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Happy New Year Everyone Another year and it goes by so fast


									                              VILLAGE WALK SOUTH

                        THE VILLAGE PRESS
                                 Winter 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!

Another year and it goes by so fast! Let’s look forward to a happy, healthy New
Year for all our families, friends and neighbors!

We spent New Year’s Eve in Europe...well...Epcot to be precise! Traveled around
the world... twice by midnight! It was similar to what Time Square looks like on
New Year’s Eve...many, many people! And Disney, in their wisdom, decided to
pass out paper hats...and noise! Ohhhh. So Everyone had one!!!
And Everyone used them!!! I can still hear the noise in my ears! Fortunately, the
closer it got to midnight, the fewer children you heard using them.

And they had an awesome fireworks display around 9 pm and another one at
midnight...that one was not to be believed! And out of all those thousands of
people (I wonder what the count was...), shortly before midnight, we ran into
some friends from Vero! Kind of crazy! Anyway, it turns out this other couple has
been celebrating New Years Eve at Epcot for about 10 years now! Now that is

But we were with our daughter and her new what could be better!

For the new year, let’s especially be “very” careful on those roads out there...
there’s a lot more traffic now than during those quiet summer months. And
today, 1/1/11, I think they all came out of the woodwork! Hopefully, there
aren’t many days like this!

And hopefully everyone enjoyed all the Christmas lights throughout Vero
Beach...there seemed to be a lot more this year than last year! It was a very
festive Christmas and holiday Season!

Once again this year Tara Plantation, west of the I.R.Mall on Rte. 60, was all lit up
like a fairy land. The public is invited to drive through the area (only parking lights
on) and enjoy the sights and sounds of Christmas. It must take months to
complete the project! And as a special children’s fundraiser, they open their
office building (Tara Plantation) to the public. Each room in this large building is
decorated for Christmas...large trees, Christmas villages, train sets, music, and
more. Not to forget that Vero Beach must have more Christmas concerts and
pageants than any other town around! It’s a wonderful time of year!

We even had some bitter, cold weather (I can hear the snowbirds laughing...), but
we really did! And at the very first sign of it...all the fashionable “Ugg boots”
came out! Did anyone else notice? It was really funny. Like the Ugg fairy had hit
Vero Beach! Anyway, not only did we have cold weather, but that wind was really
fierce! And of course we now know...about the wind chill factor ...makes it much,
much colder than just the ‘air temp’! Brrrrrrr! Some of us love this weather...even
after growing up in it! Picture the old, 2 story brick house...steam radiators...a
foot of snow on the ground...windy...and your dad doesn’t believe in “stoking”
that furnace until just before you get up in the 7:00am... Then the
clank and banging of all those pipes start up!

But, aha! When bedtime were prepared for it! ...2 pairs of
pajama’ bathrobe ...and one or two pairs of socks. Then as many blankets
and covers as you could find...

But of course, walking to school in that weather didn’t seem all that bad... Mom’s
bundled their kids in wool everything! Coats. Leggings. Mittens. Hats. Scarves.
Heavy boots! You couldn’t feel anything except on the tip of your nose...and,
actually, that was frozen, so technically, you really didn’t feel anything!
And now...the north is getting another fierce snowstorm! Not only are the
schools calling for ‘snow days’, but many of the company’s are too! I guess we
really do have it pretty easy!
Now that the festive holidays are over, we see lots of friends and neighbors
coming back into town. You can tell the snowbirds...they’re the ones in shorts...
or driving around with the convertible top down! Hah!

VWS COMMUNITY UPDATE                          Now, it will begin! And again, all these
                                              neighbors have been very patient
Let’s see. What is new around the
                                              waiting for this moment to get here!
I hope everyone has noticed the new           The drainage swales next to the trellis
trees that were planted on 6th Manor!         areas will have the sod removed and be
Now that most of the drainage problem         regraded. The trellis fencing will be
has been worked out, the board was            secured, then, podacarpus shrubs will
able to approve a planting program for        be planted below the trellis fencing.
that area. Residents have been patient        These plants have a lovely deep, waxy
and waited a long time to get to this         green, feathery appearance. They
point!                                        tolerate wet conditions. They are easy
(see photo below...)                          to keep trimmed. This was the shrub
                                              selected and approved for that area.

                                              It’s important to remember, shrub
                                              growth will take some time...but these
                                              plants will grow tall and thick and form
                                              a dense hedge! Once a nice hedge has
                                              formed, the trellis fencing will be
                                              removed.         (photo below)
Plus, there is a big project getting
started on the wood trellises in the
backyards of the homes on 6th Street,
6th Manor, 7th Street, and part of 5th
Avenue. This was always in the plans,
but couldn’t be dealt with until after
the drainage litigation was over...           But again, these neighbors will have to
                                              be patient. Due to the large quantity of
plants needed for this project, the plant        should have all 3 documents, and each
size selected was a 30 inch height.              renter should have 2 of these
After this long wait, I’m sure almost            documents. The website
everyone will just be glad to see some           ( provides
action being taken!                              much of this information.

Please do not plant                              Regarding shrubs...* proper plants in
anything else along this                         proper locations. If you happen to be
trellis area.                                    on one of the outer edges of our
                                                 property with a fence in your
And of course, there’s the issue of the
                                        have seen many
trees and shrubs along the berm on the
                                                 improper plants growing over your
east end of the property...
                                                 fence and into your gardens...or
The board is very aware of the                   dropping more invasive seed pods into
problem. But keeping our budget in               your yard and garden.
mind, and having other issues to
                                                 POOL HEATER
address first, it will have to wait a bit.
                                                 Can we say “Finally”? Better knock on
On the plus side, the Jacobus’s on 6th
                                                 some wood, but yes, we believe the
Manor will be donating the shrubs dug
                                                 brand new pool heater is working well!
up from their back drainage swale to
                                                 I know we had a lot of visitors over the
other areas, which I think includes the
                                                 holidays who couldn’t enjoy it, but
‘berm’! Excellent!
                                                 better late than never! I believe the
                                                 current temperature is set at 85
                                                 A new addition will soon be added to
                                                 the pool. A solar blanket! This will help
        ...a word                                keep the pool water at a more even
                                                 temperature and help reduce heating
from the ARC...
Since we are talking about shrubs,
                                                 The board will be looking for volunteers
please remember to always apply to
                                                 to remove the cover in the morning
the ARC before adding any plants or
                                                 and replace it in the afternoon or
making any changes to the exterior of
                                                 evening...maybe on a rotating
your home. This is stated in the VWS
                                                 schedule. It should be fairly light-
Covenants, the R&R’s, and the ARC
                                                 weight and easy to do.
Guidelines Modification. Every owner
If you enjoy the pool or if you would
like to help your VWS community,
maybe you could sign up to help by
calling Debbi Coburn or one of the
board members. The cover would only
be used during the winter months.                And what about a VWS social?
                                                 There’s no better way to get to know
                                                 each other than over some good food
                                                 and a little wine! There’s even a
CLUBHOUSE                                        “boom box” all set up in the Club
Like to make better use of the                   House and ready to go!
Clubhouse? Why not start an exercise             This is the best time of year to be doing
class...a yoga class...qi-gong...or a            it...sunny, mild and lots of new
dance class!                                     neighbors! It could be held once a
With all our active, northern neighbors          month...or twice a month! There could
here for the winter...why not? They              be, etc.
join other area clubs, why not a little          There might even be...dancing! It
time at VWS?                                     would only take a few people to get the
There’s a tv and dvd player all set up           ball rolling! (Ruth-Ann has a name for
and ready to don’t need an              it... “Thirsty Thursdays”!)
instructor, just bring a dvd!
Why not talk to some of your
neighbors...spread the
might be surprised what happens!
NEW! Some of our neighbors (Mary
Guest and Judy Guest) have a yoga                VWS Children
instructor teaching a class every                On a serious note...we are lucky
Tuesday morning at 9:00am. This is a             enough to have some wonderful, young
mild type of yoga and involves                   children living in our neighborhood.
breathing techniques. Mark would be              When the weather is nice, they like to
happy to have more students join. Cost           play outside and ride their bikes. And
is $15 per session (or less for a series).       recently one of our young children got
Just bring a mat and a towel.                    an electric ‘scooter’! I know she’s
                                                 being instructed to be very careful and

watch for cars coming around the                AND SPEAKING OF CHILDREN...
corner.                                         Chris Dean and her THREE grandsons!
Unfortunately, we still have drivers that
seem to forget their better judgment
and race down our streets. This makes
for a frightening combination...
It only takes a minute, and tragedy
could happen.
I’d like to say that these people are
visitors ...sometimes they are...but
many times they are people who live in          Maureen & Tom Collins with
                                                their three babies!
our community.
Maybe we could help prevent an
accident and keep our children safe...if
                                                                                    Who’s the
you see someone speeding down our                                                   guy with
roads, why not take their license                                                   the big
number? Report it to Debbi Coburn,
the site manager.
If a driver gets reported to Debbi more
than a few times, the manager could
call or send a letter to that person.           And here is Joanne Conine’s first
                                       Elias Lawrence!
Posting signs is an option, a speed limit
sign or “children at play” sign, ...but
they become invisible after awhile. If
you have any other ideas on how to
handle this issue...please let me know.
They can be passed along to the board.

                                                       Beautiful Babies, all!!!

                                                And wasn’t Betty Bankert surprised to
                                                go on the web to see what her
                                                granddaughter, Danielle, created?

Her very own website! These young              And we have another bride in
people are amazing!                            residence! Chris Dean and long time
And not to be forgotten, Betsy and             beau, Alex Fritz, tied the knot this
Terry Myers have a new baby of their           January. They had a lovely private
own!! Little KiKi...a “poochon”. She’s a       wedding and reception at Oak Harbour.
little white powder puff full of energy        Can’t wait to see some of the photos!
who they rescued from a puppy mill in                                         Bachlorette
north Georgia! She’s a very lucky little                                        Party...
girl!                                                                           Joey’s!

            Wedding Plans &
                Wedding Bells~

And didn’t Erica Getz surprise all her
friends and neighbors when she
announced her engagement to Scott
Howder! Some beautiful “bling”, too!
And...only fair...didn’t her friends
surprise her by throwing a surprise
shower at the Green House Café? One
of those great moments! Hah! Once
she stopped crying and blushing, she
seemed to have a wonderful time!
Well, this past September was their
wedding and what a beautiful bride she
was! A lovely church ceremony with a           And how about that Art Haeberle?
reception at the River House with close        After all the work he did with last year’s
friends and family in attendance.              Vero Beach Theater Guild, he’s back at
                                               it again!!!
                                               This year you can find him in the
                                               upcoming musical “Annie”...and word
                                               is, he’ll be performing a solo! ....Art?

And has anyone read Hank Schulte’s                and his wife one night out dancing to
newly published book? It’s a big one!             live music at the M.T. ChopHouse!
...500 pages...but I bet it’s full of             And Alice was always ready to go
interesting facts and stories about the           anywhere, any time! She and Ruth
early days of pioneer newspapermen! I             Haeberle made quite a team on the
know there are quite a few history                golf course!
buffs out there that would really enjoy
                                                  Her family, friends and neighbors are
it. I believe they have it at the Vero
                                                  invited to a get-together on Sunday,
Beach Book Center! Maybe he’ll do a
                                                  Feb. 13th, at 1:00pm at Bethel Creek
“book signing”!
                                                  House, across from JC Park on A1A.
I guess it’s okay if I mention a book I           There will be a short service
recently had published,’s a little       remembering Alice, then live band
one (7”x7”) and only 55 pages                     entertainment, sandwiches and
long...but it’s the ‘real deal’! Just a           munchies.
little book of family history, anecdotes
                                                  Fund-Raiser Update
and photos that I put together for my
sisters and brother. The worst part of            Our team of Village Walk South
the project was waiting till Christmas to         “walkers” did a wonderful job at this
get them sent off!                                years’ “Walk to Remember” raise
                                                  money for the local Alzheimer &
Anyone interested in creating a picture
                                                  Parkinson Assoc. It was a beautiful,
book or a story book, in just about any
                                                  sunny morning at Riverside Park! Lots
size... hard or soft cover...should visit
                                                  of local sponsors on hand to pass out
the “blurb” website. For ideas, you can
                                                  information on services, freebies and
go through the blurb book store and
                                                  some delicious doughnuts, bagels,
see what other people have created.
                                                  pastries, juice and water...and
The only limit is your imagination!
                                                  even some yummy ice cream bars after
CONDOLENCES                                       the 3 mile walk!
On a sad note, we would like to express           We had an enthusiastic team that
our sympathies on the passing of Joe              raised over $500 for the Walk.
Scata and also Alice Herrington.                  Congratulations team! You did great!
You would see Joe out walking every
day...even in his 90’s! And what a
lovely display of Christmas lights he put
out every year! We even ran into he

                                                  And a note of appreciation to Dann and
                                                  Michelle for donating shrubs to the
                                                  east end of 6th Manor...the area is
                                                  looking better and better!
                                                  PLEASE NOTE:
(look closely and you can see “Mr. & Mrs.
                                                  With the aging of our air conditioning
Fritz”, Art Haeberle, and Murielle McKinley
among the VWS team!)                              units, more and more of them are
                                                  going to need replacing. The new units
Speaking of races...
                                                  are much more energy efficient, much
Chris Dean’s son-in-law, Joel, entered            quieter, and sometimes larger! But
an Iron Man competition this past                 please remember, if you’re getting your
September in Wisconsin! This race                 outside condenser replaced and you
involves a 26 mile run, 2.4 mile swim             are getting a larger cement pad for it to
and 112 miles biking! (can anyone                 set on, please contact the ARC or Dale
say... “ouch”!) Best of all, Chris and            first! A few residents have had these
Alex got to visually track Joel through a         pads moved in front of, or on top of
link on the web! As he crossed the                existing sprinkler heads...causing
finish line, “team Ack” was there to              unnecessary problems and expense. If
cheer him on!                                     you notice that a neighbor is going to
Resident Artist...                                start this process, please pass the
                                                  message along.
Dann Jacobus has been busy and
completed a new painting, entitled                ANNUAL MEETING:
“Spring Break”. This beautiful painting           The annual meeting is this March 22,
captures a scene in Eastern                       6pm, at the Club House. Two board
Pennsylvania where his son’s, Jeremy              seats will be expiring. In anticipation of
and Justin, go fishing.                           this meeting, a neighbor was kind
                                                  enough to drop this newspaper article
                                                  off to me , from the Press Journal for
                                                  inclusion into this newsletter. In a
                                                  condensed form it reads:
                                                        “In the old days, being a good
                                                  neighbor often meant lending your
                                                  neighbor a cup of sugar, or to return
their lawnmower. But when you own                 regarding the Annual Meeting...either
property together with all your                   by email or snail mail. Please go
neighbors, there are a lot of extra               through it carefully. Thank you.
responsibilities. For example, someone            TRELLIS UPDATE FOR FEBRUARY:
has to serve on the board. It’s a very
                                                  Wow! What a difference! Dale and his
difficult job, and it’s not a great way to
                                                  crew have already finished the project
make friends, but it’s a requirement of
                                                  and it looks terrific!
shared ownership. In addition, shared
ownership works best when owners are              When you’re out for a walk, be sure to
extremely active—attending meetings;              check these areas out!
voicing their opinions and just generally
keeping watch over their community.
So if you think that you can buy a condo
or a home in an HOA and just sit back
and relax, think about this—who is it
who is going to do all the work? Are
you just going to let it sit on your
neighbors’ shoulders? If so, then it’s
not really fair to complain when they
make a decision you’re not happy
...Community associations can do a lot
of great things for a neighborhood, but
it takes the involvement of as many
owners as possible to make it run
properly. The best communities already
know what it takes; the worst are
                                                            (photo courtesy of Jarrod Hooper)
falling apart from lack of interest.”
If you have an interest in donating your
                                                  I think that’s about all for this time.
time for a board position, please
                                                  Remember, if you have any news
contact the nominating committee,
                                                  (births, weddings, trips, new
Michelle Jacobus (539-9547) or Judy
                                                  restaurants/shops, etc) that you would
Bischoff (778-4945).
                                                  like to pass along, please email me!
All the VWS homeowners will soon be
                                                  Thank you.
receiving a packet from the board

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