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									                    Information for British and Canadian Expatriates

Living the life of an expat can be an exciting one. However there are challenges you will face,
not least of which is getting used to the living standards in another country.

British Expats

Many Britons are used to a lot of rain. In other countries, the weather can be very hot,
especially the summer. This is particularly true in the Middle East. Other countries like China
and the Philippines experience strong typhoons.

Cost of Living

Their standard of living is one of the highest in the world. If you are moving to a developing
country, do not expect the living standards to be the same. However, these countries are
known for cheap food and goods. The British Pound is a strong currency, so your money will
go a long way.


Britain is a democracy and its citizens can voice their opinions on just about anything. The
same cannot be said in Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iran. There are
also restrictions and censorship in China. In many Asian countries, the penalty is very harsh
on drug offenders.

Education and Health Care

Public education in Britain is subsidized as is health care. This is also the case in many
Western European countries and in the US. However, this may not be the case in other
nations. If you get sick often, get a health insurance plan.

Canadian Expats

Canada is one of the most highly developed nations in the world. Not all countries can match
its cleanliness, high quality health care and first class education.

If you are relocating, you should be prepared to make adjustments. One of the things you have
to look at would be the cost of living. Depending on the currency exchange rate, you may
have to adjust the way you live and budget.


If you move to an English speaking country, the transition should be easy. Their judiciary
systems are very similar. The laws in Asian and Arab countries are very different however.
Their laws are based on culture and religion. The penalties are very severe. For serious
charges you can be imprisoned for life or sentenced to death.

The education system in Canada is first class. Unless you are moving to an industrialized
country, you cannot expect it to be of the same quality. Unless your employer shoulders the
costs, you will have to adjust the budget too. You also have to check the country’s health care

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