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					            CLASS OF 2008
     As a class, we have been asked to nominate
individuals to receive honorary degrees at our graduation
in May 2008. Please consider this a wonderful opportunity
to contribute to our graduation and shape Notre Dame.
Please reply promptly with responses by Wednesday, May
2, the last class day. Email with any
suggestions. These individuals can also be considered as
our commencement speaker as well.

Excerpt from Provost message to the class:

     “As you may know, during each commencement the University confers a
     number of honorary degrees on individuals of high distinction in recognition
     of their considerable contributions in their respective areas of expertise…

     In addition to submitting the list of nominees… Supplementary materials
     such as articles from magazines, newspapers, or Who’s Who are also helpful.
     The final selection of honorary degree recipients and of the commencement
     speaker rests with Father Jenkins, who makes the selection in consultation
     with the Board of Trustees.

     Nominees should be individuals that, in light of their outstanding
     accomplishments, merit receiving a Notre Dame degree. In order to
     assist you with selecting appropriate nominees, enclosed is a list of
     those who have received honorary degrees from Notre Dame in the
     recent past.

     Understandably, persons of the quality Notre Dame seeks are also in demand
     elsewhere. Consequently, we are not always able to secure the presence of
     those we would like to honor even when negotiations with them begin a year
     or more in advance of the commencement date.”
               CLASS OF 2008
                          HONORARY DEGREE RECIPIENTS
                           UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME
                                  1988 - 2007
       Erich Bloch - Washington, DC
       James E. Burke - Brunswick, N.J.
       John D'Arcy - Ft. Wayne, IN
       Mary Douglas - Princeton, N.J.
       Norman C. Francis - ew Orleans, LA
       Bernard J. Hank, Moline, IL
       Linus Pauling - Palo Alto, CA
       Louis J. Putz - South Bend, IN
       Bruce Ritter - New York, NY
       Andrew J. Young - Atlanta, GA

       David P. Gardner - Berkley, CA
       Robert E. Gordon - South Bend, IN
       Friedrich E. P. Hirzebruch - Bonn, Germany
       John F. Kennedy - Iowa City, IA
       Roger M. Mahoney - Los Angeles, CA
       Andrew J. McKenna - Chicago, IL
       Karen McKibbin - South Bend, IN
       Peter V. Ueberroth - Los Angeles, CA
       Clifton R. Wharton, Jr. - New York, NY

       Javier Perez de Cuellar - New York, NY
       Kenneth Pye - Dallas, TX
       Rev. George H. Clements - Chicago, IL
       Ernest L. Eliel - Chapel Hill, NC
       Martha R. Seger - Washington, DC
       Jill Ker Conway - Milton, MA
       Rutherford Aris - Minneapolis, MN
       Emil T. Hofman - South Bend, IN
       Ignacio E. Lozano, Jr. - Newport Beach, CA
       J. Richard Munro - New York, NY
       Suzanne Farrell - New York, NY
       William H. Cosby - Santa Monica, CA
               CLASS OF 2008
       Caroline Leonetti Ahmanson - Beverly Hills, CA
       Corinne (Lindy) Boggs - New Orleans, LA
       Sidney DeShazo Callahan - Dobbs Ferry, NY
       Raymond G. Chambers - Morristown, NJ
       Alvah H. Chapman, Jr. - Miami, FL
       Marva Collins - Chicago, IL
       Charles J. Haughey - Dublin, IRELAND
       Sr. Thomas More, C.S.C. - Notre Dame, IN
       Antonia C. Novello, M.D., M.P.H. - Washington, D.C.
       Jane Pauley - New York, NY
       Jane C. Pfeiffer - Greenwich, CT
       Rev. John R. Quinn, D.D. - San Francisco, CA
       Margaret O'Brien Steinfels - New York, NY

       Patricio Aylwin - Santiago, Chile
       His Eminence Cahal Cardinal Daly - Armaugh, IRELAND
       The Honorable Wilhelmina Delco - Austin, TX
       Rev. Carl F. Ebey, C.S.C. - South Bend, IN
       Sister Alice Gallin, O.S.U. - Washington, DC
       Dr. Maurice Goldhaber - Upton, NY
       Dr. Juanita Morris Kreps - Durham, NC
       Mr. William W. Pfaff - Paris, FRANCE
       Dr. Chang-Lin Tien - Berkeley, CA
       President George W. Bush - Washington, DC

       Justice Shirley Schlanger Abrahamson - Madison, WI
       Mr. Thomas Brokaw - New York, NY
       Governor Robert Casey - Harrisburg, PA
       Mr. Thomas A. Coleman - New York, NY
       Mr. Benjamin A. Cosgrove - Seattle, WA
       Cahal Cardinal Daly - Armagh, IRELAND
       The Honorable Carla Hills - Washington, DC
       Rev. Henryk Jankowski - Gdansk, POLAND
       Justice Alan Page - St. Paul, MN
       Dr. Albert J. Raboteau - Princeton, NJ
       Dr. Blandina Cardenas Ramirez - San Marcos, TX
       Dr. John D. Roberts - Pasadena, CA
       Dr. Arnold W. Weber - Evanston, IL
               CLASS OF 2008
       Mrs. Erma Bombeck - Paradise Valley, AZ
       Professor S.S. Chern - Berkeley, CA
       Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole - Atlanta, GA
       Dr. James S. Coleman - Chicago, IL
       Mrs. Marian Wright Edelman - Washington, DC
       Mr. Shelby Foote - Memphis, TN
       Dr. Nick Holonyak, Jr., - Urbana, IL
       Mr. Newton N. Minow - Chicago, IL
       The Honorable Albert Reynolds, T.D. - Dublin, IRELAND
       Mr. John F. Welch - Fairfield, CT

       Dr. Eleanor Baum - New York, NY
       Dr. James H. Billington - Washington, DC
       Sister Maura Brannick, C.S.C. - South Bend, IN
       His Eminence Edward Idris Cardinal Cassidy - Vatican City State, EUROPE
       Dr. Desire Collen, M.D. - Leuven, BELGIUM
       Mr. Roberto Goizueta - Atlanta, GA
       The Honorable Alan Greenspan - Washington, DC
       Dr. William A. Hickey - Notre Dame, IN
       Mrs. Dolores R. Leckey - Washington, DC
       Dr. Condoleezza Rice - Stanford, CA
       The Honorable Pedro Rossello - San Juan, PR
       Mr. Ray H. Siegfried, II - Tulsa, OK
       Dr. Jose Zalaquett - Santiago, CHILE

       Dr. William K. Blake - Bethesda, MD
       Dr. Ruben A. Carriedo - San Diego, CA
       Dr. Stephen L. Carter - New Haven, CT
       Dr. Claire L. Gaudiani - New London, CT
       Prof. Mary Ann Glendon - Cambridge, MA
       Justice Richard Goldstone - The Netherlands
       Mr. Jon Hassler - Minneapolis, MN
       Mr. John A. Kaneb - Chelesa, MA
       C.N.R. Rao - Bangalore, INDIA
       Katherine Schipper - Chicago, IL
       Sir John Templeton - Nassau, Bahamas
               CLASS OF 2008
       Dr. David P. Billington - Princeton, NJ
       Dr. Rita Frances Dove - Charlottesville, VA
       The Honorable Roman Herzog - Bonn Germany
       Dr. Leon M. Lederman - Batavia, IL
       Adam Cardinal Maida - Detroit, MI
       Mr. Arthur Martinez - Hoffman Estates, IL
       Chancellor Barry Muniz - Long Beach, CA
       Mr. Ara Parseghian - Granger, IN
       Justice Antonin Scalia, Washington, DC
       Mr. Mark Shields, Chevy Chase, MD
       The Honorable Ann C. Williams - Chicago, IL

       Dr. William H. Beaver - Stanford, CA
       Mrs. Elaine Chao - Washington, DC
       Mr. Kennith I. Chenault - New York, NY
       Mr. Charkes K. Fischer - Fort Worth, TX
       Dr. Juliet V. Garcia - Brownsville, TX
       Rev. J. Bryan Hehir - Cambridge, MA 02138
       His Eminence William Cardinal Keeler - Baltimore, MD
       The Honorable Joseph E. Kernan - Indianapolis, IN
       Professor Saunders MacLane - Chicago, IL
       Mrs. Kathleen Norris - Lemmon, SD
       Dr. Charles M. Vest - Cambridge, MA

       Ms. Elizabeth Dole - Washington, D.C.
       Mr. Aaron Feuerstein - Lawrence, MA
       His Excellency Eduardo Frei Ruiz Taagle - Santiago, Chile
       Mr. J. Roberto Guitierrez - San Antonio, TX
       Mr. Patrick F. McCartan - Cleveland, OH
       The Hon. Gabriella Kirk McDonald - The Netherlands
       Mr. Regis Philbin - New York, NY
       Dr. Cornelius J. Pings - Pasadena, CA
       Dr. Kathleen Ross, SNJM - Toppenish, WA
       Prof. John P. Schiffer - Argonne, IL
       His Eminence Edmund Casimir Cardinal Szoka - The Vatican
               CLASS OF 2008
       Secretary General Kofi Annan - New York, New York
       Mrs. Connie Binsfeld - Maple City, MI
       Dr. James D. Bjorken - Stanford, CA
       The Most Reverend Agostino Cacciavillan - Vatican City State, Europe
       Presidenta Violeta B. Chamorro - Managua, Nicaragua
       Mr. Robert Goodwin - Washington, DC
       Dr. Eleanor M. Josaitis - Detroit, MI
       William D. Manly - Oak Ridge, TN
       Mr. George Rickey - East Chatham, NY
       Mr. Robert J. Welsh - Merrillville, IN

       Dr. John N. Bahcall - Princeton, NJ
       President George W. Bush - Washington, DC
       Rev. Cyprian David, OSB - Saint Meinrad, IN
       Dr. Marilou Eldred - Notre Dame, IN
       Louis V. Gerstner, Jr. - Armonk, New York
       Mr. John W. Jordan, II - Chicago, IL
       William Joseph Kennedy - Averill Park, New York
       The Most Reverend Guisseppe Pittau,S.J. - Vatican City State, Europe
       Ms. Sara Martinez Tucker - San Francisco, CA
       Dr. Andrew Viterbi - San Diego, CA

       Professor Margaret Bent - Oxford, United Kingdom
       The Lord Browne of Madingley - London, United Kingdom
       Mr. Alfred C. DeCrane, Jr. - Greenwich, CT
       His Eminence Walter Cardinal Kasper - Rome, Italy
       Ms. Helen Lieberman - Cape Town, South Africa
       The Honorable Diarmuid F. O’Scannlain - Portland, Oregon
       Mr. Sydney Pollack - Beverly Hills, California
       Dr. Helen R. Quinn - Menlo Park, California
       Mr. Timothy Russert - Washington, D.C.
       Professor William P. Sexton - South Bend, Indiana
       Mr. Patrick A. Toole - West Port, Connecticut
       Ms. Cicely Tyson - New York, New York
               CLASS OF 2008
       Mrs. Kathleen W. Andrews - Kansas City, Missouri
       Margaret Corbett Broad (Molly) - Chapel Hill, North Carolina
       Roland W. Chamblee, M.D. - South Bend, Indiana
       Professor Evelyn Hu-DeHart - Providence, Rhode Island
       The Honorable Richard Lugar - Washington, D.C.
       Professor Allen Mandelbaum - Winston Salem, North Carolina
       Dr. Leslie E. Robertson - New York, New York
       His Eminence Oscar Andrés Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga - Teguicigalpa,
       Judge Anthony Scirica - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
       Mr. Raúl Yzaguirre - Washington, D.C.
       The Honorable José A. Cabranes - New Haven, CT
       Sister Anita de Luna, MCDP - San Antonio, TX
       Dr. John L. Hennessy - Stanford, CA
       Professor Elaine H. Kim - Oakland, CA
       Mr. Terrence J. McGlinn - Wyomissing, PA
       Professor Homer A. Neal - Ann Arbor, MI
       Reverend Jerome Murphy-O’Connor, O.P. - Jerusalem Israel
       The Honorable Alan C. Page - St. Paul, MN
       Mr. James D. Sinegal - Issaquah, WA
       Ms. Roxanne Spillett - Atlanta, GA
       Dr. Peter Tannock - Fremantle, WA
       Henry Louis Aaron - Atlanta, GA
       Francis Cardinal Arinze - Vatican City
       Benjamin Solomon Carson, Sr. - Baltimore, MD
       Robert L. Carter - New York, NY
       Robert Michael Conway - London, England
       Jack Greenberg - New York, NY
       Vartan Gregorian - New York, NY
       Nathan O. Hatch - South Bend, IN
       Joseph Bishop Keller - Palo Alto, CA
       Reverend Edward A. Malloy, C.S.C. - Notre Dame, IN
       Sonia Manzano - New York, NY
       James Thomas Morris - Rome, Italy
       Anne Marie Mulcahy - Rochester, NY
       Steven Browning Sample - Los Angeles, CA
       Carol Lally Shields - Philadelphia, PA
               CLASS OF 2008
       Joseph Edward Walther - Indianapolis, IN

       Landrum R. Bolling - Richmond, IN
       Kevin Cahill - New York, NY
       Anthony F. Earley, Jr. - Detroit, MI
       Norman C. Francis - New Orleans, LA
       Harper Lee - Monroeville, AL
       Gil Loescher - Oxford, England
       Mary McAleese - Ireland
       Francis C. Oakley - Williamstown, MA
       Karen Rauenhorst - Long Lake, MN
       John F. “Jack” Sandner - Chicago, IL
       Michael J. Sheehan - Santa Fe, NM
       Matthew V. Storin - South Bend, IN
       Thomas P. Sullivan - Chicago, IL

       Valdas Adamkus – Lithuania
       Rev. P. Raniero Cantalamessa, O.F.M. Cap. - Italy
       Archbishop Elias Chacour – Israel
       Mary Sue Coleman – Ann Arbor, MI
       Paul Farmer – Boston, MA
       Kenneth Hackett – Columbia, MD
       Richard Hunt – Chicago, IL
       Immaculée Ilibagiza – Long Island, NY
       Jeffrey Immelt – New York, NY
       Robert Kiley – New York, NY

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