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					                                Final Cut Pro & Avid Editor

                                      Jessica Lynn Bowser
                                       922 East Tujunga Ave.
                                        Burbank, Ca 91501

Technical Skills:
                        Final Cut Studio Pro; Avid - Symphony, Adrenaline, Meridian; After Effects,
                         Adobe full suite; Fork Production Client / Injest; Decks- Sony IMX model
                        Organized with the ability to handle multiple tasks and work in high pressure
                        Interpersonal communication skills; relate well with industry post production
                         professionals, co-workers, clients and people from diverse backgrounds.
                        Experienced in training, supervising up to 5 employees.

Certifications: Avid Editing; Advanced Effects in the Avid; After Effects; Full Adobe Suite; Online
                  Editing; Color Correction; Decks & Digitizing; Organization, Input, & Output;
                  Apple Certified Final Cut Pro Editor
                  P2 Work Flow Certified
                  Video Symphony Professional Post Production Program                     Burbank, CA
                  Avid Professional Program - Graduated 2005

                  Scottsdale Community College                                        Scottsdale, AZ
                  Motion Picture Television Program - 2000 - 2002
                  First Female Written Script to Win Award at SCC. Film was funded by The Motion
                  Picture Television Dept.

                  DePaul University                                                        Chicago, IL
                  General Studies - 1998 - 2000

                  Johnson County Community College                                  Overland Park, KS
                  General Studies - 1997 - 1998

Work History:
HD Expo             LEAD EDITOR                                                      Burbank, CA
2007 – Present    Responsible for editing company HD material
                  (FCP based) Freelance

Fireline Studios LEAD EDITOR                                                         Los Angeles, CA
2007 – Present   Responsible for final edits, online, & compression
                 for all HD Material. (FCP based) Freelance
Juris               DOCUMENTARY EDITOR                                                     Pasadena, CA
2007 – Present      Freelance FCP Lead Editor, Legal Documentaries

NFL Network INGEST / TAPE / TOC / EDITOR                                                  Culver City, CA
                    INGEST: Responsible for the recording, as well as organization of all Feeds
                    brought in for the network, via FORK PRODUCTION CLIENT.
                    TAPE / TOC: Fill in for Staff when absent.
                    EDITOR: Top 10 Highlight editor

MajaLook            OWNER / OPERATOR                                                     Los Angeles, CA
2005 - Present
                    A creative design team dedicated to the creation, design, and production of the visual
                    image. Editing, Photography, Duplication, Demo reels, Portfolios, Literature layout
                    & Design, Marketing, Packaging, & Web Design.

PlanB               FREELANCE                                                                 Phoenix, AZ
2001 - Present
                    Design Company Editing Consultant and Production Coordinator

Cigar on
the Beach        PRODUCTION COORDINATOR - (Short Film)
Aug 5 - Oct 2005
                 Responsible for over seeing all production, as well as organizing all of the footage
                 for the online.

Larry’s Angels      EDITOR - (Short Film)
Sep 2004
                    120 hrs of Edit time under Director Laura Cayoutte. 25 min special cut for Larry

Day My
God Died            ASSISTANT EDITOR - (Documentary)
July - Aug 2004
                    Documentary nominated For an Emmy, and re-cut for PBS Assistant to Tamera
                    Martin. Responsible for bringing all media back online & Re-creating titles, assisted
                    on the online.

April - Sept 2003
                    Assistant to Tamera Martin Digitizing for High Res, Responsible for tittles, input, &

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