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									May 26th, 2012                                                                                            Published by: singlemothershelp

                                                                     manage everything and can pay your dues to maintain a good
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All You Need to Know About                                           take it. If it is just temporary, ask for their actual interest and
                                                                     determine whether they have annual fees or new account fees.
Zero Percent Credit Cards                                            But if you find out that there are no annual fees, higher interest
By Sarah Palmer on May 26th, 2012
                                                                     rates or any catch, apply for this zero percent credit card as you
Zero percent credit cards are offered to you if you have a good      can use it for leverage. What better way to buy some time to
credit score which means that you are credit worthy. You pay         pay your debts without zero interest than this option? By using
your debts in full and you don’t have records of outstanding         a zero percent credit card and minimizing your spending on
balances from any credit institutions.                               your other credit cards, you can eventually pay off your debts,
                                                                     maintain a good credit score and be financially stable.
What are zero percent credit cards?                                  All You Need to Know About Zero Percent Credit Cards is a
Zero percent credit cards are attractive to many credit card         post from: Financial Help For Single Mothers
holders because they literally have zero interest which helps
these credit card holders save money. So whenever you use
your credit card, you do not incur an interest even if you fail to   What you need to know about
pay your balance at the end of the payment period. However,
you should not abuse this as it can suddenly change or get back
                                                                     filing for bankruptcy
                                                                     By Sarah Palmer on May 26th, 2012
to the original rates. In which case, whatever balance you have
is subject to the current rates by the next payment period.          Though filing for bankruptcy won’t solve all your financial
                                                                     woes, it can definitely help you manage your remaining
What you need to know about zero                                     resources and keep yourself and your family afloat until such
percent credit cards?                                                time that you can generate resources.

Despite being called zero percent credit card, it doesn’t stay       When you file for bankruptcy, it could permanently affect your
that way for good as interest rates could vary. Financial            financial status as it can be undisclosed when a background
institutions and banks sometimes use zero interest credit            check is done. There are just a lot of things that you first have
cards for promotions and to encourage people to open an              to consider before filing for bankruptcy or considering other
account with them. The zero percentage rate might expire             options.
after a couple of months and get back to its original rate. The      But if you are deep in debt and financial obligations that
interest rate could possibly increase in fact.                       you can’t quite source out funds for payment, you better
                                                                     consider filing for bankruptcy. The transition period can help
Why apply for a zero percent credit                                  you reflect on many aspects of your finances. But in doing so,
card?                                                                it is important that you consider getting professional help.
But you can take advantage of zero percent credit cards when
you want to pay other credits and manage your debts. If you
have a good credit rating and your income is still sufficient,
creditors can offer you zero percent credit cards which you
can use to buy time while looking for financing for your other
financial obligations. You do not have to worry and there will
be no pressure when it comes to paying it as it has zero interest.
However, you have to make sure that you can financially

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May 26th, 2012                                                                                            Published by: singlemothershelp

Should you                 hire       a     bankruptcy               Single parent survival tips
attorney?                                                            By Sarah Palmer on May 26th, 2012

Filing for bankruptcy can be done even without legal help.           Being a single parent is hard especially on the first year that
But for a smoother and stress-free processing, you better seek       you have to be alone in raising a family. You will have to
guidance. You have enough on your mind already.                      depend on yourself from decision making to caring for the kids
                                                                     and these are not easy to handle. The following tips will be your
You can avail of the services of a bankruptcy lawyer for free,       guide in surviving the first year of single parenthood.
as many of them also do pro-bono cases. Even if you have a
complete understanding of the processes involved, it is still
best to hire a professional because changes to bankruptcy            Find a Support Network
laws are complex. Hire professional help even before you
consider filing for bankruptcy as they can’t just advise you on      This is by far the most important! Getting the right support
the processes involved; they might also offer other possible         network is key to making your first year as a single parent
alternatives.                                                        bearable. During this crucial time, you will need these people
                                                                     more than ever. Reach out to your family and friends who
If you have exhausted your choices and found no solution             are willing to help you emotionally, spiritually and financially.
other than filing for bankruptcy, you can decide (together           If you have professional help during this difficult time, you
with your legal adviser) on the Bankruptcy Code Chapter that         can include him to your support network. There are specific
applies to your situation.                                           support groups just for single parents or even single mothers,
                                                                     so be sure to look in your local area for people who are in a
Bankruptcy Terms and Conditions –                                    similar situation to yourself.
What you need to know                                                Spend Time with Your Children
It is always advisable to seek advice from a lawyer before you       You have to remember that your family problem is not only
decide which form of bankruptcy to file for. But, below are the      affecting you but also your kids. Make them feel that you are
basics to give you some idea.                                        a family. Do things together with your kids like going on a
What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?                                        weekend picnic or playing board games at home. Be there for
                                                                     them when your presence is needed in school. This will create
It is the simplest and most common form of bankruptcy
                                                                     a closer bond between you and the kids.
applicable to both individuals and companies. When an
individual or company is in financial distress, it may file for      Allot Time To be by Yourself
bankruptcy or be forced to do so by its creditors. A trustee then    You might find yourself overwhelmed and bombarded by
sells the remaining assets to pay the creditors. Creditors who       problems and people who want to wish you well at some point
have secured collateral from the debtor can enforce payment.         and you only wanted to be alone. You need that and you owe
What is Chapter 11 Bankruptcy ?                                      yourself a time to think, to just be by yourself and to sort things
                                                                     out. Having time for yourself is very important as it may be
When individuals or companies file for bankruptcy under
                                                                     limited because of the fact that you have to attend to your kids’
Chapter 11, this code allows them to reorganize their business
to pay back their creditors. It can acquire loans on lower
interest rates or reorganize the business or the company until       Allow Yourself to Grieve
such time the debts are fully paid. If the total debt is greater     It’s easy for other people to tell you to move on in life after
than the value of assets, the business or company can be             a broken marriage, failed relationship or a disaster that has
acquired by the creditors.                                           affected your family. You don’t need to force yourself to be
What is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?                                       happy when you are grieving inside. You must pass through all
                                                                     these stages. You can vent out, cry, express your hurt and grief
It allows individuals and companies (debtors) to repay their
                                                                     to a person from your support group or you can do all those
debts over time provided they present a payment plan
                                                                     things alone. You will have your own way of coping with these
approved by the bankruptcy court. It has some restrictions that
                                                                     events in life.
also protect the creditors.
                                                                     Identify What Helped You in Past Problems
                                                                     Try to think of things that have helped you get over a major
                                                                     problem in the past. If it has worked for you before, it will
                                                                     certainly work this time around. Focus on that and help
                                                                     yourself overcome yet another problem.
What you need to know about filing for bankruptcy is a post          Do not Hold on to Things That Don’t Work
from: Financial Help For Single Mothers
                                                                     In the same breath, don’t spend your time on whatever’s not
                                                                     working. If you did an activity in the past hoping that it would
                                                                     help you but did not yield any good result, it is pointless
                                                                     to explore it to solve your current problem. Avoid blaming

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May 26th, 2012                                                                                            Published by: singlemothershelp

yourself or pointing out the fault of others as the cause of your
                                                                      5 Steps to applying for a donated
Carefully Assess Things before Making a Decision
                                                                      Step 1
During this transition, there are things that you need to take
care of. There might legal issues that you have to settle. Making     Start your search in your area. Are there people or
rush decisions will definitely not help. Seek legal help if you       organizations that could make your wish of getting a car
need professional advice with these matters.                          donation possible? The local government might also have
                                                                      special assistance programs for such needs. You can also
Take Care of Your Health
                                                                      include the Salvation Army and Goodwill in your search.
Your health is most vulnerable when you are facing big
                                                                      Step 2
problems. You tend to lose appetite and become sleepless.
Don’t let stress cause health problems. Remember that you             Find out if there are charitable institutions and foundations
still have your kids who depend on you. Cry your heart out and        that have already granted car donations. You have to validate
fall fast asleep. Take long, refreshing walks alone, with your        the information first before you give out your personal
dog or a friend. Do not forget to eat healthy foods and take          information. Identity theft is a common case lately so you have
vitamins.                                                             to be careful of people or organizations that are trying to scam
                                                                      you. The Better Business Bureau can help you if you want to
Ask and Accept Help
                                                                      verify information about a person or organization. You can do
Do not drive people away especially when their sole intent is         this before going through with the process.
to help you. Consider yourself blessed if you have people who
                                                                      Step 3
are willing to stick around to listen to you or offer a hand. Also,
do not be afraid to ask help. Some people may not be aware of         Before looking for car donations, check first whether you are
what you are going through. Telling them and asking for their         eligible for it or not. Common car donations are given to single
help will make a difference.                                          parents, disabled persons, and military families. If you do
                                                                      not fall to any of these categories but to a special group, you
Think of Creative Alternatives
                                                                      can contact local social services and consult social workers
If you cannot possibly find time to be alone because of the           assigned to your case.
demands of being a single parent, it’s time to keep your
                                                                      Step 4
creative juices running. Is there something you love doing?
Think of it as something you do for yourself, a reward. An            Bring all necessary documents when you process your
example is gardening or doing crafts like cross stitching.            application. The most commonly asked requirements are
                                                                      your social security number, your tax returns and pay stubs.
Keep a Positive Attitude
                                                                      Your household information is also needed. For special
Think of your problem as another chance to make things                qualifications, you need additional proofs to establish your
better. You can start anew and leave bad things in the past.          eligibility for the car donation. You will also be asked of
That’s the true essence of moving forward. Keeping a positive         your income if you are working, your food expenses, rent or
attitude in itself is a great way of showing strength during          mortgage, utilities expense and loans.
trying times. Remember also that if you keep a positive outlook
                                                                      Step 5
in life, you are more likely to attract positive things.
                                                                      Do not forget to follow up with your application. After
Single parent survival tips is a post from: Financial Help For
                                                                      submission of your documents, you might need to wait for
Single Mothers
                                                                      some time before you are granted the car donation. You have to
                                                                      consider that there are also other people who are applying for
Applying for a Donated Car in                                         such. Check back with the officer in charge of the processing
                                                                      to convey your need of getting the car donation.
5 Easy Steps                                                          Applying for a Donated Car in 5 Easy Steps is a post from:
By Sarah Palmer on May 26th, 2012
                                                                      Financial Help For Single Mothers
Life would be very difficult if you do not have a car on your
own. You will be dependent on public transport and most
of the time, it could actually make your situation worse. For         Medical Insurance – What
example, if you are looking for a job, you need a car for
transportation. The same is true when you want to keep your
                                                                      single mothers need to know
                                                                      By Sarah Palmer on May 26th, 2012
current job. You need a car to travel from home to work and
back.                                                                 Single mothers have so much to deal with when it comes to
                                                                      the family and its medical needs. Medical insurance is one of
If you are financially incapable of buying your own car, you
                                                                      the main priorities for the children. A single mother who has
can actually get one from donations. Good thing there are still
                                                                      no health insurance knows what a scary experience it is when
people and organizations that understand your situation and
                                                                      there is no health insurance and her kids get sick. Finding the
would be happy to help you.
                                                                      right medical insurance is not easy, but it is quite possible.

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May 26th, 2012                                                                                            Published by: singlemothershelp

One thing you should pay attention to when you are looking             of increasing, so be sensible with your option. Some insurance
for reliable health insurance is a deductible that allows for          will give you a discount, if you pay through your bank account
a lower monthly premium, but something that is affordable.             with direct debit. Medical insurance is important for everyone,
Believe it or not, some single mothers struggle with the co-pay,       especially single parent families. Be actively involved in the
which is something mandatory. Once you visit the doctor, you           process of finding what is best for you and your family.
have to pay this fee before you leave. With a low co-pay, your         Got any experience with medical insurance – we would love to
monthly premium rate tends to be much higher. Affordable               hear what you think! Please comment below….
health insurance is what most single mothers seek. In some
states across the United States, you will find special low cost        Medical Insurance – What single mothers need to know is a
health insurance premiums for single mothers.                          post from: Financial Help For Single Mothers

Benefits of Medical Insurance For
Single Parent Families
Single parent families living off one income can enjoy the
benefits and peace of mind of having comprehensive health
insurance for their children. It is inherent that a child will get
sick at some point and without insurance, it will be much more
difficult for the mother to find adequate healthcare. With good
health insurance, the mother does not have to hesitate whether
to seek medical care for her child or not.
Hospitalization is expensive if you don’t have health insurance.
Anyone in the family that needs to be hospitalized will receive
medical care and access to all that the health insurance offers.
The single mother has the flexibility of choosing a plan that is
right for her and the specialist and doctors that will provide
expert care to the family.

Various Types of Medical Insurance
There are various types of healthcare coverage that are
affordable for single parents. Every insurance policy has
different options and coverage. Some plans have all combined
plans such as

   • dental,
   • medical,
   • vision,
   • hospitalization and
   • pharmaceutical drugs.

Some have fewer of these features. The good thing is that
you can choose what is right for you and your family. Dental
and medical is usually the immediate choice made by most
single parents. Optical, podiatry, psychiatric and orthodontic,
for example are not as important to them; even though some
of these are recommended, if that is the case.
Every family should ensure that her child is covered for well-
care as well as sick care. If your child has specific health issues,
then you have to make that decision accordingly.

Final Thoughts To Consider with
Medical Insurance
Before you settle for any health insurance policy, be sure to do
your research to compare the various plans available on the
market. Compare the quotes that you receive before making
a final decision. Each year, insurance rates have the potential

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