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					                                                                                                                                          Vol. 50 - No. 19                                     May 10, 1996
                                                                                                                                          BROOKHAVEN NATIONAL LABORATORY

CCD in 3-D: ‘Fantastic Voyage’                                                                              Robert Hughes to Step Down
                                                                                                            From AUI Presidency
                                                                                                               In October 1996, Robert Hughes           activities of the Board of Trustees.
                                                                                                            will have served as President of Asso-         Said Ernest Henley, University of
                                                                                                            ciated Universities, Inc. (AUI), for 16     Washington, Chairman of AUI’s Board
                                                                                                            years. Recently, Hughes informed the        of Trustees, “Bob Hughes has been a
                                                                                                            AUI Board of Trustees that he is pre-       great AUI President, with hands-on
                                                                                                            pared to retire from that position as       interest in all of the affairs of the two
                                                                                                            soon as a successor can be appointed.       laboratories. He has worked with DOE
                                                                                                               Thus, the AUI Board recently es-         and NSF effectively and with great
                                                                                                            tablished a search committee to un-         finesse.”
                                                                                                            dertake a formal, nationwide search            Hughes returned the compliment:
                                                                                                            for potential candidates for the presi-     “The heart of AUI lies in the Board of

                                                                                       Roger Stoutenburgh
                                                                                                            dency.                                      Trustees,” he observed. “For the past
                                                                                                               Chaired by AUI Trustee John              half-century, the Board has provided
                                                                                                            Armstrong, the ten-member search            the spirit, the sense of purpose and the
                                                                                                            committee also includes, in addition                          (continued on page 2)
                                                                                                            to other Trustees, Denis McWhan,
                                                                                                            BNL’s Associate Director for Basic
Can you see in 3-D? Even though the Bulletin can’t print images in three                                    Energy Sciences; Robert Brown, Asso-
dimensions, you may be able to see these two 2-D images in 3-D if you                                       ciate Director of the National Radio
bring this page near your eyes, unfocus your gaze while staring at the                                      Astronomy Observatory (NRAO); and
large projected objects behind the people, slowly pull the page away                                        two members from the scientific com-
and let the two images become one. The result should be an eye-fooler:                                      munity at large. Correspondence to
a 3-D view of a magnified image projected on the screen in the Comput-                                      the committee can be addressed to:
ing & Communications Division’s ( CCD) visualization facility. The                                          John Armstrong, c/o AUI, 1400 Six-
image of the 0.1-millimeter glass balls on the screen was made on a beam                                    teenth Street, N.W., Suite 730, Wash-
line at the National Synchrotron Light Source ( NSLS), converted into a                                     ington, D.C. 20036-2217.
computer file, split into stereo images, and projected in magnified form                                       The AUI President, who serves as a
using the facility’s special equipment. Sitting in front of the screen,                                     Trustee ex officio, is concerned not
wearing their 3-D polarized glasses to allow them to see the image in                                       only with overseeing the management
true 3-D, are the facility’s originators: (clockwise from left) Arnold                                      of Brookhaven National Laboratory
Peskin, CCD; Betsy Dowd, NSLS; Ballard Andrews, CCD; Ted Daniels,                                           for the U.S. Department of Energy,

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Roger Stoutenburgh
CCD; Peter Siddons, NSLS; and Keith Jones, Department of Applied                                            but also with overseeing the manage-
Science.              For the full story on CCD’s new facility, see page 2.                                 ment of NRAO, Brookhaven’s “sister”
                                                                                                            laboratory, for the National Science
                                                                                                            Foundation (NSF). The AUI President
AUI Distinguished Lecture                                                                                   also manages AUI corporate affairs at
                                                                                                            AUI headquarters in Washington,

Nobelist Martin Perl to Discuss                                                                             D.C., and serves as a focal point for all   Robert Hughes

Craft and Art in Science                                                                                    Brookhaven Lecture
   Martin Perl won the 1995 Nobel
Prize in Physics for his discovery of
                                                                                                            Cleaning Up Rad Waste —
the tau lepton, a subatomic particle
that proved the existence of a third                                                                        They Do It With Microbes!
family of building blocks for matter
and helped to validate the standard                                                                             Getting rid of low-level waste —        nisms involved and use them to control
model, the theoretical model for un-                                                                        waste containing only very small            leaching of radionuclides, toxic metals
derstanding the properties of matter.                                                                       amounts of radionuclides and toxic          and organic contaminants, as well as to
   In a memoir on the particle’s dis-                                                                       metals — used to be a simple matter of      design a system to clean up the con-
covery, Perl reflects on the scientific                                                                     burying it in an                                                 taminated sites.
problems he had to overcome, as well                                                                        out-of-the-way                                                      They have suc-
as the emotions that he had to grapple                                                                      place.                                                           ceeded: Already,
with in doing experimental work over                                                                            Then, it was                                                 the new technol-
the course of his career.                                                                                   discovered that                                                  ogy they have de-
   “In my thesis experiment,” Perl                                                                          anaerobic micro-                                                 veloped has pro-
explains, “I first experienced the plea-                                                                    organisms, which                                                 duced a Cooper-
sures, the anxieties, and sometimes                                                                         grow in the soil                                                 ative Research
the pain that is inherent in experi-                                                                        without oxygen,                                                  and Development
mental work: the pleasure when an                                                                           were acting on                                                   Agreement with a
experiment is completed and the data       Martin Perl                                                      the waste, chang-                                                firm wanting to
safely recorded, the anxiety when an                                                                        ing the insoluble                                                use the BNL
experiment does not work well or           Ph.D. in physics from Columbia Uni-                              forms of toxic met-                                              methods to decon-
breaks, the pain when an experiment        versity in 1955, where his thesis advi-                          als into soluble                                                 taminate munici-
fails or when an experimenter does         sor was the late I.I. Rabi, the Nobel                            forms, which can                                                 pal incinerator
something stupid . . . in the discovery    Prize winner who helped to found BNL.                            leak into soil and                                               ash.
of the tau, the ups and downs of my            Soon after, Perl started his career                          groundwater. The                                                    To tell the ex-
emotions extended over years.”             in physics at the University of Michi-                           problem is nation-                                               citing story of the
                                                                                                                                                                          Roger Stoutenburgh

   In an AUI Distinguished Lecture         gan, and, from February through Sep-                             wide, affecting                                                  team’s work, Mi-
on Tuesday, May 14, at 4:30 p.m. in        tember 1956, he joined BNL as a re-                              wastes disposed of                                               crobiologist A.J.
Berkner Hall, Perl will reflect on the     search collaborator and visiting                                 from industrial fa-                                              Francis will give
emotional aspects of science, which        assistant physicist. He kept his guest                           cilities, mines, in-                                             the 316th Brook-
are almost always omitted from dis-        status at the Lab on and off until 1970.                         cinerators and                                                   haven Lecture on
cussions of the experimental method.           In 1963, Perl joined Stanford Uni-                           U.S. Department                                                  Wednesday, May
His lecture is titled “Craft and Art in    versity as Professor and Group Leader                            of Energy (DOE)         A.J. Francis                             15. Group Leader
Experimental Science.”                     at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Cen-                          sites.                                                           for the Microbiol-
   A sampling of Perl’s intriguing top-    ter. Today, he also chairs the High                                  So, back in 1976, first funded by the   ogy Group in the Biosystems and Pro-
ics include: the experimenter’s per-       Energy Physics faculty at Stanford. In                           Nuclear Regulatory Commission and           cess Sciences Division in the Depart-
sonality and choice of experiments,        addition, he is Chief Financial Officer                          later by DOE’s Office of Health & Envi-     ment of Applied Science (DAS), Francis
denial of anxiety in experimental work,    of The Invention Company in San                                  ronmental Research, BNL scientists be-      will talk on “Harnessing Microbes to
use and misuse of obsession in experi-     Francisco, a business that manufac-                              gan collecting samples from low-level       Clean Up Radioactive Waste,” begin-
mental work, theorists as comrades         tures educational toys and art materials.                        radioactive waste burial sites at Maxey     ning at 4 p.m. in Berkner Hall. He will
and dictators, and why it is so hard to        Perl had discovered the tau lepton                           Flats, Kentucky; West Valley, New           be introduced by DAS Chairman James
get a good idea for an experiment.         some 20 years before he won the Nobel                            York; and Barnwell, South Carolina.         Davenport.
   Perl earned his B.S. in chemical        Prize. In 1982, he was awarded the                               By isolating and studying microorgan-          Francis will relate how his team’s
engineering from the Polytechnic In-       Wolf Prize in Physics, also for that                             isms in the samples, the researchers        years of basic research produced, in
stitute of Brooklyn in 1948, and his       discovery.         — Diane Greenberg                             hoped to understand the basic mecha-                         (continued on page 2)
Brookhaven Bulletin                                                                                                                                              May 10, 1996

CCD in 3-D: New Facility Allows ‘Fantastic Voyage’                                                                                    Wanted:
Through Molecules, Materials, MRIs & Machines                                                                                         Users With Vision
    When Hollywood took film-goers         eral Telephone & Electronics (GTE).         (ACTI), a program to improve the com-             To learn more about the ACTI
on a tour of the human body in Fantas-        It was originally conceived for Mobil    petitiveness of America’s natural gas          project and BNL’s 3-D visualiza-
tic Voyage, it was movie magic that        researchers who use x-rays from BNL’s       and oil companies by teaming them              tion theater (see story at left), as
created the blood vessels and organs       NSLS to probe rock samples for clues        with computational scientists at DOE           well as groupware, come to CCD’s
that the miniature voyagers saw in         to untapped oil reserves.                   labs such as Brookhaven.                       Monthly Information eXchange
their travels.                                The tomography technique they use                                                       (MIX) meeting on Wednesday,
                                                                                       3-D Theater of Science                         May 15, at 11 a.m. in Berkner
    But imagine if the movie’s scenery     can only produce slice-by-slice images
had been images of actual human tis-       of rock samples, making it hard to              The result of this cooperative re-         Hall, Room B. You can learn more
sue, not special effects. And what if it   predict which rocks have intercon-          search is a facility that is unique in         about how you might be able to
had been filmed and shown in three         nected pores that can be tapped for oil     many respects.                                 use the facility and arrange for
dimensions, rather than the two-di-        and which are full of dead ends.                By combining commercially avail-           tours and demonstrations there.
mensional flatness of the traditional         Mobil had been working with Keith        able technology with specially devel-
movie screen?                              Jones, Department of Applied Science,       oped software in a novel way, the facil-
    The result might have been some-       and his colleagues for several years on     ity has become a place where scientific      BNL Lecture                         (cont’d.)
thing like what scientists are now see-    computed tomography techniques to           data and images can be transformed           1994, a new, patented process that
ing in BNL’s new computerized 3-D          “reconstruct” the original whole rock       from two dimensions to three and from        uses citric acid, microbes and sunlight
visualization facility.                    inside a computer.                          static to interactive.                       to recover not only toxic metals such
    Here, on the first floor of the Com-      After seeing a GTE demonstration             It all starts with a scientist’s data,   as cadmium, nickel, lead, strontium
puting & Communications Division           on 3-D visualization equipment, the         such as the tomography data from             and zinc, but also the radionuclides
(CCD) building, the tiny channels be-      team saw that it might be possible to       Mobil’s NSLS beam line, and a power-         thorium and uranium, from soil and
tween molecules become as navigable        “fly” through the reconstructed rock        ful graphics-oriented Silicon Graph-         other materials.
as rivers and roads. The intricacies of                                                ics Onyx “reality station” computer.            From Annamalai University, India,
a complex collider detector become                                                     Using software written or adapted in         Francis received his B.Sc. in agricul-
apparent before the machine is even                                                    CCD, the Onyx analyzes the data and          ture in 1963 and his M.Sc. in soil micro-
built.                                                                                 allows the image — be it a protein’s         biology in 1965. After earning his Ph.D.
    Here, too, digitized slices of human                                               atomic structure or the Mobil research-      in microbiology from Cornell Univer-
brain or porous rock — images pro-                                                     ers’ rock — to be redrawn quickly            sity in 1971, he remained at Cornell as
duced by successive scans at BNL’s                                                     whenever the user manipulates it.            a research associate from 1970-73,
scientific machines — can be combined                                                      The next step is to transfer the         then moved to Stanford Research In-
to make the original object “whole”                                                    image to a 3-D projector, or, rather,        stitute for two years as a microbiolo-
again inside a high-powered computer.                                                  pair of projectors positioned behind a       gist. Joining BNL’s DAS in 1975 as an
    Then, through the use of special                                                   special screen. Each projector receives      assistant microbiologist, he became an
glasses, projectors and screens, BNL                                                   the computerized image and projects          associate microbiologist in 1977 and
scientists and users from all fields can                                               it through special filters onto the three-   was named Microbiologist in 1980.
take fantastic voyages of their own                                                    meter screen in polarized light.                Francis holds two patents in micro-
through the molecules, materials,                                                          This means that someone watching         biological remediation with Cleveland
medical images and machines they                                                       the front of the screen without special      Dodge and Jeff Gillow, DAS, and two
study.                                                                                 3-D glasses will see a double image.         more in the same area with Dodge and
    With a nearly endless list of pos-     A computed tomography slice im-             So, in order to make the pair of two-
                                           age of porous oil-reservoir rock,                                                        other colleagues. An adjunct professor
sible applications, the 3-D “theater” is                                               dimensional images seem three-di-            at the State University of New York at
set to become a close companion to         made by Mobil researchers at the            mensional, viewers need to don spe-
                                           National Synchrotron Light                                                               Stony Brook, Francis collaborates with
many of Brookhaven’s other user fa-                                                    cial glasses with polarized lenses.          Sandia National Laboratory’s Waste
cilities. Data taken at places like the    Source. Using the 3-D visualiza-            These fool the eye into combining the
                                           tion facility, many such images                                                          Isolation Pilot Plant Program and has
National Synchrotron Light Source                                                      stereo images into a 3-D whole that          been actively involved with the Euro-
(NSLS) and the Center for Imaging          can be combined in a computer to            seems to leap off the screen.
                                           make the rock “whole,” easing the                                                        pean group MIND — Microbiology in
and Neurosciences can be taken from                                                        So far, the Mobil researchers have       Nuclear Waste Disposal — as well as
a computer screen to a movie screen        search for new oil fields.                  steered their way through several of         with the United Nations Development
and seen in such vivid color and di-                                                   their computed-tomography rock im-           Program and the International Atomic
mension that they seem to fill the         using computers and 3-D projection          ages, while Andrews has converted            Energy Agency Technical Committee
space in front of a viewer’s eyes.         technology. This would make it even         everything from engineering diagrams         on advanced technologies for treating
                                           easier to see the pore structure and        to protein structures into the proper        low-level radioactive liquid waste.
A Team Vision Becomes Reality
                                           the potential for oil retrieval.            formats for 3-D viewing.                        After the lecture, all are invited to
   The visualization facility was             The researchers turned to Dorry              It may even become possible,             join Francis for discussion and re-
turned from vision to reality through      Tooker of BNL’s Office of Technology        through high-speed data links now in         freshments. Those wishing to have
the cooperation of BNL, the U.S. De-       Transfer, and, in turn, to BNL scien-       place or being laid, to locate such 3-D      dinner with the speaker at a restau-
partment of Energy (DOE), and private      tists Arnold Peskin and Ballard             theaters in remote locations and feed        rant off site may call Corinne Messana,
companies, including Mobil and Gen-        Andrews of CCD and Betsy Dowd and           data from the central reality station        Ext. 7398.               — Liz Seubert
                                           Peter Siddons at the NSLS.                  for viewing thousands of miles away.
                                              The team received $359,000 in re-        It’s a vision that’s still around the
  Coming Up:                               search funds from DOE’s Advanced            corner, but, with this facility, vision       Note to Employees:
                                           Computational Technology Initiative         counts.                 — Kara Villamil        Attendance at lectures, meetings and other
  Malcolm Browne                                                                                                                    special programs held during normal working
                                                                                                                                    hours is subject to supervisory concurrence.
  At NSLS Meeting
                                           Robert Hughes                   (cont’d.)   made a remarkable transition from
     Malcolm Browne, Pulitzer                                                          the closure of the Colliding Beam Ac-        Professor of Chemistry. He served as
  Prize winner and senior writer in        broad guidance that has infused and         celerator project to the current dy-         Director of the Cornell Materials Sci-
  the Science News Department of           stimulated its daughter institutions.       namic era of construction and plan-          ence Center, 1968-74.
  The New York Times, will be the             “This remarkable Board has con-          ning for science at the Relativistic            In 1974, then President Gerald Ford
  keynote speaker at the 1996 An-          tinually attracted and maintained the       Heavy Ion Collider.                          appointed Hughes as Assistant Direc-
  nual Users’ Meeting of the Na-           interest and commitment of truly               The NRAO, over those years, com-          tor for National and International
  tional Synchrotron Light Source          eminent scientists and science admin-       pleted the Very Large Array near             Programs of the NSF. With the NSF’s
  (NSLS), on Tuesday, May 21. His          istrators who serve pro bono, often for     Socorro, New Mexico, and the Very            reorganization in 1975, he became
  talk on “Lamplighters and Tool           many years,” Hughes continued. “The         Long Baseline Array, a string of ten         Assistant Director for Astronomical,
  Makers” will begin at 9 a.m. in          exemplar I.I. Rabi, one of the AUI          radio telescopes that extends from           Atmospheric, Earth and Ocean Sci-
  Berkner Hall. All are welcome.           founders, devoted about 40 years of         Hawaii to St. Croix — two extraordi-         ences, until he returned to Cornell in
     Employees are also welcome to         his life to AUI/BNL/NRAO. The unique-       narily powerful instruments that will        January 1977.
  visit the equipment exhibit that         ness of this Board is nationally recog-     soon be complemented by the Green               Looking back, Hughes reflected,
  will be set up in Berkner Hall on        nized. With the distinguished Visiting      Bank Telescope, a 100-meter behe-            “Apart from three years each in the
  May 21.                                  Committees it establishes, it provides      moth in West Virginia.                       Army and industry, and five years
     Workshops on topics related to        powerful links to the world of science.”       When Hughes took the full-time            devoted to obtaining a B.S. and Ph.D.,
  experimentation at the NSLS will             “In retrospect,” added Hughes, “I       position of AUI President in 1980, he        my entire career has been shaped in
  be conducted on the days before          sometimes find it difficult to believe      was Professor of Chemistry at Cornell        three outstanding organizations, with
  and after the meeting, Monday            that, upon retirement, I will have been     University, one of the nine universi-        10 years as a professor at the Univer-
  and Wednesday, May 20 & 22.              president of AUI for essentially one-       ties that founded AUI in 1946, and           sity of Pennsylvania, 18 more at
     For details about the work-           third of the existence of BNL and 40        where he had earned his Ph.D. in             Cornell University, and now 16 at
  shops, check the Weekly Calen-           percent of the life of NRAO. What has       chemistry in 1952, then continued as         AUI. I cannot imagine being associ-
  dar for the week of May 13. The          made it so satisfying is that it has been   a chemistry instructor for a year.           ated with any finer institutions or
  meeting’s agenda will be found on        a period of challenge, excitement,          Hughes had taken his B.S. in engi-           livelier, more committed colleagues.”
  the reverse side.                        growth and achievement for both in-         neering chemistry at Lehigh Univer-             Now, said Hughes, “I hope to re-
     For more information, call the        stitutions.”                                sity in 1949.                                main in association with AUI for some
  NSLS Users Administration Of-               During his tenure as AUI Presi-             In 1953, Hughes joined the Chem-          time, as did my predecessor Gerald
  fice, Ext. 5763. To register, con-       dent, Hughes has seen BNL honored           istry Department at the University of        Tape. I also intend to undertake a
  tact your department chair or di-        with two of the four Nobel Prizes that      Pennsylvania as an assistant profes-         number of other professional projects
  vision head.                             scientists have won for work done at        sor, becoming a full professor before        that have been long deferred.”
                                           the Lab. This was a period when BNL         he returned to Cornell in 1964, as                                  — Anita Cohen
Brookhaven Bulletin                                                                                                                                                             May 10, 1996

BNL Daughters Join Their Parents                                                                          The Lab’s population grew by al-
                                                                                                       most 200 on Thursday, April 25, as the
                                                                                                       nine-to-15-year-old daughters of many
In the Workplace for a Day                                                                             BNLers reported to work with their
                                                                                                       parents — to participate in the Lab’s
                                                                                                       second consecutive Take Our Daugh-
                                                                                                       ters to Work Day.
                                                                                                          In organizing the day, Susan Fos-
                                                                                                       ter, Human Resources Division, paid
                                                                                                       attention to comments from last year’s
                                                                                                       participants. “The girls wanted more
                                                                                                       time in their parents’ workplaces, so
                                                                                                       this year the whole morning was de-
                                                                                                       voted to that,” she explained. “Then,

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Roger Stoutenburgh
                                                                                                       to help them let off a little energy at
                                                                                                       lunchtime, we had Frisbees, hula
                                                                                                       hoops, volleyball and other activities
                                                                                                       available to them at the Brookhaven
                                                                                                       Center, where they had a box lunch
                                                                                                       with their parents, thanks to the gen-
                                                                                                       erosity of Associated Universities, Inc.”
                                                                                                          After lunch, the older girls went by     Physicist Lorraine Solomon, Na-
                                                                                                       bus to visit several areas on site: the     tional Synchrotron Light Source
                                                                                                       Alternating Gradient Synchrotron, the       Department, shows her daughter
                                                                                                       National Synchrotron Light Source,          Naomi Ocko, 11, the cryostat for
                                                                                                       the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider,        the superconducting magnet for
                                                                                                       the Firehouse and the National              the harmonic generation experi-
Mark McNeill, a technical specialist at the Alternating Gradient Syn-                                  Weather Service. The younger girls          ment, which Solomon is working
chrotron (AGS), brought his three daughters — (clockwise from left)                                    also visited the Science Museum.            on for the Accelerator Test Facil-
Beth, 15; Lisa, 14; and Erin, 9 — to work with him in the AGS main                                        “I think it was a good day,” summed      ity. Naomi also spent some time
control room. As McNeill points out the intricacies of the control panel,                              up Foster. “The girls saw a lot of things   that day with her father, Physi-
(background) BNL photographer Roger Stoutenburgh and his nine-                                         that they didn’t see last year, so it       cist Ben Ocko, Physics Depart-
year-old daughter Chelsea Marie, shoot this family portrait.                                           wasn’t too repetitive for them.”            ment.

Vending Machines: New Contract Helps the Blind
   Effective Friday, May 3, the permit                     machine outlets, that are run mostly        sible for overseeing the new contract
to operate most of the vending ma-                         by the legally blind.                       and changeover. “The commission re-
chines at BNL passed to J&A Auto-                             However, at certain sites such as        ceives funds for its program, and cus-
matic Services, a subcontractor of the                     BNL’s, Sy said, setting up a wide-          tomers will receive enhanced services
New York State Commission for the                          spread vending machine facility is im-      and know that a portion of the pur-
Blind (NYSCB).                                             practicable for anyone who is blind.        chase price will help others.”
   Tim Sy of the NYSCB, who visited                        Therefore, the commission occasion-            The cold food vending machines in               Season’s Opening!
the Lab that Friday to help oversee                        ally subcontracts to non-blind opera-       the Post Office, Bldg. 179; the Alter-                Wednesday, May 15
the changeover, explained that the                         tors for a fee that is used to buy equip-   nating Gradient Synchrotron, Bldg.                  11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Randolph Shepherd Act of 1974 en-                          ment for other facilities, which are        912B; and at the back of the National       in the parking lot opposite Berkner Hall,
abled the commission to set up the                         operated by legally blind managers,         Synchrotron Light Source, Bldg. 725;                between the tennis courts
Business Enterprise Program to help                        as well as to pay for their hospitaliza-    will be serviced by Flik International         and the Science Education Center
legally blind people find job opportu-                     tion and retirement benefits.               Corp., the Lab’s new food service con-
nities. Through this program, the com-                        “The new agreement provides for a        tractor.
mission now holds permits for 125                          winning arrangement for all involved,”         All other vending machines are now
facilities statewide, including cafete-
rias, convenience stores and vending
                                                           said Kenneth Mohring, Administra-
                                                           tive Support Division, who is respon-
                                                                                                       operated by J&A Automatic, which is
                                                                                                       keeping the inevitable interruptions
                                                                                                                                                   Tonight: BNL/FBI
                                                                                                       in service to the minimum during the        Training Exercise
                                                                                                       changeover. To contact J&A about a
Arrivals & Departures                                      PC Training                                 malfunctioning machine, call the num-          Today, from 5 p.m through mid-
                                                                                                                                                   night, the BNL Police Group and the
                                                                                                       ber provided on it: (800) 427-0080.
               Arrivals                                       Seats remain in the following June                               — Liz Seubert       Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),
Kathryn M. Clifford...Saf. & Envir. Prot.                  classes offered by the Computing &                                                      will conduct a joint training exercise,
Alexei V. Fedorov.........................Physics          Communications Division (CCD):                                                          which could involve flashing lights,
Christopher C. Klassert.................RHIC                Date       Class                 Fee                                                   people in uniform carrying replica
Edward L. Nicolescu.......................RHIC              June 4&6   int. ACCESS           $300      Weight Watchers                             weapons, sirens and gunshots, but no
             Departures                                     June 12    basic Windows         $150                                                  live ammunition.
This list includes all employees who have termi-            June 13    beg. WordPerfect
                                                                                                          Registration for the next on-site,
nated from the Lab, including retirees:                                                                lunchtime Weight Watchers series will          The drill will take place in the ar-
                                                                         for Windows         $150                                                  eas of Railroad Avenue by the ware-
Fan Zhu..........................................Physics    June 18&19 beg. ACCESS           $300      be held on Wednesday, May 15, from
                                                                                                       noon to 1 p.m. in the South Dining          houses, the cottages in the apartment
                                                            June 21    int. Word Perfect
                                                                                                                                                   area, and the North and South Rooms
Archery Club                                                June 26
                                                                         for Windows
                                                                       beg. PowerPoint
                                                                                                       Room of the Brookhaven Center. In its
                                                                                                       approach to weight management,              of the Brookhaven Center, Bldg. 30.
                                                              Classes meet from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.       Weight Watchers offers a nutritious         The rest of the Center will be open for
   The BNL Archery Club will host an
                                                           in the PC Training Room, M1-57, in          food plan, an activity plan and a be-       employees’ usual evening use.
open-house fun shoot, on Thursday,
                                                           Bldg. 515, CCD. Please note that the        havioral support plan. Starting on May         Those who are not involved in the
May 16, at 5 p.m. at the archery range.
                                                           revised training fee is $150 per day        22, the class will meet on Wednesday        drill are asked to stay out of the train-
The rain date is Thursday, May 23.
                                                           and is retroactive to October 1, 1995.      for eight to ten weeks, depending upon      ing areas during the seven hours of
Everyone interested in archery,
                                                           To register, contact your department        the number of people who sign up.           the operation. Those who must enter
whether or not you are a member, is
                                                           or division training coordinator, or           For more information, call Mary          any of those areas should first call
invited to attend. Bring your appetite
                                                           call Pam Mansfield, Ext. 7286.              Wood, Ext. 5923.                            BNL Police Headquarters, Ext. 2238,
too, as a barbecue is included.
                                                                                                                                                   so a BNL patrol officer may assist in
   RSVP to Bill Schoenig, Ext. 2377,
                                                                                                                                                   gaining access.
by Tuesday, May 14, if you plan to
attend.                                                    Healthline Lecture:                Laser Eye Surgery                                       For more information, call Police
                                                                                                                                                   Captain Michael Delph, Ext. 4968.
                                                               The laser may be used for surgery       afterwards on audiocassette in the
                                                           on many parts of the eye and has been       Research Library, Bldg. 477.
                                                           helpful in treating many different              Charles Bloomgarden, M.D., is cer-      Bowling
                                                           types of eye diseases. Ophthalmic la-       tified by the American Board of Oph-
                                                                                                                                                   Red &Green League
                                                           ser surgery has been so successful, in      thalmology. He is a fellow of the Ameri-        R. Raynis 263/232/647 scratch series,
                                                           fact, that it is heralded as one of the     can Academy of Ophthalmology &              K. Koebel 245/201/634 scratch, S. Frei 220/
                                                           most important developments in              Otolaryngology and the American             212/619 scratch, J. Griffin 258/614 scratch,
    Published weekly                                       opthalmology over the past decade.          College of Surgeons. Bloomgarden
    by the Public Affairs Office
                                                                                                                                                   R. Mulderig Jr. 244/616 scratch, T. Prach
    for the employees of                                       To discuss this advance and the         has a private practice in Commack           222, R. Mulderig Sr. 216, H. Arnesen 215,
    BROOKHAVEN NATIONAL LABORATORY                         different types of lasers used for dif-     and Huntington, and he serves as an         J. Cuccia 213, K. Riker 205, D. Fisher 204,
                                                           ferent conditions, ophthalmologist          instructor in the Department of Medi-       B. Geib 203, E. Meier 202.
    ANITA COHEN, Editor                                                                                                                            White & Purple League
    MARSHA BELFORD, Assistant Editor                       Charles Bloomgarden will present the        cine at Stony Brook Medical Center.
                                                           next Healthline lecture. Sponsored by           To register, complete and return the        G. Mehl 255/217/617 scratch series, A.
    Bldg. 134, P.O. Box 5000                                                                                                                       Pinelli 214/202, M. DiMaiuta 194/189, P.
                                                           the Health Promotion Program (HPP)          bottom portion of the Healthline flyer
    Upton NY 11973-5000                                                                                                                            Callegari 187/182, R. Picinich 235, J.
    Tel. (516) 344-2345; Fax (516) 344-3368                of the Occupational Medicine Program,       recently sent to all employees to Health    McCarthy 231, A. Almasy 215, S. DiMaiuta
                                                           “Lasers in Ophthalmology” will be           Promotion Specialist Mary Wood by           210, R. Wiseman 201, E. Sperry IV 200,
      The Brookhaven Bulletin is printed on pa-
      per containing at least 50 percent recycled          given on Wednesday, May 15, from            Tuesday, May 14. For more informa-          Doug Fisher 199, J. Meier 183, D. Klein
      materials, with 10 percent post-consumer
      waste. It can be recycled.
                                                           noon to 1 p.m. in Berkner Hall. All are     tion about HPP and its Healthline lec-      181, M. Addessi 174, M. Picinich 171, D.
                                                           invited, and the talk will be available     ture series, call Ext. 5923.                Klein converted the 4/7/9 split.
Glorious & Crazy: Art & Castle Bus Trip
   Steep yourself in the glorious, crazy                     the reasonably cute little village of
past on the Art Society’s Saturday,                          Chester, highly convenient for cross-
June 29, bus trip to Connecticut.                            ing the Connecticut River to wend up
   After a coffee stop, see 18th-cen-                        through woods to one-of-a-kind Gillette
tury Bush-Holley farmhouse near                              Castle, built for superb clifftop views
Greenwich, with period furnishings                           by eccentric millionaire William
and pictures by American Impression-                         Gillette, who was mad about turrets,
ist artists, including Childe Hassam                         innovative door latches, sprinkler sys-
and John Twachtman, who lodged                               tems — and Sherlock Holmes.
there early in this century. Lunch at                           The bus will leave BNL’s tennis-
                                                             court parking lot at 6:45 a.m. (agony
                                                             to get up so early, but worth it) and
                                                             return around 9:30 p.m, with a speed-
                                                             food stop on the way back. The cost of
                                                             $30 per person covers bus-with-bath-
                                                             room and both museums. Call Liz
                                                             Seubert, Ext. 2346 or 286-8563, eve-
                                                             nings, for reservations.

                                                             Aerobic Dance Club
                                                                With spring softball and summer
                                                             swimsuit seasons almost here, now’s
                                                             the time to sign up for BERA aerobic
                                                             dance and stretch classes. Aerobics
                                                             are held in the Recreation Building in
                                                             the apartment area on Tuesdays and
                                                             Thursdays at 5:15 p.m. Wednesday
                                                             stretch classes are in the Physics
                                                             lounge, Bldg. 510, at 5:15 p.m..
                                                                The cost is $35 for each 11-class
Atlantic City Trip                                           session, or $4 per class on a pay-as-
   The next BERA-sponsored, one-day                          you-go basis. All levels are welcome.
trip to Atlantic City will be to Trump                       For more information, call Pat Flood,
Castle Hotel and Casino on the ma-                           Ext. 7886, or Kara Villamil, Ext. 5658.
rina, on Saturday, July 13. The initial
cost will be $22, but the hotel-casino
                                                             LABORATORY RECRUITMENT - Opportunities for
will give a coin package and deferred                        Laboratory employees.
coupon.                                                      NS 4702. ADMINISTRATIVE POSITION - Requires a
   The bus will leave the Brookhaven                         bachelor’s degree in business, accounting or finance,
                                                             substantial relevant experience, preferably in a large
Center at 8 a.m., with an extra pickup                       accounting or financial organization, and knowledge
at LIE Exit 63, if requested. After a                        of BNL practices, policies and procedures; CPA sta-
seven-hour stay in Atlantic City, re-                        tus a plus. Responsibilities include analyzing current
                                                             practices, planning, evaluating and recommending
turn will be about 11 p.m.                                   improvements to these practices and overseeing the
   Buy tickets now at the BERA Sales                         resources required to implement the changes. Finan-
Office in Berkner Hall, weekdays, 9                          cial Services Division.
a.m. to 1:30 p.m. For more informa-                          DD 5578. TELEPHONE OPERATOR - (substitute) Will
                                                             be on call to assist in placing calls and other related
tion, call Andrea Dehler, Ext. 3347, or                      telephone duties. Computing & Communications Di-
M. Kay Dellimore, Ext. 2873.                                 vision.
                                                             OPEN RECRUITMENT - Opportunities for Labora-
                                                             tory employees and outside candidates.
        Classified                                           NS 5580. TECHNICAL POSITION - (temporary) Re-
                                                             quires a BSCS or equivalent experience in problem
      Advertisements                                         resolution for users of Windows, DOS and Macintosh
                                                             operating-system environments. Applications sup-
                                                             port for MS Office Suite, dBase and Harvard Graph-
Placement Notices                                            ics, with working knowledge of the WWW, networking
                                                             and communications packages desirable. Responsi-
   The Laboratory’s placement policy is to select the        bilities include working as part of a team that provides
best-qualified candidate for an available position.          help desk and consulting support for PC and Macintosh
Consideration is given to candidates in the following        computer users, and organizing and conducting tuto-
order: (1) present employees within the department/          rials and workshops. Computing & Communications
division and/or appropriate bargaining unit, with pref-      Division.
erence for those within the immediate work group; (2)
present employees within the Laboratory; and (3)             DD 4515. TECHNICAL POSITION - Requires a BSET
outside applicants. In keeping with the Affirmative          or equivalent, a thorough knowledge of digital logic
Action plan, selections are made without regard to           concepts, familiarity with various test equipment, and
age, race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handi-     the ability to work from schematics, rough sketches
cap or veteran status.                                       and verbal instructions. Familiarity with high-speed
   Each week, the Human Resources Division lists             analog circuitry and rf techniques is desirable. Re-
new placement notices. The purpose of these listings         sponsibilities include construction of prototypes
is, first, to give employees an opportunity to request       through final testing and installation. National Syn-
consideration for themselves through Human Re-               chrotron Light Source Department.
sources, and second, for general recruiting under            DD 4516. TECHNICAL POSITION - Requires a BSET
open recruitment. Because of the priority policy stated      or equivalent work experience, and familiarity with the
above, each listing does not necessarily represent an        use of hand tools and the skills used for assembling
opportunity for all people.                                  and wiring electrical chassis. Must be able to work
   Except when operational needs require otherwise,          from prints and oral instructions, and provide assis-
positions will be open for one week after publication.       tance to engineers in such areas as data collection,
   For more information, contact the Employment              breadboarding and troubleshooting. National Syn-
Manager, Ext. 2882, or call the JOBLINE, Ext. 7744           chrotron Light Source Department.
(344-7744), for a complete listing of all openings.          DD 4517. TECHNICAL POSITION - Requires a BSET,
   Current job openings can also be accessed via the         with emphasis in analog and digital circuitry. Familiar-
BNL Home Page on the World Wide Web. Outside                 ity with test equipment, such as oscilloscopes, net-
users should open “”, then        work analyzers, synthesizers, etc., is useful. Willing-
select “Scientific Personnel Office ” for scientific staff   ness to work with high-voltage dc and high rf is
openings or “Employment Opportunities” or “BNL               imperative; knowledge or experience in high-frequency
Human Resources Division” for all other vacancies.           systems and components is desirable. National Syn-
SCIENTIFIC RECRUITMENT - Doctorate usually re-               chrotron Light Source Department.
quired. Candidates may apply directly to the depart-         DD 3910. RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS TECHNICIAN -
ment representative named.                                   Under minimum supervision, performs such func-
SCIENTIST - To serve as the Head of the RHIC                 tions as assisting in the development, production and
Computing Facility, with several years of research           assay for distribution of radioactive and nonradioac-
experience in the fields of particle or nuclear physics,     tive materials; packaging, storing and disposing of
including responsibility for computer applications.          radioactive-waste materials; and assisting in the op-
Candidates with experience in managing a large sci-          eration and maintenance of the BLIP and hot-cell
entific group will be preferred. The computing facility      facilities. Requires an AAS in chemistry or equivalent;
is expected to grow to a processing power of approxi-        radiochemistry experience and mechanical aptitude
mately 200 gigaflops, handling 500 terabytes of data         are desirable. Medical Department.
per year by early 1999. A staff of about 35 scientists,      NS 0063. RESEARCH SERVICES POSITION - (tem-
computing professionals and support personnel is             porary) Will perform various manual laboratory and
planned. The Head will have responsibility for direct-       service-support tasks, including washing, sterilizing,
ing the development, growth and operation of the new         autoclaving and maintaining glassware for multiple
facility, as well as articulating the computing needs        laboratories within the Department. Biology Depart-
and directions for this important segment of nuclear         ment.
science research. Contact: Thomas Ludlam, RHIC
in theoretical physics, with experience in many-body
theory as applied to condensed-matter physics. Pro-
gram involves applications of theory of correlated
electron systems to high-temperature superconduc-
tors, magnetism, structural phase transitions and
other current problems in condensed matter physics.
Candidates who have experience interacting with
experimentalists will be preferred. Contact: V. J. Em-
ery, Physics Department.