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How quickly will Google ads start appearing on my site


How quickly will Google ads start appearing on my site?

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									How quickly will Google ads start appearing on my site? - AdSense Help

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                                          Once you're approved
          Sign-up & approvals                                                                   Try Google's new browser.
                                          How quickly will                                      Browse the web faster, safer, and
          Signing in & getting            Google ads start                                      more easily with Google Chrome.
                                          appearing on my site?
             How do I sign in to
                                          All new AdSense for content publishers must           Related
             my account?
                                          complete a two-step application approval
                                                                                                Using a Code View editor
             How quickly will             process. This approval process only applies to
                                                                                                Code implementation guide › Step 2: Paste
             Google ads start             AdSense for content applicants. If you are            the ad code in your page
             appearing on my              monetizing with a different product (e.g. AdSense
             site?                        for search, mobile, video, games, etc.) you will      What is AdSense for content?
                                                                                                Products › AdSense for content (AFC)
                                          not be subject to this two-step approval process.
                                                                                                Success Stories
                                          The first step in the process is a preliminary        Optimization › Success Stories
                                          check on your site and your account details. The
                                                                                                Which ad size should I use?
                                          second step in the application process requires
                                          that you implement the HTML ad code on your
                                          site. Once you've started generating ad               How can I contact AdSense support?
                                          impressions, temporary “blank ads” will be shown      View source code
                                          until the final approval process is completed.        Code implementation guide › HTML Basics
                                          These blank ads will blend into the background of
                                          your pages and shouldn’t interfere with the user

                                          During this time you won’t be generating earnings
                                          and if you log into your account you’ll see a red
                                          alert banner stating your account is still under
                                          review. This review period also gives us the
                                          opportunity to crawl your site and add it to our
                                          index so we can start serving ads as soon as
                                          you’re fully approved.

                                          For more information, please refer to the
                                          publisher application process post on the official
                                          AdSense blog.

                                          After you’ve implemented the ad code and we’ve
                                          completed our review of your site, a final approval
                                          decision will be made. If approved, live ads will
                                          start showing in your existing ad units.

                                          For help getting started, please visit the AdSense[2012-6-11 13:56:58]
How quickly will Google ads start appearing on my site? - AdSense Help


                                         Your ad relevance should increase over time.
                                         However, keep in mind that if you make changes
                                         to a page, it may be 1 or 2 weeks before our
                                         crawler captures the changes and updates our
                                         index to provide more relevant ads.

                                         Adding the AdSense for search code to your
                                         pages will instantly generate an AdSense for
                                         search box. As search results are displayed on
                                         Google-hosted pages, relevant ads will appear
                                         immediately, if ads are available for the particular


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