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Latest Dam Safety News - Compiled by the Association of State Dam .rtf


									Latest Dam Safety News - Compiled by the Association of State Dam Safety Officials


Dam failures and incidents in Indiana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Texas,
Canada, Peru….New Taum Sauk reservoir incorporates advanced safety features....Multiple
parties held responsible for Hadlock Pond dam breach....Alleged dam plot thwarted.....California:
Corps gives OK to most existing trees on 42-mile stretch of levees; officials seek input on
comprehensive flood-control plan for Central Valley.....


Dams Cutting Off 400 Million People From Food and Income . 06/03/2010, National Geographic
An examination of the social and environmental impacts of dam construction worldwide

New Research Finds 472 Million People Worldwide Have Potentially Been Affected by Dams .
06/08/2010, [Nature Conservancy Press Release]
Global analysis examines social and environmental impacts of dams; suggests mitigation
measures for adverse effects. Contributors to “Lost in Development’s Shadow: The Downstream
Consequences of Dams” include The Nature Conservancy, the Global Water Policy Project, the
California Institute of Technology, McGill University, and the University of Virginia’s Department of
Landscape Architecture.

Of Oil Spills and Big Dams: What We Don't Know Can Hurt Us . 06/03/2010, Huffington Post
This article compares dams to oil rigs and describes how the public is unprepared for the hazards
associated with them.

EPA Proposes New Rule for Coal Ash Storage . 06/10/2010, Water World
In order to avoid groundwater contamination and safety hazards, the EPA has proposed a rule to
ensure that coal-fired power plants dispose of coal ash safely.

Levee repair plan under fire from environmentalists; Use of coal ash being questioned .
06/26/2010, Belleville News-Democrat
Environmental groups question USACE plans to use coal ash to fortify levees along the
Mississippi River in southern Illinois.


District hopes to repair dam with federal grant and one-time tax hike . 06/10/2010, TriValley
Property owners may face a tax increase in an effort to receive up to $9 million in local matching
funds from the federal government to fix Magma Dam.

Pinal panel delays project in area of dam due for repairs . 06/23/2010, TriValley Central
Magma Dam, which is in need of repair, threatens residential development.

'Verbal OK' is heard for dike repair funds . 06/24/2010, USDA NRCS has verbally approved
Magma Flood Control District application for 65% federal funding of Magma Dam repairs,
estimated to cost $14.4 million. The county Planning and Zoning Commission has discussed
future residential development near the dam.

NE Arkansas county justices reject measure mandated by FEMA regarding flood insurance .
06/03/2010, WREG- Memphis
Mississippi County justices have rejected a measure that would create a flood-damage
prevention program that FEMA says the county needs.

Clock is ticking on Central Valley flood-control plan . 05/30/2010, Sacramento Bee
State officials must complete a flood-control plan for the Central Valley that aims to identify
weaknesses in the Valley's network of levees, weirs and bypasses, and suggest ways to fix those
problems. Estimated cost for study: $20 million.

Yuba Levees Get Key Nod From Feds . 06/01/2010, KCRA Sacramento
FEMA notified California officials that 29 miles of levees meet their certification criteria.

Fight looms over removal of Searsville Dam . 06/02/2010, San Francisco Chronicle
On the pros and cons of the potential removal of 118-yr-old Searsville Dam.

Governor signs cost-share bill for Delta levees . 06/04/2010, Capital Press
Gov. Schwarzenegger signs SB 808, extending the state's cost-share program for Delta levee

Dredge the rivers? Flood officials say levee foundations key . 06/05/2010, Appeal-Democrat-
Property owners in Sutter and Butte counties are voting whether to approve property
assessments to support improvements levees on the Feather River's western bank. Project total:
$250 million.
Corps 'closest' yet to acquiring dam properties . 06/07/2010, Porterville Recorder
USACE to acquire properties in order to fix seismic and seepage issues at Success Lake dam.

Plan in works for construction of flood control dam . 06/22/2010, The Desert Sun- Palm Springs
Construction of Eagle Canyon flood control dam could be finished as early as 2011.

Levee trees in Natomas can stay, says Army Corps of Engineers . 06/26/2010,
USACE decides that trees are not compromising the integrity of Natomas-area levees; approves
request by the Central Valley Flood Protection Board and the Sacramento Area Flood Control
Agency to keep trees on all but about half a mile of the 42-mile stretch in question.

Victoria refuses to answer questions about dam safety audits . 06/19/2010, Vancouver Sun
Dam safety officials are undertaking "rapid assessments" of BC dams following the June 13
failure of Testalinden Lake dam.

Landslide highlights issue of dam safety . 06/22/2010, Nanaimo Daily News
Recent seismic study concludes century-old structures in south Nanaimo would not withstand a
major quake.

Hundreds of aging B.C. dams pose safety risk . 06/25/2010, Vancouver Sun
Many B.C. dams have been abandoned by their owners; three-fourths will be more than 50 years
old by next year. Reports published in 2001 and 2002 noted the risks of Canada's aging dams.

Hydroelectric Plant at Ridgway Dam May Become a Reality . 06/16/2010, The Watch- Telluride
Results of second seismic study yet to be released.

Key Committee Clears Murphy Bill to Power Collinsville Dams; Town-Operated Refurbished
Dams Could Power 1,500 Homes . 05/28/2010, Connecticut RealEstateRama
A bill has been secured that will allow the town of Canton to operate its dams, with hopes of
creating energy independence.

FEMA inspects damaged dams . 06/03/2010, The Day- New London
FEMA inspectors assess what repairs will be needed in order to determine how much the federal
government will pay the state.

County, city settle Talquin Dam debate . 06/09/2010,
The city and county have spent approximately $200,000 in combined legal fees regarding the
lawsuit to modify Talquin Dam.

Berkeley Lake splinters over dam, tax hike. 06/10/2010, Atlanta Journal & Constitution
Lakefront homeowners and residents in outlying subdivisions are at odds over paying for repairs
to city-owned Berkeley Lake dam, damaged in September floods. Repair costs for the 85'-high
dam are estimated at $4 million; FEMA will cover about $1.3 million.

Berkeley Lake splinters over dam, tax hike. 06/10/2010, Atlanta Journal & Constitution
Lakefront homeowners and residents in outlying subdivisions are at odds over paying for repairs
to city-owned Berkeley Lake dam, damaged in September floods. Repair costs for the 85'-high
dam are estimated at $4 million; FEMA will cover about $1.3 million.

Idaho [See also: Washington]
Teton River makes national list due to possibility of new dam . 06/02/2010, Rexburg Standard
American Rivers has released its report, America's Most Endangered Rivers of 2010, and the
Teton River has made the list at No. 8, due to threat of a new dam.

Illinois [See also: National News]
British company awarded contract to fix Mississippi River levees . 06/16/2010, Belleville News-
AMEC Earth and Environmental wins $130 million contract to repair 64 miles worth of Mississippi
River levees and flood defenses.

Little Cal flood control project creeps along . 06/06/2010, Gary Post Tribune
Officials are working with the towns of Hammond and Munster to make Indiana's levee plan
separate from Illinois.

Damaged dam prompts trailer park evacuations . 06/22/2010, Chicago Tribune
A small dam is compromised after severe weather, forcing evacuations.

Compromised Dam Given Poor Rating By State . 06/22/2010, WRTV Indianapolis
Indian Head Lake Dam (significant hazard) gives way, forcing the evacuation of a mobile home

Lake association ignored Indian Head dam inspection . 06/23/2010, Fox 59- Indianapolis
Indian Head Lake dam is breached; no action was taken after an inspection 3 years ago, which
revealed its potential threat.

More rain could bring bad news; Experts: New storms may cause repeat of '08 floods .
06/23/2010, Indianapolis Star

DNR: Most Dams 'Conditionally Poor' Or Worse . 06/24/2010, The Indy Channel
The majority of Indiana's dams are rated "conditionally poor" or worse, state records show, but
some owners said they don't have the funds to fix potentially dangerous problems. The DNR has
two inspectors to cover 1,100 dams statewide.

Many Indiana dams below standards . 06/24/2010, WIBC Indianapolis
About 70% of Indiana's approximately 1000 dams are privately owned; owners often cannot
afford repairs.

Private dams, public headaches . 06/29/2010, Indianapolis Star
Editorial states that dam owners should be held responsible for preventive maintenance and
damages resulting from dam failures; promotes establishment of conservancy districts to assess
fees for dam upkeep.

Privately managed dams present safety concerns . 06/29/2010, Indianapolis Star
More than 70 percent of Indiana's 1,068 state-regulated dams are privately owned; more than
half are rated "conditionally poor." Many dam owners cannot afford to make state-mandated
repairs. A small reserve of state funds is available for emergency actions, but owners often don't
pay it back.

Two Years Later, Levee Waits For Permanent Fix . 06/01/2010, KCCI Des Moines
No work has begun yet on a permanent replacement levee, 2 years after the the Des Moines
River levee burst.

Manchester to purchase dam for $1 from Alliant . 06/08/2010, Chicago Tribune
The city of Manchester plans to purchase a dam for $1 from Alliant Energy in order to create a
water park.

Repairs to begin on Des Moines flood levee . 06/09/2010, Chicago Tribune
A levee in Des Moines will soon undergo repairs, but is a point of concern due to its past failures.
Changes Coming to Quasqueton Dam . 06/17/2010, KCRG- Cedar Rapids
A town plans on keeping an aging dam, hoping to help river flow and make the community more

Worries mount about Des Moines levees . 06/29/2010, Des Moines Register
Des Moines preparing for second major flood in two years; officials hope Des Moines River
levees hold; water expected to top Saylorville Lake emergency spillway; inflatable dam put in use.

Terrebonne lawmaker advances bill easing regulations on levee districts . 05/29/2010, Daily
Comet- Lafourche Parish
A set of bills that would give levee districts the autonomy to handle small-scale projects advanced
to the full Senate.

Hurricane funds may pay for levee certification . 06/07/2010, Alexandria Town Talk
Local agencies meet to decide how to use recovery funds from Ike-Gustav, focusing on levee
certification as their primary project.

Lawson: Don't redirect drainage funds to levees . 06/09/2010, Alexandria Town Talk
A city councilman plans to lobby jury members to vote against designating $16.3 million in federal
disaster relief money to certify Rapides Parish levees.

Corps: Levee Board must provide clay . 06/09/2010, Monroe News Star
Taxpayers could pay up to $250,000 for four levee bank repairs caused by fall flooding. The
corps has asked the district to provide 48,000 cubic yards of clay to stabilize cave-ins

Defending Boston from the sea . 06/06/2010, Boston Globe
The city of Boston is considering a major infrastructure change to keep up with rising tides.

Town seeks FEMA funding . 06/10/2010, Pembroke Express
Local officials are seeking help from the state to clean up and prevent damage from future
storms. Ladder replacement and the redesign of Upper Mill Pond's dam are included in the list of
possible projects. A ladder/dam project would cost about $240,000.

State seeks to take over Taunton dam . 06/16/2010, Boston Globe
A community fears they will have to help fund repairs if Morey's Bridge Dam changes owners.

Advocates dig in to save Northampton dam. 06/30/2010, GazetteNET
The Northhampton Board of Public Works and a group of residents remain at odds over whether
the 130-year-old, high-hazard-potential Upper Roberts Meadow (aka Hoxie) Dam on the Mill
River in Leeds should be repaired or removed. The Friends of the Upper Roberts Meadow Dam
want to restore the dam and use the reservoir as a potential source of micro-hydropower. The
BPW voted in 2008 to breach the dam after the state ordered it repaired or removed, the
respective estimated costs of which are $600,000 and $625,000. Including long-term
maintenance, the total dam repair cost is estimated at $1.825 million, compared to about $1.2
million to remove the dam. The Friends believe that installing hydropower units at the dam would
generate $1 million over 50 years. A consultant for the Friends has suggested that the MA Office
of Dam Safety might be persuaded to reclassify the dam as a significant-hazard structure, which
would lower repair costs.

State and local agencies work to save portion of historic Ray Township dam . 05/26/2010, New
Baltimore Voice Newspapers
A few years ago, the MI DNRE determined the century-old dam was impeding fish passage on
the Clinton River. The local Watershed Council and DNRE Fisheries Division worked to restore a
portion of the river, 15 miles of which is a Designated Trout Stream. The project received grants
from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ($74,000) and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in
conjunction with the Great Lakes Watershed Program ($45,000), with the remaining cost of the
estimated $226,570 project to be covered through other state and local partners. The current plan
calls for the removal of the fish ladder due to safety issues, but keeping the remaining spire in
place and securing its foundation.

Plans under way to remove part of historic Cascade Dam . 06/02/2010, Romeo Observer
State agency wants to create a fish passage at Cascade Dam.

Federal grants would help clean up Portage Creek, remove Otsego dams . 06/08/2010,
Kalamazoo Gazette
$362,000 in federal grant money will provide for a preliminary design for the removal of the
Otsego Township and Otsego city dams, if awarded.

Officials investigate reservoir dam leak . 06/10/2010, WLBT-TV- Jackson
Seeping has been discovered at dam that holds back the lake formed by the Pearl River. The
total cost to investigate the leak and determine how to fix it will cost $100,000.

Ameren UE takes wraps off new Taum Sauk reservoir . 05/27/2010, St. Louis
AmerenUE unveiled its new $490 million, 1.5 billion gallon Taum Sauk reservoir. To help prevent
another failure such as occurred in December 2005, new safety features include a crest elevation
above the highest anticipated water surface, with a 3.5' parapet wall rising above the crest; an
overflow release structure; continuous video monitoring of the upper reservoir water
levels;instrumentation and monitoring systems dedicated solely to dam safety..
Mont. dam to overflow to help ancient fish spawn . 06/09/2010, (AP)
Water will spill over Libby Dam up to 10,000 cubic feet of water per second for up to seven days,
in what scientists hope will push the sturgeon to more productive spawning grounds

Levee leaders meet with FEMA, Army Corps officials . 06/09/2010, KRTV Great Falls News
FEMA officials go through the levee accreditation checklist to see what information flood districts
in the Great Falls area still need to gather for accreditation.

North Loup Residents clean up after a Dam breach . 06/12/2010, KHAS-TV- Hastings
Failure of the Bredthauer Dam causes flooding, forcing residents to evacuate their homes.

Dams monitored after failures . 06/13/2010, Omaha World-Herald
Roads and bridges across the state have washed out as a result of flash flooding from heavy
downpours and the failures of several dams.

Heavy rains cause Ericson Dam to fail . 06/14/2010, Grand Island Independent
Heavy rainfall contributed to the failure of Ericson Dam and Bredthauer Dam; area crops also

NEMA says 10 Neb. dams failed during heavy rains . 06/20/2010, Sioux City Journal
10 dams fail due to flooding in Atkinson, Burwell, North Loup, Sargent, Scotia, Spalding and

New Hampshire
Pittsburg dam's failure 'believed to be imminent' . 05/26/2010, The Union Leader- Manchester
Boundary Pond dam in danger of failing; NHDES Dam Bureau plans controlled breach, expected
to take place sometime next week.

State plans to drain Moeckel Pond in Windham . 06/24/2010, Eagle-Tribune
The state is ordering Moeckel Pond drained because of the poor condition of its dam. The dam
has a crack in its left abutment wall, a void at the bottom, and its apron is undermined, There are
no residences downstream, but there is a town road. Some area residents are trying to preserve
the 34-acre pond. The cost of rebuilding the dam has been estimated at $150,000 to $500,000.

New Jersey
West Milford could sell Upper Mt. Glen Lake . 06/06/2010,
A town seeks to repair the Upper Mount Glen Lake and Lower Mount Glen Lake dams, classified
as high hazard potentials. Cost for upper dam: $616,672; Cost for lower dam: $1,062,881.

Clinton Town dam project halted; mayor blames contractor fraud . 06/17/2010,
Contractor is blamed for fraud during dam rehab after providing false information.

PRINCETON: Mountain Lakes dredging project to begin in July . 06/18/2010, The Princeton
Work is expected to begin early next month on the Mountain Lakes improvement project, which
involves the rehabilitation of two dams. Total cost: $2.6 million.

New Mexico
Grindstone Dam workshop briefs council on progress . 06/09/2010, Trading Markets (press
Companies investigate seepage issues and perform stability analysis tests at Grindstone Dam.
New York
Utica-based Gomez and Sullivan Engineers wins contract for North Blenheim project .
05/26/2010, WKTV- Utica
FERC regulations require NY Power Authority to hire an independent consultant to perform a
dam safety inspection and review every five years at the FERC-licensed Blenheim-Gilboa project;
Gomez and Sullivan Engineers awarded $230,000 five-year contract.

Hadlock Pond Dam trial nears final phases . 06/10/2010, The Post-Star- Glens Falls
The Hadlock Pond Dam failure trial is underway, and witnesses give their testimonies, including
one who claims the dam's abutment wall was not built in accordance with the drawings from the

Municipalities revising plans for dam safety . 06/13/2010, Times Herald-Record
Mid-Hudson municipalities are preparing revised safety plans for some of their dams.

Jury spreads out blame for Hadlock Pond dam collapse . 06/17/2010, Glens Falls Post-Star
A verdict is handed down with regards to the 2005 Hadlock Pond dam collapse.

Verdict: Dam collapse liability split . 06/18/2010, Albany Times Union
A verdict is reached in the Hadlock Pond dam trial, making multiple parties responsible for its
2005 failure.

North Carolina
W.P. Moves Forward on Dam Repairs . 06/02/2010, Southern Pines Pilot
A company is awarded a contract to repair Cardinal Lake Dam and its surrounding area. Total
cost: $482,269.

Plan for Little River dam sets up a fight . 06/02/2010, News & Observer- Raleigh
Environmental groups are trying to stop Little River from being dammed. Toal cost of the project
would be $250 million.

Hope Mills Lake draining; engineers assess dam damage . 06/17/2010, - Charlotte
Part of a dam at Hope Mills Lake may have washed away after the release of two feet of water.

Hope Mills Lake drained; dam failure investigated . 06/18/2010,
Investigation is underway at Hope Mills Lake dam after its failure. Officials were in the process of
inspecting turbid water coming out of the lake's under-drain system.

Engineer: Hope Mills dam problem traced to vinyl sheet piling . 06/18/2010,
Officials believe the failure of Hope Mills Lake dam was a result of failing material in the
foundation of the spillway.

Sediment buildup around dam perplexes engineers. 06/18/2010,

Top priority for Hope Mills officials is reopening bridge . 06/19/2010, Fayetteville Observer
Hope Mills dam fails as water level in the lake is lowered. The bridge over the dam should open
sooner than the lake is filled.

Editorial: Outsider - Hope Mills board may need one more investigator . 06/28/2010, Fayetteville
Editorial poses questions about the failure of the new Hope Mills dam.

Hope Mills gets OK to investigate cause of dam failure. 06/29/2010, USACE gives town
permission to investigate June 17 failure of the new Hope Mills Dam. The $14 million dam
replaced an earthen dam that failed during heavy rains in 2003.
Worthington dam serves important purpose . 06/04/2010, Delaware News
Columbus city officials are talking about ways to remove the lowhead dams along the Olentangy

West Milton Residents Fight For Dam . 06/09/2010, WHIO Dayton
Residents fear a low-head dam in the Stillwater River will be removed, while others claim low-
head dams impair water quality and safety.

Cleanup behind dam proposed . 06/10/2010, Akron Beacon Journal
Groups ask for federal funds to clean up contaminated sediment behind the Ohio Edison Co.
dam. officials
agree to proceed on Briar Hill dam project . 06/17/2010, Plain Dealer (blog)
Improvements to the Briar Hill Lake dam are going out to bid. Estimated cost is $1.5 million.

Adding hydropower to non-hydro dams offers huge development potential . 06/01/2010,
Many hydropower developers are eyeing non-powered dams as an option for adding generation.

Okie One-Call to include dams . 06/17/2010, Pryor Daily Times
The Oklahoma Conservation Commission (OCC) now has an agreement in place with the Okie
One-Call System to include all Watershed Flood Control Program dams in Oklahoma, with
conservation districts as the Okie One-Call points of contact.

Okie One-Call now to include watershed flood control dams . 06/29/2010, Des Moines Register
The OK One-Call System is a communication link between excavators and operators of
underground facilities to help prevent damages to public services. Beginning in June 2010,
conservation districts with watershed dams will begin receiving “Locate Tickets” by email for any
planned excavation within a half-mile of a watershed dam. A district rep will then examine the
proposed excavation site in relation to the entire easement of the watershed dam to determine
potential impacts to operation and maintenance of the dam, both as-is and as-possibly-
rehabilitated in the future. If it is determined that the excavation or future location of the proposed
installation could impact the watershed dam, an on-site consultation with the contractor will take

Canyon Creek Meadows Dam: Citizens, county eye ways to stop removal . 06/02/2010, Blue
Mountain Eagle
A community explores ways to preserve and fix the Canyon Creek Meadows Dam.

Fix-up for aging dams . 06/03/2010, The Register-Guard- Eugene
Army Corps of Engineers says spillway gates at the Middle Fork Williamette River dams need

Jacksonville weighs options for aging dam . 06/08/2010, Mail Tribune
The city could spend up to $1.7 million to remove an old dam at Jackson Creek, designated a
"high hazard" by state officials.

Dam repairs again will dry out Laurel Lake . 06/01/2010, Citizen's Voice
Repairs to a concrete dam at Laurel Lake cannot be completed until the Laurel Lakes Watershed
Protection Association finds at least $50,000 to finish the work.
Around the Region [Dam raise in PA] . 06/04/2010, Republican & Herald- Pottsville
Authorities seek to raise the crest of a dam in the area by 6 ft. Estimated cost: $650,000.

Councilman 'dam mad' about DEP regs . 06/28/2010, York Daily Record
Hanover Borough Councilman says state shouldn't be forcing Hanover to upgrade Sheppard
Myers Impounding Dam, which has inadequate spillway capacity. Estimated upgrade costs: $3.75

Tailing dam collapses and pollutes Opamayo river in Huancavelica, Peru. 06/28/2010, Living in
The tailing dams at Caudalosa Chica mine in the province of Angaraes collapsed on June 25.
The collapsed dam contained 500 metric tons of tailings.

South Dakota
Bureau of Reclamation urges high-water caution after boat accidents . 06/28/2010, Butte County
Three boating fatalities occurred over the weekend near the BOR diversion dam on the Belle
Fourche River.

Gaylord Opryland takes steps to recover $225 million in flood costs . 06/03/2010, The
Hotel hires experts to help recover $225M in repairs due to flood topped levees.

[Meadow Park Dam raising, repairs]. 06/29/2010, Crossville Chronicle
City council continues to discuss increasing the height of 72-year-old Meadow Park dam by 23
feet to meet water supply needs for the next 50 to 75 years. Plans call for raising the height of the
dam 23 feet allowing for a 20 foot rise in the lake level. The State ordered repairs to the dam two
years ago. The city had planned to carry out repairs along with the dam raising project, but can't
afford to do both at once. The estimated costs of repairs is $5 million.

Retaining pond dam breaks, floods neighborhood . 06/09/2010, San Antonio Express-News
Residents are evacuated from their homes due to flooding, possibly from a gopher hole that
caused a retaining pond dam to break.

Agents feared Mexican drug cartel attack on border dam . 06/02/2010, Houston Chronicle
Alleged plot to blow up Falcon Dam thwarted; dynamite found near dam.

Drug Cartel Plotted to Blow Up Texas Dam . 06/07/2010, The Trumpet
Federal officials, police and disaster specialists prevent Mexican drug cartel from blowing up 5-
mile-long Falcon Dam. Had the plot succeeded, it would have affected roughly 4 million people on
both sides of the border between Texas and Mexico.

Shaky situation: Bureau testing Hyrum dam for earthquake readiness . 06/09/2010, The Herald
Journal- Logan
USBR conducting drilling operation at Hyrum Dam.

Engineers drilling into Hyrum Dam for flaws that could leave it damaged by earthquake .
Engineers try to determine whether Hyrum Dam could withstand a major earthquake.

Consultant: More dam appraisals . 06/10/2010, Barre Montpelier Times Argus
Officials seek to tax river dams at a higher rate.

New Ragged Mountain Dam design unveiled . 05/26/2010, C-Ville Weekly- Charlottesville
Rivanna Water & Sewer Authority says the total cost of a new dam at the Ragged Mountain
Reservoir would between $28 and $36 million; Board members reviewing designs.

City hires firm to study saving 102-year-old dam . 06/01/2010, Charlottesville Daily Progress
A Kansas firm’s study on repairing the Lower Ragged Mountain Dam is expected to cost
Charlottesville up to $348,695.

The Next Great Coal Spill? Massey’s Billion Gallon Disaster in Waiting . 06/04/2010, AlterNet
This blog explores the possibility of an environmental disaster far worse than the Gulf oil spill: the
failure of the Brushy Fork impoundment, the largest and potentially weakest coal slurry
impoundment in the nation.

McDonnell signs dam legislation at LOW . 06/17/2010, Culpeper Star Exponent
Gov. Bob McDonnell visited the Lake of the Woods residential community where he signed SB
276, which will modify Virginia's dam safety standards.

County water authority calls for continued design work for new earthen dam . 06/18/2010,
Charlottesville Tomorrow
An engineering firm is recommending construction of an earthen dam behind the existing dam at
Ragged Mountain Reservoir, which would be a key part of the region's long-term water supply

Governor visits LOW . 06/24/2010, Orange County Review
SB 276 is signed at Lake of the Woods, which will modify Virginia's dam safety standards.

Upgrades under way at Columbia River dams . 05/25/2010, (AP)
Chief Joseph Dam and Grand Coulee Dam are among the many dams in the Northwest that are
being used for hydropower.

GOP candidates criticize removal of Elwha dams . 05/26/2010, Peninsula Daily News
Politicians claim the removal of the Elwha and Glines Canyon dams is not scientifically based.
The estimated cost of tearing down both dams is $350 million.

BPA Reports: Salmon ride smoothly through eight dams . 05/26/2010, Newstalk 1450 KBKW
Improved passage routes will help promote fish survival in what is expected to be one of the
Northwest's driest years on record.

Chehalis dams could take decades . 06/03/2010, The Olympian
Army Corps of Engineers officials say it could be 20 to 30 years before dams are built on the
upper Chehalis River.

Repairs on Hovander Park levee begin, closing part of trail . 06/07/2010, The Bellingham Herald
Repairs are being made to the Hovander Park levee, damaged by flooding. The county's share of
the total cost is $207,000.

Dams on Columbia working overtime . 06/12/2010, Tri-City Herald- Kennewick
Too much rainwater flowing through the Columbia River system is forcing dam power turbines to
operate overtime.
Inspection find problems at Lewis River dams . 06/24/2010, The Columbian
Spillway gates need repairs; Lewis River dams could experience "catastrophic failure."

Let's really talk about taking down those Snake River dams . 06/07/2010, Crosscut- Seattle
On benefits of removal vs. economic hardships that could result from dam removal.

West Virginia
Hydropower Potential for Tygart Lake Dam . 06/02/2010, WBOY-TV- Clarksburg
Tygart Lake Dam may soon become a hydropower generating plant. Total cost: $44 million.

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