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					                             The SPEC Association for Children & Families

                                             May 2008
                                ~ Early Childhood Education and Development
                        ~Parent Education ~Family Support ~Information and Referrals

Parent & Tot- The parent & tot programs are an opportunity for parents and child
care providers to meet other parents. This is also an excellent opportunity for your
children to interact with other children. Activities and toys are provided for
children to learn through play. Sessions take place in Tilley, Scandia, Duchess,
Rosemary, Bassano, Jenner, and Brooks. For times and locations please call our
office or visit our website

Joyful Voices- This program is hosted by the SPEC parentLINKcentre and run by Sarah & Rochelle.
Inspiring children through music. This class teaches and inspires children 0-5 about the beauty of music.
All children are born with the innate ability to learn and Joyful Voices nurtures that desire through music
education and parent involvement. Through singing and playing a variety of instruments, children
develop fundamental music skills and self esteem in a fun and safe environment. For more information
on the cost of this program or to register contact Rochelle Galeski at 501-5763 or Sarah Kirtzinger at

Systematic Training for Effective Parenting- As a parent of a young child, you are the most important
person in your child’s life. You want to raise your child to be respectful, self reliant, happy, healthy,
confident, cooperative, and responsible. You can meet the challenge of parenting by:

    Learning about how children grow and behave,
    Becoming skilled at encouraging your child,
    Discovering ways to listen and talk together, and
    Learning effective, positive ways to discipline.

Systematic Training for Effective Parenting can be your guide in meeting the challenges of parenting.
This course runs for seven weeks and is free of charge to all parents.

Ages & Stages Developmental Screening- Are you wondering if your child is on track developmentally?
Our staff is trained in the Ages & Stages Questionnaire screening and can assist you in filling the
questionnaire out. Book an appointment to have your child screened, there is no cost to you and our
office hours are flexible. Call to make an appointment.

Little LINKS- An after school program for children in Kindergarten to grade 4. There are Little LINKS
programs running in Bassano, Rosemary, Duchess, Tilley and Brooks. These groups run once a week
throughout the school year. A program designed for your child to meet new friends, play games, and
create art and crafts and to blow off some steam! If you want your child to join our groups, please contact
our office at 362-5056.

Baby & Me- Tuesday mornings from 10-11:30 a.m. in the SPEC parentLINKcentre activity room. An
enjoyable program for moms and babies (0-12 months). There are speakers on fitness, nutrition, baby
massage, etc. Learn to interact with babies through songs and games. Come out and socialize with other
new moms. This program is run by the Brooks & District Child Development Society and is hosted in
the SPEC parentLINKcentre play room. This is a drop in program and there is no fee to attend.

Drop-In- In or around town for the day? We have a great place for you to stop in and have a break, feed
and change your baby and recharge yourself and your little ones! Our playroom is filled with toys and
activities for your child and a resource library is at your disposal. We have parenting brochures, videos,
and various resources for you to browse through and/or sign out.

Stay & Play- Once a month on the last Saturday of the month we host a STAY & PLAY! This is an
opportunity for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, child care providers to bring in their child(ren) to
PLAY! The SPEC parentLINKcentre sets up the toys and brings along a craft or art project for children
to complete. Come out to play on Saturday, May 24th at 1-3 p.m.

Crafty Kids- A great way to get together with your child and create art projects and crafts together. We
supply the materials and space while you enjoy getting creative with your child. Sessions run on alternate
Thursday mornings and alternate Friday mornings. These sessions run for six weeks. For more details or
to register your child please call our office.

SPEC parentLINKcentre Advisory Committee- Would you like to have a say in what programs are
offered or do you have ideas on how to improve current programs? Please join our PLC Advisory
Committee and have your say. Contact us for the next meeting taking place. Your time and input is
precious to us.

Summer Fun Camps- SPEC Summer Fun Camps are fast approaching! The SPEC Summer Fun Camps
are offered to children ages 4 -12. Our purpose is to provide children with a place to make new friends
and enjoy summer activities that are safe, fun and educational. Children will have the opportunity to
participate in group games, arts and crafts, outdoor activities, community outings and Camp Olympics!
This year the SPEC parentLINKcentre and the Boys & Girls Club of Brooks are coming together to
bring you these great camps! Look for our camp brochures at the Trade Show!

                            DRESS FOR SPEC WEEK
                                 April 28th to May 2nd, 2008
                                   Pick one, pick two…pick all five days
                           It only costs a $ twoonie $ to DRESS for SPEC
       You choose your special dress…The choice is yours—PJ’s, jeans, formal, casual, crazy ties, hats,
                                    a special color, plaid, team jerseys, etc.
        Each twoonie supports SPEC’s programs and services to over 4,500 children and families each
                                    To REGISTER call Del at 362-5056.

                                                               Toddler Nutrition Class
                                                                  The next class will be held
                                                                  Tuesday, May 28 at 10-12
                                                                   At the parentLINKcentre
               Creation Corner
             Coffee Filter Flowers
                                                                To register call Theo Phillips at
What you’ll need:
o Coffee filters
o Felts
o Spray bottle with water
o Pipe cleaners

How to make it:
   1. Color the coffee filter with markers
   2. Then Spray the coffee filter with water and watch
       the Colors run.
   3. Allow the filter to dry
   4. Then gather the coffee filter and wrap a pipe cleaner
       around the bottom.
   5. You now have a beautiful flower!!

Some other suggestions: Spray with perfume for smell!

          The SPEC parentLINKcentre is funded by Alberta Children’s Services.
                       The SPEC Association for Children & Families

                 Monday             Tuesday             Wednesday           Thursday             Friday
City/Villages    8:30-5:00          8:30-5:00            8:30-5:00          8:30-5:00           8:30-5:00

                                                                             Drop-In 1-4
                                    Drop-In 1-4
                                                                          Parent & Tot 9:30-
                                    Baby & Me
 BROOKS->         Drop-In 1-5          10-11              Drop-In 1-5
                                                                          Lakeside Leisure     Drop-In-All Day
                 Joyful Voices      Room 117           10:45 & 11-11:45
                          th               th                                Centre Gym          Crafty Kids
                    May 5          May 20 No              ESL Ladies
                                                                             Crafty Kids           10-11
                   9:45-10:45       Baby & Me                1-2
                                                                                10-11          May 2, 16 & 30
                  10:45-11:45    Last Baby and Me
                                              th                          ParentLINKCentre
                                      May 27
                                                                              Room 118
                                                                                  th    th
                                                                            May 8 & 27
                                   Parent & Tot
                                   Little LINKS
                                   Duchess Hall
DUCHESS->                        Duchess Summer
                                      May 6
                                                         Little LINKS
                                                         Arena 3-4:30
                                    Parent & Tot      Rosemary Summer
ROSEMARY->                         Arena 9:30-11      Camp Registration
                                                            May 7
                                                         Parent & Tot
                                    Little LINKS      Bassano Community
                                  Elks Hall 3 -4:30       Hall 9:30-11
                                 Bassano Summer        May 28 Car Seat
BASSANO->                               Camp            Clinic. RCMP &
                                   Registration       Community Health
                                       May 6           Starts @ 9:30am
                                                                                  st    th
                                                                           May 1 & 15
                                                                            Parent & Tot
                                                                              Tilley Hall
                                                                             Little LINKS
                                                                           3-4:30- School
 TILLEY->                                                                         Gym
                                                                           Tilley Summer
                                                                                May 8
                  Parent & Tot
SCANDIA->        st
                1 & 3 Monday
                    of Month
                                                        Iddesleigh Hall
 JENNER->                                                 9:30-10:45


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