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									                Moving to Another Country – Tips and Suggestions

Everyone can make their own Moving Overseas Checklist, but some find the task to be very
daunting. Doubtless there are lots of documents to be submitted and things to do. But by
being organized the task can be made easier.

Required Documents

You will need complete financial records, employment records, tax papers, visa, passport,
birth certificate and marriage certificate. Be certain the documents are updated. You must also
provide immunization / vaccine shot records. This will take a lot of time, so prepare as early

Tips on Packing and Moving

Begin packing no later than two months before the scheduled date movement. Bring only
what is required. Be certain you have all the luggage and suitcases required. Do not forget to
check the fees imposed by airlines on the luggage. If you are bringing the car along, contact a
shipping agency.

Bills and Debt

Do not leave the country until you have settled all your bills and debts. You could get into
legal trouble if your financial situation is not in order. Make certain your tax records are in
order too.

Culture Shock

Study the country as much as you can. This is the easiest way to deal with culture shock. By
knowing how the locals live, you can adjust more easily. Learn what you can about the
climate, the people, taxes etc.

Bringing Pets Along

The International Pet Movers are companies dedicated to handling pets for travel. They will
manage all the paperwork. A lot of people prefer traveling with their pets. But using the
movers is more practical. Aside from handling the paperwork, they can reduce the quarantine
time. Some governments quarantine animals for six months.


Bring your pet to the vet six months prior to the move. This is to ensure it is fit for traveling.
The pet must have all the shots required. Bring the veterinary certificate with you.

In many countries, this can remove the need to quarantine the animal. Countries in the
European Union demand that you have an EU 998. This has to be certified by a vet in your
country. Scotland, Ireland, Canada and the US have similar requirements.
Remember that rules on pet travel vary per country. You should check the requirements first.
If you use a mover, they will handle the transportation and other requirements. There are a lot
of pet movers, so choose the one that meets your needs.

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