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Bonjour! Today is the day you decide to say “OUI” (yes!) to winning.
Paris France is in your future… of THAT you are certain. Now you must focus on making your certainty a reality.
It begins by starting NOW!

The ‘Early Bird’ flies to Paris!
Insure that you will be ON THE PLANE when Park Lane departs for France by
qualifying for every possible bonus point. First and foremost, you need the FAST
START BONUS. Earning bonus points will probably be the difference between
winning the trip or not. Ooh la la! Paris beckons you.
Do not hesitate; ready, set, GO!

Your dream destination: PARIS!
It’s little wonder that so many wistful songs and stories have been penned over
the years about France’s capital, Paris. Few cities leave the visitor with such
vivid impressions, whether it’s the stately artistic gardens that surround majestic
palaces, the awe-inspiring grandeur of Notre Dame, the tranquil riverside parks,
the sound of blues emanating from atmospheric cellar bars, the scent of freshly
baked croissants wafting out of the quaint bakeries, or the ancient alleyways and
cobbled lanes of the historic Latin Quarter and art-infused Montmartre.

Paris has no problem living up to the painted images and movie myths with
which we’re all familiar. Indeed, the whole city is something of a work of art.
Two thousand years of shaping and reshaping have resulted in monumental
buildings, sweeping avenues, grand esplanades and celebrated bridges. Many
of its older buildings have survived intact, having been spared the ravages of
flood and fire and war. Moreover, they survive with a sense of continuity, as
new sits comfortably against a backdrop of old – the glass Pyramid against the
grand fortress of the Louvre. The Column of Liberty abgains the Opera Bastille.
Time has acted as judge, as buildings once surrounded in controversy - the Eif-
fel Tower, the Sacre-Coeur, the Pompidou Centre – have in their turn, become
well-known and beloved symbols of their city. Yet with all the tremendous pomp
and magnificence of its monuments, Paris operates on a very human scale, with
exquisite secretive little nooks tucked away off the Grand Boulevards and very
definite little communities revolving around their outdoor markets and the local
boulangerie and café.

Paris museums and galleries, not least the mighty Louvre, number among the world’s finest. You’ll also find many
fascinating collections housed in beautiful old mansions and palaces, while others occupy the bold and unusual, like
the former train station, now the world-famous museum, Musee d’Orsay.

Few cities can compete with the thousands or more cafes, bars and restaurants that line every Parisian street and
boulevard. The variety of style, décor and cuisine is hard to beat too. During the day, Paris celebrates fashion. Here,
fashion is its own art form. Park Laners rejoice; Paris is a shopper’s dream destination. The city entertains best at
night, with a deserved reputation for outstanding film and music and theatre. But just to take an evening stroll along
the famed Champs-Elysees or to watch as the Eiffel tower illuminates against the night sky provides entertainment
enough to last a lifetime.

           Join your friends as Park Lane embarks on this special excursion.
             Come with us and experience Park Lane’s Adventure in Paris!

  2   The Network
Paris! The dream trip of a lifetime! The Paris contest has just been announced and YOU really want to win! Well, you can… just
follow a few simple guidelines and you will be dining with other Park Laners in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower or perhaps enjoying
a leisurely cup of cappuccino in a quaint Parisian café along one of the most famous streets in the world, the Champs Elysees!
This is a dream trip, but you can make the dream your reality if you ACT NOW! Want to win? Then, TAKE THESE STEPS imme-

1) DECIDE that you want to, and that you will, win the trip! The decision starts you on the path to victory!

2) YOU CAN DO IT! Believe that you are worth it; that you deserve to earn this trip. That you deserve to vacation in Paris with
all of the other Park Lane winners!

3) UNDERSTAND THE QUALIFICATIONS! Read the brochure cover-to-cover; if you have questions, ask your manager for clari-

4) DO A PERSONAL CALENDAR CHECK UP! The very best place to find potential recruits is at your shows. Guests who attend
most assuredly like jewelry, are friendly, and just might be looking for a home-based business. And, don’t ignore the obvious: your
most likely recruit is your hostess.

5) SET DATES FOR EIGHT (8) NEW PERSONAL SHOWS. Remember Park Lane’s slogan: “Eight Will Make You Great!” With
eight new hostesses to work with, you will potentially have, 80 new people (10 guests at every show) who can be tempted by you
to listen to what Park Lane has to offer. Give your shows a French theme, and “Voila!”… The more fun the guests have, the more
bookings and recruits you’ll have!

6) PLAN OPPORTUNITY EVENTS. Immediately hold your first Opportunity Event to launch the new catalog collection and an-
nounce the trip contest to prospects. Do it NOW! The guests who attend will have plenty of time to win the trip themselves, espe-
cially if they start at the beginning of the contest. Share the opportunity for a great career AND an all-expense-paid FREE vacation
in Paris, France!

7) UNDERSTAND THE POWER OF “PARIS”. “Paris”….The word alone commands attention. A destination like Paris, France,
is a great conversation starter. Whether you are at a show or shopping for something new to wear to Paris, the trip is a terrific re-
cruiting tool! Start talking about the Paris trip and you will have their attention! Better yet, learn a few words in French just to make
it interesting!

8) RIGHT NOW IS THE VERY BEST TIME TO START! We are entering the fall selling season. The retail shops are already show-
ing fall styles! Check out what is new on the fashion scene and use your ideas to book your personal shows. In advance, ask a few
guests at to wear specific colors to the show, and then accessorize them with your new jewelry ensembles. Deliver value, interesting
information and entertaining tips at your shows and you will fill your calendar.

9) YOU GET PAID WEEKLY. As you book and recruit your way to Paris, you are making money all along the way! You just can’t
lose! Besides rewarding you with a vacation in a fabulous destination, the real purpose of the trip contest is the opportunity it creates
for you to expand and grow your business.

10) BE DETERMINED TO WIN ! If you prefer, Park Lane offers a cash alternative prize in lieu of the trip, so either way, you are in
a WIN-WIN situation. You’ll build your business and you’ll earn a fabulous reward!

Here is an EXAMPLE of how easy it is to earn the trip. You can do it with just 4 personal recruits and your personal sales.
Of course, you can recruit more people, and all their sales count too!

• Bonus points for submitting three ($500 net) personal recruits within first 6 weeks.                 6000 points
• Bonus points for $3000 in personal sales (doubled) within the first 6 weeks (6/$500 shows)           6000 points
• 10/ $500 (net/non) personal shows – in remaining 8 weeks of contest.                                5000 points
   A personal recruit holding 10/$500 shows is $5000 (net/non) in recruit sales.
• 4 of these personal (qualified@$1000) recruits’ sales X $5000 (net/non) =                          20,000 points

                                                       TOTAL POINTS for ONE TRIP to PARIS!           37,000 points

Keep it simple! YOU submit a total of 16/$500 shows and your 4 recruits submit 10/$500 shows each! The Fast Start Bonus
Points are critical… With a Fast Start early in the trip qualifying weeks, you are practically guaranteed to win the trip! See yourself
in Paris! … Voila!
                                                                                                                  AUGUST 2009         3
                     Jewels by Park Lane commemorates 54 years of success!
                                 Anniversary Weeks Celebration
                             Two-week campaign: Business processed August 19th and 26th, 2009

For 54 years Park Lane has provided countless thousands of people with exquisite jewelry, generous incentives, and an
incredible business opportunity. We are grateful to all the customers and hostesses we have met over the last five plus decades
and of course, we appreciate each and every representative who has joined our Park Lane family. We want to honor these
associations with gifts and special offers to show our “appreciation”…

                Directors... We appreciate YOU and all that you do, so to show our appreciation we’ve designed
                          incredibly beautiful jewels to reward your Anniversary Weeks achievements.
                                     Refer to the contest brochure for details and go for it all!

           Customer Anniversary Appreciation Sale… a FREE Bonus Item!
The minimum order requirement to qualify for a FREE Bonus Item is reduced from $60 to just $30.00!
• Customers who place a $30.00 or more order and purchase a matching value Bonus Item for $12.00
   are entitled to a SECOND Bonus Item for FREE!
• Customers who place a min. $60 order and purchase two matching value Bonus Items for $12 each
   may choose a THIRD Bonus Item for FREE!
• Customers who place a min. $90 order and purchase three matching value Bonus Items for $12 each
   may choose a FOURTH Bonus Item for FREE!

            Hostess Anniversary Appreciation SPECTACULAR SPECIALS!
             In addition to August’s generous special offers, hostesses who hold their show
                  during Anniversary Weeks receive even MORE perks and bonuses!!

Month of August special hostess offers:
• Ten and Double special ($20 hostess credit per order DOUBLES to $40 per order)
• Get Up and Go getaway vacation is a Three Booking Gift option
• Say “yes!” with Party On ring! ($12.00 plus tax)
• Limone bracelet discounted to $19.00 plus tax, OR with $800 + a booking… Limone is FREE!
                      Anniversary Weeks Hostesses ALSO receive…
   “Take Two!” Double Thank You Awards! Hosting an Anniversary Weeks Show is TWICE as NICE! Anniversary Weeks
   hostesses may choose TWO Thank You Awards for $10.00 each!
                          Double their pleasure! Thank them ONCE… Thank them TWICE!

   Triple HRCs… up to $150 additional hostess credit! ($15 fee)
   Anniversary Weeks hostesses may qualify for up to THREE $50 Hostess Reward Certificates (HRCs) for a total of $150 in
   additional hostess credit. There is a $5.00 fee for each $50 HRC; redeeming $150 credit would incur a $15.00 fee. Directors
   are encouraged to issue a tiered challenge to their hostesses to earn each $50 extra credit certificate.

   Suggestions: Choose a bonus date, secure an advance booking, gather 5 or more absentee orders, have 8 or more buying
   guests in attendance, arrange for a director prospect referral to hear the PL opportunity, etc.

Anniversary Weeks Offers…
   • Free Bonus Item (min. $30 order)
   • Ten and Double - with ten orders or more, credit per order doubles to $40.00!
   • Double Thank You Awards – Hostess chooses her TWO favorite ($10.00 fee each)
   • Triple HRCs – Up to three $50 certificates ($5 fee each) = $150 additional hostess credit
   • Get Up and Go getaway vacation is a special Three Booking Gift option
   • $5.00 Kit Sale for new recruits

                                      Happy Anniversary Park Lane!
  4   The Network
Jewels by Park Lane… in a league all its own!
Where else, but in Park Lane, can you earn top profits AND a car bonus AND travel the world for
free AND be showered with awards and prizes month after month?
Our generous incentive package is the envy of the industry!

It all starts with our fabulous Success Builder’s program. This ongoing, month-by-month con-
test offers our representatives the chance to earn awards every single month. You can qualify for
free catalogs and free samples of next month’s new jewelry edition; even your clothing wardrobe
can be earned for free! There’s a bonus outfit at the end of the year, and for top leaders, annual
genuine diamond and gemstone rings!

Success Builder’s ROCKS! …and the hits just keep on coming!
This sensational contest has just become even more amazing! A new category has been add-
ed… one that is sure to cause excitement and create growth….

Every month, a different Park Lane present (valued as high as $300!) will be selected and re-
vealed on the cover of The Network! Qualify by processing $1,500 net + non-commissionable
sales plus one qualified* recruit on the commission dates of the month and earn your GIFT of the MONTH!
You can expect fabulous presents… valued up to $300! Sensational designer jewelry & watches, unique women’s ac-
cessories and designer goods, Park Lane Signature logo business accessories, and many other surprises.

*Recruit must start with min. $500 net sales processed on a commission date within the respective month, and go on
to qualify with a total of $1,000 net/non within four commission dates following their start date.

Best of all, the awards offered in Success Builder’s Contest are ACCUMULATIVE! Win the catalogs AND the New
jewelry editions AND the gift of the Month AND the outfits! In Park Lane, it’s PLUS + PLUS + PLUS!!!

Here’s your FIRST
Gift of the Month offer…

  This poem was written by Rose Coniglio (Panicola organi-   Qualify by processing $1,500 net + non-commis-
   zation) in celebration of Park Lane’s 54th Anniversary…   sionable sales plus one qualified* recruit on the
                                                             commission dates of the month and earn your
                                                             GIFT of the MONTH!
  To Art & Shirley… our king and queen
                 I think that we will never see              Each Park Lane “GIFT” promises to be as unique and
              A business sparkly & gold as thee;
                                                             special as YOU are! Make it your mission to qualify
                 Who’s only aim is so, so high
                  Whose only limit is the sky.               for each month’s selection, and let Park Lane shower
                                                             you with presents all year long!
             Helping others has won them fame,
            And high fashion jewelry is their game.
               In these days of stress & strain
             Our records show no loss just gain.

               Success is the vision that we see
              To help you become all you can be!

                                                                                                    AUGUST 2009   5
Park Lane’s stunning new supplement catalog will create a fashion frenzy for fall 2009 and beyond. The main catalog
and this new supplement work side-by-side to present the most comprehensive and exquisite collection of high fash-
ion jewelry in the industry. You have it all! Order plenty… these new supplement books will be a HOT item!

The New Collection is AMAZING!
Go home and host a Catalog Launch party. A Fashion Show. An Open House. Call it
whatever you choose, but tell EVERYONE that it’s time to grab their girlfriends for a fun
night out while exploring the exciting array of sensational jewelry in Park Lane’s new
supplement catalog. Invite them to “Party with Park Lane; either at your presentation/
party or at a show of their own. Explain that the new catalog is overflowing with the
hits of the season. Just in time for fall, Park Lane has created an array of classic and
casual and couture showstoppers to complement the new autumn-hued wardrobe that,
as we speak, is arriving in stores.

       Best of all, EVERYTHING in our line… even the brand new jewelry…
                              it’s ALL ON SALE!

 During August, our incredible Bonus Item offer has the added component of a
                          FREE Bonus Item as well.

It’s a “SALE” on the “SALE”!
• Customers who place a min. $60 order and purchase two matching value Bonus
Items for $12 each may choose a THIRD Bonus Item for FREE!
• Customers who place a min. $90 order and purchase three matching value Bonus Items for $12 each may choose a
FOURTH Bonus Item for FREE!

There’s POWER in numbers!
Holding shows or parties is the fastest way to reach a number of prospects with your new collection, but when sched-
uling a show doesn’t work out, arrange to get together with your customer for a one-on-one personal appointment.
Once they see the line, they will realize that there is so much they need and want, they’ll order AND they’ll set a show
date to introduce the new Park Lane supplement catalog to all their friends!

Sales Tips…
Dimensions necklace can be lengthened by
adding on the magnetic bracelet. Add two
bracelets to the necklace and fashion a low-
slung belt. Connect two necklaces to create a
long necklace to wear over a long top, dress or

The new Zebra necklace and earring ensemble
looks great worn with the black and white Es-
tate bracelet. Stacking two or three Francais
rings flatters the zebra stripes as well. Try it;
you’ll like it!

   6   The Network
                         Get off to a FAST START toward PARIS and
                     Earn DOUBLE CREDIT for your PERSONAL SALES!
             Six- week Fast Start time frame: August 5th through September 9th

                  Submit min. personal (net + non-comm.) sales of $1000 during the
                     Fast Start time frame, and ALL the sales you submit during
                                 those six weeks will count DOUBLE!!

SUCCESS BUILDER’S New Jewelry Editions…
You can earn samples of each monthly new jewelry edition by processing personal sales of $2,500 during the prior
month. For example, Directors who sold $2,500 net + non-commissionable sales in June, earned July’s new edition
for free! With $2,500 processed on the commission dates in July, the Director earned August’s edition. The new
jewelry was kept under wraps until convention; here are the designated items for the July and August editions.

July Edition:           Delicious necklace & earrings                              SEPTEMBER NEW EDITION
                        Beautiful necklace & earrings
                        Two-gether necklace - gold

August Edition:         Zebra necklace and earrings
                        Cats necklace and earrings
                        Roar bracelet

Right now, it’s time to qualify for SEPTEMBER’s new edition
samples. For your convenience, Park Lane has included September’s edition
(listed below) inside the new supplement catalog. Submit $2,500 processed on
the commission dates in August, and you will receive these fabulous items from
the new collection…

September Edition: Mystery necklace and earrings
                   Tiffany necklace, earrings and bracelet

The next edition that will contain brand new, not-yet-released jewelry will be the
October edition. You can earn October’s samples by processing the required sales on the commission dates in Sep-

Success Builders makes it easy to stay on top of the newest jewelry without any investment on your part.

“Real Housewives”… REALLY great necklace!
As we announced in last month’s Network, several Park Lane reps
reported seeing our Heidi necklace being worn by an actress on the TV show, “Real Housewives
of New Jersey”. Since then, at least two of our directors submitted this photo as “proof”!

Actress Dina Manzo is sporting what appears to be Heidi necklace on her girls-getaway-weekend
to Atlantic City. Thanks to Park Laners Griselda Piedra (IL) and Evamarie Gerri (NY) who were the
first two people to share this celebrity sighting photo!

                                                                                                    AUGUST 2009   7

Catch "YELLOW" fever…
LIMONE bracelet                (Retail value: $98.00)

Fashion gurus agree that the color yellow is so hot right
now that it cannot be stopped by a calendar. In fact, pre-
dictions are that its popularity will follow fashion right into
fall and beyond! Right on target, Park Lane’s new host-
ess specials are the perfect complements.

                                         August Hostess Bonus Buy
                                             Limone bracelet
               applicable for shows processed during the commission dates in August, 2009

LIMONE bracelet’s glamorous procession of oval-shaped, faux canary diamonds are set in ribbed silvertone.
                       LIMONE is exclusively available to August hostesses
                   only for just $19.00 plus tax; a mere fraction of its retail value.

            Even better, with a show totaling at least $800 net sales and a booking,
                    your hostess receives her LIMONE bracelet for FREE!

Limone bracelet is 7 1/2 inches long.
Directors may order a sample of Limone bracelet for $19.00 plus tax. Access the on-line supply cart to order.
Use item #10600 to order Limone bracelet at the Hostess Bonus Buy price of $19.00 plus tax.
Use item #1001 to award Limone bracelet as a FREE reward.

It’s ON!... the party that is!
Hostesses who say “YES!” to hosting a Park Lane show
of their own during the month of August may take
           Party-On ring (retail value $94)
              for just $12.00 plus tax.

• Applicable for shows processed during the commission
dates in August, 2009

Weighing in at nine and a half carats, this mega-watt, canary diamond CZ is surrounded by radiant clear
cubic zirconias. Those who say “Yes!” to hosting a show in August may take this eye-popping, designer-in-
spired ring as a special discounted bonus. Party On ring makes a great pairing with Limone bracelet,
August’s Hostess Bonus Buy!

Available in sizes 5-6-7-8-9-10
Directors may order a sample of Party-On ring for $20.00 plus tax. Access the on-line supply cart to order.

                         Say “YES!” and Party-On with Park Lane!
 8    The Network
                                             It’s getting HOT in here!
                   TEN & DOUBLE extended for August Hostesses!
                 Over and above all the amazing specials, you may offer your August hostesses the ultimate reward…
        Applicable to hostesses with a qualified show processed on a Wednesday commission date in August.
                                            Final deadline is August 29th.

                                            DOUBLE ORDER CREDIT!
   When a show closes with TEN or more orders, the hostess may be awarded DOUBLE CREDIT on Star #2!
             Instead of $20 credit per order, the hostess will receive a whopping $40 per order!

                                         It’s Star 2 X two! ADD IT UP!
For 10 orders, hostess shopping credit will total $400, for 15 orders shopping credit will be $600, and 20
orders will create $800 in hostess credit. There is no limit! Imagine the excitement you will create with this
special offer. Every hostess will do whatever it takes to make sure she has a minimum of ten orders so she
will earn DOUBLE REWARDS as well as the gorgeous “In Style” bracelet as an extra bonus gift!

Note: for the purpose of calculating the number of orders to determine hostess credit, the purchase of a service item alone does
not constitute a customer order, nor does the hostess purchase of half price items or “Hostess Only” merchandise (Star 3 and 4 of
the hostess plan).

Use this fabulous special offer to fill your August calendar. Extra effort now will pay off later! A busy August will
translate to a phenomenal fall!
                         Ten orders make hosting a show TWICE AS NICE!
It's "MAGIC"!
Throughout her career, 25-year Park Lane veteran, Sr. Division manager Jane Chellino (northern California), has consistently
ranked as a top producer. She has always been good, but it seems she has gotten even better! It came to our attention that in
the first six months of this year, Jane’s personal sales were DOUBLE what she sold last year during the same time period.

In the first six months of 2008, even without any non-commissionable sales added in, Jane’s personal net sales totaled $17,644.
This year, (again not counting any non-commissionable production), her net sales were $34,856.

We asked her what she thought accounted for the difference. Without a moment’s hesitation, she answered, “It’s the ‘Ten and
Double’ special. In one word, it is ‘MAGICAL’! In the 25 years I have been conducting shows, nothing has ever created so much
excitement as this awesome special. Knowing how much I’ll be able to give to the hostess gets ME excited and that creates a
wave of excitement that extends to the hostess and to the show guests.

As she explains the hostess plan, Jane counts out each Star’s corresponding money value with giant bills. At the end the hostess
holds up her “fan” of money emphasizing how rewarding it is to host a show. Of course, now with Star Two credit DOUBLED, the
hostess’ total take is even MORE impressive!

I always used to think that the most powerful word in party plan sales was ‘FREE’, but now I am convinced that ‘TEN’ is just as
important! The special helps me control WHERE the bookings will date. They all want it! When I coach the hostess, I place the
focus on what I refer to as “Lucky Ten”. Every hostess strives for nothing less than ten orders. Even if she only has five orders
on the night of her show, she is determined to go get five more because the incentive is so great. And of course, with nothing
less than ten orders, my per-show sales average has greatly increased!”

                      Ten and Double special even beats ‘FREE’… Beats anything ever!
                                        Ten and Double is MAGIC!”

                                                                                                            AUGUST 2009 9
BOOKINGS… Go For Three (or more!)
In addition to earning a “Shopping Spree” of credit for each booking, when the hostess of a minimum qualified show
(net sales of $175 or more) has three bookings dated, held and qualified within 30 days of her show, she is entitled to
her choice of an item from our Three Booking Gift collection. Last month we introduced a Get Up and Go mini-vaca-
tion getaway as another Three Booking Gift option…
                            Due to overwhelming response, Park Lane’s Get Up and Go!
                          getaway vacation has been EXTENDED for AUGUST hostesses!

YOU are on your way to Paris, France! How exciting! YOU get to get away on a vacation, so it’s only fair, we are sure
you’ll agree, that the hostesses who help you win YOUR trip get to “getaway” on a little vacation themselves!

August hostesses with three qualified bookings may opt to take a 3-day, 2-night getaway vacation! The award pro-
vides hotel/resort accommodations. Destination? The hostess has approximately 28 different locations/resorts from
which to choose!

Palm Springs, California                Gatlinburg / Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
Destin, Florida                         Nashville, Tennessee
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida                 Pagosa Springs, Colorado
St. Pete, Florida                       Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania
Daytona Beach, Florida                  Reno, Nevada
Orlando, Florida                        Sedona, Arizona
Las Vegas, Nevada                       Scottsdale, Arizona
Branson, Missouri                       Williamsburg, Virginia
Atlantic City, New Jersey               Aruba, Dutch Caribbean
Hawaii                                  Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Lake Tahoe, Nevada                      Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Maine Coast                             Cozumel, Mexico
Massachusetts Lakes                     Dominican Republic
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina            St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
Hilton Head, South Carolina

The mini-vacation joins the array of options offered to a hostess with three qualified bookings held within 30 days of
her show. In advance of the show, have your hostess determine WHICH Three Booking Gift she would like to earn as
a result of her show. When her choice is the Get Up & Go getaway, have her pre-select the destination she thinks she
will visit with her award. During the presentation make sure the guests know WHERE the hostess wants to go and
remind them that she will WIN her vacation for free when three of them hold qualifying shows.

• Refer to the Get Up & Go brochure for full details.
• Hotel accommodations are provided. Transportation, meals, and tax are not included.
• A qualifying hostess must hold a minimum $175 net sales show that is processed during the commission dates in
August and the resulting three bookings are to be held within 30 days of her show. Claim her award after the third
qualified booking is submitted.
• The director fee of $15.00 is paid when the Get Up & Go certificate (or any other Three Booking Gift selection) is
claimed on a Booking Gift claim form.

  10   The Network
A great BIG Thank You!
Your collection of hostess Thank You Awards certainly has expanded! The outstand-
ing new additions to the collection are certain to generate excitement about becoming a
Park Lane hostess! The value of the current Thank You Award selection soars as high
as $94.00, yet a hostess chooses her favorite for just $10.00! With such variety, there
are certain to be several items (if not more) that will appeal to any and every woman
who sees the collection. All you have to do, is reveal it! And remember, hostesses dur-
ing Anniversary Weeks, August 19th and 26th, can take TWO Thank You Awards!

Go SHOPPING” for bookings…
Here’s a tip to generate new chains of shows. Take a roller of ‘Thank You’ awards to
a women’s clothing store or your local department store. Look for a stylishly-dressed,
salesperson; one who looks fun and friendly, and ask for her assistance. Explain you
are looking for “tops” to coordinate with some of your new jewelry and unroll one of the
rollers. It’s helpful if other shoppers are witnessing this as well! The more, the merrier!
With a little luck, you could end up doing a mini-show right then and there! Take or-
ders, create interest in Park Lane’s opportunity, and for sure… book yourself some new
shows! And of course, you’ll end up with a couple “perfect” tops to showcase your favorite NEW jewelry ensembles.

                      ROLL OUT THE JEWELRY and ROLL IN THE DOUGH!

Entice, Excite, INVITE!
Both the new postcard invitation and the new fold-over invitation brochure are
certain to make a great first impression with every invited show guest. Not only
does our invitation notify people of their friend’s or family member’s upcoming
show, it encourages attendance by portraying the beauty of our jewelry.

The invitation presents a cross-section of our line and highlights features of
Park Lane’s program. Both invitation styles are
sold in packages of 100. Stock up!

Postcard Invitations (pkg.100) $5.00 plus tax
Fold-over Invitations (pkg. 100) $10.00 plus tax

Don’t close at THREE… Go for a Three-PEAT!
A hostess with more bookings REPEATS the awards on Star 5 of our Five Star Hostess Plan. For a 4th booking the hostess re-
ceives a $50 shopping spree credit ($5.00 fee). Another $50 ($5.00 fee) is offered for a 5th booking. When a sixth booking is held
and qualified within 30 days of her show, a hostess receives the $100 shopping spree credit for the sixth (or a total of $200 for all
three) with applicable fees AND she has her choice of ANOTHER Three Booking Gift (including Get Up and Go!) MORE book-
ings? Just keep repeating Star Five and watch your calendar fill up!

                                                                                                             AUGUST 2009         11
                               SIZZLIN’ SUMMERTIME TIPS!
                              Submitted by Sales Vice-President, Nancy Huber

Don’t let the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer find your business
lazy, hazy or crazy! Here are some ideas to help keep you surging
ahead through the remaining days of August and into September.

Set a goal. Decide how many shows you will schedule each week.
Break it down to the sales and bookings, and of course, how many
recruit leads you want per show.

Establish “Bonus Dates”. Create booking date cards that offer a $50
Hostess Reward Certificate. (HRC)

Be flexible. Offer alternative times for shows, such as morning,
brunch, luncheon, Happy Hour, etc. Consider an informal open house style show for repeat groups.

Offer Theme Shows. Catch the attention of your guests by suggesting that when they host a show they
might choose a “theme”. Offer to plan their show around a tropical theme, patriotic party, pool or patio party,
beach theme, backyard barbeque, dish-to-pass picnic, couples night, etc. Make summer shows sound like
more of an “event” in order to grab their attention as well as their attendance!

Host your own Open House. Select your own theme and invite your hostesses, memorable guests, family,
friends, neighbors, etc. At the show, promote your available Bonus Dates to schedule future bookings.

Schedule a daily Power Hour. Plan an hour each day to place courtesy calls to past hostesses and
guests. Ask about their summer and/or fall wardrobing needs, summer gift-giving occasions, or anything in
the line they may wish to see in person. Follow up by scheduling to meet in person.

Coordinate with your kids! Work your business in and around your children’s summer schedule. Their
activities open up an entire new world of contacts and provide you with networking opportunities. Meet new
people while having fun with your kids. While the little ones are busy with their activities, use the time to
write invitations, make calls, process order entry, etc.

Enter exposure events. Participate in at least one event a month; a craft show, fair booth, business expo
etc. Keep busy and keep your business in the public eye.

Take it to go. Make your business as mobile as you are.
• Little League ball games – pack up your kit for a pre-game tailgate party with the other moms.
• Beach/pool – pack your beach bag with catalogs so you’ll have plenty to share with the other moms.
   Catalog orders will be plentiful as you all enjoy a day in the sun.
• Vacation – be sure to take catalogs and recruiting packets with you on summer vacation. You are bound
   to meet new people!
• Camping – Take your kit with you. Offer to host a party night for all the moms at the campground.
• Family Reunion – everyone will love seeing what’s new! It’s a great opportunity for a catalog show and

 12   The Network
A professor at Minnesota's Bemidji State University, Judy Olson is celebrating her 15th year in
Park Lane. A successful Division Manager, Judy has vast experience in gathering show bookings
– both at her parties as well as creatively. Here is an excerpt from a speech she gave at Vice
President Deborah Fear’s Rally describing effective cold-calling to create bookings.

CREATIVE BOOKING – Telephone Technique
Are you afraid to make that first cold call to get a booking? Don’t want to jumble your words or get
hung-up on? You aren’t alone. Just about everyone finds cold-calling a bit nerve-racking. Still it’s
a major part of doing business so it’s a good idea to devise a way to take the stress out of it and
make your calls successful. Try these tricks to help yourself relax and get your message across.

1. Take a breath. Unwind a little. Take a few deep inhales and exhales and think about what you’re
going to say. Now say the beginning lines a few time aloud to become comfortable.
2. Keep your eyes on the prize. You are not trying to make the sale today. You only have to get the appointment to see her in person.
Make getting the appointment your goal.
3. Study up! Your call should be targeted when possible. Where did you meet her? Or, who is the mutual friend who referred her?
What would her on-button be?
4. Practice your intro. Say it a few times to yourself in the mirror. Ask a family member or friend to listen to your “pitch”. Ask for
criticism – would THEY agree to meet you? If not, ask them what you should say or change that would convince them.
5. Prepare a script. Include enough details about the offer to get the prospect excited. You want her to agree to the appointment.
Have handy a copy of responses to overcome standard objections. Practice them.
6. Be specific! Your goal is to make an appointment so suggest a day and time to meet, and have an alternate time ready.
7. Be nice, friendly & enthusiastic. This is your chance to make a good first impression. Smile while you talk; people can “hear” a
smile in your voice and will be more responsive to you.
8. Trigger their memory. Sometimes it might be helpful to send a promotional item ahead of the call. It doesn’t have to be expensive;
just something that will trigger their memory of you and your business. It can break the ice and help you stand out from the crowd.
9. Time your call. Make calls in the morning rather than late in the day. Get on, get the appointment, get off.
10. Don’t quit. You’ve decided to work from home; you are your own boss, so you have to self-motivate. Be a go-getter. Put your
spirit to work and be persistent. Remember, every ‘no’ means you’re one step closer to a ‘yes’. The most important thing is prac-
tice, practice, practice. Each time you place a call, you’ll become more comfortable with presenting “your pitch”. Eventually, all that
practice will pay off big time!

Make the call…
Judy says, “I take a deep breath to relax. I put a picture of the “prize” in front of me so I see it the entire time I’m on the phone. I know
the specials inside and out. I have practiced on my husband until he grew tired of it and left the room! Now I am ready! Whoops,
one more thing. I put my jewelry on! I cannot make an effective call without wearing my Park Lane jewelry! Here goes….

“Hi ___ (pause). I am calling you to thank you for registering at my last show. I had so much fun; I love showing our jewelry. I re-
member you looked great in the “Sunburst”. What did you think about that gorgeous necklace? (pause and listen to her response
and comments) Well, our hostess offer has been enhanced EVEN MORE since the show! You can get that necklace for just $10
by hosting a show of your own, PLUS, right now you can earn __________________ AND _______ AND _________!

How about if I stop by for a few minutes and show you the exquisite new jewelry collection we’ve just added with all the styles for fall
AND I’ll bring along the fabulous new special jewelry just introduced exclusively for our hostesses!? I’ll be in your area on Saturday;
would morning or afternoon work best for you?”

Our thanks to Judy for sharing her technique. The timing couldn’t be better to make follow-up calls. Between the stunning
new supplement catalog and all the August special offers: Party-On ring, Limone bracelet, Get up and Go, and Ten and
Double, you have an extraordinary package to offer hostesses. And, if they book during Anniversary Weeks, the deal gets
even better! So, get on the phone and go get those bookings… You are, after all, a GO-GETTER!

                                                Stay tuned…
                A future Network will address Judy’s suggestions for overcoming objections!
                          Ride the high of Convention and go STP (See The People)!

                                                                                                                   AUGUST 2009          13

What does a five dollar bill buy?
• Ten postage stamps (with change).
• Five items off McDonald’s Dollar Menu.
• A $5 dollar-foot-long (sub).
• Or, how about a thousand dollar wardrobe of
jewelry to show and wear!

Sounds unbelievable, but it’s true! Park Lane is investing in people who want to try their hand at our
business. Recruits host an intro show, line-up six or more bookings, and Park Lane issues them a jewelry
sample kit valued at over $1,000! Their out-of-pocket cost? Just $5.00 registration fee. Normally, $39.00,
the standard registration / kit handling & shipping is reduced to just $5.00 for new recruits who start on a
commission date during August.

Whatever her job,
Be it blue or white collar,
She can do Park Lane part-time
And to start, it’s just five dollars!

Over a thousand dollars of jewelry
Is in her new kit…
The hours are flex;
The job, a great fit!

Off to a great start
Virtually no cost is cool…
She’s now a Park Laner
And her “collar” is now “jewel”!
Standard Kit: $1,000 value
– Submit $500 in net sales, the commission on which will be withheld to satisfy the cost of the kit.
    Commission is paid on sales over $500.00.

Deluxe Kit:   $2,000 value
– Purchase outright for $249.00 plus tax and earn commission on all sales.

                          Get off to a FAST START toward PARIS,
                      and earn extra Bonus Points for early recruiting!
                    Six- week Fast Start time frame: August 5th through September 9th
    Personally sponsor recruits who start with min. $500 net sales during the Fast Start time frame and earn Bonus Points…
                                              One recruit = 2,000 Bonus Points
                                              Two recruits = 4,000 Bonus Points
                                              Three recruits = 6,000 Bonus Points
            Note: new recruits have their own respective first six week time frame to qualify for Paris Bonus Points.

 14 The Network
  12 The Network
Make sure your new recruits get off to a SUPER START!
Train them right and, not only will they qualify within their startup time frame, they’ll
begin earning their Super Start awards as well. Give them a taste of what it’s like to be
a Park Lane winner right from day one. Encourage your new starts to study their Super
Start contest, teach them how to track their sales, and have them focus on earning the
current month’s award.

The Super Start program is a proven incentive. It builds confidence in new recruits as
they begin their new business. One step at a time, they achieve and are rewarded for
it. The program creates consistent production and ongoing achievement.

IT"S NEW! For Fall 2009, we have slightly revised the brochure. It features new
product pictures and updated package values. Be sure to order your supply of the
brand new Super Start brochures (#2108) from the Home Office Supply Department or

     Use the generous Super Start program and make every START, SUPER!

                      Ready, Set, GLOW!
                      Now THIS is major bling! Sponsor one new recruit during Park Lane’s Anniversary
                      Weeks campaign and this amazing “Royalty Jewels” faux tanzanite ring is your reward!
                      Your recruit must start with min. $500 net sales on either August 19th or August 26th.

                               Celebrate Park Lane’s 54th Anniversary with jewelry fit for royalty!!

Plant & grow your business
Your business, like a garden, must first be sown with seeds of greatness. After the seeds are planted, they
must be nurtured and cultivated in order to blossom. Tend to your business carefully, and eventually you will
reap the “fruit” of your labor.
                       First plant four rows of peas:
           Presence, promptness, preparation and perseverance.

                Next to these, plant three rows of squash:
             Squash gossip, squash negativity, squash criticism

                       Then plant five rows of lettuce:
                     Let us obey rules and regulations.
              Let us be responsible and true to our obligations
                          Let us be faithful to duty.
                  Let us be loyal, generous and unselfish.
                      Let us show love to one another.

                    No garden is complete without turnips:
                             Turn up for meetings.
                             Turn up with a smile.
                        Turn up with fresh new ideas.
                           Turn up as team player.
 Turn up with determination to make everything count for something good and
                     …and watch your garden GROW!                                   AUGUST 2009     15

No Experience necessary….but, it DOES COUNT!
Think about the hiring criteria of most any industry or business. It’s natural to conclude that EXPERIENCE
would be a major consideration in filling positions within a company. Common sense dictates that the skills
developed and the knowledge gained from doing a job well in the past should translate into qualifying for a
similar job in the future. And so it is with Park Lane.

Our philosophy is, experience in our industry should be respected and revered and rewarded. We recognize
the value of the leadership skills and knowledge developed by managers with party plan familiarity. Leaders
with background in direct sales management can qualify for direct-appointment to a Park Lane management
level commensurate with their experience and accomplishments.

Sharing our opportunity comes naturally to Park Laners. We know we have a phenomenal program. As
good as it is at the entry level, it is even MORE amazing as one moves up the ladder. Rest assured, if you
refer a person with party plan management expertise, they will definitely be impressed with the Park Lane
opportunity for leaders.

Management Direct-Appointment Recommendation Program
Park Lane representatives who recommend a manager of equal or higher position are eligible to qualify for a
designated percentage commission on qualified recommended manager. In addition, the production of their
recommendation can count, in part, toward their own promotion to the next level of management. Review
the Business Opportunity brochure for full details on benefits of recommending management candidates.

The rewards are substantial, but the gratitude you’ll receive from the leader you refer will be priceless. Keep
in mind that RIGHT NOW there is yet ANOTHER perk for recommending experienced leaders. When you
refer a qualified executive manager who goes on to win the PARIS trip, YOU will win the trip as well! There
is NO LIMIT to the number of free trips one can earn through recommendations.

                      Become a Park Lane TALENT SCOUT, and…
          VOILA! You AND your recommendation are on your way to Paris, France!

Do you have an experienced leader you’d like to recommend? Contact your organization’s executive man-
ager or Home Office for assistance. All candidates for direct appointment to management must be approved
by a Home Office executive and the level authorized BEFORE AN OFFER is extended to a management

For full details, refer to the “Parent/Recommendation Bo-
nus” in the Business Opportunity brochure. When you
recommend a manager who is appointed to a management
position at your level or higher, you are entitled to qualify for
a 2% override bonus on the manager’s group net sales vol-
ume. In addition, their sales production counts toward your
promotion for advancement to the next level. Up to 50% of
your promotion sales requirement may come from a recom-
mended manager. The remaining 50% must be generated
by your own organization.

   16 The Network
Opportunity calling!
Division manager, Renee St. Clair (VA) - Eskew/Huber organi-
zation took an idea that she learned from another salesperson
and tweaked it to fit Park Lane. Renee explains, “I wanted to
develop a cost-free opportunity session, available to anyone
who would take a couple minutes to hear about JBPL. While
investigating some options, I found on www.freeconference.
call, under the Simple Voicebox tab, there is a place to record
your own opportunity session. This recorded message is avail-
able 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to anyone who calls the
number and has your access code. I have come up with what
I feel is a concise message (about 2 minutes) and wrote it as a
Word Document that I can also print to mail as a flyer to people
who respond to the message, to those who come to events,
or to reply to people who have placed ads in the paper. This
phone number, along with the access code, can be included
on every piece of literature that you send out! The salesper-
son who shared this source with me had terrific results, and I
am anxious to see mine!” Our thanks to Renee for sharing
her idea. Here is the OPPORTUNITY PHONE CALL / INFO
SHEET she designed…

Check out the “stimulus” package that Jewels by Park Lane can offer to you!
Join me on a free vacation in (Paris, France!) - Let me show you how!

Do you know someone who:
  o loves jewelry, fashion and fun, and could convert that interest into earning a weekly profit check?
  o could use extra money working flexible part-time hours?
  o is an enthusiastic ‘people-person’?
  o would enjoy being her own boss?
  o would like an opportunity that pays generous commission and has unlimited earning potential?
  o would enjoy vacationing in exotic places, earning genuine gemstone & diamond
    jewelry and glamorous clothing?

Could this be you? I am so excited you’ve decided to learn more about our awesome company, and the
Director opportunities we can offer to you. Jewels by Park Lane is the #1 direct sales jewelry company,
offering the finest in high-fashion, designer-inspired jewelry!

Sales experience is not required! We offer FREE training to everyone who joins our sales team!
However, if you do have direct sales experience, you may be eligible to take advantage of our direct ap-
pointment program. With approval from the company, you may qualify to be automatically appointed to
an upper management position, right from the start! Advancement and promotion are available to you
based on your sales production and by sharing the Park Lane opportunity with others.
(continued on next page)

                                                                                       August 2009   17

We have many programs to brag about! A customer bonus plan where the buying guest can customize
her sale items with every purchase – there’s nothing like getting your favorite pieces, for $12 each! And
they are all unconditionally guaranteed! How about that incredible hostess plan, where the free, dis-
counted and half priced items are so fabulous, all you have to do is show up and the hostess will have
a successful party?! And then for our Directors – Jewels by Park Lane is dedicated to enriching your life
by helping you to achieve financial independence while setting your own hours and putting your family
first! The company’s philosophy is, “When you help enough people to achieve their goals, the dreams
and goals you have set for yourself will become a reality.” Now THAT is a company you can be proud to

All you need to succeed in Park Lane is:
1. A positive attitude - Be proud of your jewelry, your programs, your guarantee and your company!
2. Enthusiasm – Become a people magnet; share the “magic” inside you!
3. A professional image – you are a “walking billboard” for your product!
4. Commitment and self-discipline – Make a commitment to yourselt; be determined to succeed. With all
the tools we provide, you will become more and more independent and build a consistent, growing busi-

So what are you waiting for? The sooner you start your business with Park Lane, the sooner you’ll be-
come your own boss, earn great money, and find personal success! Take us for a test drive, and you’ll
see for yourself! Call or e-mail me for more information, or visit my website! Thanks!

There she is…
Fashion Director, Peggy Matheson was busy minding the store at the
Park Lane booth she’d set up at the local fair, when an interested customer
approached. Drawn to Peggy’s table by the glitz and glamour of the
jewelry, Codi Miller, Miss North Dakota Teen USA 2009, stopped to shop.
Peggy said, “She needed a special jewelry ensemble to go with her outfit
for her upcoming appearance, so I let her borrow my Fabulous ensemble.
She looked so awesome in it, and I was happy to lend it to her! Codi’s
parents are local farmers, so I know she really appreciated the support. I
took some pictures of her wearing our jewelry, and she wrote me and Park
Lane a thank you note.”

Codi will represent her state of North Dakota as a contestant in the Miss
Teen USA pageant on July 31st, the same date as our Convention. Codi
and her mom fell in love with our jewelry and are hosting a show with
Peggy when they return from the pageant. We all join Peggy in wishing
Codi the best of luck in the competition. One thing is for sure; we know
she will look FABULOUS wearing FABULOUS!

Submitted by Fashion Director, Peggy Matheson (ND) - Streifel organization

   18    The Network
“And the winner was…”
Last month’s issue of the Network carried an article entitled,
“FASHION FORWARD”, which described the special New York meeting of the
Gajda/Mruz group at which Scott LeVin was the guest speaker. The occasion
                    was the “payoff” for the SPIRIT AWARD winner of February
                    Convention’s, Lee Gajda. Lee’s group “won Scott” for the
                    day and they thoroughly enjoyed watching as he presented
                    the opportunity to the guests who were invited to the meet-
                    ing. And, Scott thoroughly enjoyed the “Enhanced Jewelry
                    Ensemble” presentation orchestrated by Branch Director,
                    Sherrill Kratenstein (pictured on the right). Great job by
                    Sherrill and all the fashion show participants!

The "HEART Award"
One Convention award is unique in that it cannot be obtained through sales or booking or recruiting. Rather
it is earned through actions and attitude. It is an honor that is voted on and bestowed by one’s peers in Park

We asked, “Who among the Park Lane managers you have met, outside of your own upline, do you consider
the PERFECT leader? Choose someone who is helpful, kind, trust-worthy, respected, positive, upbeat, and
                     leads by example. Who do YOU think is the manager with the ‘biggest heart’ in
                     Park Lane? We asked. You answered!

                             The votes are in… For 2009 Fall Convention, the recipient of
                             Jewels by Park Lane’s “Heart Award” is Company Vice-President,
                             Diane Rohr.

                        Diane is poised and professional… and she is passionate about Park Lane and
                        the people in it. She is devoted to her team members and, as a strong personal
                        producer, she leads by example. With 25 years of experience, Diane is often ap-
                        proached by other Park Laners seeking advice and ideas; and she willingly shares
her knowledge. From the comments made on the nominations for this award, it’s obvious that Diane is held
in high esteem by all who voted.

A long-time resident of New Orleans, when Hurricane Katrina hit, Diane’s home was destroyed and her
business shattered. She and most of her organization were faced with the daunting task of rebuilding; their
homes, their lives, their businesses. In spite of the obstacles and against all odds, Diane’s team came back
stronger than ever. What they did is an inspiration to us all.

Her peers who voted for Diane said that they admire and trust her; that she serves as a role model. They
said she is company-loyal, through-and-through, without ever a hint of gossip or negativity. For these rea-
sons and many more, Diane has earned the admiration and respect of her peers and Park Lane staff and
corporate executives. We are proud to have Diane as a Park Lane leader and the recipient of 2009 Fall
Convention’s HEART AWARD!
                                       Diane, you are all-HEART!
                                Congratulations on being nominated by your fellow Park Laners!
                                                                                                 August 2009   19

                 A SPECIAL THANK YOU!
All of us at Park Lane, the executives, the staff, and the representatives in the field, extend our sincere grati-
tude to every Convention speaker and presenter. Your contribution to our Convention made our weekend
together special and successful! We appreciate all that you did and all that you are... Thank you!

Our gratitude goes out to our incredible staff of National Directors and Home Office Executives whose
speeches and training were insightful and compelling. Their dedication and devotion to the company knows
no bounds. In addition to hearing from these talented leaders, we were treated to presentations by the fol-
lowing field “Stars”…

Thank you to Sales Vice-President Danielle Livingston, who, along with her “hostess and guests”, expertly
demonstrated how fun and easy it is to have a Park Lane show.

Friday evening, these Park Lane trip winners shared their travel experiences and their excitement about the
Park Lane trips: Sr. Division, Terri Frasetto, Division Manager Kris Keeler-Engle and Sales VP, Diane Rohr.

Thank you to our field executive leaders who spoke at the Saturday workshops: Company VP Dawnette
Dobrick, Sales VP Jenean Tripp, Sales VP Dianna Shurtz, Senior Division manager, Shirley Ellwein (with her
team of models), and Company VP Martha Rogers.

We extend our appreciation to each Park Lane representative who shared their best booking and recruit-
ing ideas at the Saturday Workshop: Senior Divisions, Bea Streifel, Donna Borunda, Lee Gajda and Valorie
Morris. Sales VP Tammra Graves and Sales VP Yasmin Gonzales.

                     You are, one and all, the Best of the Best! Thank you!

      20   The Network
Convention was AWESOME, and now that the weekend has passed, everyone who attended is undoubtedly
thinking about WHO they want to invite to the NEXT Convention! With whom will they share the non-stop,
full-throttle fun of a Park Lane Convention in LAS VEGAS?!!

All across the country, Park Laners are making lists of the people they will sponsor into our Company.
People who will be turned on by a trip to Paris… People who will fall in love with our gorgeous new
jewelry… and, people who need our phenomenal earning opportunity. These are the people with whom we
will share our Convention experience in the Entertainment Capital of the World… Las Vegas, Nevada!

                                     It’s VEGAS, Baby!
                         Attend Convention and HIT the Park Lane JACKPOT!
                                     February 19 and 20, 2010
                                       The Paris – Las Vegas

Don't let TIME run out!
Register Early!
Pay your $129.00 Convention Registration Fee by the early deadline of
December 16, 2009, and receive Parisian Watch as your reward!

    Join us for another amazing Convention experience!
         Roll the Dice and Get Lucky in Park Lane!

                                                                                     August 2009    21
Park Lane is offering you the opportunity to promote up the ladder in ONE month. Qualify to
advance by meeting ONE MONTH of the standard two-month group sales qualification!
Yes, that’s right; you can complete the promotion requirements in one-half the time.
Where the requirements ask for sales required with a 2 month time frame, those pro-
moting up a level can complete the required volume by submitting one-half the
requirement within one month.

Example: Area Managers promoting to Division, may complete the requirements by sub-
mitting $10,000 pv/gv within one month AND develop 4 BD or develop three first genera-
tion Area managers.

Fashion Directors promoting to Branch Directors; requirements remain the same. Branch
Directors promoting to Area Manager may qualify by submitting 5 personal shows AND 5
new qualified personal/group recruits (minimum 2 personal) within the commission dates in August.

                           Refer to the Business Opportunity brochure for requirements,
                                cut the sales volume in half and do it in one month!

Challenge runs from July 29, 2009 through February 10, 2010. At Convention in Chicago, Division managers and
above were challenged to promote an assigned number of new Branch Directors within their respective organization
before the upcoming February Convention.

At Convention in Las Vegas, Division managers and above level leaders who have met their goal for Branch promo-
tions will be recognized and the leader at each level who EXCEEDS their goal by the most promotions will receive a
special award.

        YOUR LEVEL                                     YOUR GOAL
        Division                                       Develop 4 Branch Directors
        Sr. Division                                   Develop 8 Branch Directors
        Sales Vice-President                           Develop 12 Branch Directors
        Company Vice-President                         Develop 18 Branch Directors
        Executive Company VP                           Personalized goals will be issued

Money, money, money!
Cash Jackpot
At Convention a brand new contest to earn a huge cash bonus was launched!
Check out the "CASH JACKPOT" contest brochure and set your sites on a BIG BONUS!

New Year Cash Bonus Contest
Meet the contest’s annual personal recruiting and sales goals and you can qualify to earn 10% - 20%
commission on all your 2009 personal “non-commissionable” sales! In addition, Executive managers
who meet group recruiting goals can also earn 1% to 2% override commission on their entire organiza-
tion’s 2009 annual non-commissionable sales! The 2009 contest runs from January through December,
and is awarded at the February 2010 convention. Check the contest details, on-line, for specific goals
and qualifications.

   22     The Network
                                 COMPANY-WIDE RECOGNITION                                   When presenting Park Lane's generous
                                                                                              exchange / replacement policy, please

                                HALL OF FAME June 2009                                       instruct your guest / customers that the
                                                                                           original validated receipt must accompany
                                     TOP PERSONAL SALES ACHIEVERS                             their exchange. Copies of receipts are
                                                                                            not accepted. Please review Park Lane's
                                                                                             policy printed on the reverse side of the
                              1. Diane McElmeel                1. Shirley Ellwein

                                                                                                    order blanks for clarification.

                              2. Julie Johnson                 2. Cheryl Akers

                                                                                                       Visit us at:
                              3. Gloria Gomez                  3. Diane Rohr          

                              4. Christine Harris              4. Aleta Howell            Each achiever making an appearance
                                                                                          in the Hall of Fame & Honor Roll will

                              5. Marcia Kwarsick               5. Kay Demmer
                                                                                          receive a certificate for FREE supplies.
                              6. Maria Elena Villanueva   A    6. Jane Chellino           Congratulations to all “STARS”!!

                              7. Gay Durrant                   7. Lisa Foster             ANNOUNCEMENTS:

                                                                                          Applications for all contests must be
                              8. Valleria Collier              8. Fran Siegel Hendricks   submitted within 30 days after a contest

                              9. Elizabeth Howard              9. Adele Vanaskie          ends.

                             10. Ericka James                 10. Jolene Wittman          When faxing a new recruit’s agreement

                                                                                          to Home Office please also forward
                                                                                          the original signed document. Mark the
                                    HONOR ROLL June 2009                                  agreement “PREVIOUSLY FAXED”.
                                       PERSONAL & GROUP RECRUITING
                                                                                          Share your creative ideas and techniques
       TOP PERSONAL RECRUITERS                                TOP GROUP RECRUITERS        to help fellow Park Laners succeed.
                                                                                          Write to us. If your article, idea, or story
       BRANCH DIRECTOR:                                   REGION/AREA:
                                                                                          is selected for use in an issue of The
       1. Alma G. Garcia                                  1. Olga Macias
                                                                                          Network, you will be awarded a $25.00
       2. Linda Kass                                      2. Irma Guzman
                                                                                          certificate that may be redeemed for
       3. Holly Toulouse                                  3. Christi Maher
                                                                                          supplies. Email Network article ideas to:
       REGION/AREA:                                       DIVISION:
       1. Simone Whitley                                  1. Guadalupe Rodriguez
       2. Pamela Toussounian                              2. Maria Valdez                 • Information provided in The Network is
       3. Verna Brunner                                   3. Jennifer Bond                intended as a reminder of programs and
                                                                                          contests offered by Park Lane. Unless
       DIVISION:                                          SENIOR DIVISION:                otherwise specified, refer to the original
       1. Guadalupe Rodriguez                             1. Alma Garcia                  contest brochure and/or program ex-
       2. Neelee Tschetter                                2. Maria Gonzalez               planation sheet for further information,
       3. Magdalena Guajardo                              3. Ana Maria Sandoval           specific rules and/or qualifications.
       SENIOR DIVISION:                                   SALES                           • You are an independent contractor.
       1. Blanca Quintanilla                              VICE-PRESIDENT:                 Your participation in the various contests
       2. Leonor Gajda                                    1. Carmen Coello                and promotional programs offered by
       3. Gabriela Aguilar Navarrette                     2. Catherine Walker             Jewels by Park Lane, Inc. is not manda-
                                                          3. Olaya Dominguez-Carlton      tory. Likewise, you are not required to
       SALES                                                                              implement the suggestions, techniques
       VICE-PRESIDENT                                     COMPANY VICE PRESIDENT          and ideas being offered to assist you in
       1. Haydee Oranelos                                 1. Dawnette Dobrick             your business.
       2. Adriana Castillo                                2. Jerry Tripp
       3. Armida Lopez                                    3. Martha Rogers                • Jewels by Park Lane is not liable for
                                                                                          misprints or typographical errors. For
                                                          EX. CO. VICE-PRESIDENT          clarification of any information contained
                                                          1. Javier Garcia                in The Network, call Home Office.

                                                                                                      The Network           23

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