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									                              Rotary Club of Estes Park
                             Membership Plan 2007-2008


      To have an active club membership of at least 151 on June 30, 2008.
           o This is plus 1 from June 30, 1007
      Normal attrition for all reasons is 10-15 members per year
      Target recruiting 15-20 new members to show positive membership growth
      Create an atmosphere that fosters and encourages guests and new members
      Successfully transition newly inducted members from weekly Rotary Meeting
       attendees to Rotarians within the first year of membership

New Member Profile:

      Professional, business or community leader (current or retired)
      Discretionary time available
      Community service oriented
      Capable of meeting financial obligations of Rotary
      Year-round resident of Estes Park area
      Target individuals in Generation X, but exclude no one

Gathering Information:

      Survey the club membership
          o General information, age, years in Rotary, gender
          o Why did you join Rotary?
          o Why did you stay in Rotary
          o What do they like about the club?
          o What do they dislike?
          o Who in their field (or related fields) should be in Rotary?
          o If the Rotary Club of Estes Park were your business with declining
              demographics, what would you do?
          o Which community leaders, not currently in Rotary, should be?
          o What businesses or classifications in town are not represented in Rotary?
          o Who would be the best representative from those businesses or
          o Also collect data on business name and address to expand club database
      Meet with all new members in the club (since January 1, 2006)
          o What did you like/dislike about the process of joining Rotary?
          o What was the biggest roadblock?
          o Did the new member orientation kit do its job? What would you add or
              drop from the kit?
          o What role did/should your sponsor play?
      Cross reference data to determine who is in Rotary and who isn’t
          o Club Rosters from both EP Rotary clubs
          o Business License List from town
          o Chamber of Commerce membership roster

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                              Rotary Club of Estes Park
                             Membership Plan 2007-2008

Membership Committee:

      Build an active Membership Committee of 10-12 Rotarians
      Develop committee job description
      Meet monthly (September through May)
      Invite all new members to be on the Membership Committee
      Use the expertise of all Past Presidents as ex-officio members of the committee
       for their knowledge of the club and community
      Primary recruiting months
           o Sept-Nov
           o Jan-Mar

Action Plan:
    Develop a definitive list of 30-40 prospective members
          o Include name, occupation, source of name, and two-three people in Rotary
             who know the individual
          o Divide the list into three groups
                  Only work on recruiting the top 1/3 of prospects
                  Move prospects up the list as individuals join or decline
          o Recruit Rotarians to be sponsors.
                  Ask specific Rotarians to ask specific individuals to join Rotary
          o Develop tracking plan for all prospective new members
          o Track all guests of Rotarians (excluding out of town visitors, spouses, and
             children) at weekly meetings as potential new members

      Review, revise, or develop as needed, all membership materials and procedures
           o Rotary member job description (What is expected of Every Rotarian)
                    Attendance
                    Committee Involvement
                    Commitment to sharing Rotary
                    Financial obligations
                    Participation in club activities/fund raising events
                    Social participation
           o Sponsor/Mentor job description
                    From invited guest through induction
                    Orientation
                    Year-round mentoring
           o New Member Proposal form/check list
           o Membership Application
           o Tent cards on membership recruiting on tables at weekly meetings
           o Membership minute at each weekly meeting, repeated in The Spoke
      Encourage Rotarians to bring guests
      Work cooperatively with the Sunrise club on development of membership
       materials, orientation of new members, and getting potential Rotarians into the
       club that best works for them

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                             Rotary Club of Estes Park
                            Membership Plan 2007-2008
      Develop business card with club information for members to hand out to friends
       and prospective members
      Develop recommendations for board action from member survey on retention of
      Reduce time period between application for membership and induction
      Develop meaningful induction ceremony
          o Invite spouses, if appropriate
          o Recognize Sponsor (Sponsor pin presentation)
      Club assembly dedicated to membership development (January)
          o Demographic overview
          o Review club membership plan
          o Review results of club survey
          o Explain roles of Sponsors and Mentors
          o Groups of three, responsible for recruiting one new member, sponsoring
              and mentoring
      Marketing—Getting the Rotary Brand visible in the community
          o Coordinate with other service clubs in Estes Park (Sunrise Rotary,
              Kiwanis, Quota, Lions, Optimists)
                  Organize an Estes Park Service Club networking group
                  “Get involved in your community—Give something back”
                          Newspaper ads
                          Visitor Center handout
                  All service clubs working together to provide opportunities for
                     people in Estes Park to choose which service organization matches
                     their style and schedule
                  Service Club meeting signs at entrances to town
                  Service Club table at Estes Park Heritage Festival
          o “got Rotary” campaign
                  Ongoing “got milk” type campaign showing wide variety of
                     Rotary service projects both locally and internationally
                  Provide opportunity “for more information, call. . .”
          o “Rotary Meets Here” sign upstairs outside Country Store (with both clubs
              meeting times)
          o “Be my guest” business cards for members to hand out
          o Use RI PSAs for Radio, Television, Newspaper
          o Use RI “Rotarians are YOUR Friends” table cards
          o Coordinate all public marketing efforts with the Sunrise club.
          o Use Rotary Office (Hobert’s) as contact number
                  scripted response for Marsha to use when people call for more
                  Small information packet for Marsha to mail out
                  Follow up name/address/phone number on all inquiries
          o New residents moving into Estes Park
                  Provide information on all service clubs at Welcome Center

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                             Rotary Club of Estes Park
                            Membership Plan 2007-2008
                 Advertise in Newcomers Club newsletter and at September annual
                Identify Rotarians moving into town
                New business licenses
                Names from newspaper
          o Marketing campaigns goals:
                Raise awareness in community of all service clubs
                Provide opportunity to find out more information

Membership Materials
   New Member Application kit (Readily available for all members to use to invite
     potential members
         o Rotary Club of Estes Park brochure “Want to be a Rotarian?”
         o Application
         o Timeline for processing applications
         o “This is Rotary”

      New Member Orientation kit (reviewed and given out at the orientation)—this is a
       separate kit from the kit given at induction (below).
          o Blue RI folder for New Member information kit, including
                    Basics
                    ABC’s of Rotary
                    RI Theme brochure
                    Welcome to Rotary
                    Foundation Facts
                    Foundation Reference
                    Every Rotarian, Every Year
                    Two Needs, Two Ways
          o Member Responsibilities & Expectations
          o Sponsor/Mentor Job Description
          o List of committees, with chairman phone number/email
          o Committee sign up form
          o Calendar for current club year
          o Club constitution
          o Club bylaws
          o Club budget
          o EP Rotary Foundation Brochure
          o Ernie Altick Fellowship Flyer
          o Memorial tribute trust fund flyer
          o Paul Harris Fellowship application
          o Rotary Club of Estes Park organization chart

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                             Rotary Club of Estes Park
                            Membership Plan 2007-2008
      New Member Induction kit (presented at induction—not the orientation kit, see
          o Letter of Welcome from Club President
          o Sponsor and Mentor contact information (including websites, club
              number, etc.)
          o Complete Club Roster (with photos) (including this new member’s data)
          o New Member Kit (from Russell Hampton, includes:)
                  Four Way Test frameable certificate
                  Object of Rotary frameable certificate
                  Four Way Test pocket certificate
                  Rotary Lapel pin (1/2”)
                  Reflective Decal
                  Certificate of Membership (large)
                  New Member ribbon
          o Red Badge
          o Catalog of Rotary emblem merchandise (Russell-Hampton one page flyer)
          o Order form from III for Rotary Club of Estes Park shirt/hat, etc.
          o Blue Badge criteria

Club Budget considerations (see spreadsheet)
    Sponsor Pins
    Application Kits
    Orientation Kits
    Induction Kits
    Decals (for current members)
    Brochures from RI
    Meal costs for prospective members after first visit
    Marketing
    Signs for highways and in front of Otherside Restaurant (or on corner of Moraine
      Ave and Mary’s Lake Road)

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