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					             WCPS                                 September 2008
                                                  Fairview Outdoor
         Interesting Tidbits!
                                                  Center Newsletter                                                         Volume 1, Issue 1

                                                                                                                             August 20, 2008
•     On the average, the 140 million
      cars in America are estimated to
      travel almost 4 billion miles in a
      day, and according to the De-
      partment of Transportation, they           Williamsport Elementary School... First Green
      use over 200 million gallons of
      gasoline doing it.                           Elementary School in Washington County
•     Every year we throw away 24
                                                   Congratulations to the principal, teachers, and students at Williamsport
      million tons of leaves and grass.
      Leaves alone account for 75% of      Elementary school for becoming the first Green Elementary School in Washing-
      our solid waste in the fall.         ton County, Maryland! It takes staff and students going that “extra mile” to ob-
                                           tain Green School Status within the state, and we take our hats off to salute the
•     Over 100 pesticide ingredients
                                           efforts of those that made this dream become a reality! There is some paperwork
      are suspected to cause birth
      defects, cancer, and gene muta-      involved in this process, and we recommend that you empower students to collect
      tions.                               the data that eventually supports whatever plan you attempt to implement! We
                                           have lots of ideas to help you out, and you can always visit
•     Every ton of recycled office feel free to contact Fairview Staff if staff within your
      paper saves 380 gallons of oil.
                                           schools are thinking of becoming a Green School. We do have several elementary
•     About 1% of U.S. landfill space is   schools, and middle and high schools that are on track. We will keep you in-
      full of disposable diapers, which    formed as these schools move closer toward this status. You can learn more
      take 500 years to decompose.
                                           about Green Schools by going to
•     Energy saved from one recycled
      aluminum can will operate a TV
      set for 3 hours, and is the
      equivalent to half a can of gaso-                  We Wanted To Pass Along Thanks To...
                                           •    Jona French for providing        •   The teachers and administra-    •   Thanks Mike Markoe, Jill
•     Glass produced from recycled              money to purchase addi-              tors from Title I Schools for       Burkart, Kara Reed, and
      glass instead of raw materials            tional library books to help         making the first day of sum-        Denise Kuhna, and all the
      reduces related air pollution by          support all of our instruc-          mer school a huge success!          teachers that helped to
      20%, and water pollution by 50%.          tional units up here at Fair-                                            support the Fairview Out-
                                                view!                            •   Ed Masood for purchasing            door component to sum-
                                                                                     and installing two basketball       mer school in June, July,
                                           •     Ron Shirley for providing us        hoops at Fairview for stu-          and August!
             Sad News...                        with a wireless clicker to use       dents to use during down-
                                                with our newly-installed             time in the evenings. Thanks    •   Clarissa Harris and the
    We just wanted to let every-                overhead LCD projector,              also Ed for purchasing boots        Department of Natural
    one know that “Skittles,”                   which he and Larry “Phone            for students to wear during         Resources Wildlife & Heri-
                                                Guy” actually helped to in-          our stream lesson.                  tage Service for donating a
    our Screech Owl, passed                     stall!                                                                   River Otter pelt, and Akers
    away during the week of                                                      •   Steve Heacock, for donating         Taxidermy in Greencastle,
                                           •     Rhonda Orndorff and Dave            mice and rats to keep our           PA, for tanning the pelt to
    July 7th through the 11th.                  Mundey for helping out with          raptors happy and healthy!          help support our instruc-
    She brought many smiles to                  technology!!                                                             tion with students!
    the faces of children that                                                   •   Steve Ganley for providing
                                           •     Jill Burkhart for getting us        us with a couple of new         •   Facilities Department for
    had the opportunity to                      four carpets to keep our 5th         radios                              helping us to build a new
    meet her over the many                      graders warm on those chilly                                             aviary! Thanks Mike
                                                winter nights!                •      Mandy Corcoran, for helping
    years at Fairview. Thanks                                                                                            Peplinski and Denis Unger!
                                                                                     us with our new web page!
    Skittles for being a part o
    our lives at Fairview!!! We                An huge thank you to Nate Sharer and Jacob Ashby for doing a magnificent job pol-
    will all miss you.                         ishing the Fairview webpage this summer! They deserve all the credit for helping to
                                               develop a webpage that we are indeed very proud of!!! Thanks again gentlemen! You
                                               can visit the new website by going to