Harvest Moon Auction Brochure.pdf

					Harvest Moon Auction

An evening to benefit Marin Elementary School’s P.T.A.

            Saturday, November 7, 2009
             Albany Community Center
                 6:30 – 10:00 pm
                                         !                       "
     #                   $                           $
    $        $


                             $                   $           &



!                                            (

$                                )                                   "

Live Auction.…..……………………………………………..5
Art, Music & Collectibles.……………………………………5
Class Baskets ………………………………………………11
Entertainment …...…………………………………………12
Food & Wine………………………………………………. 13
Health, Body & Mind ………………………………………16
Home, Garden & Travel……………………………………18
Jewelry & Clothing…………………………………………20
Sign-Up Parties & Unique Opportunities………………….21
Sports ……………………………………………………….22
Teacher Features …………………………………………..24
Thank You Volunteers....…………………………………..26
•   Every donated item will have a bid sheet in the auction area. Items will be grouped according
    to broad categories such as Art, Music & Collectibles, or Teacher Features.
•   Each auction bid sheet will indicate the retail value of the donation, as well as a minimum bid
    and a bidding increment (Bids for items over $50.00 must be in minimum increments of
    $10.00) An auction item will not be sold for any amount under the minimum bid. An auction
    item will go to the highest bidder (over the minimum) at the time the silent auction is officially
•   You will be given a bidder number when you arrive at the event. Use this number to bid.
•   When you bid on an item, write your bidder number and bid amount.
•   Announcements will be made when tables/categories will be closing. Once closed, bid sheets
    will be picked up so the volunteers can collate them for final tallying.
•   After 9:30pm, guests must check out and pay for their items. Please pay before you leave and
    take your items with you. This saves us a tremendous amount of work after the event.

•   Bidding for all items will be on a competitive basis by hand signaling. Highest bidders
    acknowledged by auctioneer shall be the purchasers. Highest bidders shall identify themselves
    by bid numbers.
•   In cases of dispute for the highest bid, the auctioneer will immediately hold a separate auction
    between those in dispute. The auctioneer has the sole and final authority to determine the
    winning bid.
•   Once an item is declared “sold” the sale is final and the successful bidder will be responsible
    for covering bid price.

•   Your participation in the auction constitues an agreement to abide by these rules.
•   Payment in full is required the evening of the auction.
•   All sales are final. There will be no exchanges or refunds on auction items except when
    specified. All auction items are sold “as is”
•   Gift certificates should be kept in a safe place, as they are not replaceable.
•   Values set for auction items are donor estimates and are not guarranteed by Harvest Moon
    Auction for tax purposes or for general value.
•   Payments over estimated retail value may be tax-deductible as prescribed by law. The Marin
    PTA organization tax ID number is 94-600264.
•   Please use personal services and vacation home stays within one year unless otherwise stated
    on gift certificate.
•   All items are donated and accepted with good intent. Marin PTA is not responsible for donors
    going out of business, performance cancellations, acts of God, or donors that invalidate the use
    of an item bought at the auction.

                                             L5. Green Day Memorabilia
                                             Green Day American Idiot Crew Jacket,
                                             Drum Sticks used by Tre Cool and CD.
                                             Value: Priceless Starting Bid: $100
L1. Lake Tahoe Getaway                       Donor: Jeannie & Poly Paulovich
Two night stay at a beautiful condo in
North Lake Tahoe (2 bedrooms,
sleeps 6-7).
Value: $425 Starting Bid : $200
                                             L6. Year of Peet’s Coffee
                                             Wake up happy! 12 months of coffee
Donor: Caren & David Rabin
                                             (one pound per month).
                                             Value: $215 Starting Bid : $50
L2. Tahoe Cabin                              Donor: Peet’s Coffee &Tea
Enjoy a 3-night stay at a Tahoe cabin.
This 5-bedroom cabin sleeps 12 people,            s
                                             L7. A' 18 Seat Luxury Suite
and is great for 2 or 3 families             Invite your friends and watch the game in
(additional $175 cleaning fee).              style.
Value: $1350 Starting Bid : $500             Value: $1500 Starting Bid : $400
Donor: Peter & Eileen McNally                Donor: Christine & Parker Newton

                                             L8. Dinner with the Albany
L3. Year of Semifreddi’s Bread
Mmmmmm! A year of delicious                  Fire Department
Semifreddi’s bread, one loaf per week.       Dinner for up to 8 people cooked by
Value: $100 Starting Bid : $50               Albany Fire Department on a mutually
Donor: Semmifreddi’s                         agreed upon date.
                                             Value: Priceless Starting Bid : $150
                                             Donor: Albany Fire Department
L4. Pixar Tour
Tour for family or (4) adults of Pixar
Animation Studios campus in beautiful
Emeryville, CA! Tour to include
viewing of grounds, architecture, theater,                                   ,
screening rooms, art gallery displaying
conceptual art from the most recent film
(currently showing UP), and other areas
                                             +                   '
generally open to the public. If tour is
given on a weekday, lunch at Pixar' s        1. “1989” By Lois Wachner-Solomon
Luxo Cafe to be included. If the tour is     Oil Pastel 2’ x 3’
given on a weekend, a film of your           Value: $750 Starting Bid: $250
choice can be viewed in one of the           Donor: Rand & Joanna Pallock
private screening rooms. Take away toy
to be included for all kids from age 1-      2. Pottery Bowl and Container
100. (Conditions: Tour will be given         By Susan Williams
after March 2010 at a mutually agreeable     Value: $25 Starting Bid: $10
date and time).                              Donor: Susan Williams
Value: Priceless Starting Bid : $200
Donor: Stacy & David Eisenmann
3. Family or Children’s Photo Session         11. “Cathedral, Assisi Italy”
Portrait session for the family or just the   By Linda Buttwinick
kids with Marin parent and professional       Pastel & Acrylic 18” x 22”
photographer Mark Compton.                    Value: $150 Starting Bid: $45
Value: $500 Starting Bid: $150                Donor: Linda Buttwinick
Donor: Mark Compton
                                              12. “Church Door, Assisi Italy”
4. Maternity Photography Session with         By Linda Buttwinick
One 5” x 7” Print                             Acrylic 19” x 22.5”
Portrait session for the expectant mother     Value: $150 Starting Bid: $45
with photographer Marianna Dullum.            Donor: Linda Buttwinick
Value: $115 Starting Bid: $35
Donor: Marianna Dullum                        13. “Reclining Woman”
                                              By Linda Buttwinick
5. Newborn Photography Session with           Acrylic 18” x 24”
One 5” x 7” Print                             Value: $100 Starting Bid: $30
Portrait session for a newborn with           Donor: Linda Buttwinick
photographer Marianna Dullum
Value: $115 Starting Bid: $35                 Items 14-15. Giclee Print 5” x 7”
Donor: Marianna Dullum                        By Katrina Brashares
6. “Goldfish” By Yoshie Cowne                 Value: $35 Starting Bid: $10
Chinese brush painting                        Donor: Katrina Brashares
Value: $275 Starting Bid: $75
Donor: Sallie Yoshida                         16. Framed Watercolor
                                              By Susan Dee Cummins
7. “Wisteria With Two Ducks”                  Value: $100 Starting Bid: $30
By Yoshie Cowne                               Donor: Alie McKaile
Chinese brush painting
Value: $275 Starting Bid: $75                 17. “Soulmates” By Bill Briggs
Donor: Sallie Yoshida                         16” x 20” Photograph
8. “Lighthouse With Calm Bay”                 Value: $150 Starting Bid: $45
By Yoshie Cowne                               Donor: Jeannie & Poly Paulovich
Chinese brush painting
Value: $125 Starting Bid: $50                 18. “Ducks In Love” By Bill Briggs
Donor: Sallie Yoshida                         16” x 20” Photograph
9. “Farmland, One Late Afternoon of           Value: $150 Starting Bid: $45
Early Autumn” By Yoshie Cowne                 Donor: Jeannie & Poly Paulovich
Chinese brush painting
Value: $125 Starting Bid: $50                 19. “City Lights” By Bill Briggs
Donor: Sallie Yoshida                         12” x 16” Photograph
10. “Neurac, France”                          Value: $100 Starting Bid: $30
By Linda Buttwinick                           Donor: Jeannie & Poly Paulovich
Acrylic & Ink 20” x 23”
Value: $125 Starting Bid: $35
Donor: Linda Buttwinick
Items 20-31. Themed Set of 5                 39. “Sunflowers-Three Sisters Garden
Notecards By Bill Briggs                     of Marin School” By Kanna Aoki
5”x7” Notecards                              Oil Painting 16”x 20”
Value: $20 Starting Bid: $8                  www.kannaaokistudio.blogspot.com
Donor: Jeannie & Poly Paulovich              Value: $500 Starting Bid: $150
                                              Donor: Kanna Aoki
32. Ten 8” x 10” Portrait Sheets at
The Picture People                           40. Hanging Tapestry
Value: $160 Starting Bid: $40                85cm x 50cm
Donor: Picture People                        Value: $40 Starting Bid: $10
                                             Donor: Anonymous
33. “Frog Family”
Hand carved volcanic stone Garden            41. Limited Edition Linoleum Block
Statue from Java (Approx 10" x 26" tall)     Print By Noreen Linden
Value: $75 Starting Bid: $25                 11.5”x 15”
Donor: Gardensia Archipelago Designs         Value: $150 Starting Bid: $45
                                             Donor: Noreen Linden
34. Brushstrokes, Pottery & Painting
Mosaic Studio Five studio visits.            42. “Ebb and Flow” By Harlow Blum
Value: $35 Starting Bid: $10                 Mixed media acrylic collage
Donor: Brushstrokes                          www.harlowblumart.com
                                             Value: $500 Starting Bid: $150
35. Japanese Stone Gardens (book)            Donor: Barton Blum & Tenny Frost
Value: $24.95 Starting Bid: $10
Donor: Lise Solomon                          Items 43-44. “California Quail”
                                             By Mada Leach
36. Portrait Sitting                         Hand painted prints with collage and
$150 off a 1-hour portrait sitting at home   embossments. www.madaleach.com
or location on 4th Street. Sitting fee is    Value: $99 Starting Bid: $30
$250 you will need to pay $100               Donor: Caroline Papas
additional to photographer.
Value: $150 Starting Bid: $45                45. “Tidepool” By Mada Leach
Donor: Fernando Aguilo                       Mixed media monotype 10” x 8”
37. “From Strybing Arboretum”                Value: $325 Starting Bid: $75
By Gary Bukovnik                             Donor: Caroline Papas
Handmade limited edition #17/20 (Artist
proof) lithograph 31” x 43.5”                46. “Solar Rays” By Mada Leach
Value: $1000 Starting Bid: $300              Mixed media monotype 7.5” circular
Donor: Gary Bukovnik                         www.madaleach.com
                                             Value: $325 Starting Bid: $75
38. “Marin School” By Elisa Kleven           Donor: Caroline Papas
Pen and ink drawing 8” x 10” and
autographed copy of “The Paper               47. “Multitaskmania”
Princess” and “The Puddle Pail” by           By Karen Buttwinick
award winning children’s author Elisa        Limited Edition Linoleum Block Print
Kleven. www.elisaklevin.com                  11” x 14”
Value: $150 Starting Bid: $45                Value: $150 Starting Bid: $45
Donor: Elisa Kleven                          Donor: Karen Buttwinick
48. “Zebrascape”                        55. Paint a Tile with Famed Marin Art
By Karen Buttwinick                     Teacher Lisa Norman
Limited Edition Linoleum Block Print    Be a part of this art installation at Marin
11” x 14”                               School. Bring your child to design and
Value: $100 Starting Bid: $30           paint a 4” tile to then be installed in
Donor: Karen Buttwinick                 Marin’s permanent collection of public
                                        art. January 9th or 23rd, 10am-12pm at
49. “The Merry-Go-Round of Life”        Marin School. Room for 35 children.
By Karen Buttwinick                     Sign-Up: $20 per person
Limited Edition Linoleum Block Print    Donor: Lisa Norman
11” x 14”
Value: $100 Starting Bid: $30           56. Portrait Session
Donor: Karen Buttwinick                 Portrait session with award winning
                                        photojournalist and professional
50. “Goodnight Moon Gone Awry”          photographer Laura Turbow. Includes 8”
By Karen Buttwinick                     x 12” portrait and website gallery.
Limited Edition Linoleum Block Print    Value: $500 Starting Bid: $150
Value: $150 Starting Bid: $50           Donor: Laura Turbow
Donor: Karen Buttwinick
                                        57. Portrait Session
51. “Horsing Around”                    Portrait session with commercial
By Thomas Barbey                        photographer and recently published
Collaged Photographic Print 39” x 30”   author and photographer of “Chicks on
Value: $200 Starting Bid: $60           Bikes”. Includes 8” x 10” custom print.
Donor: Dan Zeiger                       Value: $280 Starting Bid: $75
                                        Donor: Christina Shook Photography
52. Stoneware Bowl
By Jonathan Howard                      58. Telescope
Value: $65 Starting Bid: $20            Value: $100 Starting Bid: $50
Donor: Jonathan Howard                  Donor: Joanne Skinner

53. Porcelain Salt Fired Beehive Vase   59. Art For Obama (book)
By Jonathan Howard                      Value: $22.50 Starting Bid: $10
Value: $50 Starting Bid: $15            Donor: Lise Solomon
Donor: Jonathan Howard
                                        60. Berkeley Bohemia, Artists and
54. Beveled Stained Glass               Visionaries of the Early 20th Century
By Diane Nuanez                         (book)
11” circular                            Value: $24.99 Starting Bid: $10
Value: $100 Starting Bid: $30           Donor: Lise Solomon
 Donor: Julie Tovar
                                        Items 61-62. “Images of America-
                                        Albany history book by Marin parent
                                        Karen Sorensen.
                                        Value: $19.99 Starting Bid: $10
                                        Donor: Karen Sorensen

Items 63-64. Ifshin Violin
$100 Gift Certificate
Value: $100 Starting Bid: $50
Donor: Leslie & Jay Ifshin
                                      101. Albany Karate for Kids
65. Apple I Pod Touch 16 GB           $50 gift certificate towards 4-month
Value: $279 Starting Bid: $125        registration (ages 7-16)
Donor: Cynthia Mah & Robert Palioca   Value: $50 Starting Bid: $25
                                      Donor: Dara Connolly
66. “Single Balloon” By Lisa Norman
Kisunguro School, Mugumu Tanzania     102. Camp Galileo
12” x 18” Color Photograph            $200 off of one week of camp for 2010
Value: $150 Starting Bid: $50         Value: $200 Starting Bid: $100
Donor: Lisa Norman                    Donor: Camp Galileo

67. “Masai Woman” By Lisa Norman      103. Children’s Fairyland & Lindsay
Moduli Village area,Tanzania          Wildlife Museum
12” x 18” Color Photograph            4 tickets to Children’s Fairyland &
Value: $150 Starting Bid: $50         Family pass to Lindsay Wildlife Museum
Donor: Lisa Norman                    Value: $56 Starting Bid: $28
                                      Donor: Children’s Fairyland & Lindsay
68. “Black H’mong Boy & Water         Wildlife Museum
Buffalo” By Lisa Norman
Sapa Valley, Vietnam                  104. Five Little Monkeys
12” x 18” Color Photograph            $25 gift certificate & size 4 T-shirt
Value: $150 Starting Bid: $50         Value: $37 Starting Bid: $18.50
Donor: Lisa Norman                    Donor: Five Little Monkeys

69. “Mask” By Lisa Norman             105. Head Over Heals
Kisunguro School, Mugumu Tanzania     $80 voucher for (4) consecutive
12” x 18” Color Photograph            Gymnastic, Circus Arts or Dance
Value: $150 Starting Bid: $50         Classes.
Donor: Lisa Norman                    Value: $80 Starting Bid: $40
                                      Donor: Head Over Heals
70. Silk Screened Wall Hanging
40” x 17”                             106. Birthday Party Planning For
Value: $40 Starting Bid: $15          Your Child’s Next Big Day
Donor: Sallie Yoshida                 Will consult with you and your child
                                      about a boy or girl’s party for 8-12 kids.
71. Stained Glass Lamp with           Kirsten Piroth will come up with creative
Dragonflies                           ideas and work within your budget.
Value: $300 Starting Bid: $100        Amazing one of a kind custom birthday
Donor: Peter & Yali Lincroft          cake by Holly McCroskey.
                                      Value: $100 Starting Bid: $50
                                      Donor: Kirsten Piroth & Holly

107. Lawrence Hall of Science                               s
                                              119. Children' Birthday Party
Family Guest Pass good for 2 adults and       Entertainment by Rosy Moon
children in the same household for one        Includes clown show and face painting.
year.                                         Value: $150 Starting Bid: $75
Value: $38 Starting Bid: $19                  Donor: Rosy Schlussel
Donor: Lawrence Hall of Science
                                              120. Evening of Fun
108. Lindsay Wildlife Museum                  $10 Five Star Video gift certificate & $10
4 guest passes to the oldest and one of the   Baskin Robbins gift certificate.
largest wildlife rehabilitation centers in    Value: $20 Starting Bid: $10
the USA.                                      Donor: Five Star Video & Baskin
Value: $28 Starting Bid: $14                  Robbins
Donor: Lindsay Wildlife Museum
                                              121. Hand Knit Baby Blanket
Highline Kites                                Value: $40 Starting Bid: $20
109. Prism Jazz Dual-line Sport Kite          Donor: Molly Brown
     Value: $49 Starting Bid: $24.50
110. Squeaky the Octopus Kit                  122. 2- Hours of Math Tutoring
    Value: $16.99 Starting Bid: $8.50         Tutoring by a High School Math Teacher
111. Berkeley Kite Festival Large             (Any subject from Algebra I through
     Diamond Kit                              Calculus).
     Value: $64 Starting Bid: $32             Value: $100 Starting Bid: $50
112. Green Prism EO-6 Kite Sculpture          Donor: Dave Reiter
     Value: $39 Starting Bid: $19.50
113. Berkeley Kite Festival Apron &           123. Nintendo Wii Console
     Mini Diamond Kit                         Includes Wii Sports game & Wii Fit
     Value: $25 Starting Bid: $12.50          Protection tote.
Donor: Pam & Tom McAlister Highline           Value: $250 Starting Bid: $125
Kites                                         Donor: Safeway on Solano

Items 114-115. Barefoot Books Basket          124. Family Fun on the Bay!
Value: $60 Starting Bid: $30                  Guest Pass for 5 to Bay Area Discovery
Donor: Rachella Grossi & Fady Zawde           Museum ($50 value) & 4 Honorary
                                              Museum Passes to Ripley' Believe It Or
116. Studio Grow                              Not ($60 value).
$25 Green Card to Studio Grow                 Value: $110 Starting Bid : $55
Value: $25 Starting Bid: $13                  Donor: Bay Area Discovery Museum &
Donor: Studio Grow                                  s
                                              Ripley' Believe it or Not

117. Tupelo Tuition                           125. Miniature Golf
$400 off your tuition at Tupelo.              Four 18-Hole Miniature Golf Passes.
Value: $400 Starting Bid: $200                Value: $32 Starting Bid: $16
Donor: Albany Children’s Center               Donor: Scandia Family Fun Center

118. Decorative Banner                        126. Wii
Decorative Banner in soft pinks and           Wii Essential Starter Kit & Wii Lego Star
greens for girl’s room.                       Wars game.
Value: $60 Starting Bid: $30                  Value: $70 Starting Bid: $35
Donor: Becky Hopwood                          Donor: Gloria Meng & Target
127. Education Unlimited                     207. Family Story Hour Basket
$500 gift certificate for use towards and    Value: $185 Starting Bid: $90
Education Unlimited Summer Program           Donor: 2nd Grade Class
(Offer not combinable with any other         208. Think Pink
discounts or offers and has no cash value)   Value: $50 Starting Bid: $25
Value: $500 Starting Bid: $50                Donor: 2nd Grade Class
Donor: Education Unlimited
                                             209. After Bedtime Basket
128. Canyon Swim School                      Value: $165 Starting Bid: $80
Canyon Swim School gift card for 1 full      Donor: 2nd Grade Class
session of swim lessons (30 minutes or
less) for child or adult.                    210. Family Movie Night Bonanza
Value: $112 Starting Bid: $56                Value: $145 Starting Bid: $70
Donor: Canyon Swim School                    Donor: 3rd Grade Class

                                             211. A (Not Too) Grown-up Movie
+                                            Night Basket
                                             Value: $90 Starting Bid: $45
-                                            Donor: 3rd Grade Class

                                             212. Kids Movie Party Basket
201. Wild For Origami Basket                 Value: $100 Starting Bid: $50
Value: $60 Starting Bid: $30                 Donor: 3rd Grade Class
Donor: 1st Grade Class
                                             213. Games to Go Basket
202. A Little Fun Basket                     Value: $65 Starting Bid: $30
Value: $85 Starting Bid: $40                 Donor: 4th Grade Class
Donor: 1st Grade Class
                                             214. Cabin Getaway Game Basket
203. Big Fun Basket                          Value: $85 Starting Bid: $40
Value: $60 Starting Bid: $30                 Donor: 4th Grade Class
Donor: 1st Grade Class
                                             215. Sports & Science Basket
204. Hands On! Fabric & Sculpture            Value: $200 Starting Bid: $100
Art Basket                                   Donor: 4th Grade Class
Value: $85 Starting Bid: $40
Donor: 1st Grade Class                       216. Tower of Fun Basket
                                             Value: $135 Starting Bid: $65
205. Paint The Town Basket                   Donor: 4th Grade Class
Value: $95 Starting Bid: $45
Donor: 1st Grade Class                       217. Cocktail Hour Basket
                                             Value: $90 Starting Bid: $45
206. I Can Read It Basket                    Donor: 5th Grade Class
Value: $160 Starting Bid: $80
Donor: 2nd Grade Class                       218. A Little Picnic Basket
                                             Value: $80 Starting Bid: $40
                                             Donor: 5th Grade Class

219. The Casual Gourmet Basket
Value: $75 Starting Bid: $35
Donor: 5th Grade Class
220. Hello, Cupcake Basket
Value: $115 Starting Bid: $55
Donor: 5th Grade Class               Items 301-302. Bowling Party
                                     Bowling Party for 10 people
221. Love Actually Basket            (Shoe rental not included).
Value: $75 Starting Bid: $35         Value: $150 Starting Bid: $75
Donor: 5th Grade Class               Donor: Albany Bowl

222. Red, Red Wine Basket            303. Berkeley Rep Tickets for 2
Value: $120 Starting Bid: $60        Value: $ 96 Starting Bid: $48
Donor: 5th Grade Class               Donor: Berkeley Repertory Theater

223. Mediterranean Flavors Basket    304. Golden Gate Fields
Value: $90 Starting Bid: $45         Club House Admission for (4) (Valid
Donor: 5th Grade Class               thru Dec 20, 2009).
                                     Value: $24 Starting Bid: $10
224. Tons of Bath Time Fun Basket    Donor: Golden Gate Fields
Value: $100 Starting Bid: $50
Donor: AM Kindergarten               305. Golden Gate Fields
                                     4 guests to enjoy a day at the races with
225. Lavender Blue Bath Basket       admission to the Turf Club & Valet
Value: $65 Starting Bid: $30         Parking (to be used by 10/1/10).
Donor: AM Kindergarten               Value: $ 68 Starting Bid: $35
                                     Donor: Golden Gate Fields
226. A Serene Moment Basket
Value: $45 Starting Bid: $20         306. Sex and the City
Donor: AM Kindergarten               Complete VHS video series
                                     Value: $ 340.98 Starting Bid: $170
227. Cars and Trucks & Things That   Donor: Suzanne Baum
Go Basket
Value: $70 Starting Bid: $35         307. Sail San Francisco Bay
Donor: PM Kindergarten               Half-day sailing excursion on the bay
                                     with the Knight Family.
228. Builder’s Choice Basket         Value: $250 Starting Bid: $125
Value: $85 Starting Bid: $40         Donor: Marcia Belvin & Jonathan Knight
Donor: PM Kindergarten
                                     308. Movie & Snacks
                                     $50 AMC Movie Gift Certificate and
                                     Fancy Cashews.
                                     Value: $50 Starting Bid: $25
                                     Donor: Anonymous

309. A Date on Solano                       404. Bette’s Oceanview Diner
$100 Fonda Gift Certificate, 4 hours of     $25 gift certificate
babysitting with Marin parents Jeannie      Value: $25 Starting Bid: $10
& Poly Paulovich (parents of K & 1st        Donor: Bette’s Oceanview Diner
grader), and 2 tickets to Albany Twin
Theatre.                                    405. Glass Set with Decanter
Value: $160 Starting Bid: $80               Value: $30 Starting Bid: $15
Donor: Katie & David Norris, The            Donor: Bev Mo
Paulovich’s & Albany Twin Theater
                                            406. Bucci’s in Emeryville
310. Cal Shakes Tickets for 2               $50 gift certificate
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday evening        Value: $50 Starting Bid: $25
or Saturday matinee performance.            Donor: Bucci’s
Value: $80 Starting Bid: $40
Donor: Cal Shakes                           407. Café Fanny
                                            Breakfast or lunch for two.
311. Karaoke Night at the Mel-O-Dee         Value: $40 Starting Bid: $20
with the Hinrichses!                        Donor: Café Fanny
4 fun-loving people will enjoy drinks and
singing Karaoke. Bob' CD is a bonus.
                      s                     Items 408-409. Café M
Value: $80 Starting Bid: $40                $50 gift certificate
Donor: Kim & Bob Hinrichs                   Value: $50 Starting Bid: $25
                                            Donor: Linda Howell
312. California’s Great America
One-day admission for two                   410. Caffe Venezia
(exp.11/2010).                              $25 gift certificate
Value: $108 Starting Bid: $54               Value: $25 Starting Bid: $10
Donor: California’s Great America           Donor: Caffe Venezia

                                            411. Cazadores Tequila Reposado and
                                            Sling Back Wine Chair
.              ,                            Value: $50 Starting Bid: $25
                                            Donor: Mary Flaherty
401. Great Chefs Cook Vegan (book)          412. Date Night In Berkeley
Value: $35 Starting Bid: $15                $100 Cesar gift certificate, 4 hours of
Donor: Lise Solomon                         babysitting by Marin parents Susan &
                                            Russ Wansing (parents of 3rd grader) and
402. Bake Sale Betty                        2 tickets to the Oaks Theatre (Movie
$50 gift certificate                        tickets expire: 12/31/09).
Value: $50 Starting Bid: $25                Value: $160 Starting Bid: $80
Donor: Bake Sale Betty                      Donor: Cesar, The Wansing’s, and Oaks
403. Beer Basket with Glasses
Value: $30 Starting Bid: $15                413. Cugini
Donor: John Montagh & Kate White            $40 gift certificate
                                            Value: $40 Starting Bid: $20
                                            Donor: Cugini

414. Fonda                                  424. Fondue at The Melting Pot and a
$65 gift certificate                        Film
Value: $65 Starting Bid: $30                Dinner for two from Signature Selection
Donor: Fonda                                & two movie tickets to the Cerrito
Items 415-416. La Farine                    Value: $120 Starting Bid: $60
$25 gift certificate                        Donor: The Melting Pot & Rialto
Value: $25 Starting Bid: $10                Cinemas
Donor: La Farine
                                            425. Trader Joe’s Bag of Healthy
417. Cooking Class at Post Meridian         Groceries
Cooking Class 5:30- 7:30 pm & Dinner        Value: $50 Starting Bid: $25
7:30 -9:30 pm at Post Meridian in the       Donor: Trader Joe’s
Colusa Circle with Chef Robin Low.
Spend an evening learning how to cook a     426. Zachary’s and a Movie
California French dish and then enjoy a     One large stuffed 3-ingredient pizza &
delicious meal. Room for 6 people on a      $10 Five Star Video gift certificate.
Tuesday evening. Proposed Dates 11/10,      Value: $38 Starting Bid: $15
11/17, 12/8, date to be arranged with the   Donor: Zachary’s Chicago Pizza & Five
chef).                                      Star Video
Value: $500 Starting Bid: $250
Donor: Chef Robin Low                       427. Picante
                                            Lunch or dinner for two.
Items 418-420. Scott’s Seafood Basket       Value: $40 Starting Bid: $20
Basket with wine, smoked oysters &          Donor: Picante
Value: $30 Starting Bid: $15                428. Ghiradelli Gold Collection Box of
Donor: Scott’s Seafood                      Chocolate
                                            Value: $15 Starting Bid: $5
421. Skates on the Bay                      Donor: Anonymous
$50 gift certificate
Value: $50 Starting Bid: $25                429. See’s Candies
Donor: Cathy Cha                                                            s
                                            Gift certificate for 1lb. of See' Candies.
                                            Value: $ 15 Starting Bid: $5
422. The Sunny Side Cafe                    Donor: Yulia Gladkevich
$30 gift certificate
Value: $30 Starting Bid: $15                430. Bellanico Restaurant in Oakland
Donor: The Sunny Side Cafe                  $50 gift certificate
                                            Value: $50 Starting Bid: $25
423. Case of Cannon Ball Red Wine           Donor: Jamie Shephard
Value: $100 Starting Bid: $50
Donor: Tenny Frost & Barton Blum            431. Genki
                                            $40 gift certificate
                                            Value: $40 Starting Bid: $20
                                            Donor: Genki

432. Dinner for Six on a Cold Winter       440. Cellar 360 Wine & Cheese Pairing
Night                                      Gift certificate for a private VIP wine and
Enjoy lamb, artichoke, and sun dried       cheese pairing in the Club Room at
tomato stew with crusty bread and a nice   Cellar 360 for up to six people. Advanced
bottle of red wine delivered to your       booking required.
home.                                      Value: $150 Starting Bid: $75
Value: $40 Starting Bid: $20               Donor: Cellar 360
Donor: Jahan Velji
                                           441. "Beer Drinker' Delight"
433. Korean Green Tea                      Looking for deliciously, unique hand
Two boxes of Jakseal Tea.                  crafted beers? Spectrum of Styles,
Value: $50 Starting Bid: $25               ranging for ESB & IPA to California
Donor: Jieun Kim                           Steam and several Belgian Ales. Brewed
                                           by skilled & experienced chemists
434. Rivoli Night Out                      brewing since 1997.
$100 Rivoli gift certificate, 4 hours of   Value: $25 Starting Bid: $10
babysitting by Marin parents Yael Bloom    Donor: Peter Kozelka & David Kremer
& Howie Rosen (parents of 1st and 3rd
grader), and 2 passes to the Cerrito       442. In-N-Out Burger
Theatre                                    Two large In-N-Out Burger t-shirts, 4
Value: $160 Starting Bid: $80              burger, fries and beverage coupons.
Donor: Rivoli, Yael Bloom & Howie          Value: $ 40 Starting Bid: $20
Rosen, and Rialto Cinemas                  Donor: In-N-Out Burger

435. La Mediterranee                       443. High Tea with Friends
$25 Gift Certificate                       High Tea for 10 people that includes tea
Value: $25 Starting Bid: $10               sandwiches, scones, pastries, and tea.
Donor: La Mediterranee                     Value: $150 Starting Bid: $75
                                           Donor: Buttercream
437. Kermit Lynch
$75 gift certificate Visit Kermit' new
                                 s         444. Two Bottles of French Wine
wine blog @ www.kermitlynch.com            2006 Domaine Monpertuis and 2007
Value: $75 Starting Bid: $35               Crozes Hermitage.
Donor: Kermit Lynch                        Value: $50 Starting Bid: $25
                                           Donor: Phyllis & James Pennington Kent
438. Wild Hog Pinot Noir
Bottle of Pinot Noir from Wild Hog         445. Juan’s Place
boutique winery in Sonoma County.          $50 gift certificate
Value: $ 30 Starting Bid: $15              Value: $50 Starting Bid: $25
Donor: Anne Goess                          Donor: Juan’s Place

439. Wild Hog Carignane                    446. Khana Peena Indian Cuisine
Bottle of Carignane from Wild Hog, a       $50 gift certificate
boutique winery in Sonoma County.          Value: $50 Starting Bid: $25
Value: $ 30 Starting Bid: $15              Donor: Neetu & Deepak Aggarwal
Donor: Anne Goess

Items 447-448. Cake Decorating Class          506. Darin David Salon
for Kids                                      $50 gift certificate to Darin David Salon
Come join Julie Durkee, local pastry chef     by stylist Camilla.
and two-time winner of The Food               Value: $50 Starting Bid: $25
Network Challenge, for a hands on cake        Donor: Darin David Salon
decorating class for up to 8 children (ages
8-16). Day and time to be mutually            507. Massage
agreed upon.                                  One-hour full body massage.
Value: $240 Starting Bid: $120                Value: $65 Starting Bid: $30
Donor: Julie Durkee                           Donor: Denise Pitman C.M.T.

                                              508. Chiropractic &/or ART
                                              Evaluation Treatment
                                              Value: $185 Starting Bid: $90
-               ,                             Donor: Innate Chiropractic

                                              509. 1-hour massage from Joann
                                              Intoci, C.M.T.
                                              Value: $90 Starting Bid: $45
                                              Donor: Joann Intoci & Melissa Pfohl
501. Dale Oxley Hair Studio
Haircut and Hair color.                       510. 1/2 Hour Facial & Dermalogica
Value: $145 Starting Bid: $70                 Skin Kit
Donor: Dale Oxley Hair Studio                 Value: $75 Starting Bid: $35
                                              Donor: Pure Beauty
502. Darin David Salon
$40 gift certificate to Darin David Salon     511. Pureology Shampoo &
by stylist Asmae.                             Conditioner Gift Set
Value: $40 Starting Bid: $20                  Value: $52 Starting Bid: $25
Donor: Darin David Salon                      Donor: Pure Beauty
503. Darin David Salon                        512. Solano Hair Design Gift Bag
$50 gift certificate to Darin David Salon     Bag with Sebastian Light Shampoo,
by stylist Alden.                             Conditioner & Shine Defense, false
Value: $50 Starting Bid: $25                  eyelashes, brush, and nail polish.
Donor: Darin David Salon                      Value: $100 Starting Bid: $50
                                              Donor: Solano Hair Designs
504. Darin David Salon
$50 gift certificate to Darin David Salon     Items 513-514. Treat Yourself to a Day
by stylist Octavia.                           at the Lounge Nail Spa
Value: $50 Starting Bid: $25                  $60 gift certificate
Donor: Darin David Salon                      Value: $60 Starting Bid: $30
                                              Donor: The Lounge Nail Spa
505. Darin David Salon
$50 gift certificate to Darin David Salon     Items 515-519. Hair cut by Stylist
by stylist Alden.                             Navy from Family Hair Care
Value: $50 Starting Bid: $25                  Value: $ 15 Starting Bid: $5
Donor: Darin David Salon                      Donor: Thary Chea

Items 520-521. 30 Days at El Cerrito       539. The Club at the Claremont Hotel
Bikram Yoga                                One-week family pass. Enjoy a week at
Pass for 30 consecutive days of Bikram     The Club with your family! Included is
Yoga (new members only).                   full access to Club amenities including 3
Value: $29 Starting Bid: $15               pools, fitness center, kinesis, group
Donor: El Cerrito Bikram Yoga              exercise classes, tennis, locker rooms,
                                           and complimentary parking.
522. Two Alexander Lessons by              Value: $250 Starting Bid: $125
Certified Alexander Teacher Amira          Donor: Claremont Hotel
This Technique is about preventing the     540. Downtown Berkeley YMCA
unnecessary physical and mental tension    One-month individual membership
we put into everything we do. By           (Valid 90 days from 11/7/09).
releasing this tension through education   Value: $100 Starting Bid: $50
of the neuro-muscular system, you          Donor: Downtown Berkeley YMCA
perform the activities of your life in a
freer and more natural fashion.            541. Pilates & Personal Training
Value: $150 Starting Bid: $75              Session
Donor: Amira Alvarez                       Gift certificate for one Pilates & personal
                                           training session.
523. Teeth Cleaning and Evaluation         Value: $50 Starting Bid: $25
Value: $139 Starting Bid: $70              Donor: Sandy Endo
Donor: Dr. Joseph Cortese
                                           542. 1 1/2 Hour Private Yoga Session
524. 1 1/2 Hour Life Coaching Session      Value: $150 Starting Bid: $75
Value: $150 Starting Bid: $75              Donor: David Schlussel
Donor: Rosy Schlussel
                                           543. 1 Hour Private Yoga Session
Items 525-527. Fit Life                    Value: $80 Starting Bid: $40
Three-month membership.                    Donor: Rosy Schlussel
Value: $150 Starting Bid: $75
Donor: Fit Life                            544. Enjoy the Gift of Radiant Health
                                           $275 applied to your first visit, including:
Items 528-536. Funky Door Yoga             a thorough health history, orthopedic,
One-Month Membership                       neurological, chiropractic examination
New members only.                          and treatment (if necessary).
Value: $90 Starting Bid: $45               Expires: 12/7/09
Donor: Funky Door Yoga                     Value: $275 Starting Bid: $135
                                           Donor: Prins Chiropractic
538. One Hour Massage with Alice
Trumbly C.M.T.                             545. Vara Healing Arts
Value: $90 Starting Bid: $45               Three 1 1/2-hour yoga classes and a 30-
Donor: Alice Trumbly C.M.T.                minute sauna.
                                           Value: $ 57 Starting Bid: $29
                                           Donor: Vara Healing Arts

546. Life & Career Coaching                  604. Beautiful Ceramics & Cookbook
Three 50-minute sessions for you to          Six handmade ceramic dessert plates &
consciously explore what’s missing for       platter and The Convent Cookbook.
you in your life or career with Tracey       Value: $125 Starting Bid: $60
Brown Mallah.                                Donor: Trove
Value: $375 Starting Bid: $150
Donor: Tracey Brown Mallah                   605. Home Designs for the Home
547. Yoga Party                              Value: $34.95 Starting Bid: $15
1 1/2 hour Yoga Party (maximum 8             Donor: Lise Solomon
people). Bring your tennis team and
focus on opening the shoulders. Bring        606. Woof, Meow, Tweet
your book group and focus on de-             $25 gift certificate to Alpha Pet Supply.
stressing and meditation. Invite friends     Value: $25 Starting Bid: $10
to celebrate your birthday with              Donor: Alpha Pet Supply
backbends. The class can serve
beginners or more advanced students and      Items 607-609. Metro Dog
we can work together to decide on a          $150 gift certificate for dog day care or
theme. Session will be held and Innate       pet boarding.
Chiropractic and Wellness Studio in          Value: $150 Starting Bid: $75
Albany. Must be redeemed by May              Donor: Diane Livoti & Todd Perlman
Value: $150 Starting Bid: $75                610. Candle Power Rechargeable
Donor: Debbie Gilman                         Spotlight
                                             Value: $100 Starting Bid: $50
                                             Donor: John Montagh & Kate White

                                             611. Kaady Car Washes
/                     ,                      Two $5.00 car washes.
                                             Value: $10 Starting Bid: $5
                                             Donor: Kaady Car Washes

                                             612. Need a Banner?
                                             Will design and print a 10' weather
601. Chicken Coop Consultation               banner with grommets.
Maggie Winslow will consult on keeping       Value: $100 Starting Bid: $50
chickens in your very own backyard.          Donor: Tim & Susan Ferdun
Value: $25 Starting Bid: $10
Donor: Maggie Winslow                        613. Garden Design and Horticulture
602. Get Planting                            Can’t figure out what to plant in that
$25 gift certificate at East Bay Nursery     challenging area of your yard? Marin
Value: $25 Starting Bid: $10                 parent and Landscape Designer, Nina
Donor: East Bay Nursery                      Mullen can help with a 2-hour garden
                                             design /horticulture consultation.
603. Flowers and More                        Value: $100 Starting Bid: $50
$25 gift certificate at Flowerland Nursery   Donor: Nina Mullen
Value: $25 Starting Bid: $10
Donor: Flowerland Nursery

614. Two-Hour In-Home Consultation           621. Lake House Bordering Acadia
for Kitchen Remodel                          National Park, Maine
Value: $250 Starting Bid: $125               One week at an amazing 4 BR/1 BA
Donor: Albany Cabinets & Design              house on Mt. Desert Island (September
615. Architectural Consultation              Value: $1350 Starting Bid: $400
2-hour architectural consultation by a       Donor: Elizabeth Ferber & Josh
local and ecologically friendly firm.        Lebowitz
Hyer Architecture is looking forward to
helping you with an ecological design or     622. Spend the Evening at the Westin
remodel. Info@HyerArchitecture.com           St Francis
Value: $210 Starting Bid: $105               Enjoy a one-night stay at the Westin St
Donor: Jackie Hyer                           Francis, in San Francisco, over looking
                                             beautiful Union Square.
616. Keeping Order                           Value: $ 350 Starting Bid: $175
2-hour organizational consultation of        Donor: Mike & Soo Sim
your home or business. Providing
organized & productive ways to work.         623. Commercial Real Estate
Value: $300 Starting Bid: $150               Consultation
Donor: Keeping Order                         Consult with David Greensfelder, Real
                                             Estate Developer. Up to two hours of
617. Energy Efficiency Consultation          commercial (or residential) real estate
2-hour energy efficiency consultation for    advice on issues such as locating or
home or business.                            relocating businesses, finding and using
Value: $350 Starting Bid: $175               architects, engineers, lawyers, brokers,
Donor: Jim Kelsey                            etc, budgeting projects, and leases or
                                             purchase agreements. (Note: David is
618. Two-Hour Garden Consultation            not offering legal or accounting advice,
Have Sue Oda help you design an elegant      or brokerage services, but can refer and
outdoor living area that complements the     make introductions as needed.)
surrounding area.                            Value: $400 Starting Bid: $200
Value: $250 Starting Bid: $125               Donor: David Greensfelder
Donor: Sue Oda
                                             624. One Share of Baia Nicchia Winter
619. Website Marketing                       Community Supported Agriculture
Will help small to medium sized business     Jan-March 2010
get more local customers by maximizing       Value: $300 Starting Bid: $150
their exposure on the Internet. Will cover   Donor: Baia Nicchia
set-up fee and services for first month
with a guarantee that your business          627. $25 Gas Card to Chevron
website information will be on the 1st or    Value: $25 Starting Bid: $10
2nd page of Google.                          Donor: Safeway on Solano
Value: $500 Starting Bid: $250
Donor: Caroline Orille                       628. $25 Gas Card to Shell
                                             Value: $25 Starting Bid: $10
620. 5 Hours of Electrical Work              Donor: Safeway on Solano
Value: $500 Starting Bid: $250
Donor: Joe Pieri

629. Two-hour Native Plant                  702. Margaret O'  Leary Cashmere &
Consultation with Michael Graf, author      Silk Swing Cardigan
of Plants of the Tahoe Basin (pipevine      Grass Green (size Medium).
included).                                  Value: $275 Starting Bid: $135
Value: $125 Starting Bid: $60               Donor: Margaret O'  Leary Mill Valley
Donor: Michael Graf
                                            Items 703-704. $100 Dry Cleaning Gift
630. Two Hour Architectural                 Certificates
Consultation                                Value: $100 Starting Bid: $50
Value: $260 Starting Bid: $130              Donor: Solano Cleaners
Donor: Stacey Eisenmann
                                            705. $50 Urbanity Gift Certificate
631. Mill Valley Inn and Piazza D           Value: $50 Starting Bid: $25
Angelo Ristorante                           Donor: Urbanity
Two night stay at the beautiful Mill
Valley Inn, Marin Hotel (Good Sun-                             s
                                            706. P.F. Chang' & Pottery Barn
Thurs). Includes a full complimentary                                  s
                                            $25 gift card to P.F. Chang' & $50
continental breakfast with espresso         Pottery Barn gift card.
served on the sun terrace and wine          Value: $75 Starting Bid: $35
reception in the evenings. While you are    Donor: Safeway on Solano
there, enjoy lunch for two at Piazza D
Angelo Ristorante in Mill Valley with a     707. Holiday Shopping Spree!
$50 lunch gift certificate.                 $25 Old Navy, $25 Gap, $25 Limited
Value: $450 Starting Bid: $225              Too & $25 California Pizza Kitchen gift
Donor: Mill Valley Inn & Piazza             certificates
D Angelo Ristorante                         Value: $100 Starting Bid: $50
                                            Donor: Safeway on Solano
632. Fly Away with Southwest!
2 round trip passes to any city Southwest   708. Fishing Vest
flies. No restrictions, no blackouts.       Value: $85 Starting Bid: $40
Expires: 12/1/2010.                         Donor: Alie Family
Value: $800 Starting Bid: $400
Donor: Southwest Airlines                   709. Hannah’s
                                            $25 gift certificate
                                            Value: $25 Starting Bid: $10
* $                    ,                    Donor: Hannah’s

+                                           710. Livie & Luca Shoes
                                            $50 gift certificate
                                            Value: $50 Starting Bid: $25
701. Children' Poncho with Webkinz          Donor: Mitzi Rivas & Carlos Iribarren
in Matching Poncho
Value: $20 Starting Bid: $10                711. Dooney & Bourke Red Alto
Donor: Kimball Family                       Medium Tassel Bag
                                            Value: $375 Starting Bid: $100
                                            Donor: Pam & Tom McAlister

712. Child' Soccer Watch
Value: $15.95 Starting Bid: $5                   &0
Donor: Pam & Tom McAlister
713. Child' Dolphin Watch
Value: $15.95 Starting Bid: $5         0        )
Donor: Pam & Tom McAlister

714. Tiny Treasures: Cherry Pendant
Value: $25 Starting Bid: $10
Donor: Pam & Tom McAlister             801. Studio Voice Over
                                       1 hour voice over in Josh Lebowitz’s
715. Tiny Treasures: Mother-Of-Pearl   sound studio.
Pendant                                Value: $200 Starting Bid: $100
Value: $45 Starting Bid: $20           Donor: Josh Lebowitz
Donor: Pam & Tom McAlister
                                       804. Mom’s Night Out! Party with
716. Tiny Treasures: Sterling "Love"   Your Friends
& Pearl Pendant                        Enjoy a Margarita Party with delicious
Value: $45 Starting Bid: $20           appetizers . Party will be on February 7,
Donor: Pam & Tom McAlister             2010, 7:00 pm at 1456 Thousand Oaks
                                       Blvd. Hosted by Jeannie Paulovich,
717. Tiny Treasures: Copper Heart &    Rachella Grossi, Yael Bloom, Christy
Pearl Pendant                          Camp, Karen Buttwinick, Susan Wansing
Value: $40 Starting Bid: $20           & Kirsten Piroth.
Donor: Pam & Tom McAlister             Room for 35 people
                                       Sign-Up: $30 per person
Items 718-719. Tiny Treasures: Fork,   Donor: Jeannie Paulovich, Karen
Knife & Spoon Pendant                  Buttwinick, Yael Bloom, Rachella Grossi,
Value: $40 Starting Bid: $20           Kirsten Piroth, Christy Camp & Susan
Donor: Pam & Tom McAlister             Wansing

720. Lava 9
$100 gift certificate                  805. Poker Party
Value: $100 Starting Bid: $50          Sign-up for an amazing night of poker,
Donor: Stephanie Marquet & Seth Bain   dinner, drinks and dessert. Saturday,
                                       January 16th at 6:00 pm ($20 cash buy in
                                       at the party required).
                                       Room for 10 people
                                       Sign-Up: $50 per person
                                       Donor: John Montagh, Kate White,
                                       Maria Riggio & Reece Kerley

806. Authentic Persian Dinner                 808. Girls’ Night out of Private
Enjoy a sit-down authentic Persian dinner     Shopping with Personal Stylist!
and appetizers complimented with a            Get the boutique to yourself with your
fabulous wine selection. A wonderful          close friends! Enjoy bubbly & catered
dinner will be served by the Fardanesh        nibbles while exploring current style
family while listening to light Middle        trends and learning practical tips for
Eastern music.                                living more fashionably every day! At
Room for 8 people                             Urbanity (shopurbanity.com), Berkeley’s
Sign-Up: $40 per person                       newest boutique specializing in upscale
Donor: Stephanie Shapiro and Faraz            resale, stylist Alise Jacoboni of Maven
Fardanesh                                     Found and Urbanity owner,
                                              Angela Cadogan will walk guests
807. Run Like the Wind                        through the basics of pulling together
Looking for a workout that will improve       everyday outfits that reach your style
your stamina and strength? Want an            goals and keep your look current.
effective workout you can do with a           Tips on hunting fabulous fashion
group of friends. I am an experienced         bargains will be shared so lessons in Re-
track and cross-country coach, and have       Chic-ing can be regularly practiced!
trained all levels of athletes, from          Extra credit: Bring your favorite
beginner to elite. I am a National class      “challenge” piece!
runner with a recent Boston Marathon          Party favor: 25% off one non-sale item
time of 2:49 and a top 5% finish. I           for each guest!
designed a workout to improve both            Saturday, January 30, 2009 Held at
strength and stamina, and also to be fun      Urbanity, 1887 Solano Avenue,
and allow people of differing abilities to    Berkeley. 10 people maximum
exercise together. I will lead 4 one-hour     Value: $ 35 Sign-Up: $35 per person
sessions at Cougar Field at 9 a.m. the last   Donor: Urbanity
4 Sundays in November 09. A time/day
change is possible if all bidders agree.
Room for 8 people
Sign-Up: $50 per person
Donor: Steve Kraft
                                              901. Warrior’s Tickets
                                              Two Golden State Warriors vs.
                                              Oklahoma City Thunder, Lower Level
                                              Tickets April 11, 2010.
                                              Value: $130 Starting Bid: $65
                                              Donor: Warrior’s fan Ben Perlman

                                              903. Golf Outing & Lunch
                                              Two weekday green fees and one cart
                                              rental & lunch for (4) at Legends at
                                              Diablo Creek.
                                              Value: $150 Starting Bid: $75
                                              Donor: Diablo Creek Golf Course

904. Golf Lesson                            912. Autographed Football by Terrell
1-hour golf lesson with Golf Pro Adam       Owens of the Buffalo Bills
Healy at McInnis Park Golf Center. Date     Value: $200 Starting Bid: $100
and time to be mutually agreed upon.        Donor: Jeannie & Poly Paulovich
Value: $100 Starting Bid: $50
Donor: Jeannie & Poly Paulovich             913. Transports
                                            $25 gift certificate
905. 2 Introduction to Climbing             Value: $25 Starting Bid: $10
Classes at Iron Works                       Donor: Transports
Come learn the basics of rock climbing at
Iron Works.                                 914. Trek Bike
Value: $54 Starting Bid: $25                Value: $360 Starting Bid: $180
Donor: Iron Works                           Mountain Hardtail-3500. Winning bidder
                                            may keep this bike or exchange bike for a
907. A' Baseball Hat                        $360 credit towards a more expensive
Value: $30 Starting Bid: $15                bike at the Pedaler Bike Shop in El
Donor: Lids                                 Sobrante.
                                            Value: $360 Starting Bid: $180
908. Nine Holes at McInnis Park Golf        Donor: Cass Gulden & Trek Bicycle
Center                                      Corporation
Round of golf for four (9 holes) Monday-
Saturday.                                   915. Four Giants’ Tickets
Value: $ 68 Starting Bid: $35               Four SF Giants vs. Colorado Rockies
Donor: McInnis Park Golf Center             tickets. Friday night, April 30, 2010
                                            (Field club tickets, 8 rows from the field
909. Golf Lessons                           between Home Plate and the 1B dugout).
Two 1-hour golf lessons from PGA            Value: $300 Starting Bid: $150
Apprentice Ryan McCole at Mira Vista        Donor: Julie Burke & John Brusseau
Golf & Country Club. Date and time to
be mutually agreed upon.                    916. Radicle Fitness Personal Training
Value: $100 Starting Bid: $50               Sessions
Donor: Dr. James McCole                     3 personal training sessions (1/2 hour
                                            each), plus 1 free trial of Radicle Fitness
910. Giants Day Out                         Camp (boot camp style geared for
2 Giants tickets for lower box Section      women).
123, Row 32, Seats 4 & 5 for 2010           Value: $ 150 Starting Bid: $75
season (Dates to be mutually agreed         Donor: Radicle Fitness
upon), Giants cup, tie and tank top.
Value: $135 Starting Bid: $65               917. Outdoor Rock Climbing
Donor: John Montagh, Kate White and         Adventure in the Berkeley Hills
John & Deirdre Greene                       Come climb from 9 am to 2 pm on a
                                            Sunday for 4 people (ages 5 and up,
911. Plaza Tennis & Big 5 Sporting          under 18 needs supervision). Includes a
Goods                                       picnic lunch and gear. Date to be agreed
$30 Plaza Sports gift certificate & $15     upon by both parties.
Big 5 gift certificate.                     Value: $250 Starting Bid: $125
Value: $45 Starting Bid: $20                Donor: Eric and Candace Renger
Donor: Plaza Tennis & Big Five
918. "Go Wild" Cycling Jersey, Bike          Items T8-T12. Strike!!!! Bowling with
Shorts and Socks                             Marin Teachers
Value: $125 Starting Bid: $60                Come bowl on Saturday, January 23rd
Donor: Backroads                             from 10:00am-2:00pm. Linda Bishop,
                                             Julie Allen, Jean DeWitt, Liz Avery, and
                                             Corrie Winnacker will have 5 lanes with
                                             room for 3 kids in each lane.
                                             Value: Priceless Sign-Up: $60 per lane
                                             (space for 3 children per lane)
                                             Donor: Linda Bishop, Julie Allen, Jean
.                                            DeWitt, Liz Avery and Corrie Winnacker

                                             T13. Lunch with Kindergarten
T1. "Vice-Principal for the Day”             Teacher Eileen McKenzie
You’re child will get to visit classrooms,   Lunch for 6 kids in her backyard with
supervise recess duty, and help in the       games and books. Date to be mutually
lunchroom. They will also spend time         agreed upon.
working in the office where they will be     Value: Priceless Starting Bid: $75
treated to lunch with the principal. Date    Donor: Eileen McKenzie
to be mutually agreed upon.
Value: Priceless Starting Bid: $50           T14. Admission for Two Children to
Donor: Laura Casdia                          the Monterey Bay Aquarium
                                             Value: $35.90 Starting Bid: $15
                                             Donor: Elaine Wong
Items T2-T6. Popsicles for the Year!
Your child will be treated to one popsicle
                                             T15. Smores and a Campfire with 2nd
every Wednesday for the rest of the
                                             Grade Teacher Juanita Rynerson
school year.
                                             Two hours around her backyard
Value: $40 Starting Bid: $25
                                             campfire--light dinner and smores for up
Donor: Tom Dailey and Janet Nichols
                                             to 4 children, includes songs and stories.
                                             Value: Priceless Starting Bid: $75
T7. 1st Grade Teacher Outing                 Donor: Juanita Rynerson
 Ice cream and park outing with the First
Grade Teachers. Walk to the ice cream        T16. Books Picked by Mrs. C for Your
store and then to Memorial Park for a        Child in K-2
play date with your favorite teachers.       Enjoy reading to your child with books
Thursday, May 6th, 2010 from 3:30-5:30.      picked out lovingly by Mrs. C the Marin
Room for 10 children                         librarian. Includes Greek Myths for
Value: Priceless Sign-Up: $40 per person     Young Children, Fairly Tale Feasts: A
Donor: Amy Evoy, Pansy Lou, Monica           Literary Cookbook for Young Readers
Barry, Monica Grycz & Rochelle               and Eaters, Marley Goes to School, Ed
Donovan.                                                s                        s
                                             Emberley' Picture Pie and the ABC' of
                                             Origami. Grades K-2.
                                             Value: $56 Starting Bid: $28
                                             Donor: Judith Carey

T17. Books Picked by Mrs. C for Your          T21. Science Camp with Mr. Naiff
Child in 3-5                                  2-hour Mini-science camp for 5 kids.
Enjoy reading to your child with books        Time and Date TBD.
picked out lovingly by Mrs. C the Marin       Value: Priceless Starting Bid: $75
librarian. Includes Guinness World            Donor: Stephen Naiff
Records 2010, D'  Aulaires'Book of Greek
Myths, Garfield Will Eat for Food: His        T22. Tea with Mrs. Casdia
48th Book & Fairy Tale Feasts: A              You and/or a group of friends (room for
Literary Cookbook for Young Readers           5) may have a quiet uninterrupted 30
and Eaters. Grades 3-5                        minutes with the Principal. Tea and
Value: $64 Starting Bid: $32                  homemade scones will be served by
Donor: Judith Carey                           Laura Casdia the Principal, (Time and
                                              date to be mutually agreed upon).
T18. Toddler/Baby Hand Knit Hat               Value: Priceless Sign-Up: $20
Toddler/Baby hand knit aubergine              Donor: Laura Casdia
(eggplant) hat made with love and
organic cotton.
Value: $20 Starting Bid: $10                  Items T23-T25. P.E. Teacher for the
Donor: Julie Bussgang                         Day
                                              Your child will enjoy the benefits of
T19. Multi-Colored, Hand Knit, Super                           s
                                              being their class' P.E. Teacher for the
Soft, Faux Fur Poncho                         day.
Value: $50 Starting Bid: $25                  Value: Priceless Starting Bid: $20
Donor: Julie Bussgang                         Donor: Mr. Bowen

T20. Knitting Lessons by Kindergarten
Teacher Robin Blum
3 knitting lessons for a child or adult and
child. Includes yarn for sample project.
Value: $100 Starting Bid: $50
Donor: Robin Blum

                             1               2
                                                        '                 $
           '         '   $

Event Committee                                             Tickets/Check-in
Jeannie Paulovich*           Art Installation               Cheryl Higley*
Alesia Alonso                Karen Buttwinick*              Dawn Marlette
Cynthia Mah                  David Greensfelder             Karen Buttwinick
David Whalen                 Diane Livotti Perlman          Lara Heller
Dawn Marlette                Kanna Aoki                     Maggie Winslow
John Montagh                 Kirsten Piroth                 Stacy Eisenmann
Julie Durkee                 Tracey Brown Mallah            Yael Bloom
Karen Buttwinick
Kathleen Latimer             Database                       Auction Closeout
Kirsten Piroth               Jeannie Paulovich              Yael Bloom*
Linda Howell                                                Alesia Alonso
Maria Riggio                 Class Baskets                  David Whalen
Poly Paulovich               Jen Daly*                      Dawn Marlette
Stephanie Shapiro            Erin Albert                    Erin Albert
Yael Bloom                                                  Howie Rosen
                             Teacher Donations              Kirsten Piroth
Auctioneer & MC              Yael Bloom*                    Kris Newberry
Josh Lebowitz                Kirsten Piroth*                Mitzi Rivas
                                                            Rachel Shigekane
Raffle                       The Early Bird Specials-       Rachella Grossi
John Montagh*                Band                           Stephanie Shapiro
Kate White                   Tom Weimer                     Susan Wansing
                             Jeff Essex
Solicitations                Mitchell Linden                Clean-up
Jeannie Paulovich*           Richard Lodwig                 Alesia Alonso*
Celeste Jennings                                            David Whalen*
Debbie Gilman                Thank You Notes                Alfredo Botello
John Montagh                 Dawn Marlette                  Kathleen Latimer
Karen Buttwinick             Monica Garcia                  Kristina Brashares
Kirsten Piroth                                              Linda Howell
Linda Howell                 Decorations/Set-up             Maggie Winslow
Rachel Shigekane             Kathleen Latimer*
Stephanie Shapiro            Anna Walker
Susan Wansing                David Whalen                   Extra Special thanks to
                             Deirdre Pieper                 the Room Parents for
Publicity                    Erin Albert                    collecting Class Basket
John Montagh*                Jeannie Paulovich              donations.
                             Jim Radkey
Display Boards               John Montagh                   *Sub-committee chair
Rachella Grossi*             Ken McCroskey
Kathleen Latimer             Pam Radkey                     To our unsung helpers –
                             Poly Paulovich                 we apologize if we
Food                         Rachella Grossi                inadvertently did not
Julie Durkee*                Susan Wansing                  include your name, due
Linda Howell*                Yael Bloom                     to our error.
Jeannie Paulovich

              3 &4                 5
Torino Baking                          Semifreddi’s
Julie Durkee                           Cesar’s
Buttercream                            Country Cheese Market
Jane Hammond Events Catering           Khana Peena
California Rose Catering               Safeway on Solano
Stella Nona Box Lunches                Comcast Cable
Hugh Groman Catering                   Dania Wong

                               (                         '

         1            -       7           '

 89:;    Doors Open
         Silent Auction tables open
         Bar Open - Sponsored by Café M
         Hors d’oeuvres served

 <9=>    Auction Area #1 closing

 <9:;    Auction Area #2 closing

 <9 >
   ?     Auction Area #3 closing

 @9 ;
   ;     Raffle

 @9=>    Live Auction

 @9:;    Cashier doors open
         Please pay for your items before you leave and take your
         items with you.
         Cash, check, VISA/Mastercard/American Express are

=; 9 ;
    ;    Goodnight!


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