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					                                                            PEDALS                                                                                                         Newsletter No. 84

                                                            CONTACTS                                                                                                       Spring/Summer 2007

Pedals internet address                                     Pedals Webmaster:
                                                            Alistair Morgan: 17, Grimston Road,
(Including downloadable membership form!)
                                                            Nottingham NG7 5QX.
Chairman and Newsletter Editor: Hugh McClintock,
                                                            SERVICES, HELP AND INFORMATION:
162 Musters Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2
7AA, tel. (0115) 981 6206. NEW email:                       CYCLE ROUTE LEAFLETS AND OTHER                                INFORMATION?
Vacant: offers welcome please!
                                                            See the Cycling Pages of the County Council
                                                                                                                    Rural Rides programme
Treasurer: Susan Young, tel. (0115) 928 9139, email:
Membership Secretary:
                                                                                                                     celebrates 21 years!
                                                            (traffic and travel - cycling)
Dave Morris, 21 Bowers Avenue, Nottingham NG3 4DJ,
mobile (07752) 833095,                                      Maintenance reporting is via
NEW Subscriptions rates
(Membership year runs from 1 May to 30 April)               • County Council Cycling officer: Ed Ducker,
                                                            Cycling and Walking Officer Nottinghamshire County
£12.00 for a couple or family, £9.00 for an individual or
                                                            Communities Department, Trent Bridge House, Fox Road,
£7 for unwaged
                                                            West Bridgford, Nottm. NG2 6BJ, tel. (0115) 977 4585,
Please pay by Standing Order, if possible.                  email:

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Acknowledgement: Nottingham Evening Post
Publicity Officer:                                          • City Council (including Nottingham cycle maps):
Vacant: offers welcome please!                              Steve Brewer, Sustainable Transport Officer,
                                                            Transport Strategy Team, City Development, Exchange
Distributor of the 'County - City - Forest ' Country
                                                            Buildings North, Smithy Row, Nottingham NG1 2BS,
rides book: and the Pedal Pushers' Guide: Lawrence
                                                            tel. (0115) 915 6596, fax. (0115) 915 6596,
Geary, 96 Pierrepont Road, West Bridgford, Nottm.
NG2 5DW, tel. (0115) 982 2720
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David Miller, 9 Studland Way, off Compton Acres, West       N.B. THE OPINIONS EXPRESSED IN THIS
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tel. (0115) 978 8212, mobile 07818 263738,
                                                             Monday 17th September
email or -                                                                This year sees the official 21st birthday of Nottinghamshire County
website                                  Send to: Hugh McClintock
                                                                                                                    Council’s Rural Rides programme, in which many Pedals members
                                                             162 Musters Road,
Doctor Bike Coordinator:                                                                                            have acted as volunteer leaders, on rides which have been enjoyed by
                                                             West Bridgford,
Peter Osborne, tel. (0115) 989 0632
(H), (0115) 974 7474,
                                                             Nottingham,NG2 7AA                                     thousands throughout the county.
email: or                            tel. (0115) 981 6206                                   However, the Rural rides programme was in fact started by Pedals in the
(w)                                   email:                    summer of 1983, with a programme of 6 rides organised by David Law and
                                                                                                                    Steve Parry (the original instigators of the Great Nottinghamshire Bike Ride
                                                                                                                    in 1982, it should also be mentioned!)
                                                                                             Dates for your Diary
                                                                                             – Come and join us!
                                                                                             Pedals monthly meetings are held on the third Monday of each month in the top
                                                                                             room of The Globe PH on the London Road and Rye Hill Street, just north of Trent
                                                                                             Bridge, at the edge of The Meadows, with a different pattern and timing in the
                                                                                             winter and summer months.
                                                                                             Meetings in April and May start at 8.30 p.m. and the June and July meetings at 9
                                                                                             p.m., preceded by a mini-ride leaving from the top of Queen’s Bridge Road
                                                                                             (opposite Nottingham Station) at 7 p.m.

Rural Rides 2006

Within 3 years it was clear that the free
Rural rides programme was very popular
and we welcomed the offer by the County
Council, already running a Guided Walks
programme, to take on the Cycle Rides
and develop those as well.
Within a few years the programme had been
extended to cover the whole county, including
the Newark and Mansfield / Ashfield areas,
with a wider range of volunteers to help lead
them, including people from CTC and the
County Council’s own staff.
New volunteers to lead rides are always
welcome and basic training e.g. on first
aid and leading rides is provided by the
County Council.
The programme has become very
popular, with a wide range of rides
appealing to many people including those
who rarely get their bikes out and for
whom cycling even 10 miles is a great                                                        Wheely Big Cyclists’ Breakfast 2006
achievement. The rides have a friendly
informal atmosphere and normally                                                             Pedals monthly meetings:                   Other meetings/events:
                                                Guided Rides 2007
include a pub stop for those who wish.                                                       • Monday 21 May (8.30 p.m.)                Saturday 19 May
Many thanks to all those who have helped over the years to make this programme so                                                       CTC and Cycle Campaigns Network
                                                                                             • Monday 18 June (9 p.m.)
successful and including the stalwart efforts of several people at the County Council such                                              Autumn Conference, Derby
as Pete Jarman and Steve Jones. Long may they continue to provide so much enjoyment!         • Monday 16 July (9 p.m.)                  Hosted by Derby Cycling Campaign
                                                                                             • Monday 20 August – Ride only –           • Details from John Stubbs, DCG,
• Rural rides brochures for 2007 should be available from local cycle shops and                no business meeting this month             email:
  libraries. The programme can also be downloaded from the County Council’s                                                             • booking form at:
  website at:                                  • Monday 17 September (7.30 p.m.)  
2                                                                                                                                                                               3
                                               Saturday 23 June:
                                               Third meeting of the East Midlands
                                               Cycling Forum, Leicester (a new network
                                               of local cycle campaigners in the region).
                                               • Details from John Stubbs, Derby
                                                 Cycling Group,
                                                  email: or
                                                  Hugh McClintock, Pedals (details at rear)
                                                  or Andy Salkeld,

                                               Sunday 24 June:
                                               Great Nottinghamshire Bike Ride
                                               entry forms available from local libraries
Wheely Big Cyclists’ Breakfast 2006            and cycle shops and from the
Monday 4 June:                                 Nottinghamshire County Council website
Mass cycle ride to work, Nottingham,           home/leisure/l-cycling/bikeride.htm
organised by Ridewise
• details from Graham Hubbard, Ridewise,       Saturday 1 September: 10.00:
                                               Halfway to Hucknall Ride and meet-up
11-15 June:                                    linking the Nottingham and Sheffield tram
                                               systems, organised by Sheffield Pedal
Velo-City International Cycling                Pushers and Sheffield CTC in collaboration
Conference, Munich, organised by the           with Pedals, with a gathering at the
European Cycling Federation, Munich City       Teversal Visitor Centre
Council and the German Federal Ministry
                                               • Details from Susan Young (Pedals) on
of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs –
                                                 (07963) 269159 or
• Details at               Simon Geller, (Sheffield Pedal Pushers),

16-24 June Bike Week
-details at
including Thursday 21 June: Wheely Big
Cyclists’ Breakfast, in the newly
revamped Old Market Square, organised
by Nottingham City Council and The Big
• Details from Jeremy Prince, City Council,
                                               Wheely Big Cyclists’ Breakfast 2006
4                                                                                             5
Highway design claims –
an obstacle course!
Rebecca Firmin, Nelsons
Since my last article I have been asked to     A claim was made to the local authority.        As a cautionary note, you should be aware        Rebecca Firmin is an Associate Solicitor at
comment upon the status of consultations       I alleged that it was in breach of the          that generally cases where the negligent         Nelsons in Nottingham, part of a dedicated
carried out by the local authority (with       Highways Act 1980 as it had failed to           design of a highway is cited as the only         team of personal injury lawyers with a
organisations such as Pedals) relating to      maintain the cycle path in accordance with      cause of an accident are notoriously difficult   national profile currently handling over 5,000
changes to road layouts etc.                   its duties and the cycle path’s design had      to prove. In this case, the design of the        claims for a wide range of injuries from
                                               contributed to the accident circumstances.      track was poor but more importantly there        accidents on the road or at work, through to
My views were canvassed as to whether or
                                                                                               was also evidence that there had been a          clinical negligence or criminal injuries. She
not, if advice was ignored about a hazard      Liability was denied by the Council’s
                                                                                               failure to reasonably maintain the highway.      can be contacted on (0115) 9895259.
following consultation, and an individual      representative who asserted that my client
subsequently suffered an injury, a local       was the author of her own misfortune and
authority would be liable to pay               had failed to take appropriate care when
compensation.                                  riding along the path. He went on to
                                               confirm that no problems or accidents
I have acted for a client who was injured
                                               had been reported in the 4 years prior
when using the cycle path on Castle
                                               to the accident.
Boulevard. Many of you may know that the
design of the Castle Boulevard cycle track     It was at this point that I was introduced to
as it was in 2000, required a cyclist to       Hugh McClintock, whose assistance was
effectively follow a slalom around the right   invaluable. He provided information
hand side of various mature trees on the
route towards the city centre.
                                               showing that the authority had been aware
                                               of the dangerous state of the cycle path,
                                                                                               The Bad and the Good (News)
My client was unaware of this, as there        due to the encroaching tree roots and poor
                                                                                               It was decided at the AGM to not only            We will keep you fully informed as these
were parked cars in between the trees          design, for a number of years before the
                                                                                               raise subscriptions, but to change our bank      changes are implemented but at the
masking her view and no signs to indicate      accident.
                                                                                               to one with more ethical credentials in          moment there is no need to do anything.
any alternative route. She therefore           Hugh gave me documentation prepared by          keeping with Pedals’ aims. The raise is          I urge those who pay annually to do so
attempted to cycle through a narrow gap        Pedals as part of their ongoing campaign        necessary due to current rates becoming          promptly please and if at all possible to
between the left hand side of a tree and       to improve cycle routes around Nottingham       uneconomic as it is over the five years          begin to pay by standing order – it makes
the edge of the pedestrian pathway. As she     between 1990 and 2000. These included           since we last raised our subs.                   it much easier for our membership
did so, her wheel caught in uneven tarmac      letters to Councillors, newspaper articles                                                       secretary who like most of us prefers to be
(due to tree roots) and she was propelled      and local transport plan submissions, all       PEDALS has also seen a fall in                   out cycling!
over the handlebars. She suffered              made before my client’s accident.               membership, dwindling sales and less
lacerations to her face, causing scarring.     Apparently, funding had been allocated to       from donations, partly due to having             New membership rates
                                               improve the cycle track around 18 months        insufficient people to run stalls at local       (from 2008 for existing members):
                                               before, but works had not started.              events. Any volunteers to help with this         Family £12;
                                                                                               will be warmly welcomed or indeed, let           Individual £9;
                                               This was clear evidence that the local
                                                                                               us have any new ideas you may have as            Concessions £7
                                               authority was aware of the problems with
                                                                                               to how to raise our profile and
                                               the track a long time before the accident
                                               happened. I was able to point this out to
                                               the local authority and after some debate,
                                                                                                                                                Happy cycling!
                                                                                               The rise in subs will not however take           Susan (Treasurer)
                                               compensation was paid to my client for her
                                                                                               place for current members until 2008.
                                               injuries and financial losses.
                                                                                               This is to give us time to change our bank
                                                                                               and complete the necessary administration.
6                                                                                                                                                                                            7
Raising the Profile of
Cycling in Nottingham
– an Update
In the last issue we commented on the significant decline in the attention given to           Improvements                                      More vigilance!
cycling in Nottingham in the last 3-4 years, particularly shown in the often very             Meanwhile, as we also report below, there         We also intend to be more vigilant in
inadequate consideration given to the needs of cyclists in many recent major                  have been several welcome improvements            ensuring that cyclists’ needs are
transport projects such as The Turning Point and the Old Market Square                        in recent months for cyclists in Nottingham.      addressed more carefully in future major
redevelopment, to name just a few examples.                                                   Although not perfect from the point of            projects such as the redevelopment of the
Following a presentation in January on the Pedals perspective to the City Council’s           view of all cyclists we feel these are            Inner Ring Road on the east side of the
Sustainability, Regeneration and Infrastructure Scrutiny Panel, reported in our last          broadly beneficial. They include changes          City Centre (Parliament Street etc.) the
issue, an Action Plan has been promised for this summer, on what is being done to             to the Castle Road / Castle Hill cycle cut        Broad Marsh redevelopment and
address the many issues we raised.                                                            through, and on Castle Boulevard and              extension, and the “Ring Road Major
                                                                                              Forest Road East.                                 Scheme” involving a series of changes to
Action Plan - New momentum?                    Strong Pedals support for new                                                                    the Outer Ring Road (Middleton Boulevard,
                                               pedestrian-cycle bridge proposals                                                                Valley Road etc.) north of Derby Road.
To help develop new momentum in getting
cycling to feature more prominently in City    Pedals has particularly welcomed the                                                             Broad Marsh and Carrington Street
transport issues we are now working            City Council’s proposal to revive the idea                                                       changes
more closely with Ridewise and the             of creating a pedestrian and cycle
                                                                                                                                                As part of the Broad Marsh redevelopment
Greater Nottingham Transport                   bridge between Clifton Grove and
                                                                                                                                                and extension a new bus/LRT interchanges
Partnership (“The Big Wheel”) and a            Beeston Rylands for which they have
                                                                                                                                                is to be built astride the NET viaduct at the
cycle route development group is to be         been shortlisted for funding under the
                                                                                                                                                bottom of Middle Hill, combined with a
set up, involving several people outside the   Sustrans Connect 3 national bid for lottery
                                                                                                                                                diversion of Middle Hill to the east of the
City Council, to give a more strategic         funding.
                                                                                                                                                viaduct. We shall be pressing for this to
approach to local cycle route development.                                                    The Castle Hill cut-through (see photo) now is
                                               To help address the fears about the                                                              take more account of cycling than in the
                                                                                              wider and is smoother, with new signs. This
This will include the closer involvement of    possible increased risk of crime and                                                             present ‘tram cycle bypass’ below
                                                                                              forms part of a useful quiet (if hilly!) cut-
Sustrans East Midlands who in any case         vandalism from such a bridge Pedals in                                                           Weekday Cross.
                                                                                              through for cyclists between Castle Boulevard,
are keen to dovetail their plans for           January organised a special meeting in
                                                                                              The Ropewalk and Canning Circus, and we           Before this major redevelopment and
extending National Cycle Network Route         Lenton of all the main interested parties
                                                                                              would like to see further signs to promote the    disruption starts on the south side of the
15 across the south of the county between      from Clifton and Beeston, including the
                                                                                              whole route, as well as signs to the connecting   City Centre, probably next year, there will
Newark, West Bridgford, Clifton and Castle     Police and the City and Broxtowe Councils.
                                                                                              routes across the City Centre, e.g. via the       be 3 months of disruption from June to
Donington with plans by The Big Wheel,         Further public consultation, on a wider        Castlegate toucan crossing.                       September this summer with strengthening
the local authorities and others to extend     basis, is now going ahead, starting in                                                           of the Carrington Street bridge outside
the much publicised Big Track walking and      Clifton (see below) and with close Pedals                                                        Nottingham station. This will require half of
cycling route on the canal and riverside       involvement in what we see as the vital                                                          the road to be closed at a time, for about 6
paths launched last summer.                    exercise of gaining wider public support for                                                     weeks each. The cycling provision will be
Pedals has been working closely with           this important major project, of great                                                           reinstated, with some further
Sustrans on this and a number of other         potential benefit to both commuter and                                                           improvements, we hope.
issues including getting good cycling          leisure cyclists and walkers.
                                                                                                                                                Access to the cycle stands in the Porte
provision as part of the A453 (Clifton to
                                                                                                                                                Cochere area at the front of the Station will
M1) and A46 (Newark to Widmerpool)
                                                                                                                                                still be possible during this period, we are
Trunk Road upgrading schemes.
                                                                                                                                                assured, but you might sometimes have to
                                                                                                                                                carry your bike to get to the stands!
8                                                                                                                                                                                           9
Cycle Lanes?
Here’s The Good News
Reports Dave Morris
Poorly-designed cycle facilities are a            Short of waiting all day for a gap, the best    Castle Boulevard: Cycle Lanes                      We all know that simply painting a few lines
common complaint amongst cycle                    option was to filter onto Forest Road and                                                          on the road in isolation does little to help
advocates everywhere. We’ve all seen              ride straight to the front, but the resulting                                                      cyclists. But when local facilities are well-
them- Those bits of cycle lane that go            negative vibes from vexed motorists would                                                          designed and contribute to improving the
nowhere or are blocked by a phone box             be enough to melt the back of your helmet                                                          wider strategic network they make our
that the designers somehow overlooked.            as you sat at the head of the queue.                                                               journeys quicker, safer and more enjoyable.
Warrington Cycling Campaign show some             And when the lights turned green you’d                                                             Their visible presence also signals that
infamous examples on their website and            know all about it. Now, the lead-in lane and                                                       cyclists are legitimate road users.
Wolves on Wheels award the “Chocolate             ASL mean not only is it easy to bypass the                                                         With winter turning to spring, the sight of
Chainring” for Wolverhampton’s worst.             queue but there’s a highly visible bike logo                                                       more people using their bikes to stay
Over the years, Nottingham too has seen a         to support such a manoeuvre, which                                                                 healthy whilst dodging the tailbacks might
few local oddities. But, just as one poorly-      definitely gets the message across and                                                             help turn the thoughts of frustrated
designed section can blight an entire route,      helps reduce the subsequent “revenge                                                               commuters towards cycling as a positive
so a well-conceived scheme can greatly            overtaking” when the lights turn green.         Lastly, what about Castle Boulevard? The           transport choice. And surely that’s what
improve life for cyclists.                                                                        old shared-use pedestrian/cycle path was           we’re all about?
As local campaigners, we’re often quick to                                                        a classic example of a well-intentioned
                                                  Mansfield Road: Bus Lanes                       scheme that was, in practice, confusing for
criticise but our role should also be to
encourage good practice, so maybe a bit of        The busy Sherwood section of Mansfield          users and slower than staying on the road.
praise is in order when things go to plan. Here   Road has recently seen an extension of the      Along one side it weaved around the trees
are a few recent examples that get my vote:       bus lanes in both directions. Personally, I     and on the other there were regular
                                                  love cycling in bus lanes. OK, a slight         ambushes (collective noun) of signposts
                                                  exaggeration, but where else do you get a       and street furniture. In my opinion (yours
Forest Road: Advance Stop Line                    4-metre wide lane along a strategic route       might differ) the new on-road cycle lanes
                                                  that’s free of cars, kerbs, wheeliebins and     are a vast improvement.
                                                  “Cyclists Dismount” signs?
                                                                                                  For those not familiar with the “hierarchy of
                                                  Motorists tend to stay out of them, even if     cycle infrastructure”, this re-allocation of
                                                  they’re only enforced at peak times; Bus        existing road-space to cyclists is the preferred
                                                  drivers are generally very considerate when     option (unless traffic volume and speeds are
                                                  overtaking; even where off-peak parking is      very high), with the former shared-use
                                                  permitted, there’s space within the bus         approach seen as a last resort. Like the Forest      PS. Editor’s footnote.
                                                  lane to pass safely.                            Road ASL, the new bike lane markings                 The changes to the cycle facilities on
                                                  Personally, I think they make a big             influence the behaviour and road-positioning         Castle Boulevard, including a new
                                                  contribution to safe cycling on direct (but     of motorists, so it’s usually possible to swoop      toucan crossing by the Castle Bridge
                                                  often busy) main routes, particularly if I’m    unhindered past queuing traffic.                     Road junction, opposite the eastern
I usually ride home up North Sherwood             slowly inching back from Sherwood laden         They’re also wide enough to avoid getting            end of the canal towpath from Grove
Street, avoiding the parallel Mansfield           with groceries – a situation where sharing      “doored” by vehicles in the adjacent                 Road, were completed at the end of
Road and then turn up Forest Road/                space with fast-moving vehicles can             parking bays, so it’s useful to take my              March. We would welcome other
Mapperley Road. During the evening peak,          otherwise be unnerving.                         Ridewise trainees on this route to test their        members’ comments please!
the traffic on Forest Road queues past the                                                        Stage 3 decision-making and awareness in
exit from North Sherwood Street.                                                                  moving traffic streams.

10                                                                                                                                                                                              11
Proposed Clifton to Beeston                                                                        The Big Track – Nottingham’s
Foot and Cycle Bridge                                                                              Waterside Car Free Route
- An update from Jenny Kukan,                                                                      - an update from Keith Morgan,
Nottingham City Council                                                                            Nottingham City Council

In October 2006 the City Council submitted      • To build on the existing cycling and             The Big Track is a 10-mile circular route
an expression of interest to the cycling          walking infrastructure including the Big         that is great for commuting and leisure.
charity Sustrans as part of their                 Track, Trent Valley Way and Route 6 of           The Track is made up of the paths along
“Connect2” project competing for a single         the National Cycle Network                       the Trent and Canal between Trent Bridge
grant of £50 million from the National                                                             and Beeston Lock. The route can be used
Lottery Peoples Millions. Sustrans              If Sustrans are successful in their bid to the     by cyclists and walkers and provides an
Connect2 projects must overcome barriers        National Lottery, the bridge would start to        attractive off road alternative to reach
between communities and help them move          be built in 2008 and be opened in 2010. We         employers such as Boots, the Inland
around in a more sustainable way, for           think this is a really exciting idea but nothing   Revenue as well as the City Centre.
example by walking and cycling more often       has been finalised as yet and we do need to
                                                hear what people have to say on both sides         There are many places to move on and off
especially for local journeys.                                                                     the track with plenty to see and do on the
                                                of the river. Why not come along to any of
Our idea is to build a foot and cycle bridge    the exhibitions and find out more.                 way including the Attenborough Nature
across the River Trent between Clifton and                                                         Centre and there are plenty of places to stop
Beeston, just downstream of Beeston Weir.                                                          for food and drink. With all these attractions
                                                Editor’s note:
To give people in Clifton a chance to tell us                                                      it means the route can be used in its entirety
                                                Pedals strongly supports the proposed              or as a means of getting from A to B.
what they think about the idea a number of
                                                bridge and we would very much encourage
exhibitions were held in late April. We are                                                        The Big Track is already open and free for
                                                members to visit the exhibitions, and/or
also planning to hold a number of                                                                  everyone to use but over the next 3 year’s       Next year it is planned to upgrade the
                                                download the leaflet from the City Council
exhibitions at Beeston in June.                                                                    over half a million pounds will be invested      bridge at Castle Marina for safer use by
                                                website and express their support, as well
                                                                                                   in the route due to funding from emda and        both cyclists and walkers. There are also
Why do we want to build the bridge?             as encouraging other people and
                                                                                                   the Greater Nottingham Partnership with          plans for the Big Track to be adopted as
                                                organisations to do the same.
                                                                                                   financial and project support also coming        part of the Sustrans Regional Network
• To help move sustainable transport                                                               from the City and County Councils, British
  forward (walking and cycling)                                                                    Waterways, Broxtowe Borough Council              • The Big Track forms part of the Trent
                                                STOP PRESS                                                                                            River Park project which aims to
                                                                                                   and the Big Wheel.
• To support Local Transport Plan               To our great disappointment we have just                                                              promote the route of the river as a
  objectives, for example reduce                learned that Sustrans has now decided              Over the next few months there will be             regeneration corridor. For more
  congestion, improve accessibility,            not to include this scheme in the final list of    improvements made to the direction signs           information on this and the schemes
  improve road safety, improve air quality      79 Connect2 projects submitted to the Big          with a distinctive branding added to enable        that form it please see:
  and quality of life                           Lottery Fund for a live television vote and        people to easily find their way. There will
                                                decision this autumn, apparently because of        also be a new map and a podcast of                 final_version_nov_05.pdf
• To help encourage people to cycle and         concerns about the level of local support.         interesting historical facts along the route
  walk more often, more of the time                                                                available soon.                                  • Look out for the soon to be reissued Big
                                                Pedals and the City Council had been                                                                  Track booklet with map and podcast:
• To provide an important cycling and           working hard recently to build up this             Later this year the river path between the
  walking link for both commuting and           backing but there now seems no chance of           Nottingham University playing pitches and
                                                this project going ahead in the foreseeable        Beeston Lock will be widened and                 • For more information please contact:
                                                future, we much regret, despite the many           resurfaced and improvements made under             Keith Morgan – (0115) 915 5054,
                                                very welcome pledges of support.                   Clifton Bridge.                                    email:

12                                                                                                                                                                                              13
New Mansfield and                                       A Missing Drain Cover
Ashfield cycle map                                      by Cathy Melia

                 A new County Council cycling           Back in October, whilst cycling home from      I completed the three page “Public
                 map has just been published for        work in West Bridgford, I was thrown from      Highway Incident Report Form”, explaining
                 central Nottinghamshire, covering      my bike when my front wheel went down a        the circumstances of the accident,
                 Ashfield, Mansfield and the            hidden ‘hole’ in Bridgford Road, caused by     including a sketch of the accident site and
                 western part of Newark &               a missing drain cover. It wasn’t apparent      photos of the damaged basket
                 Sherwood district. One side of the     that the drain cover was missing as it had     (recommended by Notts CC). Notts CC
                 map has an overview of cycling         been raining heavily during the day and so     replied to say that the authority is required
                 facilities in the area and the other   a very large puddle had formed, covering       to have in place an adequate system of
                 has comprehensive maps of              about half the width of the road, because      inspection and maintenance. They claimed
                 Mansfield, Sutton in Ashfield and      the drain was blocked.                         that the area where this incident took place
                 Kirkby in Ashfield town centres.       Luckily, apart from being very shaken up       is on a monthly inspection cycle, and was
                 The map is the second in a series      and sustaining a cut thumb, I was              last inspected three days prior to my fall
                 of four new more detailed maps         uninjured. Initially, I thought my bike was    when no actionable defect was reported.
                 covering the whole County - the        OK, as the wheels still went round and so I    So, in the circumstances they felt that they
                 next will be Newark area, which        was able to cycle home. My main concern        had complied with their obligations and no
                 will be published in late 2007.        at this point was to alert Notts County        liability could be attached to them (i.e. they
                 The first map, Cycling in              Council to the danger of this hole in the      were unable to make any payment).
                 Bassetlaw, was published atthe         road. Besides the dangers to other road        I wrote to Notts CC asking whether their
                 end of 2006.                           users, I was concerned that if a pedestrian    inspection was just for the integrity of the
                 Cycling in Mansfield and Ashfield      had stepped off the pavement at this point,    highway surface, or if it included testing for
                 is now available from Tourist          then they could quite easily have been         the free running of the drain in question, as
                 Information Centres, libraries,        seriously injured.                             they had not made this clear. If the drain
                 council offices and bike shops         A day or so later, I realised that the front   had been free flowing, then there would
                 throughout the mapped area.            wire basket on my bike was damaged by          not have been the huge puddle and I
                                                        this accident and needed replacing. I then     would probably have seen (and avoided)
                 • A version for downloading is                                                        the hazard. Notts CC replied that they
                                                        contacted Notts CC again explaining that I
                   available on the County                                                             would have dealt with the surface of the
                                                        wished to claim for a new basket. I had to
                   Council website:                                                                    highway, including all manhole covers,
                                                        make another two phone calls to chase up
                                                                  gully lids and grates, but that Notts CC
                                                        the non-arrival of the claim form that they
                   home/ traffic_and_travel/                                                           were not responsible for checking that
                                                        said they had sent; each time I was passed
                   traffictravel-cycling/                                                              each drain is free flowing.
                                                        around from department to department
                                                        within Notts CC, with a record of talking to   At this point, I decided to give up with this
                 • Copies can also be requested         four different people before being cut-off.    claim! However, it does leave me with the
                   by on (0115) 977 4585                In case anyone else wants to put in a claim    question, “Who is responsible for checking
                   or by e-mail to:                     for this area, the correct contact is the      the free flowing of drains in the highway?”.
                  Highways South Admin Team
                                                        (0115) 878 6005!

14                                                                                                                                                 15
Pedals comments on Draft                                                                    New East Midlands rail
County Council Rights of Way                                                                franchise: cycling issues
Improvement Plan                                                                            In cooperation with other East Midlands
                                                                                            cycling groups, through the new East
                                                                                                                                           We have also been supporting the CTC
                                                                                                                                           Get cycling on track campaign, launched
As we go to press Pedals comments on           Summary of countryside users’                Midlands Cycling Forum, and also via the       at the end of March encouraging every
the County Council’s Draft Rights of Way       key needs: Cyclists (para. 4.12.4.)          East Midlands Regional Assembly Transport      cyclist automatically to email their MP,
Improvement Plan are being finalised, in                                                    Group we have been pressing DfT Rail for a     urging him or her to support better cycle-
                                               • Improved road safety where rights of
consultation with the Notts CTC.                                                            better deal for cyclists as part of the new    rail integration.
                                                 way exit and connect with other
                                                                                            East Midlands Rail Franchise, to take over     Helping to launch the campaign, CTC
At the start of its preparation there was an     bridleways and cycle tracks
                                                                                            on 11 November from Central Trains and         President and journalist, Jon Snow, said:
extensive period of consultation with          • Good surfaced route and adequate           Midlands Main Line.
different users and their needs are being        width (for average cyclist and family)                                                    “Cycling and rail travel are perfect partners.
taken into account in the new draft plans.                                                  We want to see more extensive and reliable     The combination provides a ‘doorstep-to-
For cyclists this needs have been              • Challenging routes relating to surface     arrangements for carrying bikes on trains      destination’ option for longer-distance
summarised from the survey as:-                  and topography for the mountain biker      and also more extensive and more secure        journeys which might otherwise be possible
                                               • Increased maintenance and enforcement      and well-promoted and managed bike             only by car. It is also a really simple way to
                                                                                            parking at stations.                           set about tackling a whole range of problems
                                                                                            The East Midlands franchise is not required    all in one go: obesity, air pollution,
                                                                                            to include a cyclists' consultative group,     congestion and climate change to name but
Pedals help needed                                                                          but in line with best practice, we have also
                                                                                            been pressing DfT Rail to agree to
                                                                                            encourage the franchisee to include such a
                                                                                                                                           a few. So I'd urge you to visit
                                                                                                                                  and follow the
                                                                                                                                           instructions from there. Remember this is a
to boost Ridewise                                                                           group as is now the case elsewhere, e.g.
                                                                                            as recently agreed for Northern Trains.
                                                                                                                                           ‘once in 30 years’ opportunity to influence
                                                                                                                                           Government policy on this vital issue. Please

training take up                                                                                                                           get emailing - every message counts!”

An appeal from Gary Smerdon-White
                                                                                            GOEM Cycling and Health
                                                                                            Task Force gets underway
                                                                                            Pedals is involved in the new Cycling          stressing that both Ridewise and Pedals
RideWise, the local Cycle training social      A large part of 2006/7 funding was used to   and Health Task Force being promoted           wish to get Nottingham City Council
enterprise is presently training around 200    train more instructors so people would not   by the Government Office of the East           equally involved in future.
adults a year. Increasingly there is           be disappointed if we could not meet         Midlands (GOEM), Helen Ross of
corporate business from organisations like     demand – but demand has not developed                                                       There was also a presentation from Kevin
                                                                                            Nottingham PCT and Sarah Bowles of             Mayne, CTC Director on their Active Travel
St John’s Ambulance, local PCTs and            as planned.                                  Sport England (East Midlands Office).
private companies; also a number of                                                                                                        Consortium Plans. Nick Cavill, health
                                               So if you can get someone to want the        The second meeting took place in March         advisor to Cycling England, is also taking
schools are becoming interested since we       training give us a bell on (07818) 263738
have trained our instructors to help                                                        and went well, attended by an increased        much interest in the work of the group and
                                               or e-mail               number of people including representatives     may support a possible cycling referral
children. Whole families have latched onto
the free services to ensure all are safe on    Pedals members can really make a             of Leicester and Derby City Councils, and      scheme in Northampton. These meetings
the road before taking on family outings.      difference!                                  Gary Smerdon-White of Ridewise,                are now to be held quarterly.
However we can take on more!
16                                                                                                                                                                                      17
Bike Maintenance                               Got an old                                                             Cogz
Videos on You-Tube
             There are now several good
                                               bike to send                                                            Loughborough University Bike Shop
             bike maintenance videos on
             YouTube which can be seen         to Namibia?                                   Loughborough University has ventured into
                                                                                             cycling with Cogz, a new bike shop located in
                                                                                                                                               As for Cogz, although its early days for the
                                                                                                                                               bike hire scheme, the first bike went out on
             bicyclemaintenance                Introducing                                   the centre of the campus. The shop has been
                                                                                             created in partnership with Cyclelife, based in
                                                                                                                                               the morning the scheme was launched and
                                                                                                                                               Andy is hopeful it will prove a success. He’s
                                                                                             Eastwood, which operates over 50 Raleigh          looking to expand the shop’s range of
                                               BEN Namibia                                   franchises across the UK, including the           services to include “Bikeability”, the new
Finding a                                      BEN Namibia is a non-profit organisation
                                                                                             flagship store at Carlton Road, Nottingham.
                                                                                             Cogz aims to make affordable bikes and a full
                                                                                                                                               Government-approved National Standard
                                                                                                                                               for cycle training and has received a

new home for                                   that began operating in May 2005 with the
                                               aim of empowering disadvantaged
                                                                                             range of accessories available to students
                                                                                             and staff. Non stock items can also be
                                                                                                                                               number of enquiries about “Bike2Work”,
                                                                                                                                               the Government’s tax-free bike purchase

cast-off bikes                                 Namibians through access to affordable
                                               transport. Our main work is bicycle
                                                                                             sourced from their suppliers and will usually
                                                                                             arrive within the week.
                                                                                                                                               scheme for employers. He says there is
                                                                                                                                               also a potential market in re-selling bikes
                                                                                                                                               not wanted by graduating students. Cogz
                                               distribution.                                 Cogz is managed by Andy Tebbutt, who
Although less ambitious than the very                                                                                                          could provide a full safety check and make
impressive Bikes4All bike recycling scheme     We import donated second hand bikes,          has worked in cycle sales and maintenance
                                                                                             for six years. Andy says that many students       these bikes available to new students
in Leicester discussed at the October          parts and accessories from overseas
                                                                                             might not be able to afford a new bike or         arriving each autumn.
Pedals meeting with Andy Salkeld,              charities, refurbishing them by employing
Leicester City Council Cycling Coordinator,    and training local people in bike             might just want to try getting around by          The University is currently developing a
there is such a scheme available locally for   mechanics.                                    bike before deciding if it’s right for them.      green travel plan, making its own
people with old bikes which could be                                                         Although bike hire schemes are popular in         contribution to tackling local traffic
                                               We sell these bikes at affordable prices
refurbished and find a new home.                                                             larger European and American universities,        congestion, promoting exercise and
                                               from our warehouse in the capital,
To find out more contact:-                                                                   Loughborough is one of the first in the UK        alternative modes of transport, including
                                               Windhoek, and through a growing network
                                                                                             to offer this service. Loughborough has a         bikes. The University has recently launched
Andy Goulder,                                  of shops in regional Namibia.
                                                                                             high student population and a relatively          a website that allows staff and students to
Unpaid work,                                   Bicycling Empowerment Network Namibia         compact catchment area, as it’s                   calculate their transport-related emissions
National Probation Service                     -                 surrounded by rural villages. Whilst the          and “Trees for Loughborough”, a carbon
Nottinghamshire,                                                                             campus is a little too far from the town          offset scheme.
Traffic Street,                                PO Box 23150
                                                                                             centre for a comfortable walk, it’s an easy       Location:
NG2 1NU                                        Unit 3, 1 Diehl St
                                                                                             and flat bike ride of around 10 minutes and       Cogz is located opposite the Telford
tel. (0115) 956 0956                           Windhoek, Namibia
                                                                                             another 5 minutes to the rail station, making     Common Room, in the centre of the
                                               Tel: +264 61 250 200
They will provide bikes for those with good                                                  it ideal for local bike trips.                    Loughborough campus and ideally placed
                                               Fax: +264 61 225 006
financial reason not to be able to afford to                       Hire customers pay £5 per week plus a             for easy access.
buy, and are also interested in old machines                                                 deposit of £40. Each bike is fully serviced and   Opening Hours:
to renovate or cannibalise, we understand.                                                   comes street-legal and ready to ride, with        Term time: Monday – Friday, 11:00 to 6:00
                                                                                             lights and a D-lock. Cogz retains a spare key     (Lunch 2:00 – 2:30). Vacation hours will
                                                                                             to retrieve any bikes where the customer key      vary. See the Cogz website and weekly
                                                                                             has been lost. The hire bikes are provided by     University email notices.
Re-Cycle 22,000 bikes re-homed                                                               CycleMagic in Leicester, the social enterprise
                                                                                             which recycles bikes and provides cycle skills    Contact Details:
Re-Cycle has just celebrated its 10th birthday by loading a container for Ghana – its 60th   and maintenance classes. CycleMagic               Website:
to Africa, making over 22,000 bikes re-homed. Do you have a bike you’d like to donate,       continues to go from strength to strength and     Phone: Andy Tebbutt 01509 223887
or simply want to find out more? See                                   in March launched their new 3,000 square          Email:
                                                                                             foot workshop and training centre on Friday
                                                                                             Street, on the site of the former Leicester
                                                                                             Cycle Company of the 1890s.
18                                                                                                                                                                                        19