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Issue 4 - 4th Quarter 2010                                                                                                      December 2010

 Preparing for 2011
                                    cine shot and be prepared.        resolution to create or update
                                                                      your will and advance care
                                    Take some vacation time off       directive. These documents         2011 Preparations
                                    if you can and really take a      because especially important            GET YOUR FLU
                                    vacation! Leave work behind       if you have minor children.             VACCINATION
                                    to clear your mind and spend
                                                                                                              TAKE TIME OFF FOR
                                    time with family and friends,     Consider creating a trust to            VACATION
                                    either traveling or just relax-   document how you want your
                                                                                                              MAXIMIZE YOUR 2010
                                    ing at home.                      assets distributed and to               TAX BREAKS
                                                                      avoid probate. Since your
                                                                                                              CREATE OR UPDATE
                                    Financial                         estate is considered a sepa-            YOUR W ILL
 December 31st is not very far                                        rate legal entity from you,
                                    Review available tax breaks                                               CREATE OR UPDATE
 off now that the annual holi-                                        there may also be good tax              YOUR TRUST
                                    that you can still take this
 day season has started.                                              reasons to do so (consult
                                    year such as installing a solar                                           ENJOY TIME OVER THE
 Make a little bit of time now                                        your attorney or tax planner).          HOLIDAYS WITH FRIENDS
                                    water heater or photovoltaic                                              AND FAMILY!
 to plan for 2011 will make the     system, or taking that invest-    Plan now so you can ease
 year-end transition smoother.      ment loss on a poorly per-        into 2011 with less stress in
                                    forming stock. Remember,          your life.
                                    these have to be done before
 Have you received your flu         year end to count toward
 shot yet? Flu season just got      reducing your 2010 taxes.                                            Inside this issue:

 underway and is expected to
                                    Legal                                                                 AVOID THE HEAT THIS            2
 peak in February and March
 next year. Get your flu vac-       Make an early New Year‟s

                                                                                                          END 2010 ON YOUR FEET          2

                                                                                                          NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS         3
                                                                                                          CHEESECAKE (RECIPE)            3

'Tis the Season For Giving                        (con’t on Page 2)                                       READ MEMORY VAULT’S BLOG       3
                                                                                                          ONLINE BUYER BEWARE!           4
 Consider giving the gift of life   needs this blood according to     Use this link to locate blood
 to someone else. You can do        the American Red Cross.           donation centers near you           FLU SEASON UPDATE              4
 this by donating blood and                                           (from America‟s Blood Cen-          MORNING GLORY MUFFINS
                                    Donating blood is safe and                                                                           5
 becoming an organ donor.                                             ters) and make your donation        (RECIPE)
                                    most people can do so on a        appointment today!
 Each day over 38,000 blood         regular basis. Here‟s where                                           GAIN SPACE TO GROW             5
 donation are needed, and           you can learn about donation      Organ donations are also a          HOLIDAY MESSAGE                6
 every 2 seconds someone            requirements.                     gift of life for others who need

                                Avoid the Heat This Christmas
                                The holidays bring with them              the holidays (and imme-            Never put lit candles on
                                the smell of the Christmas                diately if it is dried out)        your tree (pine resin ig-
                                tree in your living room, and                                                nites easily)
                                the cheerful glow of lights          Holiday Lights
                                from holiday decorations                                                Fireworks
                                around the house.                         Don‟t use
                                                                          frayed or damaged light            Only use legally ap-
                                These bring joy to our hearts             strings, or ones with a            proved fireworks
                                but can also bring sorrow if              damaged plug
                                care isn‟t taken to follow basic                                             Monitor anyone
                                safety tips.                              Don‟t overload your elec-          (including children) who
Follow fire safety guidelines                                             trical outlets with too            play with fireworks
    this holiday season.        Christmas Tree                            many strings
                                                                                                             Don‟t use fireworks
                                     Select a fresh tree with        Candles                                 around dry grass/brush
                                     green and pliable nee-                                                  or other flammable mate-
                                     dles, and keep it watered            Never leave lit candles
                                     Don‟t place your tree
                                     near a heat source                   Keep candle flames
                                                                          away from other objects       Tips from
                                     Dispose of your tree after           that could catch fire

                                End 2010 on Your Feet
   “. . .don’t
   become one of                Take care and prevent your-          injured in fall-related acci-      3.   Never stand above the
                                self from taking a fall this holi-   dents each year according to            highest safe step or rung
   the over 17,000
                                day season. Falls can occur          the Centers for Disease Con-
   Americans                    while decorating your tree or        trol.                              4.   Don‟t over reach—move
   injured in fall-             stringing lights on the outside                                              the ladder instead
                                of your house to dazzle the          1.   Use the correct ladder for
   related                                                                                              Learn more at these web
                                neighbors.                                the job (step vs. exten-
   accidents each                                                         sion).                        sites:
   year. . .”                   Follow a few simple tips so
                                                                     2.   Level and secure ladder       Home Safety Council
                                that you don‟t become one of
                                the over 17,000 Americans                 before climbing at the
                                                                          correct angle

                                Giving        (con’t from Page 1)
                                organ transplants due to in-                                            Find your local organ donor
                                jury or chronic health condi-                                           organization using this link
                                tions.                                                                  (from Donate Life America)
                                                                                                        and register to become an
                                Currently, more than 100,000                                            organ donor.
                                people are waiting for an or-
                                gan donation, and every 10                                              Become a blood and organ
                                minutes another name is                                                 donor and give the gift of life
                                added to a donor registry list,                                         this holiday season and all
                                according to Donate Life                  Give the Gift of Life         year-round!
      Click to find a           America.
   Blood Drive Near You

                                Page 2
Issue 4 - 4th Quarter 2010

New Year’s Resolutions
Here is a list of the most                          Manage            1/2 cup skim milk, heated
popular New Year‟s resolu-                          Stress by         almost to boiling
tions from the web                          checking out
site.                                               this web          Egg substitute equivalent to 1
                                                    site‟s advice.    egg, or 2 egg whites
Drink Less Alcohol to stay
healthy and live longer. Alco-    Quit Smoking Now for a              1/4 cup sugar1 teaspoon va-
hol has both health and social    healthier you by reading this       nilla                                    Make a New
impacts so drinking less is       Quit Guide.                                                               Year’s Resolution
                                                                      2 cups low-fat cottage cheese          and stick to it in
good for you.
                                  Save Money                                                                      2011.
                                                                      Lemon zest (optional)
Get a Better Education by         using one or
checking out these resources      more of these
for your children and yourself.   66 tips for                         Directions
Get a Better Job if you need a                                        Combine water, gelatin and
change from your current          Take a Trip to take a vacation      lemon juice in blender con-
one. Check out CareerOneS-        and see more of America‟s           tainer. Process on low speed from the U.S. Dept. of    historic sites and tourist desti-   1 to 2 minutes to soften gela-
Labor and look for state and      nations.                            tin. Add hot milk, processing
federal government jobs                                               until gelatin is dissolved. Add
online.                           Volunteer to Help Others who        egg substitute, sugar, vanilla
                                  need help in your community         and cheese to blender con-
Get Fit to stay healthy and       - you‟ll find that it can be a      tainer. Process on high speed
enjoy life more. Being active     very rewarding experience.          until smooth. Pour into 9" pie
is fun!                                                               plate or round flat dish. Re-
                                                                      frigerate 2 to 3 hours. If you
Lose Weight to improve your
overall health and stay more
                                  Cheesecake                          wish, top with grated lemon
                                                                      zest just before serving.
active. Here are dietary
guidelines you can follow.                                            This recipe is from the Mayo-
                                  2 tablespoons cold water   web site. Check
Manage Debt to lead a less
                                                                      them out for more great holi-
stressful life. Learn how to      1 envelope unflavored gelatin
                                                                      day recipes.
help yourself or get help from
professional debt counselors.     2 tablespoons lemon juice

Read Memory Vault’s New Blog
Memory Vault recently             What is a blog you ask? Well,       such as graphics or video.
launched our blog site where      Wikipedia defines this term as      Entries are commonly
we are working hard to post       “A blog (a blend of the             displayed in reverse-
content that you can use.         term web log)[1] is a type of       chronological order.”             Noun
                                  website or part of a
Visit our site by pointing your
browser to                        website. Blogs are usually          Has this piqued your               A journal written online
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click on the MVBlog image.        with regular entries of             your own blog? Visit
                                  commentary, descriptions   or                  Short for weblog.

                                  of events, or other material to get started.

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                               Online Buyer Beware!
                               Shopping online from the convenience of your home can be a                 Related Information
                               scary proposition nowadays. There are regular stories in the          Facts on Identity Theft
                               newspapers and news web sites about the growing threat of
                               identity theft.                                                       Tips to follow to Protect
                                                                                                     your Computer
                      sponsored by the Federal Trade Commis-
                               sion and other governmental agencies recommends following             Beware of Email and Phish-
                               these simple steps to help project your identity while shopping       ing scams that target you
                               online to snag those holiday bargains:
                                                                                                     Info about protecting your
                                   Know who you are dealing with by checking out the                 online Investment activities
Visit the OnGuardOnline site
for more great information         buyer before placing your order
                                                                                                     Purchase and install anti-
                                                                                                     virus and anti-spyware soft-
                                   Know what you are buying by looking into onsite cus-
                                                                                                     ware to protect against Mal-
                                   tomer reviews and reviews from other reputable sources
                                                                                                     ware and Spyware from
                                                                                                     compromising your informa-
                                   Know what your purchase will cost, including all deliv-
                                   ery, warranty or service charges
                                                                                                     Learn the Do’s and Don’ts
                                   Read all terms and conditions of purchase before buy-             for online Auctions
   “Know who you
                                   ing—especially return policies and warranties
   are dealing with.                                                                                 Finally, learn how to Avoid
   ..                              Protect your purchase by using a credit card since, by            Scams altogether that are
                                   law, you have built-in protections this way (your card is-        targeting you!
   Read all terms                  suer may also provide extended warranty coverage at no
   and conditions                  extra cost to you)
   of purchase. . .
                                   Keep good records by printing out online receipts, email
                                   receipts, and related information about your purchase
   Keep good
   records. . .

                                     Happy Clicking!
                                                                                                     Click the image to learn how
                                                                                                     to beat the Cyber Criminal

                                                                Flu Season Update
                                                                According to the latest FluView      So, get vaccinated if you and
                                                                weekly report from the CDC,          your family haven‟t done so
                                                                flu activity is low in the U.S. at   yet.
                                                                this time.
                                                                                                     Learn more about the flu at the
                                                                This is good news at this point web site.
                                                                in the winter flu season, but
                                                                we‟re not out of the woods yet.      Find out what‟s new about the
   Visit the CDC’s
   site for lots of good up-                                    The peak flu season doesn‟t          2010-2011 flu vaccine.
    to-date information on
                                                                arrive until February and
       the seasonal flu.                                                                             Review prevention and treat-
                                                                March next year.
                                    Seniors are at risk                                              ment information.

                               Page 4
Issue 4 - 4th Quarter 2010

Morning Glory Muffins
A healthy muffin recipe from          applesauce                        Directions
the web site
                                                                        Preheat the oven to 350 F.
that you can use for breakfast,               2 teaspoons vanilla ex-
                                                                        Line a muffin pan with paper
a light snack, or side dish for       tract
                                                                        or foil liners. In a large bowl,
                                                                        combine the flours, sugar,
                                          2 cups chopped apples                                               Memory Vault paid subscribers
Ingredients                                                             baking soda, and cinnamon.
                                      (unpeeled)                                                              are covered by Identity Theft
                                                                        Whisk to blend evenly. In a           Restoration Services provided
        1 cup all-purpose (plain)                                       separate bowl, add the egg
                                              1/2 cup raisins                                                 by our partner idexperts®.
flour                                                                   substitute, oil, applesauce
                                                                        and vanilla. Stir in the apples,      If a subscriber learns that their
        1 cup whole-wheat flour               3/4 cup grated carrots
                                                                        raisins and carrots. Add to the       identity is being used for fraudu-
                                          2 tablespoons                 flour mixture and blend just          lent purposes, they simply file an
        3/4 cup sugar                                                   until moistened but still             Identity Theft Report online.
                                         chopped pecans
                                                                        slightly lumpy. Spoon the
        2 teaspoons baking soda                                         batter into muffin cups, filling      Then, an idexperts ID Theft Res-
                                                                        each cup about 2/3 full. Sprin-       toration Expert will contact them
        2 teaspoons ground cin-                                                                               to verify their report, gather more
                                                                        kle with chopped pecans and
namon                                                                                                         information, and then work to
                                                                        bake until springy to the
                                                                                                              restore the victim‟s identity by
                                                                        touch, about 35 minutes. Let
        3/4 cup egg substitute                                                                                contacting credit bureaus, other
                                                                        cool for 5 minutes, then trans-
                                                                                                              agencies or businesses.
                                                                        fer the muffins to a wire rack
        1/2 cup vegetable oil                                           and let cool completely.

        1/2 cup unsweetened

Gain Space to Grow
Consider decluttering your            local charity so that someone     Also consider making dona-
home this holiday season to           else can use it. You can do-      tions to a thrift shop that is part
gain back living space you‟ve         nate, clothes, furniture, small   of a religious organization,
lost over the years.                  appliances, and even cars and     since these stores work hard
                                      boats.                            to provide low-cost goods for
Envision each room in your                                              people in need.
home without the clutter, then        Use these online resources to
work toward getting it to look        find a site near you.             To learn more about deducting
like that.                                                              your charitable donations you
                                      Goodwill                          can review IRS Publication
Tackle one room at a time so                                            526 (2009 version).
that you don‟t become over-           Salvation Army
whelmed with the size of the
                                      National Kidney Foundation—
clean-up task.
                                      Kidney Cars
Get more decluttering tips from
                                      Big Brothers / Big Sisters—
Peter Walsh, a guest on the
                                      Auto Donation                                                             Donate your old auto or boat
Oprah show.
                                                                                                                to support your favorite local
                                      Children‟s Wish Foundation—                                                 charity and get a 2010 tax
If it‟s junk then throw it away. If                                                                                       break too!
                                      Auto, or Boat Donation
not, consider donating it a

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