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					Level 1 & 2 Trainings in 2011                            Healing Intensives 2011
    APRIL 15-17/CHICAGO, IL                      DESCRIPTION:           The “Healing Intensive” is a    Offering Training
                                                 three-day process that was initially devel-
    MAY (DATES TBA)/PORT HURON, MI                                                                      And Workshops in
                                                 oped in the inpatient setting to enable the
                                                 expedient resolution of traumatic memory.
    JULY 22-24/CHICAGO, IL
                                                 The process is designed for a group of 8-10
    SEPTEMBER (TBA)/ N. SUBURBS, CHICAGO         persons interested in personal healing and is            MEMORY
    LEVEL 3: OCTOBER 14-16/CHICAGO, IL           open     to     both     professionals   and   non-
                                                 professionals alike. Among the dynamics
                                                                                                        RESOLUTION ®
        (CEU’s Approved for MSW, LCPC, MFT)      used are: “HMR,” Body-mapping, Internal
                                                 Resource Development,            Memory Mapping,
Times:       Friday: *10:00am-5:30pm             and     group     reframing     exercises.   Memory
             Saturday: 9:30am-5:30pm             resolution is greatly enhanced through group
             Sunday: 9:30am-5:30pm               support, feedback, and participation in HMR.
    *Later start on Friday to avoid traffic!
                                                 Dates & Location for 2011:
Illinois Locations:                                    JAN. 8-10          Equilibrium in Chicago, IL
Equilibrium: 47 W. Polk Street, Suite M-5              APRIL 8-10          Equilibirum in Chicago, IL
             Chicago, IL 60605                         JULY 15-17         Equilibrium in Chicago, IL
North Suburb Location (TBA)
                                                 Times:        Friday: *10:00am-5:30pm                    INTRODUCING
Cost:       $750. Deposit of $250 required                     Sat.& Sun: 9:30am-5:30pm                 A BREAKTHROUGH
             to reserve. This deposit is non-                  * Late start on Fri. due to traffic.         IN TRAUMA
             refundable but transferable to
             future trainings.                   Registration: Beverly M. @ (224) 558-4342
                                                               or email
Registration Options:      Please call Beverly
                                                                                                            Developed by:
Meland      at (224) 558-4342 o r       email    Cost:         $525. Deposit of $250 required              Brent M. Baum
                                                               to reserve. This deposit is non-          STB, SSL, CADC, LISAC, CCH to register. Space is
                                                               refundable but transferable to
limited! Please register early.
                                                               future intensives.

Websites: For additional information visit       Special Note:          The “Healing Intensive” is
                                                 a      requirement       for   those   interested in
                                                                                                         2011 Workshops
our website:
                                                 certification in HMR. (CEU’s Approved for MSW,          Chicago, Illinois
Contact Brent @ or
                                                 LCPC, MFT)
(847) 372-8894.
Holographic Memory Resolution                                    THE THREE LEVELS                  BRENT M. BAUM     STB,
                                                                                                   SSL, CADC, LISAC, CCH,
We now know that stress and trauma                              OF TRAINING IN HMR                 is an internationally rec-
induce an altered state of consciousness                                                           ognized author, trainer,
that captures and preserves pain                 Each level of training in HMR is designed to      and trauma resolution
indefinitely as a protective act. HMR            address increasingly more complex levels of       specialist who has
enables us to quickly master these               trauma induction and resolution. Skills are       worked      with over
statically held states of consciousness -        taught which facilitate the resolution of the     15,000 trauma survi-
subsequently reducing       stress to the        memories which arise within the three             vors, including officers
bodymind and transferring support back           general categories of the trauma continuum.       and medical          personnel from the
to the immune system.                                                                              Oklahoma City bombing, the senior
                                                 Level One: Trauma Induction process and
                                                                                                   staff of TWA Flight 800, and the ter-
Research indicates that HMR induces an           resolution,   verbal  technique,  voice
                                                                                                   rorist attacks of 9-11. He is responsible
Alpha-Theta brainwave state that lets the        modulation, nervous system support
                                                                                                   for the development of Holographic
conscious mind relax - preventing a              technique, safety enhancement, single
                                                 memory encoding, multiple and layered
                                                                                                   Memory Resolution®, a new mind-body
re-live of the original pain while raising the                                                     therapy which reflects a remarkable integra-
                                                 memories, sub-memory sequencing.
subconscious mind to Theta- providing                                                              tion of Somatic Psychology and Energy Psy-
enhanced sensory access to stored                                                                  chology. This “emotional reframing” process
                                                 Level Two: Complex patterns, archetypal
                            imagery. HMR                                                           enables the “mapping” and systematic
                                                 encoding,     cultural trauma, family role
                            also     engages                                                       “unwinding” and resolution of the traumatic
                                                 assignments, addictions, disease patterns,
                            the       inner                                                        states of consciousness that foster illness
                                                 memory sequencing and mapping, level two
                            wisdom of the        verbal skills, enhanced nervous system            and pathology.
                            bodymind      and    support, self-care.                                    Brent has served as Clinical Director
                            initiates a self-
                                                                                                   of Cottonwood Treatment Centers, and is
                            healing and self-    Level Three: Complex verbal intervention,         one of a select group of alternative
                            m a p p i n g        resistance issues, patterns of dissociation,      therapists providing services at Miraval in
                            sequence      that   complex    memory        sequencing, a-typical    northwest Tucson.        He is a certified
                            reveals       the    responses, direct accessing techniques,           addictions counselor, a hypnotherapist
                            history    of    a   advanced      nervous      system       support   and the author of The Healing Dimensions
                            problem, pattern     techniques, enhances safety techniques
                                                                                                   and Living as Light. Brent has a private
or illness. Done from a seated position,         extremes of trauma continuum, contraindi-
                                                                                                   practice in Tucson, AZ, and also travels
the process, using both a verbal                 cations,   ethics,    certification and exam
                                                                                                   internationally lecturing, and teaching
technique and an optional nervous sytem          requirements. Certification in HMR requires
                                                                                                   his trauma resolution approach. He is a
support technique along the spine,               completion of all three levels of training.
                                                                                                   co-founder of Michael's Gift, a non-profit
produces a discharge of pain usually             Note: Level 1 and 2 Trainings are now com-        charity committed to reducing the occur-
resulting in noticeable shifts in pain levels    bined to facilitate immediate implementation
in the nerve centers of the body.
                                                                                                   rence and impact of trauma in our world.
                                                 of HMR into your practice.

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