RTDS training schedule by 8bveTdr


									RTDS training schedule
Ui Duk University
2008.7.21 - 2008.8.1
Instructor: I.K Park

July 21, Monday: RTDS Commissioning (HARDWARE/SOFTWARE SETUP)

       A.M. / P.M.:

               Visual inspection of RTDS crate

               Uncrating RTDS hardware

               Visual inspection of RTDS hardware

               Cubicle mechanical/electrical preparation
                       Door handle/lock
                       Cubicle foot
                       Power cord

               Connection of cables
                      Fiber cables
                      Network cables

               Installation of RSCAD software onto lab computers
                         Isolated network with the hub in cubicle will be used first.
                         Connect the RTDS to the corporate network once all necessary
                         network setup is finished.
                         (Caution: RTDS is not DHCP compliant: A static IP address is required.)

               Explain how to use the client area in RTDS website (www.rtds.com)
                       RSCAD update
                       RMA procedure

               Testrun RTDS with a simple case
               (Chapter 1 in RTDS Tutorial + 2 rack simulation case)

               RTDS configuration

               2 Mid size cubicle + 1 portable RTDS

               A technical staff member who would be in charge of RTDS unit needs to be


       A.M.:   Overview of RTDS

               RTDS general overview

               RTDS technical overview

               Principles of electromagnetic transient simulation
               Real time concept
              RTDS modeling capabilities and limitations
              RTDS Hardware introduction
              Introduction to RSCAD

      P.M.:   Overview of RTDS equipment

              Introduction to RTDS hardware

                      GPC card
                      WIF card
                      I/O cards (GTAO/GTAI/GTDI/GTDO/GTFPI/GTNET)
                      Patch panel

              Introduction to RTDS basic operation

                      Explain how a simulation case is created/compiled/downloaded/executed

July 23, Wednesday: RTDS/RSCAD TRAINING


              RTDS Tutorial cases

              Building power system models using RSCAD

              Load flow features

              Control system modeling

              Generator controls

              Large system simulation
                      WSCC 9-bus 3-Gen simulation case
                      IEEE 39-bus simulation case
                      RSCAD data conversion program Introduction

July 24, Thursday: RTDS/RSCAD TRAINING

      A.M.:   I/O card usage

              GTAO (Analog output)
              GTAI (Analog input)
              GTDO (Digital output)
              GTDI (Digital input)
              GTFPI – I/O Panel

              GTNET series (Not in Ui Duk RTDS, available in some Korean customers)

      P.M.:   I/O card hands on training

              GTAO – GTAI Loopback test
                    Monitor output waveform using oscilloscope

              GTDO – GTDI Loopback test
              Front panel – GTFPI loopback test

        A.M./ P.M.: Maintenance/Debugging

                Basic Hardware Maintenance
                Telnet Communication
                Card Exchange

                Basic Software Maintenance
                Web Site Services
                Login to Secure Client Resources Area (SEC account)
                Updating RSCAD Software via Web Site
                Downloading O/S and Firmware Updates
                The RMA Procedure
                The ‘config_file’

                Debugging simulation

                Additional information from telnet window
                Breakpoint function in Runtime


        A.M.:   CBUILDER control system modeling
                CBUILDER introduction
                CBUILDER tutorial - Multiple input adder model

        P.M.:   CBUILDER power system modeling
                Brief introduction of Dommel algorithm
                Variable C model


        A.M.:   CBUILDER power system modeling

                Brief introduction of PSCAD power system modeling
                Proofing model equations
                PV (Photo voltaic cell) modeling
                          Timestep delay relationship
                          Suppressing numerical oscillation
                PEM FC (Fuel cell) modeling

        P.M.:   CBUILDER power system modeling
                Additional topics/questions/Answers

July 30, Wednesday: Protective relay testing
         (Depends on the availability of relay hardware)

        A.M.:   Protective relay testing

                CT, CVT models
                RTDS based protective relay models
               Physical Relay testing preparation (Settings/Wirings)

       P.M.:   Physical Relay testing with RTDS

               The attendees will be asked to proceed with the testing preparation/procedure by
               themselves after all the previously made preparation is undone.

July 31, Thursday: RTDS/RSCAD Advanced topics

       A.M.:   SVC (Static Var Compensator)

               Introduce the SVC model in RSCAD
               Explain the SVC controller used in Tutorial Chapter
               Explain the improved firing algorithm

       P.M.:   RTDS/RSCAD Script

               Moving fault location
               OE-EMTP (Optimization Enabled EMTP) simulation by Simplex algorithm
               Reporting automation using Microsoft Word

August 1, Friday: RTDS/RSCAD Advanced topics

       A.M.:   Small timestep (< 2uS) simulation

               2-Level STATCOM simulation
               DVR (Dynamic Voltage Restorer) simulation
               DFIG/Wind generation simulation

               User Time (Instructor will help around)
               Answer questions from the attendees in the course
               Wrap up meeting

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