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nYC Fall/WinteR | 2012
Fashion Week
insight RepoRt
FRUKT showcases The veRy besT bRand alignmenTs FRom meRcedes-benz
Fashion weeK and oUTlines how Fashion can deliveR enTeRTainmenT valUe
FoR yoUR bRand beyond The caTwalK
nyc Fall winTeR | 2012

BeYond the CatWalk
BuildiNg aN ENTERTaiNmENT STRaTEgy aRouNd faShioN

With designers, fashionistas, celebrities and bloggers descending en
masse on Fashion Week in NYC, all eager to uncover the season’s
must have colours and trends, non-fashion brands were out in force
in a bid to bring fashion consumers closer to the action.

> faShioN iS aBouT moRE ThaN cloThES                                covering up. Fashion is about expressing what’s inside. “What
                                                                    you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially
As the world’s super models prepare to strut the runway and the
                                                                    today, when human contacts are so quick,” quipped bastion of
cream of fashion’s elite take their front row seats in the highly
                                                                    style Miuccia Prada last year - “Fashion is instant language”.
coveted ‘Section A’ across New York, London, Milan and Paris
this February - for what has become the Oscars of the apparel       Fashion is ultimately a conversation, and harnessing its ability
industry - the rest of the fashion conscious world is watching on   to be ‘instant language’ is of critical value to brands
with baited breath.                                                 in a new social media led world. Fashion is a spectacle.
                                                                    An evocative, emotional roller coaster of desire, passion
The global fashion business, which generates over a trillion
                                                                    and aspiration – with gossip and being ‘in the know’ often
dollars a year, is the catalyst to a vast swathe of cultural
                                                                    vastly more important than the height of
trends, turning haute couture into high street essentials in an
                                                                    hemlines in a particular season.
increasingly shrinking time frame thanks to the rise of ‘fast
fashion’. One way or another, Fashion Week will be instrumental     There has been a seismic shift in the way people shop for
in determining whether we’ll be wearing Olympian Blue waist-        fashion over the last few years. As technology continues to
defining jackets or Tangerine Tango vintage-chic dresses come       innovate, and digital and social shopping become the norm,
Fall 2012.                                                          brands activating on the fringes of fashion – a sponsorship
                                                                    here, a designer partnership there – have a real opportunity to
However, fashion itself is about far more than mere clothing.
                                                                    gain a pivotal role at the beating heart of the fashion ecosystem.
Clothing is functional. Fashion is emotional. Clothing is about
nyc Fall winTeR | 2012

                         > TailoR madE coNTENT

                         It’s worth noting that striking an alignment with fashion is not all about
                         brand perception; a credible fashion association also offers a real
                         return on investment. A recent study highlighted that people who view
                         themselves as ‘Fashion Forward’ (actively seeking the latest trends
                                                                                                       > $865m
                                                                                                       EcoNomic BENEfiT To Nyc duRiNg
                         and styles) are twice as likely as other consumers to spend more on a         faShioN WEEk (1)
                         wide range of additional consumer products. Therefore, striking a more
                         personable relationship with fashion’s most avid fans is not only good

                                                                                                       > 82.6m
                         for brand awareness; it can also directly affect your bottom line.

                         All well and good, but the big question is what do today’s fashion
                         forward consumers actually want from brands activating in this
                         emotively charged sector?                                                     comBiNEd likES foR ThE ToP 10 faShioN
                         FRUKT’s ‘New Patrons of Entertainment’ report recently unpacked the           BRaNdS oN facEBook (2)
                         key consumer wants from brands that are in involved in the world of

                                                                                                       > 156%
                         fashion, and our study suggests that they are crying out for engaging
                         and interactive content.

                         ‘Priority’ - making people feel special or ‘advantaged’ - scored highly
                          as a consumer want with regards to fashion, with VIP access to the
                                                                                                       iNcREaSEd SPENd oN PREmium luxuRy
                          luxurious front row lifestyle naturally a strong draw. However, other
                                                                                                       faShioN By mEN iN 2011 (3)
                          elements such as ‘sociability’ (both online and offline) and campaigns
                          with a strong narrative (the ‘stories’ surrounding fashion) also scored

                                                                                                       > 125%
                          highly, proving that fashion advocates are eager to be at the heart of the
                          action - creating, influencing and shaping fashion - as much as wearing

                         Going forward into 2012, with consumers eager to be brought closer
                         to the things they are passionate about, fashion needs to be viewed as        iNcREaSEd SPENd oN PREmium luxuRy
                         more than a mere seasonal marketing accessory.                                faShioN By WomEN iN 2011 (3)

                         Fashion conscious shoppers are now looking for a deeper connection
                         with the clothing they covet, and this opens up a wealth of opportunity
                         for innovative brand collaborations beyond the catwalk. Fashion is more
                         than a mannequin that a brand can hang its product on. It is a living,        1. Michael Bloomberg, Feb 2012
                         breathing lifestyle that favours the brave and the bold. And, to quote the    2. Facebook, Feb 2012
                         novelist William Thackeray, “Bravery never goes out of fashion”.              3. American Express, Global Luxury Fashion Spending Report, 2011
nyc Fall winTeR | 2012

  Fashion Week’s
  BRanded RunWaY
  FRom viP aReas high above The caTwalK To designeR PacKaging
  and inTeRacTive Taxicabs, bRands have Fashion weeK sewn UP…
                       meRcedes-benz has sPonsoRed Fashion
                       weeK FoR well oveR a decade, wiTh The
                       lUxURy caR bRand cemenTing iTs Role aT The
                       heaRT oF The yeaR’s mosT PivoTal Fashion
                       FoRwaRd evenT. The Fall 2012 season
                       once again sees The bRand inTegRaTing
                       iTs PRodUcT inTo a vaRieTy oF PaRTneRshiPs,
                       viP exPeRiences and social iniTiaTives.

                       Mercedes kick started this year’s event with an invite only ‘Fashion’s
                       Night In’ event, during which guests participated in a ‘Mercedes-Benz DIY
                       Style Studio’ creating their own bespoke fashion accessories out of luxury
                       vehicle materials.

                       In addition to displaying two of its latest vehicles in the lobby at Fashion
                       Week, the auto manufacturer signed up model Lara Stone as the
                       Mercedes-Benz fashion ambassador; styled the luxury ‘Mercedes-Benz
                       Star Lounge’ with help from NYC artist Stephanie Hirsch; and showcased
MeRCedes-Benz          a collection from Naeem Khan as part of ‘Mercedes-Benz Presents’.

                       A social platform, the ‘Star Style Challenge’, invited fashion fans to create

staR stYle Challenge
                       virtual ‘sets’ using elements of Naeem Khan’s collection and Mercedes-
                       Benz’s vehicles in order to win a luxury Fashion Week experience.

                       bRand beneFiTs
                       • Leading the pack: as lead sponsor Mercedes acts as a bastion of
                        forward facing fashion, actively supporting both existing and emerging
                        designers whilst reaffirming the cultural credentials of its luxury vehicles.

                       • Creative culture: inviting fashion fans to get creative with the brand
                        turns the vehicle into a canvas for self-expression, positioning the brand
                        as a core component of the fashion process.

                       • Additional extras: those voting via their mobiles for their favourite
                        Star Style creation were given an Essie nail polish inspired by exclusive
                        Mercedes-Benz vehicle colours on arriving at the event.

                       > visit the website
               gilleTTe FocUsed in on mensweaR dURing
               new yoRK Fashion weeK by Teaming UP
               wiTh ‘made Fashion weeK’ – a seRies oF
               oveR 50 Fashion shows and PResenTaTions,
               PaRTies, conceRTs and Panel discUssions
              - To PResenT The made FoR gilleTTe
               mensweaR PRogRam.

              The week long program, which included collaborations with 10 notable
              designers and hip-hop artist Common, kicked off with a panel discussion on
              the future of menswear in the global fashion industry and how trends in male
              grooming play a role in overall style.

              In addition to the program Gillette set up a pop-up experience, entitled ‘The
              Blind Barber for Gillette’, a combination barber shop and bar rooted in 1920s
              style, which offered up haircuts, trims and facial hair styling – courtesy of the
              new Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler – for fashion conscious men.

              “Gillette is stepping quite consciously into the style space given the

gillette       increasing role that men’s grooming plays in fashion and overall style,” said
               Austin Lally, VP and GM of Gillette, Global Male Grooming at P&G.

BaRBeR shop   bRand beneFiTs
              • The culture of fashion: the partnership with cultural stalwarts MADE
                enabled Gillette to engage with fashion on a wider scale, facilitating
                discussion on fashion’s future and aligning directly with high profile
                industry experts.

              • Retro future: by aligning with the roaring twenties, a key period in the
                freedom of expression, Gillette’s experiential activity tapped into the
                nostalgia trend, giving its forward thinking product some hands on
                cultural gravitas.

              • Broader entertainment value: teaming up with Common enables
                the brand to augment its fashion story – much like a catwalk show – by
                including an additional entertainment element, giving its campaign a
                virtual soundtrack.

              > visit the website
             samsUng mobile, in conjUncTion
             wiTh aT&T, Teamed UP wiTh global
             liFesTyle bRand Rag & bone on a co-
             bRanded camPaign To showcase The
             new samsUng galaxy noTe handseT,
             sPonsoRing a caTwalK show and
             cReaTing UniqUe oPPoRTUniTies FoR
             FacebooK Fans To become PaRT oF
             The exPeRience.

             AT&T and Samsung Mobile were the title sponsors of the rag & bone
             Fall Winter 2012 shows during New York Fashion Week. As part of the
             wider sponsorship deal, rag & bone designers Marcus Wainwright and
             David Neville, developed a bespoke case for the Galaxy Note and hosted
saMsung      the Galaxy Note launch party which featured a live performance from US
             group Band Of Horses.

             In the run up to the event, Samsung gave away a variety of daily
Rag & Bone   prizes through its Facebook page, including rag & bone gift cards and
             merchandise, Samsung Galaxy Note devices and VIP passes to rag &
             bone’s Fashion Week show, in addition to excusive content from the
             designers themselves.

             bRand beneFiTs

             • Creativity in action: a co-branded ad campaign showcased the
               designers using the Galaxy Note’s stylus based drawing capabilities,
               presenting the brand as a technological asset to the fashion community
               as well as a sponsor.

             • Hands on fashion: Samsung expanded their sponsorship beyond
               the catwalk, integrating design into the product itself, by having the duo
               create a custom cover for the device.

             • Credible assets: integrating a design duo that is fast becoming
               a formidable force on the NYC fashion scene into the heart of the
               campaign positions the Galaxy Note as a must have fashion accessory.

             > visit FACebOOK
                         w hoTels conTinUes wiTh iTs seven-yeaR
                         sUPPoRT oF Fashion weeK, which has
                         evolved FRom a viP bacKsTage loUnge
                         inTo ‘Fashion nexT’, a PlaTFoRm ThaT
                         highighTs emeRging TRends in Fashion
                         ThoUgh exclUsive evenTs and PRemieRes

                         The five designers in this year’s programme received financial and
                         marketing support along with exposure on the hotel chain’s website,
                         with W Hotels hosting shows for four of the designers at the Box venue
                         during Fashion Week and the first ever runway show by designer Bibhu
                         Mohapatra. These events were live-streamed via the brand’s Facebook
                         page and made available on the company’s main website.
W hotels                 This year the four W Hotels in New York - W New York, W Union Square,
                         W Times Square and W Downtown - also played host to a series of must
                         attend fashion events.
Fashion next designeRs   “We are committed to providing a platform for supporting and showcasing
                          what’s new and next in fashion to guests and locals alike at our hotels
                          around the world,” said Eva Ziegler, Global Brand Leader, W Hotels

                         bRand beneFiTs

                         • Preferred guests: W Hotels offered a range of fashion activities on site
                           at its hotels, including fashion tips from W Global Fashion Director Jenne
                           Lombardo for all guests checking into W Hotels in New York.

                         • Beyond the runway: the global hotel brand proves its commitment to
                           fashion by utilising the five designers in broader activity at its other global
                           destinations, designing hotel bar uniforms and restaurant makeovers.

                         • Must have travel accessory: W Hotels has taken its backstage
                           sponsorship and turned it into a fashion event that can travel beyond the
                           catwalk into broader context across its full portfolio of assets, leveraging
                           fashion as a way to reward guests.

                         > wAtCh the videO
                       dieT coKe Teamed UP wiTh iconic Fashion
                       designeR diane von FURsTenbeRg and
                       acTRess minKa Kelly as The bRand
                       sUPPoRTed The heaRT TRUTh camPaign
                       - a naTional women’s heaRT disease
                       awaReness chaRiTy - dURing meRcedes
                       Fashion weeK, cReaTing limiTed ediTion
                       boTTles and UniqUe social media iniTiaTives.

                       Diet Coke sponsored the Red Dress Collection fashion show (the charity’s
                       long-running catwalk event) and asked fans to show their support, and net
                       the chance of winning tickets to the star-studded event, by sharing photos
                       of themselves wearing red via Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

diet Coke
                       Actress Minka Kelly, star of ‘Friday Night Lights’ and ‘The Roommate’ walked
                       the Red Dress runway in a custom Diane von Furstenberg dress on behalf
                       of Diet Coke and judged the competition entries.

Red dRess ColleCtion   Meanwhile Diane von Furstenberg applied her designer touch to a limited
                       edition set of four Diet Coke bottles. All proceeds from the sale of the
                       bespoke bottles – which were emblazoned with her signature red and black
                       prints – were donated to the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health.

                       bRand beneFiTs

                       • Fashion for all: focusing in on Coca-Cola’s ‘Live Positively’ message
                         the association with fashion here is one that pro-actively supports
                         everyday fashion conscious women as opposed to the model elite.

                       • Designer dressed: six billion packages of Diet Coke will feature
                         the Heart Truth logo, ensuring this promotion is not just a seasonal
                         accessory, but also a long-term commitment to the cause.

                       • Social catwalk: Coke utilises the virtual runway of social media to
                         actively promote awareness of the campaign and the charity, pushing the
                         signature ‘Red’ colour to a audience beyond the core fashion set.

                       > visit the website
                     ameRican exPRess sTaged an inviTe
                     only caTwalK PResenTaTion oF Tommy
                     hilFigeR’s sPRing 2012 collecTion -
                     exclUsively FoR ameRican exPRess
                     caRdholdeRs. The bRand also conTinUed
                     To deliveR UnPaRalleled access To The
                     besT oF Fashion weeK ThRoUgh iTs sKybox
                     membeRs loUnge.

                     American Express, in its tenth year as a Mercedes Fashion Week sponsor,
                     helped to bring the Hilfigers - the fictitious family depicted in the apparel
                     brand’s advertising - to life on the catwalk at a unique partnership event.
                     Cardholders were treated to pre-show cocktails, music from Cobra
                     Starship and intimate access to the latest spring fashions. “Our brand
aMeRiCan expRess     has always been inspired by music so I’m thrilled that when introducing
                     the Hilfigers in person to our customers for the first time, it will be to the
                     backdrop of great music,” said Tommy Hilfiger.

Meet the hilFigeRs   Cardholders were also given the ability to partake in beauty styling sessions
                     and meet-and-greets with upcoming designers, while American Express
                     once again introduced its Skybox lounge, an exclusive 10-row cardholders
                     VIP area perched above the Lincoln Center’s two major runways.

                     bRand beneFiTs

                     • VIP access: the Skybox delivers a fashion experience that is literally
                       head-and-shoulders above the rest, offering the best views of the show
                       and intimate insight from fashion experts in a luxury setting.

                     • Music enhanced: bringing US band Cobra Starship on board adds a
                       more exclusive soundtrack to the Hilfiger show than the usual musical
                       backing track, again highlighting how American Express adds value.

                     • Funding fashion’s future: American Express also made a $250,000
                       donation to the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, showcasing its ongoing
                       support of emerging designers and tomorrow’s fashion.

                     > ReAd MORe heRe
DHL                                                  L’oreaL                                            MatteL
fasHion Logistics                                    Backseat fasHion                                   BarBie’s DreaM cLoset

As the official logistics partner for                The cosmetics company teamed up                    Mattel’s iconic doll is no stranger to
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, DHL                      with Glamour magazine and mobile                   Fashion Week, having celebrated her 50th
highlights how brands that would not                 technology firm Spyderlynk on a series of          anniversary with a major runway show in
normally be associated with fashion can              interactive taxis to ferry Fashion Week’s          2009. However, this year the focus was
benefit from an integrated alignment.                die hard fans to and from the event’s              very much on the miniature style icon’s
                                                     must see runway shows.                             personal wardrobe.
 With DHL the backbone of over 30 Fashion
 weeks in 15 cities, the emphasis here is on         L’Oreal developed a series of ‘taxi shops’,        The ‘Barbie Dream Closet’ Experience during
“backstage heroes”, with the brand leveraging its    showcasing beauty trend videos hosted by           Fashion Week saw guests invited into a larger
 association to showcase its service offering in a   Glamour magazine, which enabled passengers         than life wardrobe installation at the Lincoln
 broader, more culturaly relevant, way.              to purchase products from two of their key         Center; a two storey 9,000 square feet set,
                                                     brands, Lancôme and Yves Saint Laurent,            complete with 24-foot tall jewelled doors,
The logistics brand is also supporting upcoming      through the use of Snap-to-Buy technology.         serving up a tactile insight into all things pink.
fashion designers, sponsoring an online
design contest in conjunction with the LIM           The partnership saw the brand and the              The closet housed augmented reality dressing
College, bringing young talent to the Fashion         magazine delivering in-car entertainment          rooms that enabled visitors to try on Barbie’s
Week stage. The DHL area at the event                 content with consumers able to ‘shop the          outfits (also replicated on Barbie’s main
invited attendees to pose with DHL branded            look’ directly from the video ads via Glamour’s   website), a three-story high shoe rack with
mannequins, created by students, on a virtual        ‘Friends and Fan’s mobile app. The promotion       360 pairs of pink shoes, and live models
runway and have their picture taken by award-         also featured a social sharing element that       dressed in Barbie-inspired fashion from
winning fashion photographer Michael Creagh.          enabled friends to activate a social shopping     designers such as Alexander McQueen,
                                                      experience.                                       Burberry and Chloe.

> visit FACebOOK                                     > wAtCh the videO                                  > wAtCh the videO
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