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									Director of EHL Consulting Group to Present to Nonprofit Leaders in

Avrum D. Lapin to join the Head of Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations
at U-Bank to host a seminar for nonprofit leaders that fundraise in the
United States and Israel.

Talpiot, Jerusalem, June 11, 2012 -- Avrum D. Lapin, Director and
Principal of the Philadelphia fundraising firm EHL Consulting Group, will
join Shuey Fogel, the Head of Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations at U-
Bank, to host a seminar that explores the “new normal” in the American
nonprofit fundraising arena for Israel-based organizations. The
presentation will highlight generational shifts in major donors that have
critical implications for nonprofit leaders that fundraise in the U.S.
and Israel.

The presentation, “Adjusting to the New Normal: Putting Transparency and
Accountability into Practice” will be held on Thursday, June 14th from
9:15 – 11:30am at AACI, 37 Pierre Koenig (corner of Poalei Tzedek) in
Talpiot, Jerusalem, ISRAEL. Event sponsors include EHL Consulting Group
and U-Bank. The seminar is being offered free-of-charge.

“Hundreds of Israel-focused nonprofits represented in the U.S. seek
charitable support from American donors every year,” notes Lapin. “Time
has demonstrated that trends in America's nonprofit sector arrive in
Israel only a few years later. Therefore, it is only a matter of time
before Israeli donors begin to match their American counterparts' in
terms of demanding transparency and accountability before they give.”

Topics for the presentation will include:
*Transparency: How new donor expectations are changing the ways Israel-
based nonprofits operate.
*Accountability: What outcomes nonprofits must demonstrate to their
supporters, and why today’s donors are more demanding than ever before.
*Differentiation: Why nonprofits must communicate with clarity, and how
best to make the mission stand out in a cluttered marketplace.

About EHL Consulting Group
EHL Consulting Group is located in suburban Philadelphia, and is one of
only 34 fundraising management firms that belong to the Giving Institute.
Founded in 1991 by Robert I. Evans, EHL Consulting Group guides nonprofit
organizations across the United States and around the world in
understanding and implementing the most effective ways to raise money and
sustain support. To register for this event, or to schedule an interview
with Avrum D. Lapin, please contact J. Lansing Sylvia, Director of
Communications at (215) 830-0304 or email her at For more information, visit

J. Lansing Sylvia
The EHL Consulting Group, Inc.
2300 Computer Ave., Building D-18
Willow Grove, PA 19090

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