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Welcome to the Duval County Medical Society website!

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  Congratulations, Dr. Kilkenny!
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                                                                    Controlled Substances

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  John W. Kilkenny III, MD, past DCMS President
  (2010) was elected as President of the Florida Chapter
  of the American College of Surgeons (ACS)!                          Clinical Images in
                                                                    A new feature of NEFM

  2012 Student Athletic Screenings
  Share your expertise at the Jacksonville Sports
  Medicine Program Athletic Screenings!
  Saturday, August 4 - high school males and middle & high school
Saturday, August 11 - middle school males
                 Click here to fill out the volunteer form!

  Congratulations to DCMS Member, Dr. Yazan
Khatib, and Baptist Health President and CEO, Hugh
  Greene, on Humanitarian Award from OneJax!
                                                                              Summer 2012 issue of
    Click here to read the full article from The Florida Times-Union.               NEFM
                                                                                Venous Disease

                                                                              Click here to view the
                                                                              digital version of this
               Florida's Pioneer Medical Society                                       issue
                        is at the printer!
                          New Lower Price!

                                                                             Florida's Pioneer Medical
                                                                             Click here for details and
                                                                                   an order form

After two years of research and writing, the Duval County Medical Society       Order Your 2012
(DCMS) announces the release of Florida’s Pioneer Medical Society: A         DCMS Directories!
History of Duval County Medical Society and Medicine in Northeast Florida.
                                                                              Member Order Form
Authored by Leora Legacy, a DCMS staff member, the book heralds the pioneer       (for DCMS, CCMS,
initiatives of DCMS and records how its members have been medical trailblazers    NCMS, PMCS and
and forerunners in Jacksonville as well as Northeast Florida for 159 years.       SJCMS members)

Order now for the special rate of $40.00 (plus tax and shipping)! This is        Non-member Order
the pre-publication price and it will be shipped as soon as it is available              Form
from the printer!                                                                 (for non-members /
                                                                                 health care industry,
                 Click here for details and an order form!                                etc.)

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                                     Duval County Medical Society
                               555 Bishop Gate Lane * Jacksonville, FL 32204
                               Phone: (904) 355-6561 * Fax: (904) 353-5848
                                   General email: dcms@dcmsonline.org

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