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   WINTER 2005

                 Annual Report Edition 2004

                 Why U.S.News & World Report Ranks

                 Ramapo College
                 Number One
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CH_7165 ~2                                           1/17/05, 1:53:14 PM
        ACADEMIC CALENDAR             FEBRUARY                           10-17                                21-23, 27-30
                                                                         RCNJ theater program presents        RCNJ theater program presents
                                      AFRICAN-ANCESTRY                   A Lesson Before Dying, directed
        January 31: First day of                                                                              Cabaret, directed by Terra
                                      MONTH                              by Joanne Monteleone                 Vandergaw
        classes for spring 2005                                          Dramatic rendering of Earnest        The Broadway smash, by
                                                                         J. Gaine’s award-winning 1992        Ramapo’s own students.
                                      February 8 - March 18
        February 4: Last day to       Miracles in the Backlands:         book.                                8 p.m. Sharp Theater
        request independent study     Aspects of Africa in Brazilian     March 10 & 11, 14-17: 8 p.m.
                                      Ex-Voto Sculpture                  March 12 & 13: 2 p.m. & 8 p.m.
        and audit grade options                                          Adler Theater                        30
                                      Small sculptures from private
                                                                                                              Athletic Hall of Fame Dinner
                                      collection and related prints.
        February 5: Last day for                                                                              The Athletic Hall of Fame recog-
                                      Pascal Gallery                     11                                   nizes and honors those who have
        schedule adjustments (on                                         Season Opener                        made significant contributions
        the Web) and last day to                                         Men’s baseball vs. Mercy             to the history of intercollegiate
        withdraw with 100 percent     Reception and collector’s talk     3 p.m. Athletic Fields               athletic competition at Ramapo
        tuition refund                for Miracles in the Backlands                                           College of New Jersey.
                                      5-7 p.m. Pascal Gallery                                                 6 p.m. Trustees Pavilion
        February 22: Last day to                                         Slide Hampton presents
        withdraw with 50 percent      11                                 “A Salute to Antonio                 MAY
        tuition refund and last day   Folksinger Richie Havens           Carlos Jobim”                        11
        for 50 percent refund for     One of the most recognizable       The sounds of Rio and Ipanema        Senior Show Opening
        housing                       voices in popular music.           with an all-star band.               Works by graduating visual
                                      8 p.m. Sharp Theater               8 p.m. Sharp Theater**               arts majors.
                                                                                                              5-7 p.m. Kresge and Pascal
        March 17: Last day to re-
                                      15                                 28                                   Galleries
        solve fall 2004 and winter
                                      The Yoruba Spirit with African     Season Opener
        2005 “I” grades               drummer Wole Alade                 Women’s softball vs. USMMA           14
                                      Talk and performance illustrates   Athletic Fields                      An Evening with Donna
        March 21-26: Spring Break     the Yoruba concept of a unifying                                        McKechnie: One Singular
                                      spirit.                                                                 Sensation! **
                                      1 p.m. Sharp Theater               APRIL
        April 1: Last day to with-                                                                            Broadway legend best known
        draw from courses with                                           1-6                                  for her performance as Cassie
                                                                         Ming Fay Exhibit                     in A Chorus Line.
        “W” grade                     16                                 Floor-to-ceiling sculpture
                                      Basketball Doubleheader                                                 8 p.m. Sharp Theater
                                                                         installation by renowned
                                      Women’s basketball vs.
        April 15: Graduation          William Paterson
                                                                         Asian-American artist.
        applications due for August                                      Kresge Gallery                       24
                                      5:30 p.m. Bradley Center                                                Champagne at Sunset
        2005 graduation               Men’s basketball vs.                                                    Friends and families of the Class
                                      William Paterson                   6                                    of 2005 gather for a toast made by
        May 21: Last day of the       8 p.m. Bradley Center              Reception and artist’s talk          alumni who return to wish them
        semester                                                         with Ming Fay                        well and offer congratulations.
                                                                         5-7 p.m. Kresge Gallery              6 p.m. The Grove
                                      WOMEN’S HERSTORY
                                                                         2                                    25
                                      MONTH                              The American Repertory Ballet        Commencement
                                                                         presents Beauty and the Beast,       Speaker for the 47th Commence-
                                      3                                  Uncertain Steps, and New Work        ment Ceremony will be Professor
                                      The Black Maria Film and Video     by Graham Lustig                     Toni Morrison of Princeton
                                      Festival 2005 Winners              Three offerings prove that no        University. Among her many hon-
                                      Attention “indie” film fans!        one tells a story through choreog-   ors, Professor Morrison received
        July 7, 14, 21 and 28:        A stunning selection of winning    raphy like Graham Lustig.            the Pulitzer Prize in 1988 and the
        8 p.m. Commerce Bank          entries.                           8 p.m. Sharp Theater                 Nobel Prize for Literature in 1993.
        Summer Concert Series,        2 p.m. Sharp Theater
        Band Shell. Fireworks and                                        2                                    ** denotes CIT Performing Arts Dinner
        Alumni Tent on July 7.        5                                  Second Annual Spring Alumni          Series Event.
                                      23rd Annual Distinguished          Reunion hosted by Anne and
        July 23: New Alumni           Citizens Dinner                    Pat Chang
        Summer Reunion, 4-8 p.m.,     Raises money to help support       All Ramapo College alumni are
        Bar-A, Belmar. Tickets: $10   student scholarships, faculty      welcome!
                                      research, and College projects.    4 p.m. Trustees Pavilion
        July 25: 18th Annual
        Foundation Golf Outing
                                                                                 Visit www.ramapo.edu for a full listing of events.
                                                                                 Berrie Center Box Office: 201.684.7844
                                                                                 Art Galleries: 201.684.7575
                                                                                 Alumni Events: 201.684.7115
                                                                                 Foundation Events: 201.684.7115

CH_7165 alts ~3                                                                                                                     1/26/05, 8:40:47 AM
   WINTER 2005
   EDITION 2004
                                             C O V E R                           S T O R Y
   William Sanborn Pfeiffer, Ph.D.
       Interim President
   Pamela M. Bischoff, Ed.D.
       Vice President for Student Affairs
   Victoria H. Bruni, Esq.
       Vice President for
       Administration and Finance
   Cathleen Davey
       Vice President for Institutional
   Martha Ecker, Ph.D.
       Acting Provost/Vice President
       for Academic Affairs

   Gail Brady
       Board of Trustees
   Bernard Milano
       Board of Governors                    WHY U.S.NEWS & WORLD REPORT RANKS RAMAPO NUMBER ONE
   Lisa A. Ryan
       Alumni Association
                                             You may have heard that in U.S.News & World Report’s America’s Best Colleges 2005 edition,
   Francis J. Rodriguez                      Ramapo College ranks number one among public comprehensive colleges in the north.
       Friends of Ramapo

   Cathleen Davey
   Bonnie D. Franklin

       Executive Editor
   Christine Baker
       Managing Editor
   Rosa Diaz-Mulryan
                                                  2    MESSAGE FROM:
                                                       The Interim
                                                                                               GRANT NEWS

   Cynthia Burns
       News Editor
   Kathleen Mainardi
       Alumni Editor
   Kathleen Austin
       Foundation Editor
   Rachel McCann
                                                  3    MESSAGE FROM:
                                                       Board of Trustees and
                                                       Foundation Board of
                                                                                      10       FINANCIAL STATEMENTS

       Sports Editor
   Sara Levenstein

       Byne Graphics/bynegraphics.com
   Information contained in this
       magazine can be made available
                                                  4    NEWS BRIEFS:
                                                       Year-in-Review                 13       HONOR ROLL
                                                                                               OF DONORS
       upon request in alternate media.
       Requests should be directed to:
   Alumni contact and change of
       address: Kathleen Mainardi
       at 201.684.7179 or
   Student Affairs contact:
                                                  6    FACULTY NEWS:
                                                       Year-in-Review                 25       ALUMNI ASSOCIATION
       Pam Bischoff at
       201.684.7457 or pbischof@ramapo.edu

   Ramapo Magazine is produced by the
   Office of Marketing and Communications.

                                                                                                   Family Weekend, which attracted over 900

                                                                                                   guests, was a great success.

                                                                                                   L to R: Maureen Gibbs, Claudia Gibbs ‘76,

         505 Ramapo Valley Road                                                                    Road Runner, Kendall Bogert ‘08, Bob Bogert ‘75.
         Mahwah, NJ 07430-1680

  Visit our Web site at www.ramapo.edu

CH_7165 ~4                                                                                                                        1/17/05, 1:53:34 PM
 F R O M T H E                                                       I N T E R I M
      P R E S I D E N T

      Dr. William Sanborn Pfeiffer

                                                                                                                any post with credit.” So I’ll start by saying I
      GOALS                                                                                                     hope the experiences I’ve had in my life are
                                                                                                                helping me fill this post with credit – and live
       1. Strengthen communication between the
                                                                                                                up to your expectations and my own.
          administration and the rest of campus.

                                                                                                                As I’ve said during my year as provost, I try
       2. Increase involvement by the Board of                                                                  to follow three guidelines in my career and
          Trustees in all aspects of campus life.                                                               personal life: set clear and worthy goals,
                                                                                                                work as hard as I can, and do the right
                                                                                                                thing. The desire to listen to, and learn from,
       3. Establish a Diversity Initiative with a
                                                                                                                our colleagues is a principle central to any
          committee that reports to the president.
                                                                                                                successful organization, especially a college.
                                                                                                                And it should start in the president’s office.
       4. Redirect funding from administration to
          instruction where possible.                                                                           As I looked to my year as interim president,
                                                                                                                I listed a dozen goals that would direct my
                                                                                                                efforts. Of course, the list is not complete.
       5. Complete the curriculum revision for
                                                                                                                Some items may be added and some deleted
          starting the Unit Plan.
                                                                                                                in the months ahead. But I thought it would
                                                             Interim President W. Sanborn Pfeiffer talks with   be helpful to again offer some goals.
       6. Organize and document all policies and             a student in front of the Overlook.

          procedures of the College.                                                                            Our goals are ambitious. Clearly, I don’t view
                                                             Now at the half-way point in my term as            my interim position as a “caretaker” role. We
                                                             interim president, I’m again reminded of a         simply can’t afford to bide our time until a
       7. Update the Strategic Plan and improve
                                                             passage from John Henry Newman’s “Idea of          new president arrives. Instead, together we’ll
          the annual planning process.
                                                             a University.” He writes that one purpose of       be bold and use the year to build on the
                                                             a liberal education is to help individuals “fill    success the college has already achieved.
       8. Define and strengthen the Office of
          the Provost.

       9. Improve the structure of the academic

     10. Prepare for Middle States, TEAC, and
          AACSB accreditation tasks.
                                                                        “        The desire to listen to, and
                                                                                 learn from, our colleagues is a

     11. Plan or open at least three new buildings.
                                                                                 principle central to any successful

     12. Involve the president’s office in raising
          funds and increasing our visibility.
                                                                                 organization, especially a college.
      2Annual Report 2004              •   RAMAPO MAGAZINE

CH_7165 alts 2                                                                                                                                    1/26/05, 8:40:57 AM

                                                              F R O M T H E B O A R D
                                                                     O F T R U S T E E S

                                The year ended June     We moved forward with construction proj-             SAT scores averaging 1164 and retention from
                                30, 2004 was one of     ects that affirm our commitment to building           first to second year of 89.1 percent.
                                dynamic      activity   a residential campus. The Overlook residence
                                for Ramapo College      hall, built to house 300 students in two-bed-        Recognition for these successes recently came
                                as well as one of       room, two-bath suites, was substantially com-        from U.S.News & World Report, which now
                                transitions.            pleted during the year. Also nearing the fin-         ranks Ramapo College number one among
                                                        ish line during the year was the Bill Bradley        public comprehensive colleges in the north,
                                Following the           Sports and Recreation Center, with its 2,200-        and in the top tier for all comprehensive col-
                                announcement            seat arena, skybox, jogging track, climbing          leges in the region.
                                of Dr. Rodney D.        wall, and premier fitness center. Preliminary
                                Smith’s resignation,    plans for another residential facility, Laurel
     searches were begun for both an interim and a      Hall, to be located near Pine and Linden, and
     new president. The Board was pleased to offer      for a loop road to encircle the campus were
     the interim position to Dr. W. Sanborn Pfeiffer,   developed.                                           Gail Brady
     the College’s provost. A comprehensive search                                                           Chair, Ramapo College
     committee assisted by Dr. Alice Chandler,          Once again, we achieved record-breaking              Board of Trustees
     Ramapo’s former interim president, was ap-         numbers in enrollment, with applications
     pointed to seek nominations and interview          for admission up 16 percent, class rank for
     candidates for the presidency.                     incoming freshmen in the top 19 percent,

                           F R O M T H E F O U N D AT I O N
                             B O A R D O F G O V E R N O R S
                               As the 2003-2004         bequests, endowments, trusts, and other long-       Participation in the Foundation’s special events
                               year      unfolded,      term instruments. Under the capable direction       -- the CIT Distinguished Citizens Dinner, the
                               the Ramapo Col-          of Millicent Anisfield, a committee was formed,      Annual Golf Outing, and the Performing Arts
                               lege Foundation’s        met, and set goals to accomplish through            and Dinner Series -- secured over $315,000 in
                               partnership    with      2007. Already, planned giving publications          unrestricted revenue for the College.
                               the Meadowlands          are in progress, and a new interactive Web site
                               Environment Cen-         has been designed to demonstrate benefits to         I would like to thank my colleagues on
                               ter (MEC) grew.          donors. As well, a special dinner was held to       the Board of Governors, alumni, Friends of
                               Through this $3.4        recognize those who have given the College an       Ramapo, and College and Foundation staff for
                               million collabora-       endowment or bequest.                               their hard work and dedication on behalf of
                               tion the College                                                             Ramapo. I am proud to be part of this growing,
     provided all educational programs at the MEC       Once again the Annual Fund broke all records        exciting institution.
     in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. If you attended          in 2003-2004. Gifts and pledges from alumni,
     “Riverfest” in June, you were among the            faculty, staff, board members, and friends of
     10,000 guests who saw first-hand the value of       the College were 23 percent over goal, provid-
     this partnership.                                  ing additional support for student scholarships,
                                                        faculty grants, and other campus projects.          Bernard Milano
     The Board of Governors took steps this year to                                                         Chair, Ramapo College Foundation
     launch an impressive planned giving program,       Fundraising for the Bill Bradley Sports and         Board of Governors
     and create a Legacy Society. Planned gifts         Recreation Center garnered $615,105 in new
     are charitable contributions made through          gifts, and a federal appropriation brought
                                                        another $238,000 for the building.

                                                                                                           Annual Report 2004        •   RAMAPO MAGAZINE 3

CH_7165 3                                                                                                                                     1/17/05, 1:53:42 PM
 Y E A R - N - R E V I E
                                                                                        Ramapo College was selected to         FEBRUARY 2004
                                                                                        participate in the American De-        Ramapo College announced a
                                                                                        mocracy Project (ADC), launched        new major in Spanish language
                                                                                        to address the decreasing rates        studies. The major encompasses
                                                                                        of participation in the civic life     an interdisciplinary curriculum
                                                                                        of America in voting, advocacy,        that consists of a firm grounding
                                                                                        volunteerism, and in other forms       in the Spanish language comple-
                                                                                        of civic engagement. It is a coop-     mented by coursework in one
                                                                                        erative project of the American        of six concentrations: literature,
                                                                                        Association of State Colleges and      teacher education, Latin Ameri-
                                                                                        Universities (AASCU), The New          can studies, media and communi-
                                                                                        York Times, and AASCU member           cations, social work, and Spanish
      Dr. Murray Sabrin, professor of finance    Dr. Oliver Sacks
                                                                                        institutions.                          for business.

     JULY 2003                                  Neurologist Oliver Sacks, (photo
                                                                                        JANUARY 2004                           MARCH 2004
     The Center For Business and                above) author of Awakenings, was
                                                                                        Dr. Rodney D. Smith announced          The Ramapo College Founda-
     Public Policy was established to           the guest speaker at Opening
                                                                                        he would step down as president        tion’s 2004 Distinguished Citi-
     examine taxation, health care,             Convocation. Organized in con-
                                                                                        of Ramapo College, effective June      zens Award Dinner honored four
     education, and business regulation         junction with National Disability
                                                                                        30.                                    citizens for their leadership and
     issues. Dr. Murray Sabrin, (photo          Awareness Month, his topic was
                                                                                                                               commitment to higher educa-
     above), professor of finance,              “Creativity and the Brain.”
                                                                                                                               tion: Robert R. Ceberio, executive
     serves as executive director.                                                                                             director, New Jersey Meadowlands
                                                OCTOBER 2003                                                                   Commission; Douglas H. Dittrick,
     Ambassador Ahmad Kamal, a                                                                                                 president and CEO, Douglas
                                                Dr. William J. Frech (photo right), a
     diplomat in Pakistan’s Ministry                                                                                           Communications        Corporation
                                                professor of international business
     of Foreign Affairs for almost forty                                                                                       II; Frances K. Hackett ’80, vice
                                                and marketing, and Jasmina Bisa-
     years, presented “An Ambassa-                                                                                             president of group insurance
                                                novic, an M.B.A. candidate at Ra-
     dor’s View of the Current World                                                                                           program management, Prudential
                                                mapo College, traveled to Sarajevo,
     Situation” to high school students                                                                                        Financial; and Robert E. Striano,
                                                Bosnia and Herzegovina to present
     attending The Governor’s School                                                                                           president, Konica Minolta Photo
                                                a paper they co-authored, “Global-
     of International Studies at the                                                    Dr. William J. Frech, professor of
                                                ization in the United States, Europe    international business and marketing   Imaging U.S.A., Inc.
                                                and Russia--Three Perspectives,” at
                                                the 2003 International Conference                                              A conference, “If Not Us, Then
     AUGUST 2003                                of the Faculty of Economics.                                                   Who? Fifty Years Since Brown,”
     Ramapo College and the New                                                                                                featured the Brown Sisters -- Linda
     Jersey Meadowlands Commission              Dr. Kathleen Sunshine (photo                                                   Brown Thompson and Cheryl
     announced a collaborative effort to        right), a professor of communica-                                              Brown Henderson (photo 2,
     educate New Jersey’s students about        tions, received a Fulbright Senior                                             page 5). They talked about what
     the Meadowlands and foster the             Specialists grant in Communica-                                                has transpired in the fifty years
     Meadowlands Environment Center             tions and Journalism at Faculty of                                             since the landmark Supreme
     as the premier environment center          Arts, Chulalongkorn University in                                              Court decision in Brown versus
     in the state (photo 1, page 5).            Bangkok, Thailand. She worked                                                  the Board of Education of Topeka.
                                                                                        Dr. Kathleen Sunshine, professor of
                                                with faculty in the School of           communications                         The annual Conference on the
     The Unofficial, Unbiased Guide to           Foreign Languages to develop a                                                 State of the African-American
     the 328 Most Interesting Colleges,         media writing and a creative writ-                                             Professoriate   was     sponsored
     2004 edition, listed Ramapo Col-           ing curriculum.                                                                by the Africana Institute of
     lege among the top institutions in                                                                                        Ramapo College.
     three areas: schools that changed          Oscar Hijuelos (photo right), the
     for the better, schools with the           first Cuban-American novelist to
     most beautiful campus in a sub-            win a Pulitzer Prize and author
     urban or rural setting, and schools        of The Mambo Kings Play Songs of
     that are hidden treasures.                 Love, gave a reading.

     4Annual Report 2004               •   RAMAPO MAGAZINE                              Oscar Hijuelos

CH_7165 4                                                                                                                                           1/17/05, 1:53:43 PM
                                                                                                                                                            NEWS BRIEFS


      2.                                                                            3.

     Light From The Past: Early American   4.                                      1. Meadowlands Environment Center

     Rugs From The Collection of Ronnie                                            2. L to R: Linda Brown Thompson and Cheryl Brown Henderson
     Newman, on exhibit in the Kresge
                                                                                   3. Carol Moseley Braun
     Gallery, featured early sewn and
     hooked rugs created in colonial                                               4. Dr. Kwesi Aggrey, vice provost for campus-wide technology and chief
     and post-colonial America.                                                    information officer

     APRIL 2004                                                                    was granted to William Thomas
     Dr. William Sanborn Pfeiffer, pro-                                            of Rahway, who jumped into the                     PHOTO CREDITS
     vost, was named interim president                                             frigid waters of the Rahway River
                                                                                                                                All photos by Joseph Salmon unless
     by the College’s Board of Trustees.                                           to rescue a woman trapped by her             otherwise noted.
     He assumed the position July 1.                                               partially submerged car. A grant
                                           MAY 2004                                for $25,000 was awarded to Kath-             Masthead top:
                                                                                                                                Courtesy U.S. News & World Report
     Dr. Kwesi Aggrey (photo 4), vice      Nineteen people from throughout         leen Pearson of Brick, credited
     provost for campus-wide technol-      New Jersey were honored with cash       with saving the life of a pregnant           Page 4:
                                           grants as recipients of the Russ Ber-   mother and her four-year-old                 Oliver Sacks courtesy Oliver Sacks
     ogy and chief information officer,
                                                                                                                                Oscar Hijuelos courtesy Oscar Hijuelos
     was one of twenty-nine university     rie Award for Making a Difference.      son after an automobile accident
     administrators selected to partici-   Haley Rae Reimbold of Roosevelt,        caused by a drunk driver.                    Page 9:
                                           a college sophomore at Hamilton                                                      Courtesy U.S. News & World Report
     pate in the sixth annual Millen-
     nium Leadership Initiative (MLI).     College, whose volunteer work           Carol Moseley Braun (photo 3),
     MLI is designed to strengthen         includes serving as director of         who waged a campaign for the
     both the preparation and eligibil-    Hamilton Action Volunteer Out-          Democratic nomination in the
     ity of persons who are tradition-     reach Coalition, a student orga-        2004 Presidential race, delivered
     ally underrepresented in college      nization that helps the local com-      the commencement address.
     and university presidencies.          munity, received the top award
                                           of $50,000. The $35,000 award

                                                                                                            Annual Report 2004              •   RAMAPO MAGAZINE 5

CH_7165 5                                                                                                                                             1/17/05, 1:54:19 PM
     Y E A R - I N - R E V I E W
     Erin Augis – Wrote on fundamen-         Yuan Gao – Authored “Appeal of                      Karl Ellis Johnson                     Murray Sabrin –
     talist Islam in sub-Saharan Africa      online computer games: a user                       – Presented “The                       Presented       “The
     as a visiting fellow to Princeton       perspective” in The Electronic                      Criminalization of                     Federal     Reserve:
     University’s Institute for the Trans-   Library.                                            African-Americans                      A 90 Year Legacy”
     regional Study of the Contempo-                                                             in     Philadelphia                  to money manag-
     rary Middle East, North Africa,                         George Gonpu –       1945-1980: Looking for the Foun-      ers from around the country.
     and Central Asia.                                       Chaired a session    dations of the Modern Prison
                                                             and     presented    Industrial Complex” at the 88th       Beba Shamash – Designed
     Marta Bautis – Received a Mes-                          “The Effect of the   conference of The Association         18th century costumes for The
     quite Award at the San Antonio                          Exchange      Rate   for the Study of African-American     Old Stone House Museum in
     CineFestival for her documentary,       and Price Level Changes on Trade     Life and History.                     Ramsey, NJ. The historically ac-
     Historias de Acahualinca.               Flows: The Case of Developing                                              curate costumes were researched
                                             Countries” at the Eastern Eco-                       Carter Jones          and constructed by Shamash’s
     Kathleen Burke and G. Elaine            nomic Association’s 30th annual                      Meyer     –    Was    design students.
     Patterson – Presented “Variables        conference.                                          awarded a John
     Impacting the Success of Students                                                            Topham and Su-                        Cherie Ann
     in Online Programs” at the Na-                         Shalom Gorewitz–                      san Redd Butler                        Sherman – Co-au-
     tional League for Nursing Educa-                       E x h i b i t e d     Faculty Research Award, given                         thored an online
     tional Summit in San Antonio.                          “(In)direct Light,”   by the Charles Redd Center for                        study guide to ac-
                                                            a series of digi-     Western Studies at Brigham Young                      company Jacques
                    Robert                                  tal prints at the     University, for a book-length proj-   Thiroux’s Ethics: Theory and Prac-
                    Christopher –            Society for the Advancement of       ect on Edgar Hewett.                  tice, published by Prentice Hall.
                    Presented “Edward        Judaism.                                                                   She also presented “Privacy Policy
                    Curtis and Rob-                                                              James Morley –         Development,” co-authored with
                    ert Flaherty: The                      Maria Vail Gue-                       Co-edited              Philip Anderson and Robert
     Meeting of Two Shadow Catch-                          vara – Adapted                        Imagination and        Becklen, at a Rutgers symposium.
     ers,” at the Mashantucket Pequot                      and directed Roo-                     Its   Pathologies,
     Research Center in conjunction                        tabaga Country                        a collection of                        Alexander
     with the center’s acquisition of                      for three perfor-      essays published by MIT Press.                        Urbiel – Authored
     fifty vintage 1915 Flaherty pho-         mances at the New York Theater                                                             a chapter titled
     tographs.                               Workshop.                            Edna I. Negron – Selected to par-                     “From Solemnity
                                                                                  ticipate in a convergence seminar                     to Spectacle: The
     Constance Crawford – Assisted           Jason Hecht – Presented “Clas-       at the Poynter Institute in Tampa,    Transformation of Memorial Day
     in analyzing and preparing Ac-          sical Competition and Inter-         FL. She also was selected one of      in Indianapolis, 1900-1916,” pub-
     counting Trends & Techniques 2003       national Equity Returns: The         the fifty top Latinas for the an-      lished in Holidays, Ritual, Festival,
     Edition, Annual Survey of Account-      Financial-Profitability Nexus” at     nual Women’s History month            Celebration, and Public Display
     ing Practices Followed in 600 Stock-    the Economics for the Future         celebration presented by el diario-   (University of Alcala Press).
     holders’ Reports, published by the      conference held at Cambridge         LA PRENSA.
     AICPA.                                  University, UK.                                                            Behzad Yaghmaian – Wrote
                                                                                                 Thierry Rakotobe-      “Uncle Suleiman’s Tent” pub-
                     Michael Edelstein –                    Carol    Hovanec                     Joel – Authored        lished in Le Monde Diplomatique.
                     Authored the                           – Presented “The                     “Consensus Lead-       It chronicles the life and alliances
                     s ec o nd ed i ti o n                  Railroad in Nine-                    ership” in Proceed-    among asylum seekers.
                     of     Contaminated                    teenth    Century                    ings of the Annual
                     Communities: Cop-                      American Art and      Northeast Business and Economics
     ing with Residential Toxic Exposure,    Literature,” at an international     Association.
     published by Westview Press.            conference on the humanities in
                                             Honolulu, Hawaii.                    Raymond Rigoli – Received the
                     Susan Eisner – Au-                                           2003/2004 New Jersey Society of
                     thored “The Class                                            Certified Public Accountants’ Out-
                     Talk Show” in The                                            standing Educator Award.
                     Advanced Manage-
                     ment Journal.

     6Annual Report 2004           •   RAMAPO MAGAZINE

CH_7165 6                                                                                                                                     1/17/05, 1:54:30 PM
                                                                       GRANT NEWS

                                                                                                                                            Kameron Pond

     AMRUTH KUMAR,                        CAROL FRISHBERG,                       ANGELA CRISTINI,                      JEAN BALUTANSKI,
     professor of computer science, re-   professor of chemistry, received a     professor of biology, was awarded     director of the Office of Specialized
     ceived a $118,226 three-year grant   renewal for the fourth year of an      $462,002 by the National Science      Services, received a fourth year
     from the National Science Foun-      Upward Bound Math and Science          Foundation for a project entitled     $244,817 renewal from the U.S.
     dation for “Collaborative Project:   Project from the U.S. Depart-          Senior Environmental Experi-          Department of Education for the
     An Open Integrated System for        ment of Education. The $255,743        ences (SEE), to operate out of the    College’s student support services
     Serving Advanced Educational         award will strengthen the math-        Meadowlands Environment Cen-          project that assists students with
     Content to Computer and Infor-       ematics and science skills of over     ter. The three-year project will      disabilities. Over 180 students
     mational Science Students.” The      fifty participating students from       produce a series of interactive       with documented disabilities are
     project will operate in conjunc-     urban high schools who have            science experiences using Inter-      helped through the project that
     tion with faculty from the Depart-   recognized their own potential         net videoconferencing to connect      offers assistive technology, readers
     ment of Computer Science of the      to excel in math and science,          senior citizens at community cen-     and scribes, counseling, tutoring,
     University of Pittsburgh.            and plan to pursue degree pro-         ters and assisted living facilities   and other supportive programs.
                                          grams in these fields. In addition,     with environmental experts at
                                          Frishberg received a $141,180          the Meadowlands for live discus-
                                          grant from the N.J. Commission         sions of environmental concepts
                                                                                 and issues. The project will reach
                                                                                                                       THE COLLEGE
                                          on Higher Education College
                                                                                                                       was awarded $250,000 by the
                                          Bound program for pre-college          approximately 4,500 seniors in
                                                                                                                       U.S. Department of Housing and
                                          enrichment activities to assist stu-   thirty-two centers throughout
                                                                                                                       Urban Development toward the
                                          dents in the state’s thirty Abbott     New Jersey.
                                                                                                                       construction of the new Center
                                          districts to complete high school
                                                                                                                       for Sustainability Education on
                                          and pursue a postsecondary educa-
                                                                                                                       Ramapo College’s campus.
                                          tion in the sciences, mathematics,
                                          or technologies.
                                                                                                       Annual Report 2004          •   RAMAPO MAGAZINE 7

CH_7165 7                                                                                                                                   1/17/05, 1:54:52 PM
            Why U.S.News & World Report
            Ranks Ramapo Number One

     8Annual Report 2004   •   RAMAPO MAGAZINE

CH_7165 8                                        1/17/05, 1:55:21 PM

                                                             By Peter Goetz ‘89, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management

                                                             lective, or Less Selective. Ramapo College has        increased drastically over the last ten years, it is
                                                             been placed in the category of More Selective,        tricky to comprehend what other institutions
                                                             sharing this distinction with other New Jersey        think of us. Our peer assessment rating is cre-
                                                             colleges like Drew University and The College         ated by taking into account the review of Ra-
     Peter Goetz, center, speaks with students in front of
     the Havemeyer Arch.                                     of New Jersey.                                        mapo College by other “public comprehensive
                                                                                                                   college” presidents and enrollment managers.
     You may have heard that in U.S.News and World           Over the past several years, Ramapo College’s         Our rating of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale is solid, but not
     Report’s America’s Best Colleges 2005 edition,          first to second-year retention rate has increased      spectacular. It would be expected that an in-
     Ramapo College ranks number one among                   sharply to nearly 90 percent (the published           stitution which has improved so dramatically
     public comprehensive colleges in the north.             rate is 87 percent; the current rate is 89.1 per-     in a number of critical categories would be
     This is excellent news, as we continue our              cent). This far exceeds national, public college      rated higher by administrators at peer colleges,
     trend of attracting well-prepared students to           first to second-year persistence, and places           but the high number of schools in the north,
     the freshman class. I have been asked several           Ramapo in a category with highly competitive          coupled with the low visibility of state colleges
     times about the criteria used by the magazine           colleges and universities. A 90 percent reten-        to leaders in other states, keeps Ramapo’s peer
     to determine our ranking, as some consider              tion rate is generally considered the mark of         assessment at a level not representative of a
     magazine rankings to be arbitrary. While this           an outstanding academic institution, and each         school that has enjoyed our success.
     is oftentimes the case, Ramapo College’s strong         year Ramapo College inches closer and closer
     standing in U.S.News is justified.                       toward this plateau.                                  While there are some additional criteria -- like
                                                                                                                   student to faculty ratio, average spending per
     Among the most important criteria used by               Strong retention is what ultimately leads to          student, and the percentage of classes under
     the magazine are admission selectivity, SAT             improved graduation rates. While Ramapo’s             twenty and over fifty students -- used to for-
     scores, number of students in the top 25 per-           reported graduation rate of 54 percent (pres-         mulate rankings, the final significant category
     cent of their high school graduating class, first        ently 62 percent) is higher than the national         utilized by U.S.News and World Report is the
     to second-year retention rate, peer assessment,         average of 50 percent, U.S.News and World Re-         alumni giving rate. This number is calculated
     graduation rate, and the percentage of alumni           port only places the College’s rate at 50 percent,    by the percentage of a college’s total alumni base
     who give back to their institution.                     thanks in large part to an unusual weighted           who donate to the institution. The average dol-
                                                             system used by the magazine. While they are           lar amount is not calculated by the magazine,
     In regard to admission selectivity, Ramapo Col-         not forthcoming with the exact method used            but the rate of giving is critical to our ranking.
     lege admitted 43 percent of the applicants for          to formulate these rates, the magazine states         Ramapo College’s published rate of 8 percent
     the class of 2003 (admission data used by the           that it utilizes a combination of the reported        (currently 10 percent) is comparable to our peer
     magazine was for the                                                                                                                   group, but lower than
     high school graduating                                                                                                                 the national average. A
     class that year; Ramapo
     College’s current rate
                                       “Strong retention is what ultimately                                                                 public college with a 15
                                                                                                                                            percent or greater giv-
     is 40 percent). This
     represents an increase
                                        leads to improved graduation rates.”                                                                ing rate would be con-
                                                                                                                                            sidered strong, so I ask
     in the academic pre-                                                                                                                   fellow alumni to join me
     paredness level that an                                                                                                                in giving whatever dollar
     incoming Ramapo College student is expected             graduation rates of colleges and U.S.News’ pre-       amount you are capable of donating in order to
     to possess. The acceptance rate is clearly driven       dicted rate of student completion at a specific        increase the percentage of alumni participation.
     by the percent of students who graduate high            university. Whatever the magazine’s method,
     school in the top 25 percent of their class             Ramapo College is improving in this regard            Ramapo College is on the right track. We as
     (Ramapo’s rate is 68 percent) and the 25th              faster than the magazine’s prediction.                a    community       have   always     known
     through 75th percentile SAT range of enter-                                                                   that Ramapo College is a special place. Now,
     ing students (Ramapo’s is 1060-1230). These             Peer assessment is a difficult category to both        with our number one rating in U.S.News and
     three factors combined help U.S.News identify           improve upon and understand. While the pub-           World Report, the remainder of the region is
     schools as Most Selective, More Selective, Se-          lic perception of Ramapo College has certainly        recognizing it, too.

                                                                                                                  Annual Report 2004          •   RAMAPO MAGAZINE 9

CH_7165 9                                                                                                                                              1/17/05, 1:55:29 PM
     S TAT E M E N T o f N E T A S S E T S
     June 30, 2004 and 2003 (dollars in thousands)

                                                                       2004         2003 *

     Current assets
        Cash and cash equivalents                                  $    5,441   $   12,757
     Investments                                                       46,364       72,654
        Students, less allowance for doubtful accounts
            of $280 in 2004 and $307 in 2003                              182          277
        Loans, less allowance of $50 in 2004 and $48 in 2003               95           92
        Gifts and grants                                                  766        1,164
        Other                                                             729          592
            Total receivables                                           1,772        2,125
        Other current assets                                              432
            Total current assets                                       54,009       87,536
     Noncurrent assets
        Investments                                                     1,170         985
        Student loan receivables, less allowance of $445 in 2004
        and $440 in 2003                                                 699          676
        Deferred financing costs, net                                   2,031
     Plant facilities, net                                           175,914      143,438
        Total assets                                               $ 233,823    $ 232,635

     Current liabilities
        Accounts payable and accrued expenses                      $   13,826   $    9,194
        Deferred revenue                                                1,137        1,311
        Deposits                                                          526          338
        Long-term liabilities - current portion                         7,865        5,814
            Total current liabilities                                  23,354       16,657
     Noncurrent liabilities
        Other liabilities                                               1,430        1,252
        Deferred revenue 230
     U.S. Government grants refundable                                   897          886
     Long-term liabilities                                           152,753      154,792
     Total liabilities                                             $ 178,664    $ 173,587

     Invested in capital assets, net of related debt               $   36,918   $   35,108
        Restricted for:
        Debt service                                                    5,657       12,986
        Renewal and replacement                                           925        1,720
        Capital projects                                                  182           75
     Unrestricted                                                      11,477        9,159
        Total net assets                                           $   55,159   $   59,048

         * Restated

     10 A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 4   •   RAMAPO MAGAZINE

CH_7165 10                                                                                   1/17/05, 1:55:31 PM
                                                                                                COLLEGE FINANCIALS

       S TAT E M E N T O F R E V E N U E S , E X P E N S E S,
                A N D C H A N G E S I N N E T A S S E T S
          June 30, 2004 and 2003 (dollars in thousands)

                                                                                           2004                  2003

                        Operating revenues
                           Student tuition and fees (net of scholarship allowances
                              of $9,057 in 2004 and $8,334 in 2003)                  $    27,102           $    22,242
                           Federal grants and contracts                                    3,521                 3,906
                           State and local grants and contracts                            4,004                 3,945
                           Auxiliary enterprises (net of scholarship allowances
                              of $1,655 in 2004 and $1,868 in 2003)                       22,229                19,364
                           Other                                                             370                   225
                              Total operating revenues                                    57,226                49,682
                        Operating expenses
                           Instruction                                                     25,296                24,187
                           Academic support                                                 4,464                 4,301
                           Student services                                                 8,232                 6,361
                           Institutional support                                           14,351                12,553
                           Student financial aid and scholarships                              702                   902
                        Operations and maintenance of plant                                 9,395                 8,233
                           Depreciation                                                     6,576                 5,460
                           Auxiliary                                                       14,698                13,652
                              Total operating expenses                                     83,714                75,649
                              Operating loss                                             (26,488)              (25,967)
                        Nonoperating revenue (expenses)
                           State of New Jersey appropriations                             18,979                19,420
                           State of New Jersey paid fringe benefits                         9,648                 8,752
                           Investment income, (net of investment expense
                              of $495 in 2004 and $1,286 in 2003)                           1,306                   816
                           Interest expense                                               (7,560)               (6,868)
                              Net nonoperating revenue                                    22,373                22,120
                        Other revenues
                           Capital appropriations                                             126                5,101
                           Capital gifts                                                      100                5,400
                              Total other revenues                                            226               10,501
                              (Decrease) increase in net assets                           (3,889)                6,654
                        Net assets - beginning of year                                    59,048                52,394
                        Net assets - end of year                                     $    55,159           $    59,048

         * Restated

                                                                     Annual Report 2004     •   RAMAPO MAGAZINE 11

CH_7165 11                                                                                            1/17/05, 1:55:32 PM
 F I N A N C I A L S
                                                                                    2004                    2003

     Cash and cash equivalents                                                $     220,209           $     269,681
     Investments (Note 6)                                                         2,935,428               2,490,729
     Grants receivable                                                            3,120,663               2,376,127
     Accounts receivable                                                              6,500                  44,279
     Unconditional promises to give, net of allowance
         for doubtful accounts of $50,000
         for 2004 and 2003 (Note 11)                                              1,569,887               1,921,215
     Interest receivable                                                                391                  11,417
     Prepaid expenses                                                                11,041                   4,216
         Total net assets                                                     $   7,864,119           $   7,117,664

     Accounts payable                                                         $      51,569           $      38,099
     Due to Ramapo College of New Jersey                                            610,254                 647,062
     Refundable advances                                                            575,125                 679,660
     Deferred income                                                                 87,375                  88,625
     Due to agency funds                                                                637                  34,242
         Total liabilities                                                        1,324,960               1,487,688

     Unrestricted                                                                   472,819                 304,611
     Temporarily restricted (Note 3)                                              3,518,167               2,525,709
     Permanently restricted (Note 4)                                              2,548,173               2,799,656
        Total net assets                                                          6,539,159               5,629,976
                                                                              $   7,864,119           $   7,117,664

                                                                UNRESTRICTED       TEMPORARILY            PERMANENTLY                2004           2003
                                                                                    RESTRICTED             RESTRICTED               TOTAL          TOTAL

     Donations                                                    $    206,450       $    377,881            $        49,746   $     634,077   $ 4,537,210
     Fund raising                                                      470,648                                                       470,648       381,700
     Grants (Note 12)                                                                    1,098,507                                 1,098,507     2,444,772
     Special events                                                     19,206                                                        19,206         18,682
     Memberships                                                         2,835                                                         2,835          6,135
     Program service                                                    25,468                                                        25,468         26,511
     Other                                                              46,979                                                        46,979          7,912
     Investment income (Note 6)                                          4,115             179,731                                   183,846       219,883
     Net unrealized gain (loss) on investments (Note 6)                                    236,649                                   236,649       (54,357)
     Net assets released from restrictions (Note 5)                     887,226          (887,226)
         Total support and revenue                                    1,662,927          1,005,542                    49,746       2,718,215     7,588,448
     Gift to College (Note 8)                                                                                                                    5,400,000
     In-kind gift to College                                            126,065                                                      126,065
     Foundation operations                                              359,957                                                      359,957       544,438
     Alumni                                                              68,445                                                       68,445        58,077
     Scholarships                                                       126,630                                                      126,630       211,683
     Fund raising                                                       157,732                                                      157,732       134,356
     College grants awarded                                              60,958                                                       60,958        60,937
     Friends                                                              2,392                                                        2,392         1,206
     Expenses for restricted grants (Note 12)                           592,540                                                      592,540
         Total expenses                                               1,494,719                                                    1,494,719     6,410,697
     Reduction in promises to give                                                        (13,084)               (301,229)         (314,313)     (280,000)
     Other changes, net                                                                    (13,084)              (301,229)         (314,313)     (280,000)
     Change in net assets                                              168,208             992,458               (251,483)           909,183       897,751
     Net assets, beginning of year, as originally stated               304,611           2,525,709               2,799,656         5,629,976     4,570,900
     Reclassification of agency funds                                                                                                               161,325
     Net assets, beginning of year, restated                           304,611           2,525,709               2,799,656       5,629,976       4,732,225
     Net assets, end of year                                      $    472,819       $   3,518,167           $   2,548,173     $ 6,539,159     $ 5,629,976

             See accompanying notes to financial statements and independent auditors’ report online at www.ramapo.edu/alumni_foundation.

     12 A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 4   •   RAMAPO MAGAZINE

CH_7165 12                                                                                                                                        1/17/05, 1:55:33 PM
                                                                     HONOR N O R S
                                                                       O F D O
                                                                           ENDOWMENTS &                     The Anisfield Endowed
     CAPITAL GIFTS                      $5,000 - $9,999                                                     Scholarship
                                        Bergen Raiders Soccer Club
                                                                           SCHOLARSHIPS GIFTS               Mrs. Millicent Anisfield
     $250,000 - $500,000                Joeen Ciannella                    AFT Endowed Scholarship          Becky and Frank Kraus
     Meadowlands Environment Center     Donna Crawley                      Ramapo College AFT Local 2274    Endowed Scholarship
     Josef and Roz Ross                 Patricia Kozakiewicz                                                (current gifts in memory of
     Sharp Electronics Corporation                                         Annual Scholarship Funds         Frank Kraus)
                                        Playtex Products
                                                                           A & A RRPN Association           Annitti Enterprises
     Mr. Vitus F. Stablein       1976   Sanyo Semiconductor                Avon Products                    Mr. and Mrs. Todd Austin
                                         Corporation                       Marilyn & Martin Blauer          Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Azzara
                                                                           Dr. Gordon Bear                  Mr. and Mrs. Gary Balkema
     $100,000 - $249,999                                                   Garden Club of Oakland           Ms. Teresa Battaglia
     CIT Group                          $4,999 AND BELOW                   Michael John Buczek Foundation   Mrs. Barbara Bolger
                                                                           Jackie & Paul Garber 1975/2002   Mr. Russell Borgman
                                        Millicent Anisfield
                                                                           Russell Reinhardt                Ms. Janet Brown
     $50,000 - $99,999                  Kathleen & Todd Austin             Shepherd Foundation              Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Buhl
     BD                                 Christine Baker                    Time Warner Foundation           Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Cancelmo, Jr.
                                        Anne Boland                        Toys ‘R’ Us, Inc.                Celco Constantine Engineering
     Damon G. Douglas                                                      TWIN Management Forum
                                        Nancy Boone                                                           Lab, Co.
      Company, Inc.                                                        Wachovia Foundation              Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cella
     Daniell Family Foundation, Inc.    Miki Cammarata                     Bernice Yampell                  Mr. & Mrs. Okey Chenoweth
     Prestige Family of Dealerships     Shirlee & Robert Caruso            Anonymous 2                      Ms. Elaine E. Cimis          1991
     Sodexho Dining Services            Robert & Rebecca Cella                                              Dr. & Mrs. Marshall Clapp, Jr.
                                                                           The Angelo Tarallo Memorial      Ms. Mary Coker Joslin
     Konica Minolta                     Frederic Champlin
                                                                           Endowed Scholarship              Mr. & Mrs. Michael Corrigan
                                        Angela Cristini                    Mr. Michael Ambrosio             Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Crane
                                        Beatrice Cronin                    AstraZeneca                      Mr. Douglas D’Angelo
     $25,000 - $49,999                  August Daquila                     Dr. Michael Attardi              Mr. & Mrs. John D’Angelo
     Cynthia Edelman                                                       BOC Gases                        Mr. & Mrs. William F. Dator
                                        Janet Dengel                1987   Mr. Charles Bonnes
     Fred J. Brotherton                                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Raymond P. Corbett, Jr.
                                        Dohrman Printing Co., Inc.         Ms. Margarita Bustillo           David F. Bolger Revocable Trust
      Charitable Foundation             Martin Dollinger/ Dollinger &      Mr. Frederick Cacici             Mr. Peter Day
     Joseph M. Leone                     Dollinger                         Ms. Jacqueline Delaney Cash      Dowell Insurance Agency, Inc.
      Family Foundation                                                    Mr. Robert J. Dockery            The Dowling Family
                                        Thomas Dunn                        Ms. Patricia Fleming
     Prestige Family of Dealerships                                                                         Ms. Joy D. Edelman
                                        Martha Ecker                       Mr. George Jascewsky             Mr. Russell Folk
     Sony Electronics, Inc.             Claudia Esker                      Mr. Matthew Kaspar               Mr. & Mrs. Mario Fusco
                                                                           Mrs. Patricia Klubnik            Mr. & Mrs. James Gerber
                                        Margaret Finberg
                                                                           Ms. Carol Lavis                  Mr. & Mrs. Donald Glock
     $10,000 - $24,999                  Bonnie Franklin                    Mr. & Mrs. Craig MacDonald       Mr. Frederick Herbst
     Ioana Agams                        Letizia Gambrell-Boone             Ms. Natalie Marcon               Ms. Joan S. Hickey
                                        Ronald Giampaolo                   Ms. Eileen Martin                J.D. Management Corporation
     Estate of Alfred Battaglia                                            Mr. Ralph Mastray
                                        Howard Herr                                                         Mr. Richard Keenan
     The Russell Berrie Foundation                                         Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Mills           The Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Donald
     Pamela Bischoff                    Nancy Jaeger                       Ms. Ellen C. Newman                Kimmick
     Victoria Bruni                     Judith Jeney                       Mr. & Mrs. Robert O’Connell      Ms. Mary E. Knowles
                                        Ronald and Kathleen Kase           Ms. Mary Ellen O’Grady           Mr. Esko J. Koskinen
     Century 21 Construction                                               Mr. Francis M. Oregan
                                        Robin Keller                1998                                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Kraus
       Corporation                                                         Ms. Linda Perlmutter             Ms. Rebecca Kraus
     Linda Dator                        Miles Lazerwitz                    Ms. Jane A. Poblano              Dr. Robert Lahita
                                        Nadine Mooers               1990   Ms. Kathleen Rae                 Lamart Corporation
     Cathleen Davey
                                        Rosa Mulryan                       Mr. R. Donald Reich              Mr. Edward Lipes, Jr.
     Kurt Versen Company                                                   Ms. Patricia A. Ribaudo
                                        Brenda Perkins                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lipes
     A. L. Levine Family Foundation                                        Mr. John A. Scura                Jean & Judy Lombard
     Nancy Mackin                       Steven Perry                       Mr. & Mrs. Nick Setteducato      Ms. Ruth Lord
                                        W. Sanborn Pfeiffer                Mr. Brian D. Smith               Mr. James Mac Isaac
     Thomas & Alice Palmer
                                        Ellen Senese                       Ms. Debra Smith                  Senator & Mrs. Henry McNamara
     Lawrence & Theresa Salameno                                           Dr. Helena R. Snyder
                                        Mark Singer                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mechetti
      Foundation                                                           Dr. Edward R. Solomon            Ms. Audrey Meyers
                                        Rodney Smith                       Ms. Alison G. Swanberg           Mr. Greg H. Millet
                                        Bryan Steros                1998   Mr. Alfonso A. Tarallo           Mobil Foundation, Inc.
         The Ramapo College Honor
         Roll of Donors reflects gifts                                      Ms. Nicole L. Tarallo            Ms. Susan Munhall
         received between July 1,                                          Ms. Patricia Tarallo             Mr. James R. Napolitano
         2003 to June 30, 2004. We                                         Ms. Katherine A. Trimarco        Mr. Stuart Ostrow
         apologize for any errors or                                       Mr. Bernard R. Tyrrell           Mr. Edward P. Palmer
         omissions. Please bring them                                      Ms. Ida Van Lindt                Mr. & Mrs. John A.B. Palmer
         to our attention by calling
         201.684.7615.                                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Palmer, III

                                                                                             Annual Report 2004       •   RAMAPO MAGAZINE 13

CH_7165 13                                                                                                                      1/17/05, 1:55:34 PM

     Mr. Thomas Palmer                            Brian Gibson                    Mukul Joisher and Family            Phyllis Becker
     Prudential Foundation                        Jean Hsu                        Endowed Scholarship                 Arlene Beckman
     Mr. David W. Rahal                           Nancy Jaeger                    Ms. Meena Joisher           1992    Murray Beer
     Ramapo Ridge Home School                     Judith Jeney                    United Parcel Service Foundation    Celia and Robert Bell
      Organization                                Carey Jenkins                                                       Gertrude Bennett
     Ms. Ellen Raedy                              Barbara Johnson                 Ramapo College Alumni               Doris Berenzweig
     Ms. Deborah Schmid                           Nancy Mackin                    Association Endowed                 Harold Bernstein
     Ms. Cipora Schwartz          1980            Emily Mann                      Scholarship                         Fay Bialowas
     Ms. Waltraut Shadow          1975            Richard Morales-Wright          Linda Farmer                1978    Lyn Birenbaum
     Ms. Mary Anne Shafer                         Linda Reppert                                                       S. J. Birenbaum
     Sharp Electronics Corporation                Frances Shapiro-Skrobe          Ramapo College Foundation           Pamela Bischoff
     Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Shortway                  Student Activities Revenue      Scholarship Endowment               Stan Blumenfeld
     Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Smith                    Management                     Ms. Adrienne Martini       1997     Grace Borowitz
     Mr. Peter Striano                                                            Reckitt Benckiser, North America    Joseph and Margot Brandes
     Ms. Sophie Smith Taylor                      The Harchand Singh and                                              Richard Brown
     Ms. Jan Stransky                             Jagir Kaur Grewal Memorial      Ross Family Survivor to             William and Paula Cantor
     Mrs. Nell Jostrin Styron                     Endowed Scholarship             Survivor Endowed Scholarship        Phyllis Chazan
     Mr. & Mrs. Denis J. Sullivan                 ADPP Enterprise                 Sage Foundation                     Leonard Cole
     Mr. & Mrs. Henry G. Toolan                   Mr. Amarjit Grewal              Ms. Jules Kurtz                     Henry Crane
     Ms. Barbara Trent                                                            Ms. Joan F. Parness                 David & Eleanor Rukin
     Mr. & Mrs. Rod Verblaauw                     Prof. Peter Hellawell and       Mr. Martin B. Perlman               Philanthropic Foundation
     Mr. & Mrs. George Webster                    Family Endowed Scholarship      Mr. Josef Ross                      The Deborah and Ronald
                                                  Mr. Peter Hellawell             Ms. Melissa Ross                     Eisenberg Family Foundation
     Bernard J. Milano/KPMG                                                       Ms. Shelia Ross                     Donna Dooner
     Endowed Scholarship                          Henry Bischoff Teaching Award                                       Adele Dresner
     KPMG Foundation                              Mrs. Marguerite Morehead        Sharon G. Pierson Endowed           Rob and Lisa Engel
     Bernard Milano                                                               Scholarship II                      Christine Fellner
                                                  Lori Ann Oldenhage              KPMG Foundation                     Felsen Insurance Services Inc
     Campus Ministry Scholarship                  Endowed Scholarship             Bernard Milano                      Sharon Fried
     (in memory of Marie M. Davey)                Mr. & Mrs. Robert Caruso                                            Ralph Gerber
     Mrs. Millicent Anisfield                      Robert Caruso                   The Sidney Jacob Geltman            Sydney Gold
     Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cella                                                      Memorial Endowed Scholarship        Herbert Goldberg
     Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Mann                       Luis Rosario Scholarship Fund   Emily Geltman                       Fred Goldsmith
     The MWW Group                                Pamela Bischoff                                                     Mary Lou Goldstein
     Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Palmer                     Nancy Mackin                    Willie Rubel Memorial               Max Goudsmith
                                                  W. Peter McBride                Endowed Scholarship                 Dina Greene
     Cara Mychelle Hirschman                      Linda Reppert                   Rachel & Jason Simon        1993    Monica Greene
     Memorial Endowed Scholarship                                                                                     Gross Foundation
     Mr. Allen Reichler                           Mahwah Regional                 Jeffrey and Andrea Warren           Gayle Gross
     Ms. Carol Richards                           Chamber of Commerce             Endowed Scholarship                 William Gumpert
                                                  Endowed Scholarship             Jeffrey Warren            1973      William Guttenberg
     Carol Schaefer Human                         Mahwah Regional Chamber of                                          Marshall Harth
     Services Award                               Commerce                                                            Werner Hausmann
     The Shepherd Foundation                                                      GIFTS TO RESTRICTED FUNDS           Ernst Heilbrunn
                                                  Marie & Francis J. Dwyer        Center for Business and             Sarah Hirschfield
     Carole Campana Endowed                       Memorial Endowed Scholarship    Public Policy                       Lily Hochron
     Scholarship                                  (current gifts in memory of     Mr. Ronald Bergamini                Charles Holzer
     Mr. Russell Reinhardt                        Marie Dwyer)                    Mr. Robert Cella                    Miriam Horowitz
                                                  Mr. Jeffrey L. Block            Computer Assistance Services        Independant Lodzer Young
     Commerce Bank Endowed                        Mr. & Mrs. Paul Borrell         Mr. Robert Dill                      Men Association
     Scholarship                                  Ms. Doris L. Clark              Mr. John Eck                        Jewish Communal Fund
     (in honor of James Napolitano)               Ms. Joan Comiskey               Ernst & Young Foundation            Arthur Joseph
     Commerce Bank                                Ms. Alicia De Las Pozas         Mr. Robert D. Franks                Audrey and George Kessler
                                                  Ms. Georgia De Las Pozas        Ms. Elizabeth C. Mallory            Nettie Kidorf
     Dr. Ernest Simon Endowed                     Ms. Grace J. De Yeso            Mr. Kenneth A. Polokoff             Susan Kramer
     Book Award                                   Dr. James Fanale                Ms. Rosemary Raciti                 Evelyn Kraut
     Ira Spar                                     Dr. Marion Farlin               Ramapo Graphics, Inc.               Lee Lasher
                                                  Mr. Roy Fukuda                  Ms. Florence Sabrin                 Stuart Lesser
     Elizabeth Mainardi Endowed                   Mr. Guy D. Fullen               Mr. Joe Sabrin                      Alan LeVine
     Scholarship                                  Mr. & Mrs. Carmine Grosso       Dr. Murray Sabrin                   Gertrude Levine
     Dr. & Mrs. Carlo Mainardi                    Ms. Rachelle Johannes           Mr. Harlan Schlicher                Edna Lewitz
     Ms. Kathleen Ryan                            Ms. Maryellen Licker            Standard Lumber and Millwork, Co.   Seymour Lipton
                                                  Ms. Marjorie Meloney            Mr. Neil Sullivan                   Clemens Loew
     EOF Scholarship Fund                         Mr. Alfred Patane                                                   Leo and Evelyn Lowy
     Juan Arroyo                          1977    Mr. Edward Purtill              Environmental Studies Fund          Ronald Lynn
     Pamela Bischoff                              Ms. Angela Rubino               Robert G. & Jane V. Engel           Marcus Family Charitable
     Kathleen Burke                               Mr. Kevin Wada                   Foundation                          Foundation
     Carol Cohen                                                                                                      Authur Markowitz
     Donna Crawley                                The Melissa Annunziato          Holocaust Center Fund               Alexander Mittelmann
     Martha Ecker                                 Memorial Endowed Scholarship    Ruth Aach                           Philip Moss
     Henry Frundt                                 Robert Miller                   Eva Adler                           Nazarian Family Founation
                                                  Frank Salamone

     14 A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 4   •   RAMAPO MAGAZINE

CH_7165 14                                                                                                                               1/17/05, 1:55:35 PM
                                                                                                                         HONOR ROLL OF DONORS

     Abraham Peck                       Writing Across the Curriculum        ALUMNI FUNDRAISERS                    ART AUCTION
     Pfizer Foundation                   (in memory of Angelo Tarallo)        & RESTRICTED GIFTS                    The Friends of Ramapo would like
     Larry Pick                         Kathleen Fowler                      Ramapo College recognizes             to thank the following artists who
     Gerome Ranieri                     Albert Romano                        those alumni who participated         contributed their works of art for
     Peter Reckseit                                                          in the Alumni Fundraisers and         our Community Art Auction. Their
     Phyllis and Richard Roberts        Matching Gift Corporations           contributed restricted gifts.         support allowed us to raise nearly
     Josef Ross                         American Express                                                           $10,000 to support the Friends of
     Bernard Roth                       AstraZeneca                          Athletics Fund                        Ramapo Endowed Scholarships.
     Sharon and David Rubin             Avon Products Foundation             Juan Arroyo                  1977
     Rabbi Joseph Rudavsky              AXA Foundation                       J. O’Donnell Contractors              Sponsor
     Peter and Ruth Safirstein           The Bank of New York                 Lisa Ann Ryan                1984     The Chubb Corporation
     Theodore Sall                      BOC Gases
     Ruth Schneider                     Children’s Place                     Alumni - Golf Tournament              Contributors
     William Schuber                    The Chubb Corporation                A.L. Levine Family Foundation, Inc.   Ms. Cornelia Baker
     Schwartz Family Foundation         Coca-Cola Company                    Joe Asselta                           Mr. Donald Boone
     Robert Scott                       Eisai, Inc.                          Mark Bensman                          Ms. Amy Bravo         1993/2003
     Carol Siegel-Mamber                Guardian Life Insurance              David Berntsen               1985     Ms. Anne Chang
     Arnold Siegel                      Company                              J. Douglas Binder                     Ms. Charlene Collins Haug
     Lillian Silver                     IBM                                  Brian Condon                          Ms. Linda Dator
     Sue Simring                        ITT Industries                       Joseph De Angelis                     Ms. Anna Eardley
     David Slater                       Johnson & Johnson                    Vito Delloso                          Mr. Munir Elias
     Robert Sokolski                    JP Morgan Chase Foundation           Micheal Dougherty                     Ms. Claudia Esker
     Adrienne Solomon                   Liz Claiborne Foundation             William Findlay                       Ms. Beth Foster            1982
     Lillian Solomon                    Merck Company Foundation             Daniel Furphy                1992     Mr. Thomas E. Franklin
     Morris Starr                       Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.            Michael Hall                          Ms. Sandra Frech
     State of New Jersey                Metropolitan Life Foundation         Grant Halliday                        Dr. William Frech
     Judith Steinberg                   Mobil Foundation, Inc.               Edward Herter                1987     Ms. Ruth Geneslaw
     Warren Suna                        North Jersey Media Group             Inserra Supermarkets, Inc.            Mr. Dennis Glennon
     Hillary Sweig                      Pearson Education                    John Hancock                          Ms. Dianne Harrison
     Louis Tekel                        Pfizer Foundation                     A. Gary Katz                          Mr. Jose Hernandez         1998
     Charles Ticho                      Philip Morris, Inc.                  Kim’s International, Inc.             Ms. Katherine Hill
     Sigmond and Lora Tobias            Prudential Foundation                W. Philip Kraft                       Ms. Rama Jamoukha
     UJA Federation of Bergen County    Reckitt Benckiser, North America     Keith Kulin                  1973     Ms. Lucy Janjigian
      & North Jersey                    State Farm Companies                 Alexander Levine                      Ms. Joy Lynn Jones
     Barron S. Wall                      Foundation                          John Macejka                          Mr. Lee Kaeumlen
     Muriel Wall                        Time Warner Foundation               Ernest Maser                          Ms. Mildred Kaye
     Sydney Weinberg                    Unilever United States, Inc.         Robert Mazzella                       Mr. R.J. Keiber
     Weiss Family Foundation            United Parcel Service Foundation     David Minoli                          Ms. Becky Kraus
     Sophi Weitz                 1985   Verizon Communications               MODELL’S INC.                         Mr. Jay Krimmel
     Henry Wertheimer                   Wachovia Foundation                  William Mulligan                      Ms. Fran Livreri
     Jerry Westheimer                                                        Dufresne Nicolas                      Mr. Armin Lovi
     Seymour Wigod                      BUSINESS PARTNERS                    Alan Pressman                         Ms. Mariana Maldonado
     Elaine Winshell                    Ramapo College partners with         Richard Roth                          Mr. Pat Marker
     Eta Wrobel                         many businesses and greatly values   Lisa Ann Ryan                1984     Mr. John McConnell
     Bernice Yampell                    these relationships. Key partners    Strategic Products and                Mr. Tom KcKay
     Bernard Yegelwel                   include:                               Services, Inc.                      Ms. Barbara Minch
     Fay Zansberg                                                            UBS PaineWebber, Inc.                 Ms. Adele Pepe
     Harry Zansberg                     BD                                   James Wall                            Ms. Phyllis Pickens
                                        BMW of North America                 Winne, Banta, Rizzi,                  Mr. John Pizzarelli
     Gifts to Specific College           Century 21 Construction              Hetherington & Basralian              Ms. Ellen Reinkraut
     Programs                           CIT Group                                                                  Mr. Scott V. Sandy
     Mr. & Mrs. Todd Austin             Commerce Bank                        Alumni - Soccer                       Ms. Miriam Santonocito     2002
     Mr. James Cohoon                   DAF Products                         Joann McCann                          Mr. James Sorensen
     Mr. Milton Fuentes          1975   DialAmerica Marketing, Inc.                                                Ms. Susie Suarez
     ITT Industries                     Hertz Corporation                    Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame          Ms. Sally Thompson
     Ms. Joanne McGrath Cohoon          Hudson United Bank                   Maureen Burke                         Ms. Alida Van Dyke
     Mr. John Minkoff            1976   Konica Minolta, U.S.A., Inc.         Coleen Holzinger                      Ms. Rena Van Dyde
     NJ/NY Assoc. of Registrars         KPMG                                 Kathleen Mainardi                     Mr. James Willis
     Ms. Sheila Pfafflin                 McBride Enterprises                  Barry Mauriello                       Ms. Eva Wittlinger-Minnocci
     Price Family Foundation, Inc.      Myron Corporation                    Chuck McBreen                         Ms. Rosemary Zabal
     Ms. Rita Tepper                    O’Conner Davies Munns &              Rachel McCann             2001
                                         Dobbins, LLP                        Anibal Ramos              1984
     Specialized Services               Pierson Education                    Lisa Ann Ryan             1984
     Prudential Insurance Company       Prestige Family of Dealerships       Todd Siben                1980
      of America                        SEIKO Corporation                    Adam Steiger
     Roche                              Sharp Electronics
     Michael Smith             1988     SONY
                                        Toys R Us Corporation
                                        Vista Industries, Inc.

                                                                                                  Annual Report 2004         •   RAMAPO MAGAZINE 15

CH_7165 15                                                                                                                              1/17/05, 1:55:37 PM

     Gala Sponsor                                 Deloitte Services
     Konica Minolta Photo                         Delta Airlines
      Imaging USA                                 Douek Holdings, LTD.
                                                  Douglas Communications Corp. II
     Vice Chairs                                  Mr. Jim Dwyer
     Mr. and Mrs. Myron Adler/                    Airbrook, Inc.
      Adler Aphasia Center                        Ms. Cynthia Edelman
     BMW of North America, Inc.                   Ernst & Young
     Commerce Bank                                Ford Motor Company
     Hudson United Bank                           Mr. and Mrs. John Franklin
     Inserra Shop Rite Supermarkets               Garden State BMW
     KPMG, LLP                                    Gate House Framemakers,
     McNeil Nutritionals                           Walter Nowatka
     O’Connor Davies Munns &                      Ms. Jan Bidwell Gaunt
      Dobbins, LLP                                Mr. Kenneth Gavlick             1989       Ramapo College Foundation’s 22nd Annual Distinguished
     Prudential Financial                         Mr. and Mrs. Peter Goetz        1989
     Rockland Electric                            Mr. Robert Gordon                          Citizens Dinner, held at the Rockleigh Country Club on
     The Valley Health System                     Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Grannon
                                                  Mr. and Mrs. John Green                    March 6, 2004, raised more than $200,000 to help support stu-
     Corporate Sponsors                           Graphic Color
     Aston Martin Jaguar Land Rover               Ms. Alease Griffith                         dent scholarships, faculty research, and College projects. Special
     Century 21 Construction                      Ms. Frances Hackett             1980
     CIT                                          Hartz Mountain Industries                  thanks to the strong leadership of Committee Chairman Tom
     Damon G. Douglas                             Hertz Corporation
     Fox Rothschild, LLP                          The Hermitage                              McGurn and the dinner commitee. Ramapo College also thanks
     Impact Pac                                   Mr. Robert Hiden
     KPMG, LLP                                    High Mountain Golf Club                    Konica Minolta Photo Imaging, USA, this year’s Gala Sponsor.
     New York Mets                                Howell Packaging
     Prestige Family of Dealerships               Hudson City Savings Bank
      (Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover,                 Icon Hotel Marketing, Inc.                 (L to R) Distinguished Citizens: Douglas Dittrick, Robert Striano, Frances
      BMW, Lexus, Toyota, Porsche,                Interchange Bank                           Hackett, and Robert Ceberio. County Executive Dennis McNerney, and
      MINI, and Scion)                            Ms. Judith Jeney                           Honorary Co-Chairman James Napolitano.
     PSE&G                                        Drs. Jeffrey and Ellen Kaiden
     SONY                                         Mr. and Mrs. John Kandravy
     Stryker Orthopaedics                         Dr. and Mrs. Eric Karlin               New Jersey Meadowlands                      Ms. Lisa Ryan                        1984
     UPS                                          Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Kase                Commission                                 Mr. and Mrs. Murray Sabrin
                                                  Mr. James George Kennedy               New York Football Giants, Inc.              Dr. and Mrs. Edward Saiff
     Benefactors                                  Mr. Kenneth King                       Newark Bears Professional                   Mr. Joseph M. Sanzari,
     Mrs. Elaine Adler                            Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kissler             Baseball Club                               Sanzari Companies
     Allied Office Supply                          Lab Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc.       NJSEA                                       Mr. and Mrs. John Saraceno, Jr.
     All Things Media                             Lancaster Protective Services          Northern Business Systems                   Scandanavian Airlines
     Anthony Scardino &                           Land Rover                             Northern New Jersey Boy Scouts              Scull and Company, Inc.
      Associates, Inc.                            Larry Gatlin Enterprises                Council #333                               Seasons Realty, LLC
     Dr. and Mrs. Jude Barbera                    Mr. Richard Lemieux                    Northwest Airlines, Inc.                    SEIKO Corporation of America
     Beattie Padovano, LLC                        Halpern Family, Liberty Terrace        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Palmer                  SGW Integrated Marketing
     Bergen Council Boy Scouts                     East Rutherford                       Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Palumbo                 Communications
      of America                                  DBL Distributing, Inc.                 Paris Maintenance                           Sheraton Meadowlands Hotel
     Bergen County Harley-Davidson                Luckow Family Foundation               Dr. Judith Peck                              & Conference Center
     Bergen Jaguar                                Ms. Nancy Mackin                       Mr. Frank Pedone                            Snow Tours, Inc.
     Drs. Henry and Pam Bischoff                  Dr. Victoria Madden                    Peter Salerno, Inc.                         Sodexho Campus Services
     Ms. Gina Boesch                              Main Street Title Agency, Inc.         Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pezzolla                 Spartan Gourmet
     Mrs. Gail Brady                              Dr. and Mrs. Carlo Mainardi            Photo Experts, Inc.                         Mr. Robert Striano
     Bruinooge and Associates                     Malesardi, Quackenbush,                Photo Marketing Association -               Stogel Advertising
     Ms. Victoria Bruni                            Swift & Co., LLC                       NY NJ Metro Chapter                        Tiffany & Company
     Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Buhl                 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Mann               PMK Group                                   TOTALogistix, Inc.
     CB Richard Ellis                             Ho-Ho-Kus Inn                          Mr. Irwin Pollack                           Town of Secaucus
     Mr. Robert Cella                             The Market Basket, Inc.                Port Authority of NY & NJ                   Trajectory Brand Momentum
     Mr. Alberto Chailosky                        Marsh US                               Power Packaging                             Trans World Marketing
     Dr. Frederic Champlin                        Mr. and Mrs. W. Peter McBride          Prestige BMW          .                     Unique Photo, Inc.
     Ms. Joeen Ciannella                          Mr. and Mrs. John McGrath              Ramapo Graphics, Inc.                       Mr. and Mrs. Roland Viotti
     Ms. Mary Higgins Clark                       Ms. Patricia McMillan                  Ramsey Press                                Vista Management, LLC
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard Conti                   Meadowlands Regional                   Mr. Russell Reinhardt                       Vornado Realty Trust
     Copstat Security, Inc.                        Chamber of Commerce                   Mr. and Mrs. Luis Remba                     The Wall Street Group
     Mr. and Mrs. Michael Corrigan                Ms. Joyce Menegus                      Mr. and Mrs. Earl Ritchie                   Willoughby’s Konica
     The County Seat Newspaper                    Metrostars Soccer Club                 Mr. Timothy Robinson                         Imaging Center
     Mr. and Mrs. Craig Crawford                  Mr. Daniel Meyer                       Rockleigh Country Club                      XO Urology PLLC
     Dr. Donna Crawley                            Mondo Fine, Inc                        Roseland Property Company                   YCS (Youth Consultation
     Dr. Angela Christini                         Ms. Nadine Mooers               1990   Dr. and Mrs. Richard Russo                   Services)
     Ms. Cathleen Davey                           Mr. Phil Nardomarino                   Russo Development, LLC

     16 A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 4   •   RAMAPO MAGAZINE

CH_7165 16                                                                                                                                                    1/17/05, 1:55:38 PM
                                                                                                                       HONOR ROLL OF DONORS

     1 7 T H                           A N N U A L                         F O U N D AT I O N
     G O L F                           O U T I N G                          The 17th Annual Foundation Golf Outing, held on

                                                                            July 26, 2004 at the Tuxedo Club, raised $70,000 to
      Overall Sponsor                   The Hertz Corporation
      SEIKO Corporation of America      Robert Hiden                        help support student scholarships, faculty research,
                                        Hudson United Bank
      Dinner Sponsor                    Kim’s International, Inc.           and College projects. The golf outing’s success is
      Century 21 Construction           Kurt Versen Company
                                        Let It Grow, Inc.                   due to the leadership of committee chairman Don
      Cart Sponsor                      Thomas Mahoney              1986
      PSE&G                             McBride Corporate Real              Mahoney ’73 and the Golf Committee.
                                         Estate, Inc.
      Putting Contest Sponsor           Bernard Milano
      Prestige Family of Dealerships    Paul Miller                 1998
                                        MWW Group
      Driving Range Sponsor             Nadaskay Kopelson Architects
      O’Connor Davies Munns &           Mark O’Connell
       Dobbins, LLP                     Thomas Palmer
                                        Prestige Managment Services
      Luncheon Sponsor                  Arthur Ramirez
      Sodexho Dining Services           Rule 1.02 Sports &
                                         Entertainment Mktg.
      Platinum Sponsors                 Seeber, Bowkley & Zelante, P.A.
      BMW Group                         Sharp Electronics Corporation
      Damon G. Douglas Company          Sony Electronics, Inc.
                                        Stryker Howmedica Osteonics
      Gold Sponsors                     United Parcel Service
      Konica Minolta Photo              Sodexho Dining Services
       Imaging, USA                     Ed Youhas
      SNS Architects & Engineers
      Tee and Hole Sponsors             All American Ford
      Armistead Mechanical              Atlantic Imaging Group, LLC
      BMW Group                         Ms. Susan Azzolino
      Bartson Fabrics                   Bennett Brothers
      Century 21 Construction           Bergen Jaguar
      Czonka and Youhas, LLP            BMW of North America, Inc.
      DAF Products                      Mr. William Borra
      Damon G. Douglas Company          Ms. Gail Brady
      GBQC Architects                   Brogan Cadillac of Ridgewood
      Mark W. Grannon                   Budweiser
      Hudson United Bank                Coca-Cola
      Konica Minolta Photo              Commerce Bank of New Jersey
       Imaging, Inc.                    Mr. Frank Contey, Tuxedo Club
      O’Connor Davies Munns &           Mr. Robert Curry
       Dobbins, LLP                     Darlington Golf
      Prestige Family of Dealerships    Mr. Douglas Dittrick
      PSE&G                             Empire Golf Management
      SEIKO Corporation of America      Harwood Lloyd, LLC
                                        The Hungry Peddler                   TOP: Ramapo College thanks SEIKO Corporation of America,
      SNS Architects & Engineers
                                                                             sponsor of the 17th Annual Foundation Golf Outing. Corporate
                                        Inserra Shop Rite Supermarkets
                                                                             representatives were recognized by Interim President W.
      Donors/Participants               Market Basket
                                                                             Sanborn Pfeiffer and Chair of the Board of Trustees, Gail Brady.
      Armistead Mechanical              The Mason Jar
                                                                             (L to R) Tom Rossiter, W. Sanborn Pfeiffer, Akahito Takahashi,
      Comerro, Coppa Architects, PC     Mr. Peter McBride
                                                                             Les Perry, SEIKO Corporation of America President Toyoji
      Richard Conti                     New York Mets
                                                                             Todaka, Marty Gormley, Mike Marin, Scott Chou, Dan Miller,
      DAF Products Inc.                 Myron Manufacturing
                                                                             and Gail Brady.
      Thomas Dunn                       New Jersey Nets
      Kevin Ellman                      New York Golf                        MIDDLE: Enjoying an afternoon of golf were executives from
      GBQC Architects                   Northwest Airlines                   Konica Minolta Photo Imaging USA, a gold sponsor for this
      Gary Gerardi                      Playtex Corporation                  event. Vice President Todd Tereshkow, Frank Shapiro, President
      Giovatto Advertising &            Pepsi                                Henry Okamura, and Shaw Koyama.
       Consulting                       Ramapo College Campus Store
      Mark Grannon                      Mr. Phil Simms                       BOTTOM: Congratulations Robert Tillsey, member of the
      Hackensack Anesthesiology         Singapore Airlines                   Foundation’s Board of Governors and President of McBride
       Assoc., P.A.                     Mr. Thomas Starnsky                  National Services, for a hole-in-one at the par three on hole
      Harwood Lloyd, LLP                Town Motors                          seventeen. Tillsley received a two-year lease on an Audi A4
                                        Trophy King                          provided by Town Motors of Englewood. (L to R) Cathleen
                                                                             Davey, executive director of the Foundation; Don Mahoney,
                                                                             Golf Committee Chairman; Robert Tillsley, and Interim
                                                                             President W. Sanborn Pfeiffer.

                                                                                            Annual Report 2004              •   RAMAPO MAGAZINE 17

CH_7165 17                                                                                                                              1/17/05, 1:55:40 PM

      C I T P E R F O R M I N G                                                                      A R T S
      D I N N E R S E R I E S                                                             In its fourth season, the Foundation’s CIT Performing

                                                                                          Arts Dinner Series raised $35,000 to help support stu-
      Series Sponsors                              Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Guerrasio
      CIT Group                                    Ms. Virginia Halprin                   dent scholarships, faculty research, and College proj-
      Prestige Family of Dealerships               Mr. Joseph Healy
       (Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover,                 International Aromatics, Inc.          ects. Co-chairmen Joe Leone and Robert Tillsley, and
       BMW, Lexus, Toyota, Porsche,                Ms. Jeanne Lachapelle           1980
       MINI, & Scion)                              Mr. and Mrs. Robert LaSalvia           the series committee, bring new friends to the campus
                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Joe Leone
      Benefactors                                  Mr. and Mrs. William F. Kohlman        and showcase the performing arts at the Berrie Center
      Mr. and Mrs. Myron Adler                     KPMG Foundation
      Dr. and Mrs. William Brotherton              Ms. Rebecca Kraus                      through this successful series. Ramapo College grate-
      Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ciaravino                Mr. and Mrs. Gennaro A. Lobasco
      Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Grannon                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Magnus             fully acknowledges the generosity of series sponsors,
      Mr. and Mrs. W. Peter McBride                Mr. and Mrs. George Mammola
      The MWW Group                                Mr. and Mrs. William F. Martin
                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mastrangelo
                                                                                          CIT and the Prestige Family of Dealerships.
      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Palmer
      Mr. and Mrs. William Rahal                   Mr. Hans Maunz
      Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Salameno            Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McGurn
      SEIKO Corporation of America                 Ms. Moira McBride Murphy
      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Srednicki                Oak Electric Company, Inc.
      Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tillsley                 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Pecora
      The Tobin Family                             Protocol
      Verizon                                      Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Rosen
      Mr. and Mrs. George Webster                  SHARP Electronics Corporation
                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Dan Stanton
      Patrons                                      Mr. Joel Urdang
      Al Alexander Agency                          Ms. J. Dolores Van Saders
      Mrs. Anne Alford                             Ms. Josephine Vent              1978
      Mrs. Millicent Anisfield
      Mr. and Mrs. Paul Apostol
      Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Badalamenti                                                        (L to R) Elizabeth Mastrangelo, Pat and Bill Kohlman,
      Ms. Teresa Battaglia                                                                   Robert Tillsley, Marilyn and Tony Marano, patrons of the
      Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bell                                                               Ramapo CIT Series.
      Dr. and Mrs. Jay Buchholz
      Mr. and Mrs. Edmund P. Cancelmo, Jr.
      Coldwell Banker
      Mr. and Mrs. Richard Conti
      Dr. Karen Cortellino
      Mr. and Mrs. William Dator
      Mrs. Joy D. Edelman
      Mrs. Patricia Fagan
      Mr. and Mrs. Brian Flynn
      Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gerardi
      Mr. and Mrs. Marc Goldstein

                                                                                             (L to R) Adam Milano, John Patrick Crawford, Sarah
                                                                                             Crawford (front), magician Kevin Spencer, Matthew Milano,
                                                                                             and Daniel Buchholz meet featured performer Kevin Spencer
                                                                                             at the final event of the 2003-04 Series in May, 2004.

       S U M M E R                                            C O N C E R T S
      The Commerce Bank Summer Concert Series provides an oppor-

      tunity for the College to serve the community by providing free

      summer concerts every Thursday in July.

      Commerce Bank/North, N.A.

      Alumni Association
      Friends of Ramapo
      McBride Agency, Realtor
      Orange & Rockland Utilities
      Prestige Family of Dealerships
                                                                                            Fireworks display with new Bradley Center in foreground.
      18 A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 4   •   RAMAPO MAGAZINE

CH_7165 alts 18                                                                                                                                   1/26/05, 8:43:04 AM
                                                                                                                                                            HONOR ROLL OF DONORS

     Ramapo College recognizes the individuals, corporations, foundations,
     and organizations that have supported the 2004 Annual Fund.

     2004 ANNUAL FUND                      W. Peter McBride                      Marilyn DeSteno                1983   Mr. & Mrs. Paul Laino                Charles Roussel                1991
     PRESIDENT’S COUNCIL                   Thomas McGurn                         Mr. & Mrs. Neil Deutsch               Kathleen Lampeter             1983   Dianne Rude                    1994
     Gifts to the College                  Hal Meyers                     1979   Gerald Dey              1975 / 2001   Mr. & Mrs.Angelo LaPorta             Albert Ruh                     1981
     $2,500 or more                        Nadine Mooers                  1990   Phyllis DiAmbrosio             1983   Jeffrey Laviano               1997   Lisa Ann Ryan                  1984
     Marion Dugan                  1980    Andrew Mougis                         Carol Digiacomo                       Mr. & Mrs. Louis Lawson              Michael Ryter                  2000
     Robert Hiden                          Susan Murray                   1994   John Dineen                           Eileen Lebegue                       James Sanders                  1984
     Mann Family Foundation                New York Life Insurance               Mr. & Mrs. Elliot Don                 John Leechan                         Mr. & Mrs. John Santorella
     Carolyn Merkel                1978    Raymond Ocasio                        Gabrielle Doud                        Stephen Lichstein                    Edward Santulli                1980
                                           Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Palilonis          Kelly Duhart                   1995   Bruce Light                   1978   Jan Sarnowski                  1983
     FOUNDATION FELLOW                     Susan Parrish                  1987   Thomas Dunn                           Ronald Luino                         William Sbrocco                1977
     Gifts to the College                  Sean Powers                    1999   Martha Ecker                          Mr. & Mrs. Michael Jester            Eva Schaub                     1994
     $1,000 - $2,499                       Jesse Reisman                         Linda Eckstein                        Penelope MacLean McLewin 1986        Phyllis Schipper               1987
     Millicent Anisfield                    Joshua Sarfity                  1999   Eisai, Inc.                           Donald Mahoney                1973   Carl Schwaighofer              1975
     William Briggs                        Charles Schwartz               1975   Therese Errichiello                   Mark Marzocchi                1984   Marilyn Scudder
     Timothy Buhl                          Merle Scordo                   1986   Mr. & Mrs. Jaime Escarpeta            Yvonne Maskin                        Mary Semsey                    1996
     Chappell Studio, Inc.                 Carol Sommerfield               1978   Claudia Esker                         Theodore Mass                        Helene Shamash
     Community Foundation                  Robert Striano                        Barbara Faresich               1995   Chris Massie                  1985   Beth Shapiro-Steele            1979
       of New Jersey                       David Terdiman                        Mr. & Mrs. Michael Farrelly           Peter Mauro                   1981   Connie Shingledecker
     Joy Edelman                           Helen Thayer                          Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ferrante           Virginia McCandless           1996   Simply Divine, Inc.
     Naomi Epstein               1979      Katherine Van Der Mey          1978   Mr. & Mrs. Brian Ferreira             Frederick McGarril            2000   Patricia Sisco                 1990
     James Essig                           Eileen Whitney                 1977   Maureen Fiori                  1990   Richard McGonigal                    Mr. & Mrs. Barry Smith
     Alan Finkelstein            2001      Lester Williams                1980   Efim Fishman                           Kathryn McGuckin              1995   John Smith
     Beverly Gelber              1975      Mark Yamout                    1979   Eileen Ford                    1992   Michael Mckiever              2003   Robert Smith                   1975
     C. Douglas Gluck            1977                                            Barbara Fordyce                1977   Mark McLewin                  1986   Christine Smyth Kelly          1989
     Peter Goetz                 1989                                            Bonnie Franklin                       Elinor Merl                   1973   Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Snyder
     Joseph Graf                 1993      RAMAPO ASSOCIATES CLUB                Peter Franzese                        Metropolitan Life Foundation         Franz Soni              1984 / 1994
     Jocelyn Gregg               1979      Gifts to the College                  Cynthia Freeman                1995   Samir Mohin                   1994   James Sorace                   1984
     Jewish Community Foundation           $100 - $249                           James Freeman                  1999   Claire Mooney                 1979   Paul Sprecher
       of MetroWest New Jersey             Suzanne Adrion              1983      Craig Frisch            1992 / 1993   Joseph Moriarty               1987   Scott Stahlmann                1979
      Johnson & Johnson                    Thomas Ammazzalorso         1995      Lucille Gabel                         Julia Morris                  1980   Adam Steiger
     KPMG Foundation                       Steven Andersen             1987      Christine Gabriel              1981   Donald Mossman                       Robert Steiner                 1980
     Lawrence & Theresa Salameno           Ian Anderson                1992      Maureen Gaffney                1998   Mr. & Mrs. Martin Mowrey             Mr. & Mrs Martin Stern
     Edward Lipes                          Kathy Atiyyeh                         Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Galton               John Mulcahy                         Bryan Steros                   1998
     John Mc Mahon                         AXA Foundation                        Philip Gatti                          Roger Muller                  1979   Jennie Strobel                 2004
     Patricia McMillan                     Gail Bado                   1994      Susan Geltman                  1992   Rosa Mulryan                         Jennifer Sullivan              1984
     Bernard Milano                        Mr. & Mrs. Michael Baker              Barbara Gibbons                1987   Elizabeth Muroski             2000   Orazio Suriano
     Kenneth Neilson                       Jean Balutanski                       Philip Godwin                  1988   Brian Murphy                  2000   Ann Swenson                    1978
     Joseph Nothwang                       Robert Baran                1975      Maxim Goldberg-Rugalev                Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Mussano          Naomi Swickle                  1986
     W. Sanborn Pfeiffer                   Lori Barnes                           Marc Goldstein                        Linda Neilson                 2003   George Tabback                 1982
     Harold Rabner                         Mr. & Mrs. Herman Bartel              Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gorski              Audrey Newman                 1993   John Taylor                    1991
     Vitus Stablein              1976      Bonnie Belfer               1975      Mr. & Mrs. Gerardo Grasso             Patricia Niclas                      Sharon Taylor-Daley            2000
     Babette Varano              1983      G. Kirk Bennett                       Mr. & Mrs. Peter Griffin               Stacey Norris                 1999   David Thibodeau                1975
     Warner Wada                           Andrew Bernstein            2004      William Griffin                 1979   North Jersey Media Group             Robert Tillsley
     Harrison Wood                         Lucille Bianco                        Patricia Gruber                1976   Shakira Nowell                2002   Patricia Timony                1999
                                           Vincenza Biribin            1991      Guardian Life Insurance               Richard Nussbaum              1973   Kathleen Tracy                 1991
     FOUNDER’S SOCIETY                     Henry Bischoff                         Company                              Michael Oakes                 1980    Steven Traschetti
     Gifts to the College                  Patricia Bishop             1990      Rizalina Guinto                       Judith O’Brien                1988   Harvey Turer
     $500 - $999                           Norma Blechman              1987      Westa Hannafin                         Beverly O’Hearn               1993   John Tyszkiewicz
     Susan Bonanno               1993      Sharon Boss                 1986      Mr. & Mrs. Rodger Hansen              Charles Oksenberg             1979   Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Ulbrich
     Gail Brady                            Terence Brady               1990      William Harnden II             1981   Marypat Olivarius-Imlah       1979   United Parcel Service Foundation
     Laura Breck                 1975      Thomas Brattvet             1979      Gregory Harrison               1997   Ulla Olson                    2001   William Unrath          1985 / 1992
     Patrick & Anne Chang                  Sarah Brelvi                1983      Elizabeth Harz                 1992   Maryanne O’Neill              1989   Cornelius Van Der Horn         1984
     The Chubb Corporation                 Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Brewer             Celeste Helvacian                     Mr. & Mrs. Guiseppe Ottaiano         Dawn Van Dorpe                 2000
     Joeen Ciannella                       Mr. & Mrs. Carl Brissett              Elaine Hendricks               1975   Janice Owens                  1977   Beatrice Van Eck               1977
     Frances Hackett             1980      Antonietta Brower           2002      Dolores Herrick                1976   Linda Padley                  1978   Leonardus VanDam, Jr.          1993
     Pamela Lewis-Cantor 1993 / 1997       Mr. & Mrs.Robert Bruno                Edward Herter                  1987   Purvi Parekh           2001 / 2004   Nancy Vandenhouten             1977
     Becky McAdams                         Janet Buck                  1976      Regina Hertzig                 1978   Paul Patoray                  2000   Jonathan Vandermaas            1993
     New Jersey Employees Charitable       Michael Byrne               1983      Mr. & Mrs. Joe Hildebrandt            Pearson Education                    Thomas Venator                 1980
     Campaign                              Todd Cairns                 1997      Eileen Hirsch                         Judith Peck                          Mr. & Mrs. Louis Venosa
     Thomas Novack               1973      Kathleen Caldwell                     Robert Hlywa                   1979   Martin Petersen                      Mr. & Mrs. Philip Verini
     Thomas Palmer                         Mr. & Mrs. Frank Calimano             Mr. & Mrs. Gary Hopkins               Mr. & Mrs. William Peterson          Robert Vertullo                1991
     Prudential Foundation                 Leo Campbell                1973      Theresa Horvath                1976   Mr. & Mrs. Louis Petzinger           Marco Viotti
     James Romanelli                       Mr. & Mrs. Walter Camuso              Lisa Hummell                   1985   Marianne Picinic              1998   Roland Viotti
     Nicholas Sardone            1980      Mr. & Mrs. Robert Castelli            Vijay Idnani                   1979   Ursula Pico-Selbach           1998   Alexander Walsh                1996
     Jeffrey Shepard                       Louis Catanese              1990      Mary Ippolito                  1982   Thomas Pini                   1978   Sean Walsh                     1979
     Verizon Communications                Garey Chalkley                        Jeanmarie Jacoby               1983   Joseph Pirrello               2001   Russell Walther                1979
     Margaret Weibye             1981      Maida Chan                            Marilyn Jaehnel-Clark          1979   Susan Pitt                    1977   John Ward
                                           Ann Chapman                 1974      James Jaworski                 1981   Mr. & Mrs. James Platukis            Judith Weisbuch                1975
     ARCH SOCIETY                          Paula Chiesa                          Virginia Jensen                1983   Dawn Porod                    1992   Patricia Wellington            1979
     Gifts to the College                  Jeanette Chisholm                     Joe Wladyka Camps, Inc.               Yolanda Prieto                       Mr. & Mrs. James West
     $250 - $499                           Carol Clinger               1973      Ivan Justic                    2004   Ginny Przyborowski            2004   Viva White                     2001
     Allied Health Care Services, Inc.     Coca-Cola Company                     Kenneth Kaeumlen               1997   Mr. & Mrs. James Przyborowski        Diana Williams                 1975
     Stephen P. Arianas                    John Colagreco              1975      Mr. & Mrs. Karl Kalkbrenner           Marybeth Purn                        John Winkin             1980 / 1991
     Kathleen Azzara                2002   Karen Colello                         Anastasio Kallopoulos          1992   Mr. & Mrs. Edward Puzio              Candace Winter
     Ranjan Basu                    1988   Richard Conti                         Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Kanda            Elizabeth Quackenbush         1975   Diana Yacobi                   1990
     Geraldine Brown                       Robert Corman                         Viola Kaps                     1979   Dee Ralls                     1996   Mr. & Mrs. Michal Zawodna
     James Clark                           Mr. & Mrs. Richard Cornacchio         Eric Karlin                           Ramapo Graphics, Inc.                Mr. & Mrs. William Zipparo
     Cathleen Davey                        Mary Sue Coscia             2000      Donald Kasten                  1978   Arthur Ramirez                       Gerald Zurawiecki              1976
     Arthur DeMaio                  1984   Joan Coughlan               1985      Satish Kauta                   1995   Elidia Ramirez                       Jane Zuroff                    1990
     Kathryn Dundorf                1978   Mr. & Mrs. David Crane                Kean University of New Jersey         Nelson Ramirez                1980   Doris Zwarych
     Laurence Egerton               1981   Jan Crumb                   1992      Robin Keller            1998 / 2002   Susan Ramirez                 1976
     Todd Fox                       1989   Frank Cuccio                1985      Joseph Kelly                   1989   Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Rath
     Gary Gerardi                          Gretchen Cuccio             1988      Kenetha Kilmurray              1982   Mr. & Mrs. Rocco Recchione           RED AND GOLD CLUB
     William Gonzalez               1979   Salvatore Daccurso                    John Kirby                     1985   Mandolin Restivo       1999 / 2004   Gifts to the College
     Mark Grannon                          Fred Damiano                          Donna Knutsen                  1977   Diane Ribustello                     under $100
     Eileen Hammond                 1979   Joan Daniels                1995      Susan Kobler                   1976   Linda Ricci-Bell              1985   Mr. & Mrs. Richard Aarons
     Joseph Haynes                         Linda Dator                           Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kollet             Patricia Rivera               1990   Diane Abis                    1987
     Jose Hernandez                 1998   Joseph De Angelis                     William Kooistra               1975   John Rizzo                    1977   Joseph Abramo                 1982
     Evan Holstrom                         Steven Defrank              1982      Peter Koutros                  1999   Margaret Rizzo                1978   Mr. & Mrs. Bennett Abrams
     Stuart Hutcheson               1980   John Demartino                        Carla Krueger                  1992   Carl Roeck                    1979   Robert Abreu
     Nancy Mackin                          Jeanne DeMasi               1974      Maria Krupin                          Helen Rogers                         David Acevedo                 1990
     Kathleen Mainardi                     Janet Dengel                1987      Keith Kulin                    1973   Gail Rosen                    1994   Andrew Adams                  1991
     Gerrie Martin                  1998   Ann Desclafani                        Louis Kwiatkowski              1994   James Rothstein                      Carol Adams                   1984

                                                                                                                               Annual Report 2004               •   RAMAPO MAGAZINE 19

CH_7165 19                                                                                                                                                                   1/17/05, 1:55:47 PM

     Cheryl Adamski                 2004   James Bates                           Amy Bravo             1996 / 2003   Angelyn Cheung               2004   Lisa Degelman                 1988
     Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Adamski           Sherrie Battaglia              1987   Christopher Brawley          1999   Children’s Place                    Salvatore Degennaro           2003
     Irene Ade                      1978   Mr. & Mrs. David Bauer                Chandra Braxton-Wilson       1991   Arthur Chill                 1974   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas DeGeorge
     Glenda Adelman                 1994   Matthew Bauer                  2004   Cynthia Brennan              1973   Fay Chin              1996 / 2000   Lee Degross                   1994
     Ayala Adler             1989 / 2003   Sheila Baye                           Donna Brennan                1991   Anthony Chiocco              1975   Lilian Del Castillo           1983
     Elissa Adler                   2003   Geraldine Beatty               1977   Gerald Brennan               1973   Mr. & Mrs. U. Choudary              Catherine Delcolliano         2000
     Erika Agatone                  2004   Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bebel              Kevin Brennan                1992   Cathy Christiana                    Diane Delgado                 1984
     Mary Agnello                   1973   James Becher                   1985   Adam Bressler                2004   Susan Christopher            1985   John Della Penna              1994
     Gary Ahladianakis              2001   Anita Becker                   1978   Robert Bressler                     Steve Cicio                         Lee Della Rocco               1992
     Eileen Ahle                    1994   Antoinette Becker              1990   Jennifer Brewer              2004   Marie Cicirello              1976   Linda DeLoretto               1976
     Carol Aitken                   1973   Christopher Becker             1995   Maurice Brewer               2004   Samangelo Ciervo             1982   Gina Delguidice               2003
     Victoria Akinnusi                     Deborah Becker                 1991   Beth Brilliant               1985   Mr. & Mrs. James Cimmino            JoAnne Demeter                2001
     Salvatore Alaimo               1987   Arlene Beckman                 1984   Matthew Brinton              1996   Jessica Cirone               2003   Loré Denver-Basil             1978
     Taha Alamleh                   1998   Mary Bedder                    1985   Sharon Brockway              1976   Joshua Cisson                       Ellen DePhillips              1974
     Brigitte Alamo                 1982   Gloria Bederka                 1981   Dot Brodkowitz               1999   Conor Clark                         Ronald Depoalo                1986
     Mr. & Mrs. Albert Albrizio            David Beers                    2001   Milton Brodkowitz            1977   David Clark                  1988   Anthony Deprima               1981
     Jan Alcide                     2004   Heather Behrens                2004   Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Brody              Sally Clark                  1984   A. Derites
     Barbara Alcock                 1978   Mr. & Mrs. Ozana Belasic              Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brooks            Mr. & Mrs. Michael Clay             Jane DeRosa                   1975
     Joseph Alexander               2003   Thomas Belcher                 1997   Geraldine Brophy             1977   Beth Clayton                 2004   Joseph Desanctis              1998
     Philip Allegro                 2004   Ronald Bello                          Gayle Brown                  1983   Claudia Coad-Parascand       1978   Michael Desanctis             1984
     Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Allegro            Christian Beltran              2002   Jennifer Brown               2004   Elvera Coakley               1980   Eve Deutsch
     Jane Almeida                          Marta Beman                           John Brown                   1991   Jean Coe                     1975   John Devine                   1993
     Mary Altendorfer               1996   Mr & Mrs. David Benfield               Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brown             Alexandra Coelho                    Christopher DeVito            2004
     Tanya Altomare                 2003   Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Bennin             Todd Brown                   1988   Christine Cohan              1979   Helene Devivo Capicotto       1975
     Mr. & Mrs. Luis Alvarez               Jonathan Benoit                1990   Kathleen Bruinooge           1986   William Cohan                1980   George Devonshire             1973
     Erica Alvarez                  1995   Patricia Bentivegna            1998   Mr. & Mrs. James Bruncati           Joyce Cohen                  1982   William Devries               1986
      Jennifer Amabile              1992   Zaida Berenguer                2004   Wally Brunetti               1995   Lindsay Cohen                2004   Michael DiBartolomeo          2003
     Brian Amato                    1982   Robert Berger                  1990   Robert Bruno                 1982   Mark Cohen                   1977   Jessica Dicaro
     Karen Amato Malisse            1981   Mr. & Mrs. Steven Berhang             Helen Brunoff                1994   James Cohoon                 1975   Margaret Dieterle             1989
     Kathryn Amato                  2001   Brent Berman                   2004   Carol Bryceland              1994   Andrea Colangelo                    Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Dilling
     Kelly Ambrose                  1992   Mr. & Mrs.Francis Bernardo            Barbara Bucci                       Denise Coleman                      Francesca DiMieri
     Michael Ambrose                1994   David Berntsen                 1985   Mr. & Mrs.Robert Buck               Joseph Collins               1975   Hui Ding                      2002
     American Express                      Joseph Berrigan                2004   Mr. & Mrs. James Bueno              Nancy Collins                1975   Lauren DiOrio                 2002
     Mark Amodio                    1986   Gladys Berrios                        Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Buffalino        Victoria Colman              2004   Rocco DiPaola                 1982
     Mr. & Mrs. Eric Anderson              Mary Ann Berthrong             1991   Mr. & Mrs. Richard Buonomo          Migdalia Colon                      Joanne DiPetrillo
     Scott Anderson                 1989   Claire Bertollo                1997   Richard Burch                1982   Vincent Colucci              2001   Joseph DiPisa                 2004
     Kathleen Andree                2004   Neil Best                      1980   Joseph Burke                 1991   Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Compton            Mary Diserio                  1995
     Mr. & Mrs. David Andresen             Noreen Best                    1976   Louis Burkhardt              1977   Nathan Coney                 2004   Charles Dolan                 1983
     John Andrews                   2004   Janell Bevan                   2004   Caroline Burns               2004   Patricia Conklin             1998   Peter Dolan                   1985
     Robert Andrezzi                2004   Mr. & Mrs. Louis Bevilacqua           Denise Burns                 2004   Michele Conlow               1975   Patricia Dolezal              1994
     Sara Andricci                  2004   Linda Beyer                    1999   JoAnne Butera                2003   Walter Conrad                       James Donkersloot             1987
     Michael Andryca                2004   Michael Bialek                 1995   Diane Byrne                  1981   Ruth Contreras               1982   Jacqueline Donnelly           1996
     Concetta Antoniello            2004   Mitchell Biarsky               1990   Mr. & Mrs. Michael Byrne            Alice Conway                 1977   Mario D’Onofrio               1976
     Mr. & Mrs. Gaetano Antoniello         Mr. & Mrs. Erwin Bieber               Ma Cabatingan                       Mr. & Mrs. Harold Cook              Dorothy Donovan               1995
     George Apriceno                1984   Mr. & Mrs. James Biggs                Carolina Cabral              2004   Kathy Cook                          James Dooley                  2004
     Debra Archimbaud               1984   Andrea Bills-Hoilett           2001   Robert Caccamo               1977   Elizabeth Cooke              2002   Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Dooley
     Benjamin Arcuri                1998   Nathaniel Binger               2004   Mildred Cadicamo             1988   Mr. & Mrs. Peter Cooper             Carole Doorley                1983
     Linda Arias                           Grace Birmingham               2004   Jeanette Cafaro              2003   Glenn Cooperman              1989   William Dorsey                1980
     Susan Arnone                   1998   Margaret Bischoff              2001   Kimberly Caldwell            2004   Anthony Copicotto                   Catherine Dougherty
     Angela Artemis Mangano         1998   Nancy Bison                    1997   John Callaghan               2003   Anthony Coppolecchia                Thomas Dourgarian             1990
     Christine Aschenbach           1999   Linda Bixler                          Margaret Calvitti            2004   Linda Cordes                        Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Dovi
     Richard Ashley                 1977   Jessica Bizzoco-Cassidy        2004   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cameron           Ronald Cornella              1976   Deborah Dowd
     Nina Atienza                   2000   Sonia Black                           Anita Campana                1975   Steven Corodemus             1980   Thomas Downs                  1980
     Max Auerbach                   2002   Linda Blackmore                       Ronald Campione              1991   Teresa Costa                 1998   John Doyle                    2002
     Lorraine Augustine             1988   Lindsay Blaess                 2004   Rosanna Camporeale           2001   Robert Cottignies            2004   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Doyle
     Allison Auriemma               2004   Amy Blaha                      2004   Jacqueline Candura                  James Courtis                1979   Amy Drake                     2004
     Iris Auriemma                         Richard Blais                  1981   William Capuano              1979   Carole Cowles                1982   Adam Drapkin                  1997
     Kathleen Austin                       Jay Blau                       2003   Jason Caputo                 2004   Brian Crane                  2001   Elizabeth Drennan             1988
     Susan Austin                   1997   Carol Bleifer                  1983   Mr. & Mrs. Edward Carafa            Debrorah Crawford                   Kevin Drennan                 1980
     Marianna Avarali                      Keith Bliss                    1975   John Carey                   1976   Christopher Crescenzo        1993   Chris Drown                   1975
     Wanda Aviles                          Rebecca Bloom-Collins          1984   Timothy Carlen               2004   Diane Criscuoli                     Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Drury
     Gerard Avillo                  1975   Diane Bloomfield                       James Carloni                1988   Andrew Cross                 1999   Joshua Dubnick                1979
     Avon Products Foundation              Miriam Blum                    1994   Heidi Carlton                1974   Eleanor Crowley              1985   Michelle DuCasse              2003
     Patricia Ayres                 1976   Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bodek              Craig Carmilani              1993   Margaret Cugini              1993   Carol Dudonis                 1990
     Regina Babcock                        Csilla Bodnar                  1975   Laura Carn                   2001   Sarah Culkin                 1984   Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Dudsak
     David Bacall                   2001   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Boesch              Joan Carnevale               1986   Leslie Curran                1977   Joseph Duffy                  1981
     Cheryl Bachmann                2004   Anne Boland                           Hugh Carola                  1980   Monica Curry                        Megan Duffy                   2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Howard Bader               Erin Boland                    2003   Sophia Caroppolo             2004   Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Cusumano           Sheila Duggan
     Joan Badin                     1983   Barbara Bolger                        Kristin Carpenter            2000   Barbara Cutler               1990   Alice Dulaski
     Cesarina Baez                         Michele Bonkoski               2004   Linda Carrube                       Dorothy Dabbs                1977   Carol Duncan
     Laura Bahto                    1997   Michele Bontya                 2002   Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Cassaro          Linda Dagata                 2004   Paul Durante                  1998
     Debra Baig                            Renae Borgognoni               2004   David Castaldo               1982   Stacy Dakake                 1997   Deniece Dye                   1993
     Claudia Bakhtiary              1997   George Borowski                2003   Carol Ann Castelbuono        1984   Rosemarie D’Alessandro       1999   James Dziekonski
     Nader Bakhtiary                1989   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Botti               Giuseppe Castellano          1998   Eric Dallendorfer            1983   Joanne Eagan                  1998
     Mr. & Mrs. Michael Baldino            Lisa Bottinelli                2004   Lisa Castellano              2004   Kevin Daly                   2004   Susan Earl                    1986
     Catherine Bales                1993   Terri Bottoni                         Lizabeth Castellitto         2004   Paul Dannenfelser            1982   Melissa Ebbets                2004
     Suzanne Balsky                 2004   Tanya Bouknight                2002   Anne Castro                  1997   Mr. & Mrs. John Dans                Robert Ebeling                1985
     Dinah Bampoe                   1999   Jennifer Boulton               2004   Kathleen Catanzaro           2004   Colleen D’Arcy               2004   Bruce Eckrote
     Melissa Barbarow               2004   Debra Bourgholtzer             1998   Yahkup Cavas                 2000   Marybeth Darnobid            2000   Craig Eckstein                1997
     Shirley Barbosa                1999   Mary Boutin                           Frantz Celestin              1994   Daniel DaRocha               2004   Selma Edelman                 1977
     Cristen Barclay                2004   Todd Bouverot                  1998   Robert Cella                        Kristen Dasenbrock           2003   Ernest Ehling                 1986
     Kenneth Barile                 1981   Mr. & Mrs. David Bovino               Vivienne Cerrati             1986   Saul David                   1973   Bette Ehrenberg
     Mr. & Mrs. Frank Barilla              Joslynn Bowers                 1980   Brenda Chadeayne             1975   Cynthia Davis                1978   Patricia Eichenlaub           1980
     Bernice Barnes                 1977   Ronald Boyce                   1977   George Chaleff               2000   Dora Davis                   2001   Robert Elam                   1987
     Stephanie Baron                2004   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Boyd                Daniel Chandler              2004   Vivian Davis                 1993   Selena Ellerbee-Eatman        1988
     Barr Associates                       Rexford Bowman                 2004   Edward Chapel                1977   Patricia Day                        Ellen Ellis                   1992
     Elaine Barrett                        Greg Boyer                            Megan Charney                1999   Elise Decker                 2004   Laura Ellis                   1982
     Louis Barriale                 1975   Kelly Boyton                          James Charters               1982   Mr. & Mrs. Terrance De Lillo        Lisa Enberg                   2003
      Jason Barry                   1994   Kurt Bozenmayer                1982   Ann Chase                    1978   Mr. & Mrs. Anthony De Marco         Robert Engel
     Philip Bartolotto              1998   Norma Bozenmayer        1974 / 2003   Carole Chasse                       Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth De Pree          Bryan English                 1978
     Ryan Bartunek                  2004   Francois Bradford              1975   Christopher Check            1998   Jon De Stefano               1977   Amy Ennis                     1984
     Leon Basiaga                          Drew Bradicich                 2000   Jane Chenoweth                      Jenet DeCosta                2003   Michael Ennis                 1982
     Alan Bassman                   1974   Patricia Brady          1992 / 2000   Thomas Chenoweth             2004   William DeGasperis                  Jan Enthoven                  1987
     David Bataille                 2003   Susan Braun                    2004   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Chernowetz        Janet Degelman               1984   Patricia Epstein              1981

     20 A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 4    •   RAMAPO MAGAZINE

CH_7165 20                                                                                                                                                               1/17/05, 1:55:50 PM
                                                                                                                                                          HONOR ROLL OF DONORS

     Kristin Erbeck                 2004   Johnny Gary                   1980   Elaine Gustenhoven            1985   Mr. & Mrs. Sook Hwang                Kamran Khawaja                 1997
     Patricia Erdmann                      Peter Gasiewicz               1978   Judith Guttenberg             1977   Frances Ibanez                1977   Farnosh Khorassani             1991
     Stephen Erny                   1973   Mr. & Mrs. John Gatsch               Fran Guy                             Juan Ibanez                   1977   Patricia Kibildis              1997
     Richard Errante                1975   Claudio Gatti                 2004   Donna Gyorfy                         IBM                                  Erin Kida                      2004
     Laura Erstling                         Mike Gatto                   2004   Shirley Hackney               1976   Teresa Iezzi                  1996   Sarah Kiefer                   2004
     Adriana Espinosa               2004   Bruce Gaunt                   1980   Kevin Haggerty                       Christopher Ilardi            1990   Lydia Kievit                   1977
     Gina Esposito                  1977   Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gelormini           Mildred Hagopian              1996   James Incorvaia               1980   William Kiley                  1976
     Joseph Esposito                2000   Frank Gelormini               2003   Eric Hague                    1978   Stephen Insdorf               1994   Mr. & Mrs. Richard Killeen
     Lillian Essex                  1978   Claudia Gentner               1977   Julie Hall             1998 / 2003   Dennis Interdonato            2002   Sentelle Kinard                1977
     Irene Estler                          William George                1990   Patricia Hamara               2002   Andrei Ionescu                2004   Diane King                     1996
     Eveline Etienne                       Karen Georgiadis              2004   Paul Hamell                   1999   Arleen Irons                         Frances King
     Kathryn Ettore                        Lillian Georgieff             1994   Jane Hammett                  1997   Christopher Irving            2004   Kristina Klarer                2004
     Donald Evans                   1983   Mr. & Mrs. Gary Gerard               Dawn Hancharik                2003   Jocelyn Irving                       Heather Klatt           2000 / 2001
     Leonora Evans                  1973   Mr. & Mrs.Gregory Gere               Melissa Hanham                1986   Richard Irwin                 1980   Norma Klau                     1998
     Kelly Evernham                        Camille Getler                1996   Kurt Hanisch                  1981   Dominick Isola                       Daniel Klein                   2004
     Margaret Faber                 1992   Grace Ghazaii                 1998   Laura Hanisch                 1996   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Isola              Jason Klein                    2000
     Neil Fabricant                 1976   Mr. & Mrs. Toby Giardiello           William Hanisch               1979   Desislava Ivanova             2004   Leslie Klein
     Laura Fagnano                  2000   Russell Gibbs                 1978   Dawn Hanna-Amodio             1986   Andrew Jackel                 1993   Barbara Klenk
     Dina Failla                           James Gilbert                 1984   Anna Hansen                   1981   Annette Jackson                      Cornelius Klepper              1987
     Scott Fairbanks                1982   William Giles                 1974   Helen Harrington              1977   Jessica Jacobs                1998   Ursula-Ann Klim                2001
     Margaret Falcon                1995   Priscilla Gillis                     Alicia Harris                 1992   Rachel Jaffe                  2002   Donna Klinge                   2004
     Nicole Falcone                 2004   Vincent Gimmelli              1990   Darleen Harris                1993   Mark Jakubek                  1985   Tomika Knight                  2004
     Linda Farmer                   1978   Brenda Gingerelli             1996   Larry Harris                  1977   Tara James                    1998   Ken Knoll
     Helena Farrell          1993 / 2003   Angela Giordano               2004   Maureen Harrison              1998   Tiffany James                 2004   Stephen Knott
     Julie Farrell                         Debra Giordano                       Christina Hartman             1989   Anthony Jannicelli            1976   Reginald Knowlton
     Marcella Farrell               1980   William Giordano              1996   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Harz               Joel Janofsky                 1995   Carol Kobbe                    1985
     Christopher Fasulo             1995   Mr. & Mrs. Rekha Giri                Barbara Hasson                       Hawa Jeneka                   2004   John Kober                     1996
     Robert Favocci                 2002   Barbara Given                 1986   Ai Hatakeyama                 2004   Judith Jeney                         Jamie Kobulnick                2004
     Arthur Felix                          Charles Givonetti             1984   Michele Hauck                 2004   Joseph Jennings               1979   John Kochanko                  1986
     Scott Felmley                  1975   Mr. & Mrs. David Glasberg            Joseph Havasy                        Mr. & Mrs. Robert Jensen             Deborah Kohlbrenner            2004
     Karen Feola                    1980   Darlene Glayat                1984   Karyn Hawkenberry             1999   Mr. & Mrs. Roger Jodon               Laura Kohler
     Jennifer Ferencz               1995   Mr. & Mrs. Regina Gloeggler          Anges Hawley                         Jessica Johnsen                      Rebecca Kolar
     Joanne Ferraioli               2004   Sheryl Glovin                 1983   Amy Hayenhelm                 1985   Natalie Johnsen               1983   David Komorowski               2003
     Salvatore Ferrante             1986   Nicole Glubo                  2004   Lauren Hayes                  1977   Avis Johnson                  1975   Barbara Kot
     Patricia Ferrari               1983   Kenneth Gobbo                 1974   Laurie Hays                   1979   Christopher Johnson           2004   Thomas Kotakis                 1995
     Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Ferraris            Sharon Godbolt                1982   Jennifer Heagen               2004   Edward Johnson                2004   Daniel Kotkin                  2002
     Kenneth Ferrell                2003   Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Gohlich          Jill Heaton                   2004   Holly Johnson                 1996   Tiffany Koutsoupias            2004
     Carol Ferrero                  1977   Arlene Goldberg               1984   Clinton Hebard                1996   Maryann Johnston              1998   Robert Koval                   1974
     Andrea Ferro                          Roberta Goldstein             1980   Dahl Heine-Geldern                   Manshi Joisher                2002   Toni Kowalczyk                 2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Festa              Cristina Goncalves            2004   Patricia Hemphill             1998   Meena Joisher                 1992   Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Kraemer
     Robert Fillare                 1978   M. Donna Gonnella                    Carol Henderson               1975   Elaine Jones                         Asher Kramer                   1975
     James Finch                    1977   Linda Gonska                  1986   Jesse Hendrix                 1999   Frederick Jones               1976   Melissa Kranz                  2004
     Barbara Fisher                 1980   Lenora Gonzales               1998   Francis Hennion               1985   Lindsay Jones                 2003   Joseph Kraus                   1974
     James Fitzgerald                      Harvey Goodman                       Derrick Hensel                2004   Kathleen Jordan               1975   Virginia Kraus                 1986
     Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Flatley             Michael Goodwin               2004   Ellyn Herbert                 1992   Irena Jovanova                2004   James Krause                   2004
     Laura Fleming                  1982   Mr. & Mrs. Mark Gordon               Jeffrey Hering         1989 / 2001   JP Morgan Chase Foundation           Mr. & Mrs. Barry Kravette
     Susan Fleming                         Ken Gorman                    1985   Kelly Hering                  1989   A. Joanne Jung                1982   Jeffrey Kristol                1982
     Carol Fletcher                 1987   Thomas Goss                   1979   Nancy Herklotz                1975   Jason Junkers                 2004   Christopher Kromrey            1996
     Roman Fliorent                 2003   Kathleen Gosselink            1994   Janet Herlihy                 1989   Ivan Justic                   2004   Mr. & Mrs. Frank Krov
     Joseph Florio                  1986   Davida Gotha                         Pedro Hernandez                      Mr. & Mrs. Sherwin Kahn              Kelly Krug                     2004
     Michael Fober                  1990   Gerianne Gourlay              1987   Mr. & Mrs. Wilfredo Hernandez        Monique Kakar                 2004   Mr. & Mrs. John Kruse
     Patricia Foley                 1981   Violet Gove                   1987   Natasha Hernandez             2002   Joan Kaldawi                  1987   Brian Kuehnapfel               1975
     Patrick Foley                  1994   Gwendolyn Grace               1995   Frank Herrmann                1978   William Kaleta                       Donna Kulinski
     Patricia Fonder                1999   Beatrice Graham               1994   Tammy Herrmann                1999   Sarah Kalendek                2001   Nancy Kuo                      1996
     Steven Fonder                  1974   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Graham             Barbara Hess-Jennings         1984   Maureen Kalmbach              1990   Shira Kurland                  2003
     Arthur Foose                          Tony Gramuglia                       Lisa Hewitt                   2004   Scott Kane                    2004   Kristin Kutch                  2003
     Lori Force                     1996   Granite Research Consulting          Jordan Heykoop                2002   Mark Kaniewski                1990   Kari Kvalheim
     Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Forte              Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Grant              Astrid Hibbert                       Jean Kappler                  2004   Frank Kyles                    1979
     Rita Fortunato                 1983   Lois Gray                     2004   Debra Higbie                  1997   Andrea Kara                          John La Russo                  1989
     Linda Fotiu                    1983   Paulette Gray                 1999   John Higgins                         Margaret Karcnik              1981   Craig Lacaruba                 1974
     Ronald Fotiu                   1981   Dragoslav Grbovic             2003   Mr. & Mrs. James Hile                Jeffrey Kardell               1993   James LaForge                  2004
     Karen Fox                      1975   Debra Greco                   1992   Jeffrey Hill                  1978   Vasilios Karlis               2000   Denise Laforgia                2000
     Ryan Fox                       1996   Lash Green                    1975   Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hoblitzell        Dale Karlson                  1979   Laura Lai-Minteer              2002
     Karen Francaviglia             2000   Paul Greenberg                1996   Sandra Hoff                   1998   Elaine Karpovich              1985   Peter Lakawicz                 1977
     Danielle Franco                2004   Phyllis Greenberg             1993   Erin Hogan                    2004   Ronald Kase                          Susan Lally                    2004
     Elka Frankel                   1977   Mr. & Mrs. Shepard Greenberg         Robert Hogan                  1976   Cherrie Lou Kassem                   Mr. & Mrs. Mark Lambert
     Barbara Fredericks             1977   Brenda Greene                 2004   Bjarne Holden                 2001   John Katirgis                 1998   Theodore Lang                  1976
     Tiffany Freud                  2004   Madeline Greene               1998   Thomas Holderith              1987   Joel Katz                            Gregory Langan                 1977
     Mr. & Mrs. Joram Freudenfels          Timothy Greene                1991   Mr. & Mrs. Ezra Holley               Edward Kaufman                1983   James Lanning                  1982
     Robyn Fried                    2004   David Greenfield               1978   Edward Holm                          Ivan Kaufman                  1990   Linda LaPaz                    1975
     Monica Friedberg               2000   Lauren Greenfield              1999   Cynthia Holstrom              2000   Kevin Kavanaugh               1976   Elizabeth Lapham               1973
     Iona Friedman                         Mr. & Mrs. Ira Susan Greenstein      Donna Hook                    1982   Joseph Kaytes                 2004   Marilyn Larkin                 1975
     Mr. & Mrs. Alan Friedman              Noeline Grefrath              1997   Bridget Hooks                 2004   Geraldine Kearns              1997   Tara Larkin                    2002
     Susan Friedman                 1986   Donald Griego                 1980   Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hooks             Maureen Keenan                       Andrew Latincsics              1989
     Gerald From                           Alicia Grifel-Grande          1994   Carol Hopper                         Heather Keene                 2000   Christina Lattimore
     Jessica Fuller                        Sheila Griffin                 1978   Joan Horni                           Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Keller              James Laudicina                2004
     Rosa Funes                            Jane Grinch                   1983   Chris Howard                  1999   Patrick Keller                1994   Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Lavigne
     Wendi Furman                   1996   David Gritschke               1981   Stuart Howard                 1989   Stephen Kelley                1984   Doris Lazur                    1978
     Peggy Ann Fusco                       Linda Groark                         Mr. & Mrs. Richard Howell            Mr. & Mrs. Hector Kelly              Karen Lazur                    1976
     Scott Gabey                           Mr. & Mrs. William Groel             Mr. & Mrs. Roger Hubbard             Jillian Kelly                 2004   Andrew Lecca                   2003
     Jacob Gadd                            Catherine Gross               1982   Christine Hubner              2004   Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kennedy              Jennifer Lederer               2004
     Mary Gagnon                    1986   Jennifer Gross                2001   Susan Hudes                          Colleen Kennedy-Akers         1981   Barton Lee
     Cindy Galarcep                 1996   William Groth                 1975   Carol Hudzik                  1999   Edward Kent                   1979   Edith Lee                      1985
     Beth Gallagher                        Sara Gruber                   1999   Richard Hull                  1990   Lucille Kent                  1983   Jeffrey Leeds                  1976
     Linda Gallo                    1981   Debra Guastella                      Erin Hult                     2004   Maryjo Kerin                  1992   Beth Leftwich                  1985
     David Galvao                   2004   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Guellnitz          Frank Hunter                  1984   Eloise Kerr                   1974   John Legrande                  1983
     Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gambino             Paul Guerci                   1983   Christina Hunter-Tysh         2001   Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kerrigan          Jean Leibman                   1993
     Harvey Gannon                  1975   Peter Guerci                  1979   Cheryl Huppert                1980   William Kerwin                1975   John Leibman                   1991
     Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Gargani            Evelyn Guercio                2001   Anthony Huss                         Jocelyn Keshishian            2004   Philip Leinhart                1984
     Jenny Garlick                  2004   Joseph Guidice                1986   Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Huss             Mr. & Mrs. John Keshishian           David Leitner                  1975
     Mathew Garofolo                2003   Margaret Guiteras             1982   Mary Hutchins                 1990   Mr. & Mrs. Jim Ketchersid            Geoffrey Lenat                 2004
     Susan Garofalo                        Margaret Gulick               1990   Lynne Hutnik                  1987   Synthia Kevitz                2003   Cynthia Lenkiewicz             2002
     William Garrity                       Joseph Gummere                1992   Karen Huysers                 1980   Tanya Kevorkian               1995   Diane Lenz Terraccino          1976
     Mr. & Mrs. Jon Garwood                William Gunner                1980   Oklan Hwang                   1982   Judith Keyes                  2000   Dana Leonardi                  2004

                                                                                                                            Annual Report 2004                •   RAMAPO MAGAZINE 21

CH_7165 21                                                                                                                                                                 1/17/05, 1:55:53 PM

     Jared Lepore                2004     William Manzo              1977   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Meyer              Mr. & Mrs. John Oates                Georgette Pfund                1984
     Thomas Leusen               2001     Lisa Maranella             1988   Maria Miceli-Jacobson         1995   Sean Oates                    2000   Brian Phair                    2003
     Mr. & Mrs. Henry Levenstein          Angela Marchionni          2004   Michelle Micklos              2004   Charles O’Brien               1981   Robyn Philburn                 2003
     Linda Levin                 1986     Thomas Marchitelli         1999   Dina Midiri                   2000   Christine O’Brien             1989   Philip Morris Inc
     Mr. & Mrs. David Levine              Mr. Mrs. Thomas Marciniak         Geoffrey Miguel               2004   David O’Brien                 1985   Lisa Piccuirro                 2004
     Karen Levine                1974     Joyce Maresca              1985   Dana Milanak                  2004   Michael O’Brien        2004 / 2004   Scott Piekarsky                1983
     Kristina Lew                2003     Dave Margolin                     Betti Milano                  1975   Brian O’Connell               2004   Christopher Pierce             1983
     Mr. & Mrs. Adam Lewandoski           Matthew Mark                      Jay Miller                           James O’Connell               1986   Mr. & Mrs. Michael Pignataro
     Gary L’Heureux              1982     Angela Markline            2004   Patrice Miller                1988   Patrick O’Connor              1979   Kristy Pinand                  2001
     Claire Lichack              1997     Richard Marko              2003   Rosemary Miller               1999   Enosh Odera                   1985   Maria Pirozzi                  1976
     Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Lieberman          Megan Marmo                2004   Vivian Milligan                      Judith Odo                    1983   Andrew Pittel                  1977
     Lorraine Lillis             1977     Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Marquis        Yehuda Minchenberg            1995   Lauren Odoksta                2004   Ann Pizzella
     Robert Lillis               1978     Elizabeth Marra            2004   Joseph Mindell                1994   Eric O’Donnell                1996   Jelena Pjesivac-Grbovic        2003
     Thomas Lillis               1977     Frank Marrone                     James Miner                   1996   Dennis O’Keefe                1977   Mr. & Mrs. William Plachinski
     Luis Linares                1992     Carmen Marrou                     Theresa Miner                 1993   Ann O’Kelly-Rindt             1979   Donald Ploch                   1999
     William Lind                         Gregg Marshall             2002   Cynthia Minervini             1996   Freddy Olave                         Jacqueline Plotts              1996
     Chris Linnartz              1994     Staci Marshall             1997   Virginia Minervini            1988   Diane O’Leary                        Margaret Plumhoff Florio       1986
     Edward Linnartz             1983     Troy Marshall              1998   Michael Miroddi               2000   Lynda Oliver                  1991   Liselotte Pobieczky            1995
     Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Lipari            Albert Martin              1981   Ann Misiano                          Mr. & Mrs. John Olivieri             Stephanie Poehlemann           2004
     Jonathan Lipkin                      Jeffrey Martin             1995   Elisa Mistrangelo                    Deonia Olivo-Lewis            2000   Wendy Polanco                  2004
     Josh Lipsky                 2004     Kristi Martin              2004   Bruce Mitchell         1984 / 2004   Carol Olori                   1980   Joan Policastro                1977
     Mr. & Mrs. Frank Liptak              Tracey Martin              1995   JoAnn Mitchell                1986   Juan Oloriz                          Carmel Polizzi                 1981
     Kevin Liptak                2004     Kenneth Martinez           1985   Mark Miyamoto                        Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Olsen               Carol Pollin                   1988
     Claire Lisa                 1985     Jaime Marzella             2004   Loredana Mladjenovic                 Barbara O’Melia                      Karen Ponte                    2004
     Ted Liszewski               1992     Joellen Marzocca                  Zita Mobayed                  1999   Kristie O’Neill               1999   Mr. & Mrs. Melbourne Ponton
     Samuel Litt                 1994     Mr. & Mrs. Steven Mascia          Robert Molitoris              2004   Mark O’Neill                  1985   Veljko Popov                   1998
     Juliet Little               2004     Michele Mascola            2002   Jessica Monaco                       Christine O’Neill Vandersnow 2001    Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Potosky
     Bernice Littlejohn          1975     Mary Maskubi               2004   Alexander Montes              2002   Daniel Orfe                   1978   Michael Potter                 1993
     Dorothy Livaudais           1980     Barbie Mason                      Christine Mooney              2004   Robert Orr                           Barbara Powers                 1981
     Liz Claiborne Foundation             Annette Mass                      Patricia Moore                       Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Orsini             Jennifer Powers                2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Dick Loberfeld            Michelle Mass                     Thomas Moore                         Mr. & Mrs. Albert Ortado             Rose Prager                    1979
     Mr. & Mrs. James LoCascio            Mr. & Mrs. Dane Massaro           Janis Morelli                 1978   Leslie Orton                  2004   Annemarie Prendergast          1978
     Sarah LoFaso                1987     Patricia Mastellon         2000   Maureen Moriarty              1977   Nancy Oshea                          Linda Preschle                 1985
     Marisa Lofrano              2004     Sueann Mather              2002   Thomas Moriarty               1976   Jacquelyn Oshman              2002   Craig Print                    2000
     Brendan Logue               1987     Antoinette Mathes          2000   Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Morresi            Danielle Ostek                       Keith Progebin                 2000
     Lisa Logue                  1988     Kristan Mathews            1998   Gilbert Morris                1985   Eugene Ottens                 1982   Mr. & Mrs. Russell Prokop
     David Lombard               1976     Kim Mathisen               2004   Jill Morris                   1979   Nanette Owens                 1975   Mr. & Mrs. James Prumos
     Jo-Nelle Long               1976     L Jeffrey Matte            1974   Patrick Morris                1979   Nicole Pacciani                      Ethel Prusha                   2003
     Jennifer Lorencovitz        1995     Lois Maxwell               1995   Peter Morris                  1996   Joseph Pacella                1975   Ginny Przyborowski             2004
     Timothy Lorencovitz         1994     Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Mayer          Traci Morris                  1999   Kevin Packen                  2004   Public Service Electric
     Heather Lorenzo             1995     Beverly Mayser             1994   Mr. & Mrs. Edward Mosko              Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Padden              & Gas Company
     Matthew Lorenzo             1995     Jennifer Mazza             2004   Mona Mosser                   1981   Cheri Pagliaro                2003   Stephanie Puch          1997 / 2004
     Lorraine Lota               1997     Michelle Mazzo             1998   Andrea Moura                  1997   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Palac              Michael Pulver                 1985
     Jeanine Louttit             1996     Ivan Mc Duffie              1993   Lawrence Mraz                 1993   Barbara Pallotta              2002   Douglas Puzio                  1977
     Mr. & Mrs. James Love                Marie McArdle              1986   Matthew Mulholland            1999   Michele Palmese               2004   Lisa Quigley                   2004
     Tyesha Lowe                 2004     Heather McAteer            2004   Loretta Muller                       Steven Palmieri               1975   Kathleen Quintero              1993
     Guiyan Lu                            Erica McCabe               2004   Gerry Mulligan                1992   Jill Pantozzi                        Christine Ramos                2001
     Phil Lucca                           Susan McCabe               1973   Lester Mulligan               1978   Michael Panzarino             2004   Mary Ramsay                    1997
     Christopher Lucia           1995     Michael McCambridge        1993   Thomas Mulligan               1994   Dorothy Papa                  1987   Filomena Ranaudo               2004
     Henry Luensmann             1988     Chad Mccauley              1998   Alex Mulry                    2001   Elaine Papa                   1982   Karen Rauch
     Raymond Luisi               1980     Kimberly McClachrie        2003   Richard Mulvihill             2004   Marie Papaleo                 1999   Bernard Re
     Lori Lukanik                         Kelly McCloskey            1991   Lauren Mundy                         Efrain Pardo                  1996   Jason Rechtman                 2004
     Christopher Lundy                    Joseph McConnell           2004   Brihann Murphy                       Richard Parian                1973   Mary Reddy                     1982
     Ellen Lutz                  1975     Kristen McCrea             2004   Mark Murphy                   1989   Laurie Parker                 2002   Diane Reed                     1989
     Richard Lutz                1995     Melissa McCrone            2004   Albert Murray                 1987   Craig Parnell                 1983   Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Reeve
     David Lydon                 1982     Mary McCusker              1999   Diana Musano                         Linda Parsells                1999   Geraldine Regan                1997
     Karen Lynch                 1994     Thomas McCusker                   Sara Muschel                  1973   Ross Parsells                        Jennifer Regiec                1993
     Eileen Lynch-Sharp          1979     Valerie McDermott          1980   Lita Mustacchi                1979   Andrea Passaretti             2003   Sean Regiec                    1992
     Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lynn               Penny McDonald             1984   Gina Musumeci                 2003   Mr. & Mrs. Frank Paterek             Mildred Reicher                1989
     Kenneth Lyons               1999     Thomas McDonough           1976   Mr. & Mrs. George Muttick            Marianne Patino               1979   Cheryl Renna                   1993
     Kenneth Lyons               1976     Madeline McGarry                  Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Myers              Michelle Paul                 2004   Mr. & Mrs. Brant Reynolds
     Mr. & Mrs. John MacDonald            Brian McGeary              1983   Mr. & Mrs. Russell Myers             Bradley Paullin               1982   Mr. & Mrs. Michael Reynolds
     Laura MacEwen               2002     Joanne McGrath Cohoon      1976   Martha Myers                  1984   Wilbert Peji                  2001   Karen Rhodes-Jervis
     Melissa Machovic            2000     Eileen McGrory             1986   Virginia Myers                       Linda Pekaar                         Jessica Rhome                  2004
     Patricia MacKay             1981     James Mcguire              1996   Mr. & Mrs. Mark Nadeau               John Pela                     1984   Christopher Rice               2004
     Mr. & Mrs. John MacMahon             Michael McGuire            2004   Jennifer Nagel                       Robert Pennabere              1978   Mr. & Mrs. James Rice
     Edward Madura               2000     Patrick McHugh             1986   Steven Nagengast              1993   Luz Pepe                             Kathleen Rice
     Donna Magee                 1978     Daniel McInerney           1980   Christine Nagle               1987   Janet Pepperted               1978   Mary Rice                      2004
     Kathleen Magennis           1977     James McKeon               1984   Bob Nanni                     1974   Heather Perdue                1996   Dana Richards                  2004
     Lelette Magrini             1975     Kevin McKeon               2004   Priya Nanwani                 1999   Mr. & Mrs. Andres Perez              Steven Richards                1976
     Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Mahoney           Stephanie McLoughlin       2004   James Nardello                1984   Sheree Perez                  1980   Kasoon Ricketts                1999
     Mr. & Mrs. James Mai                 Carol McManus              1981   Kristen Nardini                      Roseann Perkosky              1992   Patricia Riddick
     Marie Maier                 1992     Kathleen McNally           1987   Frances Nash                  1996   Gregory Perrelli              1975   James Riddiford
     Kelly Maizenaski                     Michelle McNeier           1993   Syed Nasir                    1997   Daniela Perri                 1999   Kyle Ridge
     Lesley Maklin               1989     Jennifer McNelis           2004   John Naumchik                 1998   Gerard Perricone                     Deborah Riedel                 1984
     Mr. & Mrs. Steven Makoski            Alice McTigue              1979   Kenneth Nawoschik             1994   Joan Perrone                  1981   Sharyn Riffel                  2004
     Simona Makwaia              1997     Ermira Mece                2004   Michele Neats                 2001   Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Perrotti          Dolores Rigg                   1985
     Claire Malachowski                   Mary Medina                       Charleston Neckles                   Meredith Persson              2004   Mr. & Mrs. Michael Riley
     Valerie Malfi                2004     Judy Meehan                1993   Laura Neilan                  2002   Joan Perticone                       Alexis Rinaldi                 1982
     Dmitri Malikhin             2002     Lara Meguerditchian               Kimberly Nelson               1995   Kevin Pertusiello             2004   Nancie Rinaldi                 1980
     Krista Malizia              1991     Cathleen Meilner           2004   Lori Nelson                   1989   Richard Perusse               1984   Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Ring
     Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Mallozzi          Dana Melici                2004   Barbara Nemeth                       Lucretia Pescevich            2003   Cheryl Ringelheim              1978
     Christopher Malone          2003     Diann Mello                2003   Michael Nevolo                1977   Susan Petagno                 1984   Megan Ring-Mussa               1999
     Lauren Malora               1979     Eric Melniczek             1997   Kenneth Newbauer              1984   Kristin Petersen              2001   Mr. & Mrs. Miguel Rivera
     Todd Malora                 1979     Rosalie Mendel             1986   Marisa Nicholas               2004   John Peterson                 1980   Ronald Rizio                   1980
     Andrew Manderano            1975     Lakiesha Mendez            1995   Michael Nieves                1991   Patricia Petrie                      Darice Roberts                 1989
     Mr. & Mrs. John Manganini            Teresa Mendez                     Mr. & Mrs. Geraldo Nogueras          Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Petro              Cheryl Robinson
     Carole Manger               1989      Merck Company Foundation         Amy Noller                    1999   Lauren Petrocelli             2002   Denise Rochford                1977
     Mr. & Mrs. Glen Manges               Claire Mercurio            1980   Lois Nordling                 1989   John Petrone                  1974   Sabrina Rochman                2004
     Lisa Mangieri               1987     Linda Meredith             2003   Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Nouel               Andrei Petrov                 1999   Mary Rodriguez                 1997
     Andrea Mangini-Harold       1977     Edwin Merrill              1973   Mr. & Mrs. John Novak                Leslie Petteway                      Kevin Rogers                   2004
     Shannon Manko               2001     Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.         Brian Nowack                  1994   Doris Ann Pezzolla            1993   Estelle Rogol                  1975
     Kenneth Manna               1984     Grace Meyer                1974   Sue Nussbaum                  1975   Edward Pfister                 1975   Jennifer Rohan                 1996
     Mildred Manzella                     Mr. & Mrs. John Meyer             Mr. & Mrs. Richard Nye               Pfizer Foundation                     Jacqueline Rohlfs

     22 A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 4   •   RAMAPO MAGAZINE

CH_7165 22                                                                                                                                                             1/17/05, 1:55:56 PM
                                                                                                                                                      HONOR ROLL OF DONORS

     Michele Roig                 2002   June Shaw                     1981   Dennis Sullivan              2000   Madeline Vergara                    John Young
     Nicole Romanelli             2004   Jonathan Sheehy                      Camille Supplee              1983   Beverly Ververs              1975   Mary Rose Younghouse        2000
     Marjorie Romano              1997   Rashon Shelborne              2004   Dianne Sushko O’Keefe        1979   Richard Vetterlein           1983   Andrea Zaccone              2000
     Jennifer Romanoff            1991   Mr. & Mrs. Gennadiy Shenfeld         Thomas Swanton               1982   Munish Vij                   2004   Maria Zambrano
     Josephine Romito             1997   Linda Sherwin                 1984   Marion Sweeney               1982   Thomas Vilardi               1986   Irene Zander                1977
     Judith Rooney                1984   Joanne Shih                   1993   Margaret Swetnam             1974   Margaret Villarosa           1994   Jennifer Zeichner           1997
     Robert Rooney                1983   Beth Shilane                  2004   Mr. & Mrs. Scott Switkes            Edward Villegas              1981   John Zelenoy                1983
     Nicole Rosa                         Carolyn Shivey                2004   Mr. & Mrs. George Szabo             Stephen Vinciguerra          1998   Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Zema
     Fabian Rosas                        Paul Shnyder                  1984   John Szarawarski             1984   Colleen Vogt                 2004   Robert Zicker               1984
     Christine Rose               1973   Marjorie Shovlin              1985   Dorothy Szefc                1985   Helen Von Glahn              1985   Elaine Ziegler              1985
     Nicole Rosenthal             1994   Michael Shumer                1991   Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Szolusha         Rebecca Vosburg              1983   Marianna Zilizi             1978
     Ronald Rosina                2004   Todd Siben                    1980   Ellen Tackach                1979   Elaine Voutsinas                    Matthew Zimmerman           1998
     Susan Rosnowski              2000   Etienne Sibille               1995   Kathleen Tallman             1976   Wachovia Foundation                 Kimberly Zipf               2001
     Kimberly Ross                1993   Sarah Siering                 2004   Gina Talucci                 2004   Judy Wagman                  1997   Howard Zuckerman            1973
     Christina Rossi              1978   Catherine Signorelli          2004   Janet Tamburro               2001   Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Wagner            Eric Zweigbaum              1996
     Joanne Roukens               1977   Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Siino             Mr. & Mrs. Brad Tannenbaum          Linda Wagner                 1973
     William Rowland              2004   Deborah Silva                        Mr. & Mrs. James Tasker             Maries Wagner
     Philip Rozewski                     Ryan Silva                    2004   Shannon Tasker               2004   Richard Wagner               1983   Ramapo Parents Fund
     Lorraine Rubino              1995   Eleanor Simchera              2003   Robert Taylor                1996   Timothy Walczak                     Mr. & Mrs. Richard Aarons
     Kimberly Rude                2002   Janet Simon                   1977   Tracey Taylor                1991   Mark Walker                  1992   Mr. & Mrs. Bennett Abrams
     Marcella Runell              1997   Wendy Simonis                 2002   Robbin Taylor Peirce         1983   Virginia Walker              1986   Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Adamski
     Dorian Rush McClintock       1983   Cindy Simon-Wohl              1998   Suzanne Teijelo              1973   Kathleen Walsh               1987   Victoria Akinnusi
     Robert Russo                 1984   Donna Singer                  1978   Patricia Tepper              2000   Mr. & Mrs. Terence Walsh            Mr. & Mrs. Albert Albrizio
     Gary Rutledge                       Mark Singer                          Joseph Testori               2004   Thomas Walsh                        Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Allegro
     Lois Rutter                         Lara Slaman                   2003   The Bank of New York                Michele Walton                      Jane Almeida
     Mr. & Mrs. G. J. Sabiel             Joan Sloane                   1973   Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Thibault          Robin Wanamaker-Woltjen 1975        Mr. & Mrs. Luis Alvarez
     Mr. & Mrs. James Sadhoo             Carmela Sloezen               1984   Damas Thoman                        Yun Wang                     1997   Mr. & Mrs. Eric Anderson
     Lorie Saettler               2001   Boris Smirnov                 2004   Adele Thomas                 2001   Dawn Ward                    1989   Mr. & Mrs. David Andresen
     Mr. & Mrs. Peter Saksa              Barbara Smith                 1978   Joan Thomas                  1983   Lynn Ward                    1977   Mr. & Mrs. Gaetano Antoniello
     Veronica Saldarini           1999   Diane Smith                   2001   Jean-Marie Thompson                 Mr. & Mrs. Rodger Ward              Linda Arias
     Rita Salemo                  2003   Jamielee Smith                2002   Harry Thomson                1985   Stephen Ward                 1989   Kathy Atiyyeh
     Theresa Salerno                     Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Smith              Adam Tighe                   2004   Erica Wardle                 2001   Iris Auriemma
     Sherica Salmon               2004   Laurie Smyla                  1988   Rosalie Tischler             1985   Jeri Warhaftig               1976   Marianna Avarali
     Eric Salsbury                2000   Richard Smyla                 1986   Jeffrey Titelius             1990   James Warren                 2000   Wanda Aviles
     Jefferson Sampson            1998   Kathleen Snell                1978   Brian Todd                   1980   Judith Washburne                     AXA Foundation
     Laurisa Sampson              1989   Jeane Snopkawski                     Donna Todd                   1980   Michael Washington           2001   Regina Babcock
     Jennifer Sandmann            1996   Sheri Snyder                  2002   Adam Toht                    2004   Daniel Wasserman             1988   Mr. & Mrs. Howard Bader
     Vivian Sansone               1993   Steven Snyder                 1994   Joseph Tomanelli             1983   Mary Watts                   1997   Debra Baig
     James Santiago               2003   Laura Sobek                   1999   Linda Tomasso                1975   Adam Wazeter                 2001   Mr. & Mrs. Michael Baker
     Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Santos            Gregory Soboleski             1978   H. Marina Topken             1987   Robert Weber                 1988   Mr. & Mrs. Michael Baldino
     Arthur Sarro                        Nancy Soboleski               1983   Anthony Torres                      Donald Weekes                1975   Mr. & Mrs. Frank Barilla
     Lauren Sartori               2003   Yusimi Sobrino-Bonilla        2004   Donna Totaro                 1984   Stephanie Weickert           2004   Lori Barnes
     Marie Sathananthan           1987   Lawrence Soehnel              1979   Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Toth             Jeffrey Weil                 1983   Barr Associates
     Jill Sauerman                1994   Karl Soehnlein                1981   Debora Tracey                1999   Mr. & Mrs.Thomas Weiler             Elaine Barrett
     Slavica Savic                       Erin Sola                     1991   Lisa Tragna                  1994   Arlene Weinberg              1981   Mr. & Mrs. Herman Bartel
     Beth Sawickie                1999   Rudolph Solar                 2004   Michael Tramontozzi          1982   Andrea Weinstein                    Leon Basiaga
     Denise Sayers                1988   Robert Sommer                        Tuan Tran                    2001   Chaim Weisman                1993   Mr. & Mrs. David Bauer
     Maureen Scanlan              1998   Kate Sonderfan                       Maria Trapani                       Seth Weisman                        Sheila Baye
     John Schaefer                2000   Mr. & Mrs. R. Craig Sonderfan        William Trembath             1999   David Wekselblatt            1984   Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bebel
     Justine Schaub               1993   Judith Soria                         Russell Tricoli                     Dorothy Welch                1984   Mr. & Mrs. Ozana Belasic
     Michael Schenck              2003   Robert Sosnowski              1986   Christina Trombetta          1993   Cynthia Wellins              1996   Ronald Bello
     Frank Schettino                     Jariatu Sow                   2004   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Trubac            Sharon Wells                 2001   Marta Beman
     Margaret Scheulen            1982   Mr. & Mrs. Frank Spaccarotella       Joseph Truglio               1985   Lorre Welsh                  1976   Mr & Mrs. David Benfield
     Laura Schick                 1998   Kim Spaccarotella             2003   Linda Trumble Altizio        1978   Mark Wendrychowicz           1993   Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Bennin
     Steven Schiffman             1975   Polly Spadaccini              1978   Sarah Tucci                  2004   Julie Wessel                 2004   Mr. & Mrs. Steven Berhang
     Eileen Schilling             1982   Jill Sparling Anderson        1986   David Tucker                        Deborah West                 1988   Mr. & Mrs.Francis Bernardo
     James Schilling              1981   Ruth Spellman                        Theresa Turansky             2003   Mr. & Mrs Barry Weston              Gladys Berrios
     David Schlameuss                    Sherill Spellman              1986   Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Turco            Christa Whalen               1976   Mr. & Mrs. Louis Bevilacqua
     Mr. & Mrs. Gary Schlossman          Francis Speranza                     Valerie Turer                1985   Daniel Whartnaby             2004   Mr. & Mrs. Erwin Bieber
     Corinne Schmidt                     Alan Spielholz                1978   Marilyn Turnamian            1989   Richard Wheeler                     Mr. & Mrs. James Biggs
     Gudrun Schmidt               1991   Amparo Spielholz              1980   Arthur Tursh                 1978   Mr. & Mrs Edward White              Linda Bixler
     Julie Schmidt                       Josh Spivack                         Mr. & Mrs.Paul Tyahla               Michelle White               1998   Sonia Black
     Patricia Schmidt             1982   Lorraine Spivak               1983   Joseph Tzortzinis            1999   Nancy White                  2000   Linda Blackmore
     John Schneider               1982   Dominic Sposato               2004   Ellen Uchrin                        Thomas White                 2004   Diane Bloomfield
     Susan Schrempp               1996   Mr. & Mrs. Carol Sposato             Carol Uckar                  1979   Martha Whitfield              1993   Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bodek
     Mr. & Mrs. Mark Schumann            Lisa Sprague                  2004   Unilever United States, Inc.        Melissa Whitney              2004   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Boesch
     Cipora Schwartz              1980   Geri Squire                   1974   Mr. & Mrs. Donald Unkel             Tacquice Wiggan                     Mr. & Mrs. Robert Botti
     Eric Schwartz                1999   Robert Squire                 1977   Rachele Unter                1977   Brant Wigginton              2004   Terri Bottoni
     Richard Schweighardt         1980   Frank Stack                          Mr. & Mrs. Ricardo Uriarte          Eileen Wildey                1990   Mr. & Mrs. David Bovino
     Donald Schwenker             1983   State Farm Companies Foundation      Cathy Vacirca                1975   Annemarie Williams           1980   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Boyd
     Mr. & Mrs. Mark Schwind             Donna Stebner                 1985   Marcus Valcarcel             2003   Patricia Williams     1984 / 2000   Robert Bressler
     Mr. & Mrs. Paul Scollo              Karen Steiner                        Barbara Valentine            1994   Iris Wilson                  1995   Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Brewer
     John Scrivens                1997   Trudy Steinfeld               1977   Sharon Van der Veen          1994   Kimberly Wilson              2004   Mr. & Mrs. Carl Brissett
     Rita Seay-Veca               1975   Yaakov Steinhart              1995   Dona Van Dyke                1992   Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Wilson           Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Brody
     Elizabeth Sebastian          1987   Laura Steinhauser             1985   Joyce Van Dyke               1986   Mr. & Mrs. William Wilson           Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brooks
     John Sebastian               1986   Rachel Sterk                  2000   Mr. & Mrs. William VanGlahn         Donald Winget                1977   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brown
     Anthony Sebastiano           1987   Lori Stewart                  1985   Kathleen Van Loan            1981   Mr. & Mrs. Dave Winogron            Mr. & Mrs. James Bruncati
     Ruth Sebzda                  1983   Peggy Stewart                 1997   Jennifer Van Pelt            2004   Caroline Winter              1995   Mr. & Mrs.Robert Bruno
     Dawn Seibel                  1999   Veronica Stewart              2004   Patricia Van Vliet           1993   Joyce Wojcik                        Barbara Bucci
     Robert Seidel                1996   Cynthia Stille                1987   Peter VanAulen               1987   Jessica Wolfe                2004   Mr. & Mrs.Robert Buck
     Josephine Selle              1990   Deborah Stinnard                     Priscilla VanAulen           1986   Kristen Wood                 2003   Mr. & Mrs. James Bueno
     J. Timothy Sensor            1977   Mr. & Mrs. William Stolow            Debra Vangieson              1993   Rikki Woodring               2001   Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Buffalino
     Carolyn Serebreny            1983   Donna Stone                   1981   Garry Vanheest               1974   Arthur Woods                 2004   Mr. & Mrs. Richard Buonomo
     Roland Serwin                1973   Matthew Stragazzi             1989   Mr. & Mrs. Douglas VanWinkle        Thomas Woodward              1992   Mr. & Mrs. Michael Byrne
     Gerilyn Sestok               1987   Stacie Strang Romano                 Richard Vanwyk               1976   Jenelle Woolley              2004   Ma Cabatingan
     Angelo Severino              1991   Lisa Strano                   1998   Edwin Vargas                        Glenn Worman                 1981   Kathleen Caldwell
     Ernest Shadow                1985   Jill Stringer                 1985   Christopher Varites          2004   Celia Wortley                       Mr. & Mrs. Frank Calimano
     Waltraut Shadow              1975   Jennie Strobel                2004   Robert Veca                  1980   Joan Wortmann                1997   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cameron
     Robert Shaffer               1990   Cynthia Strom                 1991   Mr. & Mrs. Marisol Velez            Stephanie Wright             2003   Mr. & Mrs. Walter Camuso
     Vidhi Shah                   2002   Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Stryker           Sidsel Venger                1989   Elisheva Wylen               2004   Mr. & Mrs. Edward Carafa
     Karla Shanahan               1988   Keith Sucholdolski            2003   Roseanne Venidis                    Lori Yanowitz                1994   Linda Carrube
     Edward Shannon               1985   Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Suchodolski        Josephine Vent               1978   Kelvin Yao                   1998   Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Cassaro
     Frances Shapiro-Skrobe              Fumiko Sugahara               1995   Susan Venturini              1986   Donna Yeung                  1981   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Castelli
     Scott Shapiro                1981   Brian Sullivan                1993   Carlos Veras                        Oke Yi                              Garey Chalkley

                                                                                                                         Annual Report 2004              •   RAMAPO MAGAZINE 23

CH_7165 23                                                                                                                                                            1/17/05, 1:55:58 PM

     Maida Chan                           Mr. & Mrs. Mark Gordon            Mr. & Mrs. Steven Makoski       Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Ring          Oke Yi
     Carole Chasse                        Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gorski          Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Mallozzi     Mr. & Mrs. Miguel Rivera         Mr. & Mrs. Michal Zawodna
     Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Chernowetz         Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Graham          Mr. & Mrs. John Manganini       Cheryl Robinson                  Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Zema
     Paula Chiesa                         Tony Gramuglia                    Mr. & Mrs. Glen Manges          James Rothstein                  Mr. & Mrs. William Zipparo
     Jeanette Chisholm                    Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Grant           Mildred Manzella                Philip Rozewski                  Doris Zwarych
     Mr. & Mrs. U. Choudary               Mr. & Mrs. Gerardo Grasso         Mr. Mrs. Thomas Marciniak       Gary Rutledge
     Cathy Christiana                     Mr. & Mrs. Shepard Greenberg      Matthew Mark                    Lois Rutter
     Steve Cicio                          Mr. & Mrs. Ira Susan Greenstein   Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Marquis      Mr. & Mrs. G. J. Sabiel          SENIOR GIFT DRIVE
     Mr. & Mrs. James Cimmino             Mr. & Mrs. Peter Griffin           Frank Marrone                   Mr. & Mrs. James Sadhoo          Cheryl Adamski               2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Michael Clay              Linda Groark                      Carmen Marrou                   Mr. & Mrs. Peter Saksa           Erika Agatone                2004
     Andrea Colangelo                     Mr. & Mrs. William Groel          Joellen Marzocca                Lawrence and Theresa Salameno    Jan Alcide                   2004
     Karen Colello                        Debra Guastella                   Mr. & Mrs. Steven Mascia        Theresa Salerno                  Philip Allegro               2004
     Migdalia Colon                       Mr. & Mrs. Robert Guellnitz       Yvonne Maskin                   Mr. & Mrs. John Santorella       Kathleen Andree              2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Compton             Rizalina Guinto                   Barbie Mason                    Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Santos         John Andrews                 2004
     Walter Conrad                        Fran Guy                          Mr. & Mrs. Dane Massaro         Arthur Sarro                     Robert Andrezzi              2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Harold Cook               Donna Gyorfy                      Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Mayer        Slavica Savic                    Sara Andricci                2004
     Kathy Cook                           Mr. & Mrs. Rodger Hansen          Thomas McCusker                 Frank Schettino                  Michael Andryca              2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Peter Cooper              Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Harz            Madeline McGarry                Mr. & Mrs. Gary Schlossman       Concetta Antoniello          2004
     Anthony Copicotto                    Barbara Hasson                    Mary Medina                     Mr. & Mrs. Mark Schumann         Allison Auriemma             2004
     Anthony Coppolecchia                 Anges Hawley                      Teresa Mendez                   Mr. & Mrs. Mark Schwind          Cheryl Bachmann              2004
     Linda Cordes                         Dahl Heine-Geldern                Merck Company Foundation        Mr. & Mrs. Paul Scollo           Suzanne Balsky               2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Richard Cornacchio        Celeste Helvacian                 Metroplitan Life Foundation     Marilyn Scudder                  Melissa Barbarow             2004
     Mr. & Mrs. David Crane               Mr. & Mrs. Wilfredo Hernandez     Mr. & Mrs. Robert Meyer         Mr. & Mrs. Gennadiy Shenfeld     Cristen Barclay              2004
     Debrorah Crawford                    Astrid Hibbert                    Mr. & Mrs. John Meyer           Connie Shingledecker             Stephanie Baron              2004
     Diane Criscuoli                      John Higgins                      Vivian Milligan                 Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Siino         Ryan Bartunek                2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Cusumano            Mr. & Mrs. Joe Hildebrandt        Ann Misiano                     Deborah Silva                    James Bates                  2004
     Mr. & Mrs. John Dans                 Mr. & Mrs. James Hile             Loredana Mladjenovic            Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Smith          Matthew Bauer                2004
     Patricia Day                         Eileen Hirsch                     Thomas Moore                    Mr. & Mrs. Barry Smith           Heather Behrens              2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Terrance De Lillo         Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hoblitzell     Patricia Moore                  Jeane Snopkawski                 Zaida Berenguer              2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Anthony De Marco          Mr. & Mrs. Ezra Holley            Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Morresi       Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Snyder         Brent Berman                 2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth De Pree           Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hooks          Mr. & Mrs. Edward Mosko         Mr. & Mrs. R. Craig Sonderfan    Andrew Bernstein             2004
     William DeGasperis                   Mr. & Mrs. Gary Hopkins           Mr. & Mrs. Martin Mowrey        Judith Soria                     Joseph Berrigan              2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Thomas DeGeorge           Joan Horni                        Loretta Muller                  Mr. & Mrs. Frank Spaccarotella   Janell Bevan                 2004
     John Demartino                       Mr. & Mrs. Richard Howell         Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Mussano     Francis Speranza                 Nathaniel Binger             2004
     Mrs. A. Derites                      Mr. & Mrs. Roger Hubbard          Mr. & Mrs. George Muttick       Mr. & Mrs. Carol Sposato         Grace Birmingham             2004
     Ann Desclafani                       Susan Hudes                       Mr. & Mrs. Russell Myers        Paul Sprecher                    Jessica Bizzoco-Cassidy      2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Neil Deutsch              Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Huss          Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Myers         Frank Stack                      Lindsay Blaess               2004
     Carol Digiacomo                      Mr. & Mrs. Sook Hwang             Virginia Myers                  Karen Steiner                    Amy Blaha                    2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Dilling       Arleen Irons                      Mr. & Mrs. Mark Nadeau          Mr. & Mrs Martin Stern           Michele Bonkoski             2004
     John Dineen                          Jocelyn Irving                    Patricia Niclas                 Deborah Stinnard                 Renae Borgognoni             2004
     Joanne DiPetrillo                    Mr. & Mrs. Robert Isola           Mr. & Mrs. Geraldo Nogueras     Mr. & Mrs. William Stolow        Lisa Bottinelli              2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Elliot Don                Annette Jackson                   Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Nouel          Stacie Strang Romano             Jennifer Boulton             2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Dooley            Mr. & Mrs. Robert Jensen          Mr. & Mrs. John Novak           Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Stryker       Rexford Bowman               2004
     Gabrielle Doud                       Mr. & Mrs. Roger Jodon            Mr. & Mrs. Richard Nye          Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Suchodolski    Greg Boyer                   2004
     Catherine Dougherty                   Johnson & Johnson                Mr. & Mrs. John Oates           Orazio Suriano                   Kelly Boyton                 2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Dovi            Mr. & Mrs. Sherwin Kahn           Freddy Olave                    Mr. & Mrs. Scott Switkes         Susan Braun                  2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Doyle              Mr. & Mrs. Karl Kalkbrenner       Diane O’Leary                   Mr. & Mrs. George Szabo          Adam Bressler                2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Drury             Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Kanda        Mr. & Mrs. John Olivieri        Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Szolusha      Jennifer Brewer              2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Dudsak            Andrea Kara                       Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Olsen          Mr. & Mrs. Brad Tannenbaum       Maurice Brewer               2004
     Sheila Duggan                        Maureen Keenan                    Barbara O’Melia                 Mr. & Mrs. James Tasker          Jennifer Brown               2004
     Bruce Eckrote                        Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Keller           Robert Orr                      Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Thibault       Caroline Burns               2004
     Robert Engel                         Mr. & Mrs. Hector Kelly           Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Orsini        Damas Thoman                     Denise Burns                 2004
     Patricia Erdmann                     Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kennedy           Mr. & Mrs. Albert Ortado        Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Toth          Carolina Cabral              2004
     Therese Errichiello                  Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kerrigan       Nancy Oshea                     Maria Trapani                    Kimberly Caldwell            2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Jaime Escarpeta           William Kerwin                    Mr. & Mrs. Guiseppe Ottaiano    Steven Traschetti                Margaret Calvitti            2004
     Irene Estler                         Mr. & Mrs. John Keshishian        Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Padden        Mr. & Mrs. Robert Trubac         Jacqueline Candura           2004
     Eveline Etienne                      Mr. & Mrs. Jim Ketchersid         Mr. & Mrs. Robert Palac         David Tucker                     Jason Caputo                 2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Michael Farrelly          Mr. & Mrs. Richard Killeen        Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Palilonis    Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Turco         Timothy Carlen               2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ferrante          Frances King                      Ross Parsells                   Mr. & Mrs.Paul Tyahla            Sophia Caroppolo             2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Ferraris           Leslie Klein                      Mr. & Mrs. Frank Paterek        John Tyszkiewicz                 Lisa Castellano              2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Brian Ferreira            Reginald Knowlton                 Linda Pekaar                    Ellen Uchrin                     Lizabeth Castellitto         2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Festa             Laura Kohler                      Luz Pepe                        Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Ulbrich       Kathleen Catanzaro           2004
     Efim Fishman                          Rebecca Kolar                     Mr. & Mrs. Andres Perez         Mr. & Mrs. Donald Unkel          Daniel Chandler              2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Flatley            Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kollet         Gerard Perricone                Mr. & Mrs. Ricardo Uriarte       Thomas Chenoweth             2004
     Susan Fleming                        Barbara Kot                       Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Perrotti     Mr. & Mrs. William VanGlahn      Angelyn Cheung               2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Forte             Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Kraemer          Joan Perticone                  Mr. & Mrs. Douglas VanWinkle     Joshua Cisson                2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Joram Freudenfels         Mr. & Mrs. Barry Kravette         Mr. & Mrs. William Peterson     Edwin Vargas                     Conor Clark                  2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Alan Friedman             Mr. & Mrs. Frank Krov             Patricia Petrie                 Mr. & Mrs. Marisol Velez         Beth Clayton                 2004
     Iona Friedman                        Mr. & Mrs. John Kruse             Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Petro         Roseanne Venidis                 Alexandra Coelho             2004
     Gerald From                          Donn Kulinsky                     Mr. & Mrs. Louis Petzinger      Mr. & Mrs. Louis Venosa          Lindsay Cohen                2004
     Rosa Funes                           Mr. & Mrs. Paul Laino              Philip Morris Inc              Carlos Veras                     Victoria Colman              2004
     Peggy Ann Fusco                      Mr. & Mrs. Mark Lambert           Mr. & Mrs. Michael Pignataro    Madeline Vergara                 Nathan Coney                 2004
     Lucille Gabel                        Mr. & Mrs.Angelo LaPorta          Ann Pizzella                    Mr. & Mrs. Philip Verini         Robert Cottignies            2004
     Scott Gabey                          Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Lavigne        Mr. & Mrs. William Plachinski   Roland Viotti                    Monica Curry                 2004
     Beth Gallagher                       Mr. & Mrs. Louis Lawson           Mr. & Mrs. James Platukis       Elaine Voutsinas                 Linda Dagata                 2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Galton              Eileen Lebegue                    Mr. & Mrs. Melbourne Ponton      Wachovia Foundation             Kevin Daly                   2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gambino            John Leechan                      Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Potosky        Maries Wagner                    Colleen D’Arcy               2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Gargani           Mr. & Mrs. Henry Levenstein       Mr. & Mrs. Russell Prokop       Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Wagner         Daniel DaRocha               2004
     Susan Garofalo                       Mr. & Mrs. David Levine            Prudential Foundation          Timothy Walczak                  Elise Decker                 2004
     William Garrity                      Mr. & Mrs. Adam Lewandoski        Mr. & Mrs. James Prumos         Mr. & Mrs. Terence Walsh         Christopher DeVito           2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Jon Garwood               Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Lieberman       Mr. & Mrs. James Przyborowski   Thomas Walsh                     Jessica Dicaro               2004
     Mr. & Mrs. John Gatsch               William Lind                      Marybeth Purn                   Michele Walton                   Francesca DiMieri            2004
     Philip Gatti                         Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Lipari         Mr. & Mrs. Edward Puzio         Mr. & Mrs. Rodger Ward           Joseph DiPisa                2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gelormini           Mr. & Mrs. Frank Liptak           Elidia Ramirez                  Judith Washburne                 James Dooley                 2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Gary Gerard               Liz Claiborne Foundation          Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Rath         Mr. & Mrs.Thomas Weiler          Deborah Dowd                 2004
     Mr. & Mrs.Gregory Gere               Mr. & Mrs. Dick Loberfeld         Bernard Re                      Andrea Weinstein                 Amy Drake                    2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Toby Giardiello           Mr. & Mrs. James LoCascio         Mr. & Mrs. Rocco Recchione      Mr. & Mrs. James West            Megan Duffy                  2004
     Priscilla Gillis                     Mr. & Mrs. James Love             Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Reeve          Mr. & Mrs Barry Weston           Alice Dulaski                2004
     Debra Giordano                       Lori Lukanik                      Mr. & Mrs. Michael Reynolds     Richard Wheeler                  Melissa Ebbets               2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Rekha Giri                Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lynch-Jester   Mr. & Mrs. Brant Reynolds       Mr. & Mrs Edward White           Kristin Erbeck               2004
     Mr. & Mrs. David Glasberg            Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lynn            Karen Rhodes-Jervis             Mr. & Mrs. William Wilson        Laura Erstling               2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Regina Gloeggler          Mr. & Mrs. John MacDonald         Mr. & Mrs. James Rice           Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Wilson        Adriana Espinosa             2004
     Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Gohlich          Mr. & Mrs. John MacMahon          Kathleen Rice                   Mr. & Mrs. Dave Winogron         Kathryn Ettore               2004
     M. Donna Gonnella                    Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Mahoney        Patricia Riddick                Candace Winter                   Kelly Evernham               2004
     Harvey Goodman                       Mr. & Mrs. James Mai              Mr. & Mrs. Michael Riley        Joyce Wojcik                     Dina Failla                  2004

     24 A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 4   •   RAMAPO MAGAZINE

CH_7165 24                                                                                                                                                    1/17/05, 1:56:01 PM
                                                                                                           RAMAPO COLLEGE
     Nicole Falcone
     Julie Farrell
                                  Melissa McCrone
                                  Michael McGuire
                                                                  Sarah Tucci
                                                                  Jennifer Van Pelt
                                                                                                         ALUMNI ASSOCIATION
     JoAnne Ferraioli      2004   Kevin McKeon             2004   Christopher Varites        2004
     Andrea Ferro
     Arthur Foose
                                  Stephanie McLoughlin
                                  Jennifer McNelis
                                                                  Munish Vij
                                                                  Marco Viotti
                                                                                                           ELECTION BALLOT
     Danielle Franco       2004   Ermira Mece              2004   Colleen Vogt               2004
     Tiffany Freud         2004   Lara Meguerditchian      2004   Stephanie Weickert         2004
     Robyn Fried           2004   Cathleen Meilner         2004   Seth Weisman               2004        The following slate of candidates has been
     Jessica Fuller        2004   Dana Melici              2004   Julie Wessel               2004
     Jacob Gadd            2004   Michelle Micklos         2004   Daniel Whartnaby           2004        endorsed by the Alumni Association Board
     David Galvao          2004   Geoffrey Miguel          2004   Thomas White               2004
     Jenny Garlick         2004   Dana Milanak             2004   Melissa Whitney            2004        of Directors Nominating Committee.
     Claudio Gatti         2004   Jay Miller               2004   Tacquice Wiggan            2004
     Mike Gatto            2004   Elisa Mistrangelo        2004   Brant Wigginton            2004
                                                                                                         All officers of the Alumni Association
     Karen Georgiadis      2004   Mark Miyamoto            2004   Kimberly Wilson            2004        will serve a two-year term and Board
     Angela Giordano       2004   Robert Molitoris         2004   Jessica Wolfe              2004
     Nicole Glubo          2004   Jessica Monaco           2004   Arthur Woods               2004        members will serve a three-year term.
     Cristina Goncalves    2004   Christine Mooney         2004   Jenelle Woolley            2004
     Michael Goodwin       2004   Richard Mulvihill        2004   Elisheva Sylen             2004
     Davida Gotha          2004   Laruen Mundy             2004   John Young                 2004
     Lois Gray             2004   Brihann Murphy           2004   Maria Zambrano             2004
     Brenda Greene         2004   Diana Musano             2004                                          President
     Michele Hauck         2004   Gina Musumeci            2004                                          (vote for one)
     Jennifer Heagen       2004   Jennifer Nagel           2004   FRIENDS OF RAMAPO
     Jill Heaton           2004   Kristen Nardini          2004   Mr. William Alvine                     Lisa Ryan ________________________________
     Derrick Hensel        2004   Charleston Neckles       2004   Mr. Fred Amendolara
     Lisa Hewitt           2004   Barbara Nemeth           2004   Ms. Barbara Bolger
     Erin Hogan            2004   Marisa Nicholas          2004   Mr. Peter Bolten
     Bridget Hooks         2004   Michael O’Brien          2004   Mr. Pierre Bonin
                                                                                                         Vice President
     Christine Hubner      2004   Brian O’Connell          2004   Mr. William Briggs                     (vote for one)
     Erin Hult             2004   Lauren Odoksta           2004   Mr. John Bristow                       Joseph DeAngelis _________________________
     Andrei Ionescu        2004   Leslie Orton             2004   Mr. David Calianese
     Christopher Irving    2004   Danielle Ostek           2004   Ms. Patricia Cameiro                   Nadine Mooers ___________________________
     Dominick Isola        2004   Nicole Pacciani          2004   Ms. Adaline Caputi
     Desislava Ivanova     2004   Kevin Packen             2004   Mr. Joseph Celentano
     Tiffany James         2004   Michele Palmese          2004   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cella
     Hawa Jeneka           2004   Jill Pantozzi            2004   Mr. & Mrs. Okey Chenoweth              Secretary
     Jessica Johnsen       2004   Michael Panzarino        2004   Ms. Anna Debska-Chwaja                 (vote for one)
     Christopher Johnson   2004   Purvi Parekh             2004   Mr. & Mrs. George Cimis     1991
     Edward Johnson        2004   Michelle Paul            2004   Mr. & Mrs. Ron Blaustein               Todd Siben_______________________________
     Irena Jovanova        2004   Meredith Persson         2004   Mr. Elliot Coley
     Jason Junkers         2004   Kevin Pertusiello        2004   Mr. Jerry Davis
     Ivan Justic           2004   Leslie Petteway          2004   Mr. & Mrs. Roderick DiRisio
     Monique Kakar         2004   Lisa Piccuirro           2004   Mr. Thomas Engelke                     Members
     William Kaleta        2004   Stephanie Poehlemann     2004   Mr. & Mrs. David Frendal               (vote for four)
     Scott Kane            2004   Wendy Polanco            2004   Mr. & Mrs. Angel Garcia
     Jean Kappler          2004   Karen Ponte              2004   Mrs. Rene Grillo
     Joseph Kaytes         2004   Jennifer Powers          2004   Ms. Virginia Halprin                   Ursala Selabach ___________________________
     Jillian Kelly         2004   Ginny Przyborowski       2004   Ms. Ashley Halvorsen
     Jocelyn Keshishian    2004   Stephanie Puch           2004   Mr. Milton Halvorsen                   Jenny LaPlaca_____________________________
     Erin Kida             2004   Lisa Quigley             2004   Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Hazard             Dan Furphy ______________________________
     Sarah Kiefer          2004   Filomena Ranaudo         2004   Ms. Joan Kay
     Kristina Klarer       2004   Jason Rechtman           2004   Mr. Nazaret Kradjian                   Mike Ricciardi ____________________________
     Daniel Klein          2004   Jessica Rhome            2004   Mr. Robert LaSalvia
     Barbara Klenk         2004   Christopher Rice         2004   Mrs. Mary Lehmann
     Donna Klinge          2004   Mary Rice                2004   Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Levine
     Tomika Knight         2004   Dana Richards            2004   Mr. Phil MacDonald                     Write-in Candidates: __________________
     Stephen Knott         2004   James Riddiford          2004   Mr. Mario Marino
     Jamie Kobulnick       2004   Kyle Ridge               2004   Ms. Rose Marie Mark
     Deborah Kohlbrenner   2004   Sharyn Riffel            2004   Mr. George Marone                      _________________________________________
     Tiffany Koutsoupias   2004   Sabrina Rochman          2004   Mr. Thomas McCarthy
     Toni Kowalczyk        2004   Kevin Rogers             2004   Mr. James F. McGilloway                _________________________________________
     Melissa Kranz         2004   Jacqueline Rohlfs        2004   Mr. Jerry Meller                       _________________________________________
     James Krause          2004   Nicole Romanelli         2004   Mrs. Irene Montella
     Kelly Krug            2004   Nicole Rosa              2004   Mr. Rafael Morales
     Kari Kvalheim         2004   Fabian Rosas             2004   Mr. John Mulcahy
     James LaForge         2004   Ronald Rosina            2004   Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Munsen
     Susan Lally           2004   William Rowland          2004   Mr. Andrew Nelson
     Christina Lattimore   2004   Sherica Salmon           2004   Mr. Gorden Olson                       Signature ___________________________
     James Laudicina       2004   David Schlameuss         2004   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Palmer
     Jennifer Lederer      2004   Corinne Schmidt          2004   Mr. Frank Panzarella
     Geoffrey Lenat        2004   Julie Schmidt            2004   Mr. Gus Peek
     Dana Leonardi         2004   Rashon Shelborne         2004   Mr. Michael Peri                       Name Printed ________________________
     Jared Lepore          2004   Beth Shilane             2004   Mr. Vincent Polywoda
     Josh Lipsky           2004   Carolyn Shivey           2004   Mr. Mark Preston
     Kevin Liptak          2004   Sarah Siering            2004   Mr. Anthony Puleo
     Juliet Little         2004   Catherine Signorelli     2004   Mr. James Recktenwalt                  (Your name will be used by the Alumni Office to
     Marissa Lofrano       2004   Ryan Silva               2004   Mr. Ray Reinertsen                     authenticate your vote.)
     Tyesha Lowe           2004   Boris Smirnov            2004   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rocha
     Guiyan Lu             2004   Yusimi Sobrino-Bonilla   2004   Mr. Gary Sakamoto
     Kelly Maizenaski      2004   Rudolph Solar            2004   Mr. Michael Sementilli
     Valerie Malfi          2004   Kate Sonderfan           2004   Mr. Tony Shakkour
     Angela Marchionni     2004   Jariatu Sow              2004   Mr. David Sharff
     Angela Markline       2004   Josh Spivack             2004   Mrs. Lana Simon                            Please tear off ballot and mail to:
     Megan Marmo           2004   Dominic Sposato          2004   Mr. Stephen Sorkenn
     Elizabeth Marra       2004   Lisa Sprague             2004   Mr. & Mrs. William Topken 1987
     Kristi Martin         2004   Jaydn Stepick            2004   Mr. & Mrs. Paul White                                Alumni Office
     Jaime Marzella        2004   Veronica Stewart         2004   Mr. Harrison Wood                             Ramapo College of New Jersey
     Mary Maskubi          2004   Jennie Strobel           2004
     Kim Mathisen          2004   Gina Talucci             2004                                                   505 Ramapo Valley Road

     Jennifer Mazza        2004   Shannon Tasker           2004
     Heather McAteer       2004   Joseph Testori           2004
                                                                                                                    Mahwah, NJ 07430
     Erica McCabe          2004   Jean-Marie Thompson      2004
     Joseph McConnell      2004   Adam Tighe               2004
     Kristen McCrea        2004   Adam Toht                2004

                                                                                                            MUST BE RECEIVED BY
                                                                                                              MARCH 1, 2005.

CH_7165 25                                                                                                                                     1/17/05, 1:56:03 PM
                                                                                                                                                  Non Profit Org.
                                                                                                                                                    U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                                                   Hackensack, NJ
                                                                                                                                                  Permit No. 1037

      505 Ramapo Valley Road
      Mahwah, NJ 07430-1680

      Address Service Requested

      New Jersey’s Public Liberal Arts College

   L E G A C Y                                    S O C I E T Y
   L E G A C I E S                          C R E AT E D                        F O R           R A M A P O                          C O L L E G E

                                             to provide student scholarships,        Martin and Marilyn Blauer                   Elizabeth Mainardi Endowed Scholarship
                                                                                     The William J. Briggs Endowed Scholarship   D. Bennett Mazur Endowed Scholarship
                                             fund distinguished lecture series,      Gregory Z. Bukstein                         Bernard J. Milano/KPMG Endowed
                                             support teaching excellence, and        Carole Campana Endowed Scholarship           Scholarship
                                             provide funds for special College       The Century 21 Endowed Scholarship          Frank E. and Lillian A. Mutter Endowed
                                             programs.                                for Study Abroad                            Scholarship
                                                                                     The Columbians of New Jersey Italian        Jeannette Krieger Mytelka Memorial
                                                                                      Culture Endowment                           Award Endowment
                                             “Ramapo College of New Jer-             Commerce Bank Endowed Scholarship           Lori Ann Oldenhage Endowed Scholarship
                                             sey, as evidenced by our recent          in Honor of James Napolitano               Dominick Palazzotto Endowed Scholarship
                                                                                     Coppertone Tuition Scholarship Endowment    Parents Council Endowed Scholarship
                                             ranking of number one among             The Daniell Family Foundation Athletic      John and Greta Pickering
                                             public comprehensive colleges in         Endowment                                  Sharon G. Pierson Endowed Scholarship I
                                             U.S.News & World Report, is pre-        Marie and Francis J. Dwyer Memorial         Sharon G. Pierson Endowed Scholarship II
                                             pared and committed to giving            Endowed Scholarship                        Ramapo College Foundation Endowed
                                                                                     Mary K. Fanale Endowed Memorial              Scholarship
                                             our students the best possible edu-      Scholarship                                Jack Richardson Memorial Award
      Millicent Anisfield                     cational experience,” gratefully        Footstar/Meldisco Endowed Scholarship        Endowment
                                             acknowledged Interim President           and Internship                             Beate Riesterer Returning Minority Women
                                                                                     Martha F. Francois Memorial Endowed          Endowed Scholarship
     “You have left a legacy for future      W. Sanborn Pfeiffer. “The gener-         Scholarship                                Robert G. Ripston EndowedLeadership Award
     generations at Ramapo College           osity of these founding members         Friends of Ramapo Endowed Scholarship       Ross Family Survivor to Survivor Endowment
     of New Jersey by establishing an        enables us to achieve an even           The Sidney Jacob Geltman Memorial           Willie Rubel Memorial Endowed Scholarship
                                             higher level of excellence and           Endowed Scholarship                        Joseph and Jennie Sall Memorial
     endowment or by arranging a be-                                                 Anne Glickman Memorial Endowed               Scholarship Award
     quest,” shared Millicent Anisfield,      meet the goals and objectives            Scholarship                                Michael J. Scully Performing Arts Award
     chair of the Foundation’s Planned       described in the College’s strate-      The Harchand Singh and Jagir Kaur Grewal     Endowment
                                             gic plan. They set an impressive         Memorial Endowed Scholarship               Dr. Ernest Simon Endowed Book Award
     Giving Task Force. “Your quiet                                                  Haband Oaks Endowed Scholarship             Student Social Work Conference Endowment
     generosity means more than you           example for others to emulate.”        Cara Mychelle Hirschman Memorial            James J. Sorace
     can ever imagine. In the years                                                   Endowed Scholarship                        Gary R. Spivak
                                                                                     Marion Hughes Endowed Scholarship           Vitus F. Stablein
     to come, students will always be                                                Mary M. Ippolito                            The Angelo Tarallo Memorial Endowed
     given an opportunity as a result                                                Richard Johnson                              Scholarship
     of your gift. For this we say, thank    The following endowments and            The Ruth Johnson International Endowed      TAS Endowment
                                             bequests are recognized as founding      Scholarship                                Fred and Florence Thomases Endowed
     you.”                                   gifts in the Legacy Society:            Mukul Joisher and Family Endowed             Scholarship
                                                                                      Scholarship                                Fred and Florence Thomases Endowed
     Anisfield extended sincere thanks        Ramapo College Alumni Association       Keay-Chanes Endowed Scholarship              Faculty Research Award
     to the Founding Members of the           Endowed Scholarship                    Becky and Frank Kraus Endowed Scholarship   The Adele and Reuben Thomas Specialized
                                             Philip M. Anderson Memorial Endowment   Garvin Lally Writer’s Scholarship            Services Endowed Scholarship
     Ramapo College Legacy Soci-             Millicent G. Anisfield                    Endowment                                  The Union Foundation Endowed Scholarship
     ety at its dinner on October 7th        The Anisfield Endowed Scholarship        Katherine Liessem Memorial Endowed          Jeffrey and Andrea Warren Endowed
     at the president’s home – the           The Melissa Annunziato Memorial          Scholarship                                 Scholarship
                                              Endowed Scholarship                    Joseph M. Leone Family Foundation           May H. Weis Endowed Environmental
     Havemeyer House. The Society            Alfred J. Battaglia                      Endowment                                   Internship/Scholarship
     gratefully recognizes the com-          Henry Bischoff Excellence in Teaching   Mahwah Regional Chamber of Commerce         The Stuart Craig Wood, III Memorial
     mitment individuals have made            Award Endowment                         Endowed Scholarship                         Award Endowment

CH_7165 26                                                                                                                                                1/17/05, 1:56:06 PM

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