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									Product Placement & Branding
        What We Do
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    What is Social Hill?

    Social Hill, LLC is the largest direct celebrity product placement company in the world. Our com-
    pany is led by seasoned executives averaging over 15 years in the entertainment industry. Social
    Hill specializes in introducing brand managers to new areas of the entertainment industry so they
    may expand their brand awareness.

    We have pioneered this segment of the industry and it has allowed us to gain significant advan-

    •	 We represent over 150 brands on a consistent basis throughout the year and work directly
       with the major PR firms for celebrity placement and brand integration, whereas other com-
       panies have single events and work with clients on a “once and while” basis. We have more
       permanent clients than all existing gifting companies combined.
    •	 Last year we generated over 25,000 direct placement photos of products with celebrities
       while our competitor produced only 400
    •	 We manage a total of over 400 days of celebrity gifting per year. No other company manages
    •	 With access to a list of 20,000 publicists, we stress a strong partner-relationship, giving us a
       clear advantage over gifting companies who send email blasts and hope for the best.
    •	 We manage the only permanent celebrity product lounge in existence. We pioneered the idea
       of private celebrity product placement.
    •	 We are the exclusive direct product placement company for the #1 show on television, Danc-
       ing with the Stars, in which we have conducted the largest backstage product lounge in the
       history of network television. In March 2012 we will be hosting our 6th product lounge for
       Dancing with the Stars!
    •	 We have also worked backstage at ABC’s Bachelor Pad and MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew.
       We have hosted our own suites honoring the Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes and several other
       shows. We were also the exclusive backstage product lounge for Rolling Stone Magazine’s
       25th Anniversary of its most famous, “What’s Hot” issue. Our private lounges consistently
       contain the largest gift bags and the most exclusive talent.
    •	 Social Hill style team and Red Carpet Ready™ Spa partners work with our fashion brands to
       dress many members of the media for Award Show Red Carpets; including E!’s Guiliana Ran-
       cic, Ashlan Gorse, Kelly Osbourne, Ross Matthews and Samantha Harris of Entertainment
       Tonight .
    •	 We work directly with dozens of magazines such as: People, OK, Life and Style; and television
       media including E! News, Extra, Inside Edition, Fox News, ABC News, Entertainment Tonight
       and Barbara Walters. We place several hundred photographs in magazines and on television
       shows each year.
    •	 We are a financially stable firm backed by Easton Capital of New York with its $200 million
       investment fund.
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    We have spoken with hundreds of the most effective marketing experts at both advertising and
    public relations firms worldwide. We heard hundreds of stories about what has worked and what
    has not worked in the past and what is working in the present. With the explosive growth of
    social media, the public relations segment of brand marketing has become more important than
    ever. Marketing efforts need to be where the customers are, and they are on social networks. At
    this moment, a billion people are logged into a social networking site. That is more than all the
    people reading newspapers, watching television and sitting in movie theaters combined. We
    also completely dissected the product placement industry. For nearly 100 years, companies have
    been placing products into films and eventually television. This has been a very effective brand
    building strategy but the coming of social media has led the product placement industry to
    evolve to its ultimate goal of direct placement: artfully photographing a celebrity wearing or us-
    ing a product in an organic environment outside of a film or television show. All product place-
    ment, celebrity spokespersons, paid

    If people like a Celebrity and a Celebrity likes your Brand then people will like your Brand.

                             In mathematics it is called the transitive property of equality. If A=B and B=C
                             then A=C.

                             Markething through celebrity association has proven to be the single most ef-
                             fective way to build a brand in the past 130 years.


               Markething Sphere of

                                                                     inner circle

                                         Strangers                   mentors/
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    Characteristic of Social Networking: Personalized A-List

    From 1880 until 2005 the celebrities who appeared in the most popular magazine, movies, and
    television shows were considered the commonly accepted A-List celebrities. A combination of
    Google, YouTube, and especially Facebook and Twitter, have essentially redefined the way people
    view celebrities. Each person in the general public now has the power to choose which celebrities
    to follow on both Twitter and Facebook. They are given constant updates on everything about
    their list of favorite celebrities. For the first time in history each consumer has the power to cre-
    ate their own A-list. Brand managers are adapting to realize that every celebrity is important, as
    product placement has become much more targeted between each celebrity and that celebrity’s
    fan base. It also virtually eliminates the concept of a “bad celebrity” for a brand since consumers
    only follow celebrities they like and ignore the ones they don’t.

    Best practices of Effective Brand Managers

    •	 Maintain a steady stream of social networking posts of celebrities with a brand in order to
       reach each celebrity’s personal fan base.

    •	 Supplement the media with other forms of placement, press releases or press-worthy events.
       Today’s public relations culture is dominated by social media. Social networking is about start-
       ing conversations. Almost every successful brand strategy in social networking has its foun-
       dation on these best practices. Consistency has always been a fundamental principle in mar-
       keting, but many brand managers have forgotten this when it comes to social networking.
       Consistency is a mandatory element of successful marketing.
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    How We Do It

    We start with the most difficult element of product placement: Direct Placement. We have de-
    signed an ultra-exclusive celebrity product lounge for our direct placement operations. It is es-
    sentially a private location where celebrities come to take product placement photographs with
    our client’s products. The studio is a mix of a product showroom and professional photo studio.
    At the studio, Red Carpet photos have proven to be either highly effective or completely useless
    for the purpose of brand building. This is ultimately determined by whether or not a clear associa-
    tion can be made between the brand and the celebrity.

    Everyone knows Nike’s slogan “Just do it”. We feel it is not good enough to “just do it”. We “Do
    it Correctly”. We have learned a tremendous amount from successful brand managers over the
    years. A specific strategy is required in order to generate useful photographs for clients. Here at
    Social Hill, we have perfected that strategy and take two types of photos to maximize the market-
    able quality of each photo.



Social Hill | Product Placement                                                                          05

    Right Way / Wrong Way

    If the press wall is covered with multiple logos, then there is no clear association between the
    celebrity and any one brand. The photo is therefore useless when applied to the law of celeb-
    rity association. When there is only one brand logo on the press wall there is a clear association
    between the celebrity and the specific brand, generating a photo of tremendous value. At the
    Social Hill celebrity product lounge, each celebrity takes a red carpet photo with a press wall
    containing only your brand’s logo.

    The RIGHT way ...

    The WRONG way ...

                                    If the press wall is covered with multiple logos,
                                    then there is no clear association between the ce-
                                    lebrity and any one brand.
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    The second type of photo we take is an organic lifestyle photo. For these photos we ask celebri-
    ties to either wear or use a product in a custom designed room. The photos are completely organ-
    ic and have extremely high value to the brand, as it denotes CHOICE. A photo of this style allows
    the viewer to know that the celebrity has chosen your product, and therefore likes it, and uses it.
    This meets the fundamental law of celebrity association, and has instantly given your brand the
    approval of an entire fan base in one single photo. The typical gift suite photos of a celebrity hold-
    ing a box next to their head appears staged, and has proven to be of little or no marketing value.
    Our photos are exactly what a brand manager needs.

    The RIGHT way ...

    The WRONG way ...

                                                               Typical Gift Suite photos
                                                               have little to no marketing
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    An “On Call” Warehouse

    Besides being a celebrity studio, we have evolved into an “On Call” warehouse for some of Tele-
    vision’s Top-Rated Programs, Celebrity Photo Shoots, Major Celebrity Events, and Everyday Ce-
    lebrity Lifestyle Living. Producers, directors and photographers know that we have the latest
    and greatest products at our studio. Often shows and magazines have urgent needs for products
    on-set and don’t have time to go through lengthy, product placement contracts. They know to
    contact Social Hill for last-minute placement at little or even no fee. When they need it fast, they
    come to us first! We are the only company in the world with this service.

    What Others Are Saying

                                        “Great customer service and incredibly responsive. Social Hill
                                        makes it easy to work with and produces results!”

                                        “Social Hill consistently produces world-class results.”

                                        “As Social Hill’s first client, it is safe to say that from day 1 they
                                        have continuously provided us with the tools that have dras-
                                        tically improved our brand image.”
Social Hill | Product Placement                                                                       09

                                   “As long as Social Hill is offering their services, we will con-
                                  tinue to be loyal customers.”

                                  “Before Social Hill, we had zero celebrity fans of our product.
                                  Now the list is in the hundreds.”

                                  “The most major component of the overall success of our
                                  company was due to the staggering results Social Hill award-
                                  ed us.”

    Celebrity Quotes

                                                     “There is no reason to go anywhere

                                                     - Jennifer Love Hewitt

                                                     “It’s all amazing, you guys have the best
                                                     stuff around!”

                                                     - Shannon Elizabeth
Social Hill | Product Placement                                                10

                                  “This was an incredibly relaxing and en-
                                  joyable experience.”

                                  - Kurt Warner

                                  “I love this suite, it is genius!” & “Ev-
                                  ery suite should be like this one, this is
                                  great... I’m having fun!”

                                  - Jordin Sparks

                                  “This is how gifting should be done.”

                                  - Giuliana Rancic

                                  “The best part of my day!”

                                  - Taye Diggs
Social Hill | Product Placement                                                                          11

                                                          “The one and only Luxury Gift Suite.”

                                                          - Annalynne McCord

                                                          “So fun, casual, great products, won-
                                                          derful people and great charity. I had a
                                                          wonderful time!”

                                                          - Jane Lynch

    Our Commitment to Quality

    A major part of our company philosophy is dedicated to a luxury experience for the celebrity. We
    have found that great products at a product lounge are a must, but so is a sense of relaxation.
    Luxury is all about customer experience. We studied the gift suites backstage at the Grammys
    and Emmys before we designed our first backstage event. Celebrities complained about “pushy
    product reps” and “constant pressure”. We focus on eliminating stress by limiting the amount
    of product representatives and having the entire staff attend a pre-event seminar to discuss our
    low-pressure atmosphere as we establish strict guidelines on how to interact with the celebrity
    guests. All staff members from Social Hill have at least 100 days of prior celebrity placement ex-
    perience and are fully trained in our standards and practices.

    Our goal for our clients is to make it the luxury experience which sets the standard not only in
    quality of products but also in the overall guest experience.
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    What We Need From You

    Contracts are typically one year in duration and require, on average, about 20 to 30 products per
    month on average for direct placement and on-call opportunities. Fees vary depending on the
    length of contract and the scope of work. We also require each brand to have a red carpet press
    wall for our celebrity studio. These press walls cost approximately $500.

    The Takeaway

    Depending upon the type of contract, we will guarantee an average of 15 different celebrities to
    be photographed for direct placement each month as our core service. High-resolution photo-
    graphs are continually updated on a private website along with biographical information on each
    celebrity and quotes from each celebrity when available. On-call, film, television and other place-
    ment opportunities may have a fee and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

    Social Media Management

    We have a full service social networking team, which can subcontract SEO, Facebook, Twitter and
    blog posting for a brand using our product placement photos. Social Hill’s new web application
    allows easy access to manage and promote ALL your celebrity images to post on your social
    media accounts. We provide extremely detailed progress reports at the end of each month. Fees
    for these services are dependent upon the scope of work. A pricing matrix is available from any
    Social Hill account executive.

    Contact Us

    Social Hill
    7494-B Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046

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