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Harvest Moon Festival 2006.pdf


									     Harvest Moon Festival 2006
   6 PM Friday, Sept 22nd - 3:30 PM Sunday, Sept 24th, 2006
Schedule of Events                                                                      ONLY $85
Friday                                                                                    Per adult ($95 after Sept 2nd)
> Potluck dinner                                                                        plus one chore for the whole
> Contra Dance with Lost Woody                                                          weekend, $40 per child 4-15 years
(Anita, Dave, Scott, Linda)                                                             of age, free for tots 3 and under.
                                                                                        Everyone must be registered,
                                                                                        including the little ones, free or not.
Saturday                                                                                The Moon Festival is a cooperative
> Breakfast then Workshops                                                              weekend.
> Lunch then Workshops                                                                    Everyone helps out by doing one
> Saturday Afternoon Tea Dance,                                                         3-hour chore--this helps to keep
Jim X hosting with Rodney,                                                              costs down, and it!s a great way for
Richard & Friends                                                                       people to get to know each other.
> Evening Contra Dance with                                                             Call Chuck at (303)786-8502 for
Soda Rock Ramblers (Larry,                                                              Friday chore assignments or if you
Scott, Linda)                       What is a Moon Festival?
                                                                                        need to sign up for a chore ahead
> Late Night Dance/10:30            It is a weekend of traditional music and dance,
                                                                                        of time due to limited time at the
Ned Band, anchored by Chris &       a place to share friendship, eat lavish meals,
                                                                                        Moon Fest.
Molly McCowan                       learn something new, share what we know,
                                    and have a lot of fun.
Sunday                              Workshops
> Breakfast then Workshops
                                    Wonderful great fabulous FABULOUS
> Lunch
                                    workshops. Have you ever considered offering
> Contra Dance w/ Highly Strung
                                    a workshop? Workshops can be about music
(Deb C., Rodney S. & Friends)
                                    or dance, or just about anything else that
> Closing Circle - 3:30
                                    interests you. To offer a workshop all you need
                                    is something to share and the willingness to
Callers: Spider Vetter, Katherine
                                    share it.
DiFoxfire and another

 Talent Show:                Beginner’s Jam Workshop homework: learn Arkansas Traveler 1 (FFB),
 Saturday Evening            The Road to Lisdoonvarna 1 (FFB), and Kesh Jig (PC) before you come.
 (sign-up at festival)       PC -> Portland Collection, FFB -> Fiddler!s Fake Book. Questions? call Karen 970-204-9982.
                                                                    How It Works
                                                                       Pre-registration is required (no drop-ins allowed). Send in the
                                                                    registration form and a check payable to Moon Festival. We are
                                                                    limited to 135 people (20 kids), so send in your registration early. If
                                                                    we are full, we will call you and offer you a place on the waiting list.
                                                                    You will NOT be notified if you are accepted (unless you either send
                                                                    a stamped self-addressed envelope with your registration, or
                                                                    request an e-mail response). We may attempt to gender balance.
                                                                    There is a $15 cancellation fee until Sept 16th. Afterward there
                                                                    will be no refunds. Registration is not transferable. If a problem
                                                                    arises, call the registrar, Chuck Palmer or Sarah Watts.
                                                                       Upon arrival, check in with Debra Edell, pick up your button, sign
                                                                    up for a chore & pick up your pre-ordered T-Shirt from Ken
     If you choose to bring your children to the Moon Festival, you must either sign
them up for the Kid's Co-op, or else be responsible for supervising them at all
     The Kid's Co-op (for 4-15 year old) is run by the parents and an organizing
committee. During adult workshops and dances, children's activities and a
supervised sleeping area will be provided. Parents are required to lead 1 one-hour
kid's workshop or activity in addition to their regular assigned chore.
     Kids 12-15 are required to lead 1 one-hour kid's workshop, or spend one hour
taking care of the younger kids during an evening dance. Both parents and older
kids must sign up to lead these workshops on the registration form. A detailed
follow-up letter will be sent to all parents.

What To Bring                                                 Food
Musical instruments, songs, laughter, dancing shoes,              Friday night is a potluck that begins at 6:00 pm. Bring enough food
flashlight, sleeping bag or bedding, pillow, favorite coffee   for 6-8 people. We provide the drinks and tableware. Be sure to put
mug, warm clothes, towel, and the kids.                       your name on your containers and remember to pick them up after
Colorado Mountain Ranch policy is:                            dinner. Or bring containers that you can abandon, to be reused for the
                                                              food sale on Sunday.
                                                                  The rest of the meals are cooked cooperatively. The menus
Directions                                                    include special needs foods. For early risers, a variety of breakfast
Colorado Mountain Ranch is west of Gold Hill.
                                                              items (granola, cold cereal, milk, soy milk and yogurt) are available at
Either: Take Mapleton west out of Boulder 10 2/3 miles.
    At any fork in the road, go up.
                                                              7:00 am.
    Proceed into Gold Hill.
Or: Head west up Boulder Canyon several miles.                Accommodations
    Turn right at the sign for Gold Hill and follow               Accommodations are co-ed, dorm style cabins with bunk beds
    the main road about 9 1/3 miles.                          (first come, first served), or bring a tent for camping. Room provided
    Turn left down Main Street into Gold Hill.                for women only in one of the cabins.
GO through town. Take the left fork at the fire station.
    Continue 1/3 mile out of Gold Hill.
    The ranch is on the left.
                                                                   Who to call for more information?
                                                              Registration and          Chuck Palmer    303-786-8502
                                                              General Questions         Sarah Watts     303-499-1539
                                                              Food Czar                 Lynne Lindner   970-482-3839
                                                              Kids' Co-op Coordinator   Allan Ramsey    720-273-2900
                                                              T-Shirt Design            Ken Horwege     303-364-2278
                                                              Workshop Coordinator      Pat Tognoni     970-351-7193
                                                              Band Coordinator          Vicky Bunsen    303-882-7641
                                                              Caller Coordinator        Jeff Haemer     720-837-8908

Return your completed registration to:                                 chuck @ river.com_or_sarahw @

Moon Festival
c/o Chuck Palmer
2270 Bluebell Ave
Boulder, CO 80302-8030

Return Service Requested
                                     designed by Dan McNeil
Registration                                                                    T-Shirt S—XL $11 each, (2X—3X $13)
First name              Last name                       Child!s birth date      Colors: Deep Red, Forest Green, Royal Blue
___________            _______________                 __________
___________            _______________                 __________               Children’s T     S (6-8), M (10-12), L (14-16) $11 each
                                                                                Colors: same as adult T!s
___________            _______________                 __________
___________            _______________                 __________               Women’s Scoop Neck T-Shirt
                                                                                 Women’s sizing S—XL $12 each, (2X—3X $14)
Street  _____________________________                                           Colors: Deep Red, Storm Blue, Apricot
                                                                                For looser fit order next size larger.
City, State & Zip _______________________
! Check if address information has changed.                                     Long-Sleeve T S—XL $14 each, (2X—3X $16)
Please put additional addresses, phones, etc. on back.                          Colors: Deep Red, Forest Green, Royal Blue

Home phone _____________________________
                                                                                Tote Bags $12 each, natural only
Work phone ______________________________
                                                                                Aprons $13 each, natural only
E-mail _________________________________
Please note if you prefer that any of these NOT be printed on the Moon
Festival participants contact list.

Workshops                                                                Item          Qty.    Size     Color   Price x Quantity
We would like to offer (adult workshops): _____________                  ______        ____    ____     _________$ _______
________________________________________                                 ______        ____    ____     _________$ _______
________________________________________                                 ______        ____    ____     _________$ _______
We would like to see offered (and by whom): __________                   ______        ____    ____     _________$ _______
We!ll offer a REQUIRED kids! Co-op workshop:                             People
                                                                         Adults                       __ @ $85      = $_______
                                                                         Adults (after Sept 2nd)      __ @ $95      = $_______
First Aid List
Willing to help? Please identify yourself.
                                                                         Kids (4-15)                  __ @ $40      = $_______
__ Doctor __ Nurse __ EMT __First-aid Kit                                Tots (0-3)                   __ free
                                                                         Total                                      = $_______
Mail To: Moon Festival - c/o Chuck Palmer
2270 Bluebell Ave - Boulder, CO 80302                                    Make check payable to: Moon Festival

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