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                   at Holy Cross
                                                       DEC EMBER 2009


Coming Attractions   “For unto us a Child is born,
                        Unto us a Son is given;
                        And the government will be upon His shoulder.
                        And His name will be called
                        Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God,
                        Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”
                                                           ~Isaiah 9:6

       Sullivan’s Island • Daniel Island • I’On
                                                                              First Annual
                                                           Holiday Market
                                                                 to benefit Holy Cross Island School

                                                               December 5th • 10 am - 1 pm
                                                                Holiday Market open to the public

                                                                      Fine Art and Crafts including
                                                                                  jewelry, painting, pottery,
                                                                                    photography, woodwork,
                                                                                  ca ndles, tree orna ments,
                                                                                    clothes and accessories

                                                                                      and Auction Items
                                                                                   golf lessons, sunset cruise
                                                                                  ha nd crafted bed swing,
                                                                               theatre tickets, guitar lessons,
                                                                                            and much more!

                                       For more information, please contact
                                       Ama nda Combs at 843-324-3168.

                                                                Christmas Pageant
4 | Mondo Amounts of Good News
Jonny Keys shares a bit about Mondo Weekend, the
most recent middle school Diocesan retreat at Saint
Christopher Camp and Conference Center.
6 | Camouflage Christmas
There’s no hiding the fact that the Camouflage
Christmas ministry has been a blessing to soldiers in
previous years. This year looks to be no different in
that respect!
8 | The Gift of Christ

The Lord had a plan to come to our aid even before
we knew we needed rescue. Read about how climbing
trees relates to the gift of Christ.
10 | Holy Cross Island School
Find out what’s new at HIS School (formerly MMO).

Life at Holy Cross [Two]
FROM THE EDITOR [Audra L. Gibson]
As I drove back to my house after Thanksgiving dinner at St. Christopher Camp and Conference Center this year,
my mother and I passed one of my neighbor’s houses a block or so from home. It was ablaze with Christmas
lights and decorations, all dressed up for Christmas. “It’s officially started”, I thought to myself. “Tomorrow I’m
going to turn on the radio and half the stations will be playing Jingle Bell Rock.” Then my thoughts turned to my
home. What would I do this year with my home? The house I’m currently living in has been sold and is set to close
in the middle of December, so there’s no point in putting up decorations just to take them down in a week or two
for packing. At the same time, by the time I move into the new home, I’ll barely have enough time to begin unpacking
before Christmas arrives. I guess I won’t be doing too much decorating this year. Though I have nothing against
them, what a relief it is that Christmas is not about house decorations. The theme of “Life at Holy Cross” this issue
is Glad Tidings/Good News. It’s an opportunity to remember that we do not have to decorate ourselves to receive
the Lord’s love. We do not have to cover up the bad paint or hide behind shiny, happy lights. The Lord sent His
Son, Jesus Christ, so that we might have abundant life. He wants to be in relationship with us regardless of whether
we are bright and shiny. Turn the pages of “Life at Holy Cross” and you will find many examples of good news, but
the best news of the season is the coming of the King. I especially urge you to read Trip Cormeny’s article on page
eight. This season, remember you don’t have to decorate yourself. The Lord is eager to meet you right where you
are today, and so are we here at The Church of the Holy Cross.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have
everlasting life.” John 3:16 NKJV

                                                                         9 | Special Christmas Services

                                                                         Special service times for Christmas Eve and
                                                                         Christmas Day

                                                                         11 | Go Green - Twelve Days of Green
                                                                         The basic premise of this section is that
                                                                         we can take action to help take care of this
                                                                         beautiful planet the Lord has created.
                                                                         Usually, we share one tip, but this issue, we
                                                                         have twelve for you, to coincide with the
                                                                         twelve days of Christmas.

                                                                         12 | Penny (for thoughts)
                                                                         Keeping God at the core of marriage

                                                                         14 | Events
On the cover: Manger Scene Copyright © Audra L. Gibson 2008              Upcoming events, ministries, and services
                                                                         here at The Church of the Holy Cross
Contact: Please send any correspondence or suggestions for submissions
to “Life at Holy Cross” magazine to or call the      15 | Holy Hero
church office at 843-883-3586.                                           This month’s Holy Hero: Mary Haigler

                                                                  3             Life at Holy Cross [December 2009]
       By Jonny Keys

A few weeks ago, we attended Mondo Weekend, the annual fall
Diocesan retreat for middle school students at St. Christopher
Camp and Conference Center. We have gone before many times,
but never before has Holy Cross been so involved.

We had 42 students attend, which is the largest group of students I have
ever taken. Thankfully I had a wonderful team of leaders (Eddie and Cindy
Sanders, Margaret Lachicotte, McCall Holman and Andy Whitfield) who did a fantastic job
of looking after our group.

Everyone carpooled to Camp, and, after arriving, students were taken to their cabins to drop off their bags
before heading to the multi-purpose building – where we spent most of our time; learning, memorizing scripture,
praying, and in worship. I was hosting Mondo with Will Klauber from Christ Church, which was so much fun.
The first night we gathered, almost 20 churches were represented, with 300 students in total.

We heard Dave Libbon (St Andrews) talk to us about who God is (eternal, creator and ABLE); what that
means we are (created, broken and unable); and how God had a plan to remedy that chasm, through his son
Jesus Christ.

Holy Cross’ Musical Levites in Training (MLiT), led by Peter Spearman, along with MT Bourque, Robert Spearman,
Drew Kern and Ben Worsham (St. Michaels) led worship all weekend, and they were phenomenal. It was such
a privilege for them to be asked to lead worship for a diocesan event, and it gave me so much joy to see them
do such a professional and personal job. I was so proud, as was Trey Truluck, who has been training our MLiT
team of middle and high schoolers for the past two years. They were better than many bands twice their age
and experience, and yet they were so humble and not seeking attention or ‘fame’ from their position. And, boy,
did God use them!

After the Friday evening meeting, students refueled with chewy granola bars and Capri Sun (which I drink
upside down- it’s easier in case you were wondering) before returning to see the band Re:vive play a concert.
They are from Australia and used to be in the youth group that Ken and Julie Moser once led in Sydney. To say
the students fell in love with this band would be an understatement; they played a great concert and may have
won 300 new fans!

Life at Holy Cross [Four]
Saturday morning came round very fast after the               Truluck and Peter Spearman. Dave encouraged
late night, but the pancakes, bacon, and eggs soon            the students to respond to God in three ways: to
gave everyone the energy they needed. We praised              either kneel in surrender; raise our arms to heaven
the Lord together, and Jon Hook shared his incredible         and to ask for more of Him; or to praise and thank
testimony of God’s healing power. Then we learned             Him for His love. It was a powerful time as the
more about Ephesians 3:20-21, “Now to him who                 Holy Spirit descended in that space. Lives were
is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask               changed, faith increased, and hearts were filled
or imagine, according to his power that is at work            with the love of the Father. For those who weren’t
within us, to him be glory in the church and in               too tired, we went back to The Chapel of the
Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever             Palms for Compline – a special end of the day
and ever! Amen.” These were the memory verses for             liturgical service which was led brilliantly by youth
the weekend. We then had youth group time in The              commission volunteers.
Chapel of the Palms which is basically on the beach
– I love St. Christopher, we are so blessed to have it!       Sunday came ‘round even faster than Saturday, but
                                                              there was no time to hang around as we ate breakfast,
Saturday afternoon was made up of free time and               packed our bags and tidied our cabins. Once we
entertainment with some improv comedy from two                were done, we came together one last time in the
summer camp staff members, as well as fun games               multi-purpose building to praise the Risen King
outside on the field – old sheets and water balloons          and celebrate the eucharist that Chris Warner led.
were involved; I’ll leave the rest to your imagination!       As parents arrived and photos were taken, suddenly
We had another yummy meal in the evening topped               the masses filed into their vehicles and we were all
off with the now legendary Mississippi Mud Pie!               on our way home – knowing that we had just spent
                                                              a very memorable weekend with our Father and His
Saturday night was very special; after worship                extended family. What a treat that was. It’s going
music from MLiT and a great teaching from Dave                to be hard to top this year’s experience next year,
Libbon, we entered into an extended time of                   but I have a feeling God has something special in
worship, ministry, and prayer time led by Trey                store for us when it comes back around.

                                                          5                  Life at Holy Cross [December 2009]
                    GOD BL                         By Caroline McLaughlin

               MER                                 Whew! Just finished organizing 2,452 cards, of which only 49
             CHR    RY                           were signed. Only 2,403 to go.
                                             My daughters and I started this project two years ago when their
                                            dad, Kelly, joined the Army in October of 2007. The girls were so
                                           sad to see their daddy go, but they were proud. He was still in training
                                         at Christmas time. When we were writing Christmas cards for Kelly,
the girls suggested we send a card to all of Daddy’s friends in the Army. Some of the soldiers were fresh out
of high school with no family. We couldn’t bear the thought that some may not get cards at Christmas time.
So, the girls and I wrote in Christmas cards every evening until we had enough for each member of Kelly’s
unit – a total of 78 cards.

Last Christmas, Kelly was in Iraq. The girls really wanted to send Christmas cards again. We just had to do it
again. There was one slight problem. Kelly’s unit was now over 300 soldiers. I thought we should ask for help.
We would have been so happy if we would have had enough cards to send out 500, but, lo and behold, we
were able to send out 2,827! Holy Crossers were one of the biggest reasons this project was such a huge success.
We also received cards from elementary schools, mom’s clubs, a local Veterans’ club, and businesses. Even
people in Georgia and North Carolina took part. It was quite amazing.

                            Above: Volunteers work on Christmas cards for solidiers.

Life at Holy Cross [Six]
While filling out one of the cards, I noticed how              and soon stories of youthful Christmases were
pretty it was. I really liked it and looked to see who         passed around. In the middle of broken hearts,
the maker was so I could possibly get some for                 broken spirits, something touched us.
myself. God said, “Why don’t you contact that
company and let them know what you are doing                   “The thought of someone thinking of us during an
with their cards?” Why not?! Maybe they would sell             absence from home, warmed us. Smiles and laughter
me the leftovers at the end of the season at a deep            echoed through the lightly falling snow, no longer
discount. Don Wilkin responded. He loved what                  were we lost, but brought together through one
we were doing! He insisted on donating the end of              purpose, the purpose to share the Lord’s birthday.
the season cards to us. He sent us 2,134 cards to jump         Now, some of us were not Christians at the time
start this season. God is good! God is so good!                (some were converted afterwards) but all of us said
                                                               a blessing of thanks to Christ for this instance of
Kelly McLaughlin had this to say about receiving               togetherness. I thank the two little girls and their
the cards: “Two days into a three day field training           Mom for bring the blessings they brought one bitterly
exercise, our thoughts weren’t warm and very far               cold, lonely day in a field so far away from home.
from fuzzy. Delta Company, 210 was at their limit.             Thank you, Camouflage Christmas. God bless you
The weather had brought single digit temperatures              and your success. Amen”
and a freezing rain followed by very bitter
temperatures. We were assured by our Drill Sergeants           So, we’re doing it again. Fern works on cards most
that mail call would arrive, but so far not one                every night. Maddie has organized help at Ashley
envelope of mail. During the prettiest snowfall you            Hall. Some Spanish cards were donated, so Maddie
would ever see, we heard the call for mail. Usually            has recruited her Spanish class to fill them out for
only several of us would be blessed by letters from            us. I hope the Latino soldiers who receive them
home, or words of encouragement from a world                   like it. Sanders-Clyde Elementary, the Mom’s Club
far away. This day was different. Each soldier in              South, fellow Holy Crossers and the youth from
my platoon heard their name called. One by one                 Connection and Storm are all participating.
the envelopes were opened and smiles once again
returned to frost bitten faces. Hearts were warmed,            Man! I can’t wait to see how many we get out this year.

                                                                     Happy Birthday, Jesus!

                                                             All children are invited to a Birthday Party for our
                                                             Savior Jesus Christ! Sunday, December 20th
                                                             during the Sunday School hour at both Sullivan’s
                                                             Island (in the Great Hall) and Daniel Island (in
                                                             Classroom 3). We will enjoy cake and ice cream,
                                                             music, and a Gospel reading of the birth of Jesus.

                                                         7                     Life at Holy Cross [December 2009]
                                                            By: The Reverend Trip Cormeny
                                                            My five year old son likes to climb trees. The other
                                                            day he was 20 feet up a pine tree in our backyard.
                                                            At that height the branches were thin and few and
                                                            far between, and I knew he had gotten himself
                                                            into a jam. What’s more, the ladder he had placed
                                                            against the tree fell over when he ascended, making
                                                            a safe, successful descent seemingly impossible. He
                                                            had no idea that he was stuck. He called out to me,

                    b on
                                                            “Dad, look at me!” with all the delight and self-
                                                            satisfaction in the world. He had no idea he needed
                  im S
                                                            to be rescued.
                Cl Old

                                                            “Wow, you are a great climber! How did you get so
              to ar

                                                            high all by yourself?” I asked.
          es Ye

                                                            He described the whole process in detail – how
       Lik e

                                                            he dragged the ladder out from under the house

                                                            and placed it against the tree, which branches he
                                                            stepped on, how he pulled himself up. On and on

                                                            he went with such happiness. His eyes flashed as
                                                            he spoke. I knew what was coming.

“Trip, Finn, lunch is ready!” Angie called out from the back door.

“Come down, Finn. Let’s go eat our lunch.”

Finn looked down and all the life drained out of his face. The branches that had borne him to such great heights
seemed impossibly far away. His body tensed. He held tightly to the tree. He looked at me in desperation.

“Dad, I can’t get down.”

He was frightened and looked defeated.

“Don’t worry, son. I will come and get you.”

I put the ladder back against the tree and climbed up to where Finn was trapped. Even then he couldn’t let go.
I painstakingly got him down out of that tree. I had to do it all – tell him how to move, where to move, what to
look for, what to do. Without me, that jam would have been permanent for him. There wasn’t any way for him
to get down. He was stuck with no way of getting unstuck.

Life at Holy Cross [Eight]
The Scriptures say that our predicament was so bad that we were “dead”: dead to God, dead to life, dead to
one another, and dead to the world around us. That’s why God the Son became a man. Sin is a 10,000 foot tree.
We were stuck at the top of it and the ladder had been kicked away. There was no chance of escape; no chance
of life after sin. Only God could solve our problem of death, and He has! That’s why there’s Christmas.

Christmas is the celebration of the greatest rescue operation ever mounted. As St. Paul says:

1As for you, you were dead in your transgressions and sins, 2in which you used to live when you followed the
ways of this world and of the ruler of the kingdom of the air, the spirit who is now at work in those who are
disobedient. 3All of us also lived among them at one time, gratifying the cravings of our sinful nature[a] and
following its desires and thoughts. Like the rest, we were by nature objects of wrath. 4But because of his great
love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, 5made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions—
it is by grace you have been saved. 6And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly
realms in Christ Jesus, 7in order that in the coming ages he might show the incomparable riches of his grace,
expressed in his kindness to us in Christ Jesus. ~Ephesians 2:1-7

Love God this Christmas. Give Him all of your heart and mind. Trust Him. Put your hand in His and follow
Him wherever He leads you.

All God’s Richest Blessings in Christ Jesus,

                  Christmas Services at The Church of the Holy Cross
       Thursday December 24, 2009

       4:00 pm         Children’s Family Service - Sullivan’s Island Traditional Church
       5:00 pm         Contemporary Worship Service - Sullivan’s Island Great Hall
       5:30 pm         Children’s Family Service - Daniel Island Traditional Church
       7:00 pm         Traditional Worship Service - Sullivan’s Island Traditional Church
       7:15 pm         Contemporary Worship Service - Daniel Island Parish Hall
       11:00 pm        Traditional Worship Service - Sullivan’s Island Historic Church

       Friday December 25, 2009

       10:00 am        Traditional Worship Service - Sullivan’s Island Historic Church

                                                            9                     Life at Holy Cross [December 2009]
                                                     Students enjoyed a recent visit from the Daniel Island Fire
                                                     Department to learn about fire safety.

Holy Cross Island School Accepting Applications
Holy Cross Island School on Daniel Island (formerly Mother’s Morning Out) has good news. The school is
growing and is now accepting applications for a new Four Year Old program and the One Year Old program
beginning January 4th, 2010. The mission of Holy Cross Island School is to provide a fun and educational place
for children to grow and learn in an environment that teaches and practices the love of Jesus Christ as a ministry
of the Church of the Holy Cross.

The Friday One Year Old Class is a special program for our littlest of lambs (children must be one by 9/1/09).
Children spend the morning enjoying free play, story time, introduction to music and art, a snack, and outside
time. These children are loved through the process of separating from parents and learning how to play with
other little friends. This class meets on Fridays from 8:45 am – 11:45 am. Tuition is $70 per month with a $30
registration fee.

The Monday through Friday Four Year Old Class (children must be four by 9/1/09) will prepare children for
a successful transition into primary school, while still enjoying the “pretend play” and “creative learning”
aspects of their age. Each week, they will study stories from the Bible to learn about God’s character and how
knowing God affects people in good ways. They will study letters through vocabulary, explore science, nature,
world culture, and learn numbers and math concepts, all in a loving environment. This class meets Monday
through Friday, 8:45 am – 11:45 am. Tuition is $280 per month with a $30 registration fee.

For more information, please contact Sue Cuthbert at 843-883-3586 or

Life at Holy Cross [Ten]
                         go green... then red... then green.

[twelve tips for the twelve days of Christmas to help us honor this beautiful creation the Lord has given us]

It may seem very difficult to be “green” this Christmas with all of the extra gift giving, travel, and trees, but there
are a few things you can do to be a little kinder to the environment this holiday season. A little extra knowledge
and creativity can go a long way and while still allowing you to celebrate some of your old traditions and make
some new ones. We offer you twelve tips for a greener Christmas.

1. Complete shopping early and you’ll be able to request ground shipping online and at the post office. It is
around six times more energy efficient than overnight air shipping. It will also save you some green.
2. Purchase LED holiday lights for decoration. They use about 80-90 percent less energy than conventional lights.
3. Turn off your light and electric devices when they are not in use. Even in standby mode, they consume energy.
4. Consider sending some of your friends an online Christmas card instead of a conventional one. You can customize
them with your own greeting, family photos, and music if you wish, and you will be saving both paper and
the fuel used to ship them to your destination.
5. Make a wise tree choice. The debate between artificial and real trees has existed for a while, and some people
may have a need to purchase an artificial tree for health reasons due to allergies. Others may want to purchase
an artificial tree because they dislike the idea of sweeping up pine needles. However, if you are thinking about
purchasing an artificial tree because you think it is better for the environment, think again. Most artificial trees
are manufactured with metal and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a petroleum-derived, non-biodegradable plastic,
meaning they will sit in a landfill for centuries after disposal. Also, most artificial trees purchased in the U.S. have
been imported from overseas which means many of them needed more fuel to be transported than a real tree.
When it comes to real trees, some folks have an aversion to the idea of cutting down an oxygen producing tree,
but in order to ensure a healthy supply of Christmas trees each year, growers more often than not use sustainable
farming techniques. For each tree harvested, one to three seedlings are planted the following spring, ensuring
a healthy supply of trees. Real trees can also be recycled into mulch for gardens, hiking trails and playgrounds.
When it comes down to the greenest option, using a potted plant in place of a traditional tree is best. If you really
want a traditional tree, the real deal is the greener option.
6. Use recycled ornaments to decorate your tree or make your own tree decorations by hanging wrapped candy
canes or strings of popcorn.
7. If you are giving gifts such as appliances or electronics, look for ones that are energy efficient.
8. Instead of buying wrapping paper for gifts, use the comics from the newspaper or decorate paper grocery bags.
9. When serving up Christmas dinner, buy what you can from local vendors such as farmers’ markets.
10. Instead of buying family and friends gifts with a lot of packaging, think about getting them an experiential
gift such as concert tickets, an art class, or horseback riding.
11. If you will be entertaining guests, think about using real glasses and dishes as opposed to disposable ones. If
you can’t bring yourself to think about cleaning the real dishes and do buy disposable, look for recyclable ones.
12. Remember that at the end of the day (or twelve days), Christmas isn’t about trees, cards, parties, or packages.
Jesus, is indeed, the reason for the season. And celebrating His birth with family and friends is very energy
efficient. God bless you and Merry Christmas.
           Information courtesy of the Natural Resources Defense Council,, and

                                                              11                       Life at Holy Cross [December 2009]
christmas pageant
It is the time of year when we prepare for our
wonderful Holy Cross Christmas pageant! We
will brush off our angel wings, pull out our
shepherd’s robes, and begin preparation for what
is always one of our greatest events here at Holy
Cross. The Pageant will be Sunday, December
20th at 4:00pm at Sullivan’s Island. Sign-up and
rehearsals will be at Holy Cross, Sullivan’s Island
on December 12th and 19th at 10:00 am.

Pageant Casting will be as follows: Evangelists
(Readers) - 5th grade; Principal Parts - 4th and 5th
grades; Angels - 4k through 5th grade; Shepherds
- 5k through 5th grade; and Sheep - 3 and 4 year
olds (no rehearsal is required for sheep). Every
child is encouraged to join in the celebration.

Please use this event as outreach to our community for those who may not have a home church by asking their
children to come and be an angel or a shepherd in the Christmas pageant. Christmas is a time when people
need to feel loved. Even if your invitation is declined, they will be blessed that you made the effort to include
them! For more information contact Sue Cuthbert at 843-883-3586 or by e-mail at

Penny (for thoughts)                                         I want that. I want people at my funeral to talk
                                                             about how I loved my husband, Charlie, and the
                                                             kids. I want them to remember how I was quick
                                                             to give him a compliment, or make sure that there
           Keeping God at the                                was food in the fridge that he liked, or that I tried
            Core of Marriage                                 very hard to make sure he never had to worry
                                                             about the home fires - that they were always
                                                             burning for when he got home.
Dear Holy Cross Family,
                                                             It was not always that way with Charlie and me,
“Charlie” and I recently took a trip back to where           in our marriage. We have had our list of hurts, and
our marriage first began. We went to a funeral for a         fights, and pain. There has been infidelity, mean
friend’s father, and there was no one that we knew           words, and, at times, one leaving the other and not
while we were first married to be seen. It was a             knowing what was going to happen. That was our
wonderful service and graveside testimony of this            life in the old town we visited. We still have family
man’s life and how he loved the Lord, his wife and           there that we visit every time we drive up the
his family. No one said he made a ton of money. No           interstate. They would never know that we had a
one recounted his faults or a list of sins. No said          hard first couple of years, though, at the time, I felt
anything, but how much they loved him and would              the pain of regret, shame, and unbelief of what I
miss him.                                                    had became in the first years.

Life at Holy Cross [Twelve]
I was really messed up. I needed no one to take            answered that prayer over and over and increased
care of me. I could get my needs met one way or            all of the above.
another. And that is how I fell into the arms of
another man. I couldn’t express what I needed to           I tell you this story so you can know that no problem
Charlie: I needed him to tell me that I was his one        in a marriage is hopeless. I have been there. Charlie
and only; that he had a plan for us together; that         and I have done it. And we love each other more
we were one in Christ. We both proclaimed Christ,          and more each day that we are together. You can
but we were not living what we said, I don’t know          love your spouse again as well. I know that there
that we understood what it meant. We were two              are marriages in our own church family that are
people living in a house with 2 separate lives. We         in pain right now. I know that things can turn
were roommates, not husband and wife. I am                 around. The reason that I am so confident is that I
surprised that we didn’t have our names on things          know that Holy Cross helped us to turn our marriage
in the fridge.                                             around. WE have a wonderful staff of priests who
                                                           can and will help if given the opportunity. In fact,
As I was driving to the funeral, I thought back to         Charlie and I go and see a priest every so often for
how I hurt Charlie and how he hurt me. How did             a tune up. We want this investment to be in tip top
we ever get over that mountain of pain, anger, and         shape for a long time.
distrust that could have ended our marriage? It
was Divine intervention. I really mean it. God             So during this Christmas time and the month of
physically moved us to Charleston. We knew no              December, I challenge you to look at you spouse
one but each other and the people that we worked           as God created him or her, not with all of the hang
with. WE had to talk and spend time together, or           ups they have or the hurts they have done to you.
we would be alone.                                         This is the person God has joined you to. I pray for
                                                           a renewal of love, faith and trust in you and your
I asked God on the way as I drove, “why did this           Spouse. Renew your marriage. I promise it is not
happen? Why did we hurt each other so much? I              too late.
wish it was different. I wish I could go back and
change it.”                                                Blessings and Marry Christmas,

“My Dear Penny, No you don’t. This is what                 Penny (for thoughts)
brought you to me. This is what brought your
children and your church family into your life,
and look at Charlie now…”

I looked over at Charlie who was sleeping in the
passenger seat, and he was holding my elbow as
he slept. “…Even when he is asleep, he wants to
be with you.”

Friends, that is a love that only God could give to
a man and woman for each other. I have prayed
that God would increase my love for Charlie, my
devotion to him and my desire for him. God has

                                                      13                  Life at Holy Cross [December 2009]
                                                  CALENDAR OF EVENTS
SERVICE TIMES                                                                                        UPCOMING EVENTS
8:00am               Holy Eucharist Rt. I                       HC-SI                                December 5th | 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
9:00am               Contemporary Worship - Rt. II              GH                                   Holiday Market open to the public PH-DI
9:15am               Children’s/Family Worship                  TC-DI                                December 6th | 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
9:40am               Children’s/Family Worship                  TC-SI                                Life Groups Christmas Party in the Great Hall, SI
10:30am              Contemporary Worship - Rt. II              PH-DI                                December 20th | 9:45 am
10:30am              Holy Eucharist Rt. I                       TC-DI                                Happy Birthday Jesus Party Classroom 3, DI
11:00am              Holy Eucharist Rt. I                       TC-SI                                December 20th | 10:10 am
Monday                                                                                               Happy Birthday Jesus Party Great Hall, SI
6:30pm               Holy Cross, The Citadel (until 12/7) OC                                         December 20th | 11:00 am
Wednesday                                                                                            Lessons & Carols Service TC-SI
10:00am              Holy Eucharist Rite I                      HC-SI                                December 20th | 3:30 pm
                                                                                                     Monthly Artist Gathering PH-DI
WEEKLY EVENTS                                                                                        December 20th | 4:00 pm
Sunday                                                                                               Christmas Pageant in Great Hall, SI
9:30am               Faith Formation for Adults                  DI                                  December 24th - 25th
10:10am              Breakfast Club (Youth) (until 12/13) YR-SI                                      Christmas Eve and Day Services - see page 9
9:45am               Faith Formation all ages (until 12/13) DI                                       December 27th | 9:00 am
10:10am              Faith Formation all ages (until 12/13) SI                                       I’On Service in the tent on I’On square
4:00pm               Webelos Meeting                             DI                                  December 30th | 10:45 am
3:00pm               Middle School Storm (until 12/13) YR-SI                                         D.O.K. Time of Prayer HC-SI
5:00pm               High School Connection (until 12/13) YR-SI
5:00pm               Financial Peace University (until 12/20) GH-SI
6:00pm               Book Club (until 12/20)                    SI                                          Life
11:00am              Soaking Prayer                             TC-SI
12:00pm              Duplicate Bridge                           GH-SI
                                                                                                            Christmas Party
6:00pm               Cub Scouts                                 DI
7:30pm               Ekklesia (College) (until 12/7)            OC
10:00am              Staff Meeting                           SI-201
6:00pm               Food For Life                              LI
                                                                                                               December 6th
7:00pm               Living Free                                LI
                                                                                                               5:00 - 7:00 pm
Wednesday                                                                                                       Great Hall, SI
6:15pm               Wednesday Classes (until 12/16) DI & SI
7:00pm               Adult Choir Rehearsal                      CR                                      RSVP to Life Group leader.
7:00pm               Praise Team / AV Rehearsal                 GH                                   More information about services, events,
Saturday                                                                                             and various ministries is available online
7:30am               Holy Molies (Running Group)                Parking                              at
Legend:                                                         Lot-SI
HC-SI:    Historic Church, Sullivan’s Island           GH:           Great Hall, Sullivan’s Island              CR:     Choir Room, Sullivan’s Island
TC-SI:    Traditional Church, Sullivan’s Island        PH-DI:        Parish Hall, Daniel Island                 LI:     Library, Sullivan’s Island
TC-DI:    Traditional Church, Daniel Island            YR-SI:        Youth Room, Sullivan’s Island              OC:     Off Campus

Life at Holy Cross [Fourteen]
Holy H Mary Haigler
Vacation Bible School, Faith Formation, the Christmas
Pageant, the Prayer Team, Visionary Parenting...

Yes, these are all ministry opportunities available
here at Holy Cross, but also ministries that this
month’s Holy Hero, Mary Haigler, has led or been
an important part of.

Mary has been serving the Lord and our parish
exuberantly for over fifteen years. I was first drawn
to her sense of humor and joyful spirit, and soon
learned what an encourager-in-Christ she can be for
those in distress. Mary is a loving evangelist who
takes particular joy in sharing her love of the Lord and His word with children. Fran Benz recalls a specific
time when Mary’s gifts with children were especially memorable, “Mary taught the Bible story unit in one
of our Vacation Bible Schools. She brought the already dramatic story of Jonah and the whale to life for the
children by teaching the class inside an inflated enclosure that simulated the interior of the whale. Her teaching
was an outstanding success, a memorable learning experience for the children, and one of my favorite
VBS memories.”

I know my children and many other families have been blessed by Mary’s passion for the annual Holy Cross
Christmas Pageant, which started as a desire to teach her own children the depth of God’s love for us. Countless
hours of costume decoration and set details – down to securing live donkeys and sheep – have been devoted
so that our children could partake in this joyous, memorable event. In Mary’s “Yes” pageant, she welcomed
angels, sheep and wise men up until the very last minute. Mary delighted in including everyone in whatever
capacity (or costume) they desired, and rejoiced in every new face that came to Holy Cross to hear the story of
the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Mary is also gifted with hospitality. The Haiglers’ home is lively, and the family always welcomes an opportunity
to host those seeking fellowship in the Lord -- friends, neighbors and, of course, children.

Recently, God has called Mary to work professionally in the Awendaw and North Charleston school districts,
where scant resources, poverty, and budget cuts are among the numerous challenges she faces daily. She takes
her professional responsibilities very seriously, and I can only imagine what a blessing she is to these students.

Though Mary has a heart for serving those in the church and the community, where I see God most at work is
in her devotion to serving her family - husband Kyle and sons Matthew, Reid, William, and Palmer - on whom
she feels so blessed to pour out her very best.

Thanks, Mary, for your example, leadership, teaching, and encouragement.

Written by: Dawn Ulmer

                                                        15                  Life at Holy Cross [December 2009]
christmas pageant
December 20th
4:00 pm
Great Hall, Sullivan’s Island

* See page 12 for more
details on the pagent.

                                           The Church of the Holy Cross
                                           2520 Middle St. - P.O. Box 506
           Join us at I’On                 Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482
                                           (843) 883-3586 •

                                           Return Service Requested

  Join us for the December I’On Service
        in the tent on I’On Square!
   December 27th, Worship at 9:00 am
             Breakfast to follow
 Call 843-883-3586 for more information.

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