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					                                ATHLETIC ADVENTURES

                  3236 Atlanta Highway Dallas, Georgia 30132         770-443-8000
                  Cliff Cole, Superintendent          David Colvard, Executive Director of Safety and Athletics
    East Paulding High School ----- Hiram High School ----- North Paulding High School
              Paulding County High School ----- South Paulding High School

   WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 9, 2011                                          Paulding High and Paulding County High to
                                                                      honor Coach Ken Phillips. Coach Phillips passed
                                                                      from this life on August 7, 2005 (his grandson,
              IN THIS ISSUE                                           Kent, was born 3 years later on August 7, 2008).
                                                                      When the “Battle of Dallas” tradition began, the
    •        Battle of Paulding                                       district had only two high schools. Since the
    •        Superintendent’s Cup and Sportsmanship                   district has now grown to five high schools, the
             Cup Presentations                                        name changed to the “Battle of Paulding”. The
    •        Thursday Night Game EPHS vs. NPHS                        “Battle of Paulding” is designed to carry on the
    •        McClain Starts at Eastern Kentucky
    •        Game Results
                                                                      legacy of Coach “Big Daddy” Ken Phillips and
    •        NPHS Region Champs                                       his beliefs about the game of life. “Big Daddy,”
    •        Henry in the NFL                                         as his players lovingly referred to him, was head
    •        Colton Reid-Air Force Academy                            coach for a record 90 games at PCHS and led the
    •        Upcoming Games – Events                                  program to its first winning season in 1980. His
    •        Region Standings
                                                                      tenure at Paulding was nine seasons (1977-80;
                                                                      1985-89), a mark no one in the history of the
                                                                      program at PCHS has surpassed. In August of
                                                                      2005, the field house at Paulding County High
                                                                      School was named in honor of Coach Phillips.
                                                                      He taught life lessons and touched thousands of
  BATTLE OF PAULDING GAME                                             lives in a way that made everyone around him a
      SET FOR SEPT. 9TH                                               better person. At the end of every football game,
                                                                      win or lose, he always told his boys to go home
                                                                      and tell your mom and dad you love them. Coach
                                                                      Phillips has left a legacy in Paulding County that
                                                                      will live on for years to come.

                “Big Daddy” Phillips

The always exciting “Battle of Paulding” is set
for Friday, September 9th at Paulding County
High School, with the Patriots hosting the
Hornets of Hiram High. The winning school
keeps the “Battle” trophy for the entire year and
a most valuable player (MVP) is selected for
each team. A presentation of the trophy will be
made at midfield at the conclusion of the game.
The presentation is made by Mrs. Annelle                                  Annelle Phillips with former Paulding County High
Phillips and her daughter, Kenelle Gresham.                             principal, Dave Hardin in front of the Ken Phillips Field
                                                                        House. The stadium at PCHS is named after Mr. Hardin.
The following is a brief history of how the Battle
came about in Paulding County. The “Battle of
Dallas” was established in 1999 between East
Previous winners of the “Battles”:                              NORTH PAULDING PRESENTED
                                                                WITH THE 2010-2011 SUPT. CUP
“Battle of Dallas”
1999     PCHS 28                EPHS 0
2000     PCHS 21                EPHS 10
2001     PCHS 42                EPHS 13
2002     PCHS 44                EPHS 10
2003     PCHS 34                EPHS 6
2004     EPHS 23                PCHS 20
2005     EPHS 28                PCHS 22
2006     EPHS 42                PCHS 16
2007     EPHS 17                PCHS 16

“Battle of Paulding”
2008     SPHS 17                PCHS 10
2009     PCHS 17                SPHS 14
2010     HHS 41                 PCHS 0

Overall Team Records in the Battles:
                                                                (Pictured L-R) Greg Cherry, NPHS Athletic Director; Dr.
                                                                Mark Crowe, NPHS Principal; Andy Gill, owner of Dallas
PCHS       6 wins       6 losses                                  Dodge-Chrysler-Jeep; and Cliff Cole, Superintendent
EPHS       4 wins       5 losses                                                Paulding County Schools
SPHS       1 win        1 loss
                                                                     Photo courtesy of Dutch Walters Photography
HHS        1 win        0 losses                               

In twelve (12) years of the “battle,” there have               Friday, September 2nd was an exciting night at
been only two shutouts. The very first game in                 North Paulding High School. During halftime of
1999 saw the Patriots shutout the Raiders. In last             their game against Alexander, a special
year’s game, the Patriots were shutout by the                  presentation was made. North, in only their 4th
Hornets in the largest point margin of the                     year of existence, won the 2010-2011
“battle” series.                                               Superintendent’s Cup. The Cup is presented
                                                               annually to the school that has the best overall
                                                               athletic program. The sponsor of the program is
                                                               Dallas Dodge-Chrysler-Jeep. Mr. Andy Gill, the
                                                               owner, was present for the awarding of the cup
                                                               along with $500 to the athletic fund of North
                                                               Congratulations to North and a special thanks to
                                                               Dallas Dodge-Chrysler-Jeep for their continued

Coach Phillips making the trophy presentations at one of the
   first “Battles” between the Patriots and the Raiders

                                                               East Paulding leads the way with 5 wins and
                                                             only 3 losses in the series with Douglas County.
                                                             The Raiders won last year 26-7. East continues
                                                              to be ranked in the top 10 of most of the class
                                                             AAAA polls. East is 2-0 while the Tigers are 0-
                                                             2. They lost last week to Warner Robbins 56-0.

             Photo courtesy of Steve Fouche                                         AT

   (Pictured L-R) Brian Otott, Associate Superintendent      North Paulding and South Paulding met last year
 Paulding County Schools; Kim Curl of Kimberly Assisted      for the first time. The Wolfpack won by a score
 Living Home; Jason Freeman, Principal Hiram High; and
Ken Ritch, Athletic Director Hiram High; (Not shown): John
                                                                of 23-7. South is coming off a huge win at
        Henderson of Henderson Insurance Agency                  Hiram while North took a close one over
                                                               Alexander. Both teams are 1-1 on the young
Another very special presentation took place at                                    season.
Hiram High School on Friday, September 2nd.
The 2010-2011 Sportsmanship Cup was awarded
to the Hiram Hornets. The Cup is presented
annually to the school that scores the highest on             MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR
the sportsmanship point system. Along with the                   THURSDAY, SEPT. 22ND
Cup, the school was presented $500 for their
general athletic fund. The sponsors of the
Sportsmanship Cup are Kim Curl of Kimberly
Assisted Living Home and John Henderson of
Henderson Insurance Agency. A special thanks
to Mr. Curl and Mr. Henderson for their
continued support of this most important award.

                       SEPT 9TH


                                                             WSB-TV and Play-on-Sports have initiated live
                                                             high school football broadcasts on Thursday
                           AT                                nights. The East Paulding at North Paulding
                                                             game was selected for the Thursday, September
Since 2000, Hiram High holds an overall record               22nd slot. The game will broadcast live on WSB-
of 6-5 over the Patriots. Hiram won last year by             TV’s second digital station (Comcast channel
a score of 41-0. This is the “Battle of Paulding”            248). The game will also stream live on
game. Both teams come into the battle with 1-1      The game will be replayed in high
                     records.                                definition at 1:06 am on the following Friday on
                                                             WSB-TV (Channel 2).
    FORMER HIRAM STANDOUT                                        ACTION FROM FRIDAY NIGHT
                                                                              EPHS VS PCHS

 McClain in action against Big 12 opponent Kansas State

Former Hiram standout Jared McClain started as
the quarterback for Eastern Kentucky University
in their season opener before 50,292 fans at
Kansas State University. McClain, a freshman,
was starting in place of junior quarterback, T.J.
Pryor. McClain passed for 119 yards and threw
a TD pass in the 10-7 loss. Eastern Kentucky
plays in the Ohio Valley Conference of the
                                                                   Photo courtesy of Dutch Walters Photography
NCAA Division I Bowl Championship Series.                    

                                                                        NPHS VS ALEXANDER

   This link will take you to the sign-up page:


      Benefitting the SPHS Softball team
             September 10, 2011
                 11am – 5pm                                        Photo courtesy of Dutch Walters Photography
   Food Lion Parking Lot (Hwy 61 and Hiram                   
                  Sudie Road)
                  $6 per plate
               GAME RESULTS                                              NPHS defeated Coosa 2-0
 (The following scores were reported to the district office)             Hannah Gray served 25 straight
                                                                         serves for a shut-out win of 25-0 and
CROSS COUNTRY                                                            then Courtney Knight also served 25
      EPHS-Parker Sorenson finished 6th in                               straight serves for a consecutive
       The Early Bird Invitational; Lily                                 shut out of 25-0. WOW! Way to go!
       Kidane finished 12th; EPHS girls
       finished in 13th place overall
      NPHS in the Dallas Classic on 9-7:                         UPCOMING GAMES - EVENTS
       JV boys—2nd place                                         (Only games submitted to the district athletic office are
       JV girls—6th place                                                                 listed)
       Varsity boys—3rd place                                   Due to possibilities of weather and/or other changes, it is
                                                               recommended to contact the school for verification of events
       Varsity girls—3rd place
FOOTBALL                                                        KEY: EPHS-East Paulding; HHS-Hiram; NPHS-North
      EPHS defeated PCHS 49-9                                  Paulding; PCHS-Paulding County; SPHS-South Paulding
      SPHS defeated HHS 17-10
       South’s victory gave Region                             CHEERLEADING
       5-AAAA South two wins this                              Sept 10
       season in games against the north                               Cheer competition @ EPHS
       sub-region after going 1-16 in those
       games in 2010.                                          CROSS COUNTRY
      NPHS defeated Alexander 40-35                            Sept 15
       Wide receiver Joel Brooks had six                               EPHS @ Clinton Nature Preserve
       receptions for 223 yards and three                      Sept 28
       touchdowns. His 33 yard TD                                      County Championship @ White Oak
       reception with five seconds left was                             Park
       the game winner.
      HHS 9th lost to EPHS 24-6                                FOOTBALL
      HHS JV lost to EPHS 33-8                                 Sept 9
SOFTBALL                                                               HHS @ PCHS
      PCHS lost to Chapel Hill 8-0                                     (Battle of Paulding)
      PCHS defeated Douglas Co 8-0                                     NPHS @ SPHS (Homecoming)
      PCHS JV defeated Chapel Hill 3-2                                 EPHS @ Douglas Co.
      PCHS JV defeated Douglas Co 16-1                         Sept 16
      HHS won the Softball in the Sand                                 SPHS @ Villa Rica
       Tournament with the following wins:                             NPHS @ Sprayberry
         Defeated McIntosh Academy 5-1                                 HHS home w/Osborne (Homecoming)
         Defeated Lee Co 7-6                                           EPHS home w/Kell
         Defeated Glynn Academy 7-2
         Defeated Brantley Co 5-4                              SOFTBALL
         Defeated Colquitt Co 3-1 (Photo pg 7)                 Sept 12
      EPHS defeated HHS 11-6                                            SPHS home w/Marietta
      EPHS defeated Osborne 12-0                               Sept 13
VOLLEYBALL                                                              SPHS home w/Villa Rica
      SPHS lost to NPHS 2-0                                             PCHS @ Alexander
      SPHS defeated New Manchester 2-0                                  HHS home w/Pope
      SPHS defeated EPHS 2-0                                            EPHS @ Sprayberry
      SPHS lost to Chapel Hill 2-1                             Sept 14, 16, 17
      SPHS lost to HHS 2-0                                              EPHS, NPHS, HHS, PCHS @
      SPHS defeated Rockmart 2-0                                         North Cobb Tournament
      SPHS defeated Villa Rica 2-0                             Sept 15
      EPHS lost to Woodland 2-0                                         SPHS @ Alexander
      EPHS lost to Douglas Co. 2-0                                      PCHS home w/Lithia Springs
      NPHS JV defeated HHS 2-0                                          NPHS @ Osborne
      NPHS JV defeated Douglas Co 2-0                                   EPHS home w/Pope
      NPHS JV defeated N. Manchester 2-0
Sept 13                                                      REGION STANDINGS
        SPHS, HHS @ Douglas Co                                   As reported by Ga. Prepcountry
                                                                          As of 9-7-11
        NPHS @ Osborne
        EPHS home w/PCHS
Sept 15                                            SOFTBALL 5-A Sub-region
        SPHS @ NPHS                                    School      Region Overall
        EPHS @ PCHS                                South Paulding                      5-0           6-5
OTHER EVENTS                                       Chapel Hill                         3-1              6-3
Sept 27
                                                   Paulding County                     3-2           7-4
        County-wide marching band exhibition
                                                   Alexander                           3-2           3-7
        South Paulding High School
        7:15 pm Admission: $2                      Villa Rica                          2-3              3-7
        Children 5 and under free                  Lithia Springs                      1-4              3-9
        Middle School Band students admitted       Douglas County                      0-5              0-6
         free if they wear their band shirt,
         school district employees free with       SOFTBALL 5-B Sub-region
         their staff ID.

                                                      School              Region              Overall
                                                   Pope                       5-1                  8-2
                                                   North                      3-1                  3-3
        CHAMPIONS                                  Paulding
During halftime of their first home football       East Paulding              4-2                 4-6
game, the region champions in boy’s golf and
                                                   Kell                       2-1                  3-3
volleyball were recognized for North Paulding.
                                                   Hiram                      2-3                 10-4
                                                   Sprayberry                 1-3                  3-5
                                                   Osborne                    0-6                  0-6

                                                   VOLLEYBALL 5-N Sub-region

                                                      School               Area               Overall
                                                   North Paulding             4-0                 29-3
                                                   Hiram                      2-1                 16-3
                                                   South Paulding             1-2                 3-4
      NPHS boy’s golf region champions 2011        Osborne                    0-1                 0-1
     Photo courtesy of Dutch Walters Photography   East Paulding              0-3                 0-7
                                                   Paulding                   0-4                 0-11

                                                   FOOTBALL 5-N Sub-region
                                                       School     Region Overall
                                                   East Paulding                       0-0              2-0
                                                   Pope                                0-0              2-0
                                                   North Paulding                      0-0              1-1
                                                   Hiram                               0-0              1-1
                                                   Kell                                 0-0             1-1
                                                   Osborne                              0-0             0-2
                                                   Sprayberry                           0-0             0-2
       NPHS volleyball region champions 2010
     Photo courtesy of Dutch Walters Photography
                                                          HHS WINS SOFTBALL IN THE
FOOTBALL 5-S Sub-region                                             SAND

       School                Region Overall
Paulding County                   0-0            1-1
Villa Rica                        0-0            1-1
South Paulding                    0-0            1-1
Alexander                         0-0            0-2
Chapel Hill                       0-0            0-2
Douglas County                    0-0            0-2
Lithia Springs                    0-0            0-2

                                                               Softball in the Sand Tournament Winners

    2ND NFL PLAYER FROM                                NORTH PAULDING SCORES TWO
      PAULDING COUNTY                                   PERFECT GAMES VS. COOSA

       Chas Henry, Punter, Philadelphia Eagles
                                                              Hannah Gray                Courtney Knight
Former East Paulding High standout Chas Henry
became just the second football player from            On Tuesday, September 6, a great feat was
Paulding County to make the final roster cut in        accomplished by the North Paulding volleyball
the NFL. Henry, who also starred at the                team. In their match against Coosa, Hannah
University of Florida, is the punter for the           Gray served 25 straight serves for a shut out win
Philadelphia Eagles. Trevard Lindley, former           of 25-0. In game two, Courtney Knight also
Hiram standout, was with the Eagles up until just      served 25 straight serves for a consecutive shut
recently.                                              out of 25-0. Way to go Hannah, Courtney and
                                                       the entire Wolfpack team!
   FORMER EPHS STANDOUT                                  GEORGIA HIGH SCHOOL
       FORCE ACADEMY                                         16TH SEASON

                                                     The Georgia High School Scoreboard Show,
                                                     presented by Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance
                                                     and hosted by Tommy Palmer, kicked-off its
                                                     16th season on Friday, August 26th from 10:00
                                                     pm – Midnight.

                                                     The radio network of over 60+ radio station
                                                     affiliates, is the 2nd largest sports network in the
                                                     state behind the Atlanta Braves. The program
                                                     features up-to-the-minute football scores and
                                                     game reports on Friday nights for 13 weeks thru
                                                     Nov. 18. Sponsors include: Georgia Farm
                                                     Bureau, Verizon Wireless and Georgia Southern.
                    Colton Reid                      The program is produced by Palmer Sports
                                                     Media, a media partner of the GHSA.
Former East Paulding High standout, Colton
Reid, is beginning his senior year on the football   There are no stations near Paulding County that
team at the Air Force Academy. The following
                                                     carry the scoreboard show. However, several of
is his bio from the Air Force media guide.
                                                     the stations offer the show live on-line. The
2010 (Junior) – Played and started in all 13
                                                     following is a partial list of those:
games … handled deep snapper duties for all
special teams.
2009 (Sophomore) – Played in all 13 games …          WBGE-FM 101.9 Bainbridge
was the team’s starting deep snapper… handled
all deep snapper duties (punt, FG, PAT).
2008 (Freshman) – Played on the junior varsity
                                                     WRDO-FM 96.9 Fitzgerald
all season.
High School – Lettered four years in football
and two in baseball … named all region and all-      WGTJ-AM1330 Gainesville
county in football all four years he played …
named all-state once and was the region’s
offensive lineman of the year as a senior …
                                                     WVOH-FM 93.5 Hazelhurst
helped his team to a pair of state championships
… his father, John, was his high school football
coach … was active in the Fellowship of
                                                     WSEG-AM 1400 Savannah
Christian Athletes.
Personal – Member of cadet squadron 7 … son
of John and Julie Reid (Both are teachers in the
                                                     WQLI-FM 92.3 Pelham
Paulding County School District)… siblings
include Kiersten and Courtney … majoring in
management … on the dean’s list three times …
                                                     WTCQ-FM 97.7 Vidalia
this past summer, worked the Space Program and
also took an astronautical engineering class … is
the element leader in his squadron… favorite
                                                     WIFO-FM 105.5 Jesup
class is biology … one word to describe him
would be “crafty” …hobby is working on cars …
favorite NFL team is the Oakland Raiders …
                                                     WCLA-AM 1470 Claxton
favorite non-traditional sport to watch on TV is
drag racing … plans to be a maintenance
officer in the Air Force. Good Luck Colton!

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