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					       Former NFL Player Goes Green with the King

        Six months ago if you would have told Chris Mohr he was going into the spill
remediation business he probably would have responded with “a spill what?” But after
spending a day with the king of NASCAR, Richard Petty, the former NFL veteran
decided to make spill remediation his primary business focus. As the King works to
further diversify his business portfolio, his ownership in the new product NviroClean
seems to be attracting a very diverse group of people, from athletes to business owners
and corporate execs.

        Chris Mohr is the latest addition to the NviroClean team. His previous profession
as a punter spanned 15 years, one year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, ten years with
the Buffalo Bills that included four Super Bowls, and four years with the Atlanta Falcons.
Chris like RP knows what it means to be on a winning team.

         Chris states, “It is easy to take spill remediation for granted until you are faced
with a catastrophe.” Take for instance the one that occurred when Juan Pablo Montoya
careened into the jet dryer in the Daytona 500. The original R & D work for NviroClean
was done at the Speedway environment. “I know the deal” Chris adds, “the technology
that NASCAR used to address that spill and resulting fire was really old technology, but
that is a money deal.” We have already proven that if NviroClean would have been used
they could have encapsulated the fuel and greatly reduced or eliminated the risk of fire.
They could have gone back to green flag racing in a third of the time.

        According to Richard Petty the guys at Petty’s Garage and Richard Petty
Motorsports love the new product. And he made no bones about the versatility of it. Not
only is it far superior when addressing spill issues he has found that it can also be used
for many other things even around the house. How about an all around cleaner for things
such as greasy pots and griddles, shower doors, toilets, and sinks? It works incredible on
carpets. Can you imagine cleaning these types of things completely chemical free?

         To suggest that RP is a tree hugging environmentalist would certainly be a stretch.
However, having the opportunity to sit in on some of the conversations at Petty’s Garage
these days has been a real eye opener. Talk of solar farms, electric vehicles and
alternative energy is the buzz. Making an effort to be good stewards of our planet is the
gist of it. To partner with like minded people leveraging the Petty brand with services
and products that work is the idea.

        Dave Swartzendruber (CEO of Petty’s Garage) said, “We can make a difference
by sticking to the great family values and traditions that the Petty name represents while
striving to advance the technologies of tomorrow.” That is our goal.

       DST Manufacturing has some great products in the NviroClean line and is
constantly working in the R&D department to develop new products and systems for the
future. There is also an ongoing extensive effort to work with existing Distributors as
well as recruit and qualify new ones. Petty’s Garage is involved in both of these areas as
well as current Distributors. As Greg Davis (CEO Operations) confirms; we’ve really
worked to establish a family feel for our Distributors where not only are they influential
in the overall direction of the company and the products we offer but they are also
actually involved in the recruitment of new Distributors who become their counterparts.
The Distributor model we have created is designed to foster an environment in which
everyone works together for the collective and individual success. We have each others
back concerning every aspect of the overall operation. This is a living project and we are
not afraid to make changes for the betterment of our costumers, Distributors, marketing
partners and corporate. After all that is the essence of our job and mission statement.

        The DST Plant was strategically located in Randleman NC in proximity to Petty’s
Garage. We did that for a reason suggests Kathy Thompson (CEO). We are working with
Petty’s Garage on a number of projects including R&D on some new NviroClean systems
that are in the pipeline. Plus the fact that our Distributors are invited to visit and train
there. There are other projects under development that we aren’t at liberty to discuss at
the moment. But when we can most everyone will want to see and hear the news.

       Everyone in the NviroClean family congratulates and welcomes Chris Mohr and
his new company “Going Green Distributing Co.”.

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