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Rainmakers GSLC Campout


									                                    Rainmakers GSLC Campout
                    Anderson Cove Campground @ Pineview Reservoir
                    with beach, swimming, boating, fishing and The Ogden Valley Hot Air Balloon Festival !
                                                            August 13 – 15, 2010
                              We have the huge Ashley Group site which is directly next to the beach!

REGISTRATION: $25 per family
 There are 20 on-site parking spaces available, which will be reserved for the
 first 20 registrants. After 20, you will be required to park in the main parking lot.
 Additional fees:
 $25 if you need more than one on-site parking space. For example, for an extra wide RV.
      You must be one of the first 20 registrations.
 $ 5 if you will be arriving in more than 1 vehicle. The additional car will need to be parked
     in the main parking lot. This includes people who are just coming up for Saturday.

Check-in time is 2pm on Friday and check-out time is 1pm on Sunday.

MEALS:          Church will provide propane grills, coffee and hot chocolate.
                Campers will need to provide their own meals, plates, utensils, etc.
                Saturday’s dinner will be a potluck. Each family is asked to contribute a salad,
                side or dessert to share, plus their own meat dish.

This year the campout is at the same time as the Ogden Valley Hot Air Balloon Festival.
See for more details.

Since the campout is later in the summer than usual, there will be more beach to hang out and play on.

For questions or info contact Ken & Chris Bell at 619-9670 or

                          (Fill out this lower-half and return form & check to the church office or put it in Ken & Chris Bell’s mailbox in the narthex.)


Phone #:_________________________ Email:________________________________

Number of campers (including yourself): Adults____________ Children_____________

Type of camping (circle one):                    Tent           Trailer           RV            (Max 40’ & no RV hook-ups)

                     Registration Fee                       $25/ea = ________
                     Addl on-site parking spot              $25/ea = ________
                     Addl cars parked off-site ___ @ $ 5/ea = ________
                     TOTAL (Make checks to GSLC)                                                     $_______

I can help out by:
        ______ Transporting a church grill to the site.
          ______ Donating & bringing charcoal to the site to use the BBQ provided.
          ______ Donating & bringing firewood to the site. (Last year’s donations were awesome!)
          ______ Bringing instruments and playing in the evenings & Sunday morning.
          ______ Bringing a boat that I will take people for rides on.

          ______ Other:_____________________________________________________

                                         GSLC and/or organizers are not responsible for any personal expense, injury, or accident
                                             that may occur prior to, during, or after participation with the church campout.

                Reservations cannot be held without the reservation fee – Thanks!

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