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Volume 10, Issue 1                           For and About Andover                                    October 15, 2009

                                    Cars and Trucks ~ Old and Older
                                                   By Dianne Grenier
On a cloudy Sunday afternoon in early August people           old Buick and said; “that’s the kind of car I learned to drive
gathered in the Andover Elementary School’s parking           on”. Others were heard to say, “My father had a car like
lot to see the wide variety of antique cars and trucks on     that” or “that’s just like my first car”.
display at the first ever “Antique Car Show “ hosted by the
                                                              Some of the cars on display included George Knox’s 1925
Andover Historical Society.
                                                              Chevy, 1931 Chevy Coach, a 1939 Chevy Master Deluxe
Over 50 cars and truck were on display to delight and         Sport Sedan and his 1967 Pontiac LeMans convertible.
thrill all the viewers. Most of the vehicle owners were       Rusty Billing’s red and white 1957 Chevy Belair 2-door
local residents from Andover and the                                              hard top was there, and John McCall
surrounding towns.                                                                brought his 1956 Studebaker Bullet
                                                                                  Nose, and not one, but two 1936
Some of the cars were bright and well
                                                                                  Studebaker Chord convertibles along
polished, while others were in the early
                                                                                  with a 1987 Studebaker Avanti
stages of restoration. All were treasures
                                                                                  coup and a 1988 Studebaker Avanti
that brought back memories of days
long ago. One woman pointed to an

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convertible. Marcie Miner was there                                                         The Antique Car show was held
with the family’s yellow 1974 Jeep CJ5                                                      not only to delight participants
and husband Jeff showed up with his                                                         and residents but to help fortify the
1951 Massey Harris Tractor and trailer                                                      Andover Food Pantry as well. Effective
with a 1969 Honda S90 motorcycle                                                            as of June 30th the food bank services
and a 1971 Rupp Enduro motorcycle.                                                          of the Hebron Interfaith Human
Mike Bator brought his little red 1958                                                      Services are no longer available to
Triumph and Nelson Warner’s little                                                          Andover residents. The Andover First
blue 1961 Morgan was there too.                                                             Congregational Church has stepped
There was a 1928 Model A Ford and                                                           up to fill the growing need as Andover
Peter Yeoman’s collection of antique Ford trucks where also        tries to establish its own food pantry. Car show organizers
on display. This included Peter’s 1940 Ford ¾ ton pickup, his      asked people to bring non-perishable food items to the show.
1946 Ford 1 ½ ton dump truck and 1947 Ford tandem axle             Members from the church were there to collect, sort and box
truck. Plus a whole lot more. It was a great treat to have these   the donations … and donations they got …. over 275 food
cars all together where everyone could view them up close.         items along with $250 in cash donations. People were very
                                                                   generous and a big Thank You goes out to all who contributed
The old and the young, boys and girls alike, peeked into the
                                                                   to help stock the Andover Food Pantry.
cars and under the hoods, a smile on their face as they said
“Look at this” and “look at that … they don’t make them like       PJ the “hotdog cart lady” from the corner of Rt. 6 and Hendee
that any more”.                                                    road was there to sell her wonderful Muckie hotdogs with all
                                                                   the extras, while audio taped music of the 1960’s, provided by
Although this was the first Antique Car Show hosted by the
                                                                   Andover’s Frank Williams, filled the air from the Town Gazebo.
Andover Historical Society, it probably won’t be the last.
Organizers were pleased with the number of people who              All in all it was an enjoyable afternoon for all who attended.
turned out to show off their cars and residents who came to        Residents are already looking forward to next year for another
view and enjoy the display. It was a grand day in Andover as       stroll down memory lane
neighbors and friends wandered among the old cars and trucks
and oooohhed and ahhhed.

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             The Andover Holiday Committee, Celebrating its 11th Anniversary
                                   Needs Your Help!
                                                      by Heidi M. Donnelly

As the holidays draw closer, the Andover Holiday Committee         or small gifts for seniors, and toys, gloves, mittens, hats, socks,
is preparing to work with those families and individuals in        etc. Store gift certificates for groceries, and cash donations to
Andover who are going through difficult times. Illness, job        the Holiday Program are appreciated. If you would like to
loss, and other situations arise and as a community we try to      help organize, distribute or deliver holiday baskets please call
help fill the gaps. We will be putting together between 20-30      Heidi Donnelly, Dawn Quint or any member of the Holiday
holiday food boxes for both Thanksgiving and the December          Committee.
holidays. We also try to provide toys and small gifts for our
                                                                   The Thanksgiving boxes will be distributed on Saturday,
families and individuals in need or alone over the holidays.
                                                                   November 21st, and for Christmas on Saturday the 19th. We
This is our 11th anniversary of helping Andover families.
                                                                   ask that arrangements for donations be made early so that they
In order to do this we depend on the generosity of our friends     are ready to distribute on those mornings to the families. If you
and neighbors in the community. If you are able to help in any     are able to help in any way please call the Holiday Committee
way it would greatly appreciated. We have many individuals         Coordinator, Heidi Donnelly, at 742-7427 or leave a message
who help year after year by adopting families, helping to          at the town office building with Dawn Quint, Social Services
prepare and deliver food baskets, and in many other ways over      Director, at 742-7305.
Thanksgiving and Christmas. Many of our businesses and
                                                                   Residents who may need some help over the holiday should
local churches participate and provide food, turkeys, and other
                                                                   contact the Heidi at 742-7427 or Social Services Director,
holiday items. We hope that if you have helped in the past you
                                                                   Dawn at 742-7305 as soon as possible so that we may plan
will continue this tradition and if you are new to our programs
                                                                   adequately. All names remain confidential.
you will consider helping in some way this year. Donations of
holiday foods, turkeys, hams, fresh vegetables and fruit, and      The Andover Holiday Committee
other “fixings” are always welcome, as are holiday plants, candy

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search engines such as Google and Yahoo; for doing work
                                                                     Since the computer runs programs made up of millions of
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for entertainment with iPods, MP3 players, and cell phones.
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our washing machines, clothes dryers, ranges, toasters, and
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almost every new appliance now has a computer chip. The
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computer has been an integral part of the automobile for years
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controlling the engine and communicating with the driver.
                                                                     most of a financial nature.
Where will it end? Actually there is no end in sight.
                                                                     When the computer is not working properly or is infected
The computer is a machine that runs a program or set of
                                                                     its human user more often than not gets frustrated. These
instructions imitating human behavior. It does such a great job
                                                                     circumstances have triggered in those people who are dependent
at imitating how humans think and act that our servants have
                                                                     on computers stress and frustration. Most people are so
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                                                                     I compare this to diagnosing your own medical problems and
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                                                                                Sharon Scull
                                                                       Such a mystery
                                                                       how confusing
         It’s a digital world;                                         Strange how they often 
          we make it easy!                                                 vanish before your eyes
                                                                                      Like trying to hold on to a bubble
                                                                       People appearing from past years
                                                                         A face from kindergarten perhaps
                                                                       Dead people so alive in my dream
                                                                       And why so often
                                                                         am I running?
                                                                       Catching  a plane, a train
                                                                         A class I’ve never been to all year
                                                                         and not a clue to it’s location 
                                                                          My classroom,  5 desks for 80 students
                                                                       Subjects I just forgot to teach 
                                                                          No books 
                     The Computer Tamers                               I’m stuck on the ceiling and can’t get down
                       River Plaza, 75 Bridge Street                   Lost in a city
                         Willimantic, CT. 06226                          name of hotel where I’m staying 
                                                                             gone from memory
                          860-456-1310                                 Only Freud could unravel these deep mysteries
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                                                   Telephone Changes
                                                           By Pam Sawyer

Get ready to change the way you dial your phone in                   What you need to do?
Connecticut. Local calls soon will require dialing all 10 digits,    All equipment programmed with a 7-digit telephone number
such as 860-555-5555, reports state Rep. Pam Sawyer.
                                                                     will need to be reprogrammed. Some examples are life safety
To meet the demand for more new telephone numbers, the state         systems, fax machines, Internet dial-up numbers, alarm and
Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC) has ordered              security systems, gates, speed dialers, phone contact lists, call
two Area Code Overlays, that is, two more Connecticut area           forwarding settings, voicemail services and similar functions
codes on top of the two we already have.
                                                                     Business stationery, advertising materials, personal checks or
A 959 area code will be added to the area served by 860, and a
                                                                     pet ID tags also may need the addition of an area code.
475 area code will be added to southwestern Connecticut now
served by 203.                                                       What remains the same?
So, someone moving into your neighborhood may soon have              Your telephone number, including current area code, will not
a different area code from yours. Than means all calls—even          change. What is a local call will remain a local call regardless of
across the street—will require dialing the area code first.          the number of digits dialed. The price of a call, coverage area,
Who will be affected?                                                or other rates and services, will not change due to the overlay.
All Connecticut customers with a 203 or 860 number will              You can still dial just three digits to reach 911. If 211, 311,
have to change the way they dial a local call.                       411, 511, 611, 711 or 811 are currently available in your
When will the change begin?                                          community, you will still dial them with just three digits.
Beginning Nov. 14, callers must use the new dialing procedure        Who to contact with questions?
for all local calls in Connecticut. Callers can begin using the      For questions about this changeover, please call your local
new 10-digit dialing immediately. Local calls using either 7         telephone service provider, wireless service provider or the
digits or 10 digits both will be completed, during this transition   DPUC Consumer Assistance and Information Unit at 860-
period. Ten digits will be required starting on Nov. 14.             827-1553 or toll-free 800-382-4586.

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          Family Pharmacy                      Saturday                                PREFERRED PROVIDERS OF
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            117 Main Street                     Sunday
             Hebron, Conn.                                                             Major Insurance Companies,
                                            9 a.m. - 2 p.m.                            HMOs ~ Medicaid - Medicare
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          Hometown Service
                                                                                   Hours: Monday-Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
             Since 1974                                                                   Saturday 9 a.m. - noon
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                                                                                   Tel: 860 228-0606
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                                                       RHAM Reunion
                                                         by Astrid Bellanger
Step back to September 1951…Andover Grammar School,                  as it was 1951 all over again.
Andover, CT. Many eager six-year-old children happily
                                                                     How lucky we are to have reached this age. Time slips away
stepped off the school bus bustling with excitement to begin
                                                                     but memories are the keepsake of time. We will all cherish the
their twelve-years of schooling.
                                                                     memories of our “Great International Reunion.”
Fast forward to August 2009…Four of those children, (now of
an undisclosed age) meet in Canada for a “Great International
Reunion.” They had remained together throughout their
schooling, walking together down the aisle of RHAM High
School to receive their high school diploma.
Keeping in tough is the key to long relationships. Thanks to Liz,
who made sure we stayed connected, making that occasional
phone call, we came together once again. Judy (Anderson)
Skinner, of Ontario Canada, Janet (Gamer) Columbia, of
Bolton, CT, Elizabeth, or Liz as she is better known as (Prentice)
Sutter, of Morristown, TN, and Astrid (Skoog) Belanger, of
Columbia, CT met at Judy and her husband John’s home in
Ontario CN for four day fun and laughter.
Although we have kept in touch and attended reunions in the
past, this was more relaxing and enjoyable. We shared silly
stories, blew bubbles, marveled at our accomplishments in life,         Judy (Anderson) Skinner, Janet (Gamer) Columbia, Astrid
such as touching our tongue to our nose, wiggling out ears, and                (Skoog (Belanger), and Liz (Prentice) Sutter
hanging spoons from our nose and laughing till it hurt. It was
Deadline Dates: Sept. 30, Dec. 31, March 31, June 30                            The Andover Hometown October 2009 11
          Friends Selling 2010                                     National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
         Entertainment Books                                                           By Dianne Grenier
                By Dianne Grenier                                This year marks the 25th anniversary of National Breast Cancer
                                                                 Awareness Month. The month of October is set aside each year
 The Andover Friends of the Library are once again
                                                                 to focus on educating women about breast cancer detection,
 selling the popular 2010 Entertainment Book to help raise
                                                                 diagnosis and treatment.
 funds for the betterment of the Andover Public Library.
                                                                 Team Towanda Foundation a local CT group was established
 The Entertainment Book or “the Big Coupon Book”, has
                                                                 in February 2002 by a handful of women who said “Enough
 been know for years as a great way to save money on dining
                                                                 is enough. Let’s get busy and do something!” Following is
 out, travel, entertainment, attractions and so much more.
 The book offers hundreds of 50% coupon discounts on a           from the Team Towanda website: http://www.teamtowanda.
 wide variety of entertainment including; restaurants, fast      org/index.html
 food, movie tickets, golfing, sporting events, zoos, theatres   Team Towanda Foundation president Judith (Grenier)
 and lots of other great family fun.                             Melchreit underwent treatment for breast cancer in 2001
 A partial listing of local participating business include:      with an army of devoted friends and family beside her every
 Hop River Café, Marlborough Tavern, Sadler’s Ordinary,          step of the way. Among the hundreds of kindnesses these
 Lucky Strike Lanes, Jorgensen Center for Performing Arts,       women provided to Judith and her family, none was more
 Sherwin Williams , Willimantic Car Wash, Adams Mill,            appreciated than the “Casserole Cavalry” her friends formed
 Gina Marie’s, Six Flags, CT Operas, Hartford Symphony           to deliver meals to the young family during the six months
 Orchestra, Manchester Cheney Hall as well as Burger             of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. When treatment
 King, MacDonald’s, Subway and Domino’s Pizza. Truly             was complete, Judith and a handful of her friends came up
 something for everyone.                                         with the idea to develop a cookbook to sell in order to raise
                                                                 money for a local breast cancer walk. The decision to include
 Coupons are valid starting now until November 1, 2010.          the incredible story of the network of friends who came
 Entertainment Books for outside the Hartford area are also      together to help during the course of the illness soon elevated
 available.                                                      the project to much more than a collection of recipes. Judith
 Books are $30 each and can be purchased at the Andover          describes the final product as a “love letter to her friends.”
 Library on Rt. 6, at the Town Clerks Office in the Town
 Office Building at 17 School Road or by contacting the          From this humble beginning, a simple but powerful idea
 president of the Friends of the Library, Dianne Grenier at      grew. The unexpected success of this cookbook led to the
 742-3033 or via e-mail at               formation of Team Towanda Foundation in February 2002.
                                                                                    Today, Team Towanda Foundation is a
                                                                                    501c3 non-profit organization with
                                                                                    the annual support of thousands of
                                                                                    men and women and the participation
                                                                                    of top doctors and hospitals. Team
                                                                                    Towanda      Foundation    exists  to
                                                                                    inspire friends and “Pink Ribbon
                                                                                    Warriors” to draw upon the power
                                                                                    of friendship, laughter, and kindness
                                                                                    in the fight against breast cancer.

                                                                                       We achieve this by distributing our
                                                                                       inspirational book, The Charge of the
                                                                                       Casserole Cavalry and other related
                                                                                       projects to
                                                                                       • Serve as guides to help a friend
                                                                                       through a breast cancer diagnosis and
                                                                                       • Share ideas and suggestions of
                                                                                       encouragement, support and friendship
12                                                                      e-mail your news to:
    to “Pink Ribbon Warriors” and
    their friends and family
•   Raise money for breast cancer
    detection and services for                                                                   Classic Homes
    uninsured, under-served women
If you are uninsured, Team Towanda                                                      There is no reason to put off
has your back and will pay for                                                        buying a house right now. Prices
your mammogram at the health                                                            are close to bottom and there
systems listed below through special                                                   are lots of affordable houses on
                                                       (my son Sam Keener)
“Towanda Funds.”                                                                        the market. The government
These programs currently administer                    ELAINE BUCHARDT                stimulus is giving up to $8000 to
the Team Towanda Fund at:                              Your local REALTOR             first time home buyers, but you
                                                                                      need to have a house picked and
The Partnership for Breast Care at                    Call me for a
                                                                                           mortgage applied for by
Hartford Hospital 860.545.1018                    FREE Market Analysis
                                                      of your home                     October 20th. The interest rates
The Women’s Health Program                         or a Buyer or Seller                   are still at an all time low.
through Eastern Connecticut Health                     consultation                   If you need to sell a house, there
Network 860.533.4646                                  860-202-4619                     are buyers out there right now.
Mammograms are the most accurate
test for detecting breast cancer, and
annual screenings can reduce death                             Andover Historical Society
rates for women over 40 years old.       The Andover Historical Society will hold an historical presentation on Sunday,
                                         November 8th at 2:00pm in the Community Room of Andover Town Hall. The
The Team Towanda The Charge of           program is a discussion of one of Andover’s most historic homes. Dorothy and Peter
the Casserole Cavalry is available       Yeomans’ home on Bunker Hill Road will be highlighted with a film, slides, and a
at the Andover Library or may be         discussion by Bruce Clouette, Ph.D., Director of Historical Services of the Public
purchased at the Andover Town            Archaeology Survey Team.
Clerk’s office for $15.                  The home was originally owned in 1740 by Eliakim Sprague.  Dorothy Yeomans
                                         will add her personal commentary on her home. Everyone is welcome to attend and
                                         refreshments will be served.

                                          Hebron Center Dentistry

                                         James Bussiere D.M.D.
                                              20 Liberty Drive
                                                Hebron, CT

The boys from pack 124, den 2 enjoyed
   a day at The Vintage Radio and
Communications Museum in Windsor.
  They were able to be hands on with                            Complete Dental Service
communication devices from the 1800’s          Total Digital Dental Practice · No Drill Fillings
  until the 1970’s. Pictured l-r: Alex         Periodontist · Zoom Whitening · Dental Implants
  Consadene, Jacob Arseneault, Ryan                      Crown/Bridge Dental Repairs
Harlow, Clayton Lavey, Josh Wilson and
                                                  The Easy Way to a Beautiful Smile
       sibling Rachel Arseneault.
Deadline Dates: Sept. 30, Dec. 31, March 31, June 30                         The Andover Hometown October 2009 13
                      Friends Provide Gift Wrapping at Border’s Book Store
                                                       By Dianne Grenier

This year the Andover Friends of the Library will one again       If you would like to assist with the effort Dianne Grenier,
be gift wrapping at the Manchester Border’s Book Store (59        President of the Friends group, would love to hear from you.
Pavilion Rd. ~ Buckland mall area) from open to close on          Please contact her at 742-3033 or via e-mail at Deardianne@
Saturday, December 19 and Wednesday, December 23rd. Each
year Border’s provides an opportunity for local non-profit
                                                                  This is the fourth year the Friends will be participating in this
groups to gift wrap Border’s purchases for their customers.
                                                                  fundraising event and are anticipating it will once again be a
The gift wrapping is free of charge to customers with supplies
                                                                  success. All proceeds from fundraising events are used for the
provided by Borders and the Friends provide bows, gift tags and
                                                                  betterment of the Andover Library.
personnel in two hour shifts. A tip jar is placed on the table
and customers have always been very generous to our Friends       Fundraising efforts such as this provide the funds for the
group.                                                            Friends group to offer a wide variety of items and service to
                                                                  the library patrons. In the past the Friends have purchased a
This is has always been a big fundraising event for the Friends
                                                                  new community computer, programming, Library Passes, a
group and counts on many helping hands to make it a success.
                                                                  rolling bookrack, display racks, whiteboard, CD’s and videos,

             Attorneys	at	Law
          202 West Center Street
           Manchester, CT 06040
            TEL: 860-646-3500
            FAX: 860-643-6292
     •	 Automobile and Truck                 •	 Wills and Probate                      •	 Criminal and Motor
        Accidents                                                                         Vehicle defense
                                             •	 Elder Law and Planning
     •	 Personal Injury                                                                •	 Zoning and Land Use
                                             •	 Litigation
     •	 Real Estate Closings

14                                                                       e-mail your news to:
a children’s books series, a computer printer, a flatbed scanner,
outdoor events sign, a flagpole and a Scholarship for an
Andover High School senior. And let’s not forget the beautiful
gardens that now surround the building.
The Friends are delighted to be able to provide these items to
the library community at not cost to the Andover taxpayers.
                                                                                Automotive, Inc.
                                                                                343 Rte. 6 PO Box 115
                                                                                 Andover, CT 06232

                                                                        - Fleet Maintenance                - RV & Boat Storage

                                                                        - Brakes                           - Oil & Lube Service

                                                                        - Foreign/Domestic                 - Mufflers

                                                                        - Pre-Owned Vehicles - Cars Trucks Vans
                                                                          Checked By Our ASE
                                                                          Certified Technicians

 Watch Artists At Work At Artists Open                                         860 - 742-5848
  Studios of Northeast Connecticut
Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a working artist?         fused or stained glass, sculpture, jewelry, weaving, fiber art,
Here’s an opportunity to peek inside the lives and studios of          hand made instruments, or woodcarvings, you’ll be impressed
more than 80 working artists at the 21st annual Artists Open           with the vision, variety, and quality of the work represented.
Studios of Northeast Connecticut on November 28 & 29 and               The work shown is original, hand crafted and presented by the
December 5 & 6, 2009 from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Whether your                  artist. A list of participating artists and directions are available
interest is oil painting, watercolor, pastels, photography, pottery,   at: Admission to the Artists Open
                                                                                               Studios show and sale is free, and open to
                                                                                               all ages. Printed brochures with directions
                                                                                               are available.If additional information is
                                                                                               needed, you can call Aline Hoffman at
                      61B Main Street • Hebron, CT 06248
                      Tel: 860-228-8221 • Fax 860-228-8223
      For all your travel needs... give us a call
      Air/Land Packages
       Tours - Groups

              Visit us on the Web at

                     e mail:
  Let Nancy, Pat, Joe, Bea or Sue              Monday - Thursday 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
      help you with all your                         Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
           travel needs.                           Saturday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.                       Artist: Jane Collins of Ashford
Deadline Dates: Sept. 30, Dec. 31, March 31, June 30                               The Andover Hometown October 2009 15
                                                              Veteran’s Memorial Park Needs You!
                                                                                  By Dianne Grenier
                                                           On November 7th Andover residents will once again gather
                                                           from 9:00am – noon at the town’s Veteran’s Memorial Park

                                                           to do a little “fall cleaning” just in time for Veteran’s Day. In
                                                           doing so they will be honoring all Andover’s veterans who have
                                                           proudly served our country.
     Plumbing & Heating, LLC
                                                           Andover’s Veteran’s Memorial Park is located at the corner of
                                                           Rt. 6 and Rt. 316. This is where monuments honoring local war
     BATHROOM & KITCHEN                                    heroes are located and where the local Memorial Day parade
                                                           stops each year to place a wreath of flower and say a silent pray.
         REMODELING                                        This is the place where the historic “Creamery building” once
                                                           proudly stood and today a plaque memorializing that historic
                 Scott LaFlamme                            place now stands. This is also the “front yard” of the “old Town
                                                           Hall building” that now houses the Town’s Historical Museum.
                  676 Back Road                            This is a place of great community pride for Andover residents.
           North Windham, CT 06256                         Each year in the spring, just before Memorial Day and again in
                  (860) 423-5385                           the fall, just before Veteran’s Day, a group of Andover residents
                               gather at the Veteran’s Memorial Park to clean up the area to                    honor the veteran’s on their special day. The residents are old
                                                           and young, men and women, singles and families. They come
 PI 204336
 S3 309037
                                                           to rake, weed whack, leaf blow, weed, plant flowers, clean the
                                                           stones and do general garden clean up. A few hours work is all
                                                           that is required to make this area a place all Andover residents
                                                           can be proud of.
                                                           No gardening knowledge or special skills are required to
                       Barbara Rodegher                    participate in this event. Event organizer, Dianne Grenier says;
                       Realtor                             “Please plan on joining your friends and neighbors on this work
                                                           date to help make a positive difference in our town.” Please
                                                           bring rakes, gas powered weed whackers and leaf blowers,
                                                           garden tools and garden gloves. For more information about
                                                           how you can help call Grenier at 742-3033.
                       Office: (860) 647-1419 x116
                       Mobile: 508-3514

  Proud to be a
 Re/Max Realtor
Proud to support
Miracle Network!
 First time buyers don’t miss out on the $8000
 Recovery Act Credit. Remember if you haven’t owned
 a home for 3 years you are considered a first-timer!
 It is a great time to buy, prices are down and interest
 rates are low. Hurry! You must close by Nov 30th.

16                                                                 e-mail your news to:
                   Andover Registrars of Voters
                          Cathy Palazzi and Kaye Cardin

Your Registrars of Voters has ordered two new voting machines including a new
ADA machine to replace the broken ones. We understand the new type of machines
have steel not aluminum frames and will stand up to more use. We were able to
receive these machines at a huge discount and had money left in our 2008-2009
budget to purchase them.
                                                                                         Local      Monday Thru
We will be holding a primary for the Governor’s race in February 2010. Please
make sure you are registered to vote in this primary. At the time of the primary only    Talk Radio     Saturday
a registered party member may vote. Your ROV’s will be in the office to register you
or you may leave a form in the Town Clerk’s office.
                                                                                                 Morning Guest
                                                                                                  Wayne Norman
The General Assembly’s Government, Administration and Elections Committee                        Mon - Fri 6 - 10 am
approved Resolution #43 question on the ballot for voters to consider in 2010,
and was approved by the House Majority. Absentee ballots will be available to                     Best of Wayne
any registered voter for any election. Under current Connecticut law, a registered
                                                                                                 Wayne Norman
voter can only receive an absentee ballot if they will be out of town or unable to
                                                                                                 Mon 5:10 - 6 pm
cast a ballot at their polling place on Election Day due to physical impairment or             Business Outlook
illness.  Voters nationwide successfully cast ballots before Election Day in 2008                 Roger Adams
using early voting.  According to government officials, this proved effective due              Tues 5:10 - 5:30 pm
to the increase of voter turnout and at the same time reduced long lines at the
polls. No excuse absentee balloting would be a secure and cost-effective way to give           The Neighborhood
Connecticut voters the opportunity to vote early and at their own convenience.             Hannah and Bruce Clements
The House passed a Resolution to allow same day registration and voting in the                 Tues 5:30 - 6 pm
future. You may expect to see these two questions on the ballots in 2010.
                                                                                               Computer Tamers
We anticipate a town meeting in the weeks ahead for the Ordinance Committee                  Allen, Jaison & Mish Stein
updates and the vote on a possible changing of tax installments from four times a                Wed 5:10 - 6 pm
year to twice a year. It is hoped both these issues will be brought together to a town
vote at one time to save money.                                                                  Republic Forum
Our fall conference was held in September to review all voting rules and regulations               Alan Giordano
                                                                                                  John Monaghan
for the state. These conferences are informative and a lot of time and effort goes
                                                                                                 Thurs 5:10 - 6 pm
into the planning of these sessions so that your ROV’s can keep updated with
important facts we need to run our voting polls effectively and efficiently.                   Let’s Talk About It
We would like more people to take an interest in either becoming moderators for the                Dennis O’Brien
Democratic or Republican party or people who want to help out during our voting
                                                                                                   Susan Johnson
                                                                                                  Fri 5:10 - 6 pm
sessions. You do not need to be a party member in order to work the polls only if you
intend to become a checker or moderator. Those positions require a chosen party.               Reality & Beyond
You can leave us a message by calling 742-0188 Option #2. With the new voting                     Jonathan Duvall
system up and running well we are able to save money for the town. We learned at                    Clark Hinkley
                                                                                                     Matt Mello
the conference to expect yet another upgrade to our voting system. Since some towns
                                                                                                   Sat 7:00 - 10 pm
vote in November it is expected the new upgrades will not be in effect until after
November.                                                                                UCONN
If you need to speak with Kaye or Cathy call the above number and we will be sure
                                                                                         Basketball       On
to be in our office to assist you with any questions you may have. Our next article
in the Hometown News will be dedicated to our upcoming primary. Remember                  Good Company • Good Listening
every vote counts!
Deadline Dates: Sept. 30, Dec. 31, March 31, June 30                            The Andover Hometown October 2009 17
What a busy summer we enjoyed at the Andover                                         to stop by for a visit. The photo of the library
Library! We hosted several programs for the kids                                     building featured on the card was taken by
featuring everything from puppet-making to                                           Andover Friends of the Library member Roger
archery to a library visit from a great big python.                                  Maynard. Thanks to him and the Friends for
With financial support from the Andover Friends                                      donating these wonderful cards.
of the Library, we presented a well-received
                                                                                    In addition to now offering plastic library cards,
Bluegrass show at the town gazebo on August
                                                                                    we are happy to announce that we now have our
14th featuring Connecticut Bluegrass band, Grass           Amy Orlomoski            very own website:
Routes. In addition, there was a constant stream                Director            Previously, our website could only be accessed
of younger patrons in search of books to fulfill               742-7428             through the Town of Andover website, but
their summer reading programs. All of these
                                                                                    we realized that access might be a bit easier to
events and things made the library a very busy
                                                                     patrons through our own dedicated website. Check it out! On
place this summer – and we’re very happy about it.
                                                                     the site, you will find information on our hours, how to search
                                        We had a summer reading our catalog, as well as the state’s catalog (reQuest), photos of
                                        challenge for the kids vs. some of our events, news about upcoming book discussions, a
                                        the adults – who could list of museum passes available to be borrowed, news from the
                                        read more books and Friends, and lots more information. Thanks to the library’s
                                        therefore, build a bigger Programming Director, Cathy Campen, for working on this
                                        ice cream cone?         For latest library venture. Bookmark our website on your home
                                        each book that was read computer, and be sure to visit us often.
                                        by participants, an “ice
                                                                     Sadly, we also experienced a bit of loss at the library this summer.
                                        cream scoop” was added
                                                                     More than 30 DVDs from our collection have disappeared
                                        to a cone. As you can see
                                        in the photo, the kids were
                                        clearly the big winners in     Don’t forget with the end of summer, the library’s hours have
                                        this challenge. However,       changed a bit once again. We are now open on: Saturdays
                                        the Library Friends came       from 10AM-4PM, as well as all day on Wednesdays –
                                        through once again, as         10AM-8PM (no longer closed from 1-3PM). Please
                                        everyone – kids and adults     note that this extended day schedule only happens on
                                        – who completed their          Wednesdays, and that all of our other hours remain the
                                        summer reading challenge       same: Monday – 10AM-1PM & 3-8PM; Tuesday &
                                        received a free ice cream      Thursday – 3-8PM; and Friday – 10AM-1PM & 3-6PM.
                                        treat at the Bluegrass         Make it a point to stop by sometime this fall, won’t you?
The Ice Cream Challenge - the kids’
 cone (on the left) clearly being the
         larger of the two
                                                   ARTHUR L. TAYLOR, CPA, LLL
                                                            326 Route 87, P.O. Box 370,
                                                             Columbia, CT 06237-0370
show on August 14th. We heard a lot of                                                                      The Landmark
                                                        I'm thinking about your taxes                       Rt. 66 & 87
positive comments about this challenge –
                                                                all year round.
don’t be too surprised if it makes a return
appearance in 2010...                              I stay in touch with you throughout the year
                                                     with new tax laws and how they apply to
In addition to lots of activity at the                       your business and family!
library, there are a few new things to
report. For years, we have been handing                         Specializing in...
out blue paper library cards to patrons.             Small Business Taxation, Tax Audits and
Now, courtesy of the Friends group, we                 Collection Division, Representation,
can offer plastic library cards (which also           Construction, Real Estate, Job Shops,
include a key-chain tag) for patrons.                 Manufacturing, Homebased Consulting
If you are a resident of Andover, your                        and Service Industries
library card is in need of renewal, or if                          Member of the
you’ve never had a library card from the               Connecticut Society of CPAs Since 1975
Andover Public Library, now is the time                        Connecticut Lic. #2731               Phone/Fax: 860-228-8225

18                                                                            e-mail your news to:
over the last few months. Theft in libraries is not uncommon,                              Catherine Cordners
but at the Andover Public Library, we’ve never experienced it
quite to this degree. A full list of the DVDs that are missing is           Andover Landscaping
posted in the library, but the titles include all three of the Lord           Rt. 6 & Hendee Road, Andover, Conn.
of the Rings DVDs, The Wizard Of Oz, A Series Of Unfortunate                 Bulk Mulch - Topsoil - Compost
Events, Madagascar, Air Buddies, Anne Of Green Gables, and
several others. If the DVDs are returned to the bookdrop, no
                                                                                    Garden Supplies
questions will be asked. However, with a limited budget for                 For All Your Gardening Needs
purchasing materials, the missing DVDs represent about $500                           860-742-6043
in value, and who can afford to throw away $500 these days?                                                     Closed Mondays

 8/14 Bluegrass show at
  the Andover Gazebo
                                                                                        It Happens in Fall
 featuring Grass Routes
                                                                                        Every Fall season
                                                                                      You hear the lament:
                                                                                  It’s too cold, it’s too wet –
                                                                                      The colors are spent!

                                                                                     The weathermen cry,
                                                                                   It’s too hot, it’s too dry!
                                                                                       No carpet of gold
                                                                                       Against a blue sky.

                                                                                   But our Mother Nature
                                                                                       Refuses to hear
                                                                                   Those who would decry
                         Eaglemoon Raes                                             Her tradition so dear.
                             Hypnosis, EFT, Reiki and More…
                                                                               She paints crimson and orange
                               (860) 402-8116                                      And yellow so bright,
                                              To mock and to scorn,
                                                     To thrill and delight!
   Uniquely Yours Customized Subliminal Hypnosis CDs
                                                                                  A stunning bouquet
                    $25 off with this ad                                           Of colors so steady;
                  Great for athletes or anyone                                   When they finally finish –
            looking to tap into their fullest potential!                            My rake is ready!
            Visit for
    calendar of events, free meditations and WHUS inter-              Mary Duval, 10/11/03

  Other CDs by eaglemoon                        Services Available

  TEEN – “Your Masterpiece your life”           Private and Group
                                                Sessions                        Reinventing the look and feel of your home
  PARENTING – “Surrender, step into the flow”
  SELF LOVE – “Remember to Love”                Workshops                        Gabe Spector ~ 860-933-5116
  BODY IMAGE – “Recreate Your Image”
                                                Reiki Trainings
                                                                            •Interior            •Exterior
                                                                            •Faux Finish         •Power Washing
   Listen to Eaglemoon’s spiritual talk show, “What’s the                   •Insured             •Free Estimates
     Point” on 91.7 WHUS from 5 to 7am on Thursday!                         •Licensed            •References Available

Deadline Dates: Sept. 30, Dec. 31, March 31, June 30                         The Andover Hometown October 2009 19
      Holiday Gift Giving Time
           By Dianne Grenier, Norton Commission                          You have a choice.
                       Autumn leaves are falling and the
                          sounds of Holiday shoppers, jingle
                           bells and Ho ... Ho ... Ho fills the
                            air. Christmas time will soon be
                            Andover’s Norton Commission
                          was established in 1937 to help
                         the less fortunate children of our
                       town. The Commission was formed to
                  comply with the will and wishes of Chester
              D. Norton, the Andover farmer who died 118
years ago leaving $3,000 to be used to help the children of
When Chester was a child his poor family could not afford
the eyeglasses he needed and a kindly gentleman provided the
family with funds for Chester’s eyeglasses. Chester never forgot
                                                                                        YOUR VISITING
that act of kindness and passed it on to the future children                          NURSE ASSOCIATION
of Andover through his will. His act of kindness is a gift that                       for over         years
keeps on giving to this very day.
 The Norton Commission uses the interest from the Norton
Children’s Fund along with other donation to make two cash
distributions each year to Andover’s children. One distribution • 860.456.7288 • Mansfield Center
is made in July, to help with back-to-school items and another
in November, to help with Christmas shopping. A small
                                                                   assistance with back-to-school items and holidays has been
scholarship is also offered each spring to an Andover High
                                                                   greater than ever. The Norton Commission members have
School senior who will be continuing their education.
                                                                   become very “creative” and resourceful in allocating funds and
The past couple of years the bad economy has made it very          still the need exceeds the funds available.
difficult for many of Andover’s families and the need for
                                                                                        Over the years Andover residents have
                                                                                        been very generous and have contributed
      The Sharpening Tools Center                                                       money to the original Chester Norton
                                                                                        Children’s Fund. The need for that
           Sharpening                                                                   generosity to continue is essential now
                                                                                        more than ever before.
        Tools of All Kinds                                                              If you are looking to make a year-end tax
             For the Workshop                                                           deductible charitable contribution please
        Chain saws, Saw blades                                                          consider making a contribution that will
  Carbide Blades,Hole Saws, Drill Bits                                                  stay in Andover and help the less fortunate
    Lenox and Milwaukee Drill Bits                                                      children of our town. Checks may be sent
                                                                                        to: Norton Children’s Fund, c/o Andover
        For the Gardener                                                                Town Office Building, 17 School Road,
   Garden Edgers and Shovels                                                            Andover, CT 06232. If you would like
        Hedge Trimmers                                For the Household                 to make a contribution directly to the
         Mower Blades                                         Scissors                  principal of the fund please indicate so.
                                                               Knives                   All contributions are greatly appreciated
                                                            Hair Clippers               and the Norton Commission members
  Renald Champagne               6 Hunt Road, Columbia, CT                 06237        and the children of Andover Thank You.

20                                                                        e-mail your news to:
                                                                            FINANCIAL FOCUS
                                                                                               by Steve Blevins
                                    Have You Built Your                                                      crumble because you might be forced to liquidate longer-
                                    Investment Pyramid?                                                      term investments to pay for short-term or emergency
                     Of the “Seven Wonders of the Ancient
                     World,” the only one still in existence                                            •    Income — The next level up of your pyramid might
                     is the Great Pyramid of Giza. This tells                                                contain income-oriented investments, such as bonds and
                     you something about the strength of the                                                 Certificates of Deposit (CDs). While these investments
                     pyramid structure, but it also suggests                                                 may not offer sizable rates of return, they can offer reliable
that the pyramid may be a good metaphor for other endeavors                                                  income.
that you wish to endure — such as your investment strategy.
                                                                                                        •    Growth and income — The middle layer of your pyramid
In fact, by creating an appropriate “investment pyramid,” you                                                should include investments, such as dividend-paying
could address your key financial needs and goals. What might                                                 stocks, that offer the potential for both growth and income.
this pyramid look like? Consider the following “layers”:                                                     (Keep in mind, though, that companies are not obligated
                                                                                                             to pay dividends and can reduce or eliminate them at any
•   Cash and cash equivalents — The “base” of your pyramid
    should consist of cash and cash equivalents — short-
    term investment vehicles that are highly liquid. Without                                            •    Growth — The second layer from the top of your pyramid
    sufficient cash available, the rest of your pyramid could                                                is reserved for growth-oriented investments, such as the
                                                                                                             stocks of companies whose earnings are expected to grow
                                                                                                             at an above average rate, relative to the rest of the financial

             TAKE CHARGE
                                                                                                             market. As you’ll note, though, the key word is “expected,”
                                                                                                             because growth stocks can, and do, produce negative
                                                                                                             returns as well as positive ones.
             OF YOUR FUTURE.                                                                            •    Aggressive — At the very top of your pyramid are the most
                                                                                                             aggressive investments. While these investments may offer
    Create and implement a strategy
    designed to help you achieve your                                                                        the highest growth potential, they also usually carry the
    long-term financial goals.                                                                               greatest risk level. Your total investment mix may include
    Do something positive for yourself.
                                                                                                             investments from every part of the pyramid, but how much
    Call today for a no-cost, no-obligation                                                                  should go into each layer? There’s no one right answer for
    portfolio review. Together we can                                                                        everyone. In filling out your investment pyramid, you’ll
    create the strategy that’s right for you                                                                 need to consider your risk tolerance, time horizon, short-
    based on your current situation,                                                                         and long-term goals and other factors. So, if you are a fairly
    objectives and risk tolerance.                                                                           conservative investor, you might place fewer investment
    Edward Jones ranked “Highest in Investor Satisfaction with Full Service                                  dollars in the “aggressive” layer than someone who was
    Brokerage Firms,” according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2009 U.S.
                                                                                                             willing to take more chances in exchange for potentially
    Full Service Investor Satisfaction StudySM.
                                                                                                             higher returns.
    Edward Jones received the highest numerical score among full service brokerage firms in
    the proprietary J.D. Power and Associates 2009 Full Service Investor Satisfaction StudySM.
    Study based on responses from 4,438 investors measuring 21 investment firms and measures            However, the various weightings within your investment
    opinions of investors who used full-service investment institutions. Proprietary study results
    are based on experiences and perceptions of consumers surveyed in March – April 2009.               pyramid will likely change over time. As you near retirement,
    Your experiences may vary. Visit                                                       for example, you may want to move some — but certainly
                     Steve Blevins                                                                      not all — of your investments from the “growth” layer to
                     Financial Advisor                                                                  the “growth and income” or “income” layers. An investment

                     10 Main St                                                                         professional can help you review your evolving family and
                     Hebron, CT 06248
                     860-228-4909                                                                       financial situations and make recommendations on what
                                                                                                        changes you may need to make to your pyramid.
                                                           Member SIPC
                                                                                                        Pyramids last a long time. And if you build and maintain
                                                                                                        your investment pyramid with care, you can keep it working
                                                                                                        efficiently for many years to come.

Deadline Dates: Sept. 30, Dec. 31, March 31, June 30                                                                The Andover Hometown October 2009 21
                                  September was “Library Card Sign-Up Month
                                                         By Dianne Grenier

September was “Library Card Sign Up                                                      CDs, and museum passes. In addition,
Month” and the Friends of the Andover                                                    there are two public-use computers in the
Library are celebrating by offering Andover                                              library which provide free Internet access
Library card holders new library cards. The                                              for patrons. If you own a wireless computer,
new library cards are plastic about the size                                             you are welcome to surf the Internet via
of a credit card and come with a key-chain                                               the library’s wireless connection. A valid
tag. Member’s library card number will be                                                library card is also your key to the many
barcoded on the new card which can easily                                                resources available through the Connecticut
be scanned by the barcode reader at the                                                  Digital Library (, including
library’s circulation desk.                         Andover Public Library librarian,    magazine and journal articles, newspapers,
                                                     Amy Orlomoski issues Friend’s       health & science information, history &
The handsome new cards have a beautiful
                                                    members, Sandy Kent and Roger        genealogical resources, and reQuest -- the
photo of the library on them, taken by
                                                 Maynard the library’s first new plastic state’s library catalog. If all of that isn’t
Andover Friend of the Library member
                                                  library cards. Both Sandy and Roger enough reason to have a library card, you
Roger Maynard. The new cards will be more
                                                    are Life Members of the Andover      should also be aware that your Andover
durable than the current blue paper cards.
                                                         Friends of the Library.         library card can be used to borrow materials
The new cards are courtesy of the Andover
                                                                                         from any public library in the State of
Friends of the Library.
In these tough economic times more people are
                                                                                     The Andover Library is a community hub
re-discovering the value of the public library.
                                                                                     of activity. With book reading programs for
An Andover Library card gives free access to the
                                                                                     children, adult book discussions, storytime for
library’s collection of books for adults, children,
                                                                                     toddlers, concerts, live animal demonstrations
and young adults, audio books, DVDs, music
                                                                                     and a yearly visit by Santa and Mrs. Claus.

      Package Store
        Offering a large selection of
         Fine Wines and Spirits

     Domestic Kegs Always in Stock

                            Route 6 Andover Plaza
                            Andover, CT 06232

                                Remember: always appoint
                                  a designated driver

22                                                                          e-mail your news to:
                                   SUPER STORE
                         We Offer:         Parts  Service  Accessories  Sales
                   VACUUM CLEANERS                                                           SEWING MACHINES
   Sebo  Miele  Simplicity  Eureka  Royal  Lindhaus  Hoover                   Baby Lock  Brother  Pfaff  Singer
   Electrolux  Kirby  Kenmore  Panasonic  Dirt Devil  Oreck                     White  Viking  Kenmore  Elna
  Sewing Machine & Vacuum Repair                                            1088 Main Street
  Vacuum Bags & Accessories                                              Willimantic, CT 06226
  Sewing Notions                                                            Tel: 860-423-6800
                       Visit us on the Web at
                                                                   possibility of receiving a small grant towards this important
                                Municipal Agent                    program for our seniors.
     Cathy                      For the Elderly                    There were 19 people who applied for Renters rebate this year.
     Palazzi                                                       This rebate is paid by the state directly to those renters who
Our senior luncheons begin Friday, October 2 when Senator          Next Drive Alive 55 Program will be in May 2010. News will
Edith Prague comes to talk to us about the new healthcare plan     be updated in the Silver Lining. We are fortunate to have Brent
that our government is trying to get passed. The menu will         Leville as our instructor. He is very qualified to lead us in this
be a hot turkey dinner served by Hop River Café on RT 6.           class. Just a reminder to all your insurance company will not
Thanks to the generous donations of individuals we are able        notify you that it is time to re-qualify for this program in order
to keep this important luncheon program running. Anyone            to receive the discount, so be proactive and ask your agent if
who would like to make a donation to this excellent Friday         you must take the class every other year or three years. Each
program please let me know. Call Joan Foran at 742-8585            company has different rules.
to reserve your luncheon spot and let her know if you require
                                                                   Anyone interested in working as a volunteer for AARP Tax
                                                                   Assistance should contact AARP to attend a free class. We have
Deb Johnson from CRT will be our guest speaker on October 9        had assistance in the past but due to the fact we are a small town
at our luncheon that will feature Hop River’s famous meatloaf.     there is not the availability to send a team here to assist us with
October 16th Mary Hess our VNA nurse will be there at 1:00         our taxes. I have been informed, if we would send a volunteer
p.m. to administer flu shots. Please bring your Medicare or        to become qualified then that person would be able to return
Insurance card. You do not have to attend the luncheon in          to Andover and assist seniors with their taxes for 2009 next
order to receive a flu shot. You may come in at 1:00 p.m. to       year. If you are interested and do qualify, please let me know so
receive the vaccine. Chicken pot pie will be served. Rick Coates   that I may offer this great service to our town seniors.
from Connecticare will join us on October 23 to talk about the
                                                                   The North Central Regional Mental Health Board I attend,
changes with the Medicare Advantage plans for 2010. Chicken
                                                                   as the representative from Andover, proves to be interesting
Piccata will be served.
                                                                   and at our September meeting it was apparent that Andover
November luncheon menus will be Beef Stew, Lasagna, and            is receiving treatment for 61 unduplicated cases. It is very
Chicken Dinner. Our speaker on Nov. 9 will be Karla Vince          important we continue to support this group as time goes on
speaking on Alzheimer’s and Nov. 13 will be Mary Withey            we find more and more individuals who need care.
from the VNA who will talk about the Live Well Program.
                                                                   As a member of the Board of Directors for the McSweeney
Kaye Cardin will show us a movie on the 20th. No lunch on
                                                                   Regional Senior Center, I find we are using their services for
Nov. 27th due to Thanksgiving holiday.
                                                                   doctors, dentist, food services and entertainment. We now have
Joan Foran is working with me to raise enough money to carry       53 unduplicated seniors from Andover using these services.
our luncheon programs throughout 2010. We are fortunate to
                                                                   If anyone needs a referral to either of these organizations, please
have excellent speakers who are willing to donate their time
                                                                   let me know. The intake form is short and takes very little time
at no cost to us. Exciting speakers coming up for Dec. and
                                                                   to fill out and the rewards are most helpful to you.
Jan. will be Trooper Reed, CL&P, AT&T representatives. We
have a local resident from Hebron who is assisting us with the     Expect more insurance plans to change in 2010. Watch your

Deadline Dates: Sept. 30, Dec. 31, March 31, June 30                           The Andover Hometown October 2009 23
local news to find out if it is one of the plans you may have.     go. We are fortunate to have Kaye Cardin as our instructor.
ConnPACE PLUS plan will be voted effective next year and
                                                                   With funds set aside for the Wii Fitness exercise equipment we
these new changes may effect your current ConnPACE. Once
                                                                   were able to purchase two more of the latest game packages.
the plan is confirmed I will follow up with information in our
                                                                   Pam Quint, our Program Director, tells me 24 people have
local papers. ConnPACE stopped paying for any new drugs
                                                                   signed up to enjoy this fun and easy way to exercise. We would
that were not on your preferred medical list. If you have
                                                                   like to see many more of you out there stop by and see what all
any questions, please let me know. Remember do not pay a
                                                                   the laughter and fun is about on Friday mornings. Equipment
huge price for your meds if you have ConnPACE – ask for
                                                                   was provided free by the Eastern Highland District and is
an explanation from the pharmacist and call me if the price is
                                                                   available to all seniors and ADA individuals in Andover. This
too high. There will be some insurance plans that will not be
                                                                   type of exercise is great for your coordination and balance.
continued in 2010. Medicare Advantage Plan for those with
                                                                   Special thanks goes to Pam who gives up her Fridays to run this
Diabetes. The regular VIP Med Advantage plans 1-III will
                                                                   program for us and to Frank Chaves for all the help he has been
continue as of this writing. If you are on the Diabetic Plan
                                                                   assisting Pam. Call Pam at 742-1898 to sign up.
please contact Palazzi at 742-8088 so we can go over your
options for 2010. Wellscare is another insurance plan that will    If anyone is interested in purchasing a device to hold a 50” flat
not be available, as well as, Sterling Life Insurance for 2010.    wall tv screen, please call me. This device was purchased for our
                                                                   senior center and has never been used and still in the original
It is most important that everyone be covered by some type
                                                                   box. A blind was purchased for the steel outside door to assist
of insurance. You may be eligible for the Charter Oak Health
                                                                   when showing movies and will be installed soon.
Plan which is an affordable health care coverage for CT adults,
aged 19 through 64 call Palazzi for information. The cost is as    Chore workers available for fall leaf raking. Please call Palazzi
low as $75. per month. This is a health care plan that includes    for an appointment. This grant comes to us through NCAAA
coverage to those before they reach Medicare age of 65. Access     combined with AHM, Hebron and Marlborough. You may let
energy assistance is available to those who qualify. Call your     me know if you would like snow-shoveling services this winter.
local Willimantic office or 211 for information.
                                                                   SafeLink is a phone company that is offering free service, 64
Medical transportation is available on Thursdays, shopping,
                                           Headers                 minutes per month, for one year, to anyone in Connecticut who
banking errands available on Tuesday and Wednesdays.               qualifies for one of the following programs: State-Administered
Call Cathy for Med runs only and Town Hall 742-0188                General Assistance, State Supplement to the Aged, Blind, or
for Tuesday  or Wednesday shopping. A back up device was           Disabled, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), CONNPACE,
purchased for the large van to assist our drivers in backing up.   Contingency Heating Assistance Program, Federal Public
This will be installed at our town garage.                         Housing Assistance / Section 8, Food Stamps, Medicaid/
                                                                   Title 19 (including Husky and Healthy Start), Care for Kids,
Line Dancing will continue on Thursdays from 1:00 p.m. - 2:30
                                                                   Temporary Family Assistance, Rental Assistance, Personal Care
p.m. at the Town Office Bldg. Community Room in October.
                                                                   Assistance, Refugee Program, Connecticut Energy Assistance
If you have not signed up but would like to attend in the fall,
                                                                   Program. If the 64 minutes are used, additional minutes can be
please call me at 742-8088. The cost will be $2.00 pay as you
                                                                                                purchased on a card.

 Sunday ProgramS
  6:30 AM Dialogue (Ct. Radio Network)          8:30 am Christian Science Sentinel:
    Steve Kotchko                                 Christian Science Church/Reading
  7:15 am Jesus Is Victor: Pastor Fred            Room, Wmtc
    Shapiro,First Baptist Church, Wmtc          9:04 am In His Presence Ministry:
  7:30 am Light on the Hill Christian             Your host, Mike Vrable
    Fellowship: Pastor John Heald,              9:30 am The TRUTH: Your host,
    Light on the Hill, Wmtc                       J Allen Stein
  7:45 am Message of Truth: Pastor              10:05 am Computer Tamers: Your
    Jack Schneider,Columbia Baptist               hosts, Allen, Jaison & Mish Stein
    Fellowship                                  6:00 pm Festival of Gospel Music:
  8:00 am Ukrainian Melodies: Your                Rev. Fred Shapiro
    hosts,Eugene Babij & Myron                  9:05 pm The TRUTHreplay: J Allen Stein

24                                                                        e-mail your news to:
  From the fundraiser Saturday, Sept. 19 to raise money for the     BOF Chairman Cathy Desrosiers, Selectman Sue England,
Andover senior luncheons – A check was presented to the Andover          Senator Edith Prague and Rep. Pam Sawyer
  Bookkeeper on Monday, Sept. 21 in the amount of $1000.00
 total profit from this event. No cost was deducted from amount
   for food, decorations or to pay Chef Tanya Hughes. Dianne
                                        Grenier handled our door
                                        prizes and Betty Kerr was
                                         in charge of our money.
                                           Co-chairs were Cathy
                                         Palazzi and Joan Foran.
                                        Photos by Dianne Grenier

                                    Whispering Hills
                                  Apartment Community

      Home Comforts Include:                                                               Property Pleasures:
      Spacious Rooms                                                    Fresh Country Air, Maintenance Free Living
      Energy Efficient GE Appliances                                                   Convenient Coin-Op Laundry
      Individually Controlled Heat                                               Complimentary Refuse & Recycling
      Insulated Thermopane Windows                                  Convenient, Secure Mailboxes, 24hr Maintenance
      Sunny & Super Clean                                            Adjacent to the Hop River Bike &Walking Trail
      Great Wall Space for Your Favorite Art or Photos                                      Just 4 Miles From I-384

                                  $705.00 - $745.00 per month • No Pets please
                                       Call for information 860-490-5205
                                    Available – 1 bedroom NOW. Please call.
                                          Kingsley Drive, Andover CT

Deadline Dates: Sept. 30, Dec. 31, March 31, June 30                       The Andover Hometown October 2009 25
  Santa and Mrs. Claus are coming to town
     By Dianne Grenier for the Andover Friends of the Library
Last December Santa and Mrs. Claus came to town and visited
the Andover Library. Because they had such a good time and so       Accepting
enjoyed meeting all the children they promised to return again      New Patients
this year. Dianne Grenier, President of the Andover Friends         Participates
of the Library has just heard from the jolly couple that they       with Most
will indeed be returning to the Andover Library on Saturday,        Insurances

December 12 between noon and 2:00pm. Even though this is            M-Thur 9am-7pm • Tues & Fri 9am-5pm • Wed 9am-12noon • Sat office hours vary, please call for times.

their busy season they will make the quick stop in Andover and

they would like to invite all the children of Andover to stop by
the Library for a short visit.
Santa’s elves, Jingle and Jangle, will be making an advanced
visit just after Thanksgiving to bring a mailbox for letters to
Santa. The box will be located in the Andover Library on Route
6 starting November 20th. Jingle and Jangle will make frequent
visits to the mail box to collect letters and bring them to Santa
to be read and answered prior to Santa’s big day on December
25th. Letters may also be hand delivered to Santa when he
comes to visit on December 12th as well.
Santa will be bringing books for all the children who come to
visit. Mrs. Claus will bring fresh homemade cookies and will
read to the children her favorite Christmas story, “T’was the
night before Christmas”.

                                    Let my experience work for you!

        Residential &                                                                                                    Water heater and
        Commercial                                                                                                      boiler replacements
          Whether your                                                                                                     New construction
        plumbing need is                                                                                                       projects
       a basic repair or an
            extensive                                                                                                 Bathroom and kitchen
       remodeling project,                                                                                                 remodeling
           we do it all.                  EMERGENCY SERVICE AVAILABLE                                                            Well pumps
          Fully Licensed CT        415 Boston Post Road, North Windham CT, 06256                                             Water softening
           S-3 0395859
                                                (860) 933-6674                                                                   Water tanks

                                            GOING GREEN
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     Trust your
     growing family
     to Windham

      Your neighbors do.

    For more than 76 years, Windham Hospital has been renowned for its outstanding physicians
      and extraordinary nursing care. Faced with a medical emergency you can be assured that
      we also offer everything you need close to home including a state-of-the-art Emergency
                     Department and some of the finest physicians in the state.
              Our patients are so satisfied, that in a recent independent survey, they ranked
                  our Emergency Department in the 99th percentile for quality care.*

               112 Mansfield Avenue • Willimantic CT 06226 • 860.456.9116 •

                                                 *July 2009 Press-Ganey Survey.

Deadline Dates: Sept. 30, Dec. 31, March 31, June 30                          The Andover Hometown October 2009 27
  James Blair Landscape and Design LLC
                      Serving the Public Since 1994
           Specializing in all phases of landscape construction

                Designs done with Digital Imaging
                                                         •	 PAVERS
                                                            Walks, Driveways,
                                                            and Patios
                                                         •	 Water Gardens
                                                         •	 Garden Design and
                                                            Installation of Plants
                                                            and Shrubs
                                                         •	 Natural Stone and
                                                            Block Retaining Walls
Now offering lawn mowing.
Call soon for spring clean-up
and mowing schedule.

Free Estimates

Office 860-337-0068
Mobile 860-428-2916
Columbia, CT
CT Home Improvement License # 573427

                                                                          PRESORTED STANDARD
  GULEMO inc Printers
       PO Box 467                      POSTAL CUSTOMER                       US POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                PERMIT #37
  Willimantic, CT 06226                                                   WILLIMANTIC, CT 06226