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					Dear Parents, 

Our teachers are meeting and planning some new and exciting activities for our Lutheran Schools’ Week celebration March 3‐9.  Our theme 
for this year’s celebration is “Mission Friends”.   Our students are working on a variety of classroom projects to display for Grandparents’ 
Day on Friday, March 9 – 8:10‐11:30 AM.  
During Lutheran Schools’ Week we have the opportunity to celebrate the gift of Christian education, celebrate the gift of children, and praise God 
for His goodness by sharing our gifts with others through our mission project. 
Lutheran Schools’ Week activities will include “special dress” days, Family Reading Night, and Grandparents’ Day.  Please check your school 
newsletter for more information. 
Our teachers are working hard, but we need your help.  Below and on the other side of this letter we have listed a few ways you can become 
involved.  We’re excited about our celebration and we’re hoping you will be, too! 
Please fill out this form and return it to the office by Tuesday, February 21, 2012.  Thank You! 
The Faculty of ILS 

Child(ren)’s Grade(s):______________________ 

    _____I am willing to help with the “Souper Cook‐Off and Pie Bake‐Off” on Saturday, March 3.  (Times to Follow) 
    _____I am willing to help decorate the school, assemble table decorations for Grandparents’ Day, roll silverware, etc. on Sunday, March 4 
           starting at 3:00 PM. 
    _____I am willing to sell “colors of the faith bands” for our mission project on the morning(s) of:   (7:45‐8:10) 
                   _____Mon. Mar. 7th 
                   _____Tues.  Mar. 8th 
                   _____Wed. Mar. 9th                                 

                   _____Thurs., Mar. 10th 
    _____I am willing to sell “colors of the faith bands” for our mission project after school on the following day(s):  (2:45‐3:10) 
                   _____Mon. Mar. 7th 
                   _____Tues.  Mar. 8th 
                   _____Wed. Mar. 9th                                 

                   _____Thurs., Mar. 10th 
_____I am willing to help with Family Reading Night on Tuesday, March 6th at 6:15 PM. 
_____I am willing to help prepare brunch on Thursday, March 8th (Grandparents’ Day is the next day) beginning at 8:30 AM. (Put casseroles 
_____I am willing to help set up tables in the small gym for Grandparents’ Day on Thursday evening, March 8th at 9:00 PM. 
_____I am willing to be at school early (7:30 AM) on Grandparents’ Day (Friday, March 9) to make coffee, bake casseroles, etc. 
_____I am willing to serve brunch and beverages on Grandparents’ Day (9:30–11:30).  We will be serving in the small gym and the 
       Fellowship Hall. 
_____I am willing to take pictures of grandparents with their grandchildren on Friday, March 9th beginning at 10:00 AM. 
_____I am willing to help with clean up in the small gym and Fellowship Hall following the Grandparents’ Day brunch, Friday, March 9th. 
_____ I am willing to donate the following as assigned by grade level: 
          _____ 1 dozen eggs – PreK (Please bring to the school kitchen by Wed., March 7th) 
          _____ 1 doz. muffins – First Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade, Seventh Grade 
                    (Please bring to the school kitchen by Thurs., March 8) 
          _____ 1‐ 12 oz bag of shredded cheddar cheese – Second Grade, Sixth Grade, Fifth Grade 
                    (Please bring to the school kitchen by Wed., March 7) 
          _____ 1 lb. of butter – Eighth Grade, Kindergarten (Please bring to the school kitchen by Wed., March 7) 
Grandparents’ and
Special Friends’ Day
John 20:31
“But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the
Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.”
On Friday, March 9th, students of Immanuel in Grades PK–8 are encouraged to invite their
grandparents or a special friend to our celebration of GRANDPARENTS' and SPECIAL FRIENDS’
DAY. We have some special activities planned to share with our guests, including worship,
entertainment, brunch, and Learning Fair Projects. Travel around the word at ILS!
Coffee and donuts will be provided for the grandparents and special friends beginning at 7:45 A.M. in
the small gym. Our chapel service will begin at 8:30 A.M. in the church. We encourage grandparents
or special friends to pick up their grandchildren in their classrooms and then proceed to the sanctuary
for worship.
                                      Schedule for Grandparents’ Day
                                      8:30 – 9:00    Chapel
                                      9:00 - 10:00   Classroom Presentations and Awards
                                      10:00- 11:30   Visit classrooms to view projects and take
                                                     time to enjoy brunch in the small gym or
                                                     Church Fellowship Hall.
                                      11:30          Students are dismissed to go home with their
                                                     grandparents, to go to Extended Care, or to
                                                     be picked up by their parents.

 Students may bring a sack lunch if they prefer. The cost for brunch tickets is $3.00 for adults and
 $2.00 for students, when purchased on or before Friday, February 24. Tickets purchased after
 February 24th will cost $4.00 for adults and $3.00 for students.
 The menu for brunch is:
                            Ham/Egg/Cheese Bake
                            Fruit Salad

In order to prepare enough food for the day, we ask that you return the form below and purchase
tickets by Monday, March 5. Tickets for the meal may be purchased in the school office beginning
Tuesday, February 7.
Parking is available in the school or church lot on Grandparents/Special Friends Day.

Please return this form and $ for tickets on or before Friday, February 24 for reduced price
brunch tickets. After the 24th of February brunch tickets increase in price.
FAMILY NAME_________________________________________________________________

Number of grandparents, special friends, and students eating brunch on GRANDPARENTS' DAY.

Grandparents                                            Students
___________________________________                    _______________________________

___________________________________                    _______________________________

___________________________________                    _______________________________

___________________________________                       _______________________________
                               urday, M
                            Satu           h
                                      March 3
                               00          m.
                             3:0 to 5:45 p.m
    would like to invite al master ch
                          ll                  akers to the 1st Annua Soup and Pie Conte
                                    hefs and ba          e         al       d         est.

If yo aren’t a master che or bake, please joi us on the 3rd for su
    ou                  ef         ,        in        e                   me      t,         t,
                                                                 upper. Com and eat taste test
              r         o         mmanuel’s b
and voice your opinion to who is Im                   and
                                            best soup a pie ma   aker.

   kets are $4. for adults and $2.0 for child
Tick          .00                 00                              ildren 2 an younger are free.
                                             dren ages 3 to 13. Chi         nd      r
   dwiches ar for sale at an additi
Sand          re       a                               eds        t
                                  ional cost. All procee benefit ILS.

                                 your frie
                          Invite y              d      bors!!
                                         ends and neighb
                                   All are welcomme!

   oks    kers – bring copies of your recip
Coo and bak                                                 rchase their favorite r
                                          pes. Guests may pur          r          recipes for

Coo and bak
   oks                   ve       e
               kers receiv one free adult ticke for dona
                                              et                  ck        oup/chili or a pie.
                                                       ating a croc pot of so          r
               awarded to the winne
Prizes will be a         o        ers!
              lease bring your soup and/or pie between 2
            (Pl         g                    e         2:30 and 3:00 p.m. on March 3.)

 -----------------------------------                 ----------------------------------

NAM _______
  ME                __________
          ___________        ___________
                                       __________ PHONE N
                                                __      NUMBER __        ___________
                                                                __________         _

              e                   ot        ___________
      I will be donating a crock-po of ______                  ____ soup.

              e                    __________
      I will be donating a _________        __________ pie.

   ________ # of adult tic
____                               ed
                         ckets neede ($4 each)
                                             )          ________ # of child tic
                                                      ___                     ckets need ($2 each
                                                                                       ded      h)

   ase              th                 24.              cks    le
Plea submit money wit form by February 2 Please make chec payabl to ILS.

Saturday     March 3       Soup Cook-Off and Pie Bake-Off 3:00-5:45 PM
Saturday     March 3       Worship Service – 6:00 p.m.
Sunday       March 4       Worship Services – 8:00 a.m., 9:30 a.m., and 11:00 a.m.
Monday      March 5        Pajama Day – Pajama pants and tops (appropriate for school). Girls may
                           wear a nightgown but should have tights, leggings, or long pants
                           underneath. If your child is uncomfortable wearing PJ’s, sweatpants and
                           sweatshirt are OK. Students may also wear a robe and/or slippers.
                           Children who wear slippers should bring them in their school bag so they
                           have shoes for recess and coming and going from school. Please use good
                           Mission Project – Mission Friends
Tuesday      March 6       Colors of Faith (Jeans Permitted)
                           Black PreK,4 Red 2,8 Blue 5,K White 1/2 and 3/4
                           Green 7,3    Yellow 1,6
                           Family Reading Night 6:15 PM Special Guest Storyteller Paddy Lynn
                           Mission Project – Mission Friends
Wednesday March 7          Mismatch Day – How crazy can you be? Clothes should not
                           match – stripes, solids, plaids, random colors, etc.
                           Picnic Lunch (11:30) – Let’s Make It Waste Free
                           (Little friend should bring a blanket to sit on for the picnic lunch.)
                           Mission Project – Mission Friends
Thursday     March 8       School Spirit Day – Royal Blue/White, Immanuel Shirts/Jeans, etc.
                           School Assembly – Faculty vs. 8th Basketball Shoot-Out 2:00 PM
                           Mission Project – Mission Friends
Friday       March 9       Grandparents’ Day for Grades PK – 8
                           Dress in good clothes or standardized dress.
                           Students should go to their classrooms.
                           Grandparents will meet them there.
                           Schedule for     Grandparents’ Day
                           8:30 – 9:00      Chapel
                           9:00 - 10:00     Classroom Presentations and Awards
                           10:00 -11:30     View Classroom Projects and Enjoy Brunch
                           11:30            Dismissal

   During LSW students’ dress should reflect the dress of the day or the standardized dress
   code. Jeans may be worn on Tuesday, and Thursday. We will support our missionaries through
   the purchase of “Colors of Faith Links”. The links are available for purchase (4 for $1.00)
   before or after school.

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