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                 You can find this edition of
                 small steps on our website     autumn 2004

         FRC’S MISSION                          D I R E C TO R ’ S J O U R N A L
 To find permanent loving family homes
 for children, here and around the world,
            through adoption.
                                                State of the Agency/Autumn 2004
                                                Family Resource Center begins its 16th year
                                                                                           Richard Pearlman, MSW
         E - M A I L U P D AT E                                                                  Executive Director

  Please let us know if you have a new

                                                               hat once seemed relatively simple—helping to
              e-mail address
                                                               connect birth parents with adoptive parents and
    Just give us a call or e-mail us at :
                                                               assisting with the placement of children for
                                   adoption—has become a complex and intricate
                                                endeavor. I believe that, because of changes in technology,
                                                FRC and the field of adoption are at a crossroads. The work we
     Do you want to know about
                                                are doing has never been more challenging and interesting.
educational programs offered by FRC?
                                                   FRC has completed another successful year. All of our pro-
       Call the Education Hotline               grams worked well in 2004. FRC’s domestic program placed
          (773) 334-4258                        54 children for adoption and we assisted with the placement of several children who had
   FRC adoption program participants            special needs. We supported a family as they worked through a difficult contested adoption.
  can call this number to find out about        We conducted 5 trips to China and placed 42 Chinese children for adoption. This past year,
       upcoming classes and events.             in China we faced and overcame our fear of SARS. Our program in Ukraine began to build
  Classes offered can be used to satisfy        up steam and 2 families traveled to Ukraine and returned with children. Working with
foster family home licensing requirements.      families and collaborating with other agencies over the past 12 months FRC conducted
                                                35 home studies and assisted these families as they brought children into their lives.
                                                                                                               Since this time last year we com-
     INSIDE THIS EDITION                                                                                   pleted projects in several key areas:
           Director’s Journal                                                                                  We redesigned FRC’s website and
                   1                                                                                       enhanced our ability to use the
                                                                                                           Internet. What we now understand
    Thoughts About the Ukraine                                                                             is that the Internet is changing
                   3                                                                                       everything—from the way commerce
    Adoption Learning Center:                                                                              is conducted, to the way we gather
   Groups, Seminars & Activities                                                                           information, to the way people link
                   4                                                                                       up with one another and connect
                                                                                                           with ideas. The Internet is causing
       Donate Your Car to FRC                                                                              changes in the entire framework of
                   4                                                                                       adoption. State borders are blurring
       A Grand Family Festival                  and the way birth parents and adoptive parents are coming in contact is becoming more
                   5                            direct. Birth parents no longer need to wait to see an adoption counselor to view adoptive
                                                parent profiles—waiting families can now be seen on our website. I believe that those
  FRC and the Process of Reunion                who do not adapt to these changes may be viewed in the future like those who continued
                   6                            to promote kerosene lamps at the dawn of electric lighting.
         Agency Open House                         Please take a look at our new web site, at and click on “contact us” to let
                   7                            us know what you think. At our new site in addition to seeing an enhanced parent profile
           Congratulations                      section, you will find intuitive navigation tools and a simplified home page. You also have the
                                                ability to connect with adoption counselors, sign up for classes and make donations on line.
                                                                                                                          Continued on page 2
State of the Agency                             Please see page 4 for
Continued from page 1                           upcoming activities at the
                                                Adoption Learning Center.
    Another major project that we under-
took this year was to complete necessary        FRC’s financial report
long-term capital improvements at our           While many positive
headquarters on Clark Street. Leaky             things happened at FRC all
60-year-old windows were removed and            the time over the past
replaced with modern ones. Our building’s       two years, unfortunately,
electrical system—which had wiring              the cost of running FRC
dating back to the 1920’s—was upgraded          and fulfilling our program
and improved.                                   commitments have not
    As part of the process of improving         kept pace with our income.                One of our Safe Harbor Housing apartments
the building, two “Safe Harbor Housing          My sincere hope is that
Program” apartments were renovated.             more of FRC’s alumni community will             factors and our FRC alumni families to be
This program makes apartments available         understand this and be willing to help.         able to just “break even.” Were it not for
to birth mothers who are working with           The stark reality is that FRC does not          the generosity of FRC’s community of fami-
FRC to develop adoption plans for their         generate enough earned income to run            lies and friends over the past decade, there
yet-to-be-born or newly-born children.          the agency. That is why we hold an              would be no FRC building, no Safe Harbor
I cannot emphasize enough the value of          annual fundraising dinner and an end-           Housing Program for birth parents, no China
this program. Over the years FRC has            of-year appeal.                                 and Ukraine Programs, and no outreach
worked with dozens of birth mothers who             Family Resource Center takes a broad        to hospitals and the larger community.
used this facility, either because they         view of our mission—helping children            Ultimately Family Resource Center would
were fleeing abusive relationships, wanted      around the world through adoption. Though       not exist without our community’s support.
to preserve their anonymity, or had             our financial resources are limited, we             Every contribution we receive, large and
families that spurned them. Birth parents       are proud to say that we have found secure      small, helps to make it possible for Family
have told us that they appreciated the          and loving homes for every child who has        Resource Center to develop and grow. In
warmth, safety and comfort our housing          ever been placed in our care. We provide        a way, Family Resource Center is like a plant
program provided and the quality of             services to women and children regardless       that needs nutrients in the form of finan-
life they felt while living there.              of racial, cultural, ethnic or economic         cial support in order to stay healthy and
    We also converted one of the building’s     backgrounds. Because of our unwillingness       strong. Our strongest support has always
apartments into an office for our birth         to charge exorbitant fees or to work            come from the people whose lives we have
parent counseling team and a counseling         only with healthy Caucasian infants, our        touched. I appeal to everyone who cares
center, which we’ve named the Adoption          earned income simply does not cover             about FRC to help in any way that they
Learning Center. The “Center” is a place        our expenses.                                   can. There are so many things that people
where all members of the adoption                   In order to meet our goals we rely on       of good will can do to support our efforts:
community can examine adoption and              fundraising and depend on contributions         make donations, volunteer time, provide
its meaning in their lives.                     from businesses, individual donors, bene-       items for our auction, lend professional
                                                                                                and technical expertise, join committees
                                                                                                or participate on our board of directors.
                                                                                                    There are so many people who have
                                                                                                helped us get to where we are today, for
                                                                Mark Mulert,                    which all of us at FRC are very grateful.
                                                                board president —               With continued support and assistance FRC
                                                                leading games at                will be a vibrant and important resource
                                                                2004 Family Festival            for children and families for years to come.
                                                                                                    To those of you who have thought
                                                                                                about giving in the past—FRC needs your
                                                                                                donations today more than ever. Please
                                                                                                consider supporting our work.
                B OA R D O F D I R E C TO R S                    H O N O R A R Y B OA R D
                                                                                                    On behalf of FRC, I extend a heartfelt
           Mark Mulert             James Dorociak, Ph.D.                 Sue Darrow             thanks to all who have made donations,
            President                    Bill Garvy                     Herb Gordon             volunteered their time and contributed
        Christine Graham                Austin Hirsch                     Judy Linn             their ideas. Thank you for helping FRC
         Vice President                Deborah Kent                      Mike Plecki            grow so that we can be of service to more
            Dan Timm                    Dave Lauder                       Paul Lane             families and find permanent loving
                                  Marty Lindenberger, MD                Jim Davidson            homes for more children. Everyone at FRC
        Larry Rosenzweig
            Secretary                  David Tentinger                                          sends warm regards and best wishes for
                                                                                                peace and prosperity in the coming year!

                                                                                                                        small steps 2
                         • THOUGHTS ABOUT THE UKRAINE •
                                                     by Jeffrey and Dina, adoptive parents

                  n orphanage is no                                                              that the director, doctor and staff

                  place for any child,                                                           did their very best to provide the
                  but for fifteen                                                                children with the best care possible
                  months it was home                                                             given the limited resources avail-
                  to our daughter                                                                able. We were told by the staff of the
                  and over one hun-                                                              Rights Protection Fund, the organi-
dred other children. Our daughter                                                                zation that FRC “partners with” to
shared small quarters on the second                                                              facilitate Ukraine adoptions, that the
floor with nine other boys and                                                                   orphanage received about 40 cents
girls between the ages of two-and-a-                                                             a day per child from the government
half and four. There was one room                                                                to assist with their care and that
with ten small beds and a small cabi-                                                            donations were essential to meeting
net in the corner for all their clothes.      Our daughter’s “orphanage” brothers and sisters    their daily needs.
The children were served their                                                                       While orphanages serve a critical
meals, which generally consisted of                                                              role in so many places around
thin soup or porridge and a small                                                                the world, it is, in the end, an insti-
piece of bread, in an adjacent room                                                              tutional environment. Even the
that was also used as a play area.                                                               best orphanage is unable to provide
The bathroom had one toilet, one tub,                                                            the deep emotional support, security
a sink and a small plastic potty                                                                 and physical and spiritual nourish-
seat for each child. Each child’s towel,                                                         ment that a child needs. Thinking
comb, cup and toothbrush was                                                                     back on the time that we spent
neatly organized in a shelving unit.                                                             with our daughter while she was
    The orphanage was a clean and                                                                still at the orphanage it was clear
remarkably quiet and organized place                                                             to us that she was a very special,
given that it was home for so many                                                               bright and beautiful child. However,
children. During our many visits                          Orphanage dormitory                    during the course of the past
to the orphanage we were impressed                                                               fifteen months, the love, attention,
by the caring attitude towards the                                                               education, nourishment and physical
children exhibited by the staff. While at the orphanage we            activity that have become routine in her life have allowed
observed music classes, play time and children playing outside        our daughter to blossom and grow to an extent that is beyond
on dated playground equipment. We felt the environment                our expectations. There is no substitute for the love of a
surrounding the children was warm and friendly and we believe         family and no child should have to grow without it.

S AV E T H E D AT E ! Celebrating Our Sweet Sixteen on Saturday, April 16, 2005
by Angela Bartle, Event Coordinator

On April 16th, FRC will celebrate its “Sweet Sixteen” birthday at             Your ideas and creative thinking for this event are welcome.
our annual fund-raising dinner dance and auction. This gala event will    Want to participate? You can join our planning committee by calling
be held at the Renaissance North Shore Hotel in Northbrook.               me at (773) 334-2300 or send an e-mail to
    As an on-going tradition, players from the Chicago Bears will be          Want to help? We are seeking donated items now. Do you have
on hand to celebrate with us. We are encouraging parents to bring         access to tickets for sporting events, rounds of golf, frequent
their children, 12 years of age and older. Special kid-friendly auction   flyer miles, a vacation home in Italy, or other items that you think
items will be offered.                                                    would be interesting to offer in the auction? We welcome and
    This year’s event includes a fabulous list of auction items, a        need donation items. Please call or send me an e-mail.
redesigned auction area and an open bar before dinner. Wine is                Once again—SAVE THE DATE! April 16, 2005.
included with the meal.                                                   I look forward to seeing you there!

                                                                                                                            small steps 3
Adoption                                                                Donate your used car
Learning Center                                                         before January 1st—
Upcoming Groups,
                                                                        After the New Year it won’t be as good a deal!
Seminars & Activities

                                                            ost people don’t know it, but buried in the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004
Considering Reunion—                                        recently passed by Congress and signed by the President are changes in the laws
                                                            governing the “feel good” practice of donating a car to a charity and getting a
for adoptive parents
                                                 healthy tax deduction. Until December 31, 2004, donors can deduct what can be docu-
Attend one or both sessions:
                                                 mented as the “fair market value” of donated cars. This means that subsequent to adjusting
Thursday—December 2, 2004
                                                 for accessories, mileage and a car’s overall condition, donors can deduct an amount similar to
Tuesday—January 1 2005
7:30 PM to 9:30 PM                               car’s Kelley Blue Book value. After January 1st, individuals donating cars valued at greater
                                                 than $500 will only be able to take a deduction for the amount the car actually sells for.
Limited to 18 participants
                                                     If you have a used vehicle in drivable condition that you’d like to donate to Family
Minimum 10 participants
                                                 Resource Center, we’d be happy to have it. FRC will also issue you a letter and photograph of
Suggested donation: $20 per person
                                                 your car, which entitles you to the maximum tax deduction allowed under the law. Please
Moderators: Bill Garvy and                       consult with your tax advisor or a certified public accountant for details pertaining to laws
Richard Pearlman                                 governing such donations. Interested? Please contact Angela Bartle at 773-334-2300.
This group is designed for adoptive
parents who are considering initiating a
reunion with their child’s birth parents,                                              See page 7 for another creative way to support FRC:
or in situations where their child is asking                                                 The Second Annual Toys for Tots Program
them to contact his or her birth parents.
Each session stands alone and will focus
on examining attitudes and ideas about              Advance registration required. To             learn more about areas of interest. The
reunion. We will combine a discussion of         register for Adoption Learning Center            moderators will prepare a summary
practical experience with ideas generated        classes, contact Michelle Setka at               of what took place in the group and
from the group. Participants will be encour-     773-334-2300 during regular office hours         will send it via E-mail to parents
aged to examine their beliefs and explore        or register on line at            the following week.
ways in which their positions regarding
reunion may influence their children.            Young People’s Discussion Group—                 What are our Chinese daughters
                                                 for adoptees ages 8–11                           thinking?— A discussion group
Young People’s Discussion Group—                 Sunday—January 9, 2004                           for adoptive parents
for adoptees ages 12–15                          2:00 PM to 4:00 PM                               Sunday —January 23, 2005
Attend one or both sessions:                     Limited to 14 participants                       2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Sunday—December 5, 2004                          Minimum 8 participants                           For parents with children from China—
Sunday—December 19, 2004                         Suggested donation: $20 per person               ages 5 to 12
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM                                                                                            8
                                                                                                  Limited to 1 participants
                                                 Moderators: Kendra Brown and
Limited to 16 participants                       Richard Pearlman                                 Minimum 10 participants
Minimum 8 participants                                                                            Suggested donation: $20 per person
                                                 This group is designed especially for
Suggested donation: $20 per person                                                                Moderators: Richard Pearlman and
                                                 adopted young people ages 8–11. The
Moderators: Kendra Brown, Bill Garvy                                                              Kathryn Bauer
                                                 session will focus on assisting young
and Richard Pearlman
                                                 people in examining their ideas about            This group is designed for parents with chil-
These small group sessions are designed          families, how families are formed, and will      dren adopted from China. We will examine
especially for adopted young people              utilize creative activities (drawing, acting,    how different families are contending with
ages 12–15. The format will provide an           story telling). Participants will explore        complex issues related having adopted from
opportunity for participants to explore          the meaning of adoption in a warm and            China. What are the toughest questions
adoption in a non-coercive safe environ-         safe environment. For many young                 your children are asking? What ideas have
ment with other young adoptees. After            adoptees the opportunity to be with other        they expressed? What are your concerns?
a period of introductions and establishing       children who were adopted will in and            What questions do you fear your children will
ground rules participants will identify top-     of itself be eye opening and exciting.           ask that you don’t have answers for? Join
ics that are of interest for group discussion.   Participants will identify topics of interest    in a lively discussion with other parents to
The purpose of the group is to assist young      to them and ways they can begin to               share ideas, resources and information.
people in broadening their view and under-
standing of adoption. Value is derived by
                                                   Please note: Parents are responsible for dropping off and picking up their
bringing young adoptees together and
                                                   children 10 minutes before and after the session.
identifying areas of common interest.

                                                                                                                          small steps 4
                        A Grand Family Festival!
FRC           ’s 15th Annual Family Festival was wonderful!            commented to me, “This day and this event make everything that
              Over 560 people came including parents, grandparents,    FRC does visible”.
friends, staff and children that ranged from newborns on up!               This year we also held a small Silent Auction. Donated items
    There were three-legged races and sack races. A Giant Dino         included an Autographed Brian Urlacher Helmet, Prince concert
Slide, a bouncy Moonwalk, the always-popular Petting Zoo,              tickets, hotel getaways, and time-share vacations. The silent auction
and Face Painting were a few of the day’s activities. To the delight   was a big hit—and one that will be continued next year.
of all the young children, Elmo joined in for great big hugs and           Stay tuned and watch for a Save The Date Card after the New
photo opportunities.                                                   Year. Plans for FRC’s Sweet Sixteen Family Festival in June of 2005
    Friends gathered around picnic tables, sharing experiences.        are underway. If you want to help or have new ideas, suggestions
Seeing the diverse community of FRC children, playing, running         or donations that will help us crate another successful event, please
and exploring was the best part of the afternoon. One attendee         call Angela at (773) 334-2300 or by e-mail:

                                                                                                                       small steps 5
 FRC and the Process of “Reunion”
 by Richard Pearlman

               ne of the most interesting       this is Jane B., (not her real name) and
               and exciting developments at     I am 13 years old, and I am just writing to
               FRC over the past year           say thank you. When I was a baby you
               has been the emergence of        helped me find the home I am growing up
 increasing numbers of individuals              in and it is a wonderful home. My parents
 (birth parents, adoptive parents and young     are great! Will you please tell my birth
 people) approaching FRC with requests          mother that I am not angry with her and
 for help with the “reunion” process.           that I want to thank her so much for doing
    From the adoptive parent side of the        what she did and for giving me life!”
 ledger the feelings about a child’s interest       In August I received a call from a                    Julie, David, Eva and their baby
 in their biological parents range from         14-year-old boy, Mark L. (not his real
 joyful anticipation to fear. From the birth    name). Mark said that though he knew          how much they love the parents who
 parent side of the ledger anticipation         he was adopted since he was a child,          are raising them.
 and hope usually outweigh any trepidation      recently his mother had told him that             The reunion process is frequently filled
 that may exist. What I see on the part of      he was placed for adoption through Family     with complicated emotions, and when
 young people is curiosity and excitement       Resource Center. He looked up our tele-       children are young, adoptive parents set
 and concern about how their parents            phone number on the Internet. Mark won-       the tone. Adoptive parents who overcome
 will view what they think and do. There        dered if it was possible for him to send      their initial fears and concerns are letting
 are always questions: Will my child            a letter to his birth mother. He had been     their children know that their curiosity
 like me? Will you be able to find her? How     thinking about her a lot lately—wondering     is normal and that there is nothing wrong
 young is too young? What is the right          what she was like, wondering if she           with asking questions.
 time? What steps should I take? Will this      thought about him. Mark had a friend,             A key set of questions that I have
 hurt or help my child? Will my child           who was also adopted, who had met             come to ask are these: If adoptive parents
 be more drawn to his birth mother than         his birth mother during the past year, and    could have things any way they liked,
 to me? What if it gets too intense?            he said it was his friend’s experience        what kind of environment would they
                                                that piqued his interest.                     want to create in their home? Would they
                                                    I held Mark as a two-day-old baby and     want to create a culture within their
“Oh!” Mark said, “I don’t want to               remembered his birth mother and adoptive      family where their children feel that they
 discuss this with my parents, I think          parents. Mark’s ability to articulate his     can talk with them about anything and
                                                thoughts and feelings are advanced for a      everything, or would they want to create a
 they will feel hurt and confused. Do you
                                                person his age. If his parents could have     climate where children understand that
 have to let them know that I called?”          heard him and how he expressed his ideas      certain topics are taboo and out of bounds?
                                                they would have felt proud. As Mark went          Addressing the general topic of
                                                on it became clear that his parents did not   “reunion” is a primary reason for having
     Sometimes an adoptive parent will call     know he was calling. I explained that         created our Adoption Learning Center.
 and say, “My daughter is turning 10 and        FRC would be happy to assist him in con-      Increasing numbers of young people and
 she has been asking questions about her        tacting his birth mother, but because         their parents are interested in exploring
 birth mother. What should we tell her?         of his age we would not be able to do so      how to navigate through the adoption
 Do you think it would be a good idea for       unless we had his parent’s permission.        experience years after the time of place-
 us to look for her birth mother? Has she           “Oh!” Mark said, “I don’t want to dis-    ment. I have seen few parents who are able
 kept in touch with the agency? When was        cuss this with my parents, I think they       to address considerations about adoption
 the last time she asked to see photos?”        will feel hurt and confused. Do you have      100% on their own. Under the best of
     Sometimes a birth parent will call and     to let them know that I called?”              circumstances growing up is a challenge
 say, “Years ago I placed a daughter for            I reassured him that no, I did not have   and raising children a huge responsibility.
 adoption through FRC. You haven’t heard        to let his parents know that he called,       It is a rare individual who does not derive
 from me in a long time and I was wonder-       nor would I. As the conversation progressed   benefit from a support system. Though
 ing, would it be possible for me to contact    I encouraged him to talk with his parents     many resist it, seeking out support is a
 my daughter’s adoptive parents? I’d love       and told him that if he wanted support in     sign of a family’s resilience, not weakness.
 to let them know how I’m doing and, while      broaching the subject that there were             FRC is here to help, please let us
 I don’t want to disrupt their lives, if they   people at FRC who could help. I let him       support you. We can do it directly through
 were willing, I’d appreciate it so much if     know that there were many young people,       individual consultation or group interac-
 they’d let me see pictures of my daughter.     just like him, who had similar thoughts       tions or by providing referrals to appropri-
 Do you think it is possible? Are there         and questions. I told him that as adoptive    ate professional resources. We are here to
 any photos or letters waiting for me?”         families become more aware, they discover     be of service, and to support you through
     We have received several wonderful         that a child’s curiosity about his or         every phase of your family’s adoption
 letters and E-mails from children—“Hello,      her birth parents is not a reflection on      experience.

                                                                                                                      small steps 6
FRC Open House                                   Congratulations to those adopted from
Sunday February 6, 2004
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM                               FRC this past year!
        ome visit Family Resource Center and
        bring your children. Stop in and have    Jeff & Betsy • Gretchen                                     Frank & Heidi • Carli
        some hot cider and a snack, meet         John & Kate • Louis                                         Peter & Jennifer • Annemarie
our staff, board of directors, volunteers, and   Michael & Joy • Miles                                       John & Carol • Claire
take a tour of the Adoption Learning Center.     Sean & Kim • Jackson                                        Mark & Sharon • Hayley
For many children, particularly those            Robert & Tamis • Mia                                        Jim & Julie • Anna
between the ages 4 to 10, the agency is a        Shaun & Krista • Grant                                      Bob & Shaunda • Emilee
mystery. Some children think there is a                                                Catherine and Ella
                                                 Robert & Susan • William                                    Mike & Sandy • Amy
room at the agency where God hands out
                                                 Kevin & Diane • Steven          Kevin & Kathy • Angela      Mark & Wendy • May
babies. We encourage you to bring children,
                                                 Brent & Jane • Annemarie        Joe & Laurie • Isabella     Brian & Linda • Madelyn
let them see what the agency really looks
like, and use this visit as an opportunity to    David & Julie • Bridget         Craig & Laura • Brayden     Paul & Jean • Lily
open up a discussion about adoption.             Mary • Kayin                    Bruce & Esther • Joseph     Tim & Cheryl • Madeleine
    FRC is located just north of the heart       John & Robin • Frank            Stephen & Terry • Jenna     Jeffrey & Peggy • Sarah
of Andersonville, which boasts a number          Cole & Lisa • Claudia           Joel & Jill • Jack          Gene & Pat • Jacquelyn
of wonderful family restaurants. We will         Paul & Debbie • Emily           Rich & Vicki • Carson       Shawn & Raquel • Mark
provide a list of local eateries that you        Dawn • Joy                      Kevin & Catherine • Ella    Joel & Nilda • Diana
may wish to visit for an early Sunday dinner     Patrick & Mary • Meghan         Dan & Heidi • Charlotte     Juan & Rosa • Jennifer
after stopping by FRC.                           Christopher & Maria • Eileen    Tim & Diane • Mary Grace    Brian & Denise • Gabrielle
    If you plan on coming to the Open            Tony & Gail • Zachary                                       David & Julie • Danielle
                                                                                 Libby • Nell
House please RSVP—by calling FRC’s recep-
                                                 George & Mary • Gregory         Richard & Kathy • Aiden     Michael & Claudia • Mia
tionist Valerie at 773-334-2300 or letting us
                                                 Robert & Donna • Katilyn        John & Kay • Anya           Michael & Mary • Maxton
know via E-mail at
                                                 Gary & Kimberly • Wyatt         John & Mary • Jacqueline    John & Laura • John
                                                 Nick & Debra • Elizabeth        Harry & Katrine • Asia      Scott & Jennifer • Megan
                                                 Paul & Sandy • Robert           Susan • Meredith            Richard & Kathy • Evan
    F R C ’ S S TA F F & S U P P O R T
                                                 Nazir & Kali • Ziya             Jay & Jeanette • Lucy       Greg & Tina • Lily
   Richard Pearlman         Robin Kidd           Christopher & Sharon • Oliver   Mark & Kathy • Kelly        Joseph & Donna • Danielle
  Executive Director         Sue Allen
      Alan Gault         Susan Braithwaite
    Amy Emerzian                                 YOU CAN HELP!
   Andrea Yakovitz       Auxiliary Support
                                                 Second Annual Toys for Tots Program
      Angel Cole
    Angela Bartle          Adam D’Auria          by Kendra Brown
    Ben Friedman           Anne Reuche

                                                       ast year Family Resource Center’s birth
    Gail McGraw                 BAW                    parent counseling staff launched a “Toys
     Jane Turner              Dan Liska                for Tots” Program in conjunction with
     Jean Frankel           Elaine Weisz         the United States Marines. Frequently, women
    Joan Reardon            Jerry Brand          who have placed a child for adoption or who
  Kathleen Mosesian       Kristen Michael        are considering placing a child for adoption have                Kendra at her desk
    Kathryn Bauer         Kristen Schleifer
                                                 other children that they are raising. We know
    Kendra Brown           Kyle and Tracy
                                                 that many of these women struggle to make ends meet. It is particularly difficult for
   Laura Zajkowski        Colerider-Krugh
                                                 them during the holidays. Sometimes birth parents will call us and ask, “Is there any way
    Linda Marder         Ralph De Stefano
                                                 FRC can help? I have no toys to give my children for the holidays.”
    Michelle Setka           Renee Wu
  Misty Jovanovich      Rod & Denise Basala         Last year we got an overwhelming response from birth parents who wanted to partici-
    Nancy Carroll            Shawn Du            pate in this program. Our birth parent counseling staff had the pleasure of presenting
    Pamela Brown                                 many birth parents and their children with gifts. When I showed up at a former client’s
                                                 house she looked at the armful of gifts that I had brought, cried with joy and said,
                                                 “I had no money to buy anything this year for the kids but, thanks to you, they will
                                                 have a Christmas like other children.”
                                                    So please consider joining with other FRC families and staff, and the United States
                                                 Marines, in donating Toys for Tots. This is one small way that you can help FRC to help
                                                 birth parents and the children who remain in their care.
                                                    We are seeking unwrapped new toys that are appropriate for boys and/or girls
                                                 between the ages of six and thirteen. Toys should be sent or brought to FRC at 5828
 Birth parent counseling team — from left to
                                                 North Clark Street in Chicago until December 15, 2004. Please call me if you have
 right — Sue, Pam, Angel, Laura, and Kendra
                                                 questions about this program.

                                                                                                                      small steps 7
Family Resource Center
5828 North Clark Street
Chicago, Illinois 60660
(ph) 773.334.2300
(fax) 773.334.8228

  Phone Team and Temporary Foster Care Angels make a difference!
  For 16 years FRC has been able to support birth parents, adoptive parents and children 24 hours a day,
  365 days a year. We would not be able to provide services in this way without the dedication, hard work,
  and support from our community of volunteers. Once again Family Resource Center invites you to
  join us in acknowledging and appreciating the following individuals for their time and efforts.

                                        Elizabeth Inglehart &                  Liz Dietz
                                        Steve Miller                           Marge Wasielewski
                                        Erica Welch                            Marianne & Steve Nemetz
  Volunteer Phone Team                  Esther & Jim Day                       Mark & Lee Mulert             Temporary Care
  Angela & Brian Bartle                 Esther Mott                            Michael Nelson                Angels
  Andrea Yakovitz                       Gail McGraw                            Nancy Carroll                 Charles and Kathryn Brown
  Ben Friedman                          Ginger & Eric Kunz                     Nancy Cunningham              Ed and Becky O’Connell
  Betsy & Jeff Steele                   Jackie & Jim Uhlin                     Nancy Kipnis                  Fred and Carolyn Mason
  Carolyn & Fred Mason                  Jean Johnstone                         Pamela Brown                  Jane Turner
  Cheryl Dunnett                        Joan Reardon                           Richard & Cathy Pearlman      Larry and Marilyn Lindeman
  Cheryl Soderstrom                     Julie & Gary Spangler                  Sandy Anderson                Michael and Kim Amer
  Colleen Kelly &                       Kathy Mosesian                         Steve & Adeline Henke         Pamela Brown
  John Hoenemeyer                       Laurie Severeno                        Sue Allen                     Sidney and Debbie Frisch
  Corynne Romine                        Linda Marder                           Tudy Magnuson                 Susan Osbourne
  Diana & Andy Lihosit                  Lisa & Cole Kain                       Verena Bruner                 Tom and Maripat Tropp
  Diane Zapp                            Lisa & Dave Tentinger                  Jane Turner                   Tom and Traycee Simon
  Elaine Morgan                         Liz & Jay Tuke                                                       Tom and Vita Donovan