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									National Standards of Teacher
   and Teacher Education
                 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Regional
                 Education Sector Staff Seminar

                       23-26 November 2009
                          Krabi, Thailand

                       Ichiro Miyazawa
                      UNESCO Islamabad

     Contents of this Presentation
1. Overview: Teachers in Pakistan
2. Professional Standards of Teachers
3. National Standards for Accreditation of
   Teacher Education Program
4. Challenges and Lessons
5. So, what do/will we do?

1. Overview: Teachers in Pakistan
  There are 1,356,802 teaching staff in Pakistan.

      Untrained. No Info.
         1.1%     15.6%

        Other                                    PTC 37.3%

        M-Ed. 5.1

      B-Ed. 17.4                          CT 12.3%

              About 80% of teachers are least qualified !
                        Source: National Education 2006, AEPAM
1. Overview: Teacher Education Institutions
 There are about 300 teacher education institutions

 Govt. College, Community College, PITE, University, Academy, RITE,
 Resource Center, Institute of Education, DRTC, Training Institutes, etc

        Some are under Provincial Govt. & MoE and Some are under
        Higher Education Commission

 More than 10 kinds of certificate, diploma, etc

 PTC, CT, DE, JD,SD, BA, MA, Ph.D, HPE, OTC, etc

2. National Professional Standards for Teachers

 Officially launched in February 2009

 10 standards
  1. Subject matter knowledge
   2. Human growth and development
   3. Knowledge of Islamic ethical value
   4. Instructional planning and strategies
   5. Assessment
   6. Learning environment
   7. Effective communication and use of ICT
   8. Collaboration and partnerships
   9. Continuation professional development
   10. Teaching of English as second language
 Donors started to train teachers on these standards
3. National Standards for Accreditation of Teacher
   Education Programmes

  Officially launched in August 2009

  7 standards
   1. Curriculum and Instruction
    2.   Assessment and Evaluation System
    3.   Physical Infrastructure and Facilities
    4.   Human Resources
    5.   Finance and Management
    6.   Research and Scholarship
    7.   Community Links and Outreach

  NACTE under HEC was activated to function

4. Challenges and Lesson learnt
   Totally new in Pakistan
    Two federal government organizations involved
    Federal and 4 provincial governments
    Security situations
 Lessons (actions to be considered effective)
   Donor coordination group on teacher education
    Good references from other countries
    Deployment of consultants in governments
    Keeping key persons with us
5. So, what do/will we do ?
    Developing procedures and tools for accreditation

    Pilot test of procedures and tools through training of

    Legal background of accreditation system

    Develop guiding manual for institutions to develop
      “institutional development plan”

    Linking accreditation and institutional improvement


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