising levels of
development assistance to the region, with particular concern for Somalia that receives no US
aid, while dispensing with this disputed settlement and move on to the styrene industry whose
diversion may be more liable for global warming and natural disasters than any other (Sanders

The security situation in Somalia cannot be resolved by money and food alone. WFP is
supplying cooked meals to around 85,000 people per day in the war-ravaged Somali capital, in
the face of daunting security challenges. WFP is scaling up its operations to feed 1.5 million
drought-affected areas of Somalia. Getting aid to the country has been difficult because Al-
Shabaab controls much of the country's most desperate areas. The UN is immune from taxation.
US relief workers should pay their pay their non-social security payroll taxes to the national
government(s) in which they are stationed, as Customs duties. Al-Shabaab cannot have more
than the local share of these duties if they do the job. As the result of long anarchy, sometime
blissful, gone to piracy, warfare and drought during the Obama Administration, not only has the
government and civilization been torn by war, but nature itself has been in drought. Since the
suicide bombing at the medical school graduation that took the lives of several Ministers,
Somalia is probably the absolute least developed country in the world. Humanitarian assistance
to this region is the primary purpose of the human race, at this time. Relief efforts have
invariably had a pacifying effect on markets in the past. For the economy to function, the
economy needs to function. Aid to East Africa is the first $1 billion day of wealth Creation, after
the Crash. Neglecting to first finance famine relief in the Horn of Africa, will cause the failure
of all other macro-economic efforts, however if the economy fulfills its primary purpose of
providing aid to East Africa, the economy should be free to grow.

Art. 6 Peach Season in Obama Nation

It is peach season and if the nation wants to reduce the unemployment rate, without affecting the
employment rate, the only option available to the President is to remove the $100,00+/- income
limit on social security contributions, whereby the richest one percent of Americans would pay
for the poor, on the basis of the national poverty line, with particular attention to chronically
unemployed and underemployed people of color who have been denied accountability for Title
VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Social
security benefits are a more efficient method for the federal government to pay people than
employing them in expensive infrastructure projects. To tell you the truth the federal
government is totally insolvent except for the $2.6 trillion in Social Security Assets and any
money the federal government borrows for their unwise expenses will come from the national
employment statistics, and since the downgrading of the sovereign debt, might not manifest
because the Democratic and Republican (DR) parties went on another spending spree.
Americans want a piece of OASI. Unbeknownst to the public SSA has been foisting the >$50
billion value of the Supplemental Security Program on the General Fund although there is
enough in OASDI to pay for SSI until FY 2020. To properly account for SSI to the American
people, who might become more proportionately generous to the disabled and retired poor as the
result of more truth in education, SSA must adjust the DI rate from 1.8% to 3.2% and OASI rate
from 10.4% to 9.2% without raising the overall rate of 12.2% until FY 2020. If the President
wants to reduce the unemployment rate, compensate African Americans with disabilities, and
make a lasting contribution to Social Security statute, without making the same errors, the only
option available is to eliminate the OASDI income limit that excludes the richest 1% from
taxation of their income exceeding $100,00+/- and create a brand new social security disability
program with those revenues to pay the poor, without regard for medical evidence of disability or
on the rational basis of the SSI program income tests. The United States must grant a 5.2%

COLA to reflect the CPI and get SSI class $666 ($674 2009-2011) into the clear with $709 a
month and use up to 7.7% of SSI program funds to finance a halfway house system to bring the
prison population within international norms. Beginning in FY 2012 SSA must pay the >$50
cost of SSI, not expecting to incur an OASDI deficit until FY 2020. To prove to Americans that
the agency is not molesting their piece of OASI SSA must adjust the DI rate from 1.8% to 3.2%
and OASI rate from 10.4% to 9.2% without raising the overall rate of 12.2% until FY 2020.

The cost of these stimulus bills has immediately caused a decline in employment every time
2007-2008, 2009 and 2011. There was no ridiculous stimulus bill in 2010 and the economy got
to recover a little. But in December 2010, unbeknownst to the public, Congress passed a Middle
Class Tax Relief Act that gave workers a 2% reduction in OASI tax. This tax relief was too
stupid for SSA to finance so the insolvent General Fund had to reimburse the $2.6 trillion

OASDI Trust Fund $90 billion devastating money markets. In January 2011 employment figures
declined 139,064 to 137,599. Similar large declines in employment occurred January 2008 from
the Economic Stimulus Package HA-20-1-08, in November and December 2008 with the
passage of the fascist Tony Assasination Retard Pay (TARP) after I quit serving the federal
government to save my life as noted for the dwindling private readership in the Moral
Bankruptcy of FY2008 and FY 2009 followed in quick succession with Obama's own Recovery
Act that brought employment below 140,000 accounted for in Federal Budget in Balance FY
2011: Comparing Bush and Obama HA-28-2-10. The Commander in Chief does not have any
money remaining after two prior sabotage convictions and one aiding and abetting his
predecessor to sabotage the market economy convictions, for a stimulus plan. According to
Amendment XII of the new Annotated Constitution of the United States the Official Constitution
of the Hospitals & Asylums Political Party 2011 (HAPPY) People without a balanced budget he
is not even qualified to run for office of President of the United States. The HA Party can easily
achieve a federal budget deficit significantly less than 3% of GDP with minimal enforcement.
The mathematical errors have been corrected, Military limited to $500 billion and Recovery Act
distorted agency budgets, namely DOT and DHHS returned to FY 2008 plus 3% annual growth
levels. Everything seems to be on course except for the President's conflict of interest with rude
Ray Lahood soon to be treated and DHHS which is too poisonous to handle wherefore it is
viewed as an investment in nationalized health insurance.

                                   Employment Statistics 2007-2011

 Yr     Jan     Feb     Mar     Apr     May    Jun    Jul    Aug     Sep     Oct     Nov     Dec       l
                14447   14532   14529   14586                        14644   14674   14711   14633   14604
07     144275                                 146958 147315 146406
                    9       3       7       4                            8       3       8       4       7
                14455   14510   14592   14592                        14531   14554   14460   14335   14536
08     144607                                 146649 146867 145909
                    0       8       1       7                            0       3       9       0       2
                14010   13983   14058   14036                        13907   13908   13913   13795   13987
09     140436                                 140826 141055 140074
                    5       3       6       3                            9       8       2       3       7
                13720   13798   13930   13949                        13971   13974   13941   13915   13906
10     136809                                 139882 140134 139919
                    3       3       2       7                            5       9       5       9       4
                13809   13896   13966   14002 139334 139296 139627
11     137599
                    3       2       1       8
     Source: BLS Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey Number Employed

The Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act Public Law 111-147, exempted most
employers from paying the employer share of OASDI payroll tax on wages paid during the
period March 19, 2010 through December 31, 2010, to certain qualified individuals hired after
February 3. Middle Class Tax Relief Act of 2010 Public Law 111-312, extended the OASDI
payroll tax rate reduction for 2011 by 2 percentage points for employees and for self-employed
workers. These temporary reductions in 2010 and 2011 payroll tax revenue due to lower payroll
tax rates have been and will be made up by reimbursements from the General Fund of the
Treasury to the OASI and DI Trust Funds. Reimbursements from the General Fund of the
Treasury amounted to $1.495 billion in 2010. This law specified general fund reimbursement for

temporary reductions in employer payroll taxes on behalf of certain qualified individuals. The
OASI Trust Fund was reimbursed approximately $12 million in 2010 under the provisions of the
possibly unrelated Public Law 110-246, the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008.
Middle Class Tax Relief Act (MCTRA) of 2010 Public Law 111-312. Further complicating
challenging calculations needed to adjust the DI and OASI tax rates without raising the overall
rate of taxation. This adjustment is of primary important to the operations of the Social Security
Administration. It is a shame that the General Fund with a $1.4 trillion deficit would be
compelled to pay the OASI Trust Fund with assets exceeding $2.5 trillion in 2011.

                   Department of Labor Spending 2008-2012 (in millions)

                                 2008       2009        2010         2011        2012
 Labor OMB                       58,838     138,157     209,265      116,902     90,790
 Labor Total Budget Request                 142,503     162,003      79,982      70,000
 Savings                                    -4,436      47,262       36,920      20,790
  Source: Sanders, Tony J. Table 16. Federal Budget in Balance FY 2011: Comparison of Bush
                        and Obama. Hospitals & Asylums HA-28-2-10

The Department of Labor (DOL) was created in the DOL Organic Act of March 4, 1913. DOL
fosters and promotes the welfare of the job seekers, wage earners, and retirees of the United
States. DOL received a total of $34.4 billion in Recovery Act funds, including $29.5 billion of
that for mandatory UT funds, these have been included in the budget request total for 2009. The
FY 2010 President’s Budget request is $13.3 billion in discretionary budget authority and 17,477
full-time equivalent employees (FTE). The vast majority of increased DOL spending is the
result of the dramatic increase in unemployment and unemployment insurance costs. The irony
is that unemployment insurance comes out of the deficit and the deficit takes money away from
higher employment yielding investments, a vicious cycle, but an important social safety net in
these hard economic times. Federal unemployment insurance costs an estimated $1 billion
annually, it has not been so high as 2004-2005. In FY 2008, state agencies collected $32.2
billion in state unemployment taxes, and paid $42.9 billion in Federal and state unemployment
benefits to 8.9 million beneficiaries. During FY 2009 the state agencies are expected to collect
$36.7 billion in state unemployment taxes and to pay $102.9 billion in Federal and state
unemployment benefits to 12,000,000 beneficiaries. The FY 2010 Budget request for UI State
Administration is $3,195,645,000, a decrease of $78,992,000 from the FY 2009 appropriation of
$3,274,637. The formula for FY 2010 finances $28,600,000 per 100,000. An extension of the
Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC08) program through December 31, 2009, with
a phase out to May 31, 2010, estimated to cost $23.7 billion providing benefits to 3.4 million
unemployed workers. An addition of $25 to all UI checks for weeks of unemployment ending
before January 1, 2010, with a phase out ending on June 30, 2010, supplementing the checks for
16.3 million individuals and estimated to cost $8.7 billion. The high cost of unemployment
insurance is undeniable, without thoroughly analyzing state UI trust fund balances, however the
OMB must defer to the DOL estimates, that are significantly lower.

        Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumer (CPI-U) Inflation 1920-2011

    1920         1930         1940          1950          1960          1970          1980
   15.6%        -2.3%         0.7%          1.3%          1.7%          5.7%         13.5%
    1990         2000         2005          2006          2007          2008          2009
    5.4%         3.4%         3.4%          3.2%          2.8%          3.8%         -0.4%
    2010      May 2010 June 2010 July 2010 Aug. 2010                 Sep. 2010     Oct. 2010
    1.6%          -0.1         -0.2          0.3           0.2           0.2           0.2
 Nov. 2010    Dec. 2010     Jan. 2011    Feb. 2011 Mar. 2011 April 2011 May 2011
     0.1           0.4          0.4          0.5           0.5           0.4           0.2
Source: Department of Labor. Consumer Price Index (CPI) All Urban Consumers July 13, 2010,
Reed, Steve. Consumer Price Index. May 2011. Bureau of Labor Statistics. June 15, 2011 Chart
1 One-month percent change in CPI for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U), seasonally adjusted, May
  2010 - May 2011, Sanders, Tony J. Table 17. Defense of Social Security Caucus: U.S. v. M.J.
                        Astrue Esq. Hospitals & Asylums. HA-1-7-11

Actuarial economic estimates for the Social security and Medicare program Cost-of-living-
adjustments (COLA) are based primarily in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) as reflected in the
Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U). Historically, the CPI increased at an
average annual rate of 4.6 percent for the 40 years from 1968 to 2008, the result of average
annual increases of 6.5, 6.0, 3.2, and 2.8 percent for the 10-year periods 1968-78, 1978-88, 1988-
98, and 1998-2008, respectively. From June 2010 to May 2011 the CPI-U for all items increased
3.6 percent before seasonal adjustment. From 2009 to 2011 SSA beneficiaries have not gotten a
COLA because SSA believed there had been no inflation. In 2009 the CPI-U was negative, -
0.4% for the whole year. The first few months of 2010 were also negative. However, since July
2010 the CPI-U has been positive every month. The historical tables of the Bureau of Labor
Statistics indicate that the although 2010 got off to a rocky start inflation with deflation
continuing through May 2010 in July 2010 inflation became positive and remained between
0.4% to 0.1% through May 2011 . Although CPI-U information may not have been public until
June 15, 2011 SSA has made a grievous error. 2010 CPI-U was estimated by BLS at 1.6%
however SSA did not give as COLA as is usually done. In 2012 SSA will have to make up for
the deprivation of COLA with 1.6% for 2010 and an estimated 3.6% for 2011 – 5.2%. The law
needs to be repealed and rewritten to provide for a fixed 3% annual COLA unless CPI-U should
exceed 3% in the preceding year. This restitution is needed for SSI Class $666 ($674 2009-
2011) to provide vital insight into the global economic recovery from the 6.6 billion world
population (2006), $66.6 trillion global economy (2008) and 6.6 million population in Libya
(2011). Unlike these other disastrous calculations of the number of the beast, but strikingly
similar to the international criminal coup of the prosecutor, SSI Class $666 ($674 2009-2011)
stands out as being an arbitrary creation of feebleminded men lacking insight into the full extent
of the evidence tampering, witness intimidation and other Crimes by or affecting Persons
Engaged in the Business of Insurance whose Activities affect Interstate Commerce under
18USC(47)§1033(d)(c) by M.J. Astrue Esq. Defrauding beneficiaries with the number of the
beast cannot be construed as failing an unimportant religious test, the biblical evidence indicates
that this badge is cruel and unusual, Revelation 13:10&18 states, If anyone is to go into captivity,
into captivity he will go. If anyone is to be killed with the sword, with the sword he will be
killed. This calls for wisdom, if anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for
it is man’s number. His number is 666. After 1.6% inflation in 2010 and 3.6% in the first half of
2011 a 5.2% COLA is expected for the beneficiaries in December 2011. Furthermore in FY
2012 SSA is expected to begin to pay the >$50 billion cost of SSI from the OASDI fund for the
relief of the General Fund, without incurring a deficit until FY 2020. Both M.J. Astrue (R) Esq.
Commissioner of Social Security and Ray Lahood (R) Transportation Secretary must be
impeached before they are arrested for delinquency with government funds as in US v. Thomas
Fillebrown, Secretary of Commissioners of Navy Hospitals 32 US 28 7 Pet. 28 (1833). Stanley
Friendship, Regional Commissioner for the Seattle Region, a social worker, has been nominated
as an African American Acting candidate for Obama’s Commissioner of Social Security to the
Defense of Social Security Caucus HA-1-7-11.

Art. 7 Adjusting to U.S. Customs

Customs is not difficult for the White House to create. The Department of Homeland Security
has done a good job limiting spending growth in FY 2012 to 1.5% over the prior year after being
criticized for their greed in 2010. Since S & P lowered the sovereign debt rating the fraud, waste
and abuse in the executive branch regarding their trillion accounting error, will no longer
tolerated and agencies over 3% annual growth from FY 2008 will find that they run out of
money like the FAA, whether or not they have the permission of the dissolved 112th Congress
whose CBO is equally insolvent with the OMB. The law of supply and demand simply doesn’t
apply to Recovery Act addicts like rude Ray LaHood (R) Transportation Secretary. The law of
supply and demand is fundamental to all other relations except that when dealing with the
macroeconomics of federal agencies the law of diminishing returns limits spending growth to the
reasonable 3% annual increase we all expect in our wages. Otherwise realizing the separation of
domestic law enforcement and Customs to better treat the self-inflicted auto-immune disorder
that has compromised the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations of
1946 is a very simple matter of transferring FEMA to the White House, and the Federal
Protective Service and Federal Law Enforcement Training Center to the DoJ and levying a $1.3
million fine to eliminate the cyber-mission integration program as a Restrictions on former
officers, employees, and elected officials of the executive and legislative branches under

The program costs of the Federal Protective Service (FPS) are projected to be $1,261,537,000 in
FY 2012. Program costs of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center are projected to be
$276,413,000 in FY 2012. Therefore OMB should increase spending by the Department of
Justice by $1,537 million, from $33,129 million to $35,666 million. Furthermore, the Federal
Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) needs to be transferred to the Executive Office
of the President. FEMA budget authority is projected by DHS to be $6,218,433,000 in FY 2012.
Therefore OMB should increase spending by the Executive Office of the President from $434
FY 2011 $574 million FY 2012, after a Bush high of $18.8 billion in 2004, to $6,774 million and
growing. The Executive Office of the President and OMB should account for the regular
expenses of FEMA as well as extraordinary costs incurred by presidential disaster and
emergency declarations. How nice if the Executive Office of the President, that includes the
Office of Management and Budget, would account for the total annual toll of natural disasters.
Until Hurricane Irene all the extraordinary costs of FEMA FY 2011 had been born by private
litigation but the $7 billion cost of Hurricane Irene is paid for with the $100 billion offshore

receipt returned for the Treasury with the Transportation Department was named sole
beneficiary, that does increase spending of the Executive Office of the President from $6,616 in
FY million to $13,616 million in FY 2011. It will do the OMB good to keep FEMA close to
their own head capital in the Executive Office of the President to keep volatile disaster relief
accounting up to date. OMB will have to reduce Department of Transportation (DoT) spending
from $89,662 million to $73 billion to remain within 3% annual growth of FY 2008 in FY 2012.
DoT must reduce their spending projections from $129 billion to $73 billion. After serious
review there is no way that any extra spending on the Recovery Act addicted Department can be
allowed in FY 2012 even highways and high speed rail should fit in the margin of 3% annual
growth of agency budgets. As for Customs, OMB shall reduce spending on the so-called
Department of Homeland Security, by $7,727 million from $46,901 million to $39,174 million,
and change the name of the historical column from Homeland Security to Customs. Homeland
Security, Customs, shall reduce their total budget authority from $57 billion to $49.3 billion, and
their adjusted net discretionary authority to $43.2 billion. Customs is complete. The 112th
Congress is dissolved. This audit enables the Transfer of Functions under 5USCIIIB(35)I§3503

                        OMB Customs Revisions FY 2012 (in millions)

          DHS                 Customs              OMB DHS             OMB Customs
          FY 2012             FY 2012              FY 2012             FY2012
          43,182              39,174               46,901              39,174
          OMB Executive       OMB Executive        OMB                 OMB
          Office of the       Office of the        Department of       Department of
          President FY        President FY         Justice FY 2012     Justice FY 2012
          2012                2012 with FEMA                           with FPS and
          434             13,616                   33,129              35,666
          DoT Budget      OMB DoT                  OMB DoT FY          Effect on the
          Request FY 2012                          2012 3% annual      Federal Budget
                                                   growth from FY
          129,000             89,662               75,000     0.365 for the
Source: OMB Historical Tables, DHS Budget-in-Brief FY 2012, DoT Budget Request FY 2012

Federal negligence is as abusive as it is wasteful, with M.J. Astrue Esq.’s Independence day
sinusitis virus wearing out A.N. Mayorkas Esq.’s siesta enforcement unleashed a pneumococcal
bacterial for HA day that killed at least one person in Cincinnati from an untreated tooth ache.
For those attempting to deal with either SSA, USCIS or the right wing of CMS, at this time, it is
strongly advised to purchase penicillin beforehand, penicillin is more effective against
pneumonia and respiratory viruses, such as influenza, that are resistant to other antibiotics and
drug therapy. I regret the broad spectrum DRACO antiviral drug, that kills the HIV virus in the
laboratory along with dozens of common cold viruses without harming human cells, was only a
news release to give victims of the viral epidemic some hope and is not readily available on the
market nor even for human trials at this time. The viral sinusitis lasts for weeks without citrus
but is not very disabling, as discomfiting as a chronically runny nose may be. The bacterial
sinusitis causes crippling headaches from noon to sunset. K. Salazar Esq’s agenda to turn me
into a bat with WNS has succeeded despite the athlete’s foot cream on the cheeks that gives
runners with thrush wings after dark, no mere undocumented alien, after all. Obviously the only
way to survive rude Ray LaHood (R)’s Homeland Security is to go camping in the wilderness
until November. Lawyers in executive office clearly have the tendency to render society
completely toxic to human life while they go about corrupting and robbing the rest of the
government secure in the knowledge that the petitioners are not physically and mentally healthy
enough to govern. I now wish to turn your attention to the Harvard law college concealing assets
in Obama Esq.’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Jacob L. Lew Esq. balanced the
budget 1998-2001 but his bio conceals his Harvard law degree although it does disclose that he is
a member of the same Massachusetts bar as M.J. Astrue Esq., also a Harvard law grad, there is
no doubt that both must be recused to prevent bioterrorism and natural disaster. The accounting
discrepancies with the budget reports of responsible Executive Departments are simply too
deviant not to suspect foul play by Bush’s legal defense firm, Obama cannot seem to impeach
Bush’s republican saboteurs The OMB led Intellectual Property Enforcement Program poses a
terrorist threat regarding the use of weapons of mass destruction under 18USC(113B)§2332a at
the absolute height of the deficit not having purchased the balanced federal budget from the
author for $1,000 inclines one to suspect Harvard law graduates are too red to read. Jeffrey
Zients, the Deputy Director for Management and Chief Performance Officer is the better client
representative to adjust the tables of the OMB to reflect the sub-legislative changes to the
Executive bureaucracy made in this work and to purchase rights to the Federal Budget in
Balance: Comparison of Bush and Obama HA-28-2-10 as micromanaged by the tables in the
summary of the 6th Draft of the Public Health Department (PHD).

Customs returned $29 billion to the Treasury in 2009 and kept $13.4 billion in mandatory and
offsetting fees and trust fund interest, for total revenues in excess of $42.4 billion in FY 2012.
After removing irrelevant agencies Customs would turn a profit for the Treasury. All that
remains is to determine whether the Federal Court of Claims can process these claims by email
or if the United States must be deprived of HA. The Federal Court of Claims however does not
advertise an email address of any sort on their website whereby it will impossible to correspond
with them, unless they make a good faith effort to communicate with HA, therefore it would be
better if we all did not Esq. and settled the extremely petty differences of the United States with
the author of the balanced federal budget, who has amended the $5 a night bill for squatting St.
Elizabeth’s Hospital to the full $365,000 price of the HA bicentennial in the Customs House Act,
St. Elizabeth (CHAStE) e-Motion of 2011.

Foreign Assistance Related Statistics, by Nation, 2007 to Help the Census Account for $1.5
                   billion in US Aid to Somalia and East Africa, 2011

         Country           Population      GDP in       Per       ODA      US Aid US
                                           billions    capita     Millions          Military
                                                                  2008              Ass. ‘07
   Afghanistan      28,395,716   23.35    $800     -4,865   -2,174   -3,642
     Akrotiri         15,700
     Albania         3,639,453    22.9    $6.300   -386      -36       -4
     Algeria        34,178,188   239.6    $7,000   -316
     Andorra          83,888      4.22   $44,900
     Angola         12,799,293   114.4    $8,900   -369      -48
    Anguilla          14,436     0.175   $12,200    -3
   Antigua &          85,632      1.55    18,100    -8
    Argentina      40,913,584     558    $13,800
      Aruba          103,065     2.258   $21,800
    Australia       21,262,641   824.3   $38,800   2,954
     Austria         8,210,281   323.1   $39,400   1,714
   Azerbaijan        8,238,672   86.03   $10,400   -235      -52       -5
    Bahamas          307,552     5.295   $29,800
     Bahrain          728,709     17.7   $25,300
   Bangladesh      156,050,883   242.4    $1,600   -2,061    -91       -2
    Barbados         284,589     4.569   $18,500     -9.1
     Belarus         9,648,533    116    $11,600    -110
    Belgium         10,414,336    381    $36,600    2,386
      Belize         307,899     2.485    $8,100      -25
      Benin          8,791,832   13.25    $1,500    -641
    Bermuda           67,837       4.5   $69,900
     Bhutan           691,141    3.763    $5,400    -87
     Bolivia        9,775,246    45.11    $4,600   -628     -181
    Bosnia &         4,025,476   29.07    $6,300   -482      -43      -10
    Botswana         1,990,876    26     $13,100   -716
      Brazil       198,739,269   2,025   $10,200   -460
  British Virgin      24,491     0.872   $38,500
      Brunei          388,190    6.842   $23,600
    Bulgaria         7,204,687   90.51   $12,600     0       -19      -24
  Burkina Faso      15,746,232   18.79    $1,200   -998
Burma(Myanmar)      48,137,741   56.92    $1,100   -534
     Burundi         9,511,330   3.247     $300    -509      -38
    Cambodia        14,494,293   28.09    $1,900   -743      -73       -1
   Cameroon         18,879,301   42.76    $2,300   -525
     Canada         33,487,208   1,285   $38,400   4,785
   Cape Verde         429,474      1.7    $3,400   -219
 Cayman Islands       49,035      2.25   $43,800
 Central-African     4,511,488   3.327     $700    -256
        Chad          10,329,208    16.26    $1,600    -416    -97
       Chile        16,601,707      243.7   $14,700     -73
       China        1,338,612,968   8,789    $6,600   -1,489
Christmas Island        1,402
 Cocos (Keeling)          596
     Colombia       43,677,372       401    $9,200     -972    -410    -87
     Comoros          752,438       0.761   $1,000      -37
      Congo-         68,692,542     21.33    $300     -1,610   -148
 Republic of the
 Congo-Republic      4,012,809      16.41   $4,100     -505
   Cook Islands         11,870      0.184    $9,100     -6
    Costa Rica       4,253,877      48.63   $10,900    -66
   Cote d’Ivoire     20,617,068     35.82    $1,700    -617
      Croatia         4,489,409     79.21   $17,600      0
        Cuba        11,451,652      111.1    $9,700    -127
      Cyprus          1,084,748     22.97   $21,200
 Czech Republic      10,211,904     256.6   $25,100
     Denmark          5,500,510     198.6   $36,000   2,803
     Dhekelia           15,700
     Djibouti          724,622      2.011    $2,800    -121
     Dominica          72,660       0.743   $10,200     -22
    Dominican        9,650,054      80.53    $8,300    -153
     Ecuador        14,573,101      108.2    $7,400    -231     -66
       Egypt         78,866,635     471.2    $6,000   -1,348   -671   -1,301
    El Salvador      7,185,218      42.92    $7,100    -233    -504     -9
Equatorial Guinea      633,441       23.2   $36,600     -38
      Eritrea         5,647,168     4.198     $700     -143     -3
      Estonia         1,299,371     24.36   $18,700
     Ethiopia        85,237,338     76.74     $900    -3,327   -468     -2
 Falkland Islands       3,140       0.105   $35,400
   Faroe Islands        49,057       1.56   $48,200
         Fiji          944,720      3.704    $3,900     -45
      Finland         5,250,275     182.6   $34,900    1,166
      France         64,057,792     2,110   $32,800   10,908
  French Guiana        199,509      1.551    $8,300
French Polynesia       291,000      4.718   $18,000
      Gabon           1,514,993     20.99   $13,900     -55
   Gambia, The        1,778,081     2.471    $1,400     -94
      Georgia         4,615,807     20.29    $4,400    -888    -87     -11
   Germany         82,329,758    2,811   $34,100   13,981
     Ghana         23,887,812    36.57    $1,500   -1,293   -619       -2
   Gibraltar          28,877     1.106   $38,500
     Greece        10,737,428     341    $32,100    703
   Greenland          57,637      2.03   $35,400
    Grenada          90,739      1.156   $10,800    -33
  Guadeloupe         448,713     3.513    $7,900
      Guam           180,865       2.5   $15,000
  Guatemala       13,276,517     69.21   $5,200     -536     -83
   Guernsey           65,632     2.742   $44,600
     Guinea        10,057,975    10.48    $1,000    -319
 Guinea-Bissau      1,533,964    0.933     $600     -132
    Guyana          752,940      2.844    $3,800    -166
       Haiti       9,035,536      11.9    $1,300    -912    -208       -2
   Holy See            829
   Honduras        7,833,696     33.17    $4,200    -564     -62       -3
Hong Kong SAR       7,089,705    301.6   $42,700      0
    Hungary         9,905,596    184.9   $18,600
    Iceland          306,694     12.15   $39,600
       India     1,173,108,018   3,560    $3,100   -2,108   -158       -2
   Indonesia      240,271,522    969.2    $4,000   -1,225   -235       -9
        Iran       68,688,433     876    $12,900     -98
        Iraq       28,945,569     112     $3,600   -9,870   -4,050   -4,143
     Ireland        4,203,200    176.9   $42,200    1,328
  Isle of Man         76,913     2.719   $35,000
      Israel        7,233,701    206.8   $28,400     0      -168     -2,340
       Italy       58,126,212    1,760   $27,700   4,861
    Jamaica        2,825,928     23.24    $8,200    -79      -34       -2
      Japan       126,804,433    4,137   $32,600   9,579
      Jersey          91,812       5.1   $57,000
     Jordan         6,269,285    33.05    $5,300    -742    -349     -211
  Kazakhstan       15,399,437    182.3   $11,800    -333    -100      -4
     Kenya         39,002,772    63.73    $1,600   -1,360   -522
    Kiribati          99,482     0.597    $6,100     -27
 Korea, North      22,757,275      40     $1,900    -218
 Korea, South      48,636,068    1,356   $28,000    800
    Kosovo          1,815,048      5.3    $2,500             -93
   Kurdistan       36,200,000     225     $6,250
    Kuwait          2,692,526    145.7   $54,100    209
   Kyrgystan        5,431,747    11.66    $2,100    -360     -46       -3
       Laos         6,993,767    15.07    $2,100    -496
     Latvia         2,231,503     32.4   $14,500

   Lebanon           4,017,095   53.68    $13,100   -1,076
    Lesotho          2,130,819   3.273     $1,700    -143
    Liberia          3,441,790   1.627      $500    -1,250   -204   -56
     Libya           6,324,357   95.88    $15,200     -60
 Liechtenstein         34,761     4.16   $122,100
   Lithuania         3,555,179   54.84    $15,400
 Luxembourg           491,775    36.37    $78,000   415
 Macau SAR            567,957    18.47    $33,000     0
  Macedonia          2,066,718   18.77     $9,000   -250      -34   -4
 Madagascar         20,653,556    20.5     $1,000   -841      -66
    Malawi          15,028,757   12.81      $900    -913     -107   -1
   Malaysia         26,160,256   381.1    $14,800   -158
   Maldives           396,334    1.673     $4,200    -54
     Mali           13,443,225   15.52     $1,200   -964     -535
     Malta            405,165    7.223    $18,200
Marshall Islands       65,859    0.134     $2,500    -53     -48
  Martinique          432,900    6.117    $14,400
  Mauritania         3,129,486   6.568     $2,100   -311
   Mauritius         1,284,264    15.9    $12,400   -110
   Mayotte            231,139
    Mexico         111,211,789   1,482   $13,500    -149      -88
  Micronesia          107,154    0.238    $2,200     -94     -100
   Moldova           4,320,748   9.986    $2,300    -299
   Monaco              32,965    0.976   $30,000
   Mongolia          3,086,918   9.456    $3,200     -246
 Montenegro           672,180    6.708    $9,800     -106
  Montserrat            5,097    0.029    $3,400      -35
   Morocco          31,285,174   146.7    $4,600    -1,217    -74   -14
 Mozambique         21,669,278   20.17     $900     -1,994   -259    -1
   Namibia           2,108,665   13.58    $6,400     -207     -89
     Nauru             14,264    0.060    $5,000      -31
     Nepal          28,951,852   33.25    $1,200     -716    -80    -1
 Netherlands        16,715,999   654.9   $39,200     6,993
 Netherlands          219,958     2.8    $16,000
New Caledonia         229,993    3.158   $15,000
 New Zealand         4,252,277   114.9   $27,300     348
  Nicaragua        5,891,199     16.53    $2,800     -741    -56    -2
     Niger          15,306,252   10.45     $700      -605
    Nigeria        149,229,090   357.2    $2,400    -1,290   -336   -2
     Niue              1,354      0.01    $5,800      -18
Norfolk Island         2,155

Northern Mariana      48,317      0.900    $12,500
     Norway          4,660,539    273.1    $58,600     3,963
       Oman          3,418,085    69.48    $23,900      -32
     Pakistan       174,578,558   449.3     $2,600    -1,539   -665     -312
       Palau          20,879      0.164     $8,100      -43
     Palestine       4,013,126    12.75     $2,900    -2,593   -165
      Panama        3,360,474     40.32    $11,900      -29
    Papua New        6,064,515    14.02     $2,400     -304
     Paraguay        6,995,655    28.27     $4,100    -134
        Peru        29,546,963     253      $8,600    -466     -165
    Philippines      99,900,177   324.8     $3,300     -61     -126     -43
 Pitcairn Islands        48
      Poland         38,482,919    463      $12,000              -2     -31
     Portugal        10,707,924   233.4     $21,800    620
   Puerto Rico      3,966,213     68.14     $17,200
       Qatar          833,285     101.4    $121,700
     Romania         22,215,421   255.4     $11,500     0        -22     -16
      Russia        140,041,244   2,116     $15,100            -1,481   -112
     Rwanda          10,746,311   10.13      $900     -931      -119      -1
Saint Barthelemy       7,406
  Saint Helena,        7,637      0.018     2,500      -66
  Ascension &
Tristan da Cunha
  Saint Kitts &       40,131      0.753    $15,200     -46
    Saint Lucia      160,267       1.75    $10,900     -19
  Saint Pierre &      7,063       0.0483    $7,000
 Saint Vincent &     104,574       1.55    $18,100     -27
      Samoa           192,001     1.025     $5,400     -39
Samoa, American        66,432     0.575     $8,000
   San Marino          30,167     1.662    $41,900
   Sao Tome e         212,679     0.292     $1,700     -47
  Saudi Arabia      28,686,633    585.8    $20,400     1,734
      Senegal       13,711,597    22.38     $1,600    -1,058    -68      -2
       Serbia        7,379,339    78.36    $10,400    -1,047
    Seychelles        87,476      1.682    $19,400      -12
   Sierra Leone      5,132,138    4.622      $900      -367
    Singapore        4,701,069    235.7    $50,300       0
    Slovakia        5,463,046    115.7    $21,200
    Slovenia        2,005,692    39.41    $19,600
Solomon Islands      609,794      1.57     $2,600    -224
    Somalia         9,832,017    5.731      $600     -758
 South Africa      49,052,489    495.1    $10,100   -1,125   -393
     Spain         40,525,002    1,368    $33,700    6,867
   Sri Lanka       21,513,990    96.43     $4,500    -730     -42     -1
     Sudan         41,087,825    92.81     $2,300   -2,384   -926    -254
   Suriname         481,267      4.274     $9,000    -102
    Svalbard          2,067
   Swaziland        1,337,186     5.882    $4,400     -67
    Sweden          9,059,651     333.5   $36,800    4,732
  Switzerland       7,604,467      317    $41,700    2,038
      Syria        21,762,978     100.7    $4,600    -136
    Taiwan         23,024,956     717.7   $29,800      0
   Tajikstan        7,349,145      13.8    $1,800    -291     -33     -1
   Tanzania        41,048,532     57.89    $1,400   -2,331   -253
    Thailand       66,404,688     538.6    $8,100    -621
  Timor-Leste       1,131,612      2.74    $2,400    -278
      Togo          6,031,808     5.202     $900     -330
    Tokelau           1,400      0.0015    $1,000     -21
     Tonga           122,580      0.552    $4,600     -26
  Trinidad &       1,229,953      28.41   $23,100     -12
    Tunisia        10,175,014    83.21     $8,000    -479
     Turkey        76,805,524    863.3    $11,200   -2,024    -12    -18
 Turkmenistan       4,884,887    33.58     $6,900     -18
Turks & Caicos       22,942      0.216     11,500    -4.1
     Tuvalu          10,472      0.015     $1,600     -17
    Uganda         32,369,558    43.22     $1,300   -1,657   -370
    Ukraine        45,700,395    294.3     $6,400    -618    -155    -11
  United Arab       4,798,491    201.4    $42,000    181
United Kingdom      61,113,205    2,149   $35,600   11,500
 United States    307,212,123    14,260   $46,400   26,842   28,915 13,025
    Uruguay         3,494,382     44.52   $12,700    -33
  Uzbekistan        27,606,007    77.55    $2,800    -187     -17
    Vanuatu          221,552      1.041    $4,800     -92
   Venezuela       26,814,843     350.1   $13,100     -59
    Vietnam         89,571,130    258.1    $2,900   -2,552
 Virgin Islands      109,825      1.577   $14,500
   Wallis and         15,343       0.06    $3,800    -131

     Western Sahara       405,210          0.9     $2,500
         Yemen           22,858,238      58.19     $2,500      -305
         Zambia          11,862,740       18.5     $1,500     -1,086     -201
        Zimbabwe         11,392,629      0.332      $100       -611      -140
Source: US Bureau of the Census. Foreign Commerce and Foreign Aid. Series 1261-1263. Last
updated December 17, 2009, Sanders, Tony J. Empirical US Foreign Assistance Statistics at the
Close of the American Imperial Century: An Act to Secure a Voluntary 1 percent ODA Tax on
                                    Income HA-31-9-10

 Sanders, Tony J. Customs House Act, St. Elizabeth. 77 pgs. Hospitals & Asylums HA-5-9-11


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