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                                                                              Oklahoma City FRIDAY, Friday, November 19, 2010, Page C-1

   OKC Rotary Club 29 is 100
It’s now third largest club in the world;
540 strong and donating over $3 million
      By Ryan Piersol
        OKC Friday
   The largest and oldest
civic club in Oklahoma
City is having a birthday
– and it’s a significant
   Monday will mark
exactly 100 years since
the Rotary Club of
Oklahoma City, also
known as Rotary Club
29, filed for official
admission to the Nation-
al Association of Rotary
Clubs of America.
   Rotarians Rick Ver-
million and Cindy Batt
are the Centennial Co-
   Rotary Club 29 has
raised $2,602,00 for
OKC projects including
the Leaping Fountains
at the downtown library,
literacy, Iron Arrow at
the airport, parks and
   An          additional                                                                                        THE CENTENNIAL CELEBRATIONS for OKC
$500,000 was raised                                                                                              Rotary Club 29 began with a festive meeting at
from the club to fund                                                                                            the Petroleum Club, above left. Next club mem-
                                                                                                                 bers raise the Rotary Centennial flag in Flag Plaza
“unmet needs” after the                                                                                          in front of the Hilton Skirvin Hotel, above. Then in
Oklahoma City bomb-                                                                                              June, 2010 -2011 President Clayton Taylor’s Okla-
ing.                                                                                                             homa Heritage Center inaugural featured a surrey
   Another        almost                                                                                         with the fringe on top, shown with wife, Marni, and
$250,000 has been                                                                                                surrounded by his family, in photo left.
raised for the Salvation                                                                                         Rotary Club pictures her and on Page C-7 provid-
Army when members                                                                                                ed by Carl Shortt, John Crain, Bob Hammack and
ring the bell at the ket-                                                                                        Cheryl Byrd.
tles one day every year.
   The Club’s centennial                                                            Above Self” has proved       attracted industry and      Club of Oklahoma City
project funded more                                                                 so inspiring that the club   built an infrastructure     after Lee B. Mettler
than a $100,000 for The                                                             has grown to be the          with railroads and trol-    from the Kansas City
Guardian statue.                                                                    third largest Rotary club    ley cars.                   club visited and realized
   Club 29 members                                                                  out of more than 33,000         Just before Oklahoma     how similar the group’s
have donated more than                                                              in the world.                City officially managed     mission was to Rotary.
$800,000 to Rotary                                                                     It all began not long     to move the state’s capi-   The Oklahoma City
International and the                                                               after Oklahoma was           tal from Guthrie on June    club was accepted and
Polio Plus campaign to                                                              declared a state in 1907.    11, 1910, a group of        Rotary’s 29th club char-
eradicate the disease                                                               Oklahoma City was            businessmen formed the      ter was issued on Nov.
world-wide       through                                                            buzzing with life,           Iron Cross Club. Seven      7, 1911.
vaccination.                  downtown Oklahoma         the plaza in front of the   thanks to early city lead-   leaders from seven dif-        There were 19 char-
   A celebration took         City on Tuesday, where    Skirvin Hotel to mark       ers like Henry Over-         ferent       professions    ter members of the club,
place in the lobby of the     “The Guardian” statue     the occasion.               holser, John Shartel,        formed the first club,      although the change to
Chase Tower at 100 N.         by Sen. Enoch Kelly          Rotary Club 29’s         James W. Maney and           which soon became           Rotary kept only two
Broadway Ave. in              Haney was unveiled in     motto of “Service           Anton Classen who had        known as the Rotary          [Continued on Page C-7]

32 club past presidents                                                                                             A grand year
are still active Rotary
Club 29 members                                                                                                     of celebration
   Rotary Club 29 living        Richard F. Vermillion,                                                           Current officers will guide Rotary
past presidents are             James R. Daniel, Fred S.
Robert D. Angerman, Dr.         Morgan, Carl L. Shortt,                                                          through its 100th birthday year
Dean Robertson, Ralph           Jr., James A. Pickel,                                                               The current officers     Evan Walter; Interna-
Jenks, Otto Hess, Tom           William P. Bowden,                                                               of the Rotary Club 29: :    tional Group, Larry
Denner.                         Alvan E. (Ed) Porter..                                                           President Clayton Tay-      Stone; Club Administra-
   Henry W. Browne, Jr.,           Page Dobson, James                                                            lor; Vice President and     tion Group, Kermit
Chris V. Speligene, Ron         C. Clark, Larry L. Bled-                                                         President-Elect Chuck       Frank; President-Elect
L. Powers, Harold D.            soe, Margaret S. Salyer,                                                         Wiggin; Secretary Emily     group, Chuck Wiggin;
Armstrong.                      James W. Sharrock, Ray-                                                          Stratton; Treasurer         President Group, Clay-
   Gabriel J. Zablatnik, V.     mond B. Ackerman,                                                                Cindy Batt; Sergeant-At-    ton Taylor; and Pro-
Burns Hargis, Harry L.          Samuel G. Hammons,                                                               Arms Chris Kenney;          grams Group, Carol
Wilson, Stephen P. Gar-         Gean B. Atkinson, James                                                          Immediate Past Presi-       Troy.
rett, Bernard L. Semtner,       L. Loftis, and Jeffrey H.                                                        dent Jeff Simpsen. The      Members of the Rotary
J. Leland Gourley,              Simpsen.                                                                         directors are: Jerome       Club 29 Foundation
                                                                                                                 Holmes, Robert Keating,     Board are:
Perfect attenders from                                                                                           Ross Plourde, Larry         Jeff Simpsen, Founda-
                                                                                                                 Stone, Carol Troy, Ker-     tion Chairman; Clayton
20 years to 34 years                                                                                             mit Frank, Donna            Taylor; Chuck Wiggin;
                                                                                                                 Lawrence, Chip Oppen-       Barry Gangwer; Tim
   Rotarians WITH perfect       Rick Vermillion, 28 years;                                                       heim, Cynda Ottaway         Dowd; Robert Clements;
attendance for more than        Max Crandall, 24 years;       Centennial Presidents                              and John Wilkins.           John McCharen; Keith
20 years:                       Dawn Davis-Rutledge, 21       President Clayton Taylor, left, and                presidential advisors::     Oehlert; Bob Medley;
   Harold Armstrong, 34         years; Bill Bowden, 20        Immediate Past Prez Jeff Simpsen                   Jim Loftis, Meg Salyer      Ron Sutor; Jeff Brown;
years; Barney Semtner, 33       years; Page Dobson, 20        shared Centennial leadership duties                and Page Dobson.            Tom Phillips; Ann Ack-
years; Harry Wilson, 31         years; Jim Farha, 20 years;   because the club inaugurates new offi-             The group chairs are:       erman; Jim Daniel; and
years; Jim Daniel, 30 years;    and Ed Porter, 20 years.      cers in June.                                      Youth Programs Group,       Meg Salyer.

                                                                  Salutes Oklahoma City Rotary Club 29
   okcFRIDAY                                                       on the occasion of its 100th birthday.
                                                              Thank you for all you have done for our community.

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