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									Issue No.1
Fall 2010
                       Of New York
 Welcome ~ Bienvenidos ~ Bienvenue ~ Willkommen ~ Benvenuto ~ Bem-vindo

                                 Welcome to New York City
                               Thank you for picking up the first issue of the
                               Memories of New York Newsletter. We hope
                               it will be informative, whether it is your first
                               time visiting, or your tenth time, or even if you
                               are a resident.

                               New York City is undeniably one of the most
                               diverse cities in the world. From Times Square
                               to Chinatown, Wall Street to Harlem, Central
                               Park to Greenwich Village, the city is a
                               melting pot of culture, history, and
                               entertainment. It is rich with world-famous
                               landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty, the
                               Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building,
                               and the Brooklyn Bridge. But most
                               importantly, its people are what truly make it a
                               wonderful place to visit, and we welcome you.

                               Included with this newsletter is a handy
                               updated pocket map of the city – a $5 value,
                               absolutely FREE for you! – made exclusively
                               for Memories of New York. With a detailed
                               guide to subways and streets, it lists many
                               popular and unique attractions. Keep it and
                               enjoy the city!

Remember 9/11 – This September 2010 marks
the 9 anniversary of the World Trade Center tragedy.
Every year since then, the Tribute of Light has shined
from Ground Zero in honor and memory of those lost,
and as a symbol of strength and hope.
                      NYC Headlines
Statue of Liberty Closing to the Public in 2011 –
According to reports, the Statue of Liberty – its crown, base, and
pedestal – will be closed to the public starting in the Fall of next year
for extensive security upgrades. Visitors will still be able to visit the
park surrounding the statue, but access will be restricted starting
around its 125th anniversary on October 12, 2011.
Fireproof staircases, elevators, and exits will be
installed in the $26 million renovation. The statue
had only just reopened in May 2009 after being
off-limits since September 11, 2001. According to
statistics, more than 5 million visit the landmark
every year, with up to 20,000 tourists a day during
the summer. So now is the perfect time to
experience the Statue of Liberty! Tours depart from Battery Park in
downtown NYC. Go to to book online in advance.

Public Art: “Naked Man” Statues – If you were anywhere
near Madison Square Park these past few months, you would have
noticed several naked, iron men standing in and around the park, and
on the rooftops and ledges of nearby buildings. Part of an exhibit
called “Event Horizon,” they were the work of London artist Antony
Gormley. Twenty-seven of these statues – made from a cast of his own
                      body – were scattered around midtown
                      Manhattan, and even one of them was perched
                      on the ledge of the Empire State Building. They
                      became the center of attention for tourists, who
                      delighted in taking snapshots with them and
                      pointing upwards, searching for them against the
                      skyline. Even though they could be easily
                      mistaken for someone about to jump, most New
                      Yorkers remained unfazed as usual.
  Gormley & statue.
                        Tourism in NYC
Tourism is one of New York City’s top largest industries, contributing about
$30 billion a year to the economy, and in 2010, it is set to break its own
records by reaching an estimated 47.5 visitors. In 2009, the city drew 45
million tourists, making it the top tourist destination in the U.S. for the first
time in twenty years. The first half of this year has already
drawn 8.75% more tourists compared to a year ago. The
projected estimate by the end of 2010 is 47.5 million
visitors, a total not matched since 2008. What’s more,
we’re seeing a rebound in international visitors as well.
Mayor Michael Bloomberg aims to reach a goal of 50
million by 2012. In anticipation, the city has spent $1.2
billion on expanding the Delta Airlines terminal at John F. Kennedy airport,
one of the busiest airports in the nation. Serving 11 million passengers
annually, it will get nine new international gates, a larger baggage claim
area, and more aircraft parking space.

Statistically, the average foreign visitor spends more than a domestic visitor.
But despite the economic downturn, as tourist spending fell to approximately
$28 billion last year from $32 billion the previous year, it is still a positive
sign, for every aspect of accommodating the influx must rise to the occasion.
According to official reports, about 4,000 hotel rooms were added within the
past year, and in June alone, 60 hotels were under construction. Hotel
                              occupancy had also gone up from 77% to 83%.
                              New restaurants open every month, Broadway
 2000       36.2 mil          theater ticket sales are consistently strong, and
 2001       35.2 mil          souvenir and gift shops have become a billion
                              dollar industry of their own. With many reasons
 2002       35.3 mil
                              to keep coming back, repeat visitors are also
 2003       37.8 mil          contributing to the city’s success. Employment
 2004       39.9 mil          opportunities are obviously also affected, as one
                              in nine workers in NYC is employed in
 2005       42.6 mil
                              hospitality jobs at places such as hotels,
 2006       43.8 mil          restaurants, and theaters. Even though prices
 2007       46.0 mil          that have been lowered to attract consumers
                              bring down tax revenues, staffing is always
 2008       47.0 mil          required and visitors still spend money on
 2009       45.25 mil         much-needed everyday services.
     Museum Events & Exhibitions
Who says that fun can’t be educational? Here are some choice exhibits
that are on for a limited-time, so check them out while you can!

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Italian Drawings from the Tobey
Collection. Italian Old Master drawings from the 16th to 18th centuries and
covering the principal centers of Italian art will be on display for a limited
time. Now through September 19, 2010. 1000 5th Ave. at 82nd St., 4/5/6 to
86th St.; closed Monday, open Tues-Thurs 9:30am-5:30pm, Fri & Sat 9:30am-
9:00pm, Sun 9:30am-5:30pm; admission: adults $20, seniors $15, students
$10, kids free.

Museum of Modern Art: Matisse: Radical Invention, 1913-1917. – View
some of the most enigmatic, abstract, and experimental works of Matisse’s
career. Now through October 11, 2010. 11 West 53rd St., between 5th and 6th
Aves, E/M to 53rd, B/D/F/M to 47-50 Sts. Rockefeller Center; closed Tuesday,
other days open from 10:30am-5:30pm; admission: adults $20, seniors $16,
students $12, kids (16 & under) free.

American Museum of Natural History: Lizards & Snakes Alive! – View
an extraordinary collection of live lizards, snakes, and frogs from all over the
world! A great opportunity to get up close to exotic creatures like never
before. Now through September 20, 2010. 79th St. & Central Park West, B/C
to 81st St. station; open daily 10am-5:45pm; admission for this exhibit
includes access to the rest of the museum: adults $24, kids $14,
seniors/students $18.

Discovery Times Square Exposition: King Tut and the Golden Age of the
Pharoahs – For the first time in 30 years, the legendary boy king’s remains
and treasures are being shown exclusively in the heart of New York City!
Now through January 2, 2011. 226 West 44th St. between 7th & 8th Avenues,
subways to 42nd St. Times Square or 49th St.; open Sun-Thurs 9am-9:30pm,
Fri & Sat 9am-10:30pm; admission: adult $29.50, kids $19.50, seniors
                        On Broadway
Act fast to take advantage of these Fall deals on Broadway and off-
Broadway. Many shows, including a number of Tony winners, have
been reduced to up to 50% off!
STOMP -- $34 (reg. $72.50)
* includes Orchestra seats from Sept. 7- Dec. 22

La Cage Aux Folles -- $40.50 (reg. $66.50)
* Tony-winning show starring Kelsey Grammer, Sept. 7 - Oct. 3

Chicago -- $45.25 (reg. $89)
* Tony-winning show starring John O'Hurley, Sept. 6 - Nov. 7

West Side Story -- $66 (reg. $120)
* includes Orchestra & Front Mezzanine seats, Sept. 7 - Oct. 8

                          Avenue Q -- $55 (reg. $89.50)
                          * includes Orchestra & Front Mezzanine seats,
                          Sept. 6 - Oct. 31

Mamma Mia -- $64.50 (reg. $127.50)
* includes Orchestra & Front Mezzanine seats, Sept. 13 - Oct. 31

In the Heights -- $66 (reg. $120)
* includes Orchestra & Front Mezzanine seats, Sept. 6 - Oct. 30

Phantom of the Opera -- $66.50 (reg. $121.50)
* Tony-winning show; includes Orchestra & Mezzanine
  seats, Sept. 7 - Nov. 6

Rock of Ages -- $69 (reg. $119.50)
* includes Orchestra seats, now through Oct. 30

Promises, Promises -- $79.50 (reg. $126.50)
* stars Sean Hayes; includes Orchestra & Mezzanine seats, Sept. 7 - Oct. 31

Memphis -- $81.50 (reg. $126.50)
* 2010 Tony Award winner for Best Musical, Sept. 7-Nov. 21

Visit for discount codes
and theater info, or the TKTS booth in Times Square for even more savings!
          Sightseeing Deals by Bus
There are many ways to see the city – by bus, ferry, bicycle, or even
helicopter. Here are the best ways to get around and experience the
city, whatever your budget. – This hop-on hop-off bus tour will take you
around neighborhoods of your choice starting at $44 ($34 for
kids). Book online and save! – Ride the iconic red double-decker
tour bus on routes of your choice starting at $39 ($29 for kids). – You can’t miss this bright yellow
checkered bus! Packages start at $29 ($19 for kids), and include
trips via bus, Water Taxi, and helicopter. – NYC has been the backdrop of many
popular movies and TV shows, from Sex and the City to
Ghostbusters. This bus tour will take you to some of the most
iconic locations. Tours are daily and cost $40 for a 3.5 hour tour.
Also check out – purchase a booklet that offers
you access to up to SIX major attractions, including the Empire
State Building and the Museum of Modern Art, for only $79
($59 for kids). Booklets are available online or at any CityPass
attraction, which includes the Empire State Building, the
Museum of Modern Art, the American Museum of Natural
History, Circle Line, the Museum of Modern Art, the
Guggenheim Museum, and Top of the Rock Observation Deck.
This is one of the best deals in town.
 Helicopter, Bike, & Walking                               NYC #s
                                                        311 – Provides – These helicopter package        free, quick access
tours start at $150 per person and take you above the   to information
city and include either a walking tour through          about city services
neighborhoods such as Wall Street or the East           24/7 in 170
Village, or a 90 minute cruise.                         languages. – These 15 to 20 minute helicopter           411 – For directory
tours offer some of the most breathtaking views of      assistance.
NYC, from the Statue of Liberty to Central Park.
Rates start at $149.95 per person.                      911 – For police,
                                                        fire, or ambulance. – The Manhattan Sky
Helicopter Tour takes you above Lady Liberty, the
Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, and more. Price is
$159.99 if you book in advance online.                  NYC WWWs – Basic through deluxe packages start –
at $139 per person and take you up the Hudson river
to include views of the Chrysler and Empire State
                                                        The official guide
Buildings.                                              to the city and all
                                                        it has to offer – Go green and see the
city on a bicycle! These packages will allow you to –
explore more than just Central Park. From Harlem to     The official New
Brooklyn, these all-day tours start at $49.             York state – See and learn about a             tourism site
variety of areas, from culturally rich ethnic
neighborhoods, to the best of Brooklyn. If you bring –
your own bike, you get $10 off the package price.       Official site for
                                                        the 23rd St. – Want to explore             Partnership &
NYC on foot? Take your pick of neighborhoods that
interest you, whether it’s food-based or culture-
                                                        Flatiron District
based, there’s something for everyone. Rates start at
$24 per person.                                – 24hr
                                                        news channel – This offers many historical walking
tours, from the immigrant experience to the    – Bus
neighborhoods where the “Gangs of New York” once        and subway
roamed. Rates start at $15 per person for tours that    maps and info
last about two hours. No reservations required – just
show up at your meeting site of choice!
Visitor FAQs: Getting Around NYC
How much is a cab ride?              How much is a MetroCard?
The standard rate is $3 upon         A MetroCard is a reusable card that
entry, plus 40¢ per per mile or      you use to pay for fares on subways
minute, or if stopped or slow.       and local buses, and is the cheapest
There is a $1 surcharge for peak     way to get around the city (short of
hours Monday through Friday          walking). One way fare is $2.25. Up
from 4pm to 8pm. 50¢ will also       to three children 44 inches tall and
be added as a nighttime surcharge    under ride for free with a paying
from 8pm to 6am. If any of that is   adult. You can purchase a
confusing, don’t worry – cabs        MetroCard at any subway station
have an electronic meter installed   booth or vending machine with
on the dashboard. A typical ride     credit card, debit card, or cash. Some
with minimal traffic would cost      merchants like convenience stores or
from $6-$12.                         gift shops may sell them as well.

There is a flat fare of $45 from     You have several convenient options
JFK airport to Manhattan. A $15      to choose from, depending on the
surcharge applies to fares to        length of your stay, or how often
Newark Airport, in addition to       you’re going to be using the public
tolls – the estimated total would    transportation system.
be around $70-$75. Fares to
LaGuardia are about $25-$30.             •    The Pay-Per-Ride card
                                              allows you to buy as many
Fares to other boroughs vary. The             rides as you want starting at
Bronx: $40-$50. Brooklyn: $35-                $4.50 and is refillable at
$40. Queens: $20-$25. Staten                  any MetroCard vending
Island: $50-$55.                              machine. Put $8 or more on
                                              your card and receive a
And remember to tip your cabbie!              15% bonus!
                                         •    1-Day Fun Pass costs
                                              $8.25 for unlimited rides
                                              from first use until 3:00
                                              a.m. the following day.
                                         •    7-Day Unlimited Ride
                                              costs $27 for unlimited
                                              rides until midnight, 7 days
                                              from first use.
                                         •    14-Day Unlimited Ride
                                              costs $51.50 for unlimited
                                              rides until midnight, 14
                                              days from first use.
                                      Take the Kids!
                                It’s not easy to keep a child entertained,
                                even if you’re visiting one of the
                                liveliest cities in the world. So here are
                                a few places where kids – and adults,
                                too, of course – can have a great time!
                                Coney Island – Want a day at the beach or
                                a ride on a rollercoaster? Head out to
                                Brooklyn to the historic boardwalks and
  NYC Sights for FREE!          newly invigorated Luna Park. Get a famous
                                Nathan’s hot dog, play some skeeball, and
Staten Island Ferry – Cross     behold the Wonder Wheel. Visit the New
                                York Aquarium, too! Luna Park open Mon-
the Hudson River to Staten
                                Fri 12pm-12am, Sat & Sun 11-am-12am;
Island and back again to get
                                Aquarium open Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, gen
fantastic views of the NYC      admission adults $13, kids $9, seniors $10;
skyline and Lady Liberty.       D/F/N/Q to Stillwell Ave.
Take the 4/5 to South Ferry,
R to Whitehall St., or 6 to     Sony Wonder Technology Lab – Got a
Bowling Green, then walk        whiz kid? Here is where only the coolest of
south to the ferry terminal.    science and technology can be experienced
Ferries depart every 30         in four floors of hands-on exhibits. Sony
minutes and last 25 minutes     Plaza, 56th St. & Madison Ave., 4/5/6/N/R
each way.                       to 59th St. station, or F to 57th St.; Tues-Sat
                                10am-5pm, Sun 12-pm to 5pm, closed Mon;
Walk Across the Brooklyn        admission is free, but book in advanced to
Bridge – Enjoy the view         guarantee entry! (212) 833-8100 or (800)
from the most iconic            421-1220.
structure that links Brooklyn
                                Central Park Zoo – No visit to NYC is
to Manhattan. Take the
                                complete without saying hello to the sea
4/5/6 to City Hall-Brooklyn     lions and polar bears. The adjoining Tisch
Bridge, J/Z to Chambers St.,    Children’s Zoo also offers opportunities to
or the R/N to City Hall.        feed and pet friendly goats and bunnies.
Follow the concrete ramp        Located near the southeast corner of
from Centre Street or Park      Central Park between 63rd & 65th Streets;
Row. Stay clear of the bike     N/R/Q to 59th St. station, or 6 to 68th St.
lane, and wear comfortable      Hunter College; open daily, 10am-5pm, to
shoes for the 45-60 minute      5:30pm on weekends; admission: adults
stroll. Need a ride back?       $12, kids $7, seniors $9.
Take the A/C at High St.
station at Cadman Plaza E.
 Hotels in & Around the Flatiron District
Memories of New York is proud to support our neighbors in the
Flatiron District. Be sure to check out more hotel listings in other
neighborhoods in future issues!
  Ace Hotel
  20 West 29th Street
  (212) 679-2222

  The Carlton
  88 Madison Avenue
  (212) 532-4100           Setai Fifth Avenue
                                   400 5th Ave.
  Gershwin Hotel                   (877) 247-6688
  7 East 27th Street     
  (212) 545-8000 ext. 7421            Broadway Plaza Hotel
                                   1155 Broadway
  Hotel Giraffe                    (212) 679-7665
  365 Park Avenue South  
  (212) 685-7700             Comfort Inn
                                   18-20 West 25th Street
  Latham Hotel                     (212) 645-3990
  4 East 28th Street     
  (212) 685-8300           Hotel Roger Williams
                                   131 Madison Avenue
  The MAve Hotel                   (212) 448-7000
  62 Madison Avenue      
  (212) 532-7373             Wyndham Garden Hotel
                                   37 West 24th Street
                                   (212) 243-0800
                      Sports in NYC
If you’re a sports fan, there are lots of events to check out in venues
around the city.

 We’re still in the midst of baseball season, so
 how about catching a Mets or Yankees
 game? Even if you’re not a fan (perish the
 thought!), it’s the experience that counts.
 Besides, they could be playing against your
 own hometown team, so be sure to represent!
                  The Mets play at the brand new Citi Field, which
                  was completed just last year, in Queens. Getting
                  there is easy by subway – simply take the 7 train to
                  Willets Point Stadium.

                  The Yankees’ home is at the new Yankee Stadium,
                  which also opened in 2009, in the Bronx. Take the 4
 train from the East side of Manhattan, or the B/D from the West
 side, all the way up to 161 Street.

 Or if you prefer tennis to baseball, then
 you can always catch the US Open. The
 tournament lasts until September 12, so
 reserve tickets now. The Billie Jean
 King National Tennis Center can be
 reached by the 7 train to Willets Point.

   Why is the Big Apple Called                        on a tree, but there’s
       “The Big Apple”?                               only one Big Apple,”
                                                      that one being
There are a number of urban                           Manhattan. But a
legends that surround this question.                  horse-racing
One common theory is that the          writer named John J. Fitz Gerald
phrase most likely originated in       was the first to use the phrase in
showbiz circles, since NYC has         print in the 1920s, after hearing it
always been a prominent part in the    used by African-American stable
entertainment world. Jazz musicians    boys working at a race track. He
and vaudevillians in the 1930s had a   used it often since then, and the
saying that “There are many apples     nickname became popular slang.
Memories of New York

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