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					                                    Labor Day Update:

[Andy: Here is suggested text for Jim – in his remarks I thought we could have links
(indicated by the underlined text) to the UMC boycotts for background information and
then .pdf links to the GBCS-passed resolutions ending our boycott]

[From Jim]

Labor Day, the traditional end of summer, is an important opportunity for our faith
community to celebrate the gifts and blessings of labor and to be advocates for justice for
workers around the world. The 2005 International Workers / Labor Day Message,
adopted earlier this year by the Council of Bishops, focuses on the plight of migrant
workers. This year, our church partnered with local advocates to take strong steps
towards justice for farm workers. The United Methodist Church’s boycotts of Mt. Olive
and Taco Bell led to historic agreements for workers laboring in the fields of North
Carolina and Florida.

This Labor Day we celebrate these successes and highlight the ongoing struggle for
justice for all workers. I encourage you to read the Bishops’ message and the resolutions
of celebration passed by the General Board of Church and Society and then to use the
resources below to incorporate a labor theme into your worship experience.

[signed by Jim]

The Council of Bishops’ 20005 International Workers / Labor Day Message

[pdf attachment]

Resolutions adopted by the General Board of Church and Society:

[.doc attachment x 2]

Worship Resources and Background Materials from our Coalition Partners:

Interfaith Worker Justice

National Farm Worker Ministry

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